Colourpop Orange You Glad? – Review & Swatches!

The happy orange palette that makes you want to drink a fresh glass of juice is a part of Colourpops 9-pan monochromatic series. I am loving these small handy little monochromatic palettes, both because they add a nice selection of each color to you collection in a small handy packaging, and because they are so fun to play with.


The design on this is pretty standard for their monochromatic palettes. The packaging is plastic (I wish it was cardboad!) and orange with a very simple design. You also get a mirror inside which is handy. Nothing stunning about the packaging really. But it’s simple and cute and gets the job done.


The palette has 9 shades, with three different types of finishes. You get 6 mattes, 2 shimmers and one glitter. As usual, this glitter is marked as non-eye-safe. Glitters never really are eye-safe so I guess it’s up to you if you want to use it on your eyes or not. I do use glitters on my eyes, but no glitter is eye safe so they need to put that disclaimer on the packaging. But, contrary to what many people belive, it’s not that this glitter is not eye safe, but other glitters are. No glitters are eye safe. They all contain particles that can fall into your eyes and potentially case irritation. I know a lot of people find it weird that they put a non-eye-safe product inside an eyeshadow palette which is intended for your eyes, but to be fair a lot of eyeshadow palettes have non-eye-safe products in them. For instance eyeshadows with pigments that can stain the eye has to be marked as not eye safe. Colourpop (and many other brands) have plenty of palettes with these kind of shades that are all labeled not eye safe. For some reason people seem to be quite concious about these glitters not being eye safe, and complain about it, and at the same time a lot of people use non eye safe pigments without even giving it a second thought. I do use these glitters on my eyes, and have never experienced any problems. However, this issue is something people just have to decide for themselves, and it completely makes sense that people with sensitive eyes want to stay clear of these glitters. But if you are willing to take that risk, this glitter really is pretty. The pressed glitters from Colourpop are generally very easy to use. This one has some chunky bits in it, that gives it a lot of dimention and adds something extra to the palette. So I am happy they added this.


The mattes are all great. I didn’t have any issued with any of the mattes. They perform like good Colourpop mattes usually does. They are very pigmented and very easy to blend. You get some very bright and fun pops of orange as well as a few more muted options. The only thing I feel is missing a bit is a really deep orange. The deepest matte is more of a mid-toned shade and I would like to see something a bit darker to be able to intensify and deepen the looks. Also, I do think maybe that Rise N Grind and Mimosa Mami is a bit too similar on the eyes. In the pan Mimosa Mami is clearly a bit more intense and a tad deeper, but on the eyes they look a bit more similar. I think if either one of these where gone I would not miss them in the palette. I would have like to see one of them swithced out with a white based orange duochrome to use as a highlighter shade, because this palette actually lack a nice inner corner or browbone highlight that is light enough. But those are just personal preferences.


The shimmers are buttery smooth and rich as they usually are with Colourpop. These don’t have any chunkyness to them either so they can just be applied without dampening the brush. Both shades are very reflective and pigmented, and they apply so nicely to the eyes. Very nice shades, and just the way I like them form Colourpop!


Just the overall quality of the eyeshadows are impeccable. I don’t really have anything bad to say about performance. None of them had any issues, non of them required a bit of tweaking (like using a damp brush for instance) to work optimal. Sure, the glitter does benefit from some glitter glue, but that’s the case with all glitters unless they are in a gel or liquid base.


My only chritizism really is that I think the color story could be improved. Mainly by having a darker matte option, and to have a white based orange duochrome highlighter shade. That’s just personal preference though and others might find the color story to be no less than perfect.

So overall I am super happy with the quality, and this little palette added a lot of nice oranges to my collection. A bonus (at least for me) it that orange really enhance blue, so they work excellent with blue eyes.

What about you. Would you wear a bright orange look? If so this palette is a must have!



Stash or Trash #3 – Recap!

