Soph X Revolution Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

I know I am late to the party here and should have maybe reviewed the second edition palette, but since I got this not too long ago I figured I would give this a try first. Besides I wanted to test this out and see if the second edition was worth picking up. I’ve only tried one eyeshadow palette by Makeup Revolution (now Revolution PRO) before so I didn’t have much experience with their eyeshadows before diving into this, but I’ve heard so much raving about this and expected it to be good!


The color selection is nice for everyday looks. There are tons of neutrals in the palette with a nice range of base colors, transition shades and shades to deepen the look. There is a good mixture of shimmers and mattes with the mattes being the majority (which I like) and a few pops of color there as well. The composition is nice I think, and especially the price considered this is a very good option for an everyday palette.

However, when I got around to swatch the shades I was disappointed! The shadows are chalky, and not really that pigmented. Especially the darker matte shades were so hard to make swatches of, they just applied dusty and patchy and I was starting to fear that this palette would end with disappointment. Then I remember when using the Life on The Dance Floor Guest List palette from Makeup Revolutions previous Christmas collection that palette didn’t swatch too good either but I was pleased with the looks I got with it still (you can read a full review of the palette here, but unfortunately you can’t get it anymore).


As you can probably tell by the swatches especially the darker shades are a bit patchy. And to be fair I really tried to bring out the colors as much as possible. I like doing arm swatches like that. I don’t use a primer or a damp brush, but I do try to build up the color so you can see its full potential. If it applies well or not on the eyes is a different story. On my swatches I just want to show off the color you can build it up to. The darker shades could have been a bit darker and more intense as you can tell, but on the eyes they are not that bad.


After using the eyeshadows on my eyes my attitude towards this palette was much more positive. Not to toot my own horn too much but I was actually quite happy with some of the looks I made with it. So I absolutely found it possible to do satisfying looks with it, which in the end is what is most important.

The quality is not the best though. But, by far not as bad as i was afraid off when swatching. In short terms they are very powdery and dusty, so you get a bit off kickback and the darker shades and especially the shimmery berry shade, shimmery green and brown-teal duochrome gives quite a bit of fallout. I would recommend doing eyes first with this palette unless you are going for the really neutral eye look.


I also found that the shimmers absolutely need a damp brush to work to my satisfaction. If you like a softer shimmer, you will probably be just fine, but I like to be able to get on my eyes what I see in the pan, and for that I needed to spray my brush. It’s not a big problem though since I always have a setting spray at hand when I do my makeup anyways, but it does tell you something about the quality. You simply should not need to dampen your brush with high quality products.

This is a cheap palette though. And I mean really cheap. So for that we can be a bit forgiving when it comes to fallout or some of the shades not being perfect. It still is very possible to make beautiful eye looks without major problems so I guess you kind of get what you pay for. It’s not top quality, but it’s decent and it works!


The palette is not obnoxiously big, but still holds 24 shades. There is not much waist of space in the palette. On one hand it makes it quite compact considering the amount of shades, but on the other hand it means that you get the names of the shadows on a plastic sleeve you are doomed to loose somewhere. I took a picture of it with the plastic sleeve on top so I will still have the names for the future when the slip with the names on are long gone. But the shades are very well put together I think. This is the kind of palette you really can do anything with. You can do completely neutral and you have all the basics with base colors, plenty of crease colors and a nice black. You also got pops of colors and shades in different finishes. So the color story offers a lot of variety and I don’t think you will be missing much with this. I think it is excellent especially for someone who are just starting out with makeup and needs something that offers a bit of everything. And off course you can travel with it too!


The packaging is nice I think. It does not feel or look expensive, because it is not, but it is still way nicer than that plastic packaging with a clear lid that I find to be common on cheap palettes. This looks a bit more thought through even though it’s made of cheap materials. The outer packaging is a soft touch plastic in a nice nude colors with simple rose gold letters in front. On the inside there is not much space left after the shadow were placed down, but the inside of the lid holds a decent mirror. I think it looks nice!

So is it worth it in the end? Well, to put it like this: I did buy the second one. I don’t regret buying it, because you can for sure make pretty looks with it and it has such a good price for 24 eyeshadows, but If you are used to high quality eyeshadows you will notice that these are not in the same league. They are good for their price. Even decent for a mid-priced drugstore, but it is not high end. Still, it gets the job done!

I do really like it despite it’s cons. Do you try it? Do you love it or hate it?

