Makeup Revolution Matte Base Foundation – Review!

I am on good terms with Makeup Revolution foundations. The two I have tried from before are the Fast Base Stick and the Conceal & Define foundations. Both of them are great, and both of them are foundations I will and have repurchased. So I was tempted to find out if this one was as good!

I am usually more for dewy or satin finish foundations, but I am not a complete stranger to a good matte one. It all depends on the mood, how my skin is at the moment, and what look I am going for. Sometimes I like very natural, lightweight dewy finish and other times I want flawless full coverage. Naturally that means I need many types of foundations.


This one promise to blur pores, have a matte full coverage finish while still being light weight on the skin and long-wearing airbrushed finish. As usual, the promises are high, and the downfall can be rough if the foundation don’t live up to the claims.

First of all. With the amount of product I used I don’t agree that it’s full coverage. I would say medium, but I do prefer using a smaller amount of foundation. A small pea sized amount is usually enough for me. Surely, adding more will give more coverage. It does feel light weight and comfortable on the skin. I don’t know if I would say airbrushed, but my skin actually do look nice! I think my skin is just a bit to old to ever look airbrushed. I will leave that to all of you under 25….you’re welcome!


But matte is not an exaggeration at all. This one really is matte. It’s so matte that it sets itself and you don’t have to use a finishing powder. It dries down pretty quickly too. Since it’s such a matte foundation that dries down, it also means that it’s a bit unforgiving on dry skin. My skin is normal but can go a bit dry/dehydrated as seasons chance. Right now I don’t have much dryness, but the little I had was enhanced by this foundation. I don’t think this will be a very good choice if you have dry skin.


It does last on my skin for a very long time. I was actually impressed with how nicely it stayed on my face. I didn’t see any patchiness, or any traces of the foundation settling into lines. And maybe most importantly of all, after a full 8 hour work day the foundation was still completely matte. Overall it just wears very nicely with minimal fading and I didn’t get shiny at all.


I am a bit skeptical how it would look on dry skin since it’s so matte and long lasting, but I think this will work nicely for oily skin, and my normal to dehydrated skin matched really nice with this.

This is now the third foundation from Makeup Revolution that gets my seal of approval! If I want a cheap drugstore foundation in the future, Makeup Revolution will be the first place for me to look because I have been so very lucky with their formulas. If you like matte foundations, this one is really worth a go!



Revolution Conceal & Define Full Coverage Foundation – Review!

After using and loving the Revolution Fast Base Stick and rating the  Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer among my Top 5 Concealers I guess I don’t really have to say that I had pretty high expectations for it.


The first thing I noticed about this is that the glass bottle makes it feel and look much more expensive than it is. It looks high end, which is always great when we are talking about lower end drugstore! Who does not want great stuff for less right? The bottle has an applicator. Similar to the one in the Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer just bigger. Some people have issues with that regarding hygiene. I do see the point, however most people use concealer wands under their eyes and to spot conceal without complaining about hygiene so I don’t really see the difference. It’s not like you have bacteria on your forehead but not underneath your eyes. However, this is a good point for a working makeup artist where hygiene is completely different than what it is for your own personal collection. But enough rambling, if hygiene and applicators are an issue it’s possible just to dab the applicator on a brush or sponge first. I don’t mind so I just apply directly with the applicator.

I did however find a small problem with this having an applicator and that is that I have to dip it into the bottle several times to get enough, and every time I pull out the applicator I could end up spraying tiny drops of foundation all over unless I pulled it out very carefully. Maybe I am just a cave woman, but I ended up with small droplets of foundation all over a new eyeshadow palette before I realized I had to be super careful. And I was not happy about that.


But when you finally get it on it looks nice. The coverage is good. I would say medium but build-able, but to be fair I don’t felt like I needed to build it up since I don’t have much I need to cover up. However, if you want that full coverage they say it has it needs to be layered. The finish is quite matte. I found it to be easy to apply both with a brush and with a sponge and It applied nice and evenly and blended into the skin quite quick. I did not notice any oxidizing.

