Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick – Review!

Liquid lipsticks can be tricky! Especially the ones that dry down matte and transfer proof. If you find a bad one you are left with lips that look more like a grandmas raisin lips than the beautiful pout you wanted to begin with, or your lips can get so dry and sore you cant even wear lip products the next day, or they just crumble apart in a very unflattering way. But, if you are lucky and find a good one you get a comfortable lip color that just last and last and you don’t have to worry a bit about.

I have encountered several bad ones throughout my search for good lippies, but I also found some amazingly good ones, like the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks or the Smashbox Always On! I would highly recommend any of those if you have trouble finding a liquid lipstick you like. The Dose of Colors liquid lipstick also got quite some rave. So I got curious.


I picked it up in three different shades: Berry Me 2, Talk Is Chic, and Stone. One deep purple berry, one cool-toned red berry shades and one cool-toned nude. The packaging is similar to Jeffree Star, and even the applicator is very similar. It’s one of those doe-foot applicators with a groove that hugs the lip and makes the product easy to apply. The tube is frosted and the cap is silver and white. I like the looks of them.


The formula is super comfortable too. I don’t find these to feel drying. They actually feel very light weight and stay comfortable for hours and hours. The longevity is very good. I have been wearing them for 8 hours without any problems. I love love love Stone! It’s been featured in one of my favorites posts already. Talk is Chic is also a lovely color. I haven’t been using it as much as Stone, but that’s mainly because I wear nudes more often than berries and reds. The deep berry shade Berry Me 2 was the only one that disappointed me a bit. The formula is just not pigmented enough and it’s hard to put on evenly on the lips without it looking streaky. It looks fine if you do two layers, but that also compromise how the lipstick feel. It’s just more light weight and comfy with one coat. I don’t now if this is a general problem with the formula and the deeper shades or if it’s only this one. I will at least prefer to pick up nudes or red toned shades instead because I really love how the other two perform.


I am not convinced these are as good as my beloved Velour Liquid Lipsticks or Always On, but they are not that far away either, at least not Stone and Talk is Chic. I would absolutely be happy to pick of more shades in this formula because it really is lovely and I do get why so many people seem to like them. They may even be good enough to me among my top three!

What is your favorite liquid lipsticks?




Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick – Review!

It’s been a few months since I picked up my first Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick. The first shade I got was “Driver’s Seat” which is a nice peachy-brown nude. I have already featured this in my monthly favorites so if you have been reading my blog for a while you probably know what I have to say about these.


Still, I wanted to try a few more shades after falling in love with the first one. So I got three shades in total. “Driver’s Seat” which I already mentioned and “Bawse” which is a bright red and “Big Spender” which is a darker nude pink.


The packaging is simple as Smashbox packaging tend to be. Nothing extravagant, just a clear square shaped type, a black lid and the logo. The wand is fairly short, and the applicator it drop shaped, which makes application very easy since the tip is pointed.


I have actually been very excited to share my opinions about these because they are absolutely phenomenal. The formula is a dry down liquid lipstick, and I have time and time again been raving about the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks being my hands down favorite formula when it comes to liquid lipsticks that dry down. However, these Smashbox goodies don’t come short of the JS ones, they are just as great! If you like the Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick formula I am sure you will like this because they are actually quite similar.

They are opaque in color and the wand makes them easy to apply. They dry down completely and are transfer proof while still feeling very comfortable on the lips. The staying power is also phenomenal. A full day at work with 9 + hour wear, countless cups of coffee, breakfast and lunch is no match for this liquid lip! I can go through all that without reapplying even once! Off course oily foods will dissolve a liquid lipstick no matter how great it is, but if you stay away from the most oily food then this is so impressive!


I sort of can’t say enough good things about these! They will be in my favorites of the year post for sure. The only negative thing I can say about these is that I wish they had a wider color selection because by owning these three I kind of picked out the shades that peaked my interest already, but I would like to own a whole bunch more of these because they are as good as a dry down liquid lipstick can get!

If you like formulas that dry down and are transfer proof I highly recommend checking out these!

What is your favorite liquid lipstick?



Revoution Pro Supreme Matte Lip Pigment – Review!

