Makeup Revolution Deluxe Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

I have to be quite honest with you. If this palette came in a different packaging I would probably not buy it. I mean, the whole Jewel Collection released by Makeup Revolution just before the Christmas holidays was all neutral palettes of different variations and I probably would not have given them a second look if it was not for the stunning frosted finish gold, silver and rose gold packaging. And I picked up all three palettes, solely for the packaging. I am that kind of nuts. Because honestly, I did not need three new neutral palettes. Collector at heart that’s the problem here.


The packaging truly is beautiful though. The Deluxe palette has a rose gold cover with a frosted finish. You know, like ice crystals froze on it, not like frosted glass. It truly is so beautiful and looks far more expensive than the 10£ price tag. Inside you get a very nice mirror, and a black background where the names of each shadow is printed. No plastic sheet insert thank goodness! I mean who are able to keep those?


The palette has eyeshadows with two different sizes. The first row is 6 big pans with the most incredible metallic foiled eyeshadows you can imagine. I have never, not ever, come across such rich, smooth and intense foiled eyeshadow at this price level. I mean, just look at the photo below. I swiped my finger once in the pan and ran my finger down my arm…..once. That’s some insane pigment right? I had a friend over a while back that swatched them as well and she seemed equally amazed. What sorcery is this Makeup Revolution? I am telling you right now, this palette is worth picking up just for that top row of 6 shades alone! These shadows are unmatched at the drugstore. I have never seen this formula from Makeup Revolution before, but they need to get busy and make some more!


The two other rows are eyeshadows with smaller pans, with 7 in each row. These shadows are a mix of regular shimmer shadows, satins and two mattes. And here we encounter the first problem of the palette. I think two matted are a bit on the short side. Especially since they are both mid tones. I really miss a deepening shade since you have so many wonderful and rich foiled metallics. I am not one of those who think a palette should be mainly mattes, but I do like to get the basics covered. I also really think they could have put in some more useful shades in the middle. The whole middle row is basically three colors. In a palette like this you don’t need 5 light golden champagne tones shades. A few to highlight with would be enough. I think the palette would have a much better composition if at least four of these shades in the middle row was replaced. Imagine having a really dark matte brown, and a rich matte burgundy and maybe some more berry shades instead of 5 almost similar pale shimmer shades.


These smaller shadows perform more like I am used to by Makeup Revolution. They totally work, but they are not amazing in any way. It’s the 6 foiled eyeshadows that make the whole palette.


But even though I think they did a pretty lousy job composing this palette, and that the shimmers and mattes are as expected for the price; good and gets the job done, but lacks the wow factor. I still think the palette is worth picking up, I mean all the shades do work and you can for sure make pretty looks with them. But Those 6 foils are among the most incredible eyeshadows I have come across in a long time and I am so surprised! Why haven’t we seen something like these before? They are bomb!


With that said, I do think out of the three palettes from the collection this is not the best choice. The two other palettes have the exact same formula, but with a better color composition with for instance more matte and less similarity between shades. In short words much better composed. I would absolutely recommend this palette for the formula of the foiled shades, but instead of picking up this one I would check out the sibling palettes like Opulent or Gilded instead of picking up Deluxe.

But those foils….you need them!



Anastasia Norvina Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

Every time Anastasia release a new palette the whole beauty community is buzzing about it and you will soon find countless looks and videos about them. Now as usual I am late to the game with my reviews, but now the time has finally come to review the famous Norvina palette.


As with every palette released since the Modern Renaissance this one has the same format and the same velvet cover. This time it is purple which does not make it any less dirt resistant than the others. As I have said before, even though they look pretty I wish they would redesign this standard. We saw a different finish with the never release Sultry, so I hope that’s what they stick to.


I am wondering if the purple cover makes the Norvina palette seem more like a purple palette than it is. The only shades I would call purple toned are Soul, Celestial and Drama.The rest are neutrals, pinks, golds and rose gold. A pretty selection indeed, but much less purple than the first impression I got of this. For me that’s completely fine since purple is not my favorite shade. When it comes to color blues, greens, reds, orange and yellows all come before purple in my list of preference. Now, I do enjoy using a purple here and there anyway.

