Review: Bioaqua Golden Osmanthus Eye Mask

I love masks, especially sheet masks! I love to pamper my skin a bit in the evenings but I feel that my eye are needs a bit more attention than a normal sheet mask gives (they dont fit very snugly around my eyes as the rest of my face). So I use these small eye patches when I want to give my eye area some extra TLC.


I picked up the Bioaqua Golden Ormanthus Eye Mask, which is a Korean eye mask. I have become quite a K-Beauty junkie over the past year, and I usually get awesome sheet masks from Korean brands, so my hopes where high for this one aswell.

As usual the brand claims that this will do world wonders on your face. It is supposed to be anti-ageing, de-puff, moisturize and reduce dark circles.


One thing I really like about these patches are that they go all the way around the eyes and not just underneath like most eye patches do. I feel like I treat a bigger area this way, and I particularly like that it fits snugly around my outer corner, where is exactly where I want treatment for fine lines. I am 31 years, and even though I am not very bothered with fine lines, I am not 18 anymore for sure and I do appreciate some wrinkle-care in my routine.


Once applied it feels very comfortable and soothing. Perfect after a long day when your eyes feel tired. The eye patch is soaked in serum, and even though the patch goes all the way around my eyes with only a small hole for my eyeball to peek through (jikes…..that sounds horrifying!) I don’t experience any of it running into my eye and irritating it.

I usually leave it on for 20 minutes or so while sipping on a cup of tea, scrolling through my Instagram or watching some YouTube videos to catch up on whats going on in the makeup-industry, but it is supposed to be enough with only 10-15 minutes. I figured a little extra does not hurt.


I am not bothered with dark circles or puffy eyes, so I am not able to tell if these eye patches work well for that purpose or not, but I imagine it could be great for puffiness since it feels so cooling and soothing on the eyes.

It does however feel super moisturizing! I would not use these in the morning, because it leaves quite a tacky residue around the eyes that takes a long time to properly sink into the skin, but my eye-area feels so wonderfully moisturizing the day after.

I do think it helps with fine lines as well, as giving the skin a lot of moisture normally helps against that. I do believe that giving your skin plenty of moisture is key to preventing wrinkles and fine lines (to a reasonable extent off course), and I do think my eye area looks more hydrated and plump the day after using these.

I have become a big fan of these. Not just because pampering yourself with a soothing and cooling eye-patch in the evening feels great, but I do feel like I get the results I want with it.

If you are searching for a eye mask, this one is something I defiantly would recommend!





Stuff that is ready for the bin – Makeup and beauty products I’ve finished!

Time to feed my trash bin with empty nips and bits from my bathroom shelves and makeup drawers.

Sometimes I feel like I am drowning in empties. Like now, because I quite recently made an empties post, I am doing one now, and I still have enough empties to fill the next post. While other times I am just wondering why the heck I don’t get any empties because I shower, do a full skincare and makeup routine every day and still there is nothing empty to talk about. Am I the only one with undisciplined empties like this?

Well, they are here now. I feel like mentioning the number thingy again, since I gained a few followers lately. I like to number each empty product I talk about so that I by the end of this year can see how many products I actually go through. Just my way of keeping track.


And here they are. A bit of haircare, a bit of skincare and a bit of makeup. If you have been following me for a while you may wonder where my empty Haus Of Gloi Pumpkin Butters are. I can assure you, they exist. But they exist in my locker at work and they were not here for this photo session, so they will be joining us next time. I still go through them like crazy so nothings changed.


#32. Rituals Ritual of Sakura Conditioner: Nourishing conditioner that smells like fresh cherry flowers. Gives my hair a lot of shine, but it also weigh it down a tiny bit. I love Rituals, and have several of their shampoos and conditioners, I just think my hair is a bit too fine for this.

#33. Rituals Ritual of Sakura Shampoo: Same thing as the conditioner. They are obviously made to match. Each other that means. Not me.


#34. Mad Hippie Cream Cleanser: I actually posted a review of this a while back. Have a read here if you are curious about all the details. The short version is that I really like this and would happily repurchase. Just have to go through some other stuff first, but the brand intrigued me and I will be happy to have this back, and potentially try more from the brand.

#35. Bella Lucce Arabian Odyssey Massage Oil: Since no one is here to hand out back rubs this has been a body oil for me. Works well for that purpose, gives lot of moisture and smells divine (but quite heavy). Don’t know if I will buy the oil again, but I will definitely buy the body cream with the same scent. Less sticky you know, and since I don’t see any back rubs coming my way I might as well stick to the cream.


