Revolution X Tammy Tropical Carnival Palette – Review & Swatches!

This fun little colorful palette absolutely PACKED with eyeshadows surely got my attention! Palettes like this just inspire me and make me think out looks to create i my head instantly. Those palettes are the best! Those that make you want to pick them up and be creative and this palette absolutely hit that nerve for me. Colorful looks are just the most fun.


When it comes to Makeup Revolution you always get a good price. This one is only 10£ and it’s absolutely packed with shades from edge to edge. No space was unused when making this. The quality of Makeup Revolution can be so-so. They can be amazing for the price, just average, and some palettes I even had some troubles with. The Re-Loaded Iconic Division is still the worst palette I have tried so far this year. So you can get really lucky, or you can get something meh. In that matter they are a bit behind Colourpop who has a vvery conisisten and great quality, although I think they try to me like Colourpop judging by how fast they keep the new stuff coming.


I have been quite lucky with my Makeup Revolution palettes lately though. So happy that I keep on buying new and good palettes from them, so I did have some good hopes for this one!

The packaging is their standars plastic packaging, but it’s so fun and colorful. You get a decent sized mirror inside, and although plastic does not exactly scream luxury, this one seems nice and sturdy. It just feels a bit more solid than the plastic palettes they had some years ago. Since all the space in the palette is filled with eyeshadow, there’s no room for having the shadow names anywhere. It’s on that famous plastic sheet we all love so much (I am being ironic but have to point it out since irony is hard to read). The shade names are also written on the back of the palette so if you loose that plastic sheet you are not completely lost though.


You do get 7 shimmer shades, and 11 mattes. So in total you get 18 fun colors. Not a single neutral basic shade in this palette except the black that can arguably be a basic shade, but it’s such a handy one and it fits very well with the palette so I don’t mind at all. One thing I really like about this is that you have corresponding mattes and shimmers. So this palette is great if you want to do colorful monochromatic looks. A blue smoky eye with a shimmery blue on the lid, or a purple or green or a yellow one. And off course you can mix and match to make it fun. But I think the corresponding shades makes this palette very easy to use if you want to use colors but have a hard time mixing them or finding out what colors will match. When you look at this palette it’s kind of easy to see what colors go nicely together.


But let’s talk about the quality. I want to chat about the shimmers first because that is easier. The formula is a bit dense, which means that I had to apply a bit more pressure on the brush to pick up the shadows and to place them on my lids. But besides that they are very rich in pigment and you can easily get them tru to color if you want. I didn’t really feel like they needed a damp brush either. They went on nicely and are very rich in pigment so I didn’t at all feel the need to spray my brush with setting spray as I am very prone to do. They didn’t really have that much fallout either. So all in all, I really do like them.

The mattes was a bit frustrating to begin with to be honest. They are a bit more dry and powdery than what I would prefer. I did my first few looks with this palette without having a base on my lids. I just applied it on bare lids and I found them do be a bit hard to build up and sadly they appeared a bit patchy. You know when some shades are a bit dusty and you blend them out they just seem to stick better to some parts of the lids than others, and that’s exactly what I experienced with these. To be honest I had to work quite a while to get the result I wanted. So upon first try I was a bit dissapointed.

But some shadows just needs a bit more help than others, and if you crack the code they can end up being decent after all. So I figured since they were quite dry they might have some problems sticking to my skin properly since I don’t have oily lids at all. So I put on a really sticky base and that made the world of a difference! Stamping them on a sticky base rather than swiping them on a clean lid made such a difference and they were much more vibrant and very much easier to work with. After doing a few looks with a sticky base I kind of got used to how they worked, and I found that they applied very nicely. I didn’t have any issues with problems bulding them up, or them getting patchy after I started using them with a tacky base. So that really did the trick for me, and kind of changed my whole impression with this palette.


As with the shimmers, most of the mattes have nice pigment. There where two exceptions that I felt could have been a bit more rich and that was the navy shade “Navy” and the purple shade “Girlies”. I found them to apply a bit more sheer to color than what they look like in the pan and was not really able to fully build them up. But besides not being the richest and deepest shades in the palette, they did look nice in the end. They just don’t apply to be as deep as they look in the pan.

Another little issue that someone might find problematic is that the blue shades stain the eyes. My eyes got stained even when using a base, and the stain lasted all day even after trying to wipe it away with makeup remover. I did use the Revolution Cut Crease Canvas as a base and my eyes got stained either way. Just for fun I did a quick test with MAC paintpot as a base, and then I didn’t experience staining. So the base you use could make a big difference. Still, having my eyelids stained blue for a while made me look like I had bruised my eye, so I would maybe not recommend using the blues the day before a big event if any kind.

I think after I figured out how to work with this palette and used a properly sticky base, I was happy with how the shadows performed. The quality is not mindblowing but the pigmentation on most of the shades are definitly good. If you want a cheap colorful palette to create some fun looks with would say it’s worth it if you are willing to work a bit with the shadows because you can surely make a lot of bright fun looks using this.

Have you tried this palette. Was it a hit or miss for you?