You get 14 shades with this palette, as have become a norm with Anastasia palettes. This time you get a larger selection of shimmer shades than usual. Both Modern Renaissance, Soft Glam, Prism and Subculture all had a majority of mattes but here you get a nice 50/50 distribution. The whole top row are shimmers, while the whole bottom row are mattes, I have to admit I am all for it. I am a sucker for pretty shimmers, so as long as a palette has enough mattes to get the basics covered I am happy, besides I really like the shimmer formula of Anastasia eyeshadows since they are usually really reflective and sparkly.


I think the composition of the palette is nice. It seems well thought through. You get base which is off course a base shade. Incense, Volatile and Eccentric all work as crease shades for me, and I like that you get a selection of both cool-toned and warm-toned crease shades. You also get Soul that works nicely if you want an all purple look, and Love that work well if you want an all pink look. The only thing I think is missing from the matte shades are a properly dark shade. Passion is the darkest one and I would prefer something a little bit darker to properly deepen up the look, and at the same time could work as a liner. Passion is just a little bit too light for that use in my opinion. It’s nothing wrong with that shade though, I would’ve just liked to see something a little bit deeper.

The shimmers are stunning as they usually are. Dreamer is more finely milled, but the rest have tiny flecks of glitter in them. They all swatch and apply beautifully, but you do get quite some fallout especially with the deeper shades. The shade Celestial is maybe a bit more sheer in coverage than the rest of them, but it can be built up. The formula is super soft as we are used to from Anastasia and look almost foiled on the eyes. No need to pull out that setting spray to dampen the brush here (although it will help prevent fallout). I think both the quality and pigmentation of these shadows are up to par with Anastasia’s usual quality, although Celestial could be a bit less sheer.


The mattes are also as they usually are. So soft that you go though them in no time, but the pigmentation and blend-ability is really good. The only shade I had a bit of trouble with was Soul. I am a bit bummed about this because that was also one of the stand out shades in the palette. It is pigmented but I had to layer it a bit to get just the same shade as you see in the pan. Or, when I pack it on the lid with a flay brush it works fine straight away. The problems appeared when I used a blending brush to put it in the crease. First of all the payoff was not as good as with the other mattes and it needed a bit of build up. Second, it applied patchy. I had problems blending it out in the outer crease  and keep the shade nice and even. I was almost like it decided to stick better to some parts of the crease than others.

I would have to say that this is not my favorite palette by Anastasia. Both because Soul was kind of a dud, and I am not the biggest fan of purples. There are plenty of non-purple shades in the palette so I guess that’s not the biggest issue to overcome. I am happy I got it though, I am sure I will get some decent use out of it, but I have to say I do like both Soft Glam, Subculture and Modern Renaissance better meaning this won’t even get to my top three list.


As always with Anastasia shadows I feel like you have  to be OK with them being so softly pressed and crumbly, meaning you will got through these eyeshadows pretty fast. But if you don’t consider that an issue and like the color story then this is well worth picking up, because they do perform nicely. Unless you were planning on picking it up for the shade Soul, then just skip it because that’s not a good shade.

Do you have this palette? How do you like it?

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Zoeva Cafè Eyeshadow Palette – Swatches & Review!

This is one palette in my total of 16 Zoeva Palettes. I got the Rose Gold palette a couple of years ago and I loved it so much that the collection have just continued to grow. Usually I am very happy with the quality. Only one palette was a miss for me, and that was the pastel palette “Sweet Glamour” which I love the shade selection of, but the quality was just not there. Besides that I have found a few dud shades here and there in the palettes, but overall I have been impressed with them and very happy with how they perform. The last Zoeva palette I reviewed ( the Eyesee palette) had a few shades I was not overly happy with, and there are many Zoeva palettes I would recommend instead of that one. So I was excited to see how this one would compare.


Nothing has changed regarding packaging. These 10-pan eyeshadow palettes are all the same. Sleek, compact,and sturdy with a nice design. They don’t have a mirror so they are extra slim. Very easy to store or slip in your makeup bag for travel. I really like the looks of this one too with the rich dark browns and rose gold details. A very pretty packaging indeed!


The color selection surprised me, because I kind of expected coffee inspired shades meaning mainly browns. I did not realize when I ordered it online but the majority of the shades are pink and berry tones. I don’t mind at all the shades, but I was just a bit surprised (maybe look closer at the palettes before I order or what?). The colors are quite neutral still. There is one pop of green but even that green is very wearable, so you can easily use this palette for more neutral looks, a light berry look, a fun green pop, or you can go a bit dark and smoky with the darker cool-toned browns.


