MAC Hyper Real Glow Highlighter Palette – Review!

I stumbled upon this on the airport when I was traveling a few weeks ago. Or, I knew that this palette excisted, I had just never really given it a second thought. It has three of those neutral champagne highlighters in different depths and I probably have 50 shades like that (I don’t think I am even exaggerating). But I saw it in the store, and I figured I would swatch is just for shits and giggles you know. And then I bought it.


I guess I don’t have to say that swatching this palette really impressed me. These are super creamy, buttery and soft to touch. They almost feel like a cream, but they are powders…..I think. They really feel creamy, but you can use them just like a powder, and it behaves like a powder when you apply them. And they are so nice! Really pigmented and reflective but no glitter. Just a beautiful creamy glow. Just my kind of thing to be honest.


The packaging is pretty basic. I mean, this is pretty expensive but still it’s a  cardboard packaging. The cardboard feels more luxurious than say the one you get from Colourpop, and the palette has a it of weight to it. But still, it’s just a simple black cardboard packaging. It looks nice though, but for instance Tarte makes really nice packaging for a much more affordable price. You obsiously pay for the products here and not the packaging.


The powders are just stunning though. I got the lighter trio (they have one that is a bit darker) and I have a light skin tone. Not fair, but light. I can now in winter, without even a fraction of a tan use two of the shades. The third I can use in summer withouth doubt, which is great because that means I can actually get use out of all of the highlighters and nothing goes to waist.

The glow this gives is just beautiful. It gives a nice reflective glow, that you can apply sparingly for a neutral finish, or you can get that really intense glow. It does not have even a fleck of glitter, so these are purely glowy and not sparkly. They remind me a bit about how Ofra highlighters look, but the formula feel very different. But to give you an idea, the result on the skin instantly makes me think of Ofra. Which is a compliment for sure because I love Ofra highlighters!


The formula is really fine milled and it does not enhance pores or texture. Or, I mean, It’s highlighter… highlights. But it does not emphasize texture like some highlighters do. I think this will be very good for mature skin too since they look so flattering.

It was an expensive swatch, but I am so happy I stopped by the counter and had a closer look, because this palette instantly got a place among my favorites. I bet I will get a lot of use out of this.

If you are in the market for some great champagne highlighter with no glitter at all and a gorgeous glow, then this is worth checking out!