Liveglam Kiss Me Liquid Lipstick subscription – August 2018!

The august lipstick bundle have arrived and received a proper test round! So now it’s about time to share my opinions on this months bundle.

If you are unfamiliar with the Liveglam KissMe subscription it is a monthly subscription where you receive 3 lip products each month for just below 20$. The lip products have different formulas like gloss, satin lipsticks or regular matte liquid lipsticks, where the matte formula is by far the most common. You can easily skip a month or, switch out one of the shades with previously released shades if you like. For me I find this to be a very good way to test out different colors, because I for sure get to test and try some shades I would never really pick up myself in the store. Sometimes they are hits, and sometimes they are not. But it’s always fun to try something new!

But lets talk about the august bundle! This months theme were wine. So we got one dark plum, one mid-tone fuchia and one dusty rose nude to fit the color theme. The packaging is a bit different from usual with the metallic red cap and black letters and details. They do look really pretty!

Sip Happens is the darkest plum shades. It really is dark and vampy! Usually have had some trouble with the dark matte lippies from Liveglam, so they are not my favorites to received. This time however, the formula seemed different. More mousey and not so liquidy. They still applied nicely, but I was hoping the change in formula would mean better quality of this dark, vampy beauty. I sort of did. I wore it for four hours straight without any fading, the lips still looked great. But as soon at I ate something the lipstick started falling off. Really dark shades like this rarely fade in a flattering way. So if I am not going to eat or drink much, I would be happy to wear this shade again, but I will stay away from this if I am having lunch or dinner. It is just too obvious when it fades due to the color being so dark. It did need two layers to apply evenly, but I do love the color I ended up with. It’s just not fitting for any occasion.

Pour Decisions is a stunning fuchia. It’s mid toned but kind of muted and looks absolutely beautiful on the lips without being too pink. This has a much better staying power than Sip Happens, and also it’s not that visible when it starts to fade. I did wear this easily for 6 hours, but after that my lips usually get enough of dry liquid lipsticks and I prefer putting some lipbalm over top. I then got an additional 3 hour wear out of it. Color is also very pretty. Since I have quite pigmented lips I tend to be comfortable with lipsticks in the mid-toned range and this one is no exception. I really really like this, and think out of all the shades this month this one will be the most used!

Lastly the pretty rosy nude named Hakuna Moscato is another favorite. The Liveglam nudes are usually long wearing and this one lasts easily for 6 hours too! It’s also a perfect everyday nude. Liveglam does nudes very well and I usually really like them, so I bet this one will be used quite regularly as well.

The overall verdict is again that the dark lip could work better, but I am fairly happy with received two lippies I will get a lot of use out of.

Have you ever tried these lipsticks? What are your verdict?

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Liveglam Kiss Me Liquid Lipstick Subscription – July 2018!

My July subscription package arrived late in the month again, and I barely got time to squeeze in some testing time before the month is over (Luckily as a member you can buy or trade for old releases, so if you see something here you like they are still possible to get a hold on).


This month we got some fun summery shades. Two of them with their regular liquid lipstick formula which is usually light-weight, pigmented and with fairly good staying power. We also got one gloss this month. As always they all smell soooo good!

Usually the bundle holds a theme and this month “Let’s Get Hauti” collection has an obvious marine theme with lipstick names as “Slaylor”, “Nauti” and “Yachtie”. The shades are not very marine though but the bright pink, neon pale coral and iridescent gloss are a fun and bright collection nevertheless.


As usual I go through the shades one by one. I like to do that because there is some inconsistency in the formula so I would just like for you to know which one worked for me and which ones did not. Secondly I like to go in depth about the colors and how I find them. These colors, even though they are pretty and I can totally see how people would want to wear them, are not exactly my cup of tea. I am not sure if I will get used to them or not. But lets take them one by one.


Slaylor is a intense medium toned barbie pink. The shade is actually kind of cool and I like how it looks, but I find pink to be a bit of a scary color. I love nudes, mauves, reds, oranges and even browns, but fore some reason I have a hard time with pinks (unless they are nudes then we are good). It is a cool color though. It is very very bright though, so it is not for the faint of heart. The longevity is about 3-4 hours (including snacking and drinking) but the brightness of the color makes it very obvious that it has faded. It gives that butt-hole effect that I am not a huge fan of, and I can’t image too many other people are either. With a gloss on top it fades much nicer, off course sacrificing a bit of the longevity on the way, but with this shade I prefer it. The Kiss Me liquid lipsticks are usually very easy to apply anyway, and I rarely need a lip liner or more than a minute so reapplying is not a big deal. I definitely prefer this shade with a gloss!


