Juvia’s Place The Nubian 2 Palette – Review & Swathes!

I only needed to try one palette from Juvia’s Place to realize that this was a brand for me to collect, and I’ve made it a mission to collect every single palette they have available one by one.


This one is similar to the other palettes in style, but as you may know the Juvia’s Place palettes vary quite a bit both in the size of their palettes and their eyeshadow sizes. This palette has the huge eyeshadow pans, but since it only holds 12 shades it’s not obnoxiously large like the Magic Palette (Don’t get me wrong, I love The Magic Palette always and forever, but it’s…not small).


I still have yet to pick up the Nubian palette, which is only neutrals and I feel more drawn to the colorful palette. Even though the Nubian 2 has some pops of color it still have many neutrals and earthy tones. This is the perfect Juvia’s Place palette to start with if you are more into neutrals but want to start dipping your toes into colors. Because even though it has some nice colors I would still say they are quite muted and beginner friendly, without compromising their beauty! Still for a color lover like me there it lot’s of room to play around and be creative.


As always, Juvia’s Place metallic shadows are truly amazing with their rich pigment and buttery dense texture. I have said this before, but good things can’t be said enough; Juvia’s Place has one of my absolute favorite eyeshadow formulas. In this palette you have 8 shades in this delicious formula, and the rest is matte. None of that matte base with glitter rubbish that I don’t like (I know, I know, they can still be good or work basically as a matte, but I get annoyed by the looks of them). The matte formula in this palette is also good. Medium but buildable pigmentation and great blendability. There are no bad shades in this palette. Not at all, just a through and through solid great quality.


The packaging it the usual fun and quirky type of design and nice orange and pink cardboard palette. This palette holds the large sized eyeshadows so you get a lot of product in these 12 shades.


For me personally, I love the quality, and I like that the color selection is still very suitable for everyday use. It’s very easy to make completely neutral looks with this, so I think this is the perfect Juvia’s Place palette to pick up it you have been wanting to try the formula, but think the colors in general are a bit to colorful for you. if you look at the palette there are mostly neutral shades with the exception pf Cleopatra (blue), Egypt (green), and maybe Nairobi (yellow gold). The rest are colors that could easily be incorporated into e neutral daytime look


As usual I really I would highly recommend this because I am always so impressed with the quality, especially the affordable price considered!

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Liveglam Kiss Me Liquid Lipstick subscription – August 2018!

The august lipstick bundle have arrived and received a proper test round! So now it’s about time to share my opinions on this months bundle.

If you are unfamiliar with the Liveglam KissMe subscription it is a monthly subscription where you receive 3 lip products each month for just below 20$. The lip products have different formulas like gloss, satin lipsticks or regular matte liquid lipsticks, where the matte formula is by far the most common. You can easily skip a month or, switch out one of the shades with previously released shades if you like. For me I find this to be a very good way to test out different colors, because I for sure get to test and try some shades I would never really pick up myself in the store. Sometimes they are hits, and sometimes they are not. But it’s always fun to try something new!

But lets talk about the august bundle! This months theme were wine. So we got one dark plum, one mid-tone fuchia and one dusty rose nude to fit the color theme. The packaging is a bit different from usual with the metallic red cap and black letters and details. They do look really pretty!

Sip Happens is the darkest plum shades. It really is dark and vampy! Usually have had some trouble with the dark matte lippies from Liveglam, so they are not my favorites to received. This time however, the formula seemed different. More mousey and not so liquidy. They still applied nicely, but I was hoping the change in formula would mean better quality of this dark, vampy beauty. I sort of did. I wore it for four hours straight without any fading, the lips still looked great. But as soon at I ate something the lipstick started falling off. Really dark shades like this rarely fade in a flattering way. So if I am not going to eat or drink much, I would be happy to wear this shade again, but I will stay away from this if I am having lunch or dinner. It is just too obvious when it fades due to the color being so dark. It did need two layers to apply evenly, but I do love the color I ended up with. It’s just not fitting for any occasion.

Pour Decisions is a stunning fuchia. It’s mid toned but kind of muted and looks absolutely beautiful on the lips without being too pink. This has a much better staying power than Sip Happens, and also it’s not that visible when it starts to fade. I did wear this easily for 6 hours, but after that my lips usually get enough of dry liquid lipsticks and I prefer putting some lipbalm over top. I then got an additional 3 hour wear out of it. Color is also very pretty. Since I have quite pigmented lips I tend to be comfortable with lipsticks in the mid-toned range and this one is no exception. I really really like this, and think out of all the shades this month this one will be the most used!

