Trash Talk 2019 – Going Through My Beauty Empties #2

10 new items are empty and ready to be binned, but first I want to go through the whole bunch and share my experience with them and weather or not I will repurchase.


So here are the bunch I will go through. As usual there is mainly skincare, shower essentials and hair care. that’s just what I tend to go through the quickest.


#11 Natures Answer Essential Oil Shampoo Peppermint: This one is so refreshing and my hair and scalp feels very clean after using this. The peppermint scent is so refreshing and gives a light cooling sensation. My hair is clean and voluminous after I use this, and I have been reaching for this whenever I feel like my hair needs a bit more deep cleaning than usual. Would love to pick this one up again!

#12 LUSH Roots Hair Treatment: My go-to treatment whenever my scalp feels itchy or just in need of some TLC. I don’t think this does too much for my hair, but it really helps re-freshen my scalp, helps prevent itchiness and I also feels that my scalp is more moisturized without making my hair feel greasy at all. Would love to repurchase this one too!

#13 Avalon Organics Strengthening Peppermint Conditioner: I have been pairing this one up with Natures Answer Essential Oil Shampoo and they match each other well. The Avalon hair care products are vegan, biodegradable, contains no GMOs, aaand the bottle is made out of recycled materials. Obviously lots of good things going on with this brand. In addition to all this it’s affordable as well and I usually like their products. This is also something I would like to repurchase, or at least more from the brand because I really like their profile.

#14 Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask: This really is hydrating and it makes my hair feel so soft after use! I like the scent too even though I don’t know how to describe it. It smells like hair dresser if that makes any sense! I really liked this product, but I only got 4 uses out of the jar, so I would have loved to see it in a bigger jar (this one is just 220 ml). I would not mind buying it again though since it’s affordable and available. That means I can actually pick it up in store. All the other things in this photo I have to order online because they don’t exist in store where I live.


#15 Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butter “Apple Milk”: If you know me you know I love these and that they are my hole grail body butter. This is a mini size of “Apple Milk” which smells divine! I now have 3 full size jars of this.

#16 Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butter “Pumpkin Queen”: This is a wonderful spicy pumpkin scent that is perfect for fall. I picked this sample up this fall to test out the scent, and if they re-release this scent next year I will pick up some full size jars (this is part of their annual collection that is released in fall. They have one for spring, summer, Christmas and valentines as well!). So yes, a repurchase for sure!

#17 Nivea Waterproof Eye Make-Up Remover: This is awful. It barely removes just the lightest application of makeup. I will not repurchase this one again, and I would not recommend it. There are plenty of better options out there.


#18 Origins Ginzing Refreshing Face Mask: This is actually my first item from my project pan 2019 that I empty! I have been using this as a morning mask during weekends if I got some extra time in the morning. It wakes up my skin and is indeed refreshing, but I don’t really think it does anything more than that. I prefer that masks are hydrating or cleansing, so I don’t think I will buy this again. Because although it feels nice ans refreshing it just does not do more than that.

#19 BOMB Cosmetics Strawberry Fields Body Polish: I have used an oil scrub from this brand that I loved, but this one is just not the same. The consistency of the product it really thick, but the sugar grains are really sparse. I had to use so much product each time and still I felt like it had barely no scrubbing effect. The scent was a bit too strawberry-artificial for me as well. Will not repurchase this.

#20 Wet N’Wild Lash Renegade Mascara: This was not a hit for me. It did not give much of either volume or length and the mascara wand was super weird. It just did not do anything for me and in addition it was clumsy to apply. Will not repurchase this.

I will also do a summary of how many products in each category I go through in one year. So together with the first trash talk post this year my current counting are as follows:

  • Shampoo/Conditioner: 4.
  • Shower gel/butter/foam etc: 1.
  • Body Lotion/Butter: 6.
  • Body Scrub: 1.
  • Face Mask: 1.
  • Hair Mask: 2.
  • Face Care (cream/toner/oil/essence/serum etc): 2.
  • Mascara: 1.
  • Makeup Remover/Cleansing Balm: 1
  • Powder: 1.

