Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation – Review!

After Revolution’s big success with their Revolution Conceal & Define I got tempted to try more base products. Could there be other gems hidden in their collection? For a reasonable 5£ giving the Fast Base Stick Foundation a go would clearly not break the bank, so I did.


The foundation comes in a sleek, nude packaging with gold details. The desing is very simple, but still pleasing to look at. The plastic does however have a slightly cheap feel to it, and the product does not have much weight to it. I do think it looks classic and pretty though. The price is a stunningly cheap 5£, but I could not find anywhere on the packaging or the website that gave any information about how much product it holds. After around 2 weeks of use I am a bit less than halfway through the stick (But I did apply it generously) so I would say it’s not going to last as long as the regular foundation bottle does for me. I am OK with that since it’ so cheap anyways.


My skin is usually normal. I can when the weather changes get some dry patches, but usually I am pretty normal. I don’t have acne or acne scarring to cover. Not much redness and I don’t get oily. At the time I tested this foundation out I was a bit bothered with dry patched due to weather changes being a bit crazy lately.

I found that the stick glides on very easy and melts into the skin. My favorite way of blending it unto my face was with a foundation brush- A beauty sponge gave a nice result as well but took a bit longer to work into the skin.

The finish is beautiful. I love how it looks on the skin. It gives a bit of a heavier look, so it’s not one of those foundations that gives a super natural finish and you can’t really tell it’s there. You can definitely tell I am wearing foundation with this, but in a porcelain doll-skin kind of way, not the pancake cake-face kind of way. The coverage is medium and the finish is dewy. I actually think it looks really stunning. It takes a while before it sets on the face, and it absolutely needed a setting powder on me in order not to slide around when I touch my face. But I love how this looks! It did not seem to enhance any dryness on my face either, but it did slightly enhance the look of my pores. I have quite small pores in the first place, but maybe something to keep in mind if big pores is an issue for you, because it surely seemed to enhance the appearance of mine.


Longevity is medium. It lasts me for a work day. The good thing is that it fades nicely. It does not disappear in patches or cake up in any areas on me. One of the things I really appreciate in a foundation is it’s abilities to fade with grace. I can’t stand a foundation that cakes up, flakes up or cracks as it fades. I am OK with them disappearing after a while as long as they do it nicely, and this one does.

I will absolutely make a repurchase of this one. I love how it looks and how it wears and it just glides on and blends out like butter. For the price you can’t beat it.

Congrats Revolution, this is another gem!

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