Nauti is the other matte liquid lipstick of this bundle, and I thought it would be a nice nude coral on me. But this is intense! It is so neon, and a bit too pale for me, so it just looks super weird. I can imagine this being really cool on someone with super pale skin, but on me it just looks all kinds of wrong. The color just does not work for me. As with the “Slaylor” shade, the brightness makes it way too obvious that it is fading, so it works better with a gloss (and will maybe tone it down a bit as well). But, if I made an ombre lip with Slaylor all over the lips and Nauti in the center I really liked the looks of it!


Yachtie is the gloss in this bunch. The formula is lovely. It feels almost balmy, and has a nice slip without being goopy or sticky. Just a nice, comfy gloss. The color is a very pretty pink iridescent with a blue shift. I do like it, but I am still a bit disappointed, because the swatches on the Liveglam Instagram page made it look sooo much more intense. This one is just a very sheer version of that swatch. Still a pretty gloss though, and it does match very well with the other shades in the bundle.


All in all, the quality of the bundle is decent, but even though the colors are pretty I don’t think I will be reaching for these shades that often. That’s the thing with these subscriptions though. Not all shades will be your new favorite, but at least they are fun trying out. And who knows, maybe I discover that I really like something I originally would not try.



LiveGlam KissMe Liquid Lipstick Subscription – May 2018

The beautiful bridal themes lip bundle for May just recently came, and I have been wearing the different shades for a few day just to get to know the shades and the quality. I’ve had this subscription since October 2017, and for the most I am very happy with the formula, especially on the nude and red shades. I have experienced some issues with the dark ones so I decided this month would be my final “dark-lippie-month” if I dislike the darkest shade. You do have the option to switch out shades in the subscription if you see something you don’t think you will use, so if the dark shade did not work this time I actually considered that strategy for future months.


This month we got two matte liquid lipsticks and one gloss. I had my suspicions that I would not like all the shades this month, but I was wrong…luckily! I actually really like both the color and quality of both the liquid lipsticks. The gloss is, well, a gloss. I find it hard tell if a gloss is good or just OK. I mean, you can easily tell if they are bad, because they are very sticky. And you can easily tell if the formula is exceptional like the Guerlain Gloss D’Enfer. But everything in between is just…glosses.


Anyway, the packaging seems to be changed (it was the same last month too). I have talked about this before that the applicator and the color of the lid is different. The tube is also a tiny bit shorter than the old one. I kind of miss the old packaging because it actually did look a bit more luxurious. The lid now looks more like plastic than it used to. I hope they will switch back to their old packaging. Not that they looked bad now, but the younger version was better looking. Not everything age well. You still get the same scent and the same 2.8 ml amount, so there are just some slight changes in packaging, but please, change it slightly back!

But lets talk shades!


Bachleorette was the shade I really expected to be disappointed with. I have gotten a few darker shades in this subscription since October, and the quality has been a bit mixed, but overall they haven’t been on par with the nudes or reds. Some of them (Like Vixen from the October 2017 bundle) has been downright awful!  It is just like the formula did not work as well with darker shades. Some of them have been a bit patchy and needed two layers and they did not last as long. This time it seems like the formula has change to the better. I could not see any unevenness or streakyness after applying one layer, which is always a plus. So i  left it on expecting it to fade quite quickly since it was a darker shade. Some hours one dinner and one huge mug of coffee later the lipstick was still pretty intact. Only a slight fade on the inner rim of the lips, but it had only faded a bit in strength and the color was still there. That  is pretty decent for a dark lipstick treated rough. This is without any doubt the best dark lipstick I ever received through this subscription. And I love the dark vampy shade! I hope they continue creating darker lips with this quality.


Bride To Be is my clear favorite. A pinky mid-toned nude with a matte finish. It looks just gorgeous on the lip, and is a perfect nude for me. Not to pale (I have fair skin but very pigmented lips so very pale nudes feel a bit weird to me) and not to dark. I could easily use this color for work everyday. It has a very good staying power as well. I usually find the nudes in this formula to be better than average and that is still true with this. After 6 hours and a meal it still looked good and did not need to be reapplied. Just a gorgeous shade that looks great on the lips for hours and hours, and it’s just my kind of shade. I am eyeing a favorite here!