Colourpop It’s My Pleasure Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

Colourpop have been releasing these monochromatic 9-pan palettes at high speed lately. Well, they release everything at high speed, and I find it hard to manage to keep up. I hav to honestly say that this 9-pan palette was not featuring the color I am most excited about. I am a big fan of blues and greens, but purple don’t excite me that much. Don’t get me wrong, I like the occasional purple look, but it does not excite me the most if that makes sense?


But, being a collector, and being that I love to review Colourpop palettes I off course picked it up. When I received it and opened it in real life for the first time I was in chock. IT….WAS….SOO…BEAUTIFUL!


Pictures don’t do this palette justice. Sure, the matte shades look fairly similar to what they are in real life, but no still picture can pick up the shimmer,glitter and multicolored dimensions of these shades. You just have to take my word for it. It’s pretty in pictures, but when you get it in your hands you will truly see what it looks like, and it’s better than any photograph!

The 9-pan is the standard plastic packaging with a simple design. True to what we have been used to from the other 9-pan palettes. Once again I wish they stuck to cardboard. Plastic, especially with simple designs like this, makes the palette look cheap. It is cheap though, but you know, it could easily look a bit more classy with some of their regular cardboard packaging. It does have a mirror though, so that’s a good thing!


Out of the 9 pans, only three of them are mattes however, the shade “Pretty Cruel” is one of those matte shades with glitter in, that looks matte when you apply them. I still have troubles understanding why these shades are made like this. To me that glitter just seems so pointless, but if you use it as a matte shade it does look just like a regular matte and besides the micro-glitter the shade is nice. It’s just kind of annoying. I wish Colourpop, and every brand would just stop making the shades like this.


Besides the mattes and that matte glitter shade (even the words does not make sense) there are 5 metallics. Some just regular metallics, but some duochromes too. The beauty in this palette really comes through with these shades, They are just so glittery (without being pressed glitters) with so much dimension to them. The paler shades work very nice on their own, but as a shadow topper over any of the mattes in the palette they really do show themselves from their best side. Since the metallics have quite a bit of finemilled glitter in them they are quite crumbly, and you will get a lot of fallout. They work the best with some setting spray spritzed over the brush. I prefer to pick up the shadow first, and then spray the brush. I also would recommend doing your eyes first, because I found that I had to remove fine glitter underneath my eyes after applying my eyeshadow. Still, these shades are so beautiful that they are well worth that extra effort.


Overall, this palette is just incredible. If you love purple, even if you don’t love purple but like colors like me, I am convinced this palette will be a hit for you. And as usual with Colourpops 9-pans you really cannot beat the price.

A thumbs up product for sure!



Colourpop Ooh La La Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

Ooh La La is a little monochromatic pink 9-pan palette by Colourpop. If you like pink eyeshadows and have been looking for a cute little palette this one is great!


Also, Colourpop know how to do monochromatic right. Monochromatic palettes tend to have very similar looking shades very easily, but you won’t get bored looking at this palette. Sure, there are mostly pink tones pop of a few other things, but they are different enough not to look boring.


Even the packaging is bright pink. As usual with Colourpops 9-pans this one is also plastic. I prefer cardboard instead, so I wish they would transfer from plastic to cardboard in these 9-pans in the future. It would be more environmental friendly too! But for the moment they have stuck to plastic for every 9-pan they’ve released.


Inside you actually do get a mirror. With Sol and Mar which was the first 9-pans we did not get a mirror, but it’s been included in the later palettes without any changes in price. I can appreciate that! There are several formulas in the palette, for starters 5 gorgeous mattes. There is also one sparkly duochrome, two metallics and one shimmer.


The quality is just as we have learned to know Colourpop. Mattes are pigmented, smooth and very easy to work with, and the metallics are so buttery smooth, rich and gorgeous. There are simply no duds in this palette and the quality overall is great, simple as that.


The only thing I have been wondering about with this palette is the shade “Tickled”. I know that the first time they released a super shock shadow in a palette apparently was in the “Sweet Talk” palette which came a while after this one, but still, the first time I touched “Tickled” I wondered if they put a super shock shadow in the palette. I have never read or heard anything to confirm that though, but the formula is for sure different than the others in the palette because it feels more like a cream/powder-hybrid and is very softly pressed. It also came slightly crushed when it arrived in the mail, but I just pushed the porduct together in the pan and it looked just fine, just like I have done with the super shock shadows so many times too! I guess we will be left kept wondering  because I can’t find anything to confirm this suspicion on their website. But, either way, “Tickled” is a super pretty shadow topper!


As mentioned the quality of the shadows in this palette is great. I will only recommend this one if you only like pink though. Because if you want to do a look without a pink eyeshadow in it you are not really left with any options, but for all you pink eyeshadow lovers this palette is a steal!



GLF Cosmetics Princesa Azteca Palette – Review & Swatches!

I stumbled upon this brand just by chance on Instagram, and it seems to be a very small indie brand with a small selection of products. It was something about this palette that made me buy it instantly. I really like the looks of it, and since it was just an unknown brand I happened to stumble upon by chance I was maybe a bit afraid I would forget about it and never see it again. So I took y chances!

