What’s In My Makeup Bag – February 2019!

This is one of my favorite things about starting fresh on a new month. To pick out all the products I will use for one full month to do my everyday makeup. On weekends, evening or when I just want to play with makeup I just use whatever I want, but this is a bag worth of a full face of makeup for my everyday looks. This gives me a change to focus on some new products weather it is getting to know a new product for a review, working on a panning project or just to show some old makeup some love.


I will transfer the Colourpop Fame from last month just to get a little more work done on it. This is in my project pan and since it’s my only cool toned palette I want to focus on it during winter. I got some nice wear on this in January but I don’t think I will hit any pans in February either. If not I will let this one rest and work on some other palettes until November when I find it more suitable to wear an all cool toned palette. But I am excited to get some more work done on it because I really do like it.

I also picked a little six pan from Kiko to match. The Street Taupe Variation palette has some nice cool-toned shimmers that I think will pair up very nicely to the colors in Fame.


  • Prestige Make-up Gold Base: A hydrating, lifting, anti-aging, promising to make your whole life great again primer. I do like it, it’s hydrating at least. Don’t know about the rest of what it promise but it does give a nice base at least.
  • Tonymoly Luminous Goddess Aura BB Cream: This is from my project pan. I really like this BB Cream. It’s that sort of natural glow from within kind of products. Not much coverage, but I don’t really need that. The finish is lovely and the wear time is decent. I like this one tons more than the Colourpop No Filter foundation I had in last month so happy to switch them up.
  • NYX HD Studio Concealer: Another project pan item. I either hate or love this. It looks just fine and should be more than good enough for some simple everyday faces.
  • Kiko Flawless Fusion Bronzer: This one was also in January makeup bag. This one is just great, and the color is perfect for winter!
  • Dior Diorskin Nude: Because I need a powder, this one is great and it’s in my project pan.


For blush I picked out my self made Colourpop blush palette that I haven’t used in a while. I love these blushes and here I get a nice selection of shades to choose from. The shade names from left to right is “Why,Hello”, “Parakeet” and “Weirdough” in the top row, and “Noodle”, “Glass Slipper” and “Main Chick” in the bottom row.

The mascara is the new one my Revolution called The Mascara Revolution. So far I’ve tried it around 30 times and I really do like it. I have an upcoming review of that one actually.


Highlighters are always so fun to pick out. This month I decided to give my project pan highlighter “Lunch Money” by Colourpop a little rest and focus on these ones instead:

  • Colourpop Dream Sequence Super Shock Highlighter Palette: Since I am growing to be a huge super shock highlighter fan I am very excited to add this brand new highlighter palette with 4 highlighters in the super shock formula to this months bag. They look just so pretty!
  • Iconic London Illuminator: I will use this primarily to mix in with my foundation for those extra luminous days.
  • The Balm Mary Dew-Manizer: The very famous Mary Lou-Manizer in liquid form. I have used this a bit but it’s still fairly new. I am planning to do a review so I just want to get to know this product a bit better.


Finally we got my selection of lipsticks and glosses. Most of them are in my project pan and you already saw them in last months makeup bag.

  • Colourpop Ultra Blottet Lip “Halo Effect”: This one is new,and this one is the only new item in my bag. But I really like the ultra blotted lip formula and the color looks nice.
  • Clinique Long Lasting GlossWear “Black Honey”: Transfer from last month. This is very sheer and not at all as dark as it looks. Works really nice as an everyday lippie that is more than just a nude but not loud in any way.
  • Isadora Jelly Kiss Lipstick “Bare Bliss”: I kind of have a plan to focus on this one because I do have a tiny hope I may be able to finish it! Wish me luck (I probably need it).
  • Estee Lauder High Gloss “Pearl”: I did not use this one last month even though it was in my makeup bag. I have a hard time reaching for it. I have to try again now this month because it’s in my project pan after all and need to be finished!
  • MAC Plushglass Lip Gloss – Shade name is worn of my it’s a nice pink.
  • MAC Plushglass Lip Gloss – This one I also lost the shade name of, but it’s more of a purple gloss. Both this one and the previous was in last moths bag, and get to go one more month.
  • H&M Sheer Lipstick “Arabesque”: I think this is my favorite among my project pan lippies, so very happy to transfer this to one more month in my bag,
  • Too Faced Mood Swing Emotionally Activated Lip Gloss: I have been enjoying the nice berry shade of this gloss. It also smells so delicious!

Do you have any products you want to give some extra use in February?

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Whats in my makeup bag – September 2018!

September and fall is finally here. I love fall with all the beautiful colors and crisp fresh air. I much prefer this season to summer actually! I am looking forward to fresh mountain bike rides with colorful leaves all over, to ride my horse in the forest, and to sit in a wooden heated sauna and relax. I look forward to the dark fall lipstick shades and the fall makeup looks. What do you like about fall? Anyway, let’s talk makeup bag!

