Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Blush – Review!

As so many other I am a fan of the Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer, and it got me curious to test out the other products in the Murumuru Butter family. They got those bronzers, some blushes and some very nice highlighters. So I picked up a bit of everything to play with, and will be reviewing the blushes today!


The packaging is similar to the Butter Bronzer just a bit smaller and quite a bit more pink. They got the same palm leaf design and the same bulkiness. I like that the lid is clear so you can easily see what blush you are reaching for without reading the label. I picked up the shades Rosy Pink and Natural Glow. Rosy Pink is a matte soft pale pink, and Natural Glow is like a very pale rose gold. It is not matte but have a nice sheen to it without being shimmery. I am very happy with both shades, but I think the shade range could easily take advantage of some darker shades. I am quite pale and still these are too light for me now that I got a slight tan. I think medium skin and darker could have a problem finding a dark enough shade. Let me know if I am wrong, I would love to be corrected on this!


The consistency of the product is similar to the bronzer. So a very very creamy powder. My favorite way to apply these are with a slightly denser synthetic brush. The amount of product is easy to control because it is more of a buildable pigmentation rather than “first-swipe-and-you’re-ready- for-a-carneval”. I prefer buildable blushes if I had to pick actually.


One thing that really surprised me was longevity. Usually I find that most blushes would have disappeared after 3-4 hours anyway regardless of brand, but these guys had really really good staying power. After 8 hours it was very easy to see that the blush was still there. So I am impressed by how long they last on the skin. They may actually be the longest lasting blushes I’ve ever tried!


One drawback though is the very bulky packaging. and when you open the blush completely you find another compartment that holds an applicator. Not a brush, and applicator. The sponge type! To me it was absolutely useless. There is also a mirror, but it is so tiny and I really don’t see myself ever using it, mostly because the placement is really unpractical since it’s underneath the blush and you would constantly have to open and close it to use it. I would have much preferred no sponge and no mirror in exchange for a slimmer packaging.

It is still a darn good blush though, and I guess I have enough blushes suitable for traveling so it does not matter all that much.

For a price tag of 12.99 $ it’s not the cheapest at the drug store but still well worth the little extra coin. I wold absolutely recommend these, and I hope to pick up some more shades myself!

Oh, and yes, they do smell like the bronzer!

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Review: MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish – Whisper Of Gilt!

I finally got my hands on the oh so famous “Whisper of Gilt” shade by MAC. It.s been a part of a couple limited edition releases and the shade has been raved about for years. I have always wanted it, partly out of curiosity, partly out of the fact that I love a good gold highlighter.


I finally got my hands on this in the Extra Dimension Skinfinish version. Whenever it’s been a part of a limited edition release it has sold out before i could say “Pancakes!”. It  seems like everyone want this, and it’s become a cult product for MAC. But, this time it’s back for good, and is now a part of their permanent Extra Dimension Skinfinish line. Isn’t that fantastic news? I sure think so!


So, is it worth it’s cult status? Well, an intense gold metallic highlighter that would fit a large range of skintones with a buttery smooth formula….YES! It’s a great highlighter and if you are into golden highlights this is for sure worth an extra look. Maybe not as exclusive as it once was, and maybe it now lacks a bit of that exclusive rare feel to it, but everyone should have a chance to try this beauty.


It’s not to much more to say really. The formula is great, the shade is great, and the rest is classic MAC. The packaging is their standard black compact with clear lid.


For the price tag of 34 $ it’s not the cheapest one on the market for sure, and if you are on a budget there are plenty of other golden highlighters to choose one, you should not feel it’s necessary to pick up this exact one because to be fair, a golden shade is not that unique. And if you want a cheap alternative the Kiko Long Lasting Wet & Dry Use Eyeshadow in the shade 208 is a spot on dupe for only 7.90 $. But, if you are a MAC collector this is for sure a nice piece to add to your collection!

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Soph X Revolution Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

I know I am late to the party here and should have maybe reviewed the second edition palette, but since I got this not too long ago I figured I would give this a try first. Besides I wanted to test this out and see if the second edition was worth picking up. I’ve only tried one eyeshadow palette by Makeup Revolution (now Revolution PRO) before so I didn’t have much experience with their eyeshadows before diving into this, but I’ve heard so much raving about this and expected it to be good!


The color selection is nice for everyday looks. There are tons of neutrals in the palette with a nice range of base colors, transition shades and shades to deepen the look. There is a good mixture of shimmers and mattes with the mattes being the majority (which I like) and a few pops of color there as well. The composition is nice I think, and especially the price considered this is a very good option for an everyday palette.