The palette is huge! With 30 different eyeshadows both neutral and colorful you have quite a selection to pick from! I do like palettes that offers great options for both neutral and colorful looks alike.

The packaging is cardboard but it feels very heavy and robust. And inside you get a gigantic mirror you could easily to a full face of makeup with. The design is simple and white with a lady that I assume represents an Aztec princess on the front. The cardboard has a glossy finish that makes it easy to keep clean even though it’s white. On the back you get the ingredients list, and two pieces of information that might be important to you. One, It’s cruelty free. Two, it’s paraben free.

I was very excited to see the quality of this. I had heard absolutely nothing about it, and the brand in general was unfamiliar to me. So I had no idea what to expect. The colors really spoke to me so I took a chance. I took the palette and started off with the grass green matte and blended it out in the crease and I was blown away both bu how pigmented the shadow was, but also how easy it was to blend! The matte green is a phenomenal matte!

I actually think that the mattes overall are good. They are not all as great as the green. I didn’t at all find any bad ones, but there was a difference in performance on the very good ones and say the purple and reds. Those work satisfactory too, but they need a bit more work as these kind of colors usually do. The purple could get a bit patchy and needed careful blending and layering to look good, but that was also the trickiest shade to work with. The matte blue swatch terribly, but I was happy about how it worked on the eyes. It looked more pigmented on the eyes than what it did on my arm swatch.

There was a bit difference among the metallic shades too. Some of them where you know, normal. Good, works well and has a nice shine to them. But some of the shades were absolutely insane! The gold shade is almost like a cream, and so intensely pigmented and foiled it completely blew my mind. I have to say, this shade and the matte green makes the palette worth the money on their own. That gold is just out of this world. I have countless golds, but I don’t have any other that are this intensely pigmented with such a nice foiled finish. It almost doesn’t look like a powder. It makes me a bit sad that they don’t have more shades like this. There are plenty of other fantastic metallics in this palette, I mean just look at the metallic blue and the stunning metallic browns. Those are really good, but that gold……is mind-blowing!

I think overall the quality is solid. I didn’t really have any issues with it quality wide other than the purple and reds need a bit of extra work to look perfect. These shades also stain the lids quite extensively though. So if you don’t like that then there is a potential issue because I found that the stain lasted for quite some time. I could still see it the next day even after makeup remover, shower, sleep and exercise.

But the amazing quality of the foiled gold and the matte green makes me feel like there is unused potential here. Because even though the rest of the metallics are pretty and of good quality, they are no where near the gold. I felt the same way about the mattes. They were good, but the green was just next level. I would have loved to see a palette filled with shades with those two formulas. That would be the palette of the year for sure! I am still happy with how this palette works though. I just feel like they really nailed the formula with a few of the shades that make the others pale a but in comparison even though the rest of the shades are good too.

I do love that you get such a large variety. I am a big fan of palettes that has a good selection of both neutral and colorful instead of having just a pop of color. It#s really hard to do anything fun with just a pop, and it#s nice having the option to go neutral as well, so I think this palette did that very well because you have about half and half with colors and neutrals. I also really like that there is a good variety and you on#t get many repetitive shades. The only two shades I found that were a bit too similar was “Metxtli” and “Montezuma” *the two reds. You can tell them apart in the pan, but I found it very hard to see a difference between those two on the eyes. But the rest of the shades have a nice variety to them.


In the end testing out this palette from a completely unknown brand ended up being a good thing. I really do like the quality, and I really do like all the looks I could do with it. I like the variety and color selection and I absolutely love love love the gold and green! The only downside is that they are so good I want more of them! If this brand release a foiled eyeshadow palette I would buy it in a heartbeat!

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September Rose Slush Palette – Review & Swatches!

This palette was one of those I knew I had to have as soon as I saw it. A fun, but rather unknown indie brand palette with 25 fun colorful shades. I love big colorful palettes like this so off course I had to have it! And I love supporting indie brands as well, so win win right?


This palette really is stunning. The packaging is cardboard with a mirror. The outside has a print of a tropical beach babe with a huge hat and some palm trees and a pool in the background. Very tropical vacation vibes! Inside the packaging is yellow as a bright contrast to the fun shades.


This is not a palette for the neutral lover. It does not exist a single brown shade in this palette, so this one is exclusively for summery, fun, colorful looks. You got one row of pinks, one with orange, one with yellow and green, one blue and one purple. They have fun summery names like Mango, Blue Lagoon, Raspberry, Banana, Tropical Fruit and so on. The finishes are a mixture of matte, shimmers, metallics and one matte with glitter in (you know what I feel about those shades already right?).


I had so much fun creating looks with this palette, so I really enjoy the overall feel it gives and the creativity it sparks. I think maybe some of the shades are a bit too similar though. Especially in the purple row the three darker mattes look very similar on the eyes. Blue Lagoon in the blue row is a fantastic metallic shade. I am a bit confused why there are not more of this stunning formula in the palette, instead of for instance one of the three similar purple mattes. Also two of the  matte orange shades, and two of the pink shades was very hard to tell apart on the eyes. So even though you overall get a very nice selection of different finishes and different colors it could be better if some of the very similar shades was replaced with either something deeper to deepen the look, or a shade with a different finish. But by all means, the variety is good enough to create a number of fun looks.