Hello NARS copies! Let’s just address the elephant in the room straight away. These are obviously strongly inspired by NARS liquid lipsticks. There are many opinions about that, I don’t have any strong opinions against designs and ideas being copied as long as it’s not a fake product. I know, kind of rude to not come up with your own design, but It’s not enough for me to boycott a product. Although, I usually tend to be more drawn to the original anyway.

Makeup Revolution are known for copying other brands lipstick designs (among other things). In addition to these they also have lipsticks strongly inspired by MAC’s classic design. The Renaissance lipsticks are very close to Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, and they recently launched glosses that might as well could be Fenty gloss bombs. So yeah, these guys being a NARS copy is neither shocking or anything new. Creds to NARS for the beautiful design though, because they are for sure pretty!


I picked up three of these guys (they were so cheap they almost count as free!) in the shades Semblance, Inconspicious and Pretence. I like that you can see the color of the lip product through the tube. Again. creds to NARS for the design.

The lipsticks don’t have much of a scent. Actually it’s hard to pick up any scent at all. You must really put your nose close to the wand to get any hint of chemical smell. I would say they are scent-free when you have to put that much effort into smelling anything.

The want is a flat want, that are precise enough to apply the product nicely. I didn’t have to use a lip liner with the red shade which is the darkest one of the ones I picked.


The lipstick has a mousse like texture and is richly pigmented. No problems getting this to apply nice ans evenly, and it’s not streaky at all. The formula feels very nice on the lips. It takes a very long time for it to dry down completely. Even after around 30 minutes I could feel that it was still a bit tacky, but it will eventually dry down completely.


They are actually very light weight and comfortable even after it has dried down completely! It’s not drying at all, and it almost feels like you are not wearing anything! So this scores a lot of points being super comfortable.

The longevity is unfortunately not that great. I would say around 3-4 hours is what to expect from these, and that is if you don’t eat or drink. Eating or drinking is actually something I would not recommend with these because they tend to crumble and fall off in a very unflattering way with any exposure to food or hot drinks. They simply does not handle eating, and they almost dissolve and crumble off.


If you don’t mind reapplying after 3-4 hours and you don’t plan on eating anything while wearing these, then they are after all comfortable to wear. In addition they are also super cheap (around 4£ if I remember correctly).

I don’t see myself picking up any more shades of these. I mean, if they faded away nicely I would not mind just reapplying them after a meal like a regular lipstick or gloss, but my problem with these is that they just don’t look cute at all after a meal, they fade very patchy and even though most of it is gone, you can clearly see residues on the lips, patchy residue. So for me it’s just too impractical to be tempted to pick up any more.

I could off course wear these when I know I won’t be eating for a few hours, because they do look and feel very nice, but this is not a formula I would recommend in general.

Have you tried these? Are they a hit or miss for you?

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Liveglam KissMe Liquid Lipstick Subscription – October 2018.

This months bundle contained three matte liquid lipstick (they sometimes add a gloss, metallic or a satin lip) and I am quite happy about that since I prefer either the matte or the satin formula.


The shade selection is also absolutely stunning. One warm burnt orange, one cool-toned brown nude and a muted red shade. They come in their regular king of tube, but this time the lid is sparkly. I love things that are sparkly! This must be the prettiest packaging I’ve seen so far.



Hot Cocoa is the brow toned nude. It’s a nice nude for me because it is pale without being too pale, and brown without being too brown if that makes sense. A kind of shade that goes well with many different looks and many different occasions. I don’t know if they have changed the formula or anything, but I am under the impression that all the shades this time lasted longer and felt more comfortable even after the 6 hour mark than I have been used to from this brand. Normally they last around 5-6 hours, but then my lips start feeling a bit dryer and I like to apply a lip balm on top, but with all the three colors this month I felt like they lasted even longer.



Pumpkin Spiced Latte is the orange. And off course they had to name a fall shade Pumpkin Spice Latte. I never had one of those, but I understand that it’s a big thing in fall (we don’t have Starbucks where I live so I guess I am missing out). But I am really happy about this shade. I don’t have many orange shades first of all, so that’s a nice thing to add to the collection in the first place, but this one is so wearable I could easily wear it as an everyday shade at work without it being too much. This shade is quite unique to my collection  even though I have plenty of lip colors (rough estimate is around 300). So it’s always nice to add something new. Speaking of how it wears also this one impressed me. It stayed on for around 7 hours including a little meal and some beverages and at the end of the day when I took it off it still looked decent. I am getting more and more convinced that something is different with the formula, but it’s the right kind of different. I hope the upcoming lippies are as good as they have been this month because I am becoming more and more of a fan as we speak.