Lastly the pretty rosy nude named Hakuna Moscato is another favorite. The Liveglam nudes are usually long wearing and this one lasts easily for 6 hours too! It’s also a perfect everyday nude. Liveglam does nudes very well and I usually really like them, so I bet this one will be used quite regularly as well.

The overall verdict is again that the dark lip could work better, but I am fairly happy with received two lippies I will get a lot of use out of.

Have you ever tried these lipsticks? What are your verdict?

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Colourpop Perception Palette – Review & Swatches!

Perception was a palette I was drawn to immediately. Just a well composed palette with plenty of both neutrals and colors. Something you can do anything with. I don’t know who Shayla is (Should I? Have I’ve been living under a rock?). But usually I find the Colourpop collabs to be quite good, so I jumped into it.

The design of the palette is beautiful with black, purple and gold pattern. It is a bigger sized palette with 16 shades, but the shades are the same size as their regular 12-pan palettes. The palette also hold a mirror of decent size, you could easily do your makeup with it, so it has a bit of weight to it. Packaging is still slim and easy to store, but the slightly bigger size makes it a bit less practical to throw in your travel makeup bag compared to the smaller 12-pans which are a perfect size for traveling in my opinion. Does not really matter to me, I don’t travel that much and when I do I have plenty of palettes to choose from.

When you open the palette the obvious reason why I had to pick this palette up appears. The shades range is so beautiful! And there are colors! Not only a neutral palette with a pop of color, but there is a nice selection of both neutrals and colorful options.

There is a nice selection of nice gold, taupe and copper metallic shades that all work very well for more neutral looks. But, don’t be fool. they are intense metallics and can for sure add quite some drama if you want. If you feel like being more daring in your color choices you got metallic green. blue, pink and even a brown-teal duochrome. The selection has such a nice variety of colors that you really get a lot of choices and a bunch of possible looks. One of the best things about this palette is that you got so many different color choices.


But the most important thing, how is the quality? As always the metallics are impeccable. Colourpop really know how to make rich, pigmented and smooth as butter metallic shades. With 9 out of 16 shades being this formula you already know this is a good quality palette. The Colourpop mattes are also very good, and they are no exception in this palette. There are 4 mattes in total. Personally I would love to see at least one more. I think if this palette lacks one thing it is a medium or dark cool-toned or neutral black to pair with the green, blue and duochrome because in my opinion those very warm mattes dont go that well with those shades.


Then the two last shades are in my least favorite formula. The matte base with glitter. Stallion is a dark navy matte blue with flecks of blue glitter, and Shade is a plum matte with pink glitter. Even though I have to admit I was pleased with how Stallion looked on the eyes, I am still not a fan of this formula and would prefer them to be mattes or metallics instead. I guess that only 2 out of 16 shades were not complete hits for me overall is not bad.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely! My favorite thing about this palette is still that there are so many different colors in it. Also, the fact that there is a lot of shades in that beautiful metallic formula does not hurt either. So once again Colourpop released a hit!

Do you have this palette? What are your opinions?



Colourpop Fame Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

Finally someone released a cool-toned neutral palette! I bet so many have just been waiting for a release like this. The last couple of years a warm toned neutral palette seems to be on the top of every brands release list, and many (including me) have been waiting for a cool toned neutral palette.


That’s why I purchased this palette immediately. Not because I don’t have any cool toned neutral palettes. I can mention Urban Decay Naked 2, Tarte Tartelette and Zoeva En Taupe just from the top of my mind, but I kind of wanted to support that a brand released a coll-toned palette.


Looking at the packaging it does not look like it would be a cool toned palette. The outside looks like it should be filled with pinks, burgundies , peaches and purples, but when you open it you find a surprisingly neutral range of eyeshadows.

This one is bigger than the usual 12-pan with it’s 16 shadows. The shadows are still pretty small, and the packaging slim so even though there is a large number of shades the palette does not appear too bulky or large.


