Tarte Buried Treasure Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. I am such a sucker for pretty things that stand out, and this palette sure look different. Not in terms of colors, but in terms of shape and presentation. I really fell for how the palette is filled with inter-merging circles of different sizes. That is something else compared to those square or rectangular shapes we normally see, and I love it!


The palette is small, maybe 10 x 10 cm, but the whole thing is filled with shadows so there is a good amount of product in a small little thing. The shadows have different amout of produt and the range is from 0.5 g all the way up to 2.5 g.  2.5 g is big in terms of eyeshadow size. In comparisom MAC shadows are 1.5 g, Makeupgeek pans are 1.8 g and Nabla Cosmetics pans are the same 2.5 g. In total there is 12 g of product in this tiny little palette. Thats good value!


The shade range is neutral with golden, pink and burgundy shades. Overall a very great palette for blue eyes, however these shades will look flattering with any eyecolor.

Here comes a little overview of the shades:

  • Skipper – Matte mauve.
  • Snorkel – Light shimmery rose gold.
  • Booty – Matte beige.
  • Coconut – Shimmery pale pink.
  • Plank – Matte light beige.
  • Dive – Deep plum with satin finish.
  • Fin – Shimmer Champagne.
  • Nauti – Shimmery burgundy.
  • Coin – Metallic gold.
  • Palm – Shimmery pale gold.

I like that the shades are all pirate theemed!

Order from left to right: Skipper, Snorkel, Booty, Coconut, Plank, Dive, Nauti, Fin, Coin, Palm.

The palette is very user friendly as an everyday eyeshadow palette. It is not the most inspiring palette I’ve seen when it comes to inspire the urge to make creative and colorful looks, but it is pretty as a handy everyday palette because it’s got what you need to make a pretty day look. However, the darker shades are not very pigmented. They are really hard to build up to the intensity that you see in the pan, and they have a tendency of blending a bit away when trying to blend out the edges. Much like many cheaper palettes have a tendency to do, but I expected a bit more from Tarte. The shimmer shades also lack that “WOW” factor. I mean, they are decent enough for a everyday look if you just want a wash of shimmery gold or champagne on your lid, but I found it really hard to get those glamorous shimmery eyelids that I like. They swatch much better on the arm than they perform on the lid. A damp brush was absolutely necessary to get that nice intense shimmery lid look! Which again, is to be expected from cheap palettes, but not from Tarte.

Another thing that puzzles me about this palette is how the shades are arranged. I mean, I like the pretty circles and all, but I am surprised that they didn’t put the shades that often are used the most in the biggest pans. I mean, a common problem with palettes is that base and crease shades run out before the rest even hit pan. They did have a nice way around that problem in this palette but they didn’t take advantage of it for some reason.


If this will be a hit or miss depends on your preferences I think. If you like to create soft, wearable day looks you will probably like it because it is perfect for that. If you are more of a glam queen this is probably not for you, unless you think it is worth it just for the packaging.

For me who is a makeup collector (read: hopeless hoarder) this palette is worth it just because it is unique. I will probably pull it out now and then for simple makeup looks I wear to work, but the shadows just lack a bit of “Oumph” for me to really think they are great.

Hope you got some use out of this review. If you tried it and have a opinion about this palette please let me know! I would love to hear other peoples thoughs!