Tarte Blush 101 Amazonian Clay Blush Palette – Review!

The formula of Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes must have received cult status by now since they have been so popular for years. It’s a well known and much loved formula, and I have my share of amazonian clay blushes from before. I really do like them, so when this years blush book (A holiday tradition by Tarte) was released I had to have it!

My favorite thing about it is that it’s not as obnoxiously large as the previous blush books have been. I mean, just look at the comparison between last years release (the HUGE round thing) and this years cute little book.

The little book holds a lot of product too! With 8 blushes, one bronzer and 1 highlighter you really get a lot of products for the price. You get both matte and shimmery blushes and everything from pink, to peach to neutral. A blush for every look. The bronzer is also shimmery, and the color works nicely for me, but if you are medium or even on the darker scale of light then this would probably be a bit pale. It works for my skin in winter, but will probably be too light in summer, but when I can wear it I like how it looks and it’s easy to apply.

The highlighter is, well a bit dull actually. It does give a glow, so in that sense it gets the job done and it looks nice enough. But it completely lack the wow-factor that has become the norm of highlighters these days. I would not reach for this palette just to use the highlighter, but if I was traveling with it I would not mind using it if that makes sense.

The blushes are the usual well-known and much loved quality of the amazonian clay blushes. They have light to medium build-able pigmentation, they are really easy to apply and has fairly good longevity. Just one of those easy to use, fool-proof blush formulas that looks good even when you apply them in a rush. With 8 different shades you have one for any look you could want.

The packaging is as mentioned just so darn cute! Just like a little book. It’s easy to store, and it’s compact and solid enough for travel. There is also a plastic divider between the two “blush-pages” to keep things clean. Overall the packaging is really well done. The only thing is that the surface is a bit textured and when you use a bigger brush to for instance pick up the bronzer it’s very easy to get some on the surface around the powder as well. And since this is a rough textured surface I still ahven’t been successful in finding a way to keep it clean! I discovered this early on so I have been extra careful with picking up blush with smaller brushes, but just be ware that this is not a easy to clean palette so it may not look that cute after a while.

I feel like this is a handy thing for travel. I really like the quality of the blushes, the bronzer works fine for me and the highlighter is OK. However, I also feel like Tarte has a habit of repeating their shade. If you already own one of their blush books you probably already have a several dupes. With that being said, I am happy I got mine even though I already have a blush book and several single blushes because the packaging is so handy. I would like to say easy to travel with, but since I don’t travel that much it’s not really a con for me personally, but maybe it is for you!

I am happy that I got this and I would buy it again.



Makeup Favorites – November 2018!

It’s time to share the good stuff again! As usual I have been testing and trying a bunch of products this month. Some of the made it to the monthly favorites, and I even god some old goodies to share as well!

Revolution Pro Radiance: This is an amazing highlighter. I picked this up because it looked like a limited edition highlighter from MAC that I broke. I was so sad about that because I really loved it (the shade was “By Candlelight” if anyone are curious), but this one looked so similar. Now, I don’t have the best memory in the world, but as I can recall that highlighter it is very very similar to Radiance. Regardless of if it’s an exact dupe or not, it is similar enough and it is absolutely gorgeous. So pretty that I picked up another one in the shade “Luminous” that I just tried out. I have my suspicions that this one will also be a favorite. So you should definitely check out these and see if they have a color you fancy, because I am in love now (and I need more!).

Tarte Blush Book: I picked this one up just for the packaging! I have to admit that. But it is so cute and clever made just like a book and it holds 10 powders! 8 blushers, one glowy bronzer and a highlighter. The blush formula by Tarte is famous and for good reason. They are just as good in this palette. But what I like about this the most is that you get so much product in such a nice handy packaging. It’s in great contrast to the huge wagon wheel they released last year! I hope to see more books in the future!

House Of Lashes “Midnight Luxe”: I have been raving about House of Lashes before, and Iconic is right now the only lashes I feel like I always NEED to have available. I always repurchase that one as soon as the pair I have are worn out. Midnight Luxe is a new style I haven’t tried before, but this won’t be the last time I pick up this style for sure. These lashes are so fluffy and feathery and look just gorgeous. They are slightly less dramatic than the Iconic, but more luxurious and glamorous looking in a way. They just look like high-class lashes.

Soph X Makeup Revolution Lipstick “Cake”: Just a super simple fuzz free everyday shade you can just slap on and you’re going to look good anyway. No need to do a tidy application, use a lip liner or even a mirror. This is just so simple and fool proof to wear as well as being creamy and comfortable. Excellent as an everyday lippie!

KissMe Liquid Lipstick “Very Brewtiful” : Another nice nude everyday lipstick I have been using over and over again this November. This was my lipstick of choice when I wanted something to last all day. I actually had this on for 9 hours straight including breakfast, lunch (non-greasy foods) and a bunch) of coffee cups and it still looked decent so i have to say I am quite impressed.

What have been your favorite makeup items in November? I would love to know what you have been using and loving!