Stash or Trash #1 – Intro!

I decided to start a new blog series, exciting! I figured, like many fellow makeup lovers with a larger collection, that I have a lot of stuff that I haven’t used for a very long time. Some of the things I have I haven’t touched for one year…or two. Some of my things I don’t even remember what I think about.

So the goal with this series is to pick out some products in my collection that I haven’t tried for a while, or things I don’t remember what I think of, try them out for some weeks and then decide if I want to keep them or not. A way of phasing out products I don’t like or use, and a way to rediscover fun things in my collection.

So with this intro I will present my Stash or Trash products and talk a bit about them. After some weeks I will do another post and go through each product, my experience with them and if I will keep them in my collection or get rid of them.


I am hoping this will help me to either declutter a bit, or to just rediscover good products to use within my own collection. I have found plenty of gems when digging through my drawers so I do have hopes I can do that with this series. And honestly, I probably have some stuff that does not work for me or are getting too old that I need to get rid of.


This Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Liquid Bronzer I think I have used once, several years back. I don’t remember at all what I think about it, so I want to use it a few times. If I don’t like this one I can see myself getting rid of it since it’s quite a few years old and I obviously never reach for it. But I will give it another chance to see how it looks and wears before making a decision. Maybe it’s the best thing ever and I just didn’t discover it!


Hope Girl Illuminating Powder is one thing I picked up, meaning ordered online, but never used. Frankly I did not really realize how this looked before I got it. I would have never picked this up in a store to put it that way. It’s just too glittery to be a powder and to much of a traditional powder to be a highlighter, but I will test it out and figure out properly how it looks in the skin.


L’Oreal Lip Pain Matte is also something I picked up to try, tested a few times but for some reason I didn’t love it and I just put it back in my drawer and forgot about it. Now it’s time to properly figure out what I think about this formula. I have way too many reads to keep one with a formula I don’t like because it just will never be used. Time to figure out my final thoughts!


This one is quite random. It’s a lipstick with a unknown name and brand that I got as a free gift with an order a while back. I just swatched it, but never used it. The thing with this is the same as with the L’Oreal lip paint. I have too many reds to keep one I don’t like wearing. Problem is I’ve never tried. Maybe this is the best thing ever! I have yet to find out.


Can you believe Urban Decay palettes used to look like this? It does not have a name on it so I don’t know what it’s called. It’s probably way too old. I also have at least 4 of these shades in other palettes, so I am ready to declutter this unless I fall in love with it when I try it one last time. It’s also kind of tempting to keep it just for the sake of it. I mean, who has a old palette like this? It’s kind of a collection item? What would you do? Keep it as a relic or put it in the bin? I have to try it once more before making a decision.


I bought a six-pack of tiny little lip tint wine bottles a few years back. They are so cute, but I just never reach for them. I think I need to rediscover this formula, and maybe that will make me start using them again!


This Estee Lauder Pure Pops Cream Eyeshadow is also a forgotten old thing. I remember I used to use it a bit when I first got it, but honestly it’s been forgotten about for quite some time. I was not sure if it was still good, but the swatch look fine. I am ready to test this out and see if I can see myself reaching for it a bit more often. If not I should jsut get rid of it since it’s not exactly young anymore.


Can you believe this is my first Smashbox product? It’s way past expiration date, but I stick to disinfecting my stuff and if it feels and smells good I am fine using it. I am not a pro and only use it on myself after all. I also drink milk after the expiration date and that’s always worked for me. So I like to take chances! This Smashbox Waterproof Shadow Liner in the shade Starstruck haven’t been used all that much lately. I am not even sure if it’s dried a bit. I will use it as a shadow base a bit before I make up my mind.


I got heaps of these Everyday Minerals mineral blushes that I picked up way back when loose mineral makeup was so popular (those where the time for messy bathrooms I ‘ll tell you!). This is the shade “Like Lady Bird Lake”. I got several more shades, but I think I will just pick out those that I really really like to keep, because I almost never reach for loose powder blushes. So I really should only stick to the ones I really like. I do like this, but I am not sure if I like it enough. But I will keep you updated!