Apple Cider is the shade I was most attracted to initially, and it is really a great shade! I love reds in general so no surprise here I guess. This is a very wearable red too. One that you can wear on a regular basis and not a party-kind-of-red if that makes sense? Once again the longevity of this shade is just as good as the rest of the  bundle. Now I just keep my fingers crossed that LiveGlam will keep up the good work and  keep releasing products of this quality, because I am so sure it has improved to the better. This is the only shade I paired with a lip liner, because it’s so hard to take pictures of darker lipsticks without every single little mistake showing. So I had to line them. With that said, every time I wore this shade I did not add a lip-liner and I still think it looked good. Things just tend to look messier on pictures.


Not only is the quality really good, but all the different shades was a hit for me! I am sure I will get a lot of use out of them.

With this month I have the one year “anniversary” with this subscription. I didn’t skip a single month so I was planning on doing a post talking more in depth about the subscription and swatch and show all the different shades I collected in a year and talk about my favorites and my least favorites of them all. With three products every month that is 36 lippies so I will have a lot to talk about!


As for this months bundle it’s very close to be as good as my favorite bundle since I started this subscription (my favorite was December 2017), so I think it’s safe to say I will hang on to it a bit longer!

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Liveglam KissMe Liquid Lipstick Subscription – September 2018!


I was so happy to see that this months lipstick bundle was all nudes! I know thet the KissMe liquid lipticks are really great as nudes so I had high hopes for this months bundle. And I was not disappointed!


There are two liquid lipsticks and one gloss this month. They all have the usual packaging with 2 ml in each tube with deliciously scented lip products.

Lets talk shades shall we? I want to begin with my very favorite of the bunch!


Celebri-tea is a gorgeous mauve nude. I knew instantly that this would be one of my favorites. I love shades that are nude but still has some darkness to them. On me this is exactly that shade. As usual the KissMe formula works very well with nudes and this stayed in place for 6 hours. I find that this usually is the limit for me with these lipsticks. They may still look nice, but at this point my lips have had enough and I feel like adding some lip balm on top, and with that elongating the wear time to around 8 hours. They don’t feel drying in my opinion, but after a certain amount of hours I feel like adding some lipbalm to every dry-down formula. In other words I am very happy with longevity on this one and the color is stunning. In this months trio this will for sure be my go-to shade!


Nudi-tea is the second liquid lipstick this month. As you can probably tell this is very light. Right now I have a bit of a tan, but it match my skin tone quite good. That means I find it to be a bit pale for me right now, but I will give it another try this winter to see if it match my winter skin any better. I did how ever love the look of it with Hot-tea on top because it makes it a bit darker and I get a nice glossy nude lip. I’ve worn it several times this way and I really like the looks of it! On it’s own this lippie looked good for around four hours. After that I found that it faded a long the inner rim of my lips, and since my natural lip color is quite a bit darker it was not hard to tell. These lipsticks can easily be reapplied without looking goopy or crumbling apart so no bigger deal than to just reapply. But for sure this one did not have the same longevity as Celebre-tea. Still decent though!


Hot-tea is this months gloss. A nice brown gloss with medium opacity. It feels comfortable on the lip. Not sticky, but it’s not as liquidy that it dissappears too fast. It last around 1-2 hours on me depending on if I was drinking, eating or just nothing. Decent quality gloss, but since these tubes only hold 2 ml I find that you will go through them quite quickly if you use them often. No bug deal though, if you have a lipstick subscription you probably have more than just one anyway, and it’s better for them to be small than to get to old and have to be thrown out.


Overall I am very happy. Nudi-tea could have been a dark er nude and it would have been even better, but I love this look of Nudi-tea and Hot-tea combined so actually all of the lippie was a hit for me this month.


As usual the formula is really good. I’ve had some trouble with their darker shades, but the nudes I am usually very fond of. I won’t mind seeing more all nude bundles like this in the future!

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Liveglam Kiss Me Liquid Lipstick subscription – August 2018!

The august lipstick bundle have arrived and received a proper test round! So now it’s about time to share my opinions on this months bundle.