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Anastasia Modern Renaissance – Swatch and Review!

I know I know, everyone and their mother has already reviewed this and there is no point in adding another one. Well, hear me out. I was never really sucked in by the hype. I realized everyone seemed to love it, but I was just not tempted by it. So time went on and I kept hearing about this being everyone’s ride-or-die palette but still I was a bit indifferent. So how does this palette stand with someone who never really got too excited about it in the first place?


It was more than one year after the release that I decided to try it. Partly because I was curious about why everyone loved this palette so much, and partly because I had actually never tried Anastasia eyeshadows, and every good makeup blogger needs to invest in some product, brand and formula knowledge (that’s what I tall myself when I want something at least). So I picked it up. But since I was never anyone of those hardcore fans I figured, even though there are already millions, I would write a review without those pink stained glasses.

This is actually one of the four eyeshadow palettes I want to pan in 2018. Not completely pan, I just want some of my eyeshadow palettes to show some wear, so my goal is to hit pan in at least one shade in each palette. That still means I need to use it quite a bit, and even though I think hitting pan in this formula is lots easier than many other brand. So not too long ago, I reached my goal and got a tiny little pan in Tempera.

But let’s talk about it then! The formula is good, and overall I like these shadoss. It does have some pros and cons though, so they are not perfect. They are highly pigmented. If that is a pro or a con depends on your preference. I know one beauty guru after the other praise highly pigmented shadows up and beyond, but I know many consumers that finds heavily pigmented shadows a bit hard to control, and that actually prefer more of a medium pigmentation. I personally prefers highly pigmented shadows, but I can really see where the preference for the medium range comes from. It is just so much easier and fool-proof to get ready in a hurry it you don’t have to worry about being overly careful with the shadows.

Let’s talk packaging too, because this is worth a mention. As so many already pointed out the velvet finish on the outside is not the most practical thing to keep clean. I have cleaned mine off with a damp cloth, and that work fairly well to keep it clean. It won’t remove a black spot of eyeliner if you have been that unlucky but it does remove most of the dirt and dust. That means after around one year of ownership mine still looks fairly OK. I am not a big fan of the dusty pink color though, but I am not very big on pink in general, so just my preference. Still, there are tons of better options out there, and in my opinion you could very easily improve the packaging and make it look nice, because I don’t find it very appealing as is. But insides county more off course!

The inside is black with a shiny finish. Significantly easier to keep clean. It has a decent side mirror, which I to be honest never use, and a double sided brush that is actually not that bad. It is no match to my good quality brushes, but better than the average palette-brush.

The inside also reveals the nice selection of eyeshadows. There are 14 shades. Three satins (Tempera, Antique Bronze, Venetian Red), two shimmers (Vermeer, Primavera) and 9 mattes (Golden Ochre, Buon Fresco, Love Letter, Cyprus Umber, Raw Sienna, Burnt Orange, Red Ochre, Warm Taupe, Realgar). All of this is for 42$ which I think is a very reasonable price for 14 high-end shadows.

I don’t want to go through each color one by one like I sometimes do with palettes. For once you are probably already way too familiar with this palette anyway, and secondly the performance of the different formulas are very similar.

For me the shimmer shades are the winner shades of the palette. Both of them gives a nice shine, and are well pigmented and smooth as butter. Vermeer is a perfect inner corner or brow bone shade if you want it to be intense, and Primavera could also work for the same purpose if you want a warmer and slightly darker version. I like this formula so much that I would have love to see a darker shade of that formula in the same palette.


The satins are also good shades. A bit less smooth than the shimmers, but still rich in pigment and great to work with. Tempera is a very nice shade to brush all over the lid, and the shade that shows most wear. Antique Bronze is maybe leaning towards a shimmer and gives a very nice sheen. This is actually way more wearable than I thought and it is gorgeous as a lid color for everyday looks. Venetian Red is slightly less pigmented, but it builds up to full intensity really fast.


The mattes blend like a dream. Even the darker ones like Cyprus Umber and Red Ochre. They are well pigmented. Too pigmented someone would say, and you really need to be careful when dipping hat brush into the product, because this palette is dusty!

And now we get to the issue that some people may find problematic. At least I see a lot of complaints about this in other palettes of other brands, but surprisingly little about the Modern Renaissance considered how dusty it is. Because you do really get a lot of kickback. Not the biggest issue in the world. Just remember to tap off that brush and you will be fine, but it means that those tiny pans run out of product really quick. This palette may not seem as cheap as it once did considering you waist maybe 1/3 of each shadow in dust you have to blow away or kick off the brush.