This month I decided to leave my project pan palettes out of the bag. I already hit pan on Colourpop Yes Please and Anastasia Modern Renaissance, and the palettes I have left are Certifeye Tropical Wonders which is not my style for my makeup looks for work (I tend to go quite neutral believe it or not), and Zoeva En Taupe which is too cool-toned for my tan skin right now (You will be hearing more about this soon). So I got a few fun palettes to play with instead.

I choose three palettes. First Urban Decay Naked Heat, because I used it a few times when it was new and then forgot about it. It got way less use than it deserve because it is a beautiful palette. I figured the warm browns and neutrals would be good now for my tan skin (I will keep mentioning this tan until it disappears. Just so you know).

I also picked Tarte Make Belive In Yourself, because these soft colored metallic shades are perfect everyday colors in my opinion. And it’s a bit fun to incorporate some color in your everyday makeup as well. Sadly this is limited edition, but I hope Tarte brings it back. This is one of their better palettes, and for once it actually have some colors!

The third palette is Zoeva Artisto Eyeshadow Palette. Also this one has some colors, but they are quite muted and wearable and should be a good colorful option for everyday wear as well.

The Zoeva Artisto Blush Palette has one very warm matte blush, a similarly colored shimmery blush and a banana powder. This one is new to me but I think the colors will work on me now that I am tanned (yes, I said it again) while in winter they will be too dark.

For my face base I selected this little bunch!

  • History Of Woo Jewel Powder – Still working on this for my project pan. It’s just so huge! But I enjoy the powder and don’t mind at all that I have quite a bit left.
  • Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Play Makeup Foundation (Shell Beige) – I really enjoy the double wear formula and this is a nice color for me now that I’m tan (again). If also has SPF 10, and I always appreciate that in ly face makeup. We can still get a bit of sun in September too after all.
  • Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Flawless Wear Concealer – I think I had this in my makeup bag in July, at least it was recent, but I found it appropriate since I picked the matching foundation.
  • Hourglass Strobe Lighting Powder (Brilliant Strobe Light) – Love this powder and the all over glow it gives. I use it almost like a setting powder only that I focus it on the parts of my face I want highlighted.

And these are the rest of my face powders.

  • Too Faced Chocolate Soileil Bronzing Powder – I hope to hit pan this month. I don’t think I have too much left before I do because I can see the pattern in the tin pan, I Just don’t see any tin. This is a project pan item for those of you wondering.
  • Inglot Jennifer Lopez  Illuminator (Livin’ The Highlight) – Loose highlighters are not my go-to, but for some strange reason I felt I needed this. I don’t know why because I don’t feel very strongly towards either Jennifer Lopez or Inglot, but the combination for some reason intrigued me. Besides I want to glow like J-lo off course. So I bring this in my bag to try it out.
  • Glominerals Globlush (Papaya) – The project pan blush that will never end, or never show any wear actually. This is never ending, but I won’t give up. I still have September, October, November and December to try to get a pan. Wish me luck!
  • MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish (Whisper of Gilt) – This one I’ve tried a bit, and I love it! It’s also perfect for my summer tan (is it getting too much now?) since it’s such a  lovely golden shade.


And some essentials too!

  • Revolution Pro Fix Illuminatin Fixing Spray – Or maybe not! This one is actually empty but I refilled this with my Mario Badescu facial spray because that bottle is huge, and this is nice and handy!
  • Aritaum All Day Lasting Primer – To be honest I don’t notice the world of a difference with this. I just use it because it has SPF 44, and I want my skin to be protected against the September sun as well, especially since I am outside most of the day.
  • L’Oreal Paradise Pomade Extatic (Light Blonde) – This is kind of too light for me, but I got it on sale for next to nothing. I may make it work for everyday wear when I don’t want a strong brow.
  • L’Oreal Mega Volume Miss Hippie Mascara – Because I need a mascara and this one works to my satisfaction.
  • H&M Brow Maker Duo (Ash Brown) – Because I need a back up in case the L’Oreal one just does not work. This has a perfect color for me. Besides it has a brow gel which I need.


And lastly, all the fun lippies! I know I should be working on my project pan lippie, but I only got one of those left, and I feel that the color is not very suitable on me right now because you know….tan. So I will pick up working on it later this year. I think I just got a few weeks left of usage in it so I should be fine. In the mean time I get to play around with a bunch of new ones!

  • Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lip ( Vitamin Sea) – I love the blotted lip formule for work appropriate looks. I just thinkt they are so flattering, and kind of unique. The lips look super super matte, like you had powder on top of them, and blotted at the same time. Love the look! This shade is a part of the summer collection that I didn’t try so I am exited.
  • Colourpop ultra Blotted Lip ( Soda Pop) – Exactly the same as above.
  • KissMe Liquid Lipstick (Hakuna Moscato) – A nice nude pink liquid lisptick.
  • KissMe Lipgloss (Yatchie) – A clear gloss with a pink/blue shift that is not too over the top. Really pretty.
  • Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick ( Celebrity Skin) – Superior dry-down formula in a nice nude.
  • Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick (Androgyny) – Same as above, just a bit darker.
  • Dose Of Colors (Stone) – One of my favorites in August, but I want to continue using it.
  • H&M Creme Lipstick (Cream Chestnut) – Underrated affordable but great formula in a nice nude.