However, when I got around to swatch the shades I was disappointed! The shadows are chalky, and not really that pigmented. Especially the darker matte shades were so hard to make swatches of, they just applied dusty and patchy and I was starting to fear that this palette would end with disappointment. Then I remember when using the Life on The Dance Floor Guest List palette from Makeup Revolutions previous Christmas collection that palette didn’t swatch too good either but I was pleased with the looks I got with it still (you can read a full review of the palette here, but unfortunately you can’t get it anymore).


As you can probably tell by the swatches especially the darker shades are a bit patchy. And to be fair I really tried to bring out the colors as much as possible. I like doing arm swatches like that. I don’t use a primer or a damp brush, but I do try to build up the color so you can see its full potential. If it applies well or not on the eyes is a different story. On my swatches I just want to show off the color you can build it up to. The darker shades could have been a bit darker and more intense as you can tell, but on the eyes they are not that bad.


After using the eyeshadows on my eyes my attitude towards this palette was much more positive. Not to toot my own horn too much but I was actually quite happy with some of the looks I made with it. So I absolutely found it possible to do satisfying looks with it, which in the end is what is most important.

The quality is not the best though. But, by far not as bad as i was afraid off when swatching. In short terms they are very powdery and dusty, so you get a bit off kickback and the darker shades and especially the shimmery berry shade, shimmery green and brown-teal duochrome gives quite a bit of fallout. I would recommend doing eyes first with this palette unless you are going for the really neutral eye look.


I also found that the shimmers absolutely need a damp brush to work to my satisfaction. If you like a softer shimmer, you will probably be just fine, but I like to be able to get on my eyes what I see in the pan, and for that I needed to spray my brush. It’s not a big problem though since I always have a setting spray at hand when I do my makeup anyways, but it does tell you something about the quality. You simply should not need to dampen your brush with high quality products.

This is a cheap palette though. And I mean really cheap. So for that we can be a bit forgiving when it comes to fallout or some of the shades not being perfect. It still is very possible to make beautiful eye looks without major problems so I guess you kind of get what you pay for. It’s not top quality, but it’s decent and it works!


The palette is not obnoxiously big, but still holds 24 shades. There is not much waist of space in the palette. On one hand it makes it quite compact considering the amount of shades, but on the other hand it means that you get the names of the shadows on a plastic sleeve you are doomed to loose somewhere. I took a picture of it with the plastic sleeve on top so I will still have the names for the future when the slip with the names on are long gone. But the shades are very well put together I think. This is the kind of palette you really can do anything with. You can do completely neutral and you have all the basics with base colors, plenty of crease colors and a nice black. You also got pops of colors and shades in different finishes. So the color story offers a lot of variety and I don’t think you will be missing much with this. I think it is excellent especially for someone who are just starting out with makeup and needs something that offers a bit of everything. And off course you can travel with it too!


The packaging is nice I think. It does not feel or look expensive, because it is not, but it is still way nicer than that plastic packaging with a clear lid that I find to be common on cheap palettes. This looks a bit more thought through even though it’s made of cheap materials. The outer packaging is a soft touch plastic in a nice nude colors with simple rose gold letters in front. On the inside there is not much space left after the shadow were placed down, but the inside of the lid holds a decent mirror. I think it looks nice!

So is it worth it in the end? Well, to put it like this: I did buy the second one. I don’t regret buying it, because you can for sure make pretty looks with it and it has such a good price for 24 eyeshadows, but If you are used to high quality eyeshadows you will notice that these are not in the same league. They are good for their price. Even decent for a mid-priced drugstore, but it is not high end. Still, it gets the job done!

I do really like it despite it’s cons. Do you try it? Do you love it or hate it?

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Juvia’s Place The Nubian 2 Palette – Review & Swathes!

I only needed to try one palette from Juvia’s Place to realize that this was a brand for me to collect, and I’ve made it a mission to collect every single palette they have available one by one.


This one is similar to the other palettes in style, but as you may know the Juvia’s Place palettes vary quite a bit both in the size of their palettes and their eyeshadow sizes. This palette has the huge eyeshadow pans, but since it only holds 12 shades it’s not obnoxiously large like the Magic Palette (Don’t get me wrong, I love The Magic Palette always and forever, but it’s…not small).