I am actually a bit puzzled why not more people complain about this. It seems to be forgiven when it comes to the Modern Renaissance. Like you know it is dusty and has a lot of kickback but in just this case it is OK. It is definitely a problem that is easy to work around, and they don’t at all look dusty or chalky on the eyes, but they are for sure very wasteful and in my eyes it does make the palette less perfect than it could be.

I agree that they do perform really good though, and in the end the main thing is how it looks on the eyes, and for being this dusty they do stick very well to eyelids. I think out of all the palettes I have, the Lorac Pro 1 has the most similar shade quality both when it comes to kickback and blend-ability. To compare it to other Anastasia Palettes I found it to be very similar to Soft Glam in formula, but Prism is a tiny bit firmer pressed.

So overall. Is it a good palette? Yes. Would I repurchase it? Yes. Is it my favorite palette? No. Actually, I don’t think it will reach top 10 even. Now, to be fair I have a LOT of palettes, but even though I like it I didn’t fall in love with it the way I expected. The quality is good, but it does not blow my mind.

If you like the color selection, are not frightened by the price tag, and don’t mind a loosely pressed formula then I would say it is worth picking up. Otherwise I think you could skip it because there are plenty of palettes with similar tones after Modern Renaissance being so popular.



Juvia’s Place Mini Masquerade Palette – Swatch & Review!

First of all, there is nothing mini about this palette. The pan sizes is about the size of a MAC, MakeupGeek or Colourpop single pan shadow. But, compared to Juvia’s Place regular generous pan size I guess this would be a mini. Just don’t expect this to be cute and pocket sized.


I am more than happy with the mini size though, because I will probably never go through a palette anyway. I am a collector at heart, not a user.

Packaging is in the usual Juvia’s Place style. A cardboard non-mirrored packaging with some funky ladies on the front. Together with the bright colors of the palette it looks funtastic. And No, I did not just do a typo, it is fun!


The inside is even more fun! I mean just look at those delicious blues! At first glance I thought it looked quite colorful, but only the two first rows are really colorful. The two bottom rows are nice browns, both matte and metallic, making this palette super versatile.

The metallic shades are the usual great Juvia’s Place quality. They are super pigmented and very rich, but also a bit dense in consistency. Full impact of color is no problem here, and they apply smooth and rich. I do find that I need to use a bit heavier hand when picking them up, due to the dense formula, and I prefer using a flat synthetic brush. The only one that needed a bit of build-up was the purple shade “Makeda”.

Two of the shades, Bori (pink) and Cairo (Copper on third row) are of those shades with a matte base, and fine glitter throughout. I don’t like this particular eyeshadow formula. Not for this palette specifically, but in general this is something I don’t like. I find that applied the glitter flecks does almost nothing, and very often it will just travel around your face throughout the day, and I don’t appreciate my  eyeshadow glitter having a holiday on my nose and cheeks. Bori does however perform quite like a matte though, and the glitter seem to disappear at least when using a fluffy brush and no tacky base. The glitter in Cairo does show up more. I didn’t really have any glitter issues with it either, but having a tacky concealer as a base probably helped. If is just not my favorite formula that’s all.

The mattes are easy to build up and blend easily too. They are a bit lighter than they look in the pan, as you can probably tell by the swatches. They can be built up but especially the browns are a few shades lighter than it appears like in the pan.


As with all Juvia’s Place palettes I own, the metallics really steals the show, both when you look at the palette and when you apply them. I love the formula of them.

The mattes are also good, but I kind of feel they are better in The Magic Palette. Not to say that these are bad, but they are not true to color, they are lighter then what you see in the pan, and they require some build-up. On the other hand they are easy to control and blend, so very user friendly.


The overall composition of the palette is good with approximately 50% colorful shades and 50% neutral. With that combination this palette has a bit of everything for every taste. It is not perfect though. Burkina and Fulani are very similar to one another, and so is Zulu and Ada. They are very similar in the pan, and on the eyes I was not able to tell them apart. I think this palette would be even better if two of these shades were replaces with a very dark brown or black, and maybe a matte blue or green to match those gorgeous metallics. It just seems like a bit of waist of space to have four shades appearing like two. Not that any of those shades are bad, they are just too similar in my opinion.


Price point is excellent as always with these Juvia’s Place palettes and with 16 shadows, including some exceptional metallics, for only 25$ there is nothing to complain about.

