Tarte High Tides And Good Vibes Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

Yes, I totally fell for that adorable splashing ocean packaging with a cute turtle on. I mean, I have a masters degree in marine ecology and surely must have some sort of affection to anything oceanic, although there is no turtles up here north of the wall. This is off course just a long way of saying that I bought it mainly for the packaging. The packaging is awesome, sure a bit heavy and bulky, but besides that the prettiest thing I have seen so far this year, not to mention unique.


The palette is nice on the inside as well, but I have to empasize again that this is a pretty impressive packaging especially considering the palette was not really that expensive. You get a decent sized mirror too, and the arrangement of shadows on the gold background is surely stunning.


You get 8 shadows in this palette, and the middle row of 4 shades are actually pressed glitters. Let’s talk about these glitters first. I know that pressed glitter is palettes is a matter of taste, some hate them with a passion while others (like me) actually enjoy having some glitters popped in the palette. I personally like to keep my palettes nice and clean, so I wipe them off after every use. So I don’t really feel pressed glitters mess up my palettes to much. I actually really appreciate having some different textures to play with in a palette. These glitters are quite finely milled, and are almost dry to the touch. I can’t really feel a waxy base that you sometimes can with these glitters. Surely there is some kind of media binding it all together, but to the touch it just feels like glitter. They do work nicely as a sparkly topper, but I found them quite hard to pick up with a brush. Harder than most of my other pressed glitters. I don’t mind using my fingers if I want to apply a wash of glitter all over the lid, but when I want that detailed placement, or just a tiny bit in my inner corner I found it a bit unpractical that they were so hard to pick up. If you can manage to put them on, they are pretty though, although not really a match to my beloved Glitterally Obsessed from Colourpop or ant of my loose glitters for that matter.


In terms of eyeshadows you get 4 mattes and 4 shimmers. The mattes are all quite light in color. Thats not a problem if you want to create a nice blue, navy or bronze shimmery smoky eye and just blend out the crease with a shade. For that purpose this palette is actually spot on. It’s kind of like it was made for shimmery smokey eyes with a wash of glitter. But I found that the palette lack a bit of depth. With that said, I am happy with the performance of the matte shades. Even the pale blue is good. But I just felt like this palette lacked a bit of dimention.


All of the darker shades in this palette are shimmers. There is one light champagne shimmer, but the rest are all darker shades. Again, if your jam is shimmery smoky eyes this is not a bad palette, but I would have much preferres if at least one or two of the dark shades where mattes, I feel like it would be so much easier to create a halo eye, or a cut crease, or just anything else than a smoky eye if the palette just had some deeper mattes. Quality-wise the shimmers are not bad. Not the richest and smoothest of shades but at least with a  bit of building up I had no issues getting the color from the pan to appear just as vibrant on my eyes. My favorite shade was off course the Cobalt blue, and that one did not dissapoint. Actually, a blue smoky eye with that shade is just stunning!


The overall impression is that for me the palette is all worth it for the pretty packaging, but that the shadows inself are a bit lackluster due to the lack of depth and therefore lack of options. Although the shadows and glitters are good they are not winning any prices in my collection (meaning I own better stuff!). However, if you are a shimmery smoky eye lover, and especially if you like blue, this is actually a palette that is basically tailored for your needs. If you like do do different styles of makeup I think you won’t miss this in your collection, unless you are like me and adore the packaging a bit too much.

Have you tried this palette? What is your opinion?



Bh Cosmetics Royal Affair Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

The only reason why I picked this up was because of the BH Cosmetics Weekend Festival, which in my opinion is among the very best eyeshadow palettes that was released in 2018! And that should tell you a lot because I had previously tested and tried 4 BH Cosmetics palette without being overly impressed. I even decluttered 3 of those palettes, and I am not a hard core declutterer at all. I am more of a collector that is quite content being surrounded by a big collection. Those three palettes were just not good enough to keep.


The Weekend Festival convinced me this was a brand worth keeping an eye out for, and since they released the Royal Affair palette with the same layout as the Weekend Festival palette I had high hopes that they stuck to the wonderful formula and created another bomb palette.