Fiancée is the gloss in the bundle. A pale baby pink without shimmer. The gloss has medium opacity. Some color shows, but it is not in any way opaque. It just give a nice soft, pink blur to your lips. The formula of the gloss is very comfy. It feels light-weight and is not sticky at all. So the formula of the gloss is good. It is nice for everyday and gives a quite subtle look. Great for days when you don’t want to wear that much makeup but just want to throw on a little something. It is pretty, everyday friendly, comfy and all that. But kind of just a gloss if you get what I mean. I have been a bit more into glosses as of lately, so I will probably get some good use out of it though.


But, lets talk about how hard it is to swatch a neutral non-opaque gloss. Sorry, but it just does not really show up that well. It is still pretty though, you just have to take my word for it. But look how gorgeous the two mattes are! They are swatched in the same order as they are described. Bachleorette on top, Bride To Be in the middle, and Fiancée on the bottom.

This months subscription was good for me. I will definitely use all of the different shades, and especially Bride To Be is something I see myself reaching for often.


If you read this after the May bundle has disappeared just know that they can be bought separately from the LiveGlam web page now, which I think is great because I have been wanting some of the older shades myself, but I didn’t want to disrupt my subscription bundle because that would kind of take the point out of this post.

If you want to try one of the older lipsticks just make sure to pick up a nude or a red, those have the best formula out of the older versions.

Which one of these shades did you prefer?





KissMe Liquid Lipstick Subscription March 2018!

Time to summarize my thought on the KissMe Liquid Lipsticks I received this month. I always enjoy receiving colors that are more unique to my collection, and especially receiving shades that I probably would not pick up myself. For me that is one of the big advantaged with this subscription, and I’ve been surprised more than once. I mean, how can I know if a neon orange will look good on me or not if I’ve never tried it? This month I got a nice threesome of browns and oranges. None of these shades were my typical go-to, which makes them even more fun to try.


My initial thought when I opened the silk bag that contains the lippies were disappointment. Because they looked different than I imagined. Not the shade of the lipsticks but the packaging. As you can see on the photo of the information sheet that comes with them, they do have their regular rose gold top and details, and I expected them to look the way I am used too. Instead the lid and writing on the bottle was a dusty metallic pink. I mean, the packaging is still nice, but this is not what was advertises. This is not what I purchased! Because, I guess the inside counts the most, but I did buy this product expecting a very different packaging, because that was what they advertised.


Oh well, disappointment set aside (I am obviously a tad bit picky here) lets talk about what is important. The shades and how they perform!

Sugar Daddy is a warm chocolate brown shade. I like brown shades after recently (In my mind 6 months is recent) getting some from Jeffree Star, but before that I was a bit more skeptical to those shades. Too much 90’s vibes for me. But I have grown to really appreciate brown shades, and I got quite a few now from ranging from very light to very dark. I was happy to add another brown to my collection. This one is a bit streaky though, and it definitely needs two coats. I also think it definitely needs a lip liner. Something I noticed about KissMe Lipsticks is that if they need two coats they are usually not as long lasting as the ones that only need one swipe, and that was the case with this too. Since it is a dark shade that is not too long-lasting, the risk for butthole lips are quite high. The shade is lovely though, so my favorite way to wear this is just with a lipbalm on top. That also gets rid of the matte finish unfortunately, but it makes the lipstick wear much more nicely, and since the longevity is already compromised a bit I found it better to just add some chapstick and wear this as if it was a regular lipstick. The shade is cool and I will wear it again. just not as a matte butthole.


Tease was the shade I guessed I would find most flattering on me. I think the shade is something between mahogany and brick red. Not as dark as Sugar Daddy, and with more red tones. Still some 90’s vibes but with a red velvet tough. I love this shade, It is stunning. This one applies nice and easy with one layer, feels super comfy on the lips, and lasts for around 5 hours. i did both drink and eat while testing it out and I had no need for touch-ups.

Crush was he most daring shade of the bunch. A bright neon orange that really pops. I have orange lipsticks, but nothing as vivid as this, so I figured it was a nice feature to my collection. This has the usual longevity of 5-6 hours, the pigmentation is nice and even and it gives good coverage in one swipe. Good and fun shade for those of you who are into bright orange. I don’t know if that is me but I appreciate having the option.