The last item this time is a Kiko Long Lasting Cream Eyeshadow. This is a light shimmery pink. Which I’ve never used. So I decided to throw it in this rounds Stash or Trash to figure out if I think I will use it a bit before it dries up, or if I think it’s time has come.

And that’s all ten products I picked up this round. Now I will have some weeks to test and try everything, and I will do a roundup post with the results of what gets stashed back in the drawers and what gets trashed!

Do you have any fun strategies to rediscover or declutter things in your own collection?




December 2018 Haul!

Or actually, this is not a December haul. Because everything I ordered in December haven’t arrived yet due to postal services being so awfully slow here around Christmas time, or around black Friday, or anytime really. Point being, except one little thing I picked up in store I didn’t get any of my December hauls yet. But I did get a few things I ordered in November, so we will have some new stuff to go through anyway.


So this is everything I added to my collection in December. Only pretty things off course, but this looks very modest compared to my November haul which I recommend reading if you 1.Like makeup porn or 2.needs a confirmation that I am not sane. Because I did some serious hauling that month!


My Violet Voss Flamingo palette finally arrived (I think I ordered it in October actually). I fell in love with the looks of it since it was released and I aaaalmost made an order from Sephora because ages before it reached Europe. But I forgot about it, and thought I didn’t really need it. Until I found it on sale at BeautyBay! Now I am very happy I picked it up. It’s so fun and summery. In other words perfect for the season right!


The Juvia’s Place Serafino blush is a gorgeous peach blush. It’s so pigmented but blends nicely on the face. I have really been loving this! The Balm Mary Dew Manizer was the only thing I picked up in store. I do love the powder version so I decided to give this liquid one a try. It looks very similar to the original, just a bit more subtle.


This beautiful Mary Kay blush was a Christmas gift from a friend. I just think the pattern is so lovely I barely want to use it, but it’s a gorgeous color! A toned down peach with a satin finish. So lovely!


And last but not least came some contributions to my Juvia’s Place collection! When I get my December order I will have all the palettes except the Warrior II. So my mission of collecting all Juvia’s Place palettes are soon completed. These palettes have such an amazing formula and the quality is so consistent! Not to mention all the gorgeous color stories. Forever a big time fan of Juvia’s Place palettes and I am so happy to have the Festival Palette, The Afrique Palette and the Nubian Palette in my collection.

Did you pick up something fun this month? Or are you doing a low-buy as a new years resolution? I am going to try to not pick up as many palettes, but it’s so hard!

Also, please add me on Instagram if you haven’t. I would love to see you there too!

Colourpop Good Sport Eyeshadow Palette – 6 Makeup Looks!

Good sport is such a pretty palette with lot’s of pretty shades. I just love the color story in it. Green is kind of my thing so every time a palette has a green in it I am drawn to it, but this one also has some nice orange, purples and yellows along with some bomb looking metallic shades. So I played around with them to create these 6 looks. Hope you like them!


  • Colourpop Good Sport Palette – High Hopes, Hooky, Trophies, Hookedm EBB, Licious, Wild Out.
  • Certifeye Tropical Wonders – Bonobo.
  • Makeupgeek Gel Liner – Immortal.
  • Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade – Medium Brown.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro30.
  • L’Oreal Unlimited Mascara.
  • House Of Lashes – Midnight Luxe.
  • Maybelline Master Drama Kohl Pencil – Ultra Black.
  • Kiko Eye Pencil (dark teal).
  • Zoeva Graphic Brow Fix.


  • Colourpop Good Sport Palette – Trooper, Hooky, Sista, Reckless, Flow, Wild Out.
  • Certifeye Tropical Wonders – Bonobo.
  • Makeupgeek Gel Liner – Immortal.
  • Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade – Medium Brown.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro30.
  • L’Oreal Unlimited Mascara.
  • House Of Lashes – Midnight Luxe.
  • Zoeva Graphic Brow Fix.
  • Maybelline Master Drama Kohl Pencil – Ultra Black.