The color story of Royal Affair is quite different than the Weekend Festival palette though. This is a much more muted palette packed with everyday colors and wearable neutrals. A few pops of interesting shades makes this a lot more than your regular neutral palette though. Overall, it’s more muted. Where the Weekend Festival is fun and colorful, Royal Affair is more calm and sophisticated with a few pops of an inner wild child like the shade “Throne”.

Inside you get 7 shimmer shades that lean on being metallic, one gorgeous duochrome with a blue shift that is just the loveliest inner corner highlighter to make your neutral look become something more special. You also get a plentiful selection of 12 different mattes. Although you get 20 shades in total I don’t feel that you get anything repetitive or shades that look too similar on the eyes. You also get a nice balance of base shades, crease shades and deeper shades. So this is for sure a color story well put together.


But what about the quality? Is it the same as the Weekend Festival palette? I would sadly say no. I don’t think this palette is bad my any means, not at all! But the Weekend Festival palette is just excellent, and this one is not. it’s good, but not excellent. The brown toned mattes work great. I had no issues with them at all. They are pigmented and blend nicely. Some of the other mattes I had to work a bit extra with. Both Palace the grayish brown, Monarch the green, and Regal the deep berry I had issues blending because they could get a bit patchy. I found that I had to dip into the base shade Reign several times to blend out those shades properly. I did not have any issues like this with any of the mattes in the Weekend Festival palette, not even the bright colorful mattes.


The shimmers also need a bit of help. They do look nice enough on their own, but I found I had to dampen the brush to get the same intensity as you see in the pan. They simply needed to be dampened for the shine to really show up. Again, this is not something I had to do with Weekend Festival. This off course is a minor issue, that takes barely a second to solve, and I know many people always use a dampened brush with metallics and shimmers. If nothing else, it does help prevent fallout.


Although having this small issues I found it reasonably simple to work around it. Dampening the brush is not much extra effort after all, and spending a bit more time blending would result in nicely blended looks in the end. So you can definitely create beautiful looks with it, and you can definitely make every shadow work, and pigmentation is no issue at all! So still a good quality palette, it just dos not match the quality of Weekend Festival as I hoped it would.


Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret picking it up. It is after all a beautiful and versatile neutral palette with something extra and I am sure I will get good use out of it even though it would have been even better if this was comparable to Weekend Festival. Maybe it’s unfair to compare those too though. Because if the color story of Royal Affair is more up your alley that’s probably the palette you would reach for and prefer anyway.

With a little help these shades are for sure worth BH Cosmetics affordable price tag.

Do you have this palette? Or do you have both? I would be very interested to know how you think they compare!

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Colourpop X Disney It’s A Princess Thing Eyeshadow Palette – Swatch & Review!


My childhood was Disney movies on repeat. Because we had one three tv channels and barely anything for kids so the same old VHS Disney movies were played over and over again. Internet did not exist, and I even remember when CD’s was a new thing. Needless to say, Disney is very nostalgic to me, because growing up with limited options those same old Disney movies were played over and over and over again. They were a big part of my childhood guilty pleasure entertainment. I guess what I am trying to say with these ramblings is that 1. I am old, and 2. Off Course I needed to pick up this palette.


The design of the palette has 6 Disney Princesses on the front cover, but a much more grown-up and modern version. I kind of like that because if they had their classic movie appearance they would be a bit too childish I think. I think this design is easier for people who are also a bit older could enjoy without getting pre school lunch box vibes. Inside you get their “signature” in gold with black background, and the background behind the eyeshadows are the same gold finish as in the signatures.


At first I would have thought the palette would be more true to the colors we see in the Disney Princess characters. I mean Belle could inspire for a bright yellow shade, and Jasmine could pull in some beautiful turquoise and so on, but the palette is surprisingly neutral.  You got soft pinks, browns and berries but not much representing for instance the colorful clothing of the Disney figures. I kind of thought the color story was a bit boring to be honest, but I quickly chanced my mind after using them a bit. Yes, there are mainly neutrals, but a nice and handy selection of them. But if you are looking for a silver you got a really really stunning one right here, the gold is gorgeous too, and the nice purple has a nice pop. The shades are also all different enough from each other when applied to the eyes. Colourpop rarely duplicate their own shade within a palette though.