If you are unfamiliar with the Liveglam KissMe subscription it is a monthly subscription where you receive 3 lip products each month for just below 20$. The lip products have different formulas like gloss, satin lipsticks or regular matte liquid lipsticks, where the matte formula is by far the most common. You can easily skip a month or, switch out one of the shades with previously released shades if you like. For me I find this to be a very good way to test out different colors, because I for sure get to test and try some shades I would never really pick up myself in the store. Sometimes they are hits, and sometimes they are not. But it’s always fun to try something new!

But lets talk about the august bundle! This months theme were wine. So we got one dark plum, one mid-tone fuchia and one dusty rose nude to fit the color theme. The packaging is a bit different from usual with the metallic red cap and black letters and details. They do look really pretty!

Sip Happens is the darkest plum shades. It really is dark and vampy! Usually have had some trouble with the dark matte lippies from Liveglam, so they are not my favorites to received. This time however, the formula seemed different. More mousey and not so liquidy. They still applied nicely, but I was hoping the change in formula would mean better quality of this dark, vampy beauty. I sort of did. I wore it for four hours straight without any fading, the lips still looked great. But as soon at I ate something the lipstick started falling off. Really dark shades like this rarely fade in a flattering way. So if I am not going to eat or drink much, I would be happy to wear this shade again, but I will stay away from this if I am having lunch or dinner. It is just too obvious when it fades due to the color being so dark. It did need two layers to apply evenly, but I do love the color I ended up with. It’s just not fitting for any occasion.

Pour Decisions is a stunning fuchia. It’s mid toned but kind of muted and looks absolutely beautiful on the lips without being too pink. This has a much better staying power than Sip Happens, and also it’s not that visible when it starts to fade. I did wear this easily for 6 hours, but after that my lips usually get enough of dry liquid lipsticks and I prefer putting some lipbalm over top. I then got an additional 3 hour wear out of it. Color is also very pretty. Since I have quite pigmented lips I tend to be comfortable with lipsticks in the mid-toned range and this one is no exception. I really really like this, and think out of all the shades this month this one will be the most used!

Lastly the pretty rosy nude named Hakuna Moscato is another favorite. The Liveglam nudes are usually long wearing and this one lasts easily for 6 hours too! It’s also a perfect everyday nude. Liveglam does nudes very well and I usually really like them, so I bet this one will be used quite regularly as well.

The overall verdict is again that the dark lip could work better, but I am fairly happy with received two lippies I will get a lot of use out of.

Have you ever tried these lipsticks? What are your verdict?

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Liveglam Kiss Me Liquid Lipstick Subscription – July 2018!

My July subscription package arrived late in the month again, and I barely got time to squeeze in some testing time before the month is over (Luckily as a member you can buy or trade for old releases, so if you see something here you like they are still possible to get a hold on).


This month we got some fun summery shades. Two of them with their regular liquid lipstick formula which is usually light-weight, pigmented and with fairly good staying power. We also got one gloss this month. As always they all smell soooo good!

Usually the bundle holds a theme and this month “Let’s Get Hauti” collection has an obvious marine theme with lipstick names as “Slaylor”, “Nauti” and “Yachtie”. The shades are not very marine though but the bright pink, neon pale coral and iridescent gloss are a fun and bright collection nevertheless.


As usual I go through the shades one by one. I like to do that because there is some inconsistency in the formula so I would just like for you to know which one worked for me and which ones did not. Secondly I like to go in depth about the colors and how I find them. These colors, even though they are pretty and I can totally see how people would want to wear them, are not exactly my cup of tea. I am not sure if I will get used to them or not. But lets take them one by one.


Slaylor is a intense medium toned barbie pink. The shade is actually kind of cool and I like how it looks, but I find pink to be a bit of a scary color. I love nudes, mauves, reds, oranges and even browns, but fore some reason I have a hard time with pinks (unless they are nudes then we are good). It is a cool color though. It is very very bright though, so it is not for the faint of heart. The longevity is about 3-4 hours (including snacking and drinking) but the brightness of the color makes it very obvious that it has faded. It gives that butt-hole effect that I am not a huge fan of, and I can’t image too many other people are either. With a gloss on top it fades much nicer, off course sacrificing a bit of the longevity on the way, but with this shade I prefer it. The Kiss Me liquid lipsticks are usually very easy to apply anyway, and I rarely need a lip liner or more than a minute so reapplying is not a big deal. I definitely prefer this shade with a gloss!