  • Colourpop Good Sport Palette – Sista, Flow, Hooky, Licious, Wild Out, Trophies.
  • Certifeye Tropical Wonders – Bonobo.
  • Makeupgeek Gel Liner – Immortal.
  • Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade – Medium Brown.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro30.
  • L’Oreal Unlimited Mascara.
  • Zoeva Graphic Brow Fix.
  • Hello Gregory Lashes – Athena.
  • Nyx Faux Whites Inner Eye Brightener – Honeydew.


  • Colourpop Good Sport Palette – High Hopes, Hooky, Rookie, Reckless, Flow.
  • Certifeye Tropical Wonders – Bonobo.
  • Makeupgeek Gel Liner – Immortal.
  • Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade – Medium Brown.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro30.
  • L’Oreal Unlimited Mascara.
  • Zoeva Graphic Brow Fix.
  • Hello Gregory Lashes – Athena.
  • Maybelline Master Drama Kohl Pencil – Ultra Black.


  • Colourpop Good Sport Palette – Trophies, Hooked, High Hopes, Trooper.
  • Obsession Love Eyery Shade Palette – Own.
  • Makeupgeek Gel Liner – Immortal.
  • Maybelline Master Drama Kohl Pencil – Ultra Black.
  • House of Lashes – Midnight Luxe.
  • Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade – Medium Brown.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro30.
  • Zoeva Graphic Brow Fix.
  • L’Oreal Unlimited Mascara.
  • The Gypsy Shrine Glitter – Chunky Gold.
  • Nailart Stickers.
  • Dragon Dust Glitter (Unknown Name)


  • Colourpop Good Sport Palette- Trooper, Hooky, High Hopes, Reckless, Sista, Wild Out.
  • Kiko Glamorous Eye Pencil – 412 (Green)
  • H&M Colour Essence Eye Pencil – Panther.
  • Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick – You.Better.Work.
  • House of Lashes – Midnight Luxe.
  • Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade – Medium Brown.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro30.
  • Zoeva Graphic Brow Fix.
  • L’Oreal Unlimited Mascara.

The review will as usual be the next wednesday, but it will be in the new year! Wish for you all a safe and happy new year. Take care!



Certifeye The Dynasty Palette – Review & Swatches!

I have been raving on and on about the Certifeye Tropical Wonders palette which is in my opinion the best of rainbow palettes out there. So I was off course excited to see how this palette compared.

The design of this palette is very similar to the tropical wonders palette with the same slim cardboard packaging and 12 colorful shades, but the design this time is a beautiful colorful castle. It’s both beautiful and simple at the same time.


Even though this is very colorful, it’s not a rainbow palette which is good as they can be a bit repetitive. You get a nice range of blues, greens purples, reds and even a few browns for the days you want to go natural.

This differs from the tropical wonders palette in the sense that it’s not only a matte palette. 6 of the shades are shimmer shades, while the other 12  are matte. The formula of the mattes are good. I really like the matte formula of the tropical wonders palette, but I am under the impression that these mattes are even a bit better. They feel a bit smoother and blend very easy as well as being very richly pigmented. You get exactly the shade you see in the pan without having to build up the intensity. You get full on pigment from the very beginning. Event the purple shades blend with easy, and I find that purple mattes can often be a bit more work to blend out. These ones work like a dream, even blending them out in the outer corner work like a charm and they are not patchy at all. High quality mattes for sure.


The shimmers are shimmers. So don’t expect a foiled or metallic finish. That’s not what these are. Not saying they are bad in any means, they are just not in the foiled category. I find that they work a tiny bit better with a damp brush. One shade that was a bit less pigmented than what I expected was the purple shade “Wealth”. This shade is a bit on the sheer side and I definitely had to use a setting spray on the brush to get it to perform as good as the rest of them. Otherwise I had no issued with the other shimmer shades. Shimmer shades are nice, but I would love to see some high shine foiled shades from this brand to match the intensely pigmented mattes!