#36. Secret Key Snail Repairing Toner: Honestly I don’t know what to think of this toner. I could not notice any difference. I guess I don’t need to be repaired then. Won’t buy again. Would rather pick up something else hoping it will work.

#37. The Balm Sexy Mama Translucent Powder: Really like this powder, not only because I love The Balm Packaging, but also because this works really well as a mattifying setting powder. It works so well that I already have a new one.

#38. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara: Or not so great lash mascara? I remember when I was a teenager and EVERYONE had this! This was THE mascara to own. So I picked it up again after like 10+ years without trying it, and I was not impressed. Short spider-leg lashes was all it gave me. Like maybe 5-6 of them on each lash. It is a mystery where the rest of my lashes went. I am definitely not buying this again.



I got a few empties to share with you!

It is filling up in my empties bin again, so I will make a couple of these empties posts now ans distribute them as I see fit. I don’t want to drown you in my pile of empties, but after all, sharing empties is a great way of sharing reviews. Both good and bad!

I tend to write more positive reviews on my blog. Not because I don’t encounter products that don’t work for me. It’s just so much more fun to share the good stuff!


I don’t really have bad stuff to share with you this time either. Sorry to get your hopes up. But it’s not only favorites I will repurchase either. Lets just get on with it!


I am a bit LUSH fan, so I have some LUSH empties to chat about:

#25: American Cream Body Lotion: Similar scent as the conditioner and it lingers really well on the skin. No need for additional perfumes wearing this. It is not the most nourishing lotion, but sinks into the skin very fast and does not feel heavy. My boyfriend thinks I smell like grandma, I think I smell awesome. If you like the conditioner scent and have not Saharan-dry skin I think you will like this too. If they would only restock!

#26: BIG Sea Salt Shampoo: This is also a BIG favorite. I love the scent. I love how rubbing those chunky grains of salt in my hair feels (that came of creepy), and I love how much volume it gives my hair. It just feels so refreshing. I already have another tub in my bathroom ready to go.


I know if you follow my blog you have seen these before. My holy grail body butter I have been using non-stop for 5 or 6 years now! These are two scents that were a part of their fall collection (I am sure it will be released again next fall too), so I will just describe the scents and what I think of them since it should be fairly obvious by now that I am a huge fan of the product (I have like 25 jars or so stashed)!

#27: Haus Of Gloi Pumpkin Butter – Drift Wood: Sun bleached driftwood, dry black musk, warm sand, dune grasses and damp oceanic breeze.

Even though this scent is lovely it is not exactly my taste. It was a bit heavier than I expected, and a bit more masculine. I could have easily mistaken this scent as a mans perfume, which is not a bad thing, it’s just not what I want my body butter to smell. Could be great if you are into unisex fragrances.

#28: Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butter – Narcosa: A thick haze of tonka and black vanilla, three jasmines, tuberose and ylang ylang.

Sweet, pretty, floral scent. I really like this. May pick it up in the next fall release, but there are so many big favorites released at that time so I may focus on those instead (like Grimore or Hex).


#29: A’Pieu Aqua Nature Dewdrop Clouding Cream: Super light weight and hydrating cream. Works well for me in summer, but is a tad too light weight in winter. Does not have much “extra” benefits, but it is a nice, simple and very affordable cream if all you want is to hydrate your skin.

#30: The Saem Urban Eco Harakeke Firming Seed Oil: Smells like sesame seeds! Nice hydration oil. Gives moisture but sinks into the skin quite quickly and does not feel tacky or heavy. Don’t know much about how firming it is.

#31: NYX Micro Brow Pencil – Taupe: I really liked this! Color is good for every day, the tip is very precise, and it is very firm so it is easier to apply without messing up and making it look too dark. I would not mind getting this one again!

And those were all I had for this post. I still have a little bunch of empties to go through, so there will be more empties coming shortly. I just like keeping them short and sweet so they are not boring to read (or time consuming to write).

Did you try any of these products? I would love to hear your opinion if you did!




February Beauty and Makeup Hauls!

I wanted to start a new blogpost series again here. I notice that a lot of the bloggers I follow frequently post haul posts, and I adore reading them. However, for my own blog I want to create content and not just share my purchases, so I didn’t want to clutter up my posts with haul posts too often.