Tease was the big favorite this month, the other two are nice but I don’t think they will be my new favorites. Maybe not the best month for my personal taste, and the quality of Sugar Daddy was maybe a bit lower than expected. But all months can’t be all hits for me. I am sure someone loves their new neon bright lipstick, and I am very happy to add a color to my collection that I didn’t own. So overall, not too shabby, but I think tease is the only shade I will get proper use of this time.


Another chance I noticed was that they have a new applicator. It has a bend to it that hugs the lips. It is a bit unusual at first because I was used to the standard doe-foot they had, but this new one works really well. It hugs the lips and gives an even application, but is still easy to use, so I could actually apply dark lipstick without looking like a parody of the Joker. I can appreciate that!

The scant is still the lovely sweet cookie-dough vanilla scent. Thinking about it I need to go to get myself some Ben & Jerry Cookie dough ice cream!

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Kiss Me Liquid Lipstick Subscription – February 2018!

Time for another review of the lipstick bundle from the Liveglam Liquid Lipstick subscription. Since this month is from February it is with a valentines days theme. So they mixed up their regular packaging and this month the cap and details are baby pink instead of rose gold. There are even little hearts on the top of the cap as a nice finishing touch. Cute!


The shade selection is also of the more romantic kind. There is one clear gloss with golden shimmer, on bright barbie pink matte lip, and one darker fuchsia pink matte lip.


Valentine is the matte barbie pink shade. I am a bit scared of shades like this. Barbie pinks tend to age me and make my teeth look yellow, which is not my usual go-to look. Especially mattes seem to be particularly hard to pull of for me. I can do some pink tones, but the barbie kind don’t agree with me. I decided to try it anyway (you can switch up shades before they arrive if you want) since for me this is what the subscription is all about: Trying things you would not normally try. And I was very pleasantly surprised with Midnight last month (read here).

Valentine turned out to be better than I though. I can pull it off, but I need a lipline and a nice face base, but overall it is not too bad. The pink is actually very pretty so if you are one of those lucky people who won’t get horse teeth from barbie pinks this will probably be a hit.

It is also true to the usual Liveglam formula. Pigmented, comfortable, smells delicious and lasts for around 5-6 hours.

Flirt is the gloss. I was excited about this because I only received one gloss while I had this subscription before and that was in my very first bundle in October 2017 (read about my first experience here). I was hoping this would not have the same texture as the October one, and luckily it didn’t. It is actually a very smooth and comfortable lip gloss formula, and it does not feel sticky at all. I almost feels like a fluid lip balm. So I really like the comfy-ness of the gloss. Shade is pretty standard. Clear gloss with fine milled gold shimmer that is barely visible. Not a spectacular shade, but definitely pretty and something that will be used since it fits every look and every occasion.

Secret Admirer was the shade that got my attention the most. These are the kind of pinks I can wear and feel good in! Maybe it is more of a berry when I think about it. Anyway, this was sadly a bit streaky, and I had to work a bit to get a nice result. It definitely needed two layers to look even. I am OK with that, I can put a bit of effort into it when a color is as pretty as this. It does not last as well as they usually to either though. Around 4 hours and this guy had enough. It is still wearable and a ve5ry pretty shade. It is just not as good as they usually are.


I think the lippie I will get the most use out of from this bundle is actually Flirt just because it is so universal and easy to wear.


I will probably wear Secret Admirer too, but only when I know I have time to do that extra effort, and that I will be able to find a mirror and properly re-apply after some hours. The shade did look very flattering on me, so since I love the color so much (and I actually don’t think I have something similar) it is worth that little extra baby-sitting when applying.


Still not too sure about Valentine though. I have a hard time shaking off the horse-teeth fear, but it did look nice.

One thing that I did try and I found super pretty was to just wear them all at once. Yep, that’s what I did. With Secret Admirer all over the lip, a bit op Valentine in the center and the gloss on top then I ended up with a more than decent ombré lip. I actually think that was my favorite way to wear this bundle.

I had a sneak peak on what’s coming in March and I am telling you that if browns and orange are your think it is worth checking out!



KissMe Liquid Lipstick Subscription – December 2017!