Ok, time to go through my current stash or trash items and decide which ones to keep and which ones to bin. If you want to read the intro to this specific bundle of items you can read about it here.


I put the items I will keep on one side of the palette, and the items I will trash in the other side (we will get to the palette too!). Can you guess which side I kept?


Fyrinnae Single Eyeshadow “Rapunzel Had Extensions”: This one is sooo beautiful. I used to use this so much many years ago. It’s such a pretty shimmery pink with gold. Unfortunately it has so much hard pan I can’t pick it up with the brush any more. So time to declutter this one!

Fyrinnae Single Eyeshadow “Aztec Gold”: Luckily this one does not have hard pan as the other one. The shade is nicely pigmented and it’s a unique dirty green with gold shift. I don’t think I have anything like it.


The NARS highlighter or blush or whatever it is in the shade “Satelite of Love” I just could not figure out how to use. It’s just a sheer wash of specks of glitter. The base color does not show up, and it’s like it’s just a veil of glitter paritcles. No matter how I use it I can’t make it look good. It just looks like I playes around with glitter and didn’t manage to wash it off properly. Such an awful product. In the bin with it!

Everyday Minerals Highlighter in “Wet Sand” on the other hand is actually a beautiful highlighter. If this was a pressed powder with a nicer packaging I would keep it withouth doubt. But even though the highlighter is pretty, the shade is quite standard. I could probably easiy dupe this 10 times just within my own collection. Since the packaging is both very unpractical and not that cute to look at, I decided to let this one go. It is really pretty though!

YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils: This one is just a sample, but it felt a bit try for my taste (could be just old) and I don’t feel like it did much for me. In the bin with it.


I didn’t realize the colors of this lipstick and blush by H&M matched untill I took this picture. H&M makes fantastic cream lipsticks and powder blushes, so the formula of these products are amazing (and they are affordble!). The H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blush in “Cherry” I put in this project because I was not sure if the color suited me. Every time I look at it I feel like it’s to dark and then I reach for something else. But after using it a bit I realize it’s actually not that dark on me, and with a light hand it looks very flattering. This one is a keeper for sure!

The H&M Creme Lipstick in “Limelight” is kind of the same story. I never reached for it because I could not imagine the shade looking any good on me. But after forcing myself to use it a couple of time I don’t really know why I thought it would not fit me. I actually really like the deep purply pink. This one is a keeper as well!


These guys on the other hand are awful! They are both Kiko Unlimited Stylo lipsticks, but they are so incredily drying. My lips look like cracked sunbaked soil, and I don’t even have dry lips! If I put a lip balm on top they looked nice though, but I have so many lip products that work great just on their own, so there’s not really a reason to keep these, especially since the shades aren’t really that unique.


And finally, let’s talk about this palette. This is a limited edition Kiko “Color Fever Must Have Eyeshadow Palette 02 Elegant Tones” that I got on Holiday in Italy years and years ago. It looks pretty, but I just never reach for it. Now that I have I realize the quality really isn’t there. The shadows are just too sheer for my taste, and I found that I actually got a bit annoyed having to work so much to get the result I wanted. I have too many great palettes to be bothered using this any more, and I don’t have any sentimental attachment to this, so this palette can go!

I felt like I got to declutter a lot this time, so I am happy with that! Out of the 10 items I picked out I decided to get rid of 7 of them!

Altogether in this series the counts are:

  • Decluttered: 19
  • Kept: 10
  • Makeup artifact box: 1

I am actually quite happy with how this method helps me get rid of a few bits and pieces here and there. I have such a hard time getting rid of anything. You know, just in case you might miss something one day. But really trying things and seeing how they work helps me decide if the things I don’t reach for enough are worth keeping around.

Now I just have to pick out 10 new items that I need to make up my mind about, so a new intro post in the Stash or Trash series should be up soon. Stay tuned!



Colourpop Chasing Rainbows Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!