The composition is mostly their shimmer/metallic formula that I just love! Those shades so rich, smooth and pigmented it makes me happy to swatch and apply them. Then you have four mattes, and in the beginning I was a bit disappointing because they are all fairly light, and I immediately thought I would miss a deeper shade. It turns out though that both “Beast” and “Midnight Curfew”, which are matte bases with flecks of glitter, behave just like a matte on the eye, giving you a dark brown matte and a black matte to work with. I am as always puzzled by why they put these glitter flecks in some shades. Sure, it looks pretty in the pan, but when all the glitter flies away when blending (ending up who knows where) and you are left with a matte eyeshadow on the lid then why can’t it be a matte in the first place. That will never stop annoying me.


The four regular mattes behave just like Colourpops usual regular mattes do.  They are blendable, pigmented and smooth. Really easy to work with. Although, my favorite formula from the brand are their metallics, their mattes are really really good too! The last shade is “Triton” a satin shade. That also works just fine, but I am actually kind of an all or nothing kind of person. be matte or be metallic, satins are not that exciting. This one is so subtle with the satin shine that you can just use it as a matte.


The overall quality of the shadows are great. I did not face any problems with them, and they work just as I have learnt to expect from Colourpop eyeshadows. The palette is obviously a neutral palette, but it turned out to be a bit more interesting than I expected. You can easily go very dramatic with this palette if that is what you want instead of a neutral look, which you can off course do as well. It’s quite versatile, and even though it struck me as a tad boring to begin with I have totally changed my mind. I adore it!




Lunar Beauty Life’s A Drag Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

To be completely honest with you I had no intentions of picking up this palette. I mean, I was intrigued by the colors and concept. I was tempted by the idea of having everything essential on one side of the palette, and some fun colors with a nice diversity for endless colorful looks on the other side. The idea was great, but I just could not wrap my head around the packaging. The front cover is just not pretty in my opinion.


The packaging looks so nice on the inside though, and I kind of wish they transferred that look to the outside instead of having the drag look on the front cover. Now, I am fully aware this is personal taste, but I just don’t like the looks of it and find it such a shame that they did not stick to the theme of the inside of the palette instead, because that is beautiful. The front cover design was actually the only reason I decided to pass on this palette, but since BeautyBay has this on a nice offer I decided to go for it since I do like the colors after all.


The insides of the palette is beautiful though. You get 14 eyeshadows about the size of a MAC or MakeupGeek single pan. You also get a mirror and a dual ended brush. The packaging feels heavy and luxurious and everything feels well put together. The brush is no better than your regular cheap synthetic brush. Sure, you can work with it, but you feel immediately that this is not a quality brush. I find that both Anastasia and Urban Decay put better brushes in their palettes. I have plenty of brushes I like so that’s OK.

On one side of the palette you get your basics and your neutrals. I really like that you get a decent pigmented black and a white. The white is not intensely pigmented, but neither is it chalky like whites can easily get. you can build it up, but if you want the white color to really show you need a white or very light pigmented base underneath.


It’s really nice that you get both a cool toned crease shade and a warm toned one in addition to some deepening shades. A well put together basic side. They blend really well, and are easy to work with. Just the right amount of pigment in order to get your payoff, but not so much that you have to work hard to blend everything out. I like these mattes.

The Colorful and the basic side is separated by the only two shimmer shades in the palette. “Legendary” is a rich golden shade that is smooth, pigmented, rich and applies true to color on the lid. A really nice shimmer shade! “Beat” is a bit different. It has a nice sparkle to it, but the base is not pigmented. It looks more sheer on the eyes than in the pan. It works well as an inner corner highlight, or as an eye-topper which is my favorite way of using it. Patting this one on top of other shades in this palette created some really nice dimension and sparkle to the look.