At first it looks very nice on the skin. You do get a nice, matte porcelain skin and I really like that look. I don’t think it looks overly done either even though it has quite a lot of coverage, but it’s important to find the right shade with this as it is more than just a sheer cover. I picked up F4 and F6. The first one being just right during winter, and the second which is a bit more yellow works fine during spring when I have a bit of color, but would be too light during summer.


Even though it does look great upon application, and for a few hours, I do see some cracking around my nose and on my forehead after about 4 hour wear. You would have to get really close to see that, so it does not look too bad, but there is definitely something going on. After around 8 hours I have some fading in those areas, meaning it’s not the most long lasting foundation on my skin. It do think that this foundation could work better on oily skin, and that it may look a bit dry on dry skin. I do have normal skin that tends to be a tiny bit dry when the season change. I would not reach for this during those dry moments.

To be completely honest I m not sure if I will pick up this one again after I finish these two. You never know, maybe they for example work wonders in 6 months, but for now I do have foundations that look better than this after 8 hours. With that said I really like the looks of it for the first 3-4 hours so unless I really need my foundation to work a full work day I can reach for this for my evening makeup for instance.


Overall, not bad at all. Love the look of it for the first hours, but will be careful with this if I do have some dry skin. I would however like it to have a bit more longevity, and if I had to stick with just one foundation from Revolution it would without doubt be the fast base stick which just seems to work better for my skin (and I love the finish of that as well).

Either way, the foundation is super cheap so absolutely worth a try, but my guess is that people with normal to oily skin will have better luck with it.

Did you try this foundation? What are your experience with the formula?



Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation – Review!

After Revolution’s big success with their Revolution Conceal & Define I got tempted to try more base products. Could there be other gems hidden in their collection? For a reasonable 5£ giving the Fast Base Stick Foundation a go would clearly not break the bank, so I did.


The foundation comes in a sleek, nude packaging with gold details. The desing is very simple, but still pleasing to look at. The plastic does however have a slightly cheap feel to it, and the product does not have much weight to it. I do think it looks classic and pretty though. The price is a stunningly cheap 5£, but I could not find anywhere on the packaging or the website that gave any information about how much product it holds. After around 2 weeks of use I am a bit less than halfway through the stick (But I did apply it generously) so I would say it’s not going to last as long as the regular foundation bottle does for me. I am OK with that since it’ so cheap anyways.


My skin is usually normal. I can when the weather changes get some dry patches, but usually I am pretty normal. I don’t have acne or acne scarring to cover. Not much redness and I don’t get oily. At the time I tested this foundation out I was a bit bothered with dry patched due to weather changes being a bit crazy lately.

I found that the stick glides on very easy and melts into the skin. My favorite way of blending it unto my face was with a foundation brush- A beauty sponge gave a nice result as well but took a bit longer to work into the skin.

The finish is beautiful. I love how it looks on the skin. It gives a bit of a heavier look, so it’s not one of those foundations that gives a super natural finish and you can’t really tell it’s there. You can definitely tell I am wearing foundation with this, but in a porcelain doll-skin kind of way, not the pancake cake-face kind of way. The coverage is medium and the finish is dewy. I actually think it looks really stunning. It takes a while before it sets on the face, and it absolutely needed a setting powder on me in order not to slide around when I touch my face. But I love how this looks! It did not seem to enhance any dryness on my face either, but it did slightly enhance the look of my pores. I have quite small pores in the first place, but maybe something to keep in mind if big pores is an issue for you, because it surely seemed to enhance the appearance of mine.


Longevity is medium. It lasts me for a work day. The good thing is that it fades nicely. It does not disappear in patches or cake up in any areas on me. One of the things I really appreciate in a foundation is it’s abilities to fade with grace. I can’t stand a foundation that cakes up, flakes up or cracks as it fades. I am OK with them disappearing after a while as long as they do it nicely, and this one does.

I will absolutely make a repurchase of this one. I love how it looks and how it wears and it just glides on and blends out like butter. For the price you can’t beat it.

Congrats Revolution, this is another gem!

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