The color composition is impeccable in my opinion. You do get absolutely everything you need for a complete look, with a nice balance between mattes and shimmers. You have all the basic shades you could need like a base shade, several options for crease shades where you can do either berry or brown, a nice variety of shimmers for the lids, a pink highlighter shades, and some darker options to deepen the look. A few of the shades could even work as a liner. So I did not feel like I missed anything.


Overall I was quite happy with the quality as well. If I compare this to my recent review of Eyesee I think this one it better. All the mattes performed well without any issues. They blend, look even and have decent pigmentation. They have a little bit of fallout but not much. The shimmers are of the more subtle kind. Not the most intense foiled metallics for sure, but more of a softer sheen. I think this formula is quite complimentary on older skin, so these are maybe a preference to some, but personally I tend to reach more for the intense shiny ones. The quality is nice enough even though this is not my favorite shimmer formula. They are definitely pigmented. The two darker shades on the right side of the bottom row need a little first aid with a setting spray, and then they apply just fine. The shimmers do have a bit more fallout than the mattes.


Since the shimmers are more muted, and the colors are quite toned down I think this is nice as a everyday palette. It does offer a bit more excitement than just the regular neural browns, while still being very wearable. If you have been looking for a very wearable green you got it right here!


I think this palette is great if you’d like a neutral palette with just a little bit more interesting colors than just browns and beige. This palette offers exactly the same “wear ability” (wear whatever you want, but you get it) as a brown neutral palette, but it allows you to dive into nice pinks, berries and greens without being too loud.

Have you tried this? Or any other Zoeva palette? Shout out your favorite in the comment if you have!



Colourpops My Little Pony Palette – Review!

Colourpop has been very efficiant in releasing palettes lately, and I got this one a few weeks ago. The My Little Pony collection surely charmed many horse lovers out there, and brings back memories of childhood toys. I used to own a few and Butterscotch was my big favorite! So I was happy to see that one of the shades were named that.


Surely, the design is a bit childish for some, but for 80’s and 90’s kids these ponies are responsibly for so many fond memories, at least for me, so I had to get it even though I normally steer away from packaging like this. It is, to be completely honest, neither chic or elegant as eyeshadow palettes of a grown woman in her 30’s should own. Oh well, I will just channel my inner child for this one.


Even though I am not a teenager anymore, I am still very playful with colors, so I love that this was not just filled with a bunch of neutrals (don’t get me wrong, I love those shades as well).


My first impression of these shadows were that they were both smooth and pigmented  and true to the usual Colourpop eyeshadow quality. In other words good shadows, and simply fantastic if you take the price into consideration. This whole 12-shade palette only cost me 16$ and I know to appreciate that. But let me break down the shades for you.


I am sorry but the swatches are in the oposite direction compared to the palettes because I swatched them from top to bottom, and then decidet to take the pickture sideways. Bummer, but you get it I am sure!

Bluebell – Pearly beige. Nice and easy color to work with. Pretty opaque.

Starshine – Shimmery Orange. Rich pigmentation, but I still prefer this with a damp brush.

Blossom – Coral orange with gold shimmer. Needs some build up to reach the intensity you have in the pan, but with a little help of a damp brush you will make this happen!

Butterscotch – Matt, pale pastel Lavender. This one is very pigmented for being a pastel shade. Not chalky at all which is often a problem with pastel shades I’ve found.



Flutterbye – My favorite shade in the palette (quality wise, but it is also a nice color). It is a light coral/orange with a matte finish. It is very pigmented and smooth as butter. Really nice!

Minty – Calling a matte magenta shade “Minty” didn’t make any sense to me, until I realized that this is actually the same shade as the pony Minty’s mane and tail! It is a tiny bit powdery, and not as pigmented as in the pan, but you can easily build it up.

Skydancer – Shimmery Lavender shade. This was the dissapointment of the palette. It was very sheer and hard to build. I just could not get the pigmentation I wanted unless I used a base of similar color. Normally Colourpops shadows are better than this. I also found the formula to be a bit dry.

Applejack – Not to pigmented at first swipe, but definitely buildable. Nice matte dark pink. Experienced a bit of fallout with this, and it is a bit powdery.


Princess Sparkle – Dark blue teal. Nice shimmery shade that was the one shade I found the most striking. I just love these kinds of jewel toned blue shades. The prettiest of the bunch in my opinion.

