Focallure Paris Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

My first encounter with Focallure eyeshadows was an experience that made me exited to try more. Lucky for me since I hauled 5 Focallure eyeshadow palettes withouth having tried them at all. But so far no regrets on that risky shopping spree because I seem to enjoy them.

The Paris palette is one of the palettes in their travel series which they have four of at the moment, but I would love to see more options in the future! The eyeshadows are named after things you can connect with the travel destination of the palette. For instance Paris has shade named “Eiffel Tower” and “Monet” (reference to the french artist) and yummy french sweets like “Croissant” and “Macarons”. All the names can be connected to Paris which I think is a cute touch.

The packaging is your regular cardboard with a Paris design on the front. In my opinion maybe the well known Eiffel Tower should be more visible to make it more clear what city is on the front. As it is now you have to look long and hard to figure out that the landmark is hiding behind the “R” in “PARIS”. That has absolutely nothing to to with makeup at all though. Sorry for the side track. You do get a nice mirror though. Just big enough to use when doing eyeshadow.

Even though the palette is quite small and compact it holds 15 eyeshadows of 1.15g each. I had some people ask me before if the pan size on these are very small. Sure 1.15 is smaller than you regular single pan shadows, but they look to be about the same size as the shadows in the Anastasia eyeshadow palettes. I would say that is sufficient. I rarely use up an eyeshadow anyway.

But over to the interesting part! The eyeshadows! You get quite a few different formulas in here. You have your good old mattes and shimmers, but you also got shimmers with fine micro glitter in them, as well as those mixed shimmer shadows that we saw for the first time in Huda Beauty New Nude, and that we see everywhere now! (they are really pretty though so keep them coming!).

6 out of the shades are matte. The mattes are pretty standard. You get your bone shade and some brown of different depths, but also a pop of yellow and a nice mauve. The variety is quite good, but I do think “Eiffel Tower” and “Chateau” are a bit too similar. I would have loved for one of them to be a deeper brown or even a deeper mauve or a burgundy which I think would have fitted nicely in the color scheme. All of the mattes have really nice quality though. The pigmentation is really good, they apply easy and are very blendable. They are not chalky at all, and look very nice applied on the eyes. It does not enhance texture, but look nice and smooth. These matter have really great quality, and you would not think this was a cheaper brand based off how the mattes perform. They are lovely!

You also get two pretty standard shimmers. With that I just mean that thei are plain shimmer and don’t have any glitter in them. Both these shades are very smooth and applied nice and easy and work just fine even without a setting spray.

The 6 other shimmers have different levels of sparkle in them, and they also don’t really work the same. Some of them are so smooth, pigmented and buttery and just glide on like the lovely yellow gold “Tuileres”. Also “Grand Palais” and “Croissant” work really well. But I did have some issues with “Macarons” and “Luxembourg”. They are just very hard to pick up on the brush. If I use my regular amount of pressure to pick up product I simply won’t get anything on my brush! So I have to use quite a bit of force and a damp brush to pick these shades up. They apply much easier with the fingers, but when doing detail work that can be a challenge. I was slightly unhappy with these two shades since they required so much work, which is kind of odd because Focallure have proven that they can absolutely do nice shimmers. Also, “Macarons” was the shade I was most drawn to so always a bummer when those shades are not the best.

There’s only one of those mixed-shimmer shades in this palette and that’s “Monet”. You know, those very pretty looking shades we saw for the first time in Huda Beauty New Nude? “Monet” was one of those shades, although you can’t really tell anymore. This formula is so stunning though. I was very happy with this, as well as the mixed shimmers in the Perth palette which I have already reviewed.

Sure, I had a few dissapointments in this palette but if we just forget about those two shades for a moment I am actually quite impressed with the rest. The quality in general is really really good! This brand just keeps surprising me in a positive way.

Have you ever tried Focallure eyeshadows? I would love to know what you think about them.