So I figured that collecting all my hauls for one month on one post would be better. Then my blogs won’t (hopefully) be just boring and repetitive, but you can still have a look at what I picked up.

This is also your chance to shout out what you want reviews on. So if you see something you are really curious about just let me know! If I know I have a product people are eager to know about it will for sure pop high up on the priority list. After all, this blog is not much without you lovely readers, so let me know if something catch your fancy!


Lets start out with some necessities I got! The Emma S treatment enzyme peel is a repurchase of an old friend, and it already got a well deserved mention in my February favorites post. The Eyelure lashglue I picked up because I needed a new and wanted to try something elsa than the Duo one. I was also running out of mascara and picked up L’Oreal Paradise Extatic and Maybelline Total Temptation. Both good drugstore mascaras. The NIP + FAB Glycolic Daily Cleansing Pads I got because I was curious, and the L’Oreal Brow Artist Expert Pencil I got because I was completely out of my NYX Microbrow. The Maybelline Gigi Hadid lip kit “Lani”  was on sale. Need I say more?


A little mini MakeupGeek haul from the MakeupGeek website. Three beautiful shades: Boo Berry, Pegasus and Dragonfly. In addition I picked up one more shade from their Plush Matte Liquid Lipstick  formula, because I really like it. This is the shade Goody-Two-Shoes but I did already own Marriage Material which is a favorite of mine.


This Milani Hypnotic Lights Highlighter in  the shade 03 Luster Light was actually more of a January haul, but since I live in Norway getting things you ordered can easily take 2-4 weeks. It it a patience game!


These guys I was really lucky to grab second hand. So I got 19 shadows including the customizable palettes for next to nothing. That was just perfect since I was planning on expanding my Inglot collection this year anyway! Very happy with the shades too since I love greens and blues, and I always know how to get some use out of more neutral shades like the one in the 10 pan palette.


The KissMe Liquid Lipstick subscription has become a regular monthly thing now. In February I got a Nice gloss “Flirt”, in addition to two liquid lipsticks in the shades “Valentine” and “Secret Admirer”.


Also a few Morphe brushes with the numbers R7, R14 and R39. I feel like I am constantly adding new brushes, but always have too few of them still. Especially eyebrushes are a problem, because if I got some extra time one evening and want to create several looks for my Instagram or blog I usually find that I have to quit because I run out of clean brushes rather than running out of time and creativity. So I hope to get enough brushes soon so that I will be able to use my time better and create more looks in a row, instead of waiting for my brushes to dry in between looks. I am living proof that you never have too many blending brushes, so adding one more to the collection felt good!

The other two I use for blush and powder.


I also find that every month I run out of some sort of skincare item. I picked up the Scinic Snail Matrix Cream to replace the face moisturizer I have at work (I run to work every morning and have a shower there so I have some skincare and makeup stashed up there to get ready in the morning). It was about time because I ran out of my old moisturizer just a few days after getting this in the mail. The Secret Key Rose Floral Softening Toner was purchased to replace my evening toner, also this one I just managed to get before running out of my old. Perfect timing! Lastly I have become slightly addicted to sheet masks and eye patches so I picked up this Koelf Ruby Bulgarian Rose Eyepatches to try out.


And off course, no month is complete without a Colourpop order. I do actually order a small parcel from Colourpop every month. It is just so cheap and generally good quality. I picked up two new Supernova Shadows in “Now or Never” and “Prelude”, and I could naturally not resist their new highlighter palette In-Nude-Endo either.

And that’s it for February. I feel like I did a good job. I picked up mainly things I needed to replace or stuck to affordable products, so I haven been splurging this month I think. I didn’t want to buy too much new stuff because I wanted to play with the stuff I already have. Since I started my project pan I have actually been thinking more through if I should pick up something or not. After all my goal is to finish some products and that will never happen if I drown in new things to test out and review. But on the other hand I need some new stuff to keep this blog interesting right? Overall, I think I did pretty decent this month with not buying a lot of unnecessary stuff.

Did you pick up something nice for yourself lately?



Mad Hippie Cream Cleanser – Review!

Ok. let’s just be honest straight from the beginning. I was searching for a new facial cleanser. The only reason I bought this was the name. I mean, naming a brand Mad Hippie is just adorable, and I was sold!


