Colourpop Strawberry Shake – Review & Swatches!


2019 was the year of 9-pan palettes by Colourpop. I got so many of these eyeshadow palettes it’s almost not to believe that they haven’t been around for that long. No one release things as fast as Colourpop. I used to collect every palette they released. But I just can’t do it anymore. Not only is there a new palette almost every week, they even release two at the time sometimes now. Too many palettes for me to review. But I did get this one though!


I was a bit surprised when they released this color story just after Main Squeeze though. Surely, Strawberry Shake is more in the pink side, while Main Squeeze is more red and orange, but still. You can create very similar looks with this palette. I would say if you get one of them you don’t really need the other. You just have to figure out if you want the palette to lean more pink or more orange.


The palette has 6 mattes, two metallics and one super shock formula. The mattes are a well balances mixture of reds and pinks in light to medium depth. There are no really dark shades in this palette, but the overall color story is more fun and bright instead of dark and sultry, so I didn’t really feel like I was missing a deeper shade. The palette is just too bright and fun for dark shades. The quality is just overall great on all the mattes. I simply didn’t have any issues at all with any of them. Usually Colourpop makes very smooth, pigmented and blendable mattes and that happens to be the case with all of the shades.


The two metallics are one rosy and one peachy gold shade. Both are really pretty shades that compliments the mattes really well. This is their more smooth metallic formula as there is not fine glitter in them. Their metallics with fine glitter can lean a bit on the chunky side and require setting spray (still good though, just a different formula), but these are buttery smooth, rich and gorgeous.


The shade Delish, which I believe is a Super Shock Formula, is an excellent shade to add shine and sparkle to the look. The formula is super creamy, but also a bit crumbly. It does apply best with a finger, or I found that a flat brush with some setting spray also did work nicely.   This shade can be use sparingly, for just a wash of sparkle and shine, or built up to a opaque sparkly light peach. It’s a lovely shade, but so expect some fallout. However, even though this shade is the one that requires the most twerking to work, it is my favorite shade in the palette because of how stunning it looks on the lids.


Overall, there is not much bad to sad about this palette (except that plastic packaging should be banned!). The color story is lovely, without me feeling like it’s missing anything which is pretty good for a palette with only 9 shades. It’s also really really high overall quality. As with so many other Colourpop palettes, this one gets a big thumbs up!




Colourpop Salvaje Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

Just like with Brunch Date from Colourpop that I reviewed a couple of weeks ago I feel like this is one of those palettes that was released and then everyone forgot about it. Some Colourpop releases get a lot of attention, like the Uh-Huh Honey palette that I saw reviews of everywhere or the more recent So Jaded palette. To be fair, all Kathleen Lights collab palettes seem to get a whole bunch of attention, but then there are palettes like Salvaje. That are released and then you don’t hear anything about it. But it’s still there. It’s still on the website. It’s just so quiet around it.


I can understand the rave about Uh-Huh Honey though. A monochromatic yellow palette brought something new to the market. And it seemed like people had been waiting for it. However, Salvaje is not boring either! Sure, at first glance it looks like another neutral palette with a pop of blue (yaaawn), but if you take a closer look you get a few browns and golds, but also reds, peach as well as blue shades. This is one of the palettes that can be both. You, can get that neutral everyday look just s easy as you can get something fun and colorful.


The packaging is really pretty though, with the black packaging and colorful flowers. You also get a mirror, which is not a given in these 12-pans. I used to think it was not important, but I changed the way I do my makeup lately. Before I used to do my makeup in the bathroom standing up close to the mirror. Now I do have my own vanity where I sit down. Problem is the mirror in front of me is too far away for my aging eyes, and I now always use mirrors in palettes to do my makeup. I can confirm that this mirror is big enough for doing your eye makeup with. The mirror also makes the palette a bit heavy, and it kind of helps it feel a bit more expensive, which I don’t mind.