I will add more to the list as we go through more of my empties. I thought it would be interesting to see how much a  go through each category during a year. Maybe I will get some surprises!

Did you finish anything interesting lately?



Trash Talk 2019 – Going Through My Beauty Empties #1

First empties post of 2019! Last year my goal was to reach 200 empties, a goal I failed with great margins. Since I apparently don’t learn much from my mistake I will give that goal another try! Not quite sure how I will manage that since I was so far off in 2018, but I will give it a go. Like last year I will number them, but this year I will also count and categorize them. Just to keep track on what I use. You will see in the end of this post.


I kick start the yer with 10 products! I did my posts last year when I had 5 or 6 products to avoid the posts being too long, but I think they are too frequent then. But let me know if you prefer longer empties post like this, or if you want shorter ones more frequent. Readers opinions matter most after all!


#1 – Haus Of Gloi Pumpkin Butter “Ruth”: As you probably know already these pumpkin butters are my holy grail product, so off course I love the formula of these. Haus of Gloi has a bunch of scents to offer. Some of them are available all year round and some of them are seasonal. This one was a new scent to me, and I don’t think I will pick up this exact one because it was too floral for me.

#2 Haus Of Gloi Pumpkin Butter “Odette”: This one on the other hand is a repurchase I’ve made several times. It has a nice clean linen kind of smell that is just so fresh and lovely. I have a back up of it.

#3 Haus Of Gloi Pumpkin Butter “Vice”: Again, the same lovely formula. This one smells like very strong but sweet coffee. I really like the scent but it’s a tiny bit on the strong and sweet side for me. I may pick it up again though, just not straight away.


#4 Hugo Naturals Volumizing Conditioner Vanilla & Sweet Orange: I actually picked this up because I read somewhere that this smells exactly like the John Masters Organics Blood Orange & Vanilla Shower Gel, which is absolutely lovely but quite expensive, so I tried the Hugo Naturals line to see if the scent was similar. Scent is good enough, but it’s no match to the scent of the JMO.

#5 Hugo Naturals Volumizing Shampoo: Exactly the same as the conditioner. They work OK, but I don’t know if I really need to repurchase.


#6 Bella Lucce Cooling Cucumber Facial Toner: Nice refreshing toner, but sadly the brand does not exist any more so repurchasing is not an option.

#7 Bella Lucca Peruvian Cocoa Azul Bliss Creme: Luxurious body cream that smells wonderful of fancy chocolate. I had soaps and scrubs and body creme with this scent, and I am so sad I can’t get them any more. It’s not a sweet synthetic chocolate scent, but rich and authentic. And the body creme was so nice and moisturizing. I would absolutely pick this one up again, but sadly that’s not possible.

#8 Scinic Snail Matrix Cream: This one is just as slimy as you would think. It’s almost hard to dot it around my face before rubbing it in. But besides that I was quite satisfied. It felt moisturizing and sank into the skin quite quickly. Not specific scent, and the glass bottle feels nice and heavy and the design is nice and simple. If I recall correctly it was quite cheap too.


#9 History of Woo Jewel Powder: This was in my project pan 2018, and I finished it in December. The container is gigantic and it took me a full year to go through it even though I used it 5 times a week. The powder is really nice. but I just can’t stand the huge bulky packaging so I won’t repurchase.

#10 Bomb Cosmetics Pina Colada Shower Butter: This exactly like I would imagine a shower butter. I really like the feels of it, and how it leaves my skin moisturized after a shower, but I did not really like the scent. I would like to pick this one up again in a different scent though.

Did you finish anything fun lately?




Trash Talk – My Latest Empties!


My never ending pile of empties! Time for another summary of some of the products I’ve finished lately.


#129 Rituals Hammam Happiness Volume & Shine Conditioner: A very freshly eucalyptus scented conditioner with a cooling sensation. It makes my hair soft and shiny without feeling heavy. The scent is also very uplifting and perfect for early mornings! I would not mind buying this one again sometime!

#130 Rituals Pure Hammam Volume & Shine Shampoo: This matches the conditioner both with the way it makes my hair feel smooth and shiny while still adding volume. This is a nice set I would not mind picking up again.