I really to like this palette, and would absolutely recommend it if you are picking it up for the metallic shades. If the mattes are what you are drawn to I am not sure. Again, they are not bad, but they do have some drawbacks you can easily avoid in other eyeshadow palettes.

I love the looks I created with this though, and especially the two first rows speaks to my heart and soul. I could easily take this palette traveling with me without missing anything (except a good black and a base shade, but that is easy to add in addition). This palette really does have what it takes to lure out some creativity, and I had a blast creating looks with it.

If I should recommend you get only one palette from Juvia’s Place I would still recommend The Magic Palette as your first choice, but this is a great option for someone who wants both neutrals and colors.





Tarte Tartelette Toasted Palette – Review & Swatches!

I bet a lot of you rolled your eyes thinking “Great! Another warm toned neutral palette. Like we haven’t seen that before!”. I am no expert here, but I bet the reason why there are constantly released warm neutral palettes is because in the end people buy  and use a lot of warm neutral palettes…I am quilty!

Just taking a quick glance at my own collection people actually own several warm neutral palettes (it’s not only me right?).

So yeah, nothing groundbreaking and new, but it could still be good. I usually like Tarte eyeshadows so I decided I wanted to dive into this and see what it is all about!


Let’s talk packaging first! I like it. It is sturdy metal packaging with gold detail and a glossy finish. It feels heavy, sturdy and high-end. It is very fond of collecting fingerprints though. The inside has a decent size mirror, reflective gold background, and the shadows smell like vanilla cookies. They smell exactly like the kind of cookies my grandmother served sometimes when I was a kid. Cookies I didn’t really like, but I was a kid and wanted sugar.


The overall impression of these eyeshadows are that they are quite similar to the formula I am used to from Tarte and what I have seen in Tarte Tartelette and Tarte Tarteis Pro. The mattes are a bit dusty, but nicely pigmented and blends easy. The metallics are rich and smooth, and the glitters are a bit chunky but I can deal with them.


One thing I noticed is that this palette is quite dusty, so you go through the shadows pretty quick. Not any worse than say Modern Renaissance, but you get significantly less usage out of these that for example the more firmly pressed shadows in the Urban Decay Naked palettes. After using this palette around 10 times, the “Tarte” imprint in the lightest matte is all worn off, and the shadow has a considerable dent. Not too far from being panned. Fair enough this is the shadow I used to set my whole lid, but I did quite a bit of damage on some of the other shades as well. What I am saying is that if you use this palette every day it just wont last you very long. On a positive note this is probably a very motivating palette to pan since you will (sadly?) see progress between each use. You get the point, they are loosely pressed.


S’more – Light matte beige. Nice to set the base on the whole lid. Quite powdery and gives a lot of kickback.

Sunrise – Pale beige yellow with a pearl finish. Soft and blendable, and much less powdery than S’more.

Sunset – Metallic copper. Opaque, smooth and almost like a cream finish. Very buttery.

Crackle – Dark matte brown base with flecks of gold glitter. Looks nice in the pan, but the glitter almost disappear on the eyes, and the eyeshadow itself is a bit dusty and patchy. I found it to be a bit hard to work with and suspect it would have performed much better if the gold flecks had been left out.

Cashmere – Light matte orange. Quite dusty in the pan, but very smooth and blendable on the lid.

Warmth – Medium toned matte orange. Good pigmentation, but still dusty. A bit less so than the lighter shades.

Flame – Dark warm red-toned copper with metallic finish. Rich in pigment and smooth to apply. Looks beautiful on the lids and apply very opaque.

Cozy – Matte medium red-toned brown. Very pigmented and smooth, but still a bit dusty.

Candle – Light champagne color with glitter. A bit dry and chunky. I got quite a bit of fallout with this, and found that it applied better with a damp brush. The glitter falls down on your face after some hours wear.

Latte – Light matte brown. The same as the rest of the mattes. It is pigmented and easy to apply, but has lot of kickback in the pan.

Simmer – Metallic warm copper with golden tones. Opaque pigmentation but not as smooth as Sunset and Flame.

Fireside – Deep dark matte brown. Pigmented and easy to blend despite being a very dark matte. A bit powdery.


If you have already tried out any of the other Tartelette palettes or maybe the Tarteist Pro and you enjoyed them, chances are you will enjoy this formula as well. They are nor perfection in my opinion, but pretty darn good still. I enjoyed them for sure even though, as I mentioned, there are a few drawbacks.