It looked promising as well. A nice glass jar, a pump and a cute label.


So lets take a look at the facts here. The bottle holds 118 ml of product. For a cleanser that is not too much so the bottle won’t last me too long but for 15.99 $ that’s all right. This is a mild acidic cream cleanser and it is supposed to support the skins natural oil balance and not disturbing the protective layer of oils we already have on the skin. Antioxidants and additional oils like jojoba and macadamia oil, in addition to green tea and orchid extract are added to soften the skin while cleansing. So all in all this is supposed to be a gentle cleanser.


The product comes out as a lotion, and has a very pleasant but not overpowering floral scent. I guess it is the orchid extract I am picking up.

I really like this cleanser. It does not feel harsh and it definitely does not strip me for any moisture, actually maybe more of the opposite. It feels like it leaves my skin slightly moisturized. Even though it is gentle, I still feel it removes dirt and excess makeup from my face.

A bit bonus for being in a bottle with a pump. So much easier than messing around with a tube while my hands are wet and slightly oily from my cleansing balm. This works so much better.

I would highly recommend this to anyone hunting for a nice, gentle cleanser. This one makes me want to try more from the brand!




Recent beauty and makeup empties


Time for another post featuring products I’ve finished lately. For the sake of my readers (and for the sake of me) I try to do these more frequently to keep these posts a bit shorter to read (and to write). So I keep the number of products limited.

It seems like these posts are quite popular judging by the number of you deciding to take a peak at the post so I hope you find them interesting to read. I am always very happy to see that people took their time to read. Maybe empties posts tend to be popular because the most thorough reviews are done when I actually managed to finish the products and test them out properly.


So lets start off with some facial cleansers!

18. Its Skin Citron Cleansing Foam: This one smells like sweet citron caramels. Yummy! I quite enjoyed this K-Beauty cleanser. It did the job without leaving my skin stripped from moisture, and it felt soft and clean afterwards. I would not mind buying this one again since it did the job good enough, but at the same time it didn’t blow my mind. So I am also quite happy to test out some other cleansers before running out and repurchasing again. Although I am not of an instant need to get a new one, I would happily recommend it.

19. Cosrx Low PH Morning Gel Cleanser: Again, this one did the job well. My skin felt nice and clean. It was a bit waist-full since it didn’t foam and I felt I had to use quite a bit of it every time, but my skin felt nice and comfortable afterwards. I found it a bit boring since it didn’t have any scent to it, but for some this may be a preference.


20. Innisfree Green Tea Moisture Cleansing Oil: This one removes makeup really easy. Great on those stubborn liquid lipsticks or waterproof eyeliners. The scent is nice and clean, and I appreciate how efficient it works. I won’t be repurchasing this again though because I am wearing lenses and felt like my vision got blurred for quite some time after using this. Besides that issue the product works great! Bonus for the handy pump bottle.


21. Schwarzkopf Got2B Dry Shampoo: This one is the second of the pair of dry shampoo I got on sale. I am happy to see this go though because it didn’t do much for me. I prefer the Batiste dry shampoos that gives the hair some volume and texture. This one did soak up some excess oil in my hair, but it also left it flat. It didn’t work to well for my dark brown hair either since it gave one heck of a white cast. I will just stick to Batiste for another while.


22. Esteè Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Flawless Wear Concealer – Light 01: If you want a really long wear concealer this one is worth checking out. I find the coverage to be medium, at least after getting to know Shape Tape, but it covers what I need nicely (I don’t have very dark circles, just a little shadow under there I want to cover a bit and brighten). This one is fairly creaseless. When I both it the sales lady in the store insisted that you didn’t need a powder to set this. I am not so sure about that, but I agree that you only need a tiny amount to avoid the concealer settling into lines. When wearing this you better make sure your foundation is long wearing as well, because this guy goes nowhere. I once did the misstake of wearing it together with a BB Cream that faded after a few hours, making my oner eye look very overdone compared to the rest of my face. But if you want something long-wearing, this is for you!

23. NYX Super Skinny Marker: A felt tip eyeliner with a super fine and precise tip. It did not bleed and I managed to do some pretty detailed graphic liner work with this guy. The downside is that after one advanced look where I had to spend some time working with it, the product was dried up and useless. With a lifespan of barely a month I didn’t find this to be worth the affordable price-tag. Won’t repurchase this again.

24. Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio – Brown Eyes: I don’t have brown eyes, but I did want a brown eyeliner and that’s why I got this trio of eyeliners (the black and purple are not finished yet though). It is not as pigmented as I wanted it to be, but I managed to finish it using it for simple everyday looks where intense pigmentation is not the biggest priority. Won’t repurchase this because I am convinced there are better brown eyeliners out there.

So, I guess not an empties post filled with favorites since I won’t repurchase most of these. The only one I am certain about repurchasing shortly is the concealer. I guess all products can’t be hits, but I am pretty pleased with finding ways to finish of products even though I have bigger favorites in my collection.

If you know any of these products I would love to hear your thought in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by and reading, as always it is highly appreciated!



New Year, new empties!

Actually, my empties piled up through parts of November, the whole December and until now. I got a whole bunch of them, so I decided to split them up into different posts just just to avoid making the posts so long that no one would read it anyway.


I decided to do something different with my empties posts from now on. I want to number all the empties I post. I know, it is kind of cheating since I finished some of the products in the late part of 2017, but it will give a rough idea about the amount of products I work my way through in one year.

So lets get to it!


1.Yves Rocher Pear & Cocoa perfumed body lotion: This was limited edition and I believe it was from the Christmas 2016 collection? Don’t quite me on that! The lotion is OK. Not to thick, but moisturizing enough if you just want a little re-hydration after for instance a shower. The scent was not my thing though. Too artificial, and there was something odd about the cocoa scent.

2.Yves Rocher Clementine & Spices bath and shower gel: Nice shower gel. Nothing special about it really. The usual lather, not to drying. Simple soap that does the job, but lack that luxurious feeling I enjoy. The scent on this one was a bit off too. Not to sad to know that this was limited edition because I want be repurchasing


3.  Batiste Dry Shampoo Divine Dark: Keep repurchasing this. Sad thing is that I run out of it so fast. The good think is that it works really well and it is cheap. I buy the dark one so I won’t get a white cast in my hair.


4. Haus of Gloi Pumkin Butter Scarecrow: I go through countless bottles of these pumpkin butters and I really enjoy picking up the small 2 Oz sample jars to test out new scents from them to figure out if I want to add the full size jar to my pumpkin butter collection. This one smells like dried corn, husks, dust, straw, weathered wood and a ruffle of inky black feathers. Very unique and fun scent and I do find it strangely pleasant, but I won’t get a full size in the first place.

5. Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butter host Puffs: This one is the same as above with a different scent. Ghost Puffs smells like orbs of buttery popcorn and marshmallow goo, presented on a wooden stick. Again a very unique scent, and I really like its intensely sweet and foody character. Already have a couple of full size jars in back-up!


6. Nature Republic Himalaya Salt Cleansing Balm:  K-Beauty cleansing balm that melts like sorbet on the skin and removes makeup efficiently. Will happily repurchase again some other time.


7. It’s Skin Green Tea Watery Serum: Another K-Beauty item. Who doesn’t love K-Beauty?! This serum is very refreshing and feels hydrating. I would maybe like something a bit more for more mature skin with some anti-ageing benefits, but if you just want to stay hydrated this is a nice and affordable one.


8. Guerlain Météorites Perles Base Perfectrice Anti-Terne: I really really like this primer. Evens out the skin and blurs out fine lines. Feels firming and hydrating and gives the skin a nice luminous glow. A really beautiful product and I will buy it again. The only thing is that it is so so so expensive. I will repurchase eventually though.


9. L’Oreal Paradice Extatic Mascara: Again, a product I will repurchase for sure. Giver length, volume and gives the lashes a nice curl. It does not smudge either and looks good on me all day. One of the best mascaras I’ve ever tried, and I can’t think about a drugstore mascara that beats this one!

So there you have them, the 9 first empties of 2018. I would love to know if you think you know about a mascara that can match the Paradise Extatic because I’m always on the hunt for a nice drug-store mascara.

Thanks for reading! Hope you drop by again soon ❤








Lioele Water Drop Sleeping Pack – Review!

I am a K-beauty lover, a pretty newfound love, but nevertheless I am constantly diving into new skincare products from South Korea, and I have a complete “korean-style” skincare routine with all those different steps. And it does wonders for my skin!


This will be a short little review of the Lioele Water Drop Sleeping Pack. It is a moisturizing sleeping mask that is supposed to “form a moisturizing film to supply moisture and nutrition onto tired skin” (according to the brands own description) . I don’t know what this fancy film really does, I am not a skincare specialist, I just want to share my impression of it.