#131 It’s Skin Collagen Nutrition Serum: A cheap but nice K-Beauty serum that feels really hydrating and sinks into the skin quickly. Works nicely under face cream both for mornings and evenings. It comes in a nice glass bottle and both the experience of the serum and the looks of the bottle makes it feel much more expensive than the 11$ I had to pay for it. I could see myself picking this one up again.

#132 Bella Lucce Green Tea & Crushed Rice Body Scrub: This one makes me sad because the brand does not exist any more! They made really fantastic and luxurious body scrubs. If you can find this anywhere (I know they were retailed in many spa salons) it is absolutely worth picking up. I would for sure buy it again if it was available but sadly the brand is discontinued. I think I will have a hard time finding a brand that can replace the fantastic products from this line.


#133 Colourpop No Filter Concealer: I am one of those people who really like this concealer. I am under the impression they are either hit or miss, but I was one of the lucky ones. I have to pick up a new one very soon because I find myself missing it already!

#134 Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara: This is a great one too! I don’t love it as much as L’Oreal Paradise Extatic, but it’s a really good drugstore mascara still. I would not mind picking this one up again either!

Turns out this time around I really enjoyed all my empties and could see myself picking up everything on a later occasion!

Did you finish anything fun lately?



Bomb Cosmetics Sugar Scrub Review!

I stumbled upon Bomb Cosmetics a while ago and was sucked in by their affordable price and cute packaging! They have a nice selection of body scrubs, shower butter, shower gels, bath salts and those kind of bathroom necessities so I decided to try out a few things.

This is not a collective review about their products in general, just a little showcasing of their Cranberry & Lime Oil Based Body Scrub. I am generally a big fan of sugar scrubs with an Oil base (I have previously reviewed the body scrubs from Rituals that are just that, and they happen to be favorites of mine). Needless to say I got high hopes for this!

But first, can we take a moment to enjoy the adorable packaging? It just looks so cute! The label feel a bit like paper, and I was afraid it would look very worn out after living in a shower for a while, but this picture is taken after this guy have been standing in my shower for months and it still looks just as cute so that’s a bonus (especially when you buy it partly because of how it looks).

The Scrub itself is chunky sugar grans in a oil base. I think the blend is nicely balanced as it is neither to dry or too oily, just a nice consistency that will give you a nice rub and still feel moisturizing.

And it really is moisturizing! I actually don’t feel like I have to use a body lotion or a body butter after using this. It leaves your skin nicely moisturized as it is.

Still it has plenty of scrub to it if you know what I mean. A lot of body scrubs I find to be very waist full because you have to use so much product to get enough scrubbing done. That’s why I usually prefer sugar or salt scrubs since they usually feels like they are actually exfoliating and I found that to be the case with this one too!

I was a bit puzzled about the small red seeds but after reading the ingredient list I figured it must be cranberry seeds. Talking about ingredients, this also has sweet almost oil and sesame seed oil. I sometimes use pure almond oil as a body moisturized and find that it really works for me, so no wonder my skin feels nicely moisturized when using this.

The scent is also so delicious! It actually smell like proper lime. I kind of want to eat it. So be warned, this may leave you hungry!

As you can see I am aaalmost out of it, and I will for sure pick up a new one very soon!

If you are into oil based sugar scrubs I think this can be a nice one to consider.



Let’s Talk Some Trash Again!

As usually when I refer to trash talk, I mean actual trash, more specific makeup and beauty trash. Once again I have a small pile of products to go through with you. I had a goal to reach 200 empties this year, and that’s why I’ve been numbering them but I think that goal may have been a bit too high. I am not going to try to use products faster just to reach it either. That would just be waistful.


So these are the products we will go through today. Do you spot anything you like?


#121 Batiste Dry Shampoo Tropical – I really like Batiste dry shampoos. they really do get the job done, and in the mean time they give some texture and volume to your hair. The downside with this one is that it does leave a white cast in my dark brown hair. I do prefer the ones for brunettes, and I will pick that one up soon!