The quality is quite good, but there is a bit of inconsistency in the palette I think. As mentioned before Blue Lagoon is a stunning, rich, smooth shade with intense pigmentation. The other metallics are also good, but not as vibrant as Blue Lagoon, even though “Berry Blast” is pretty close. The mattes don’t swatch that well as you can probably tell from the picture. They look patchy and not as pigmented on the swatches. I did find that they performed better on the eyes than on the swatches though. I did not have troubles with the shadows looking paler than I thought they should, and most of them applied and blended nicely. On exception was the matte baby blue “Blue Hawaiian” that I found a bit patchy. Overall the shadows work great, but there are a few that is a bit less impressive.


One of the shades “Blue Curacuao” is a dark matte with glitter. I generally don’t like these shades, but this one performs almost completely like a matte. All that fine glitter disappears as you blend, and you would have to use a very tacky base to make any of that glitter stick. I would personally have preferred just a regular matte.


In general the shadows are very dusty, and gives plenty off kickback in the pan and fallout under your eyes. Keep in mind I am a bit sloppy and almost never bother to knock excess of the brush, so of you are good with that then maybe you are a bit more lucky than me. I don’t mind the kickback so much either. It means off course that you loose a bit of product. I have used mine for the 8 looks I posted on Monday in addition to the swatches and it kind of looks worn already. So these shadows will not last you an endless amount.


Overall there are some really good shades, most performs satisfactory and a few duds. The palette overall is not top notch in quality, but I would still recommend this to a makeup lover that enjoys a colorful palette, because I am very happy with the looks I did and how creative this palette inspired me to be. One of the most important traits of a palette except quality is it’s ability to inspire! So in that manner this one is really great! As long as you are not very bothered with kickback or fallout I think you will be happy with the looks you can get with this.

I am happy I picked this up, and I will for sure keep an eye on what other stuff September Rose may release in the future. I am pretty sure I would happily pick up another colorful palette by this brand, because I really enjoyed this one!

The palette retails for 24.99£ which is pretty good for a indie eyeshadow palette. And yes, did I say it’s Vegan and paraben free?

Also, remember to hit me up on Instagram if you haven’t already!




Natasha Denona Tropic Palette – Review & Swatches!

I have three brands I always mention when I talk about brands that make my favorite eyeshadows. They are Colourpop, Juvia’s Place and Natasha Denona. Now there is a huge difference in the price tag of luxurious Natasha Denona and very affordable Colourpop and Juvia’s Place, but to be completely honest I do think Natasha Denona is the better of these three. Now is it THAT much better to be worth the price. Well, No. But I really like the eyeshadow formula so much that I think it’s worth it to me. Should you save up your hard earned money or just eat rice for a month to get one of these? Absolutely not! You can absolutely get excellent quality for a low cost. But if you are financially comfortable to try them out I don’t think you will be disappointed. At least I am a big fan, and have always been really enjoying using these shadows.


The packaging is a bit different. This time it’s a plastic palette and I have to say I think it is a bit of a disappointment. The old leather bound palettes felt much more luxurious. This one is easier to keep clean though, and one really great thing is that the palette is magnetic and you can pop out the eyeshadows if you want to bring a few of them when traveling. There is one hole for each shadow on the back side so you can easily pop them out. The rest of the time they seem pretty securely attached so that’s pretty neat. But the plastic feel to the palette does not reflect the high price. I think this would have been so much nicer with a metallic blue leathery finish as we got in the Sunset and Lila palettes.


But the inside counts the most off course. One of the things that made me really drawn to this palette was the mount of mattes. Natasha Denona palettes, at least the bigger ones, tend to have a large amount of shimmery shades but not that many mattes. Which is a bit of a shame since the matte ND formula is what eyeshadow dreams are made of. Hands down my absolute favorite formula! So I really like that there is a nice selection of basic mattes in here because it will pair well with my other ND palettes, especially the Brown-Green 28 eyeshadow palette that barely have any mattes. The bottom row is also eye cathcing! I mean, I have a weakness for blue and green eyeshadows so off course I am excited about these shades.

There are also some quite unique shades. Like the Lavender matte shade “Zena”, The yellow sparkly lid topper “Limoncello” and the gorgeous “Mint Frost” that may look like a regular shimmery pale blue, but this one is so much nicer. Almost like a foiled shadow.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the selection of shadows. It does lack a proper dark matte. The mid-toned brown “Coco” is just not that deep. But after all this is a summer palette. We can save those dark looks for winter and fall right?


The quality of the mattes are just perfection in my eyes. I can’t really put my finger on why, but they are just so lovely and somehow better than other smooth, creamy and blend-able mattes. But these mattes are not my favorite for no reason off course. If I should point out one thing though it would be that “Fake Tan” and “Sahara” is kind of similar, especially on the eyes, and I would have preferred a different shade.

