Obsession Mad About Mauve Blush Palette – Review!

Since Obsession is a “new” brand I figured it was a good time to post a review about this little blush palette I have had for a while. When I say “new” I mean that it has recently been launched in the US. In Europe it’s been around for a while already and it’s ove on Makeup Revoution sister brands.


The Mad Abouv Mauve is a handy little blush palette with 4 shades of, you guessed it, Mauve blushes. The packaging is very simple with a cardboard packaging with a simplistic design. It’s a clean mauve color with the palettes name in a silver font in the front and it contains no mirror. It does feel nice and sturdy though.


The blushes inside are a bit on the smaller side with 2,5 g each. That off course is still plenty of product since it takes a good while to go through a blush anyway, and for the very cheap cost of only 5£ you get a good bang for your buck. The pans are magnetic, and there is a little sloth on each of them so you can very easily just pick them out of the palette. Really handy of you like do depot or would like to just grab a shade or two for a travel palette.


They are off course all different tones of Mauve, but they don’t go too deep. I have light skin and can use all of those shades, and I can imagine them working for anyone with light to medium skintones. Even a slightly darker skin could be able to pull them off. One of them is a beautiful glowy blush and the rest of the palette is matte.

I find the colors to be very versatile because there is a shade that would fit no matter if you go cool-toned or warm-toned with your eyeshadows. They are also fairly pigmented. One dip with the brush is more than enough to get that flush of color to your cheeks, but they are not so pigmented that you have to be overly careful upon application. Overall fairly easy to apply, and they lay down nice and evenly without going patchy. I do prefer a blush that is more on the softer side regarding pigmentation but these are so easy to work with and easy to blend out that I don’t mind that they are quite pigmented. If you are medium or darker I imagine it’s only an advantage that they are not that sheer.


The blushes are a bit dusty and you get a pit of kickback in the pan, but nothing too bad. They are just a bit loosely pressed compared to a NARS or MAC blush. I would say thy compare a bit to Colourpop pressed powder blushes in consistency.

If you find it to be important I am happy to say that these blushes are both cruelty-free and vegan.

Overall this is a good and cheap option and I would recommend trying them out especially if you were looking for an affordable but good cruelty-free option.

Have you tried anything from Obsession Makeup? What are your impression?



Obsession Be Crazy About Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swacthes!

This is a brand I stumbled upon just by accident. and I have been testing and trying some products by them. I first came across this brand when I ordered a package with some different things from TamBeauty (where I usually buy Makeup Revolution) and for some reason the pick up note from the post office never reached me and the parcel was sent back. They were kind enough to send it straight back to me (they do have great customer service) but one of the items had to be replaced, so they gave me three Obsession products instead. One of them being an eyeshadow palette called Love.Every.Shade. The palette is as basic as it gets. A matte base, a matte black, some matte crease colors ans some gold and brown lid shades. It did not peak my interest at all. I figured I had all the shades and did not need it, but the lid had a tiny crack in it. Not that it mattered but I would not want to give it as a gift for instance. So I just swatched the shades and got very positively surprised and realized me and this palette could be friends after all. I gave it a go, and I have been so happy with that palette that I decided to test the brand even more, so I got a few more eyeshadow palettes (including this) as well as blushes and highlighters.


I will for sure get back to more products from this brand but today it’s all about the little fun colorful 10 pan called Be Crazy About.

The packaging is very simple. Pink cardboard with just the name of the palette and the logo on the front. On the back you get an overview of the shades and what number they have, but inside the palette they have proper shade names instead of numbers. Not sure why they would need both. Even though the packaging is simple and probably cheap to make it does have a mirror which is a nice touch. One thin I absolutely LOVE though is that the palette is magnetic, and it’s a little groove next to all the eyeshadows so you can easily just pop them out and put them in a custom palette. That is also the case with their highlighter and blush-palettes and the rest of the eyeshadow palettes I got. What a great feature! If you are into depotting or just want to clear out some space, you can easily just pop these over to a magnetic palette and get rid of the packaging. That’s just SO clever!


The palette has 10 shades and every single one of them is a colorful shade. Love that too! You get 6 mattes which are all fun. A dark navy, a bright blue, a beautiful peach and a yellow pop are among them. You also get 3 shimmers and one duochrome. A pretty shimmery white with a pink shift. The color selection may not seem very cohesive at first, but you do have plenty of mattes in different tones to complete a look, but you do get challenged a bit to think of exciting new color combinations.


First of all, the quality of the mattes impressed me. After all they are bright colorful shades at a very affordable price point. I mean this whole palette is 6£, that’s amazing! I had a tiny bot of trouble with Icon and Fire in my outer crease, I had to work a bit on blending them seamlessly, and use a skin toned shade to make the blend perfect but the outer crease is my tough spot ans that’s where I really can test eyeshadows. If they are not hard to blend in the outer crease on me, they are just not hard to blend! (on my skin that is off course). So those two reds needed a little help, while The dark navy blue and the bright blue worked just perfectly. I was always able to get a nice result in the end with all of them though, just a couple needed some extra work to look great. They are not super pigmented, but they build up nicely.


Another thing I noticed with this palette is that the matte shades blend pretty nicely together. I put the yellow and the blue in the crease in one look, and where these shades overlapped I got a nice green shade instead if it getting muddy and murky. So they do layer well which is a huge plus if you want to be more creative.

The shimmers work quite good too. Champion and Hero Worship I didn’t have any issues with at all. Excite was a little bit tricky and to make it work as I wanted I figured it needed a damp brush. I also got quite a bit of fallout from it. The duochrome is more on the sheer side, but I really liked how it looked in the inner corners.


Overall I am quite happy with the performance. They are off course not the best eyeshadows I have tried, but for only 6£ these worked way better than expected. They are quite similar in formula to the Soph X Revolution palettes if you have tried them. Definitely a fun and affordable palette that does the job.

The best thing about this palette is probably that you can just pop out the shade. That’s such a neat feature if you need to save space or maybe just want to pop out a few to travel with.

I am for sure tempted to try more eyeshadow from the brand.

Have you ever tried anything from Obsession?