Nauti is the other matte liquid lipstick of this bundle, and I thought it would be a nice nude coral on me. But this is intense! It is so neon, and a bit too pale for me, so it just looks super weird. I can imagine this being really cool on someone with super pale skin, but on me it just looks all kinds of wrong. The color just does not work for me. As with the “Slaylor” shade, the brightness makes it way too obvious that it is fading, so it works better with a gloss (and will maybe tone it down a bit as well). But, if I made an ombre lip with Slaylor all over the lips and Nauti in the center I really liked the looks of it!


Yachtie is the gloss in this bunch. The formula is lovely. It feels almost balmy, and has a nice slip without being goopy or sticky. Just a nice, comfy gloss. The color is a very pretty pink iridescent with a blue shift. I do like it, but I am still a bit disappointed, because the swatches on the Liveglam Instagram page made it look sooo much more intense. This one is just a very sheer version of that swatch. Still a pretty gloss though, and it does match very well with the other shades in the bundle.


All in all, the quality of the bundle is decent, but even though the colors are pretty I don’t think I will be reaching for these shades that often. That’s the thing with these subscriptions though. Not all shades will be your new favorite, but at least they are fun trying out. And who knows, maybe I discover that I really like something I originally would not try.



Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink – Review!

A matte liquid lipstick from the drugstore who promise superior staying power? Yes, please!

I have been testing this out over a period of time to make my opinion about them. I had the first shade I picked up “Seducress” for a couple of months now, and I picked up two new shades, but I haven’t been able to form a review until recently because I could not really make up my mind about them. You know somethimes you are not wowed at the very beginning but you still feel there is potential and you want to keep trying to figure out if you love the product or it is just OK.


The three shades I have are Pioneer, Seductress and Poet. I love all these shades (duh…I picked them out myself!) and I picked both nudes and a darker shade because I figured with liquid lipsticks sometimes the nudes work great but not the colorful ones, or vice versa.

I managed to do lip swatches this time too. Please bear with me, I am not very good at them, but I am trying my best. The pictures are edited. I decided to blur out everything except the lip. To be honest the reason is that I am too laze to do skin retouching, and my skin is not pretty enough in close-up not too. My camera picks up every pore, every string of peach fuzz, it also picks up wrinkles and lines that my eyes will not be able to see in at least ten years. So I am saving your eyes a bit here, and making the job easier for me. However, the colors and how they look on the lips are untouched.


The shades are beautiful aren’t they? I can’t decide what shade I like the most. I am always a sucker for red lips. I never NOT like a red lip. But the nudes are so flattering too! I think that Poet will be too pale as soon as I get a tan in summer, and would probably be harder to pull off if you don’t have pale skin, but other than that all these shades were a hit for me.

Since I had such a hard time making my mind about this I bet you already guessed that there will be pros and cons about this product.

First things first, they emphasize texture, as you can tell form the pictures. The nudes more than the red. Now, I am not bothered with dry or flaky lips, but I think if you have even a tiny fleck of dry skin it will really show. I would not recommend this to anyone with dry lips unless you pair it with a lip balm, which would change the properties of it making it less long-lasting and less transfer-proof.

The other thing is, if you rub your lips together they stick together. The product is quite tacky. It takes a long time for it to try down and when it does it is still tacky. If you prefer your liquid mattes to dry down completely, then this would be something to avoid.

It also disappears from the inner rim of the lips first while the rest stays bullet proof. That is not a very flattering look. I found that I need to let them properly dry before closing my moth because then it will last much longer. Since it dries very slow it means I have to stand there with open mouth much like a goldfish for 5 minutes.


But the pros are also present. Off course being a drugstore product it is affordable which is always always good!

The applicator is also very nice. It does have a whole in the middle of the applicator that stores product and makes the application very even. The pointed tip in the end also makes it very easy to apply even the red with sharp edges. No aid form lip-liners necessary!

Staying power is also great. Take away the fact that the inner part of the lips may need some reapplication after a couple of hours, the rest will stay put through blood, sweat, tears and nuclear war. They are so long-lasting that even removing them at the end of the day need two attempts at least (and we are talking cleansing balm that takes eyeliner like nothing).

