Liveglam KissMe Liquid Lipstick Subscription – October 2018.

This months bundle contained three matte liquid lipstick (they sometimes add a gloss, metallic or a satin lip) and I am quite happy about that since I prefer either the matte or the satin formula.


The shade selection is also absolutely stunning. One warm burnt orange, one cool-toned brown nude and a muted red shade. They come in their regular king of tube, but this time the lid is sparkly. I love things that are sparkly! This must be the prettiest packaging I’ve seen so far.



Hot Cocoa is the brow toned nude. It’s a nice nude for me because it is pale without being too pale, and brown without being too brown if that makes sense. A kind of shade that goes well with many different looks and many different occasions. I don’t know if they have changed the formula or anything, but I am under the impression that all the shades this time lasted longer and felt more comfortable even after the 6 hour mark than I have been used to from this brand. Normally they last around 5-6 hours, but then my lips start feeling a bit dryer and I like to apply a lip balm on top, but with all the three colors this month I felt like they lasted even longer.



Pumpkin Spiced Latte is the orange. And off course they had to name a fall shade Pumpkin Spice Latte. I never had one of those, but I understand that it’s a big thing in fall (we don’t have Starbucks where I live so I guess I am missing out). But I am really happy about this shade. I don’t have many orange shades first of all, so that’s a nice thing to add to the collection in the first place, but this one is so wearable I could easily wear it as an everyday shade at work without it being too much. This shade is quite unique to my collection  even though I have plenty of lip colors (rough estimate is around 300). So it’s always nice to add something new. Speaking of how it wears also this one impressed me. It stayed on for around 7 hours including a little meal and some beverages and at the end of the day when I took it off it still looked decent. I am getting more and more convinced that something is different with the formula, but it’s the right kind of different. I hope the upcoming lippies are as good as they have been this month because I am becoming more and more of a fan as we speak.


Apple Cider is the shade I was most attracted to initially, and it is really a great shade! I love reds in general so no surprise here I guess. This is a very wearable red too. One that you can wear on a regular basis and not a party-kind-of-red if that makes sense? Once again the longevity of this shade is just as good as the rest of the  bundle. Now I just keep my fingers crossed that LiveGlam will keep up the good work and  keep releasing products of this quality, because I am so sure it has improved to the better. This is the only shade I paired with a lip liner, because it’s so hard to take pictures of darker lipsticks without every single little mistake showing. So I had to line them. With that said, every time I wore this shade I did not add a lip-liner and I still think it looked good. Things just tend to look messier on pictures.


Not only is the quality really good, but all the different shades was a hit for me! I am sure I will get a lot of use out of them.

With this month I have the one year “anniversary” with this subscription. I didn’t skip a single month so I was planning on doing a post talking more in depth about the subscription and swatch and show all the different shades I collected in a year and talk about my favorites and my least favorites of them all. With three products every month that is 36 lippies so I will have a lot to talk about!


As for this months bundle it’s very close to be as good as my favorite bundle since I started this subscription (my favorite was December 2017), so I think it’s safe to say I will hang on to it a bit longer!

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KissMe Liquid Lipstick Subscription – December 2017!

This review is a bit late, but since postage has been a bit delayed due to Christmas I only got these lipsticks a few days ago, and barely got around to test them out. I wanted to get this review out before it was unreasonably late.

Left to right: Venice, Madrid, Naples.

The December bundle featured three beautiful mauve toned nudes. For the holiday season they changed up the packaging a bit. Instead of the usual frosted bottle and rose gold details, these lipsticks came in a clear tube, with silver details and glitter lid. Very beautiful indeed, but I have to say I think their regular packaging is even more beautiful.

Top swatch: Venice. Middle swatch: Madrid. Bottom Swatch: Naples.

They did not change the scent for the holiday though. It is the usual vanilla-cupcake-batter scent. I like it!

There have been mostly hits for me in this subscription, but also a few misses. I am happy to notice that the quality of these three are very consistent. They last for around 5-6 hour, and they still look good after a non-greasy meal or that giant cup of coffee that I like. Not only was the quality a big hit, but also the shades. I think this month is the best bundle I’ve got so far.

Venice, Madrid, Naples.

There are three different mauvy nudes.

Venice – Nice peachy-mauve. The lightest shade of the bundle but still not too light. I have quite pigmented lips and I sometimes have a hard time pulling off pale shades even though my skin is fair. This one is just great! Light and nude, but not too light.

Madrid – This one is my favorite. True mauve, a few shades darker than Venice. It is just so flattering on my skin tone, and I can see myself wearing this a lot!

Naples – A cool-toned deep mauve. On me it is a pretty dark nude, but I think on darker skin tones this will look amazing. It works well for me too!

Venice, Madrid, Naples.

Overall, I could not be more happy about this months subscription because the quality of the lipsticks are really nice, and they are all shades I think I will use a lot. This time I really got a lot for my money, and I can’t wait to get next months lipsticks!

Did you ever try these lippies yourself?