Lioele Water Drop Sleeping Pack – Review!

I am a K-beauty lover, a pretty newfound love, but nevertheless I am constantly diving into new skincare products from South Korea, and I have a complete “korean-style” skincare routine with all those different steps. And it does wonders for my skin!


This will be a short little review of the Lioele Water Drop Sleeping Pack. It is a moisturizing sleeping mask that is supposed to “form a moisturizing film to supply moisture and nutrition onto tired skin” (according to the brands own description) . I don’t know what this fancy film really does, I am not a skincare specialist, I just want to share my impression of it.

The bottle contains 120 ml of products. Pretty generous for a face moisturizer. Like the name implies it is not something you slap onto your skin during the day and expect to be able to put on makeup after a short while. This is more like a thin face mask that you can put on instead of a night cream to soak into your skin overnight.


The product has a gel-cream consistency, is slightly perfumes with a fresh scent and with a blue color. I find the scent to be mild, so I don’t notice it after I applied it, but is smells nice just out of the bottle. However, I know some people don’t want anything perfumed in their skincare and then this will obviously be the wrong choice.

I use this often right after the shower or instead of night cream before going to bed. I also used it a few times during the day if I don’t wear makeup (and don’t plan to), because it is very refreshing, almost cooling just when you apply it.

I feel this gives my skin a nice moisture boost. The best way I can describe it is that it is like giving your skin a glass of water. Super refreshing!

If you are looking for an over-night mask to replenish moisture I think this could be worth a try. I got mine from (my favorite place to buy K-Beauty) for a little less than 20$ so it is pretty affordable.

This product gets my seal of approval!



For reference: My skin is 30 years old. With a maintained skincare routine I would say it is normal most of the year, but I can get dry spots especially on my forehead when the season change. I am not acne-prone and don’t easily break out. I do have fine lines, but within or slightly less than normal for my age. If I miss out on my skincare my skin will get dehydrated and greasy in my t-zone.

The Body Shop Ethiopian Honey Deep Moisture mask – Review


When I hear too many good things, my curiosity often gets the better of me, and so was the case with Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask from The Body Shop. So I finally caved and picked up a jar from the the store some months ago, and I have been using it on a regular basis since.

According to The Body Shop this is a nourishing mask that fits perfectly when your skin needs an a huge dose of nourishment. It contains fair trade honey from Ethiopia, Marula Oil from Namibia and Olive oil from Italy. It is supposed to give the skin elasticity and nourishment, and is suitable for sensitive skin. Sounds good right?

To me this mask is really good against dry skin. I find that it really helps when the season changes and the skin (especially on my forehead) gets a bit dry and flaky. It has been saving my forehead from looking like a desert many times this fall, and I am forever grateful about that. Because who wants a flaky forehead!


It really authentically feels like a mask very rich in honey. The color and consistency of the mask is just right for honey lovers. It really feels like putting pure, rich honey on the skin and I love it! It has a faint honey scent, but it is not as sweet of a scent as food grade honey. The mask is also very comfortable to wear because the product doesn’t dry out or feel itchy on, so I notice that many times when I wear it I just keep wearing it for hours, and I feel that I get a bit of extra treatment by doing that. At least that is what I imagine when I wear it for hours. But don’t worry, wearing it for 15-20 minutes is more than enough to give your skin that much needed boost.

The price point is around 28 $. I don’t think that is a very cheap product, but the jar will last you for a long time. I have used this regularly (1-2 times a week) for several months and I only used around one quarter of the jar. A little really goes a long way, and I expect this to last for around a year or so before I run out. So after all you do get a lot of uses out of your bucks!

The jar is very heavy since it is glass, so packaging feels nice and luxurious. Maybe I would prefer a more interesting label but I guess that’s just personal taste and that many of you will prefer the clean, simple look.

The Body Shaop have a whole series of masks with different purposes and after trying this out and being so happy with it I am tempted to try more of them. Very often I feel that I use a mask and in the end I am not really sure if it did anything more than my normal day cream. With this one it is different and I have experienced this mask getting rid of dry patches that days of face scrubs and moisturizing could not take care of.

Overall this is a great mask if your skin needs some TLC!