If you do love the shades, but are not a big fan of the Tarte formula, I suggest you hold on a bit before purchasing, because I will be talking about a very similar palette soon! But for me personally, it was a hit! After all I have already featured it in one of my monthly favorites.



Tarte Tarteist Pro – Review and Swatches!

I always have room for another good quality, everyday-friendly eyeshadow palette with pretty packaging in my collection. So I was very happy when I could finally add Tarte Tartelette Pro to my collection in the later parts of 2017. I had been drooling for a while. Packaging looks pretty, simple and classy, and the shades are just perfect for everyday wear with plenty of options to deepen the look, or glam it up with some pretty metallic shades.


I know I am slow with getting out reviews. It very often take me a month or two from the time I get the palette until a review goes live, but I just want to make proper use out of the palettes before I review them. I will never be as fast as the influences that get palettes in PR and get out a review in no time anyway. So since I can’t beat the fast reviewers I just take my time. I feel like I have to have used every single shade in each palette I review at least once on my eyes. I mean, how could I tell about how a palette performs if I haven’t seen it in action?

This palette got plenty of action before I managed to put together this review, because it was in my monthly makeup bag in December (I think, or maybe January?). That means it has been used at least 5 times every week in four weeks when I get ready for work. I call that proper research if self-bragging is allowed.


Lets just talk about the packaging for a moment because it deserves a mention. The cover is black soft touch with gold details. It feels luxurious and looks very timeless and classy. The inside is metallic gold high-shine finish with a big mirror. The shades smells like vanilla cookies. They actually smells exactly like the kind of cookies my grandmother used to serve when I was a kid. It brings back great memories, but I never really liked those cookies, I just ate them because I was a kid and wanted sugar.


But before I go into how the shades performed, maybe you would like to get to the interesting part first and see the swatches?


Here are the first and second row. First row have some nice warm toned browns with a rich copper in the end. The second row have some cool toned mauve with a pale gold to finish of the row.


The third row has got some red and pink tones with a metallic chocolate brown in the end, and the last row has some nice browns and a beautiful brown to green metallic duo-chrome.

I really like the way this palette is arranged. Each row goes from light to dark with colors that compliments each other in color and tone, with a matching metallic to finish each row. The selection of shades is also really good. There are plenty of base shades, crease shades and darker shades, which makes it so so easy to create a quick look before work. The darker shades and the metallics also make it super easy to go dark and dramatic too. Overall the palette is just super versatile!


But how is the quality then? At first I was a bit skeptical I have to admit. I already have, tried and enjoyed the Tarte Tartelette palette, so I knew a bit what to expect from Tarte eyeshadows, but these guys were so powdery!

The shades have a lot of kick-back and they are quite dusty. I was a bit afraid that they would look dry and chalky on the eyes because of this quality. Fortunately they looked good on the eyes. They are quite pigmented, even the palest shade pack a punch, and they blend like an absolute dream. Very easy to work with in that manner.

However, since they seem to be very loosely pressed and kick up a lot of product I found that I easily got fallout. Very necessary to kick off the brush every time. I am not very good at remembering that though, so it got messy sometimes.


The metallic shades are pigmented as well, but they are a bit on the denser and dryer side than what my absolute preference is. They work absolutely fine, I just like my metallics to be very buttery and smooth.

Wear time was good but not exceptional. After a 8 hour work day they would have faded significantly (keep in mind I have a very physical job where I spend a lot of time outside in any kind of weather in the arctic, so my job is kind of rough on makeup compared to an office-desk job). I don’t think that is too bad, and they did not crease they just faded away nicely. But I do have cheaper alternatives that last all day until I decide to remove it so like I said, not exceptional.

So obviously there are both good and bad qualities of this palette. If you are annoyed by loosely pressed shadow, kickback and fallout then just stay away from this. But the good qualities like nice selection, pretty packaging, pigmentation and blend-ability does enough for me to enjoy this palette. I think the impression would be a lot higher if they were a little bit better pressed though, but it does get the job done.

If you are not bothered by kickback I would recommend with no doubt, but if you find that annoying I am sure there are better options for you out there. For me personally it was a good palette.

Thanks for reading! If you have the palette yourself I would love to hear your opinion about it.




Zoeva Matte Spectrum Palette – Swatches & Review!