I think the color story match the royal theme of the palette by being rich jewel toned deeper shades. I also really like that you get one shimmer for each color-family to go with the look. You can either go monochromatic with your look, or mix and match to get a fun colorful eyelook. I think the green and blue shades are nicely put together with a shimmer, and one lighter and one darker color. I found the two matte purples to be a bit too similar on the eyes. When I used them together I found that they were pretty hard to tell apart. Also the shade “Riches” and “Cloak” does look very similar on the eyes even though you can tell them apart in the pans. So I would wish they had put in either a very dark red or a very pale purple instead of colors that are so similar. The shades are off course not bad on their own, but I think a bit more diversity in the shades would make the composition of the palette even better! I do like though that they put in a few brown shades. Even though I love color it’s nice to get the option to go neutral within a colorful palette. I think it makes the palette even more versatile.


But overall with just a few minor nitpicking flaws (or improvement potential) this is still a very good palette that I would highly recommend.


I am at least happy to have picked it up, and I would for sure do it again if I had to. I am excited to test even more palettes from the brand now, because I love a nice, fun color story to play with!

Have you tried this palette, or anything else from Certifeye? I would love to hear your opinion!





Zoeva Artisto Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

These little 10-pan palettes are such fun collectables since they are of a handy size, and usually have beautiful and decorative packaging. I got my fair share of these palettes by now. Most of them I really really like the quality of, but a few has been just OK, while one (Sweet Glamour) was just not my thing at all. So usually I really like them, but they are not as solid in quality as Colourpop where I rarely find duds in any of their palettes. There are both hits and misses in Zoeva’s line of palettes for me personally.


The last palette I reviewed was the Eyesee palette which I think is decent but not good enough to give a raving review. So I was a bit excited where this one would place itself.

First of all, the packaging is as always beautiful. This time its black, with simple, elegant gold details. As usual it’s made out of cardboard, holds no mirror and is nice and sleek. A+ for handy, sleek and beautiful appearance.

Inside are 10 different shades. I kind of find this color story to be unique. It’s like a neutral palette but it does not have a single brown shade. Instead you have toned down blues, greens reds and oranges that are all very wearable shades despite not being your usual brown. The colors are matched in pairs with one matte and one shimmer. I think this setup is kind of genius. It is super wearable colorful shades with a very logical set-up. I think this one is perfect for people who want to wear color, but want it to be toned down. Or people who want to wear color but don’t really know how to. This palette tells you what crease shade would work with what lid shade to make a nice wearable look. I had this palette in my monthly makeup bag, and I wore the shades times and times again as a wearable look for work.


To begin with I was honestly a bit underwhelmed, but in the end I ended up being impressed. The reason for me being underwhelmed was a few. Firstly it’s just not my favorite color scheme. It’s nothing wrong with it, and it’s a nice selection of shades for everyday looks, it was not just that pops that you get drawn to. You know, like that intense blue in a brown palette? I also get easily swayed by high shine metallics and intense shimmers, and that’s not what you get here. You get 5 mattes, one satin and 4 shimmers. They are not very intense shimmers, more of that subtle shine on the lid without any extra shine or glitter. So the reason why I was underwhelmed was not because the quality is not good, I just had to see through the fact that this palette does not have my personal favorite kind of shimmers and colors, without meaning there is anything wrong with the quality.

The five mattes are very buttery and nicely pigmented. As you can probably tell from the swatches even the lighter shade has some pigment to them and they easily show up on the eyes. Even that pale, pastel matte blue. Most of them perform nicely as well, and blends easily. The only exception was the matte blue because even though it is pigmented I found it a bit chalky and dusty. It made it a bit hard to blend without blending the color away and the result could be a bit patchy. I sticky base is necessary with this shade, at least no my lids. The rest of the mattes I did not have any issues with.


The four shimmers are nicely pigmented, but without that high-shine you often see now a days. Nothing wrong with that, they just gives a more subtle look to the eye. I think this formula matches the muted colors because it makes the palette very wearable. Even the blue shimmer has a grey base that makes it look more muted than it appears in the pan, and makes the shade much more wearable.

I am under the impression this is a great palette if you are into more subtle looks, but you want something else than the regular browns. This palette offers some colors in a very sophisticated way. It’s also aligned in a way that makes it very easy and obvious what shades to match, or you can off course mix them all together. But the reason why this impressed me in the end was because it seems like a very thought through palette.


