Colourpop Misunderstood Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

The Colourpop Disney Villain collections was one of the most awesome collections they released throughout 2019! It’s just so fun and a bit different. The palette is absolutely gorgeous and packed with colors, and a few wearable neutrals.


The packaging is really well put together. It’s loud! Outside is a ton of patterns, colours and off course villains. Inside the lid (does not have a mirror) is black with different prints on. The background of the eyeshadows is also loud and holographic. This palette just does not make any exhuses. It’s here to be seen!

It contains a total of 15 shades. 5 mattes, 8 metallics, and one matte base with glitter. Now, I always complain about those matte shades with glitter, but this time I will not (shocking I know!). This one has so much sparkle in it that it actually does look sparkly on the eyes. The shade is “Revenge” and it’s a deep sparkly black. Just a stunning shade of you want a sparkly black smokey eye. Perfect for a party!


The metallics in this palette is really outstanding. Somehow these seem smoother and richer than previously. It made me wonder if they amped up their formula. Either way, it’s aboslutely stunning shades! They go on like butter, and are very pigmented and reflective. The color selection are diverse. You get some more neutral options like copper and gold, but you also get a very unique yellow toned green (my fave in the palette: Diablo) a purple, some stunning lighter shades, green and blue. The only one I want to point out something about is “Jetsam” because it seems to have a quite dark base and it does not look as blue on the eyes as it does in the pan. It just transfers a bit darker than I expected. Not an issue really, that’s just what that shade looks like, but it did look a bit different than what I initially thought. None of these metallics are disappointing though. The formula is just beautiful overall!

The last swatch to the right is not a shade in the palette, but it’s the navy blue matte with the matte white layered on top.

You only get 5 mattes, and even though I love the formula on the metallics I feel like I missed out on a matte or two with this palette. You do get a couple of those very basic crease shades, which is nice if you want to go a bit more natural (which you can totally do with this palette even though it is loud) or if you just want to soften a look a bit. You also get a really nice matte white, that is wonderful at blending out the darker mattes. For instance, using the white to blend out the dark matte navy blue makes a beautiful lighter blue in the transition. So the white really comes in handy when you want to add more dimension.


Then you have 101. Which Colourpop describes as a matte black. But compared to the deep black that the “Revenge” shade is (only with sparkle), this one does not look that black. It looks more like it has a dark green tone to it. I thought for a moment it was a deep green actually and that the green would show up more when I blended it out. It did not show up green. It was more like a really dark dirty brown. If this is supposed to be a black, I don’t think it’s a good black. Because I like my blacks to be black. I guess I am just confused about this shade being called black, but it did blend out and perform very nicely.


The thing I feel like I am missing is a purple matte. A deep one because it would pair beautifully with several of the shades that I don’t initially want to pair with the dark navy or the “black” matte. So I do feel like the palette could benefit from such a shade. A dark toned matte brown would be good too. Surely, it would make the palette look more neutral, but it would also be a shade that could easily be paired with anything.  I think I would also have enjoyed the palette a bit better if “101! was actually a deep green that I could blend out with the white to create a similar transition as I could with the navy blue “The Fates”. I think composition-wise this palette is not bad, but I feel like it could have benefited from another nice deep matte shade.


The quality of the mattes though, are really stunning. The white really strikes me as great because it really is a nice true matte white without looking chalky. If you wanted to add a really good white matte to your collection you got one right here! The more basic shades are off course not hard to work with, but also the deeper mattes blend really well. It can be hard sometimes to blend a pigmented dark matte, but these are really easygoing. I like that! There are few things more annoying than applying a rich deep matte and then struggle for ages to blend out the edges. No such problems with these shades at all!

So surely, I would have liked the palette composition a bit better if it was another dark matte shade available, but besides that the overall quality of this palette is really good. It’s even good for being Colourpop. It almost feels like they improved the metallics in this because it’s so smooth and buttery and pigmented. So yeah, good palette with fun colors. And off course, a must have for a Disney lover.



Colourpop Through My Eyes Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!


I do love a good Colourpop palette. I mean, I have been collecting them like crazy, and their formula is usually wonderful. At this stage is mainly just a matter of if I enjoy the color story or not. I am usually confident that the quality will be great. They did have a few not so good palettes just when they were released, but I feel like it happened something after Dream St. because every palette seems to be so consistently good after that (with a feeeew duds here and there in the palettes, but usually the issues are minor).


So off course, I had no doubt in my mind that I would enjoy the quality of this palette too. And the palette looks very intriguing. First of all it looks like they put a little more effort into the packaging than usual. It feels different with the soft tough cardboard, and it actually has a pretty design (compared to some of the palettes they release which is plainly the name of the palette and nothing else). There’s also a mirror inside that actually works! At least I can fit my face in the mirror so it’s easy to actually use it to apply makeup.


You get 16 shades in this palette. The color story leans very warm and neutral, but has a few pops of green and wearable berries. I would say this palette is spot on if you like to stick to the safe and sound more simple everyday looks, but would like to have the option to go for a killer emerald smoky eye from time to time. Although it’s mainly neutral I don’t find it boring. Because, although being very wearable it does offer a lot of variety. You could do a very wearable pink/berry look, something more orange warm and bronzed, or just super simple with “Sandalwood” in the crease and one of the shimmers on the lids.


The balance of mattes and metallics are (as usual with Colourpop palettes) quite good. You get 7 true mattes ranging from light to deep. All of them are beautiful crease shades depending on if you want to go very natural, have a lighter pop of color like mustard or orange or deep green and aubergine colors. So depending on how dramatic or colorful you want to go you get a good amount of options. You also have one stunning mid-toned coral satin, a bone shade with a very subtle abount of shimmer, and one of those matte bases with small flecks of glitter. That last one I used as a matte, hence I don’t understand why the glitter needs to be there. I have said it over and over again, I really don’t see the point in that formula, but at least it works well as a matte. I can just pretend it’s matte I guess.


You also get 6 metallic shades. They have a nice selection of colors. Also with the metallics you can choose to go very natural, or fun and colorful. That gorgeous green “Emerald Dreams” really is super stunning on the lid if you pair it with “Moody” for a sarkly emerald smokey eye. With the exception of “Ludico” and “Nocturne” which are really smooth, the rest have a bit of chunkiness to them due to fine micro glitter. That makes them stunning on the eyes, but it also means they could really benefit from a damp brush…..and you probably will get some fallout. However, being as beautiful as they are they are well worth the effort. I did feel like I had to build up the shade “Mesmer-eyez” a bit as it did not seem as rich in pigment as the other ones, but it did build up nicely.


This really is a solid all-round palette that you can get a whole bunch of different looks with and there is really not much negative to say about it. If you like the color story, I am sure you will also love the quality.

Stunning palette with tons of options! I aboslutely recommend!