Makeup Revolution Blow Out Mascara – Review!

Since I have become such a big fan of the Makeup Revoltion The Mascara Revoltion (It’s competing with L’Oreal Paradise Extatic about being my favorite drugstore mascara) I figured it was a good ide to test out their newer one and see if they made another mascara hit! I am one of those who love finding an awesome affordable mascar because I find it pointless to spend to much money on the higher end ones when there are plenty of great affordable options. And I am telling you, I used to buy exclusively Lancôme and Dior mascaras for 5-6 years because I was covinced cheaper ones could not match. But, even though both Dior and Lancôme have fantastic mascaras, I found so many just as good affordable ones that I just don’t see the point in splurging anymore. The point is, I wanted to know if this one was also a great affordable option. I mean, Makeup Revolution did it once so why not again?


The tube stands out with it’s oil slick coloring. The mascara brush is quite thick and large and made of rubber bristles. Sometimes I like the rubber bristles, but other times I feel like they tend to have a hard time building volume. I guess that could also be said for regular bristles, but somehow I feel like the rubber ones are challenging to me more often than regular bristles.

The mascara claims to have a jet-black thickening formula that gives you killer volume. It’s also enriched with cannabis satvia to nurish the lashes. I feel like cannabis has become quite a gimmick letaly, and I really don’t think it’s going to make a big difference on my lashes. Sure enough. After using it daily about 6 weeks, my lashes are all the same.


I didn’t but it for the cannabis ingredient though, I got it because I was hoping it would be a good mascara. I have to say I am not really convinced. To begin with I don’t feel like it gave me much volume or length. Sure, my lashes got darker, more visible, and off course a bit more long and voluminous than what they are without mascara. However, compared to my favorite ones the result from this was a big lackluster. After using it a few weeks the formula got a little bit thicker, which helped adding a bit more volume. Still not as good as I would like though.


If you like a more subtle mascara look then you may like this. Because I found that the longevity is nice, and it did not flake or smudge under my eyes. So if you want a more natural lash look at least the formula stays in place and looks nice. Me personaly preffer a bolder look, but at least once applied it stays in place nicely. It’s not waterproof though, which it does not claim to be either.


Overall, I am a big underwhelmed by how they made my lashes look, and even though the formula did not flake or smudge I don’t see myself buying it again simple because it does not quite reach my preffered result. However, if you don’t want to go too bold on your mascara it could be worth a shot.

Have you tried this? How did it work on your lashes?



Revolution Pro The Mascara Revolution – Review!

The first mascara to be released my Revolution and off course I got excited. I don’t turn down a cheap but good mascara, which is what I was hoping this one could be. On the other hand, being their first mascara I was not sure if they would do a good formula or if it would be a flop. No better way to learn than to just try. I think for 8£ trying is completely OK. I actually used to always buy high end mascaras because I was convinced that was my best option and well worth the investment, but after finding several great drugstore mascaras lately I have almost stopped buying high end mascaras. I mean I love Lancôme mascaras for instance, but I can get 4 good ones at the drugstore for the same price. I was excited to know if this could be a new cheap hit.


The tube looks nice though. It’s that reflective rose gold fingerprinty look, and with just a different print on it it could look like a high-end product. It’s quite light weight though so it does not feel high-end. But it looks nice laying around in my makeup bag.

The mascara brush is quite large with short bristles and a curve. I found it quite easy to apply on my top lashes, but the wand is a bit big for my lower lashes and smaller eyes. It works just fine with if I just focus on the task, but I get major mascara-face-expressions (you all know what I mean) when trying to reach those bottom lashes without making a mess. It works fine, but it is on the bigger side just so you know.


The formula is quite thick, almost moussey. I was happy to learn that it’s not one of those very watery mascaras because I never manage to apply those on my lashes without applying them at least a few more other places. This formula is easy to work with regarding not making a mess.

Since it is quite thick it also covers the lashes quite well. I was very happy with how my lashes looked with just one coat. They look both long and thick,, but not clumpy. A second layer would make them look quite full, a bit too full for my taste and edging getting a bit clumpy. Since I was happy with how my lashes look with just one coat, plenty of volume and length, then I didn’t feel I needed that second coat anyway. If thicker lashes are something you like then you can definitely get that with this one.


It wears well too! I did not experience any smudging or flaking. Off course it’s not waterproof, which it does not claim to be, so after running in heavy rain with it I had a tiny bit of smearing. But overall it held up very nicely. One thing I do like with this is that the lashes stay soft. Even though it’s a quite thick formula it does not make my lashes feel crunchy. They stay soft even when the mascara has dried.

Overall I have to say I am impressed. I like the look, I like how it wears and I like the price.This one will be a repurchase for sure. It is actually not that far away from the L’Oreal Paradise Extatic mascara (Or Lash Paradise as it’s names in US) so if you like that one chances are that this one is worth a try as well!

What is your favorite drugstore mascara? Or do you prefer high-end?