NYX Powder Puff Lippies – Review & Swatches!

I was intrigued by these because of the name. A powder lippie? I was not really sure what to expect but I purchased “Squad Goals” and I never looked back. Actually I went back and I got three more shades eventually. Just to test out the consistency of the formula and try different kind of shades. In the end, I had these four beauties and today I want to tell you all about how they work for me!


The packaging is a long squeeze tube with a classic NYX appearance. I find it to be quite neutral actually. I can’t say this is my favorite packaging. It’s not something that will make me feel fancy when I pull it out to apply, but I don’t hate it either. It’s like that with a lot of NYX products actually. Packaging looks OK, but not particularly beautiful or stylish. It looks simple, and it looks drugstore.

Shade names from top to bottom: Group Love, Puppy Love, Cool Intentions, Squad Goals.

The formula is very unique. I don’t think I have anything like this! It’s not at all a powdery as I was wondering to begin with. It is more so that the finish on the lips makes it looks almost like you put translucent powder on top of a regular lipstick. It looks matte, velvety, blurred and just so pretty. I am a big fan!

So I made lip swatches of them all for you!


Group Love is a nice wearable red.


Puppy Love is a nice bright coral. This is the most outgoing of all the four shades.


Cool Intentions is a cool-toned mauvy neutral. It’s quite a bit on the cool side so not the one I would pair with an orange warm look that has been so popular lately, but still a very pretty shade. This one and Squad Goals” are the two I’ve used the most.


Lastly, the shade that made me pick up three more. Squad Goals is a beautiful dusty rose kind of shade. Perfect for everyday use.


The applicator is pretty unique. I don’t have anything similar in my collection. It took a while to get used too, and even though it works fine for applying these lipsticks, it’s not very precise. I felt that was OK with the nude shades but with the red I felt kind of nervous because it was a tad bit too easy to make mistakes. Noting a red lip liner won’t fix but still, not the easiest applicator.

The wear time is not that long. This is the kind of lipstick that needs to be reapplied. After around 2 hours I felt like it was necessary to re-freshen the color with all my selected shades. It also means that it’s not transfer proof, bur it feels very comfortable on the lips. These are like a regular lipstick kind of formula, but with that unusual velvet finish.

One of the bet things about them is that they are so easy to wear. They look very flattering on the lips, and especially the nudes are quick and easy to apply. The formula doesn’t bleed, and when it starts fading after a few hours it disappears evenly. I don’t have to worry about but-lips or a thin line of color left around the rim of my mouth. It fades evenly when it starts so wear off, and for me that is one of the more charming qualities a lipstick can have. I don’t really mind if they won’t last forever as long as they are not complicated to reapply, and as long as they fade even. So me and these Powder Puff Lippies are great friends!

Did you try these? Are you of the same impression as me, or were they a miss for you? I would love to know what you think in the comment!

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Makeup Favorites – November 2017

Even though it is tempting I will not start this months favorites post by rambling away about how fast November flew by. I guess that’s how it feels every month. I have been loving November this year. Beautiful cold weather, some snow, a bit of traveling and a whole lot of new makeup have been put to the test.


I can just start by mentioning the obvious; I don’t have any lipsticks in my favorites. That is not because I didn’t find new lipsticks I absolutely love, because I did, It is just that I have been testing out so many different lipsticks (around 30 this month) and I don’t think I have worn anything for a significant amount of time for me to call it a favorite. But I must shortly mention that both Guerlain and Dior makes some fantastic liquid lipsticks!

Anyway, lets talk a bit about all the goodies I have been using a lot this month!


The Jacklyn Hill X Morphe palette is by far the most used palette this month. I took this with me traveling for one week so obviously that was the only palette I used at that point. It is a really great traveling palette since you get a shadow for almost any mood, so I didn’t miss anything while I was wearing only this palette. Besides I have been playing around with this palette to create different looks and I hope to have a post with a selection of different makeup looks using this palette in not to long as well as a full on review.

Overall, this is a very versatile palette with good quality shadow. Some cons here and there, but nothing major, and the overall impression of the palette is great. It is beautiful with a nice range of colors and easy to work with. A big hit!



The NYX Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder was in my monthly makeup bag in November. I don’t know if you have seen those post but every month I make a post presenting the makeup I will be using as my everyday makeup to get ready for work. And this guy just won the highlighter game. I love the pink duo-chrome effect and it is so pretty both as a blush-topper and as a highlighter on its own. I am sad to put this back in the drawer for a while to be able to play around with other highlighters as well. I guess I just realized that pink duo-chrome cheekbones are my thing. I did not know that!


The Violet Voss Pro Highlighter palette has been another favorite but I used this more in the evening or during weekends (And yes, I may just apply makeup two times a day just because I enjoy it!). I started testing it out only because I wanted to prepare myself for a review of it, but I just continued to reach for it over and over again. It is so versatile, and the powders are as buttery as they get!


And this have been my favorite combo for my base makeup. I have been all about glowing lately, and I have been using two pumps of the Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear mixed with one drop of Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter in the shade Luminous Gold every day. The foundation gives good coverage and great staying-power while the Liquid Highlighter giver just the glow I want! The Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters are actually no less than great, and I did do a comparison between one of them and the Cover FX custom enhancer drops a while back and you can read it here if you want to know more about how they compare.