But this palette has received some criticism for their standout shades, like “exotic” and “tiger lily”. I don’t think these are bad by any means, but I kind of get where the criticism comes from. They are not one swipe, full on pigment with a buttery texture. They do need a bit of work, and for this price you could argue that you should not have to work a bit. Actually the palette should kind of clean your house, walk the dog and pick up the kids form kindergarden. Or at least apply as effortless as possible. The formula is just a bit different on these two shades. I found that while using a bit more pressure and a flat synthetic brush I could quite quickly build up the shade to look like they do in the pan. So they are not bad, they absolutely work, but I agree they could have been a bit more effortless.


Personally I am happy I got this. One reason is that I collect makeup and I love the matte formula and the color selection. The other reason is that I can afford it without any problems. I would happily pick up another ND palette. But I kind of feel that it’s a bit hard to recommend this. I mean if you know you can afford it and you know you want it then go for it. But if you think it’s too much money to spend on an eyeshadow palette there are so many great formulas out there that are affordable without compromising the quality.


The big Natasha Denona palettes are luxury items. If you want some luxury in your life then they are fantastic, but if you just want some good makeup then this is to excessive.

Would I buy it again? Yes! Because Natasha Denona is my favorite eyeshadow formula, but I would highly recommend trying out the smaller palettes to be sure you will be happy with them before picking up a big one.

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My favorite shade in 10 palettes….and the least favorite as well!

I have seen a few YouTube videos floating around where people talk about the favorite shade in each of the palettes they picked out for the task. I have seen plenty of these by now, but Angelica Nyquist (her YouTube channel is amazing, especially if you like indie brands and colors) was the one who inspired me to finally do one myself, blogging style!

Now, this is not a video off course, and I decided to do a twist on it too. I picked out 10 different palettes from my collection and then I chose one favorite shade, and also the shade I like the least. Even though I did pick a least favorite shade from each palette, it does not mean that the shade is bad. I mean if the whole palette is good then also my least favorite shade will be good as well. But I could find a shade in each palette that I for some reason were not particularly drawn to, even though it was a bit hard at times.


If you like this post and would like to see more of them, than let me know! I got plenty of palettes and could do several posts like this (It frightens me a bit to realize how many of these I could actually make without repeating any palettes). That means if you want to see them off course. They take way to much time to make if no one is interested, so let me know in the comments if you would like to see more (I am not getting insulted if you don’t, I promise).


So this is how it will go: I will go through my pile of selected palettes and do a finger swatch of both my favorite and least favorite shade and explain why I chose them. In the end I will swatch all of my ten favorites together on my arm, and all of my least favorites in another swatch. Just to see how they look together, because why not!?

Let’s play!


The first palette is Dominique Cosmetics Latte palette. Their first launch. If you have any further interest in this palette then you can check out my full review here or you can have a look at the 6 different makeup looks I did with it here.


My favorite shade is Macchiato (left). It is such a gorgeous shimmer that goes so well with many looks. A simple but stunning shade. It also have a very nice and rich glow to it.

My least favorite is Double Shot (right). Not because it’s a bad shade. It’s actually a quite good matte purple. I am just not as drawn to that shade as the rest so when I had to pick one it’s this. Nothing bad with it really, just personal preference.


The Tarte Tartelette Toasted is a very pretty warm toned neutral palette. As you probably can tell I’ve gotten quite a bit of use out of it. I got a review of this one as well, and I also compared it to Colourpop Double Entendre in a dupe post if you are curious about a cheaper alternative.


I picked the two shades “Flame” (left) as my favorite and “Crackle” (right) as my least favorite. Flame I picked because it’s such a beautiful, rich warm shimmery brown. The perfect lid color and it’s one of the shades that “makes the palette” in my opinion. Picking the least favorite shade was easy in this palette. I don’t really like eyeshadows that have a matte base and flecks of glitter. That’s exactly what Crackle is. It does look pretty in the pan, but that glitter disappears so quickly from the eyes that I can’t understand why it’s not just a regular, usable matte instead.



These shades don’t have names, but luckily the shadows in the Tarina Tarantino Jewel eyeshadow palette are easy to tell apart just by describing the shades. I think this is quite a cool palette because no one seems to know about it but it’s absolutely beautiful. The packaging is almost a gem itself, and the eyeshadows are nice.


The shimmery pastel mint to the right is off course my favorite, and the brown with a dark matte base and golden shimmer is the least favorite. I just don’t like these kind of shades regardless of how beautiful they look in the pan. They are just not for me. The green I really like though. These kind of greens are perfect for everyday looks in my opinion because they offer a bit of color without being too much “in-your-face” if that makes sense.


The next palette will maybe surprise you. It is a limited edition palette by the Italian makeup brand Kiko. This Kiko Colour Impact Eyeshadow Palette 03 Bright Night Lights I picked up while on vacation in Italy maybe 5 years ago or so, and as a matter of fact I do keep my out of date palettes, and the secret is clean brushes and sanitizing spray.