#122 Yves Rocher Velvet Shower Cream “Coffee Beans” – This really just smell like freshly ground coffee beans in a sweet way. The scent is absolutely divine! I will absolutely get another one of these next time I decide to do and Yves Rocher order (which is unfortunately not that often, but I should consider making one soon). I think this is my 4th or 5th bottle of this!


#123 Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask – I bet you have heard all the rave about this many times before. I did like it. It felt very moisturizing. I may pick this one up again. The only drawback is that I can’t get this in store where I live, but I have access to plenty of other ones in store. Chances are I am more likely to pick up something that is more available, but absolutely a good product though!

#124 Eylure Lash Glue – The glue itself works well enough. But the tube looks absolutely disgusting after a short times use and I considered binning it half way. I made it through, mostly because I was too lazy to pick up another lash glue.

#125 Maybelline Master Drama Kohl Pencil “Ultra Black” – This one is mentioned in a huge amount of product lists underneath my makeup look pictures. This is my go-to when I need a black eyeliner. I already have a new one opened. This is one of my holy grails that I need on hand at all times!


#126 Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butter “Zazz” – This is so good! Like all the pumpkin butters are. If you haven’t tried them already you are missing out! This one smells like sparkling champagne and frizzy sweets. It’s so strange but it smells exactly like that to me. Very sparkly, summery fresh and sweet at the same time. This scent makes me happy!

#127 Haus Of Gloi Pumpking Butter “Twice is Nice” – Same goes for this one, the lotion is just lovely. The scent is lovely too, and I’ve been trough many jars of this exact one. It’s also sweet like the previous, but richer and deeper with tones of coconut, sugar cookie and almonds.

#128 Dove Summer Revived Gradual Tanning Lotion – I’ve talked about this before. I picked up to less than four of them on sale believing they were normal lotions (note to self; look at what you are buying!). When I started getting a weird orange hue to my skin I realized it was a gradual tanner. But the color is orange and it fades awfully patchy. After one or two days the color is almost not visible though. So I was able to finish it by just using it a bit here and there and it didn’t really give me any color after one use. I will not buy this one again though!

Did you finish anything fun lately? Or have you maybe tried any of these products? What are your thought on them?




Empties – This time I got some great ones!


Time to chat about empties again, and I got a small mixture of products for you. I actually finished a lot of good products here, so I have many to recommend to you!


#100 Lioele Water Drop Sleeping Pack: I already wrote a full review of this product which you can have a look at here if you want to read more in depth about it. But I still think it is a great product and I realize that now that it’s been empty for a little while that I miss is from my skincare routine. I need to pick up a new one, and I highly recommend it!

#101 Nature Republic Himalaya Salt Cleansing Balm: A great makeup remover, and I have finished quite a few jars of this now. It is a wonderful balm that melts into the skin and removes even the most stubborn makeup quite easily. I will for sure buy this again because not only is it a fantastic makeup remover, it is also cheap!


#102 John Masters Organics Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Wash: This smells absolutely divine. I’ve had this for years because I have been saving it. It is quite expensive to be a body wash, and not something I wanted to rush through because there are so many great cheaper body washes that works great so it feels kind of silly to spend this much money on one. But, that being said it is worth it because the smell is amazing and it feels luxurious as well. A very good body wash, but a bit on the pricey side. I may pick it up again though, because I do like it and I do like this brand in general.

#103 Avalon Organics Volumizing Rosemary Shampoo: Now over to something good and cheap. I tried quite a few of the Avalon Organics shampoo and conditioners and I generally find them to be a great and cheap organic option. This one was refreshing with a nice herbal rosemary scent and it did help with volume and shine as well. I do recommend, and I may pick this one up again at some point. I just have a few to many shampoos at the moment.