This review is a bit late, but since postage has been a bit delayed due to Christmas I only got these lipsticks a few days ago, and barely got around to test them out. I wanted to get this review out before it was unreasonably late.

Left to right: Venice, Madrid, Naples.

The December bundle featured three beautiful mauve toned nudes. For the holiday season they changed up the packaging a bit. Instead of the usual frosted bottle and rose gold details, these lipsticks came in a clear tube, with silver details and glitter lid. Very beautiful indeed, but I have to say I think their regular packaging is even more beautiful.

Top swatch: Venice. Middle swatch: Madrid. Bottom Swatch: Naples.

They did not change the scent for the holiday though. It is the usual vanilla-cupcake-batter scent. I like it!

There have been mostly hits for me in this subscription, but also a few misses. I am happy to notice that the quality of these three are very consistent. They last for around 5-6 hour, and they still look good after a non-greasy meal or that giant cup of coffee that I like. Not only was the quality a big hit, but also the shades. I think this month is the best bundle I’ve got so far.

Venice, Madrid, Naples.

There are three different mauvy nudes.

Venice – Nice peachy-mauve. The lightest shade of the bundle but still not too light. I have quite pigmented lips and I sometimes have a hard time pulling off pale shades even though my skin is fair. This one is just great! Light and nude, but not too light.

Madrid – This one is my favorite. True mauve, a few shades darker than Venice. It is just so flattering on my skin tone, and I can see myself wearing this a lot!

Naples – A cool-toned deep mauve. On me it is a pretty dark nude, but I think on darker skin tones this will look amazing. It works well for me too!

Venice, Madrid, Naples.

Overall, I could not be more happy about this months subscription because the quality of the lipsticks are really nice, and they are all shades I think I will use a lot. This time I really got a lot for my money, and I can’t wait to get next months lipsticks!

Did you ever try these lippies yourself?



Kiss Me liquid lipstick subscription – November 2017

OK, so this is a bit late since November is already over but I didn’t have time to review this package until now. Sometimes it is just hard to reach over everything you want to review, but I am actually very happy about this months bundle and I am excited to share my thoughts with you.

November 2017 Liveglam KissMe bundle.

Ok, just to clarify, you cannot buy these lippies like you normally would. They are a part of a monthly subscription by Liveglam where you get 3 liquid lipsticks each month, so to get these you would have to be subscribed. BUT, past lippies can be replaced with future lippies if you see something from the past you really fancy, and you want to replace it with something in your next bundle. Also you can skip over any month if there are bundles you would like to pass on entirely.

Swatches! Girlfriend (top), Bea (Middle) and Soulmate (bottom).

I have already received the October 2017 bundle, and that was my first encounter with this brand. My experience was so-so (If you are curious about why read here) but I decided to try another month before I decided if I should cancel the subscription or not. Today I am really happy that I decided to give it another go, because it turns out that I got myself 3 new liquid lipsticks that I adore!


Girlfriend is a beautiful fuchia color that turned out as a very red toned pink on my lips. The vanilla cupcake scent and beautiful frosted glass packaging is the same for all of them. Unlike last month I found the quality of the lipsticks to be very similar on all three of the lipsticks. They all lasted a long time on my lips. They all passed the drinking-hot-beverage-test and food-eating-test and unless I ate something greasy everything seemed fine. They all do transfer a bit to mugs and cutlery, but you can eat and drink most things without worrying about it fading away in the middle and leaving that awkward ring around the lip. They stayed on nicely and it took 5-6 hours before I felt like reapplying any of them.


Bae must be my favorite shade this month. Such a pretty peach nude that goes with anything. A lipstick for any occasion! I feel like this is a shade I will reach for a lot. Not only because the shade is beautiful and it is long-lasting but also because it is very comfortable to wear. They don’t dry own completely or become transfer proof so they are comfy to wear even for a long day.


Soulmate, a pinky lavender, was maybe the shade that surprised me the most. I did not think this would look good on me at all. Cool-toned shades with lilac in them rarely do. But this one is such a beautiful soft pinky-lavender nude and I am just swooned by it. This for me is the really fun part with this subscription. The part where you try out shades that you would never pick up by yourself because you didn’t think it would look any good.

I guess I don’t even have to tell you that I will continue the subscription. I am so happy with both the shades and the quality of every shade this month so the November bundle was a win-win-win!

