Trash Talk – Beauty Empties!

Time to do a summary of how I liked my recent empties! The procedure is the same as with all these posts! I will talk about each product individually and give a little mini review of all of them. There are the products we will go through today!


A little mixture of haircare, bodycare and makeup items this time too. As usual I will number them. The original idea was to reach 200 products, but that was much harder than I expected. I guess that’s not a bad thing. Why use more if you don’t need to?


#143 – Co Lab Dry Shampoo “Unicorn”: I usually reach for Batiste when I buy dry shampoo, but this unicorn scented one sucked me in. I was so curious about what unicorns smells like! Turns out I really like this one. Batiste gives more texture to the hair, but if you don’t want that this one is a great option. My hair felt clean and refreshed and I could not see any white cast. If I have to use a lot of dry shampoo I sometimes feel like the Batiste one gives too much texture so that the hair feels a bit sticky. With this one that was not an issue. I will for sure pick up Co Lab again, but maybe another scent. I am not sold on unicorns after all.

#144 – Heimish All Clean Balm: This is a great cleansing balm that melts to an oil and remove makeup very efficiently. Have gone through many many jars of this, and I can absolutely see myself picking up more. Works wonders without being too expensive.

#145 – Bella Lucce Argan & Acacia Rich Body Creme: The body cremes form Bella Lucce are so luxurios and good I would happily pick this up again. Sadly the line is discontinues. Such a bummer because it was among my favorite body care lines with spa quality.


#146 – Rituals Shanti Shower Soothing Shower Oil: Nice, hydrating rose scented shower oil. Shower oils are excellent to prevent dry skin after a shower. I love that this one comes with a pump. Will pick up another one of these!

#147 – Rituals Brilliant Bliss Nourishing Ultra Shine Shampoo: This one really does leave my hair nice and shine. I do however miss a bit of volume when I use it. It’s not a bad shampoo, I just think my hair needs something slightly different, and I am not sure if I would pick this up again. Maybe is my hair change.

#148 – Rituals Shikakai Secret Nourishing Ultra Shine Conditioner: This matches the shampoo. Give a lot of nourishing and shine, but makes my hair a bit flat. I need something that also helps a bit with volume.


#149 – Mario Badescu Facial Spray: I tried using it as both as facial spray and as a finishing spray for makeup. It did absolutely nothing for me. But the good thing about sprays like these are that you can use them to dampen your makeup brushes so you don’t have to waist your good stuff. Will not pick this up again, and honestly I don’t know why so many rave about this. Scented water in a bottle.

#150 – Clarins Lip Comfort Oil: I really liked the scent and how it felt on my lips in the beginning. I even had it in my monthly favorites over a year ago or so. But as time went by I figured it was kind of over priced for what it is. I mean, the product is good, but I have cheap lip balms that are just as hydrating. I don’t think I will repurchase.

Did you try any of these products? What are your thought on them? Let me know in the comments!



Time for a new empties post!


Once again I have collected all my beauty trash to share with you (Only beauty and makeup lovers can get excited about someone else trash). I have a good mixture of everything, some bath products, some skincare, some makeup, some good stuff and some bad stuff. Take a good look at this picture. What do you think I found to be a bad product??


Let’s start off good. With some korean skincare! This is a cleansing balm and I found it to be absolutely delightful! It says on the jar that it “Provides a moisturized feel to skin as it softly melts like sorbet”, and I say YES to all of that. I use it without any cotton pads. I just put a bit on my face and I start massaging the products that melts to an oil (not the kind that blurs your vision and you never get out of your eyes, this just doesn’t do that). If I wear a natural face the makeup is gone within seconds. If I wear a very heavy face of makeup I just continue to gently massage around my eyes (does not burn at all!) until it all melts away. Just like a private little spa-session. After that I go straight to facial cleanser and my skin is left completely makeup free. I already opened another one that looks and feel the same, but the jar is pink. Still trying to figure out what is different compared to this one. Anyway, both are great and I really recommend them!


I love Rituals and one of my all time favorite products from them are the Hammam clay scrub. This product is kind of the same. The only difference is the scent. Since I love the Hammam mud scrub so much then it is self explanatory that this is also a fantastic product. I just prefer the Hammam scent. The Hammam scrub was featured in my last empties post and you can read it here if you are interrested in it.


Bella Lucce is also one of my long time favorite skin care brands. They have a range of products with a delicious chocolate scent that I just can’t stop sniffing! This is their body wash of that range, with the same good scent. It also has a beautiful rich lather, so this is with no doubt a quality soap! I would love to get a new one, but it is a bit of a hazard to get since they don’t ship internationally anymore like they used to (cries inside).


This “Multifruit Regenerative Face Cream” is also from Bella Lucce, and is also a well loved product. A refreshing citrus scent, lots of moisture and it leaves my skin looking so refreshed! Again, I would love to repurchase because it makes my skin look so healthy and radiant, but again there is this international shipping issue.


And here are the bad products! When I first received the Colourpop eyeliners I was so excited because they were so pigmented, smooth and affordable. Plus they lasted all day on my waterline. But, this did not last long. Within months it dried out completely, and they either broke or they where just so dry I just could not get any pigment out. I know they are just 5$ but when you have to repurchase every two months it is not so cheap. Maybe not all shades dry out that fast though. The silver shade was still rich and creamy, there was just nothing left because it all broke off. I prefer sticking to products that has a bit longer lifespan than this. I love most things from Colourpop, but these are just…..bad.

The Physicians Formula one on the bottom is actually empty because I used it and not because it broke off or dried out. It is a medium brown shimmery shade and I used it a lot on my lower lash-line. I enjoyed it, but I know about better eyeliner pencils so I wont repurchase this one either.


This was not a hit either. Mostly because of the scent. It smelt like very synthetic fruit, like the kind they put in cheap candy. It was also fillet with tiny green spheres (that I assumed was supposed to mimic kiwi seeds but I don’t think they fooled anyone with that). Does give your skin some hydration so it is not all bad, but there are so many GOOD products out there I just can’t waist my time with mediocre ones. Will surely not repurchase this.


Sheet-masks though. I love those! These are both from a 10-pack from Tonymoly and I really like them. I can see an improvement on my skin just by one use It just looks plumper, hydrated and radiant (actually regardless of if I use purifying, radiance or moisturizing mask. They kind of give me the same result). I used this together with a friend and I could actually see a difference in her skin as well. So great stuff!


Soap & Glory’s Scrub Your Nose In It is probably a familiar product to many. I love it! It is just rough enough for my face. The scrub is packed with scrubbing seeds but they are so small it feels like fine sand. Really efficient but not to harsh exfoliant. Like the refreshing minty scent also. Very uplifting! I would by it again, but I didn’t see it at Boots when I went to look at it. So I am crossing my fingers it is not discontinued and will pop by the store again to look for it at some point. This is a “always in my shower” kind of product.


This MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural was old and ready to get used up. I really like this powder since it gives a bit of coverage without looking too heavy. So I already got a new one, with the new packaging. Gosh, this must be like 4 years old. Good riddance!

And that sums up all my empties for this time. Did you manage to guess what product I didn’t like in the beginning? Leave me a comment below on what you guessed!