#104 Bergamo Magic Snail B.B Cream: This was a part of my project pan. I initially put it in the project because I tried it once and I thought I didn’t love it so I wanted to just get it out of my collection. Now I am in love, and I need to get a new one. It just looks so great on the skin. It gives medium coverage and a dewy finish, but it is very skin-like at the same time. And the best thing is that it fades nicely, so even when it starts wearing off (it’s a B.B Cream after all and longevity is not supreme) it still looks OK. After a full work day has faded a bit, but after 8 hours that’s acceptable for a BB.I will buy this again! The only bad thing (like with many other Korean face products) is that the shade options are very limited-

#105 Lancôme Volume-à-Porter Mascara: I usually really like Lancôme mascaras. I like this one too. It gives a nice feathery look to the lashes. Nothing huge in volume or length, but good for days when you want natural but beautiful lashes. Did not smudge on me, and stayed put all day so that’s a good thing as well. I may repurchase in the future.

That’s all for now. Did you finish anything fun lately?

And by the way, you can find me on Bloglovin and Instagram as well!




My Holy Grail Body Lotion – Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butters!

If you have been reading my blog a bit you have definitely seen these little jars of body butter pop up here and there. Especially in my empties post. I tend to go through these like crazy. I figured they deserved their very own post.

I discovered this brand back in 2011 i think. I don#t remember how I found them, but I had a thing for indie skincare and soaps and all that stuff, and Haus of Gloi intrigued me and I picked up a few of their product like their bubbly scrub, skin emulsion and pumpkin butters.


I remember one of the scents I picked out on my first order was “Satyr” a rich, sweet blood orange and vanilla scent. That scent has stayed with me all these years ever since. I don’t use it every day, but I make sure to ALWAYS have one Satyr standing ready in my bathroom shelve. Right now it stands there together with around 20 other scents.

As you probably know by now, the Pumpkin Butters are a big big hit. And for good reason! The scent put a side for a while, the product itself is just as wonderful as the fragrances. It is something between a thick body butter and a lotion. Not as dense as say The Body Shop body butters, but much richer than your average lotion. It gives plenty of moisture that I feel lasts for a long time. Some thinner lotions I feel almost disappear into my skin, but these Pumpkin butters leave my skin feeling moisturized! They also sink into the skin without feeling tacking or leaving any kind of residue on the skin. It feels like a luxury product but the prize is only 10$.


They also come in two different sizes. One 2 Oz container if you want to test out a fragrance, or a 6 Oz one if you want the full size. The small size will last me around 5 full applications, so it is a nice size to test out. They come in a small plastic jar. Nothing fancy about the jar. The printed labels used to be very detailed and beautiful with a pattern that would match the scent description but for some reason the design has changed. I am a bit bummed about that because the new design, although clean and simple looking, makes them less unique and more cheap looking. I wish the old labels with designs good as art would come back.

Their selection of fragrance is also a whole other level. First, their scents are so unique that you won’t find anything like that in this price class. They smell like they are a well composed selection of proper fragrance and not just those synthetic cheap scents you often find. Those cheap synthetic scents can also be good, but you know, this is just next level. Not only do they feel luxurious, they smell expensive as well!

Off Course every scent is not for every one but their selection is so large I am absolutely sure you can find something to suit your taste. And if you are not into scents they do have a scent free version as well.


They do have a fun way of releasing scents. All year round you can order from their general catalogue which holds a nice selection of scents avaliable all year round, like my beloved Satyr scent! They also do release seasonal scents which is so much fun. Over the years I have learned what scents to expect in their different releases so it has become something to look forward to. To get excited about ordering “Insalata Nocturna” and “Zazz” in summer, and look forward to smell “Apple Milk” and “Ghost Puffs” again in fall. The only sad thing is that their seasonal scents seem to sell out so so quickly and I can’t always get a hold of the scents I want. And then there is a whole year of waiting. Luckily they have a lot of delicious smelling stuff in their general catalogue, and they always have some exciting seasonal releases as well.

They do smell fairly strong and the scent lingers on your skin for hours and hours. That means they can be hard to wear together with your regular perfumes, but no need to worry, they have perfume oils and hair oils matching the pumpkin butter scents if you need to wear perfume in addition.

If you are looking for another body lotion to try you should have a look at the Haus Of Gloi website to see if you find a scent you may like, because I am absolutely sure you will love these!



Just another empties post!

My pile of empties creates a constant source of material for these posts. And I am always behind. But they are fun to make, and seemingly fun to read for many of you. So here goes another one!