This is however, in every way, a neutral everyday palette. There is not really too much exciting to do here. But the palette is perfect for simple everyday looks, and to be completely fair here there are a couple of matte shades to deepen up the look and add some drama. I am not complaining though. Since my collection lacks a lot of cool toned palettes having a nice everyday option for work is completely fine. But I do hope Colourpop would release a cool toned palette with more daring shades. I mean there are so many taupe, purples, olives and greens that could make a very exciting cool toned palette, so please Colourpop, keep the coolness coming!

The quality is on point! I have mentioned this over and over again, but I guess good things can’t be mentioned enough. I LOVE Colourpop metallic formula, and there is some really nice ones in this palette. The mattes are also great, buttery and blend-able. The pigmentation is on point as always, even “Celeb” which is a very pale pastel pink, has good payoff. There is not a single bad shadow in this palette.

If I should point my finger at something it would be that there could have been much more variety in the shades. Even though “Razzle”, “Stardom” and “Clubhouse” are a bit different, they are still just three typical crease shades that honestly look strikingly similar on the eyes. I think they could have put some medium toned browns there instead and be better off, or a medium tones metallic, because there are an extensive amount of light ones, that also can look very similar on the eyes. I think this palette could have easily been a 12-pan and you would not miss a shade, because as soon as they get on your eyes they almost look like dupes. So not the best job in creating variety with this palette, which is surprisingly because I usually like Colourpops palette composition and for the most part find them very cohesive and thought through. This one still has a way to go.

With that said I can’t wait for my summer tan to wear off so I can put this in my monthly makeup basket and really spend some time to enjoy this cool toned neutral beauty, because the shade selection is perfect for everyday looks.

Althouth the color selection could have had more variety, the quality is on point and so is the price. If you were looking for a neutral cool toned palette for daytime looks this is absolutely a good choice!

What do you think, are you happy to see more cool toned palettes around, or are you still more into warms?



Colourpop Festival Collection Single Eyeshadows – Swatches & Makeup Looks!

The single pressed powder shadows from Colourpops festival collection got my attention, and even though I did not pick up the full collection I got pretty excited about all the fun colors, so I picked out 16 of the shades I found most interesting and added them to my collection.

From left to right, top to bottom: Comeback Kid, Kill Switch, Night Show, Rascal, Chauffer, Deja Boo, Bratty, Hop On, Slay/Farer, Formation, Bassline, Backstage, La Playa, Two To Mango, Fault Line, Feathered.

I always get excited when fun new shades like this are released and I had so much fun playing around with them. In this post I will talk about the shades as well as show you some looks I created. Usually I will make one post with all the looks I did with a palette, and then later on post a review. However, since these are just single shadow pans I figured I would put everything in one post.


  • Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadows: Bratty, Hop On, Chauffer, La Playa, Deja Boo, Rascal, Slay-Farer.
  • Colourpop Super Shock Shadow – Glow.
  • Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner 24 H – Black.
  • Kiko Smart Eye Pencil – 813.
  • H&M Colour Essence Eye Pencil – Into The Blue.
  • Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade – Medium Brown.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro70, Bro40, Bro50, Bro60.
  • Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara.
  • Eylure Definition Eyelashes – 121.


  • Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadows: Backstage, Formation, Fault Line, La Playa, Two To Mango.
  • Colourpop Super Shock Shadow – Glow.
  • Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner 24 H – Black.
  • Kiko Eye Pencil (LE with name worn off. It is the Teal right below the waterline).
  • Kiko Smart Eye Pencil – 805.
  • Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade – Medium Brown.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro20, Bro70.
  • Eylure Definition Lashes – 121.


  • Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadows: Feathered, Kill Switch, Night Show, Rascal.
  • Colourpop Super Shock Shadow – Glow.
  • Maybelline Master Drama Kohl Pencil – Ultra Black.
  • Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner 24 H – Black.
  • Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade – Medium Brown.
  • Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro 40, Bro 20.
  • Eylure x Vegas Nay Fiercly Fabulous Lashes.
  • Tarte Shape Tape – Fair Neutral.


  • Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadows – Bratty, Feathered, Fault Line, Backstage, Two To Mango.
  • Colourpop Super Shock Shadow – Glow.
  • Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner 24 H – Black.
  • Kiko Kajal Khôl Pencil – 109.
  • Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade – Medium Brown.
  • Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara.
  • Eylure x Vegas Nay Fiercly Fabulous Lashes.
  • Tarte Shape Tape – Fair Neutral.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum- Bro30, Bro70.


  • Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadows – Two to Mango, Bratty, Hop On, Feathered, Bassline, Deja Boo, Formation, Fault Line.
  • H&M Colour Essence Eye Pencil – Grand Gru, Into The Blue.
  • Guerlain Multi-Perfecting Concealer – 01 Light Warm.
  • Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade – Medium Brown.
  • Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner 24 H – Black.
  • Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara.
  • House Of Lashes – Featherette.
  • Colourpop Super Shock Shadow – Glow.
  • Colourpop Super Chock Cheek – Flexitarian.
  • Phicisians Fomula Shimmer Strip Liquid Eyeliner – gold glitter.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro90.
  • Zoeva Graphic Brow Fix.

The quality is true to the usual single pan formula. If you haven’t tried them they are a bit loosely pressed. Not as loose as Anastasia eyeshadows but not far off. They are usually well pigmented, the mattes blend easily without blending away, and the metallic shades are smooth as butter and very rich in pigment.

Comeback Kid, Kill Switch, Night Show, Rascal, Chauffer, Deja Boo, Bratty, Hop On, Slay/Farer, Formation, Bassline, Backstage, La Playa, Two To Mango, Fault Line, Feathered.

Two To Mango and Fault Line both required some build-up, but the rest of the shades are top notch and highly recommended!

I really enjoyed this collection, and was so happy to see a big release with so many different and fun shades. I am keeping my fingers crossed for more collections like this so I can add more fun stuff to my own collection.

Do you have any single shadow favorites fro Colourpop you think I need to try out? Let me know in the comment!





Tarte Tartelette Toasted VS. Colourpop Double Entendre – Dupe?

Tarte came out with their third palette in their Tartelette series in October 2017. The Tartelette Toasted palette. I did a review on this palette a while ago together with a post where I present a few makeup looks. Overall this is a nice quality well put together warm neutral palette.

Some weeks later Colourpop released their Double Entendre palette. Also a warm neutral palette with nice mattes and delicious metallic shades. When I first got this in the mail I was surprised to see that this palette had exactly the same packaging as the “I Think I Love You” palette by the same brand, just with different shades. But the shades are in deed very similar to the Tartelette Toasted palette. While the Tartelette Toasted is a beautiful palette it still costs 46$, so if Colourpop can offer a 16$ copy with their regular great quality then I am not one to complain.

So I took both palettes and decided to do comparison swatches. Since they are not arranged in a similar way I decided to swatch the Tartelette Toasted palette in the right order and then I found the best matching shade from the Double Entendre palette to match it with.


I always swatch the matching pair in the same order. Firts is the swatch from the Tarte Palette, then the similar shade from the Colourpop palette, then the next shade from the Tarte palette and so on. Here is the first row from Tartelette Toasted with similar CP shades, but lets go through them one by one.

The first shade in Tartelette Toasted (from now TT) is S’More which is a matte bone shade. This is comparable to Double Entendres (from now on DE) Locked & Loaded which is basically the same just a bit more yellow. On the eyes they will look very similar.

Next is from TT is Sunrise which is compared to DE Flasher. Again the shade from DE is slightly more Yellow, and Sunrise from TT has a slightly more high shine to the finish, but in the eyes it would be hard to tell the difference. The DE shadow is slightly more pigmented.

Third shade in the first row in TT is Sunset, a metallic golden shade. The equal shade in DE is Uninhibited. Sunset is a bit more rich in texture, while Uninhibited is a bit more smooth in consistency and slightly more red in undertone. You can tell them apart on swatches, but I doubt it would be easy to see on the eyes.

Crackle is the last one in this row, and it is a dark brown with flecks of golden glitter. The “twin” from DE is Hot Bod. They are as good as identical.


So lets jump down to the second row in TT.The first shade Cashmere is a matte muted pastel orange, and the equivalent in DE is Nekkid. Cashmere is a bit smoother and richer than Nekkid, and Nekkid is a bit warmer. But, as you can see in the swatches they are pretty darn similar still.

Warmth is the next shade and is compared with Extra Curricular in DE. They are both matte burnt orange shades, but Warmth from TT is just a bit darker.

Flame in TT is a stunning red-tones coppery metallic, the closest one in DE was Draft that is a bit paler and less red. Flame is also a bit more rich. This time TT has the better shade for sure.

The final shade on this row is Cozy. A deep matte terracotta shade. The comparable shade in DE is Hard. Also these guys are pretty close dupes both in performance and color.