Have you ever tried these lipsticks? I would love to hear your thoughts on them.



LiveGlam Kiss Me lipstick subscription – October 2017.

This is my first month of the LiveGlam Kiss Me lipstick subscription. I first got aware of this service when I watched Shaanxo on YouTube do a video on it (You can watch it here) and off course I got tempted. Getting 3 liquid lip-products every month in your mailbox for only around 20$ sounds like a good deal right? Since you don’t decide your shades it encourage you to try colors you may not normally go for. A great way to test out different shades without breaking the bank! The good thing is that even though this is a running subscription you can easily skip a month if you are low in cash or just know you won’t use the shades you are getting. For every month you pay for you get points  you can exchange in their store for other products (they have other products than just lipsticks, and several well known high-end brands to choose from like Japonesque, Makeup Forever, Tarte and many more).


So I picked up my first order today and these three lip-products arrived in a cute pink satin bag. The packaging of the tubes are nice frosted glass with a rose gold lid and logo. It’s got some weight to is and the packaging does feel more expensive than the actual price tag, which is always a bonus! They have a nice doe-foot applicator that is very precise and makes it easy to apply even the darkest liquid lip. None of these shades required a lipliner to look good.


Vixen is the darkest shade in this bundle. A matte liquid lipstick with a dark blackcurrant burgundy shade. The color is very vampy, but still wearable. Unfortunately it is a bit streaky and needs two coats to look good. It didn’t dry completely down and is not transfer proof but it does not make my lips feel dry. It does have a tacky feel to it, and I know someone does not appreciate that with liquid lipsticks, but for me it is fine. I don’t mind feeling the product on my lips as long as it looks nice and is not overly sticky or heavy.

Lipswatch of Vixen.

This one does not look nice for long though. After roughly an hour without eating or drinking anything this color had faded in the middle of the lips, and some chunks even fell off, the lipstick that was left looked really flaky and crumbly. I was horrified! This is hands down the worst lip product I tried in years! If this was the standard formula of these liquid lipsticks I would have to break up with this subscription before the end of the day. What a terrible terrible lipstick.

Poison Apple

I was sad, really hoping that I had found a great fun subscription, and now disappointment was hoovering over me like a grey cloud. But I had to test out the rest of the bunch. Poison Apple was the second liquid lipstick. This one is a gorgeous red,and a bit more opaque than Vixen, so it only required one coat!

Lipswatch of Poison Apple.

After applying it I got a bit bummed again, such a beautiful beautiful shade, just how I like my reds (and I really really like reds) and it would probably just crumble away within an hour like the other one. This one had the same feel to it as Vixen, a bit sticky and didn’t dry down completely, but still comfortable to wear. So I ate my potato chips and I had my big mug of coffee (healthy day I know), and to my big surprise the lipstick stayed on! After four hours it was still going strong. I can live with that! And since the shade is so beautiful I got my hopes up again for this subscription. This red baby was a hit! After 6,5 hours I removed it completely. It did start to look a bit rough, but it was not that bad considering it held through two meals (one of them was potato chips though), one big cup of coffee and one big cup of tea. Not too shabby I must say.


The last lippie was a gloss named “Magic”, so completely different formula. Opacity is medium, and the shade is a nice coppery metallic. It smells like cupcakes. They all do actually. I really appreciate that they are scented, because cheap lipsticks often smell very chemically. Then a sweet synthetic cupcake scent is better in my opinion. The formula of this gloss is nice, not sticky at all. It actually is very light weight and feels like a high end gloss. One downside, which makes me fall a bit out of love with it, is that I can feel tiny grains in it. I think it is the metallic pigment, and it is very finely milled, like flour, but I can still feel it and it is weird. Not uncomfortable, but weird. If it was a non-metallic gloss I think I would really like it, but because of the consistency this product is only so-so for me.

Lipswatch of Magic.

Overall, this month had one big disappointment, one so-so product and one big hit. My favorite is the by far “Poison Apple”, and the gloss has a really nice formula even though the shade is not the one I will reach for the most and the consistency is a bit strange, but it was fun to try. I decided to keep on trying this for a few months and see where this is going, Vixen is a harder shade to make after all so maybe I get a bit more lucky with future bundles. Anyway, Poison Apple was worth it for me this month.


Did you try the Kiss Me subscription, and what do you think about it? I would love to hear more opinions about it!