The bottle contains 120 ml of products. Pretty generous for a face moisturizer. Like the name implies it is not something you slap onto your skin during the day and expect to be able to put on makeup after a short while. This is more like a thin face mask that you can put on instead of a night cream to soak into your skin overnight.


The product has a gel-cream consistency, is slightly perfumes with a fresh scent and with a blue color. I find the scent to be mild, so I don’t notice it after I applied it, but is smells nice just out of the bottle. However, I know some people don’t want anything perfumed in their skincare and then this will obviously be the wrong choice.

I use this often right after the shower or instead of night cream before going to bed. I also used it a few times during the day if I don’t wear makeup (and don’t plan to), because it is very refreshing, almost cooling just when you apply it.

I feel this gives my skin a nice moisture boost. The best way I can describe it is that it is like giving your skin a glass of water. Super refreshing!

If you are looking for an over-night mask to replenish moisture I think this could be worth a try. I got mine from (my favorite place to buy K-Beauty) for a little less than 20$ so it is pretty affordable.

This product gets my seal of approval!



For reference: My skin is 30 years old. With a maintained skincare routine I would say it is normal most of the year, but I can get dry spots especially on my forehead when the season change. I am not acne-prone and don’t easily break out. I do have fine lines, but within or slightly less than normal for my age. If I miss out on my skincare my skin will get dehydrated and greasy in my t-zone.

Empties – Stuff I finished lately!


I feel like I kind of just did an empties post, but the bag of empties started getting full again so there was time for another round. I finished a bit of everything lately. Some skincare, some makeup and some hair products. I am sad to part ways with some of these items, and others are good riddance. So lets just get on with it shall we? And grab a snack or something because this will be a long read!


Tonymoly I’m Real Rice Mask Sheet – Clear Skin: The last sheet mask in a pack of 10. I like sheet masks just as much as any other beauty junkie, and this 10-pack is both nice and affordable. I found the moisturizing ones most efficient, but I also really like this one because I think my skin tone looked very even after wearing this, not to mention plump and moisturized. I will for sure get myself another 10-pack soon!

LUSH Curly Wurly Coconut Shampoo: This is my second pot of this shampoo. The first one I got was a big tub but after finishing that a year ago or so I could not really decide what my thought was on it. It seems really great for my hair, and leaves it with shiny bouncy curls without weighing it down so that is great! The downside is that it is full of coconut shavings. Not necessarily a bad thing you think? Well, try getting them out of my long, curly all tangled up hair. Lets just say people look weird at you when they pick coconut shavings out of your hair the day after you washed days before. To make my final thoughts on this I bought a small tub because it really makes my hair look so nice, when you look apart from the coconut shavings decorations you are left with. Wish the coconut was finer milled so it would wash out more easily. Then I would definitely repurchase but until then I get my coconut fix somewhere else.

Sleek Pout Paint in shades”Milkshake” and “Mauve Over”: These guys I just decluttered. I only ever tried them once I think but I found the tube to be so unpractical especially with such an opaque products so these guys have been just hanging around in my lipstick drawer for years. I went through my collection recently to remind myself of what kind of products I actually have, and I swatched these. Turns out they are totally separated and smells wonky. No thank you!


OGX Nourishing + Coconut Milk Shampoo: I like this shampoo. Works really nice on my curls and my hair seems nourished, soft and shiny. That kind of shampoo I pick on dry hair days, not greasy dirty hairdays though! Smells plesantly of coconut. Sweet, but not nauseating and synthetic kind of sweet. This is my second bottle and I would not mind getting this one again, bur it is a BIG bottle so I need a little coconut break to try out other things. My shower is way too full anyways!

OGX Nourishing + Coconut Milk Conditioner:
Same thing as with the shampoo. I use them together after all.


LUSH Rose Jam Shower Gel: Luckily I have another 250 ml bottle of this, because this shower gel is just so lovely! I found that many of the LUSH shower gels can be a tad drying on my skin, not a big issue though since I always put on body lotion or body butter after showering. This one is less drying than most of the other ones for some reason so if that has been an issue for you before with other LUSH shower gels this one might me worth a shot still. I would buy it purely because of the scent though. It is just pure, sweet rose jam goodness!