Third row in the palette, and this time I could only compare three of the shades to a similar one in DE.

The first one in TT , Candle,  is very close to Keep it PG in DE. These metallic champagne shades are pretty similar only that Keep it PG is slightly more warm. Candle is also a bit more rough in texture so the consistency of the DE shade is much smoother and a bit richer. This time around DE wins the match.

Latte from TT is very close to Nip Slip in DE. They are both richly pigmented, smooth and blendable but “Latte” is a bit warmer on my skin even though it does not look like it in the pan.

Simmer was the only unmatched one in the TT palette. I guess it is still pretty close to Draft from DE but that one is already a good match to Flame and Simmer is not as red-toned. It is more warm gold. So this one is paired up with Send Noodles from DE which I am aware does not match at all, but it had to go somewhere. Send Noodles is however a nice transition shade, so what palette you prefer may depend on if you want an extra metallic shade, or an additional transition shade.

Finally the dark matte Fireside is a close match to Teddy Bare. However Fireside is slightly darker and much richer in color. Again TT is the clear winner.



So, are they dupes? I would say yes. It also seems very intentional since Colourpop used the same packaging as with the “I Think I Love You Palette” it is almost like they did not have time to create a unique packaging in order to get out the palette while Tartelette Toasted was still a hot topic. Honestly, I find in a bit tacky. It is still a beautiful palette, and with the arrangements of the colors it is not very obvious that this is the same palette as Toasted so I think people would snag this up regardless.

They are both beautiful palettes and perfect for warm toned neutral lovers, but which one is worth picking up?


The biggest difference in comtent is the difference between “Simmer” and “Send Noodles”. If you think you would miss that extra transition shade in TT, then go for DE. If you think you can do with the other shades as crease and transition shades and would like an additional metallic then go for TT.

Other than that the obvious difference is the price. Tartelette Toasted is off course the more expensive one with 46$ compared to Double Entendres 16$. It is a whopping 30$ difference, and you can get a lot of extra fun stuff from Colourpop for that 30$! Tartelete Toasted does have more exclusive and more high-end packaging compared to Colourpops simple re-used cardboard packaging, and TT has a mirror. If you value packaging then you may want to splurge those extra $$ because TT is better by far when it comes to packaging.


If content quality is the most important then these palettes are very similar. They are both of excellent quality. These where a few shades where TT had the better option, but on the other hand “Candle” in TT was a bit lesser compared to the DE equivalent. Overall I would say that Tartelette Toasted beats Colourpop by a nose, but it is not a 30$ nose so I am sure Colourpops quality will not disappoint. You really have to swatch them side by side to discover any difference, and on the eyes it is very hard to tell a difference.

In my opinion it is about packaging. If you value pretty packaging then maybe consider Tartelette Toasted, if you are most concerned about eyeshadow quality or jsut want the most out of your money then Colourpop is the better choice. No matter how you twist and turn it, they are both good quality, so wether or not you pick either one of them depends on your preferences.

Which one would you pick? If I had to re-pick I would actually pick Tartelette Toasted, but I am happy enough to own both.






The Magic Palette By Juvia’s Place – Review & Swatches!

I fell in Love with Juvia’s Place after trying out the Zulu palette as my first ever Juvia’s Place eyeshadow palette. Now, I want them all!

But I can only afford that much at the time, so I just have to collect them one by one. But my next pick after Zulu obviously had to be The Magic Palette because of the large selection of very interesting shades.


The packaging is as always very funky and different. And the inside of the palette alone makes it deserve it’s name to the fullest.


The quality is pretty consistent. The mattes are pigmented, and easy to blend. A bit stiffer than many formulas that we are familiar with from for example Lorac or Anastasia, but that does not have to be a bad thing. They don’t give that much kick-back, and maybe you have to put that brush into the palette one extra time, but that is completely fine because the shades can easily be built up.

The metallics are quite dense, so I feel I have to use a little bit more pressure when picking it up with a brush than I do with many other shades. However, they are pigmented as a dream and smooooth as butter.


The two first rows have a bunch of warm red and orange tones with pink, rose gold and gold metallics. Some really pretty everyday looks can be made with these. Or you can rock a deep purple eye with glitter as an everyday look too if that’s what floats your boat. I just mean that these are the kind of shades I would be happy to reach for on a everyday-at-work basis.