Again the shades do not have names, but they are still easy to tell apart. You may thing that the color I would be most drawn to was the sparkly green, and not the peach base shade, and in most cases you would be right, but this basic peach is actually very unique. It’s not a matte, but a silky soft pearl finish, and it’s something about the undertone in this shade that makes blue eyes really pop, and its a beautiful shade to wear on the lid. Very different from what I would usually prefer in a palette, but this shade is so unique!

My least favorite shade is the purple. Not only because I think it’s a bit boring, but also because is just does not work very well. It’s hard to blend and when using it in the outer corner it tends to be quite patchy. It’s also very dusty. Not a good shade really. So that’s why it’s my least favorite in this little palette.


Next palette is a new one (or fairly new) from Colourpop namely their Mar palette from the summer collection. I bet you can already tell my favorites shade, especially if you read the review.


Off course it’s “Grindlock” the blue center shade. It’s such a gorgeous deep blue shimmer with small flecks of glitter. Now, there are not any bad shades in this palette at all, so I just had to pick one, and that was “El Rev” the top pale peach. It’s a beautiful color as well and the quality is great, I just predict that this will be the least used shade in this palette and that’s why I chose this one. All shadows in this palette is stunning though!


This is an old one! The Vegan palette by Urban Decay. do you remember when they used to release there small 6 shadow palettes with the eyeliner pencil included? The eyeliner pencil is long gone, but this palette has some of the well known classic shades from Urban Decay.


My favorite shade is a cult classic “Half Baked”. This one is in the original Naked palette too, and is a nice brown toned gold shade. It used to be my go-to golden shade back in the days when my makeup selection was a lot smaller. Now I just keep this palette mainly for memories (or if I want to use it in a Throwback Thursday makeup look).

Gunmetal is my least favorite shade. The quality of the shadow is OK, but I am just not that into greys. I just rarely remember to use them. Kind of a shame that I don’t like it because I think I have four of them in different Urban Decay palettes. They used to love to add this shade to palettes.


Isn’t it strange that even though Colourpop is one of the younger brands in my collection it’s still the one I have the most palettes from. Or maybe it’s not so weird when they release a palette every other week in addition to being cheep. Not complaining though. I do love them!


My favorite shade is “Blank Canvas” the red matte in the bottom left corner. This is probably the shade that impressed me the most because I didn’t really expect to love it, but its such a rich and beautiful color that works so well and blends out so easy.

My least favorite shade is “Feels”, the one in the top left corner. It’s not just the shade I like the least, it’s actually a shade I don’t like much at all. The pigmentation or shine is just not how I want it and it appears a bit chunky on the eyes since it needs to be built up.


And then, my beloved Certifeye Tropical Wonders palette. My go-to palette for every colorful looks I want to make. You can see it’s well used. I just want to sit down and do rainbow looks with this all day! It looks a bit beat up now doesn’t it? Well loved, that’s all.


I love color so off course I love the majority of the shadows in this palette, but my very favorite must be “Fruit Fly”. It’s quite a unique shade and I can’t recall that I’ve ever encountered a shade like this with this amount of pigmentation. And the name is cute too!

My least favorite is Typhoon. Not a bad shade, but I mean, when you look at the rest of the palette a boring grey is not what you reach for right? Or at least I don’t. I am not sure why this shade is in this palette anyway. I don’t feel it’s the natural color to reach for considering the rest of the color selection. The grey works fine though, it’s just a big “grey” compared to the rest.


The Caramel Melange palette, one of my favorites by Zoeva. These brown and golden shimmer shades look like liquid metal when swatched. This is easily among my top three Zoeva palettes (for reference I got 16 so that’s not bad at all!).


My favorites was easy to pick. “Liquid Center” is just to rich, smooth, buttery, pigmented and everything good a shadow can be. Simply a delicious shade.

The least delicious shade is “Edible Gem”. I can’t stress enough that I don’t like matte based shadows with glitter in. I just don’t see the point in them as they usually just looks like a flat matte and the small specs of shimmer are either gone, or all over your face. So since this shade has that formula it’s the obvious choice.


The final palette happens to be the favorite palette of one of my favorite brands. Juvia’s Place The Magic Palette. This is magic for sure, and the colors are so beautiful!


It was so hard to pick a favorite shade. It could easily have been almost any one of the four on the bottom row, but I had to pick one in the end and I picked “Yara” but there are so many shades in this palette that are equally beautiful.

This is another one of those palettes with no bad shades, so I picked “Osun” just because pinks are never my favorite, but the quality is impeccable.

And now that we have picked all the favorite and least favorite shades in the palette I figured it would be fun to swatch them together and see what the color story looked like. So I did one arm with the “Bad” swatches, and one with the good ones to have a look.


Let’s start with the bad ones. They are swatched in the same order as I presented the palettes. If this was a palette on it’s own I would for sure not buy it. Not just because the color story is not my thing, but I don’t thin I will ever buy a palette with three dark brown mattes with specks of golden glitter in them. Actually looking at this I am surprised by how often they appeared. But since the rest of the shades are purples, pinks and greys it’s easy to see what color stories I usually don’t go for.