If you have been paying attention to the product lists in my makeuplook posts you have seen these two products in the list over and over again. The Maybelline Master Drama Kohl Liner in ultra black is very very black. It is so smooth and creamy and glides on effortlessly. And it is super pigmented! Since it is such a creamy product this work better for those sultry smudged out looks. It does transfer a bit if I use it for tight-lining so I found it better to use it if I want both my upper and lower lash line to be black. Whenever I want the full on dark sultry look this is a go-to!

The Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama gel eyeliner 24h (phew! what a name) has also been by go-to gel liner since I bought it in October. It is creamy and easy to apply and very pigmented. Best thing is that it does not budge so I can also create a bold wing without worrying about it smudging, and I can use the product to tight-line without getting any transfer to my lower lash line throughout the day. Best thing is that it is very affordable, and who doesn’t like a cheap product that works amazingly?


This month I also feature a skincare item. I am a total skincare junkie and I think it is so so important to take proper care of your skin, so I follow a pretty vigorous skincare routine every morning and evening in addition to pampering my skin with scrubs and masks on a very regular basic. So it is always fun to find a product I really love, and this 100 % plant-derived squalene face oil from The Ordinary is such a great moisturizing oil. I use it as a step in my skincare routine just before I apply my nighttime moisturizer so get some extra moisture. This is also the product I slap on my skin after a sauna or a shower just to soak it in some moisture. I also use it before applying makeup if my skin is a bit dull. Highly recommend this if you are looking for a good but affordable facial oil.


I have a few Morphe brushes and I have to say the quality is very inconsistent. Some of them are good, meaning they work and do their job but they are not exceptionally soft or easy to work with. Some of them I found to be not good at all, like their cheapest brushes I find to be a bit stiff and to fall apart quickly. This brush though is a part of their Deluxe series and I was surprised about how soft it is. It is HUGE so it distributes powder with an even wash of product. I like this especially for applying loose setting powder. The bristles are so soft, and quite dense so you don’t get that typical “powder-face” so easily because it buffs the skin a bit while applying powder. I like this so much that I actually trashed my MAC 150 large powder brush because I just found that to be too rough on the skin after getting used to this Morphe brush.

I do have even more products that I have been loving this month, but some of them I found a bit late or have only just started testing out, so it was a little bit premature to put them in my November favorites, but I can already tell that I will have a lot of good stuff to talk about in my December favorites post!

Did you try any of these products yourself? Leave a comment on your thoughts about them!





Whats in my makeupbag – October (Work Edition)

The 1st of every month I collect a group of products dedicated to be used when I make myself ready for work in the morning. Lets just face it, I have waaaay to much makeup to look through it every morning to find what I need (It is ok….I assume you are a makeuplover aswell since you are here reading). I also find it to be a great way to properly test out new products, or give some extra love to old one. By dedicating my makeup to a small range of products for a month I really get to know each product in my bag.

So here you go; A flatlay of my makeup in my makeup bag for October:


And here is a full list of products:

  • Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette.
  • NYX settingspray.
  • Dior Nude Air loose powder 020.
  • Jeffree Star Skinfrost Highlighter “Summer Snowcone”.
  • Maybelline Master Strobing Liquid “Light/Iridecent”
  • Makeup Revolution  Ultra Contour Palette.
  • KIKO long lasting  eyeshadow stick 38 and 25.
  • Anastasia Blush Trio “Peachy Love”
  • Guerlain Meteorites Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer.
  • The Seam Eco Soul Real Fit Foundation.
  • NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer “Vanilla”.
  • Zoeva Eyeshadow Primer.
  • H&M Single Eyeshadows in “Paradise Found”, Bismarck Palm” and “Moss It Over”
  • Colourpop Ultra Satin lip “Bare Necessaties” and “951”
  • NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss “Beige” and “Sweet Heart”.
  • Anastasia Dipbrow “Medium Brown”.
  • Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eyeliner “Black Ebony”.
  • L’Oreal Paradice Extatic Mascara.

Good mix of old and new products! I am really excited to play around with all the new things, maybe in particular the blush trio from Anastasia, The contour palette by Makeup Revolution that I’ve heard so many good things about, and to finally test out a Jeffree Star highlighter!

Butterfly effect – Makeuplook


Since one of the really fun things about makeup is to play around with shapes and colors, I decided it was only suitable to start off this blog with a makeup-look post.

I`ve seen so many stunning looks on Instagram with beautiful butterfly creations so I off course got inspired to do one myself. And a great way to start is to pull out the fun and colorful Nyx Ultimates Bright palette from the drawer and start playing!


I used all the blue shades along with the yellow and green to give it a proper summer vibe!

The eyepencil on the waterline is one of my trusted Kiko Smart eyepencils in nr.813. The butterfly wing is made with a gel liner from Makeupgeek called “Immortal”, and the white dots are made with Maybelline Master Ink in “Matte White”. Brows are my go-to brow pomade Anastasia Dipbrow in “Medium Brown”.

The NYX Ultimate Brights palette is so handy for these kind of looks. I think I can for sure say that this has been my most used palette through August and September. Right now it is THE palette I reach for every time I need some bright matte colors. It has been a true must-have in my collection ever since I got it!