I still have yet to pick up the Nubian palette, which is only neutrals and I feel more drawn to the colorful palette. Even though the Nubian 2 has some pops of color it still have many neutrals and earthy tones. This is the perfect Juvia’s Place palette to start with if you are more into neutrals but want to start dipping your toes into colors. Because even though it has some nice colors I would still say they are quite muted and beginner friendly, without compromising their beauty! Still for a color lover like me there it lot’s of room to play around and be creative.


As always, Juvia’s Place metallic shadows are truly amazing with their rich pigment and buttery dense texture. I have said this before, but good things can’t be said enough; Juvia’s Place has one of my absolute favorite eyeshadow formulas. In this palette you have 8 shades in this delicious formula, and the rest is matte. None of that matte base with glitter rubbish that I don’t like (I know, I know, they can still be good or work basically as a matte, but I get annoyed by the looks of them). The matte formula in this palette is also good. Medium but buildable pigmentation and great blendability. There are no bad shades in this palette. Not at all, just a through and through solid great quality.


The packaging it the usual fun and quirky type of design and nice orange and pink cardboard palette. This palette holds the large sized eyeshadows so you get a lot of product in these 12 shades.


For me personally, I love the quality, and I like that the color selection is still very suitable for everyday use. It’s very easy to make completely neutral looks with this, so I think this is the perfect Juvia’s Place palette to pick up it you have been wanting to try the formula, but think the colors in general are a bit to colorful for you. if you look at the palette there are mostly neutral shades with the exception pf Cleopatra (blue), Egypt (green), and maybe Nairobi (yellow gold). The rest are colors that could easily be incorporated into e neutral daytime look


As usual I really I would highly recommend this because I am always so impressed with the quality, especially the affordable price considered!

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Nabla Glowy Skin Highlighter & Glowy Skin Blush – Review!

I love Nabla as a brand. I discovered them almost two years ago, before they came to BeautyBay and became more available, and I got a few of their single pan eyeshadow sand think their formula is amazing. So since they’ve expanded their makeup line to some new gorgeous products I had to try. And I have even more on the wish list, I mean have you seen their pretty pressed highlighter, their loose powder and concealer? I want them all!


But now I want to focus in a specific product and that is their Glowy Skin Blush and Glowy Skin Highlighter. These are cream stick products and they got a few different shades to select from, but I went for one blush called “Maybe Baby” and a duochrome pale highlighter called surreal”. They got two blush shades, one slightly darker than the one I ordered, and three highlighters one light, one medium and one dark. So hopefully even though the selection is sparse it will suite for a big range of skin tones!


It took me some time to learn how to apply these properly. At first attempt I felt like they lifted off the foundation underneath and everything then looked patchy. Not a good look at all. I soon figured out that my mistake was waiting until the foundation had dried. On second attempt when I applied these before the foundation set ended much better and I liked the result. I think these can be a bit troublesome if you have a foundation that dries very quickly, but if you have a minute or two these sticks are super easy to swipe over your cheeks and cheekbones to blend them out.


The result with both these products are very glowy and natural. These are not for you if you want a strong blush or a beaming highlight because both these products are quite subtle. But they does give the most gorgeous glow to the skin, and I really like how they look. They are perfect for natural skin days, and if you don’t want to go natural and want some more ompfh to your highlight. I had no issues layering powders on top. But just on their own they make you look glowy and healthy, which is not a bad look at all!


These are not very strong in pigmentation though. I do have a bit of a tan, but I am still of a lighter skin tone, so if you usually have a tan or medium skin I would recommend trying out the darker shades of the range. These guys work for me still with a tan, but I think they will look better when I am paler.

I found that they blend quite easily because the skin seems to warm them up enough fairly quick, and I applied both with fingers, sponges and brushes without facing issues with any of them. My preferred way was the sponge.


I really do like them though, because they are a good option for the neutral days and to be honest those are most days.

Did you try anything exciting from Nabla I should try too? Leave a note in the comment because this is a bran I want to see more of!

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Benefit World O’Blushes Palette – Review!

Benefit blushes always tempted me. I always planned on picking up some more of their staple blushes. I got the blush Coralista many many years ago and it is still one of my very favorite blushes, so I guess it would have been worth the splurge for me to get some more. The thing is they are not very easily accessible in my country, and with taxes on top of their already high-end price I just got something holding me back.


Another thing holding me back was the bulky size. The Coralista blush take up the space of at least two regular blushes, and those blush palettes they’ve released before looked awfully big and bulky.

