The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipstick – Review!

I am in general a big fan of the brands quirky and fun packaging and their products continue to suck me in. I have tried mostly eyeshadows and blushes as well as their infamous Mary-Lou Manizer highligher. But I decided a while ago (a long while ago actually, but this review needed to mature in my mind for a while) to test out their liquid lipstick formula.


The packaging is quirky and cute as usual. I picked up two shades. One is to little to properly try out the formula I feel, and three would be daring on a liquid lipstick I knew nothing about. After all I don’t want to spend money on three mid-range priced lippies without having a single clue if I would like them or not. Two seems like an appropriate number, so I picked up the shades Charming and Charismatic. The names are inspired by qualities you would like to see in men (or women) like Loyal, Honest, Reliable, Brilliant and so on. Fun, and very typical The Balm!


How do I like them though? First of all, they are all worth it just because of the scent. They smell exactly like thin chocolate mints, and I HAVE to sniff it every time I use it. It is sooooo good. However, it is very strong and it makes me crave chocolate. So if you don’t like the smell of mints, or don’t want to be lead into chocolate temptations then be warned! I love it though, but I probably gained 5 pounds from it.

It applies evenly with a single swipe, and the color is opaque. It takes a good while for them to dry down, and it does dry down completely matte in finish but it remains a bit tacky so it is not transfer proof. Being not completely transfer proof also means that is is quite comfortable on the lips. It does not feel drying on me personally (but keep in mind i don’t have a particularly low tolerance either).

Charismatic on top, and Charming on the bottom.

Longevity is medium. After 3-4 hours with no food or drink it still looks good, but I found that it does fade quite easily if I have a meal. It also looks like when it fades it always start in the inner rim of the lip (butt-hole-like) instead of fading evenly. This happened with both shades, and I can imagine it is at least just as prominent in darker shades. This is not the liquid lipstick I would choose if I didn’t have the chance to do touch-ups. With that said it is no problem just adding a bit more on top, because it does not look gooey or weird if you add a second coat.

I like the scent though, so reapplying is kind of a guilty pleasure. However, these are not the best liquid lipsticks I have tried. The longevity is not superior and even though it is comfortable, I do have other liquid lipsticks with medium longevity that feels better on the lips. Still, I do enjoy them and I will keep wearing them.

Is this a must buy  in the jungle of liquid lipstick though? If you like mint chocolate, than yes! If no, there are just as good or better options out there. Basically it is good enough to do the job, but it does not stand out unless you love mint chocolate.

Me personally, will continue using this because the colors are very flattering, and I adore the scent (I am very hung up on the scent if you cant tell). I might even pick up one of the red or darker shades, but that’s what people do when they love chocolate!





Top 3 high-end makeup brands of 2017!

I already posted a blog post writing about my top 3 luxury makeup brands for 2017 (read here if you like some luxury makeup!), and there will be a post with top three affordable brands coming shortly, so stay tuned if you’d like to read that!

But this post is all about the high-end brands I’ve been loving in 2017. I have really been expanding my collection this year and I’ve tried a lot of makeup from brands that I maybe only had a few products from before. Picking  three hid-end brands was actually really hard since I’ve been testing out so much from so many brands. There are so many out there that I really like, but I managed to narrow it down eventually.


Smashbox was a brand I barely new in the beginning of 2017. Off course I’ve heard tons about their primers, but I only had a small gel liner pot and a lip & cheek color from before, so they were quite unfamiliar to me as a brand. I still have a lot of things I want to test out from them, I’ve been eyeing their liquid lipsticks for quite some time now, but I’ve managed to try out quite a few different things and guess what? I like every single product I’ve tried!

Primers are worth to mention, and I really fell in love with the Primer oil! It works wonders if my skin is a bit dry, which can happen when the season change. It also works great at reviving Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadows! If they start to dry out then just use a small drop of the primer oil and rub it over the surface and the shadow is almost as good as new.

The Halo face powder is also amazing, and actually feels hydration. I know, super weird that a powder can seem hydrating, but that’s the best way I can explain it. The HD concealer is also so sooo good (I personally like it better than the shape tape) but it was hiding in my makeup bag for this picture.

The highlighting trio is also top notch!

Overall very happy with this brand and I can’t wait to try out more. The Ablaze eyeshadow palette, the primerizer spray and their liquid lipsticks are all very high on my wishlist.


The Balm is to quirky and fun! I adore their different and humoristic packaging. This is also a brand I’ve learned a lot about in 2017 since I only had a couple of product by them in the beginning of the year, among them I can mention the Mary Lou-Manizer that is an iconic highlighter that’s been out there for years and years but is still going very strong in the always increasing highlighter game. Mary Lou must surely be a cult product by now?

They just do face powders very well in general. Bronzers, blushers, highlighters and powders, great stuff all of it! I think Big Mama must be my favorite of their blushes. A very close dupe to NARS Orgasm, just better formula in my opinion!

And also, their liquid lipsticks smells like mint chocolate….Yummi!


And let’s not forget about Tarte! This again is also a brand I really expanded my collection of this year.

Before 2017 I only had the Tartelette palette. Now I tried everything from blush, bronzers, highlighters concealer and several of their palettes. Not everything is a perfect hit, but that’s just because I am picky. The quality of their product is really good. They are off course famous for their shape tape, which I really like but it is not groundbreaking for me, but the things I love the most are their Park Ave Princess bronzer, their blush formula and I really like their eyeshadow formula as well. I am a big fan of their packaging as well, which is always a bonus.

Just a lovely brand that I cant wait to see more of in 2018!

What is your favorite high-end brand? Do we have any in common?