That’s all I think! As usual I am excited to start a new month with new contend in my makeup bag, It’s fun to switch things up , and also to be able to focus on a limited amount of products. I do off course play around with makeup that I need to do reviews of and do looks with, but these are the items I use for my everyday work makeup.

Do you have a monthly makeup bag or basket to help you focus on some products? Or are you just winging it?

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What’s in my makeup bag – March 2018? Get ready for work edition!

New month, and that means new content in my makeup bag. If you have been following my blog for a while you already know that this is not the makeup I will focus only on using for March solely, but the makeup I will use to get ready for work. I do a lot of makeup also in the afternoons and weekends just to get around to test out products for reviews or just to get a bit creative.


So this is a flatlay mess of all the products I will be using. I didn’t pick out that many products this time,  the reason being that I have a project pan going on this year, and I don’t want too much to pick from in my everyday makeup bag just to be able to get some damage done on the products I want to finish.


These are the base products I am using throughout march:

  • Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Primer.
  • Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops – Celestial: Love mixing this with foundations/bb creams.
  • Holika Holika Petit BB Cream – Aqua: Really nice and affordable BB Cream. I am working on panning this.
  • Holika Holika Petit BB Cream – Moistruizing: Same as the Aqua one.
  • Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer Once again, a nice and affordable product. This is a must try if you haven’t already!
  • History of Woo Jewel loose powder: Another project pan product. This one is huuuuuge!
  • Colourpop Aventurine Setting Spray: I will be using this, but I will pour the product over to another bottle, simply because this one is useless.


I picked very few lip products this month, and that’s because all of these are lippies I am working on panning. So I wanted to focus as much as possible on them. I may add a few more lippies if I get too tired of them, but at first I will stick to these.

  • L’Oreal Shine Delicieux Lipstick in shade 13: This was in my February makeup bag as well, but the work will continue. I managed to do a bit of damage last month, so maybe I will see the end of it by april? Fingers crossed!
  • Too Faced Lip Injection – Golden Shade: Project pan gloss. About 2/3 left.
  • Too Faced Lip Injection – Pink Shade: Also project pan gloss.
  • Korres Mango Butter Lipstick – Natural Pink: This is a perfect natural, easy-to-wear lipstick you can just slap on and run. Again, this is also in my panning project.


And then we got face powders!

  • Sigma ChromaGlow Shimmer + Highlight Palette: This is perfect to have in an everyday makeup bag because I have my choices of highlighters and in addition several of these shades will double as a blush-topper so I kind of get two in one. I have tried it a bit, and I am so far very pleased with it. Happy to get to know this beauty a bit more during March.
  • NARS Blush – Zen: This is a project pan blush. The good thing about this it that it can be used as a brown with a slight hint of pink contour shade, which may sound odd, but it gives a nice effect on winter skin. It just does not look muddy or grey on the skin as some cool toned contours will do. It just looks natural. Off course that is for a light hand to get a subtle dimension for everyday looks. For evenings out I tend to do a bit more with my contour, but this is great for everyday in winter. It is also a super natural blush shade.
  • The Balm Balm Springs: Don’t you think The Balm have the cutest packaging? I got this one last fall but I didn’t use it more than a couple of times. About time this gets some attention!
  • MAC Mineralized Skinfinish – Refined: Absolutely gorgeous glowing face powder. Not as an over all setting powder, but to highlight and give glow to certain areas. Or jsut use it straight up as a highlighter.
  • Tarina Tarantino Dollskin Cheek Blush – Feather: I have been a huge fan of these blushes for years now. No idea why no one else seems to know about them. They are great formula and beautiful packaging!
  • Glominerals Globlush – Papaya: Project pan blush. Had it in my makeup bag in February too and it shown no wear at all. Panning blushes is a patience game for sure. I guess I just need to keep working on it!

I am excited to use all of these goodies. My face better look freaking beautiful with all these nice products on (at least we can hope)!


And the grand finale: eyeshadows! This month I will focus on one of my palettes to pan. I picked out four palettes where I want to pan at least one shade in each palette during 2018, and Modern Renaissance was one of them. I hope to get some work done on this in March. I have used it a bit so maaaaaybe I will manage to hit one pan? Maybe? We will see. At the end of March or very beginning of April I plan on posting a project pan update so we will know by then for sure. Untill then I will just enjoy using it, because it it truly a wonderful palette.

The other palette I plan on using is a custom made Inglot palette. I wanted to focus a bit more on building my Inglot collection so I got 19 shadows second hand, so that’s awesome! This is 10 of them, and since they are nice, wearable neutral shades I figured they would fit nicely on an everyday makeup bag!

Lastly, I got myself another one of those L’Oreal Paradise Extatic mascaras since I finished one recently and wanted a new one.

As usual I have eyeliner, eyeshadow primer, browpencil and skincare already at work which I don’t mix up so they stay the same every month.

Do you have a rotation program for your makeup?