Huile de Figue de Barbarie Maroc: This is a facial oil with figs that I got from my Boyfriends mother for Christmas last year. It is supposed to have anti-ageing and moisturizing properties. I really liked it and used it as a bed time oil before my night time face cream. I don’t really know how to get a new one though, so I think I will stick to facial oils that are a bit easier to get. But I did really enjoy it!


Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream: I have tried three different bb-creams/foundations from Missha and I always seem to have some trouble with them. I found that this one did not really sink into my skin and just slid around on top of it. Setting it with powder helped it appear less wet, but the skin still felt slightly tacky. A light rub on the face was enough to remove the BB Cream in that specific area, and since I am not able to just not touch my face, I eventually became un-charmingly patchy. I like to put foundation on my arm as a base when I do eyeshadow swatches, so that’s what I used it for.

Lancôme Grandiose Extreme Mascara: This one I am pretty sure I will repurchase. I like the rubber wand. The mascara was very black, it did not smudge under my eyes during a full days wear, it did not clump up and gave my lashes nice volume. The only thing I wish for is that it was a bit more lengthening. Other than that it is a great mascara and I am sure I will pick up a new one of these again eventually.


Schwarzkopf Got2b rockin’ it encore fresh dry shampoo: Got this one at sale so I picked up two without knowing how it worked. I am a bit underwhelmed. It does help removing greasyness from the hair, but it does not give my hair any texture. I prefer that I get some texture to my hair because when I reach the point where I need dry shampoo my hair is mostly flat as well. So this one is just not a favorite for me, but if you like a dry shampoo but does not want any extra volume or texture then maybe this is for you? Leaves a white cast on dark hair though.

NYX Dewy Finish long lasting setting spray: I don’t like this. I don’t think it made my makeup dewy, I don’t think it made my makeup last longer either. I do think the spray is too severe. It is like using a hose! Well, at least it gets rid of the powdered look, but other than that I felt like the only made my face wet. A little too wet in my opinion. Will not repurchase.


Bella Lucce Thai Coconut Lemongrass Moisturizing Body Wash: This product is lovely. Makes my skin soft and it is not drying at all. It lathers up really nicely and creates a nice, fluffy, luxurious feeling foam. Unfortunately Bella Lucce stopped shipping internationally. It bothers the heck out of me because I save all my precious products from the brand instead of using it just because it is such a hazard to repurchase. I would love to get another one of these so I am just crossing my fingers hoping that they will soon ship internationally again like they used to! (I mean seriously, who does that? Backwards development or what?). This is one of my all time favorite skincare and bath product brands.

Biotherm Wonder Mud Skin-Best face mask: I got this travel size face mask complimentary to a purchase and I got 4 full uses out of it. I really enjoyed this mask as it was clearifying and made my skin soft and firm after use. I actually enjoyed it so much that I was looking for it in the shop where I got the sample but could not find it. I will surely pick it up if I stumble upon it. Highly recommended if you like mud masks!

So, that was all of it. Hope you enjoyed the read and your snack (I told you to get one in the beginning!). If you have any recent empties post on your blog pop a link in the comments. I really enjoy reading this post and would love to check it out!










Beauty empties – So many great products!


Making empties posts are a great way of doing several mini-reviews at once. A big advantage is that you all know I have been trying out these products properly before stating my opinion of them. Because when its empty it is used a lot right? So I figure I made a thorough opinion about these goodies. There are lot of big favorites this month so I am very excited to share my views on them.


Lets start with a lifesaver. The Redken Frizz-Dismiss smooth force leave-in-spray is a lifesaver for my curly hair. I always use it after showering and my hair is so much easier to comb through and my curls get really soft, shiny and bouncy. Overall it keeps my hair looking very healthy and does exactly what it says: get rid off the frizz! I have also very fine hair and can sometimes have problems with products for curly hair because it weighs it down, but not with this guy! This is just one of countless bottles I have been through. I will repurchase, for sure!


Did you try out Ritual body and bath products? They have so many wonderful products. This is their nourishing body cream in “Honey Touch”. It is a beautiful, luxurious cream with a wonderful rose and honey scent. I find the scent so calming, and I layer it with shampoo, conditioner and body scrub whit the same scent to smell rosy and delicious all day. This cream formula is one of my favorites. So silky on the skin and is sinks into the skin fast without feeling sticky or leaving a residue. Works great on dry and dull skin. I will definitely repurchase this one as well.