I would say this is a good palette to try if you are a bit afraid of color, but want to try to widen the horizon, or if you just want something wearable and are tired of those boring browns. It’s also great if you want a palette that is really easy to put together a look with, because the palette is design with a crease shade and a matching lid shade in pairs all the way down the palette. For being just 10 shades it’s also surprisingly versatile as you get both greens, reds, oranges and blues. All in very wearable hues.

If you love bright colors and metallic intense shimmer shades, then this may not be your cup of tea. But the palette own is great!

Remember as always that you can stay update with my blog posts through Instagram and Bloglovin!





Whats In My Makeup Bag – November 2018!


November is finally here with the cold dark weather and most likely some nice fresh snow! So excited! Where I live we have polar night (complete darkness) from mid November where the sun will be below the horizon. I love polar nights. There are candlelight inside and the aurora outside. Nice crisp cold weather with lot’s of fun activities like mountaineering, skiing, horseback riding in the snow, maybe kayaking with the humpback whale if the return to the fjords again this year. And off course a nice sauna to heat up in. Winter is lovely!

It’s also the second last month of my project pan, and I am focusing a lot on finishing the products I have left in the project, so get ready to get some products repeated. I really dug out an old palette from my drawer this time around, and as usual a mix of new products, old products and project pan products.


Here is my selection of liquid base products:

  • Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation – I have tried this a bit since I picked it up in the beginning of this month and I do like it so far. I wanted to put this in my everyday makeup bag to see how it holds up properly before writing my final review about it.
  • The Saem Eco Soul Real Fit Foundation – A K-Beauty foundation that I remember really enjoying but it’s quite a while since I used it and I want to pick it up again. I need to write a review of this guy too, and I want to properly refresh my memories about why I like this before doing that. So you can expect reviews of both these foundations after this month!
  • Guerlain Multi- Reflecting Concealer – This is a nice concealer for when the weather gets colder and the skin gets more dull and dry because it’s hydration and has a nice blurring effect. Not too heavy coverage, more on the medium side, but it looks very natural and fresh.
  • NYX Angel Veil Primer – A pore filling, smoothing and blurring primer. I will focus on finishing the one from The Ordinary, but I don’t think I have more than a week left and will switch to this one after. I really like this primer actually.
  • The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer – Just your typical silicone primer. I don’t think it did much for me though. If I have to pick a silicone primer that’s affordable I would rather pick Angel Veil. So I am aiming just to finish this off. It’s not bad though. It just did not stand out in any way.


My face powder product picks:

  • History of Woo Jewel Loose Powder – My project pan powder with only a little bit left. I really like this powder but the packaging is soooo bulky and unpractical to store. You get 28 g of powder thought, which last you a long time. I think I will finish this within a week or so.
  • Milani Baked Blush “Luminoso” – This is just as gorgeous as everyone say. My main focus will off course be the project pan blush, but my plan is to layer this on top the days I want some more glow and to mix things up.
  • Colourpop No Filter Setting Powder “Translucent” – A really nice light weight setting powder. This will do the job for the rest of the month when my History of Woo Jewel powder is finished.
  • Glominerals Globlush “Papaya” – The never ending project pan blush. I mean this is so small, and I have used it almost every day for almost a year. Where is the pan? I really need to focus on this if I want to reach my goal. Can the clown cheek look become trendy please??
  • NARS Blush “Zen” – Not to use as a blush, but to use as a contour. This slightly red toned, cool brown is actually really nice as a natural contour shade on light skin during winter!


My highlighter selection:

  • Kevin Aucoin The Celestial Powder “Candlelight” – This is a super natural glow from within highlight that is perfect for the natural days.
  • Hello Gregory Loose Highlighter “Unicorn Frosting” – A very icy pink toned high-shine highlighter.
  • Maybelline Master Chrome “Molten Gold” – As a contrast to “Unicorn Frosting” I also picked this very warm, gold metallic highlight. So I should have something for every mood now.