OK, so Colourpop has a sense of humor releasing this palette for the Holiday 2018. I mean, a colorful fun palette with rainbow theme, and holographic packaging does not exactly scream Christmas. On the other hand, we don’t need that many palettes with the typical Christmas shades so why not mix it up. It’s pretty and fun. but honestly I felt much more like pulling this out of my eyeshadow basket (the one with palettes I need to review) and do looks with it now than during the Holidays. You can off course wear fun pops of color any time of the year, but this just felt more like summer to me.


This one has the same layout as previous Holiday palettes have had, for instance the “All I See Is Magic” that was a previous Holiday release. It has 15 shades with a nice mixture of mattes and shimmers and fun colors.


The first row is more in the neutral side, and gives you the base colors you may need. The only thing I don’t like about this row is that it has one of those matte shade with a sheer wash of glitter particles in it. We have talked about these kind of shades before because they annoy the heck out of me. I just find it so pointless since the glitter will dust off anyway, and the color on your lid will be matte. If you want a matte shade, you would not need that glitter in the first place, and if you want that glitter you will be disappointing because it’s going to dust off and fly away as you apply the shadow. I mean, make a shadow either matte OR with glitter that actually stays in the shadow upon application. Shades like these are just pointless to me. But with that said “Feeling It” is a nice warm brown crease shade, of you just ignore that glitter in the pan and use it just like a regular matte shade, you will get exactly that. There is also a shade in the second row with the exact same formula. “Manifest It” is a beautiful matte hot pink on the eyes, but that glitter is just so unnecessary.


Those matte shades with glitter put aside, the rest of the palette has really nice formulas. “Blurred Lines” and “Not Playing” are not that dense in pigmentation so they are more like a sheer color with glitter and shimmer, or beautiful topper shades. There are 7 proper mattes (not counting the two with glitter). They have the usual high performance of Colourpop mattes. Most of them blend very well. The only exception was the matte blue shade “Bring It”. Not saying it’s bad, but it’s very very pigmented. that means off course that you either have to spend a little more time blending, or adding a little at the time. With that said I didn’t have issues making the blend nice in the end. It just took a bit more time than with the rest of the shades in the palette.


So overall, this is at Colourpops usual standard. Just great through and through. Yes, those mattes with glitters could have been just pure mattes in my opinion, but I am not that mad since they actually do perform as mattes. The color selection is fun and colorful while still giving you an option of you want to go completely natural which is something I love about a palette, and the combination of different textures and depth in the shades. Just a good cohesive and fun palette!

Colourpop just steals the show with palettes at the moment and I am diggin it!



Makeup Revolution Jewel Collection Opulent Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

This is the second palette I review from the Makeup Revolution Jewel Collection that they released just before Christmas. I had to pick up all the three palettes from the collection, mainly because of the beautiful packaging.


I mean, just look at this gorgeous frozen silver outer packaging. The palette has some weight to it too, so it feels and looks more expensive than it is. Inside you get a very decent mirror, and I was also very happy to see that the names of the eyeshadows are written in the palette. Usually Makeup Revolution just give you one of those plastic inserts, or have the names or numbers written on a sticker on the backside of the palette, but this packaging seems a bit more thorough. Still the price is only 10 £.


Inside you get 6 large eyeshadow pans of metallic foiled eyeshadows, and 14 smaller pans with a mixture of mattes and shimmers. The colors are much more cool-toned than the other two palettes that are very warm and golden. This one has pinks, mauves and greys in addition to a few browns, so you do get a nice cool-toned palette here, which I think is great. I love warm toned eyeshadow palettes but they are so common and so plentiful in my collection, that a cool-toned palette with wearable neutrals always feels like adding something new to my collection.


I find the quality of this eyeshadow palette to be close to identical to Deluxe, which is the first of these three palettes I reviewed. The top row of 6 foiled shadows are incredible. They are so soft and buttery they feel more like a cream than a powder, the pigmentation is so intensely rich I am amazed. This top row is worth the whole palette for me! They are just mindblowingly good!