The colorful side has 6 colors. I like that you get one of each basic color. You get your red, pinks, yellow, blue and green. Just everything you need to create a large range of colorful looks without being too many shades to pick from. All of the shades look matte on the eyes, but the Blue shade has a bit of sheen to it in the pan. I assume this is added to the color to make it easier to blend, as a deep blue pigmented matte formula can be hard to blend. Overall I am quite happy with these shades. I was maybe the most impressed with the purple that blended without any problem at all! It is always a pleasure to find a blend-able matte purple. The only shade that was a bit disappointing to me was the green. As you can probably tell on the swatch it does not apply that evenly or pigmented, and needs quite a bit of work to show up. In my opinion this shade should have been better considering the rest of the quality in this palette which is quite high.

Overall I am happy with the quality, and the palette holds everything you need. That could be a good thing, but it could also be that you already have absolutely every shade in this palette already. If you are one who like both neutrals and colors and want a travel palette that has both I think it is a good palette to have. I don’t think I own any palettes that offers both all the basic neutrals and all the basic colors in one palette, so in that matter the palette stands out. But if you are looking for something to keep and use at home, you probably already have this palette just not in one packaging.


The quality is nice, the shadows are good without doubt. But I just can’t shake of the feeling that I just would not buy this again. It is a good quality palette, but simply just too basic. Now, since I like the  colors and the quality I will probably pull this out from time to time and use it, but it’s just not a palette I would repurchase or recommend to anyone with a larger collection. I would however recommend if you don’t have your basic neutrals and colors covered. After all it’s nice quality and easy to work with so in that matter a nice beginners palette. It would also be excellent as a travel palette if you feel like you really need basics and colors all in one when you are out and about. But for someone with an extensive collection I would say you are not really missing out on anything if you pass.

Have you tried this palette? Let me know how you like it in the comments!

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Juvia’s Place Saharan II – Review & Swatches!

Time for another review of another Juvia’s Place palette. If you read one of my previous ones you probably know my general opinion about Juvia’s Place, and after using this one I stand by my opinions: This brand is among my top three brands regarding eyeshadow formula, and the crown piece is off course their amazing metallic shades.


This palette is a 9-pan with the large pan size. I have to say I am not overly enthusiastic about every palette being a different size, but that’s just my sense of order speaking. I like same brands to have same sized palettes so they can be stored together and look neat. I guess that says more about me though, and has nothing to do with the quality of the product itself. It’s the same size as the Zulu palette if that makes more sense to you! The packaging is beautiful as always, maybe even a bit better than regular. I just like the colors andof the packaging a lot this time around.


The color selection is gorgeous. I am surprised by how much I like this actually, because when you look at Juvia’s Place palettes at least my eyes are more drawn to the brighter ones like Masquerade, Zulu and Magic. This color story of the Saharan II is more anonymous, but after taking a closer look it’s absolutely just as stunning as the ones mentioned above. The palette has 6 of the beautiful metallic formula and 3 mattes. I think the two blue shades makes a beautiful contrast to the warm and red toned mattes, peach ans bronze shades and they go well together in a look. The only thing I find myself missing in this palette is a lighter matte. All the three mattes are fairly dark, while many of the shimmers would be great for more wearable everyday looks if they were paired with a lighter crease shade. Now, you can off course wear whatever you feel like for everyday, but I know many people (including myself) like to tone it a bit down for work, so I do think this palette would be a lot more versatile if one of the mattes were a bit lighter. Off course, there is always an option to pick from another palette!


Although I am craving a slightly darker crease shade, the shadows that are in this palette is absolutely beautiful. There is no single bad shade and they are all beautiful and go well together. You may not think of a metallic blue and a dark matte berry as the obvious choice of color combination, but these work so nicely together. This palette makes you think about slightly unusual color combinations, which is great to spark some creativity.


I feel the same way about the Saharan II as I do with so many other Juvia’s Place palettes, I don’t really have anything bad to say about the quality. The metallics are Juvia’s Place masterpiece though, and you get 6 delicious shades here which is no less than great!

Have you tried this palette yourself? Give me your thought in the comments!

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