Makeup Hauls – August 2019!

OK, so the hauls collected in August is quite a bit less than what I got in June, but I have a pile of things I need to review and I really need to slow down on collecting more palettes untill I work my way through a bit. So I am trying to limit myself a bit. Not being too successful but at least there is a decrease in stuff since last month.

Anyway, you may notice something strange, and that is that there are no Colourpop hauls this time. That’s actually the first time since I started writing these monthly hauls. There is just always something from Colourpop. Off course, I did order something, it’s just that the parcel arrived two days into September, so those items (which are delicious little things by the way) will be presented in the next haul post.


Since I already love Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick foundation, and really really like the Conceal & Define foundation I figured it could not hurt to test out their Matte Base Pore Blurring Full Coverage Foundation. I haven’t heard that much about it and it’s been a while since it came out. It’s kind of the same thing with these Makeup Revolution Eye Glisten thingies. There is one liquid shadow on one side, and a glitter on the other side. I picked up the shade Yours Truly (pink) and It’s Fate (Champagne and silver). No wonder that they release a bunch of stuff we never hear about. I mean no one in the world’s got time to review all their releases unless they were solely a Makeup Revolution review site. Anyway, I am excited to try these. Would you like to now what I feel about these? Or is the reason for the quiet around them that people are indifferent?


BH Cosmetics released some beautiful stuff lately as well! I picked up the beautiful Glowing in Greece blush and highlighter palette. It’s so so pretty! It rarely happens to me that I find the blush palette to be the most attractice in a collection but this time around that was the case. I also picked up the palette Summer In St.Tropes. It does have both some fun shades as well as more neutral options, which is something I love. But I have to admit the blues and the yellows was what drew me in. I hope the quality will be similar to the Weekend Festival palette, which is in my opinion the best palette BH Cosmetics have made.


Also, I was lucky enought to recieve some PR from Dumb Blonde Cosmetics, and I got the Tropic Like It’s Hot collection featuring 4 summery fun pigments, and 4 glitters.

I don’t showcase much PR on my blog or IG and the reason being I don’t really get much at all. Almost every time a brand reach out I do decline the offer. And I never reach out to brands to tell them about my excistence either. My philosophy is that I have so much makeup already, and I can afford to buy basically what I want, so I don’t see any point in recieving PR unless it’s actually something I would have liked to buy myself. After all my pile of new makeup is more than large enough to feed me with review material for my blog for months and months, and I don’t need free stuff I don’t really want to clutter up. I do think it’s better that I just buy the things I really want. But when this brand reached out I did a rare thing and happily accepted, because her products looks so cute.


And sure thing, the glitters are so cute! I do love chunky glitter and that is also a part of my collection that I feel like expanding. Chunky glitter can just save any look! So after receaving the PR package I was so happy with the products that I ordered these glitters as well, I even got some free samples thrown in the order which is so nice! Now I have a bunch of chunky goodess to add to looks.


I got some more palettes too! From Makeup Revolution. I already got two palettes from ther Forever Flawless series and I am quite happy with the formula on these. They are cheap, the packaging is nice, and the shadows are among the better ones from Makeup Revolution. So when they ca out with the Forever Flawless Ice palette, I just had to. It reminds me of simething though, because it looks awfully much like a Blue Blood dupe.


I am not a big fan of the food palette trend that’s been going on lately. I don’t want pizza palettes, or burger palettes, or milkshake palettes. Especially when they are shaped like mentiond food item. It’s just not my thing. But a regularly shaped palette with an Avocado theme I can get on board with. Besides I love green, and this palette looks so pretty. So the Makeup Revolution Avocado Palette had to be mine!


And so did this Turkish Delight palette (again something foody). This is the first one of the chocolate bar palettes I’ve tried. They never really tempted me, ut this one did! I love the color story, and also that there are several different textures in this palette including glitters! And glitter just makes me happy!


The last item is also a palette, but for your cheeks! The Balm just have the cutest

Makeup Hauls – July 2019!

So, I am a bit late showing you these as we are well into August already, but July was kind of crazy busy and I absolutely had to show you these goodies anyways even though it’s a bit late. I recieved a lot of stuff I ordered the month before (shipping takes so long when you live north of the wall. I don’t know, maybe the parcels travel with reindeer sleds). So, I have a lot of palettes to show you guys!


I decided to try the brand Focallure. I have heard many good things and they are very affordable. Good and affordable is my jam so I picked up no less then 5 palettes. Three of the travel palettes: Perth, Turkey and Paris. I also picked up the Morphe X Jacklyn Hill palette dupe Endless Posabilities and the Huda Beauty New Nude Dupe called Sunrise. I hve my fingres crossed they perform well!


Also, the three new palettes from Makeup Revolution with animal prints was for some reason irresistable to me. But they look so fun, and based on the quick finger swatches I did they seem promising! They are called Courage (cheetah print), Fierce (tiger print) and Integirty (zebra print).


Well, that was not the only things I picked up from Makeup Revolution. I also got three of their new Blusher Reloaded blushers in the shades Ballerina, Pop My Cherry and Peach Bliss. I also decided to test out the Revolution Pro Pigment Pomades that I have been wanting to test and review for you guys for a while. Keeping my fingers crossed they are good. The shades are Hot Pink, Trendy Turquois and Paper White.


Also Jeffree Star released what I may think is his most exciting palette so far. A fun and a bit different rainbow palette with the Jeffree Star formula. Yes, please! Meet the Jawbreaker palette.


I can’t believe I picked up two Huda Beauty New Nudes dupe palette in one month! But  Revolution Pro (yes, I realize now how much I picked up from the revolution brands) released the New Naturals palette. Another shameless dupe. I don’t have the Huda Beauty original, but I was thinking about doing a “battle of the dupes” just seeing which one of the dupes are the better palette. Within the collection they had some other nice stuff and I got the Glow Goddess Primer and two of their matte lipsticks in the shades “Cashmere” and “Velvet”.


The Kaleidos brand is also a new encounter, but I have heard nothing but good things about the Deepsea Luster palette, and look how incredible it looks! I mean, there are some really nice shifts in these shades so I am sure this one will be fun to play with!



Whale Song is a palette I have been waiting and waiting for. Already when I saw the front of the packaging way back before it was released, before it was decided that it would not be released after all, and before they finally (and luckily) decided that they would make it anyway I knew I needed this palette in my life. Just for the name, just for the whales. Have you ever heard whales sing? It’s incredible, and I had to pick this up just because it reminds me of some of my close-up whale encounters. Also, does not hurt that it’s blue and green!


And, there is no month without a Colourpop haul! Off course I had to add the new monochromatic palette Uh Huh Honey to my collection. Since I love the Super Shock Highlighters I picked up a new shades “Smoke N Whistles”, as well as two of the blush sticks so I can do a proper review of them (I have a total of three now).


I love Juvia’s Place palettes. I have said that so many times now it gets borderline boring. So I had to have the new Nubian 3 Coral palette. Such an unexpected color scheme but that’s what makes this so interesting to me. And I am sure the formula is bomb as usual!


I am almost done. Just one big palette left. The Limecrime 2 XL palette. It’s so incredably beautiful. This is also a new eyeshadow formula to me so I get tons of new exciting new stuff to learn about this month. So happy with all the new gems I got to add to my collection this month!

That’s all for last months hauls. Did you pick up anything exciting lately?