I got some doubles here, and then a bit of everything. Some good, some bad, some makeup, some hair care and some of my highly appreciated Haus Of Gloi Pumpkin Butters off course!


Let’s start with the doubles!

#77 Dove Summer Revived Body Lotion With Self-Tanner: This was a mistake. I did not realize it was a gradual tanner. And I picked up 4 of them at once. To bad the actual tanner is horrid. If used several days in a row you build up a completely orange tan, that does not sit very well. So it is rubbed off partially on leaving me both orange and patchy. What a joy!

Luckily the tanner is very gradual so if used only once or twice a week it does not matter. Still, will not repurchase.

#78 Dove Summer Revived Body Lotion With Self-Tanner – With soft shimmer: This is the same as above, only worse because it is shimmery. Not buying again for sure.

#79 Redken Frizz Dismiss Smooth Force Lightweight Smooth Lotion Spray: This is a holy grail product that I use every day and I have been for years. Keeps the frizz away and makes my hair nice and smooth and shiny without making it feel heavy. This is just a staple in my everyday routine. Will repurchase this over and over again!

#80 Redken Frizz Dismiss Smooth Force Lightweight Smooth Lotion Spray: Still a favorite!


#81 Haus Of Gloi Pumpkin Butter – Imp: My always much loved pumpkin butters! I will never stop using these either. They are and always will be highly treasured. This scent is very sweet and citrusy, almost like candy. It is a bit too much on the candy-like side. I do like it though, it is just not my favorite and Haus Of Gloi has such an incredible large range of scents that I only need to repurchase those I truly love and still have my bathroom shelves filled. I may pick up this scent in the future, but there is no rush. I have plenty I like a bit more.

#82 Haus Of Gloi Pumpkin Butter – Blood Orange Marshmellow: Sweet, heavy, delicious scent. To me this is perfect when  I crave something sweet in winter. I have backups of this already.

# 83 Adopt Eu De Perfume – Aquatique: This was in my project pan, and I had about 20 % left when I dropped it on the floor and broke it! It was a simple aqua scent. Very uncomplicated, and even though it was smellt good it was a bit too simple for my taste. Mote of a lightweight teenager scent I would say. I at least would have adored this as a teenager. It did not last very well on my skin either. A few hours and I could not smell it any more. I will not but it again.


#84 – L’Oreal Mega Volume Miss Baby Roll Mascara: There is nothing mega about the volume this gives. On me they gave very natural lashes. Did not give much length or volume at all, and did not really separate the lashes. They quickly became like short spider legs if I tried to build it up. Worked best for me with just one of two light coats, but it completely lacked that wow factor. Will not but again.

#85 L’Oreal Brow Artist Xpert Brow Pencil: This one I quite like. It has one of those bigger square pencil shapes and filling in goes very fast. It is a bit unprecise so maybe not the best choice if you want something to make hairlike strokes with, but just for filling in the brows it works great.

Did you finish something fun lately?




Rituals Body Scrubs Review!

Want to know about some delicious body scrubs that smells nice, does a wonderful job and does not break the bank? Then Rituals got you covered!

I have been using these body scrubs on a regular basis for around 3 years now and I figured it was about time I wrote a little something about them. It is always fun to share with you a review of products I use and love.


Packaging is really nice and looks luxurious. The jars are pretty big and feels nice and heavy (not strange considered they are filled with oil and sugar). The jar is plastic ,and so is the lid but the metallic finish of it and the nice design of the jar makes it feel and look expensive even though it is plastic.

The price range is just in the middle I would say. 29$ is certainly not the cheapest scrub around, but for 375 g of product in a nice jar I think it is still pretty reasonable, especially considering they work pretty great.


As you can telll, these are not new products, The Himalayan Sea Salt body scrub is almost out. It is so refreshing to use after a heavy exercise or a nice sauna.

I got three different scents here. The Himalaya Scrub is sugar grains in an oily base with a nice calming scent of roses. I love this as a winter scrub because the calming scent is very fitting when it is cold and dark outside.