The best part are the eyeshadows I will get to play with:

  • Zoeva En Taupe – I am doing my final damage on the En Taupe palette that’s in my project pan this year. I think I will hit pan on at least one shade, maybe too. Now that we are heading to dark and cold November a cool toned neutral palette is a great option.
  • Too Faced Natural Eye – Can you believe I am blowing some dust off of this? This is even from the days when they had cardboard packaging on these tiny palettes instead of the tin packaging they have now. The shadows still performs very well, and disinfectant spray helped keep them sanitary, at least for my personal use. I have so many memories attached to this that opening this is like a patch down memory lane. It’s bot nostalgic and fun to get some use out of this.
  • Nabla Single Pan Eyeshadows – These Nabla shadows are great. The selection of shadows from left to right, top to bottom is: Mystic, Paprika, Caramel, Ludwig, Glitz, Water Dream. I picked out all these shades because I think they work nicely as everyday shades for more simple looks (who got time to do something advanced when you need to get out the door quick?). I especially like “Water Dream” which is a gorgeous glittery topper shade that can be layered over anything!


And the next best thing to pick out, are off course lipsticks:

  • KissMe Liquid Lipstick “Hot Cocoa” – A nice brown nude.
  • KissMe Liquid Lipstick “Very Brewtiful” – Also a nude, but more on the peachy side.
  • KissMe Liquid Lipstick “Celebri-tea” – This one works as a darker nude for me because it’s quite similar to my natural lip color.
  • Catrice Volume Lip Booster – A sheer, pink minty gloss. For the days I just want a gloss that’s easy to wear.
  • NYX Liquid Suede “Tea & Cookies” – A nice ligth everyday pink that’s actually flattering on me. I am usually not the biggest fan of pinks but some of them work for me, and this is one of them. I really love this formula as well.
  • Colourpop Lippie Stix “Brink” – A matte terracotta rose. This is one of my favorite Lippie Stix shades, so I am happy to pull it out of my drawers for a bit.

What are your strategy to get some usage out of your makeup and not get stuck with the same routine all the time. Do you rotate everything? Do a makeup basket or maybe even a project pan?

Remember that you can also keep track on my latest blog post on Bloglovin and Instagram!



Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette – Review & Swatches!

The well known red toned Blood Sugar Eyeshadow Palette who have been constantly running out of stock since it’s release finally moved in with the rest of my eyeshadow collection around late June. Finally I am ready to shade my thoughts on this.


I have all palettes released by Jeffree Star Cosmetics so far. So I guess it’s kind of a given that I like the quality since I keep picking them up, but I have to say they are not all the same. It’s not like you can buy one palette and expect the formula on the next to be similar, because I have found them to vary a bit. With that said, none of his palettes are bad, but some of them have some minor things that makes it less than perfect. So how about this one?

The palette contains 18 shadows, with three metallics, one satin and 14 mattes. The matte formula is really good. The shades are pigmented and rich but also easy to blend. I did not have any issues with any of them applying patchy, which I think is fairly good for darker reds and purples. Among those kind of shades you can easily find duds, but this one has a solid good quality overall with the matte shades. I have always enjoyed Jeffree Star matte formula, so no surprise here really. Just the quality of the mattes alone makes this a good palette.


The first row of shades has a nice white with a matte finish that works really well in the inner corner or browbone on dramatic looks, which suits this palette well since it has a color scheme perfect for some drama. The three next shades all work nice as transition shades, but the second and third shade are a lot more pink toned than I expected on the eyes. Not a big problem since this is a red and pink themed palette, but it could be nice to know if you actually would want to make looks that are not in that color family. These shades will still appear a pit on the pinky side. There is also a rich deep gold that is stunning and a nice matte darker brown to deepen up a golden or brown look.


There are three shimmery shades in this palette. “Candy Floss” a baby pink, “Sweetener” which is a rose gold, and “Donor” (from the first row) that is a darkened gold shade. I think both Donor and Sweetener are stunning shades, but Candy Floss came a bit short on me. I would have liked it to be a bit more intense. It’s just a bit lackluster compared to the other two. There is also a bright almost neon pink that worked great, and a purple matte that needed some building up. These strong shades does stain the lids, just be ware!