The Zoeva Matte Spectrum palette is an interesting one. It stands out compared to the other Zoeva spectrum palettes which has mainly neutral and brown shades. This one is a fun rainbow palette with all matte shades.

If you like to play with color I think a good all-matte palette with bright colors are essential, and there are a few ones out there to pick from. I bet most people have already seen the NYX Ultimate Brights which has a lot of matte brights (but, it’s by no means an all-matte palette), or the Certifeye Tropical Wonders palette (that I really recommend you take a look at here). This one is a bit in the background, but for all color-lovers I would say this is a must-have!


This one stands out a bit, because even though the colors are bright and fun, they are somehow muted. So even though they are colorful, I don’t think you would have any problems creating perfectly nice daytime and work-appropriate looks with this! Just pair it with a palette with your basics, and there is a ton of thing to do with this palette even for more neutral looks. A unique quality for a palette without a single brown shade!

And when you feel like it, you can go all in….Peacock-style!



The layout of the palette is beautiful, and just a pleasure to look at. The packaging is black, sleek and easy to store or travel with. The inside is easy to keep clean if needed. So packaging-wise this is good, simple and classic without looking cheap. Just a nice, clean, simple design.


I wish the shades had proper names though. Zoeva usually give the eyeshadows in the 10 pan palettes proper names but these are just letters and numbers….boring!

Oh, well. They are just names and the shadows perform nicely. Pigmentation is medium but buildable. They apply nicely without being patchy, and even the blue shades are easy to blend. They are a tad on the dry side, without it messing up with the performance. They remind me slightly of the formula in The Balm Meet Matt(e) palettes, just a bit better.


Since Zoeva is quite affordable this palette is a steal. If you don’t fancy this exact shade range Zoeva has a large number of palettes to choose from. You will definitely find something for every taste in their collection. This brand was featured in my Top 3 Affordable Brands of 2017 so I apologize for my shameless bragging, but this is after all one of my favorite brands, mainly because of their eyeshadow palettes and fantastic brushes!

Do you have a Zoeva favorite? I would love to know!



Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette Summer Solstice – Review and Swatches!

Since highlighters are one of my biggest weaknesses I have been drooling over the Huda Beauty 3D highlighter palettes for a while. I think they offer something a little bit different when they add a pearlescent creamy formula to work as a glow-from-within highlighting base, and powders to layer on top, hence the 3D name of the palette.


I was not so sure about the packaging for a while. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Huda is a stunningly beautiful woman, but I kind of don’t want her face on the packaging. I initially thought I would not buy the palette at all just because of the design, but as so many times before curiosity got the better of me. And I do like what is inside of it!


For 45$ you get 4 highlighters with a decent amount of product (8 g for the three powder highlighters and 10 g for the melted strobe from what I can figure out). I think the price is fair, but it is definitely high enough to expect a certain quality.


The four shades gives a nice variety in one palette:

Saint-Tropez is the so-called melted strobe cream with a golden sheen. It is easy to apply, and blends nicely on the skin. It is meant to be a base for the other highlighters, but I find it to be a nice, but not too blinding, highlighter on its own.

Malibu is a bronze powder highlighter with gold reflection. I have fair skin and I find it to be a bit too dark for me now during winter months, but it is after all a summer palette so I think it will look nice when I got a bit of a tan. Will look amazing on medium to deep skin!

Copacabana is a nice pink highlight. This one is a powder as well, and it is quite a multitasker. It works on my skin tone both as a blush-topper or a highlighter.

Mykonos is not as scary as it look because of its sheer nature. It is still too much for my pale winter skin, and I am not sure about tanned summer skin either, I will have to test that out. But I really like applying this as a blush, and after that I dab my beauty blender with leftover foundation over it and it gives a beautiful flushed pink glow from within. This is by far my favorite shade of these three simply because it is very unique. And gorgeous…..don’t forget gorgeous!


The quality of all shades are really good. The powders are very buttery and smooth with a slightly dense texture. Applies easily and they are not overly pigmented so they are more wearable than they seem. I also like that these highlighters does not contain any glitter. While some of you may enjoy some glitter to glam up the look, I prefer my highlighters to be without, and if I need them to be intense I prefer a metallic sheen instead of glitter. These highlighters are really nice because they are very controllable. You can just build up the intensity as you want to but you can also wear them more natural, especially the melted strobe shade is very suitable for a wearable look.


I really like that this palette stands out color wise, and that it can offer something a bit different but still easy to wear. I can delicately recommend this palette!