The two rows of smaller eyeshadow pans are more of “regular” quality if you will. They have medium pigmentation and does the job, but they are very unlikely to be the best eyeshadows you have. The mattes are good, but not great. The shimmers are more of a satin finish than a shimmer really, but some are more shiny than others. That meaning that some of these shades can be used in the crease, even though they are not matte because they are much softer and not very reflective. These 14 smaller pan are kind of like a decent-for-the-price and gets-the-job-done-withouth-blowing-your-mind kind of quality. But the top row with 6 foiled pieces of goodness are the crown jewels of this palette and makes it well worth picking up.


I do think though that the composition of this palette is better than Deluxe. Deluxe did only have 2 matte eyeshadows, while this one has 6 of different depths. In addition to that some of the satin shades can work similarly to a matte, and with that I mean that they can be used in the crease. So if you were thinking about picking up any of these three palettes, Opulent would be your best option if you wanted mainly cool-tones. And not to spoil the review of Gilded that will be posted later on, but that would be my pick if I wanted one of them but preferred a cool toned look.

Overall these palettes seem very similar in quality, and also packaging. Even though the 14 small pans are decent but nothing more, the incredible foiled at the top makes up for it, and overall makes this a palette well worth the price. Opulent is definitely the one to go for if you are a bit tired of all those warm neutral palettes, because you can get some really pretty grey, taupe, pink or berry looks from this palette.

This one gets a thumbs up from me, because I am so excited about having such stunning foiled shades for a reasonable price in my collection. Besides the gorgeous packaging don’t hurt either!




Makeup Revolution Jewel Collection Opulent Palette – X Makeup Looks!

This is the second palette from the Jewel Collection that I do makeup looks with. And there will be a third one because I just happened to pick up all of these palettes because I am a sucker for packaging, and especially for packaging combined with an affordable price.

This palette was a part of Makeup Revolutions holiday collection late last year, and those fantastic jelly highlighters I have been talking about was a part of that collection. I highly recommend those, and you can read the review here.

But, back to the palette; here are the looks I did with this pretty silver palette:


  • Makeup Revolution Opulent Eyeshadow Palette – Squad, Impressionable, Reveal, Moody, Paris, Cop Out.
  • Jacklyn Hill X Morphe Eyeshadow Palette – Abyss.
  • Makeupgeek Gel Liner – Immortal.
  • Maybelline Master Drama Kohl Pencil – Ultra Black.
  • L’Oreal Unlimited Mascara.
  • Anastasia dipbrow Pomade – Medium Brown.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro90, Bro30, Bro10.
  • Zoeva Graphic Brow Fix.
  • Colourpop Glitterally Obsessed – Avenue of the Stars.
  • Smashbox Studio Skin 24 H Waterproof Concealer – Fair.
  • House Of Lashes – Noir Fairy Light.


  • Makeup Revolution Opulent Eyeshadow Palette – Rules, Peace, Moody, MOTD, Ritzy, Soul.
  • Jacklyn Hill X Morphe Eyeshadow Palette – Abyss.
  • Makeupgeek Gel Liner – Immortal.
  • Maybelline Master Drama Kohl Pencil – Ultra Black.
  • L’Oreal Unlimited Mascara.
  • Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade – Medium Brown.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro90, Bro30, Bro70.
  • Zoeva Graphic Brow Fix.
  • Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick – Drug Lord.
  • Smashbox Studio Skin 24 H Waterproof Concealer – Fair.
  • House Of Lashes – Noir Fairy Light.
  • Nail art stickers.


  • Makeup Revolution Opulent Eyeshadow Palette – Squad, Peace, Moody, MOTD, Cop Out, Paris, Participate, Impressionable.
  • Jacklyn Hill X Morphe Eyeshadow Palette – Abyss.
  • NYX Epic Black Mousse Liner.
  • Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade – Medium Brown.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro30, Bro70.
  • Zoeva Graphic Brow Fix.
  • L’Oreal Unlimited Mascara.
  • Maybelline FitMe Concealer.
  • H&M Colour Essence Eye Pencil – Silver Jade.
  • Kiko Glamorous Eye Pencil – 405.
  • House Of Lashes Iconic.
  • Nail art gems.