But when I found this little piece at the airport I knew I had to have it, because it is perfect! Benefit finally made a small blush palette with a travel friendly size. Plus it contained only shades that I was really interested in picking up anyway!

The size of the palette is just a little smaller and a little slimmer than a 9 pan Z-palette. In other word very travel friendly. It also has the iconic Hoola Bronzer in addition to three blushes namely Dandelion, Rockateur and Galifornia. So the selection of blushes is very good because you get that soft baby pink Dandelion as well as the more neutral Rockateur and the bright fun coral of Galifornia.


the packaging is super cute, with the iconic designs of each blush. And again, I love how sleek and compact it is while it still holds a general amount of products.


If you never tried Benefit blushes before I can assure you that these are good quality blushes. They are pigmented, but still easy to control and blend. They apply very effortlessly because I don’t feel I have to be a very skilled blender or applier to make them look nice, they just do! They also look very even on the skin. All three colors in this palette will be used. Dandelion is perfect for winter, Galifornia is such a fun summer shade, and Rockateur is just one of those blushes that always works with anything.

I was excited to try Hoola, because people seemed to be so excited when Hoola Light was released, and I heard so many people complain that they like the Hoola shade but found it to be a bit too dark and therefore preferred the Hoola Light. Being a Nordic person I am used to being quite fair, but I honestly don’t think Hoola is too dark at all. I actually think it will be invisible on me when I get that famous summer tan I am always talking about (or . Right now it works fine, and I really like the shade. Warm, but not too much!


In short terms, I will get good use out of all the products in this palette. That combined with the handy size means that this is a bit hit for me, and I would highly recommend this if you’ve been thinking about picking up some Benefit blushes but found the size of the packaging to be too much. Here you got three blushes and a bronzer in one handy small palette.

What is your Benefit favorite?

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Anastasia Subculture – Review & Swatches!

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t really see the problem with this palette. I mean, I actually really really like it and would for sure pick this one over Modern Renaissance. Shocking for many, I know!


I guess we all remember the fuzz when this was released. It had so many bad, but to say angry, reviews and I was afraid that many people could not be wrong. It also looked like there was a bit of inconsistency with the palettes, so I waited patiently in case that was something that had to be sort out. I mean, if there was a big problem with the formula or manufacturing I am sure they would do something to improve it.


I don’t know if or what they did. But in my opinion it worked. And at least I am sitting here with a palette with a gorgeous color story that I don’t have any real issues with. Is it perfection? Nope, but neither is Modern Renaissance in my opinion.


So lets talk about it then. All of it. First something they did not improve is the packaging. I don’t really like that velvet outer packaging. The color doesn’t show off dirt as much as the pale dusty pink in Modern Renaissance but a stain would still be pretty permanent.

The color story is as mentioned gorgeous. By far the favorite color story of all my Anastasia palettes (I got Modern Renaissance, Prism and Soft Glam for reference). I love the grungy dark colors, and beautiful greens, teal and oranges. A proper fall palette I would say.


But the formula has been a problem for so many people. I agree that these shades are very loosely pressed, but I don’t find them any softer than the shades in Modern Renaissance or Soft Glam (I think Prism is actually a tad bit firmer in formula than the rest). Sure they are a bit waist-full being so soft, and you do get some fall out, but Subculture is not any worse than the rest I would say. It is just that is has different colors that may be harder to work with than shades in a very neutral palette.

The problem I think for many is that very pigmented, loosely-pressed dark shades will always require a bit more baby-sitting than other shades. It is not because it is a problem with the formula on these it is simply just a bit more time consuming to blend out a dark matte teal that is hyper pigmented than your regular crease shade. I think Anastasia could, with advantage press those darker shades a bit more, so they would have been more easy to control, but since they are not the problem can be solved with being light handed and adding less than you think you need. I find that that is usually enough anyway.

I’ve also seen many complains about these shadows applying patchy. I had no problem with that at all, but that really depends not only on the quality of your eyeshadow but also on your skin. Since they are a bit powdery I can imagine that people with dry eyelids may have problems with them going on patchy or brushing away easily. I don’t have particularly dry or oily lids. I would say they are quite normal, and I did not have any issues with them applying patchy. A sticky base is usually good with powdery shadows though.

Considering it’s issues, would I recommend it? If you can work with a light hand then yes! That’s in my opinion the easiest way to go wrong with this palette, with a too heavy hand, so if you know you can avoid it and like the color story I would say go for it!

So far this is actually my favorite Anastasia eyeshadow palette!

What are your opinions on this? Did you love it or hate it?

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