This liquid lip is kiss-proof but not smudge-proof. Meaning you can safely smooch your significant other, but your coffee-mug will look pretty stained. Except for them being a bit tacky (particularly the first hour) they are quite comfy to wear and I don’t feel like they are drying.

So, In the end I feel like this is a lipstick I will use again, and I may even buy another one if I see a color I really like. However, this is not the one I will recommend if someone would ask me to recommend a liquid lipstick form the drugstore because I think many people will dislike how it enhance texture and how tacky it is.

If you are not troubled with dry lips or a lot of texture, and you don’t mind the tacky feel, then these are worth a try if you find a nice color. Still, they are more in the decent working category rather than the you-need-this-in-your-life category.

Did you try these? Do you share my opinion, or do they work different for you! Leave your feedback in the comment so people can see more opinions!



Liveglam Kiss Me Liquid Lipstick Subscription – June 2018!

This month we got a nice selection of very delicate creamy colors all with the names inspired by the world of coffee. I would maybe imagine coffee inspired lipsticks to be more brown tones but we got a nice peachy nude, a pale pinky nude and a pale brownish grey.


The finish of all three are matte, and I got my hopes up for these quite early on since I usually really like the quality of their nudes and red shades (the dark vampy shades I have been a bit unlucky with).

One thing that is new with the LiveGlam subscription that may be worth mentioning is that you can now buy old sets or individual lippies. I am not sure if you have to be subscribed to be able to do a purchase, but that is anyways good news since that mean you can get old colors without switching up any of those in your next bundle.

But for now lets focus on this months bundle!


Glammaccino is for me the most interesting shade because I have nothing like it. It is a pale creamy brownish grey shade. As close as you can get to wearing a nude and a grey at the same time I believe. All of the shades in this months bundle is quite pale, so I was excited to see how they would work on me. I do have quite pale skin myself, so that is not an issue, but I do have very pigmented lips, and a pale nude can really look bad on me if it does not fade nicely. This shades actually impressed me quite a bit! I wore it through a very greasy noodle meal, and I expected it to not look that good judging by how greasy my food was, and the fact that I am not the cutest eater. But it held up pretty good. Sure a little bit of fading, but overall the shade looked pretty good. It held up around 6 hours, which I feel is kind of the limit with most of these lippies. After six hours they may very well still look good but they feel a bit more crusty and crumbly. Putting a gloss or lip balm on top will prolong the wear time an additional few hours while being a bit more comfy. But I could easily wear this for 6 hours before feeling that I needed to do something.


Very Brewtiful is a slightly darker shade than the rest and is a nice peachy nude. On my skin this is the most flattering shade I think, and even though I do like all three shades this is probably the one I will get more use out of. This will for sure be in my monthly makeup bag for July because it is such a pretty peachy nude. The longevity is good too. I wore this while visiting a friend and after several hours, cake and countless cups of tea it still looked pretty good for 6 + hours. This one is a bug hit!


Kiss-A-Latte is the palest shade, and is a creamy nude pink. The shade is really pretty, but a bit more demanding for me to use since my lips are quite pigmented and the contrast to this one is big. I found that I did have to reapply this after around 3 hours for my natural color not to show through anywhere. I can’t imagine it looking very good on deeper skin-tones, at least not on its own, but it is a very good shade to put in the center of your lips and I have some nice mauves from Decembers LiveGlam subscription that paired lovely with this.

Also, this month I managed to make some lip swatches as well. Especially Glamaccino looks very different (more brown) in the tube than what it does on the lips, so here goes some swatches! The skin is edited to put focus on the lips and not my pores and mustache (yep!), but the color it untouched.

Very Brewtiful

But if you are more into arm swatches I did those for you as well as usual!


Again, Glamaccino is a bit more brown tones here while on the lips it’s more grey. Also Kiss-A-Latte looks less pink and not as pale as it is on the lips. So there was a bit of a difference how these lippies looked no my arm compared to my lips.

Overall I am again quite happy with the bundle. They are all nice shades I had fun trying out, but Very Brewtiful must be the clear favorite. Which one is yours?

The lippies for July are also released and they looks so stunning so I can’t wait to try them too!