  • Makeup Revolution Opulent Eyeshadow Palette – Rules, Peace, Moody, Ritzy, Alone, Bystander, Soul, Code, Love Note, Night Life, Ready.
  • Jacklyn Hill X Morphe Eyeshadow Palette – Abyss.
  • NYX Epic Black Mousse Liner.
  • Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade – Medium Brown.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro30, Bro70.
  • Zoeva Graphic Brow Fix.
  • L’Oreal Unlimited Mascara.
  • Maybelline FitMe Concealer.
  • Maybelline Master Drama The Nudes – Pearly Taupe.
  • Physicans Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shimmer Eyeliner Trio (Nude Eyes) – Black with shimmer.
  • House Of Lashes Iconic.


Hope you like the looks, remember that as always there will be a review of this palette this Wednesday so stay tuned if you want to read that! You can also keep yourself updated on my latest blog post through instagram.



Stash or Trash #1 – Intro!

I decided to start a new blog series, exciting! I figured, like many fellow makeup lovers with a larger collection, that I have a lot of stuff that I haven’t used for a very long time. Some of the things I have I haven’t touched for one year…or two. Some of my things I don’t even remember what I think about.

So the goal with this series is to pick out some products in my collection that I haven’t tried for a while, or things I don’t remember what I think of, try them out for some weeks and then decide if I want to keep them or not. A way of phasing out products I don’t like or use, and a way to rediscover fun things in my collection.

So with this intro I will present my Stash or Trash products and talk a bit about them. After some weeks I will do another post and go through each product, my experience with them and if I will keep them in my collection or get rid of them.


I am hoping this will help me to either declutter a bit, or to just rediscover good products to use within my own collection. I have found plenty of gems when digging through my drawers so I do have hopes I can do that with this series. And honestly, I probably have some stuff that does not work for me or are getting too old that I need to get rid of.


This Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Liquid Bronzer I think I have used once, several years back. I don’t remember at all what I think about it, so I want to use it a few times. If I don’t like this one I can see myself getting rid of it since it’s quite a few years old and I obviously never reach for it. But I will give it another chance to see how it looks and wears before making a decision. Maybe it’s the best thing ever and I just didn’t discover it!


Hope Girl Illuminating Powder is one thing I picked up, meaning ordered online, but never used. Frankly I did not really realize how this looked before I got it. I would have never picked this up in a store to put it that way. It’s just too glittery to be a powder and to much of a traditional powder to be a highlighter, but I will test it out and figure out properly how it looks in the skin.


L’Oreal Lip Pain Matte is also something I picked up to try, tested a few times but for some reason I didn’t love it and I just put it back in my drawer and forgot about it. Now it’s time to properly figure out what I think about this formula. I have way too many reads to keep one with a formula I don’t like because it just will never be used. Time to figure out my final thoughts!


This one is quite random. It’s a lipstick with a unknown name and brand that I got as a free gift with an order a while back. I just swatched it, but never used it. The thing with this is the same as with the L’Oreal lip paint. I have too many reds to keep one I don’t like wearing. Problem is I’ve never tried. Maybe this is the best thing ever! I have yet to find out.


Can you believe Urban Decay palettes used to look like this? It does not have a name on it so I don’t know what it’s called. It’s probably way too old. I also have at least 4 of these shades in other palettes, so I am ready to declutter this unless I fall in love with it when I try it one last time. It’s also kind of tempting to keep it just for the sake of it. I mean, who has a old palette like this? It’s kind of a collection item? What would you do? Keep it as a relic or put it in the bin? I have to try it once more before making a decision.


