Juvia’s Place Zulu palette – Swatches and Review!

I always found Juvia’s Place to be a cool brand. I adore their unique packaging and I’ve been acing to try out their shadows for so long. Eventually I purchased the Zulu palette, and I got some time to enjoy and play around with it now.


I did already post a makeuplook using this palette, so if you would like to see it you find two different looks here and here.

I really like the bright and fun color story of this palette. There is something about bright, shimmery greens and blues that really attracts me. I was therefor surprised to learn that my absolute favorite of the bunch is that gorgeous rose gold in the bottom left corner!


I prefer it when eyeshadows have names. It is just so much easier to describe exactly what shades you used in a look, and you don’t have to try to explain the placement of the shade you are trying to talk about. It is so much easier when you can just shout out their name! I know Juvia’s Place have several palettes with shade names, the Zulu palette is just an exception, and I find it a bit of a drawback. I guess I am just being picky.

Luckily the shade quality is very consistent so I don’t have to go through every single shade to explain them. Firstly, the palette has 6 mattes. Their are semi-opaque with a build-able coverage so you really can buildup the intensity as much as you like. They are a bit firmly pressed, not to far from how many matte MAC shadows are. Therefore there is not much kickback in the pan, and just a little bit off fallout. I think it is because they are a bit more firmly pressed that you wont get full color impact at first, but it does make them a bit easier to work with and that is not a bad thing considering how bright they are.


The shimmers are very smooth, rich and buttery and require less buildup to get full intensity. They are actually impressive when applying them on the lid since I get them just as intense at I want it without too much effort at all. I don’t even have to wet the brush.

Overall, the mattes are a bit more firm that I am used to, but the shadows showcase a very solid quality. I am mostly impressed with the shimmers, because I honestly don’t find anything not to like about them!


One of the things that surprised me when I unboxed this palette was the size of the pans. I kind of expected just regular sized pans and a smaller palette, but this thing is big! The weight of each shadow is not stated on the packaging, but they look to be very close in size to the Sugarpill shadows which are 4 g each (or 0.14 oz if you prefer). So I guess the Juvia’s Place shadows have close to that as well.

Another thing that strikes me when the palette are laying next to each other is that they have some very similar shades. So I swatched them next to each other for comparison.


The top row is Juvia’s Place (JP from now on to keep it simple) and the bottom row is Sugarpill. The Yellow JP shadow is slightly darker and more orange than Sugarpill “Buttercupcake”. It is the opposite with the orange shades where JP is slightly brighter than “Flamepoint” from Sugarpill that seems a tiny bit more muted and just a shade darker. “Love +” from Sugarpill is a true red, while JP has more of a Magenta undertone and is not as bright. The purple shades are very similar since they both seem to have the same red undertone, but “Poison Plum” by Sugarpill was a bit more opaque than JP.

Even though there are slight differences in shades, the appearance on the eyes is very similar. It breaks my heart to write this, because “Poison Plum” is my all time favorite purple, but you won’t need this Sugarpill palette if you have the Juvia’s Place one! Besides you get more shadow for your bucks with the Juvia’s Place as well so they are just a better choice.


Overall I am very happy with my first encounter with the Juvia’s Place eyeshadows and I will absolutely pick up some more palettes. They just seem to have a very fun and creative color selection in their palettes so they are just up my alley when I want to play around with color. The style is also very edgy and different and I love that!

What palette would you recon I purchase and review next?