Tarte High Tides And Good Vibes Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

Yes, I totally fell for that adorable splashing ocean packaging with a cute turtle on. I mean, I have a masters degree in marine ecology and surely must have some sort of affection to anything oceanic, although there is no turtles up here north of the wall. This is off course just a long way of saying that I bought it mainly for the packaging. The packaging is awesome, sure a bit heavy and bulky, but besides that the prettiest thing I have seen so far this year, not to mention unique.


The palette is nice on the inside as well, but I have to empasize again that this is a pretty impressive packaging especially considering the palette was not really that expensive. You get a decent sized mirror too, and the arrangement of shadows on the gold background is surely stunning.


You get 8 shadows in this palette, and the middle row of 4 shades are actually pressed glitters. Let’s talk about these glitters first. I know that pressed glitter is palettes is a matter of taste, some hate them with a passion while others (like me) actually enjoy having some glitters popped in the palette. I personally like to keep my palettes nice and clean, so I wipe them off after every use. So I don’t really feel pressed glitters mess up my palettes to much. I actually really appreciate having some different textures to play with in a palette. These glitters are quite finely milled, and are almost dry to the touch. I can’t really feel a waxy base that you sometimes can with these glitters. Surely there is some kind of media binding it all together, but to the touch it just feels like glitter. They do work nicely as a sparkly topper, but I found them quite hard to pick up with a brush. Harder than most of my other pressed glitters. I don’t mind using my fingers if I want to apply a wash of glitter all over the lid, but when I want that detailed placement, or just a tiny bit in my inner corner I found it a bit unpractical that they were so hard to pick up. If you can manage to put them on, they are pretty though, although not really a match to my beloved Glitterally Obsessed from Colourpop or ant of my loose glitters for that matter.


In terms of eyeshadows you get 4 mattes and 4 shimmers. The mattes are all quite light in color. Thats not a problem if you want to create a nice blue, navy or bronze shimmery smoky eye and just blend out the crease with a shade. For that purpose this palette is actually spot on. It’s kind of like it was made for shimmery smokey eyes with a wash of glitter. But I found that the palette lack a bit of depth. With that said, I am happy with the performance of the matte shades. Even the pale blue is good. But I just felt like this palette lacked a bit of dimention.


All of the darker shades in this palette are shimmers. There is one light champagne shimmer, but the rest are all darker shades. Again, if your jam is shimmery smoky eyes this is not a bad palette, but I would have much preferres if at least one or two of the dark shades where mattes, I feel like it would be so much easier to create a halo eye, or a cut crease, or just anything else than a smoky eye if the palette just had some deeper mattes. Quality-wise the shimmers are not bad. Not the richest and smoothest of shades but at least with a  bit of building up I had no issues getting the color from the pan to appear just as vibrant on my eyes. My favorite shade was off course the Cobalt blue, and that one did not dissapoint. Actually, a blue smoky eye with that shade is just stunning!


The overall impression is that for me the palette is all worth it for the pretty packaging, but that the shadows inself are a bit lackluster due to the lack of depth and therefore lack of options. Although the shadows and glitters are good they are not winning any prices in my collection (meaning I own better stuff!). However, if you are a shimmery smoky eye lover, and especially if you like blue, this is actually a palette that is basically tailored for your needs. If you like do do different styles of makeup I think you won’t miss this in your collection, unless you are like me and adore the packaging a bit too much.

Have you tried this palette? What is your opinion?



Tarte Blush 101 Amazonian Clay Blush Palette – Review!

The formula of Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes must have received cult status by now since they have been so popular for years. It’s a well known and much loved formula, and I have my share of amazonian clay blushes from before. I really do like them, so when this years blush book (A holiday tradition by Tarte) was released I had to have it!

My favorite thing about it is that it’s not as obnoxiously large as the previous blush books have been. I mean, just look at the comparison between last years release (the HUGE round thing) and this years cute little book.

The little book holds a lot of product too! With 8 blushes, one bronzer and 1 highlighter you really get a lot of products for the price. You get both matte and shimmery blushes and everything from pink, to peach to neutral. A blush for every look. The bronzer is also shimmery, and the color works nicely for me, but if you are medium or even on the darker scale of light then this would probably be a bit pale. It works for my skin in winter, but will probably be too light in summer, but when I can wear it I like how it looks and it’s easy to apply.