The 3rd and 4th row are what my dreams are made of. The right bottom shade and left bottom shade looks almost black, but they are just such beautiful bright but deep purple and teal shades. These are the ones that surprised me the most because I expected a bit more boring shades.

Metallic greens like this also just happen to be what my green dreams are made of. They are perfection, and I can’t count how many times I picked up this palette just to swatch one of those shades.


If you don’t know Juvia’s Place pan size you are in for a treat! They are huge! And since these shadows are packed with pigment they will last you a lifetime. If I ever see a project panner working on this and succeeding I would be beyond impressed. In other words; you get a lot of product for your money.

The pan size is very similar to the Sugarpill eyeshadows if you know them. They are 4 g each, compared to a regular pan shadow that is 1.5 g (MakeupGeek, MAC etc).


I am sorry to sound biased, but to me this palette can do no wrong. I am not biased by the way, I bought this palette myself. I just love everything about it. The shades, the quality, the fun and quirky packaging. This is just up my alley!

Did you try this as well? Would love to know what you think about this too!



Tarte Buried Treasure Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. I am such a sucker for pretty things that stand out, and this palette sure look different. Not in terms of colors, but in terms of shape and presentation. I really fell for how the palette is filled with inter-merging circles of different sizes. That is something else compared to those square or rectangular shapes we normally see, and I love it!


The palette is small, maybe 10 x 10 cm, but the whole thing is filled with shadows so there is a good amount of product in a small little thing. The shadows have different amout of produt and the range is from 0.5 g all the way up to 2.5 g.  2.5 g is big in terms of eyeshadow size. In comparisom MAC shadows are 1.5 g, Makeupgeek pans are 1.8 g and Nabla Cosmetics pans are the same 2.5 g. In total there is 12 g of product in this tiny little palette. Thats good value!


The shade range is neutral with golden, pink and burgundy shades. Overall a very great palette for blue eyes, however these shades will look flattering with any eyecolor.

Here comes a little overview of the shades:

  • Skipper – Matte mauve.
  • Snorkel – Light shimmery rose gold.
  • Booty – Matte beige.
  • Coconut – Shimmery pale pink.
  • Plank – Matte light beige.
  • Dive – Deep plum with satin finish.
  • Fin – Shimmer Champagne.
  • Nauti – Shimmery burgundy.
  • Coin – Metallic gold.
  • Palm – Shimmery pale gold.

I like that the shades are all pirate theemed!

Order from left to right: Skipper, Snorkel, Booty, Coconut, Plank, Dive, Nauti, Fin, Coin, Palm.

The palette is very user friendly as an everyday eyeshadow palette. It is not the most inspiring palette I’ve seen when it comes to inspire the urge to make creative and colorful looks, but it is pretty as a handy everyday palette because it’s got what you need to make a pretty day look. However, the darker shades are not very pigmented. They are really hard to build up to the intensity that you see in the pan, and they have a tendency of blending a bit away when trying to blend out the edges. Much like many cheaper palettes have a tendency to do, but I expected a bit more from Tarte. The shimmer shades also lack that “WOW” factor. I mean, they are decent enough for a everyday look if you just want a wash of shimmery gold or champagne on your lid, but I found it really hard to get those glamorous shimmery eyelids that I like. They swatch much better on the arm than they perform on the lid. A damp brush was absolutely necessary to get that nice intense shimmery lid look! Which again, is to be expected from cheap palettes, but not from Tarte.

Another thing that puzzles me about this palette is how the shades are arranged. I mean, I like the pretty circles and all, but I am surprised that they didn’t put the shades that often are used the most in the biggest pans. I mean, a common problem with palettes is that base and crease shades run out before the rest even hit pan. They did have a nice way around that problem in this palette but they didn’t take advantage of it for some reason.


If this will be a hit or miss depends on your preferences I think. If you like to create soft, wearable day looks you will probably like it because it is perfect for that. If you are more of a glam queen this is probably not for you, unless you think it is worth it just for the packaging.

For me who is a makeup collector (read: hopeless hoarder) this palette is worth it just because it is unique. I will probably pull it out now and then for simple makeup looks I wear to work, but the shadows just lack a bit of “Oumph” for me to really think they are great.

Hope you got some use out of this review. If you tried it and have a opinion about this palette please let me know! I would love to hear other peoples thoughs!