Swatches of the good shades are much more appealing. No surprise off course! It’s not the most cohesive color story, but at least they are all very pretty shades. I am not surprised at all that we find both green and blues. Those two shades are the ones I find hardest to resist. It’s almost always the colors I am drawn to in palettes. These swatches are just so much more appealing to me, but what do you think? If these were two palettes which one would you choose?

Do you have any of these palettes, and what would your favorite or least favorite shadows be?

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Zoeava Eyesee Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

I currently have 16 (yes, that’s right!) eyeshadow palettes by Zoeva in my collection, and the number would obviously not be that high if I didn’t like these palettes overall. They are also super handy to collect because they are slim and easy to store, don’t take up much space and they are affordable. I am a huge fan of affordable but good makeup. Even though I know to appreciate and treasure my high end and luxury items nothing beats good and affordable to me!


The packaging of this one is beautiful. It’s their usual slim cardboard packaging with no mirror, but it’s nicely decorated with gold details on a nude background. The inside is similar with the same colors and beautiful gold details. It’s simply just so pretty to look at!


Inside you get a selection of 10 eyeshadows in regular sized pans. Nine of the shadows holds 1.7 g and one holds 1.3 g. There is a variety of different formulas on here. One matte, some shimmers, satins and metallics and two quite chunky glittery shades.

The matte is a typical base shade, and the formula is rich and creamy. All of the shades have decent pigmentation, with the exception of “Images are Soulmates” (last one on bottom row) which was a bit more sheer than expected. The three darker shades (last on in the top row and the two last in the bottom row) are more of a satin finish. They have a nice sheen to them but are not as rich as intense in shine as a true metallic would be. The formula makes these darker shades quite easy to work with, but since they are not too shimmery you can easily use them as crease shades too. I managed to get quite a nice intensity on them with a damp brush, but they also give off quite a bit of kickback in the pan. It’s a bit like they smolder apart a bit. Some of the shades, especially the blue and the green had some fallout, now I am very sloppy and never kick off my brush, but still I think I got more fallout than usual with these.


The red “Through The Lens” is also slightly more sheer than it looks in the pan. It does not mean they are not pigmented because they are, they are just a tad more sheer on the eyes than they look in the pan on first swipe but they can be built up, preferably with a  damp brush, unless you want it in the crease. Because, also this one works fine as a crease shade despite not being matte.

The most surprising shades in this palette are the shades “Unforgettable Contrast” and “Mechanical Eye” which are the two chunkier glitter shades. I am usually not a big fan of glitter formula shades but these two surprised me. Despite having a bit chunkier glitter they are so super smooth and rich. They are quite loosely pressed compared to the rest, probably due to the glitter, but that may be why they are so nice and smooth. It does make them a bit waits-full though. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a glittery shade like this that feels like butter though. They are so nice! But again, not a shadow that will last you very long with consecutive use.


The least impressive shade was “Visual System”. I have a bit of trouble to decide what formula this actually is. Its something between a satin and a matte but with very fine glitter. I found this to be a tiny bit on the chalky side, and it did not looks as great on the eyes as I wanted to. It does not give much of a sheen to the eye and looks just a bit off to me.

The rest of the shades in the palette I really enjoy the quality of, but as mentioned the most impressive ones are the glitter shades (Didn’t think I would ever say that since I usually can’t stand glitter shades, but hey, I love being surprised!).


But let’s talk color composition. I know not every palette has to be a stand alone palette (I have enough of my basics covered anyways) , and I did already post a blog post with 4 looks created with this palette only, so you can definitely use this on it’s own, especially since the darker satin shades work well on the crease. I do however wish that the only matte shade would be a nice crease shade instead of the base shades. Firstly because I don’t think it’s necessary to set the base when you work with glitters or shimmers which is the majority of the shades in the palette, and secondly because I kind of wanted a mid-toned matte to match the glitter shades for a more nude look, instead of using the blue, red or purples. I think those glitter shades would look absolutely stunning with a warm brown in the crease, or maybe a maroon or a red toned brown would be really great to compliment the pink,red and deep purple shades. So I kind of wish that they had switched that shade with something else. Other than that you get a really nice selection of many different fun colors and I really appreciate that. If you can live with the fact that you may want to have a buddy palette with some basic shades to pair with this one, then I think the color story is both fun and something we don’t see every day.


Even though it’s both pretty and fun it won’t be my favorite Zoeva palette. The list of cons were just too long compared to many of my other Zoeva palettes where I for the most part like every shade.

You can for sure create nice looks with it, so you can for sure make the shades work, but the quality is just not as great as it is with many of the other palettes I would recommend instead of this one.

I don’t have regrets buying this myself, I really did like those glitter shades and after all the palette is quite affordable, but the overall impression of this palette is unfortunately not more than average. You can make it work for sure, and the colors are beautiful, but I know Zoeva can do better than this.

Did you try this palette? Do we share opinions about it or did it work better for you?

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Anastasia Prism Eyeshadow Palette – Swatches and Review!