The quality? Well, it’s Colourpop! Overall their quality is really consistently great. The mattes are pigmented and blend well, and the metallics are so buttery smooth, rich and reflective. From time to time I do find an off shade, or just a shade that needs a little bit of extra help, but this time around I was happy with all the shades. The formula is consistently good! And there are (luckily) none of those mattes with glitter in this palette. One of my pet-peeves about Colourpop is that they seem to enjoy putting these shades into palettes a bit more than I like. Overall just solid quality. I don’t have any cons to point out actually.


Since I happen to like this so much I think it’s a bit sad that it almost seems forgotten about. I haven’t seen any Youtube videos, I haven’t seen any reviews, still this palette is well worth a look if you are that neutral-but-fun-kind of gal/guy. Because this palettes offer plenty of options for that kind of style as well as great quality.

Surely a hit for me at least!




Colourpop X Disney It’s A Princess Thing Eyeshadow Palette – Swatch & Review!


My childhood was Disney movies on repeat. Because we had one three tv channels and barely anything for kids so the same old VHS Disney movies were played over and over again. Internet did not exist, and I even remember when CD’s was a new thing. Needless to say, Disney is very nostalgic to me, because growing up with limited options those same old Disney movies were played over and over and over again. They were a big part of my childhood guilty pleasure entertainment. I guess what I am trying to say with these ramblings is that 1. I am old, and 2. Off Course I needed to pick up this palette.


The design of the palette has 6 Disney Princesses on the front cover, but a much more grown-up and modern version. I kind of like that because if they had their classic movie appearance they would be a bit too childish I think. I think this design is easier for people who are also a bit older could enjoy without getting pre school lunch box vibes. Inside you get their “signature” in gold with black background, and the background behind the eyeshadows are the same gold finish as in the signatures.


At first I would have thought the palette would be more true to the colors we see in the Disney Princess characters. I mean Belle could inspire for a bright yellow shade, and Jasmine could pull in some beautiful turquoise and so on, but the palette is surprisingly neutral.  You got soft pinks, browns and berries but not much representing for instance the colorful clothing of the Disney figures. I kind of thought the color story was a bit boring to be honest, but I quickly chanced my mind after using them a bit. Yes, there are mainly neutrals, but a nice and handy selection of them. But if you are looking for a silver you got a really really stunning one right here, the gold is gorgeous too, and the nice purple has a nice pop. The shades are also all different enough from each other when applied to the eyes. Colourpop rarely duplicate their own shade within a palette though.


The composition is mostly their shimmer/metallic formula that I just love! Those shades so rich, smooth and pigmented it makes me happy to swatch and apply them. Then you have four mattes, and in the beginning I was a bit disappointing because they are all fairly light, and I immediately thought I would miss a deeper shade. It turns out though that both “Beast” and “Midnight Curfew”, which are matte bases with flecks of glitter, behave just like a matte on the eye, giving you a dark brown matte and a black matte to work with. I am as always puzzled by why they put these glitter flecks in some shades. Sure, it looks pretty in the pan, but when all the glitter flies away when blending (ending up who knows where) and you are left with a matte eyeshadow on the lid then why can’t it be a matte in the first place. That will never stop annoying me.


The four regular mattes behave just like Colourpops usual regular mattes do.  They are blendable, pigmented and smooth. Really easy to work with. Although, my favorite formula from the brand are their metallics, their mattes are really really good too! The last shade is “Triton” a satin shade. That also works just fine, but I am actually kind of an all or nothing kind of person. be matte or be metallic, satins are not that exciting. This one is so subtle with the satin shine that you can just use it as a matte.


The overall quality of the shadows are great. I did not face any problems with them, and they work just as I have learnt to expect from Colourpop eyeshadows. The palette is obviously a neutral palette, but it turned out to be a bit more interesting than I expected. You can easily go very dramatic with this palette if that is what you want instead of a neutral look, which you can off course do as well. It’s quite versatile, and even though it struck me as a tad boring to begin with I have totally changed my mind. I adore it!