Snuzzle – A bit gritty and sheer, but otherwise beautiful white based shimmer hsade with blue-green shift. Works well as a eyeshadow topper, but not the best on its own since it is a bit sheer and not that buildable. Very nice as a inner corner highlight with “Princess Sparkle” (or any blue really) on the lid.

Firefly – Shimmery pale blue with silver sheen. Good color payoff, and even better with a damp brush. Much smoother than many of the other shimmers in this palette.

Twilight – Deep purple shade with soft pink shimmer. Good pigmentation and easy to apply evenly. Blends easy as well, which is always good with dark shades.

Overall the quality of the shades are pretty good. A few remarks here and there, and some shades needs a tiny bit of extra TLC to work as I want them to work, but once applied they are very beautiful and last all day on my lids (I always wear a primer). Some of the shades (Skydancer I am looking at you) are not good though, or at least not the way I like them. This is absolutely not the best palette Colourpop made. I would compare the overall impression of what I had of the “She” palette. Some great shadows, but many of them are just not of the same quality you often see with the eyeshadow pans.

Don’t get me wrong, It is still a good palette, just not as good as what I know Colourpop can create. This is still a fun little collectors item!

Did you try out this palette yourself? Let me know what you think of it in the comments please!




Tarte Buried Treasure Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. I am such a sucker for pretty things that stand out, and this palette sure look different. Not in terms of colors, but in terms of shape and presentation. I really fell for how the palette is filled with inter-merging circles of different sizes. That is something else compared to those square or rectangular shapes we normally see, and I love it!


The palette is small, maybe 10 x 10 cm, but the whole thing is filled with shadows so there is a good amount of product in a small little thing. The shadows have different amout of produt and the range is from 0.5 g all the way up to 2.5 g.  2.5 g is big in terms of eyeshadow size. In comparisom MAC shadows are 1.5 g, Makeupgeek pans are 1.8 g and Nabla Cosmetics pans are the same 2.5 g. In total there is 12 g of product in this tiny little palette. Thats good value!


The shade range is neutral with golden, pink and burgundy shades. Overall a very great palette for blue eyes, however these shades will look flattering with any eyecolor.

Here comes a little overview of the shades:

  • Skipper – Matte mauve.
  • Snorkel – Light shimmery rose gold.
  • Booty – Matte beige.
  • Coconut – Shimmery pale pink.
  • Plank – Matte light beige.
  • Dive – Deep plum with satin finish.
  • Fin – Shimmer Champagne.
  • Nauti – Shimmery burgundy.
  • Coin – Metallic gold.
  • Palm – Shimmery pale gold.

I like that the shades are all pirate theemed!

Order from left to right: Skipper, Snorkel, Booty, Coconut, Plank, Dive, Nauti, Fin, Coin, Palm.

The palette is very user friendly as an everyday eyeshadow palette. It is not the most inspiring palette I’ve seen when it comes to inspire the urge to make creative and colorful looks, but it is pretty as a handy everyday palette because it’s got what you need to make a pretty day look. However, the darker shades are not very pigmented. They are really hard to build up to the intensity that you see in the pan, and they have a tendency of blending a bit away when trying to blend out the edges. Much like many cheaper palettes have a tendency to do, but I expected a bit more from Tarte. The shimmer shades also lack that “WOW” factor. I mean, they are decent enough for a everyday look if you just want a wash of shimmery gold or champagne on your lid, but I found it really hard to get those glamorous shimmery eyelids that I like. They swatch much better on the arm than they perform on the lid. A damp brush was absolutely necessary to get that nice intense shimmery lid look! Which again, is to be expected from cheap palettes, but not from Tarte.

Another thing that puzzles me about this palette is how the shades are arranged. I mean, I like the pretty circles and all, but I am surprised that they didn’t put the shades that often are used the most in the biggest pans. I mean, a common problem with palettes is that base and crease shades run out before the rest even hit pan. They did have a nice way around that problem in this palette but they didn’t take advantage of it for some reason.


If this will be a hit or miss depends on your preferences I think. If you like to create soft, wearable day looks you will probably like it because it is perfect for that. If you are more of a glam queen this is probably not for you, unless you think it is worth it just for the packaging.

For me who is a makeup collector (read: hopeless hoarder) this palette is worth it just because it is unique. I will probably pull it out now and then for simple makeup looks I wear to work, but the shadows just lack a bit of “Oumph” for me to really think they are great.

Hope you got some use out of this review. If you tried it and have a opinion about this palette please let me know! I would love to hear other peoples thoughs!