I bought a six-pack of tiny little lip tint wine bottles a few years back. They are so cute, but I just never reach for them. I think I need to rediscover this formula, and maybe that will make me start using them again!


This Estee Lauder Pure Pops Cream Eyeshadow is also a forgotten old thing. I remember I used to use it a bit when I first got it, but honestly it’s been forgotten about for quite some time. I was not sure if it was still good, but the swatch look fine. I am ready to test this out and see if I can see myself reaching for it a bit more often. If not I should jsut get rid of it since it’s not exactly young anymore.


Can you believe this is my first Smashbox product? It’s way past expiration date, but I stick to disinfecting my stuff and if it feels and smells good I am fine using it. I am not a pro and only use it on myself after all. I also drink milk after the expiration date and that’s always worked for me. So I like to take chances! This Smashbox Waterproof Shadow Liner in the shade Starstruck haven’t been used all that much lately. I am not even sure if it’s dried a bit. I will use it as a shadow base a bit before I make up my mind.


I got heaps of these Everyday Minerals mineral blushes that I picked up way back when loose mineral makeup was so popular (those where the time for messy bathrooms I ‘ll tell you!). This is the shade “Like Lady Bird Lake”. I got several more shades, but I think I will just pick out those that I really really like to keep, because I almost never reach for loose powder blushes. So I really should only stick to the ones I really like. I do like this, but I am not sure if I like it enough. But I will keep you updated!


The last item this time is a Kiko Long Lasting Cream Eyeshadow. This is a light shimmery pink. Which I’ve never used. So I decided to throw it in this rounds Stash or Trash to figure out if I think I will use it a bit before it dries up, or if I think it’s time has come.

And that’s all ten products I picked up this round. Now I will have some weeks to test and try everything, and I will do a roundup post with the results of what gets stashed back in the drawers and what gets trashed!

Do you have any fun strategies to rediscover or declutter things in your own collection?




December 2018 Haul!

Or actually, this is not a December haul. Because everything I ordered in December haven’t arrived yet due to postal services being so awfully slow here around Christmas time, or around black Friday, or anytime really. Point being, except one little thing I picked up in store I didn’t get any of my December hauls yet. But I did get a few things I ordered in November, so we will have some new stuff to go through anyway.


So this is everything I added to my collection in December. Only pretty things off course, but this looks very modest compared to my November haul which I recommend reading if you 1.Like makeup porn or 2.needs a confirmation that I am not sane. Because I did some serious hauling that month!


My Violet Voss Flamingo palette finally arrived (I think I ordered it in October actually). I fell in love with the looks of it since it was released and I aaaalmost made an order from Sephora because ages before it reached Europe. But I forgot about it, and thought I didn’t really need it. Until I found it on sale at BeautyBay! Now I am very happy I picked it up. It’s so fun and summery. In other words perfect for the season right!


The Juvia’s Place Serafino blush is a gorgeous peach blush. It’s so pigmented but blends nicely on the face. I have really been loving this! The Balm Mary Dew Manizer was the only thing I picked up in store. I do love the powder version so I decided to give this liquid one a try. It looks very similar to the original, just a bit more subtle.


This beautiful Mary Kay blush was a Christmas gift from a friend. I just think the pattern is so lovely I barely want to use it, but it’s a gorgeous color! A toned down peach with a satin finish. So lovely!


And last but not least came some contributions to my Juvia’s Place collection! When I get my December order I will have all the palettes except the Warrior II. So my mission of collecting all Juvia’s Place palettes are soon completed. These palettes have such an amazing formula and the quality is so consistent! Not to mention all the gorgeous color stories. Forever a big time fan of Juvia’s Place palettes and I am so happy to have the Festival Palette, The Afrique Palette and the Nubian Palette in my collection.

Did you pick up something fun this month? Or are you doing a low-buy as a new years resolution? I am going to try to not pick up as many palettes, but it’s so hard!

Also, please add me on Instagram if you haven’t. I would love to see you there too!