LiveGlam KissMe Liquid Lipstick Subscription – May 2018

The beautiful bridal themes lip bundle for May just recently came, and I have been wearing the different shades for a few day just to get to know the shades and the quality. I’ve had this subscription since October 2017, and for the most I am very happy with the formula, especially on the nude and red shades. I have experienced some issues with the dark ones so I decided this month would be my final “dark-lippie-month” if I dislike the darkest shade. You do have the option to switch out shades in the subscription if you see something you don’t think you will use, so if the dark shade did not work this time I actually considered that strategy for future months.


This month we got two matte liquid lipsticks and one gloss. I had my suspicions that I would not like all the shades this month, but I was wrong…luckily! I actually really like both the color and quality of both the liquid lipsticks. The gloss is, well, a gloss. I find it hard tell if a gloss is good or just OK. I mean, you can easily tell if they are bad, because they are very sticky. And you can easily tell if the formula is exceptional like the Guerlain Gloss D’Enfer. But everything in between is just…glosses.


Anyway, the packaging seems to be changed (it was the same last month too). I have talked about this before that the applicator and the color of the lid is different. The tube is also a tiny bit shorter than the old one. I kind of miss the old packaging because it actually did look a bit more luxurious. The lid now looks more like plastic than it used to. I hope they will switch back to their old packaging. Not that they looked bad now, but the younger version was better looking. Not everything age well. You still get the same scent and the same 2.8 ml amount, so there are just some slight changes in packaging, but please, change it slightly back!

But lets talk shades!


Bachleorette was the shade I really expected to be disappointed with. I have gotten a few darker shades in this subscription since October, and the quality has been a bit mixed, but overall they haven’t been on par with the nudes or reds. Some of them (Like Vixen from the October 2017 bundle) has been downright awful!  It is just like the formula did not work as well with darker shades. Some of them have been a bit patchy and needed two layers and they did not last as long. This time it seems like the formula has change to the better. I could not see any unevenness or streakyness after applying one layer, which is always a plus. So i  left it on expecting it to fade quite quickly since it was a darker shade. Some hours one dinner and one huge mug of coffee later the lipstick was still pretty intact. Only a slight fade on the inner rim of the lips, but it had only faded a bit in strength and the color was still there. That  is pretty decent for a dark lipstick treated rough. This is without any doubt the best dark lipstick I ever received through this subscription. And I love the dark vampy shade! I hope they continue creating darker lips with this quality.


Bride To Be is my clear favorite. A pinky mid-toned nude with a matte finish. It looks just gorgeous on the lip, and is a perfect nude for me. Not to pale (I have fair skin but very pigmented lips so very pale nudes feel a bit weird to me) and not to dark. I could easily use this color for work everyday. It has a very good staying power as well. I usually find the nudes in this formula to be better than average and that is still true with this. After 6 hours and a meal it still looked good and did not need to be reapplied. Just a gorgeous shade that looks great on the lips for hours and hours, and it’s just my kind of shade. I am eyeing a favorite here!


Fiancée is the gloss in the bundle. A pale baby pink without shimmer. The gloss has medium opacity. Some color shows, but it is not in any way opaque. It just give a nice soft, pink blur to your lips. The formula of the gloss is very comfy. It feels light-weight and is not sticky at all. So the formula of the gloss is good. It is nice for everyday and gives a quite subtle look. Great for days when you don’t want to wear that much makeup but just want to throw on a little something. It is pretty, everyday friendly, comfy and all that. But kind of just a gloss if you get what I mean. I have been a bit more into glosses as of lately, so I will probably get some good use out of it though.


But, lets talk about how hard it is to swatch a neutral non-opaque gloss. Sorry, but it just does not really show up that well. It is still pretty though, you just have to take my word for it. But look how gorgeous the two mattes are! They are swatched in the same order as they are described. Bachleorette on top, Bride To Be in the middle, and Fiancée on the bottom.

This months subscription was good for me. I will definitely use all of the different shades, and especially Bride To Be is something I see myself reaching for often.


If you read this after the May bundle has disappeared just know that they can be bought separately from the LiveGlam web page now, which I think is great because I have been wanting some of the older shades myself, but I didn’t want to disrupt my subscription bundle because that would kind of take the point out of this post.

If you want to try one of the older lipsticks just make sure to pick up a nude or a red, those have the best formula out of the older versions.

Which one of these shades did you prefer?