Another Rituals product (I told you they make great stuff!). This Hammam Body Mud is my best friend after a sauna. It is a clay body scrub that feels very cleansing and uplifting. The eucalyptus gives the body mud a cooling sensation that is absolutely wonderful after heating up in the sauna for a while. The downside is that I go through a tube very quickly, and then I get sad because it is so delicious. I will continue buying it though, even though I run out of it rather quickly. I just never tried anything that gives such a nice, cooling and refreshing experience. Just lovely!


Another product I am obsessing about is Haus Of Gloi Pumkin Butters. These are the best body creams I know and I keep a wide range of different scents in my bathroom at any time. Picaroon must be among my top three scents. It is so so unique. Just read the description of the scent (copied from the description on the jar):

“Sun scorched mahogany bough crusted with a crystalline sea spray! Faint plundered spices, lemongrass, coconuts, expressed Mexican lime, and Haitian bay rum.”

Doesn’t that sound both unique and delicious? Haus of Gloi are very good at describing their scents. I very often find that I can smell exactly what the label reads no matter how strange it may sound. This combination of pirate-life inspired scents is just too delicious.

A big big bonus is that this is made by an Indie brand and it is cruelty free. Love supporting smaller companies instead of going for the big brands, and these guys are vegan, have fantastic customer service and always add candy to your order. What’s not to love!


Mizon Snail Wrinkle Care Sleeping Pack was my attempt at exploring the snail cream hype from Korea. I quite like this. I felt that it gave my skin a lot of moisture and nourishment. Can’t really tell if it did something for wrinkles though, but it is a nice (but slightly slimy) night cream. The price is very budget friendly as well since this jar holds a lot of product. Great choice if you are on a budget and want to dive into some Korean skincare!


This Biotherm Blue Therapy Accelerated Face Cream was a free sample I got with a purchase. It is 15 ml so I got to test it out decently before I ran out. This is a gel cream that works like a drink of water to the skin. It sinks into the skin quickly and leaves no residue, so I found it great to apply this before putting on makeup. Jar is heavy glass and feels luxurious and the scent is very refreshing. I could definitely get another one of these next time I run out of daytime face moisturizer.


Lamcôme mascars have been a solid favorite for years and I generally find them to work very well. This is the first time I tried out the Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes. I just have to admit I did not fall in love this time, and next time I splurge on a Lancôme mascara I will pick another one. The  formula on this one was a bit dry for my taste. It took a few coats before it showed up properly. My lashes got very feathery and nicely separated, but I found that it lacked the length and volume I normally prefer. This one is good if you like a more discrete look, but I prefer putting on a light layer of a more lengthening and volumizing mascara if that is what I want instead of having to build up the lashes. It did last for a good amount of time, and it did not smudge so it is solely a preference and does not at all mean that this mascara is bad. It is just not the way I prefer them to be. Lancôme does make a lot of other great options, for example the Lancôme Grandiose Mascara that has been one of my favorites for a while now.


Physicians Formula is a hit or miss kind of brand for me. They got tons of affordable but still great stuff (their highlighters are great!), and some things that are just not my cup of tea. The Phycisians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Las Boosting Eyeliner + Serum in the shade Ultra Black is probably a product I wont get another one of. First of all, it did not boost my lashes at all, they look exactly the same. Secondly, it does not stay put very well. Depending on how you want to use it though, but I found that a winged liner would smudge after a couple of hours and the wing would slowly but surely disappear. When I put on a winged liner I want it to stay put, so this one was a miss. The pros are that it is very black and very easy to use. If you want something just to run along your lash line this is not a bad choice, but I need a more trustworthy product for my wing that will stay put. No one wants to be de-winged in the middle of a date or a party right?


The Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner is a bit more trustworthy than the Physicians Formula one. It is more intensely black, and stays put. It does have more of a glossy finish and I prefer my eyeliner to dry down matte, but maybe you are more of a fabulous glossy liner chick than me and would appreciate that? Anyway, the product is great and I used it to filth. Even when the lid broke and the product started drying out I had a hard time saying goodbye. If it was matte I would repurchase in a heartbeat, but since it is not the hunt for a perfect liquid liner can continue. And after all it is fun testing out new products right?

Phew!….I finally got through them all. If you enjoyed reading this please give me a follow (leave a comment if you have a blog and I will follow you back).

Have a great day!