The Himalaya Sea Salt Scrub smells like eucalyptus and is a proper pick-me-up. Nice to cool down with on warm days. The scrub is made of salt instead of sugar. It is slightly more grainy than the sugar based scrubs.

The Happy Buddah has the most wonderful sweet orange scent. It is quite intense but it is the kind of scent that makes you happy to sniff. I sometimes just open the jar to smell it to be honest! Scent-wise this is the big winner for me, and it makes me crave orange!


Since they are salt and sugar in a nice oil base it means that they are super moisturizing. I can use these and not put on body lotion after a shower and the skin still feels soft and hydrated. The amount of scrubbing grains is also very generous and it gives you a real rub down compare to other similar prices scrubs (The Body Shop I am looking at you displeased).

So if you are into those oil based sugar and salt scrubs I would highly recommend the ones from Rituals. These are staples in my bathroom and I always keep a few of them at hand. Good stuff!



My latest empties!

Do we need to introduce these posts still? You know the drill I guess, here are my latest empties and some mini reviews for each of them:


Not so much variation in products this time I am afraid of. Mostly stuff for yous skin except a soap to make  you clean and a hair product to get your hair look decent.


You all know I love these. I go through them all the time, and they’ve been my holy grail body cream for many many years (6 now I believe now that I think about them. I purchased my first when I was halfway through my Masters Degree, and it is five years now since I delivered….wow, I am getting old). Let’s just go  through them as usual with me talking about the scent. You all now the product is delicious anyway!

#49 Haus Of Gloi – Samhain II: This one smells so much like soil in the fall. The scent description on the jar says “Freshly turned earth, wet leaves, and a cool spectre ridden wind. The scent is very unique and unisex. I like it, but I have quite a few others I like more. I would not mind picking this up again though if it is released in a future release (It is not in their general catalogue).

#50 Haus of Gloi – Mood Dog: A more sweet and heavy scent. But being my third jar I obviously like it and will for sure repurchase.It smells like Cracked coconut, sandalwood, nutmeg and clove. Sweet, warm scent that lacks the artificial feel coconut scents often get, and I love that!

#51 Haus of Gloi – Apothecary: My second jar of this scent. This is so herbal, citrusy and fresh. The jar descriptions says “Old books, bubbling concoctions, herbs and creaking floor boards! A pure essential oil blend of: Lemongrass, rosemary, atlas cedarwood, sweet basil, lavender and the tiniest drop of vetiver.” Doesn’t that sound delicious?


#52 Mizon Peptide Ampoule Cream: Gives a decent amount of moisture but I was a bit indifferent about this to be honest. It was neither good or bad, but did the job with moisturizing my skin. Won’t repurchase though since I would rather try something else.

#53 L’Oreal Pure Clay Purifying Cleansing Gel: I think I may have been the wrong user for this. I don’t really suffer from impurities in the skin so it was hard for me to really tell if it did any difference. It did a good job with cleansing my skin without stripping it for moisture though. I may repurchase it because it work as a cleanser, but I will try out some other stuff first.


#54 Redken Frizz Dismiss Smooth Force Lightweight Smoothing Lotion Spray: Another holy grail product. I always had one of these since I picked up my first one three years ago. I now use it every single day and I love how smooth and healthy it makes my hair look. My hair very quickly turns into a big ball of frizz if I don’t give it enough moisture, but this keeps my hair so soft without weighing it down. Love this, and I already have a new one opened in addition to a backup!

#55 LUSH Slammer Shower Gel: Even though I do find the LUSH shower gels to be a tad bit drying (it does not matter much because I ALWAYS moisturize after a shower, which you can probably tell by my amount of pumpkin butter empties) I do like them. This scent is so fresh ans zesty and perfect for after a exercise run in early  mornings. The scent is not available anymore, but I will pick it up if LUSH decide to re-release it again.

I now reached over 50 empties and I am excited to see if I manage to reach 200 by the end of the year (that’s what the counting stands for if you wondered). It may be a bit hard to reach 200 since I don’t count samples or one-time-use things like sheet masks. I also avoid essentials like toothpaste because it is so boring. Time will show I guess.

Did you empty something fun lately?