This is one of those palettes that needed to grow on me. When I first saw it upon release I quickly decided I didn’t need it in my life. I am always kind of relieved when that happens because there are always plenty of palettes on my wishlist, so when a new release just does not float my boat I get kind of happy that I can focus on picking up those palettes on my never ending list instead of rushing to pick up a limited edition palette. Well…..that didn’t work out as planned!


I mean. Throne. Do I have to say more? I almost wanted to buy the palette for that shade only. Buying a full 14-shade palette for one shadow only is not going to cut it though. But, you know how it works. You watch and read reviews of people creating beautiful looks with it and praising the quality, then you find it for a good price, and suddenly you are a happy owner of an unplanned palette. Been there, done that, did it this time as well.

But, before we discuss this palette any further lets just take a look at those shades!

Swatches upper row.

Lucid – Pale gold with metallic sheen. Needed to build this up quite a bit for this swatch, so it is not very pigmented. Works well as an inner corner highlight.

Eden – Matte orange. This one was very smooth and richly pigmented. Just a good quality Anastasia matte. As usual it is very soft and gives kickback (similar to many matte shades in Modern Renaissance).

Unity – Matte yellow toned beige. I hoped this would work as an all over lid color, but it is slightly too yellow and a bit too dark for me personally. Works well for me as a transition shade. Nice and creamy shade. Kickback on this one as well, but maybe a bit less than with Eden.

Sphinx – Metallic warm brown. Nicely pigmented, and applies smoothly on the lid.

Osiris – Deep blue toned purple shade with shimmer specs of pink glitter. This was not as pigmented as I would prefer, but it was buildable. I did experience a lot of fallout while trying to build up the intensity.

Sphere – Bright matte neon yellow shade. Good pigmentation. A bit on the dryer side compared to the other mattes in the palette.

Obsidian – Very intense matte black. This is black shade on steriodes. I think it must be among my blackest blacks in my collection.

Swatches bottom row.

Dimension – Greyish metallic purple with pink shimmer. This was not very pigmented and the formula seemed a bit dense and hard to work with. Had to work with this a bit to build up the intensity I wanted, but when you do it is quite a unique shade.

Parallel – Matte warm brown. Very pigmented and smooth shade. It could end up looking a bit patchy when applied on the lid, especially in the outer corner it seemed to attach better at some spots than other. So it did require a bit of work to look nice.

Pyramid – Beautiful metallic warm gold shade. The texture is a bit chunkier so I had to work a bit to distribute it evenly on the lid, but once applied it is a gorgeous color.

Throne – My favorite color in the palette. A metallic dark jewel tones green. I think this one was a bit better than the average metallic in this palette. Maybe because many of the metallics have glitter particles in them making them a bit more chunky. This one had some fallout, but less than say Osiris or Dimension. I think this shade is just lovely for a dark dramatic smoky eye.

Saturn – Matte red orange. This one has fantastic pigmentation, smooth, creamy and easy to blend. Just an excellent matte shade.

Eternal – Warm coppery golden shade with shimmery metallic finish. Swatch nicely but didn’t give the same impact on the eyes and required a damp brush. The shade works and looks pretty, but I know Anastasia can make better shimmers than this.

Lure – Matte mauve. Smooth, pigmented and easy to blend. Another great matte shade from this palette.


So just to make a summary of it all. Most of the matte shades are really really good. Sphere (yellow) was a tad dry, but overall the matte shades are excellent. Obsidian really stands out as a very intense great quality black, I think I will reach for this palette in the future only to use that shade. It is that good! The rest of the mattes are also well worth having.

The shimmers and metallics are a bit more disappointing. They all work with a bit of effort, but when compared to how well the shimmers in the Modern Renaissance work, these are just a tiny bit disappointing in comparison. I mean, you get the shade you want in the end, but it required a bit more effort than I expected after knowing how well Modern Renaissance performs.


Another thing that is a bit disappointing is the composition of shades. I expected that after playing around with it and getting to know it more I would get more and more inspired by it. But after playing around with it and getting to know the colors it just doesn’t strike my creative nerves the same was as other palettes may do. I just honestly think it is a harder palette to get creative with because I dont really get that many ideas when I look at it. Sure, there are a lot of good options for nice smoky eyes, but I just feel like I miss something. I’ve heard that this palette is supposed to play well with the shades in Subculture, so maybe I will get more inspired with both palettes in front of me. Only problem is that I don’t own Subculture.

So, after all this disappointment is this a palette worth getting? If these shades inspire you I would say absolutely. There are not any bad shades in this palette, just some that requires a bit of extra work, and they may be a bit less than I expected from Anastasia, but still good shades. The matte shades are for the most part excellent and since 7 of the shades are matte you do get a lot of great shadows. I would say this is particularly worth it if you are looking for a good black shade, because Obsidian is the blackest black you can get.

Anyway, thanks for reading this review. If you got this far I am impressed because I tend to just ramble on about palettes when I first get started and the reviews can get a bit lengthy. I am considering making a post with multiple looks created with this palette. Let me know if that is something you would be interesting to read or not.