Smashbox The Cali Contour – Review!

I am all for this palette, and if you read my August Favorites you already know that. But let me break down to you why I like this palette so much!

Face palettes are something I am kind of drawn too since I don’t really have that many of them. Besides they are really handy. So when I see a palette where I think most of the shades will fit, then I get very tempted, and with this palette the temptation was too high. It also helped a lot that I have become a bigger and bigger fan of Smashbox lately. I am not a big fan of their eyeshadow formula,


So why is this good then? Well, two thing. The one is (for me) the shades. I do think if you are light to medium you should too. If you are very fair or more in the darker range of medium then I am sure there are better options for you. But for me it’s perfect because I do get use out of every single color.

The second thing is composition. Because this face palette really got what I need. There is this matte highlighter shades that work great for setting my concealer or just lighten up areas of my face without the glow. If I do want the glow, I got one option that will work all year round, and another option that looks great when I have that summer tan going on.

I then have a nice warm bronzer to bronze up my face, and a cool-toned contour shades to deepen the shades under my cheekbones or do a nose contour. To finish it all off there is a really nice warm blush that goes very well together with the rest of this palette. This palette has all you need for a sun kissed look in one handy palette.


The quality of both the palette itself (packaging that means) and the powders are overall very good. The palette it quite heavy considering it’s so compact, but it does have a decent sized mirror. It also feels sturdy and nice. I have traveled a bit with it and it seems to be handle that well, not that I throw my bags around that much though. With 20.56 g of product (that seems like a random number) there is a decent amount of product , and I like that the shimery highlighters are smaller than the other products that you most likely use more. I mean who pans highlighters? (You got my full respect).


The matte highlighter and the blush are working perfectly. I have nothing bad to say about them. The bronzer and contour are also really really nice, but they are quite pigmented. I personally prefer bornzers and contours that are a bit on the lesser pigmented side. I mean I want them to be good quality, but I prefer a more buildable one. Not to say these are bad at all, I just have to use a bit of a lighter hand and make sure I blend. With that said they blend very easy.

The highlighters are maybe the least impressive powders in this palette. They work fine enough. They are not glittery or patchy, the colors work nice for me and all that. They are just a bit subtle. For this to be the perfect palette I would have liked them to be a bit more intense. They do give a nice subtle glow though, so if you like that then awesome, but I chose to use these as a base, and then throw a little bit of something extra glowy right in the center.


Overall I am very very happy with it. Especially since all the shades worked so nicely on my skin tone. It’s not really that often I find a palette where everything fits. Even though I would have preferred the two highlighter shades in the middle to be slightly more intense I am loving this palette over all!

If you have a similar skin tone as me this is for sure worth an extra look!

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Morphe Brontour “Celebutante” – Review!

I immediately loved the idea of it when I saw this release. A contour powder and a bronzing powder all in one compact with a split pan. Such a nice way to keep both products in your makeup bag in a handy little compact!


I picked out the shade “Celebutante” because I figured it would work for my Nordic pale skin, but they had quite a few options in their shade selection.

This is my first Morphe face product I’ve tried. Actually , I have never been that big on Morphe products. I only own the Jacklyn Hill palette (which I love) and some brushes. Other than that my experience with the brand is not that extensive, so I had no idea what to expect.

Packaging is a sleek black plastic compact. It does not feel expensive. but it does not have an overly cheap feel to it either. Just a regular compact. It does hold a mirror, which in my opinion is way to small to use when applying bronzer or contour, but I guess many people will still appreciate that feature.


I am so happy with this! The color works well for me. The contour is neither too warm or too cold. I can use this in winter at my palest, but I can also use this in summer if I build it up. A nice all year product for me. The bronzer shade has some glow to it. It is not shimmery or glittery but give a nice healthy luminous glow to the skin. I use the contour shade to contour my cheekbones, jawline and temples, and then I brush the bronzer on top with a slightly smaller brush. I am loving how good this looks!


The pan is a regular powder compact size with 8 g of product, 4 g of each. The half sides are sliiightly to small for a brush to pick up just one shade, but they go so well together that it does not matter if you get a tiny bit of bronzer on your contour or vise versa. It also becomes a slightly darker bronzer if you swirl the two shades together.


Application goes like a dream. It applies very evenly and it blends out easily so it is very user friendly and I don’t feel I have to be overly careful or posses some magic blending skills to make it work. Just a solid good contour and bronzer duo I could highly recommend!

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?



Wet N Wild MegaGlo Contouring Palette “Dulce de Leche” – Review!

This is one of the items I picked up not to long ago when I decided to try out the brand for the first time. Yes, I tried Wet N Wild for the first time ever just a few months ago. You see, this brand has never been available in stores where I live so I just never got around to it.

It is such a cliche, but better late than never. Some of the products I tried were hits, and some were not. Today I will be reviewing a specific product, namely the MegaGlo Contouring Palette in the shade “Dulce de Leche”.


I did buy this specific product because I’ve heard many good things, and I know how to appreciate a good contour! The price is unbeatable, 4.99 $ for 12.5 g of product is just excellent. The packaging gives away that is is cheap. It is just the kind of cheap, flimsy packaging that easily breaks and looks a decade old from scratches after being a week in your travel makeup bag. For the price I can live with that, even though I do know to appreciate some luxury packaging. For 4.99 that’s just not what you get though, and that’s fine. The product has two pan with one matte highlighting powder and one cool-tones contour.


The highlighting part is decent. It works well to brighten a bit under the eye or to tidy up the contour a bit underneath the cheekbones if necessary. When I first applied the contour to my face I dipped my brush in, applied it to my face and though “holy S%#¤#!”, because that contour powder has some real pigment, and at first I thought the makeup was ruined. Luckily the powder is super easy to blend, and I managed to make it work. But, lesson learned, tap the brush and use a light hand!


These powders are very loosely pressed though, and you get a pretty extensive amount of kickback in the pan. You can probably tell from the finger swatches how soft they are. This means on one hand that they are easy to blend, but on the other they are also quite waist-full. I do have a small dent in each pan already, after maybe some weeks use (but not every day). So if you were to use this every day you would probably run out of it very fast.


I do think, despite some cons with packaging and wasting too much product, that this is a nice and user friendly (easy to blend) contour duo. The price also just pulls up the impression, because this gives a pretty good result for that price! On my skin (nordic) these shades are great, but I can imagine medium skin tones and darker would not find this exact shade to match, and unfortunately with only one other shade to pick form options are spare. If you think it will match yous skin it is worth a try though.