The last row is my very favorite with delicious red shades. I mean just look at these! If you consider this palette this is the key row. If you love and would wear these shades then I think you will also like this palette. If you are not so sure about them, I would probably recommend skipping it unless you are a collector at heart.

Blood Sugar, the shade named after the palette (or maybe the other way around) is the only satin finish shade. And this is a good one! It’s so smooth and rich and looks absolutely stunning on the eyes. If you want a gorgeous red smoky eye, then this is a staple shade! Both the color and quality is nothing less than stunning, and this shade alone really does a lot to improve the overall quality. Maybe more satin shades would not have been a bad idea?


Packaging is something else right? At first I was not sure what to think, but it grew on me. It’s super bulky and does not exactly safe space in your drawers, so you have to be able to handle that sort of palette to truly enjoy it I thing. But on the other hand it is very different, and quite retro too! The quality feels nice, nothing cheap about this thing. Unfortunately I think it’s a bit hard to open. So much so that I do find it a bit annoying. I don’t want to stand there in the morning struggling to open a too tightly closed palette. I just don’t have the patience to it. It is so hard to open that I have no idea why those metal clasps are there. This palette does not need any extra help to stay closed.

With that said it does have a decent size, good quality mirror inside. Still this is not a palette I would recommend traveling with, just the sheer size taken into consideration. You could bring 4 Zoeva palettes, or 8 Colourpop palettes and they would take up approximately the same space but with more product. So yeah, not my new travel buddy (but I got plenty of those so we are good!).


Color composition is……red. If you are not into red looks just forget all about this palette. You want get any use out of it anyway. Being very red toned does not mean you can’t go neutral with it though. The first row of shadows offers plenty of more neutral tones. With that being said My impression is that both Sugarcan and Cake Mix appear more red hued on my skin, while they look to be more brown in the pan. You can also go for just pink and purple if you don’t feel like wearing red. Or maybe a rose gold moment using Sweetener all over your lid.

But if you want to wear red, then the whole third row is a gift! 5 different red-toned shades with everything from true tomato red, to cherry and deep red-purple. This is the smoke red row, and personally I love it. Red shades like this may look scary, but they really are striking, and if you have blue eyes these are shades that will really make your eyes pop! I think Blood Sugar is my very favorite shade of the whole palette, well worthy of it’s name. I have used it a few times for a simple smoky look, and just using the deeper shades to deepen the look and I loved how it looked.


Even though this palette got you covered with the basics like appropriate crease shades and transition shades, as well as deeper mattes, I did find myself missing something even darker. The darkest shade in the pan is just not quite dark enough that create those red dark grungy looks that I feel inspired to do with this look. No biggie, I got plenty of blacks, but I would have loved it if that dark red-plum shade “Coma” was even a bit more dark.

While we mention that shade, I think “Extraction” and “Coma” had quite similar look on the lid, which makes me feel even more that “Coma” really should have been a lot darker.

So what is the verdict? As a collector I am happy I’ve picked this up and I would do it again for sure. But what about you, do you need it?

Well, If you love a good red, and think you are missing a bit of red variety in your collection then yes, this palette is well worth picking up. I don’t know any other palette that offers this nice of a collection of true red shades in this quality, so if red is your thing then this is a good choice.

If you find red scary, or you don’t really use reds, then picking up this palette for 56$ just to avoid the reds would be a waist of money. Without the red shades then you probably have something similar to most other shades in your collection anyway, and if you want to dabble a bit into reds but you are not sure if you like it or not I would rather recommend a palette like Anastasia Modern Renaissance instead where you have only a few (a bit more user friendly) red shades and the rest of the palette works for everyone.

If this should be worth for you to pick up you would have to know you like and feel comfortable in reds, or maybe if you are just a collector and appreciate the piece just for its own sake. If you fall into either of these categories (or both like me) then I would say this is worth picking up. If not, you would probably not want to pick this up due to it’s high price tag.

What are your thought? Do you have it? love it or hate it? Let me know in the comments! I love reading your feedback and opinion on products I review!

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