I Heart Revolution Mint Choc Chip Color Correcting Primer – Review!

I have to admit, the reason why I picked this one up was because I was hoping it would smell like mint chocolates. I have a weakness for that scent since that is one of my favorite candies. And it did! Usually I don’t wear a green color correcting primer, but I like to keep one on hand. Just because from time to time it’s actually nice to have. It will run bed way before I manage to use it up, but this will be the one I have for those rare occations where I want to correct redness. For example, a couple of years ago when I left a peeling mask on a bit too long, and my whole face turned red and I was heading over to a dinner with friends. That’s the kind of occations I keep a green primer on hand.


Since I do use these kind of corrector fairly rare I don’t want to splurge on a very expensive product. So this very affordable option by I ❤ Revolution (which is a sister brand of Makeup Revolution) was just in my price range. 8$ is a fair price for something that is used just from time to time.

The packaging is a tube, which I like because it’s hygienic. The design is simple, youthful and kind of cute. It’s not very classy or luxurious, and not something I imagine Audrey Hepburn pull out of her makeup bag, but it does the job alright.


This is purely a color correcting primer. It does not claim to do any additional work, although it does contain Vitamin C and E. The primer has quite a lot of pigment in it. I found that a really tiny amount of product was enough to cover my whole face an slightly color correct. It does not remove all redness, but it tones it down nicely, without leaving a green cast of your face, and you can easily cover up the rest of the redness with a foundation over. That is, if you use a small amount. I went in with too much the first time, and had to spend quite a bit of time blending, and still I was slightly green. So a little goes a long way with this one. You can also use this for spot concealer.


I hit myself in my face this holiday (I know, odd story, but there is a point to it I promise). Clumsy as I am, I was shoveling snow that was quite hard packed. I jammed the shovel down into the snow and it got stuck. So I pulled hard, a bit too hard, and off course the shovel lost it’s grip, and I pulled the whole handle right into my face. Clumsy I know, and I ended up with a wound and some bruising on my upper lip. At least I got to try spot concealing with this one though, because the wound left some red scarring that I have been covering up using this to spot conceal (it was also handy for the bruises straight away, but at least that disappeared after a week, the scarring has been here ever since). Conclusion is, if you are as clumsy as me and live in a place with a lot of snow, this can be good to have on hand because it has really helped me cover up the red scarring on my face.


So, yeah I guess I am pretty happy with it. It does the job of color correcting. It does not do much more than that though, but if all you need is some color correcting either in your whole face or just on spots this one did the job nicely for me at least.

And it smells so so delicious that just opening the tube to use it makes me happy.

This was a hit for me!