The highlighter is, well a bit dull actually. It does give a glow, so in that sense it gets the job done and it looks nice enough. But it completely lack the wow-factor that has become the norm of highlighters these days. I would not reach for this palette just to use the highlighter, but if I was traveling with it I would not mind using it if that makes sense.

The blushes are the usual well-known and much loved quality of the amazonian clay blushes. They have light to medium build-able pigmentation, they are really easy to apply and has fairly good longevity. Just one of those easy to use, fool-proof blush formulas that looks good even when you apply them in a rush. With 8 different shades you have one for any look you could want.

The packaging is as mentioned just so darn cute! Just like a little book. It’s easy to store, and it’s compact and solid enough for travel. There is also a plastic divider between the two “blush-pages” to keep things clean. Overall the packaging is really well done. The only thing is that the surface is a bit textured and when you use a bigger brush to for instance pick up the bronzer it’s very easy to get some on the surface around the powder as well. And since this is a rough textured surface I still ahven’t been successful in finding a way to keep it clean! I discovered this early on so I have been extra careful with picking up blush with smaller brushes, but just be ware that this is not a easy to clean palette so it may not look that cute after a while.

I feel like this is a handy thing for travel. I really like the quality of the blushes, the bronzer works fine for me and the highlighter is OK. However, I also feel like Tarte has a habit of repeating their shade. If you already own one of their blush books you probably already have a several dupes. With that being said, I am happy I got mine even though I already have a blush book and several single blushes because the packaging is so handy. I would like to say easy to travel with, but since I don’t travel that much it’s not really a con for me personally, but maybe it is for you!

I am happy that I got this and I would buy it again.



I-love-colors makeup look!

Nothing makes me more happy than pulling out a colorful palette or two and just see where it takes me. I love my brown and neutral makeup looks, and that is what I wear the most. But when I really want to have fun with makeup I use colors. It is not always the most wearable. It is not always the most flattering or beautiful looks either. But they are always the looks that are the most fun. And I do this for fun you know, so perfect match!


Products used:

  • Certifeye The Tropical Wonders Palette – Sunray, Toucan, Equator, Honeycreeper, Atlantic, Swamp, Fruit Dove.
  • Tarte Make Belive In Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette – Marvel, Fairy, Dream.
  • Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24 H.
  • Maybelline Master Drama Kohl Pencil – Ultra Black.
  • Lancôme Volume-à-Porter Mascara.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro30, Bro10.
  • Eylure Definishion Lashes – 121.

It’s been a very hot spring day here, and the grass is just starting to appear in spots here and there where the snow melted, so I really felt for something colorful today.

Did spring arrive where you live yet?



Tarte Big Blush Book Volume III – Review and swatches!


Tarte released another one of their limited edition palettes recently. This time it is a huge palette with 7 full  size Amazonian clay 12-hour blushes and a champagne highlighter in the middle. The cost of this palette is 60$ which is a lot to spend on blush, but if you wanted to buy them individually you would reach over 230$. In other words this is value for money.

Underneath you can see swatches of all shades:

Heated (top). Kindred (bottom).
Poised (top). Lavish (bottom).


Peachy (top). Mindful (bottom).


Spirited (top). Rad (Bottom).

The quality of the blushes are really great. They are just pigmented enough, easy to blend, applies smooth and evenly and stays on the skin for a long time. Not the 12 hours they claim, but I can easily agree that they stay put for 4-6 hours. The shade range is very nice. You get everything from nudes, pinks and peachy tones. The Champagne highlighter is also very user friendly so there is something for any occasion here.

Products are without doubt great, but I am not convinced that this packaging is all that great. I knew it would be large and bulky. But I didn’t know it would seem so flimsy and cheap. Instead of making it with solid cardboard or plastic it is made of cardboard and some spongy material that makes it very flimsy. I am afraid I will end up destroying it no matter how careful I am. It kind of seems like this palette is intended to be depotted. Since I don’t depot palettes it is an unattractive trait for me, but I am sure someone will find it very handy if they were planning on depotting anyway.


Don’t misunderstand me with my disappointment in the packaging though! I have absolutely no regrets buying this palette. I am actually very happy that I get to try out several full size blushes for a fraction of their normal price. Especially for me who did not own any Tarte blushers previous to this, this was a great opportunity to test them out for great value.

This one is limited edition, but still available if you feel tempted!