Jeffree Star Blue Blood Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

The big blue sister palette of the famous Blood Sugar. It’s funny to think about because if a big almost all blue palette was released 5 years ago, or before Instagram existed, I don’t think it would have been such a big hit. But people have become more daring and creative and I actually believe social media has something to do with it. The world was ready for all blue and it was a big hit!


The packaging is so pretty. Baby blue, with white details and shaped like a coffin or jewelry box. The palette of course is awfully bulky, but it’s more of a display piece than something that is handy for traveling. This packaging is to satisfy the collector in you, not the handy traveler. It does have a mirror, that is big enough, but I still found it very unpractical to use. Since the palette does not open completely, you either have to hold the palette quite high, or place it on top of something. Since it’s quite heavy I found it to be much better to just use a separate mirror instead of the one in the palette. In other words, having a mirror in this was completely useless for me personally.


The palette holds 18 different shades. In exactly the same format as Blood Sugar. The size is quite generous, they make the ABH palettes seem very stingy. They are also much more firmly pressed than ABH so these shadows will last you a long long time even with consecutive use. Surely, the palette is blue themed but you do get some options to go neutral, which is great if you want to use the palette a lot but don’t want to go pink every day. You get three different formulas. The majority of the shades are matte, some are regular metallics, and two of them are metallics with glitter in.

Although at first glance the palette looks to be very blue, one third of the shades in this palettes are actually neutrals. Suitable for very natural look even. So you do have more options than going all blue with this palette. Off course, the eye-catching shades that gets everyone’s attention is all the different blues. You get so many different tones and depths in this palette. Really dark blues, pastels, green toned blues, mints, grey toned blues. You really get such a nice variety of blue shades!


There are 12 mattes in this palette. I do really like that the palette offers a lot of mattes, because I find that very often when a palette has a few blue shades more often than not the blues are metallic. So this palette can very likely add some unique blues to your collection that you don’t already have. Very generally speaking I do like JS eyeshadows, but they are not my favorite formula out there. I do trust that when I pick up a palette from JS it is going to have great quality, but they don’t hit my preference perfectly. It’s not that the quality is lesser, it’s just that some formulas work better on my eyes than others. For instance, JS mattes are a tiny bit too dry for me. They are pigmented, blendable and generally holds very high quality. They are just a bit on the dry side (not to be confused with chalky!) and that means that I do need a primer for these to work perfectly on me. Without a primer they seem to have some issues sticking to my eyes. I think if I had more oily skin I would not need a primer with them, but since I am more normal or even dry these mattes need a sticky base to apply nicely on me.

The metallics was a bit unconsistent if formula. Some of them are rich, intense, smooth, buttery and simply just great shadows. “Ice Tray” for instance is an excellent shade, and so is “Crystal Flesh”. Nothing bad to say about those two. “Cullinan” is a bit different. Not that it’s bad in any way it’s just more of a duochrome topper shade and is absolutely stunning in the inner corner. I had some issues with “Deceased” though. It almost feels like it’s to hard pressed and I have to use quite a bit of pressure on mu brush to pick it up and for it to transfer on my lid. So even though three of the metallics are nice, one of them is unfortunately a dud and of much lesser quality than I would expect from a palette at this price range.


The two metallics with glitter are off course a bit different in formula too. The small glitter particles makes it a bit more chunky and less smooth than a regular metallic, but they pick up nicely, and are pigmented. Only thing is that I think these need some setting srpay since they are a tiny bit on the chunky side. I did experience some fallout from these that was reduced by using a damp brush.

I loved the looks I managed to do with this palette. I just had to get a bit used to the matte formula and after that I had so much fun playing around with all the colors. But I can’t help but feeling a bit underwhelmed. I mean the mattes are good, but not perfect for my personal preference, and since “Deceased” was a dud shade, the overall impression is just that I like the palette. I don’t love it…..if that makes sense. They are good, blendable blue shades, and I know those are hard to make, but I am just not over the moon for this.


I do think it’s a stunning collector piece, and I love that you have such an amazing variety of blue shades, and that it adds some more rare blue shades to my collection. So if that is your motivation to buy it, then surely most of the shadows are really good and the rest you will be able to work with. But if you just want some good quality blues and you don’t care about adding this as a collectors item, I would honestly just recommend you save your coins and buy Blue Moon from Colourpop instead.

It is a good palette, I just simply feel I have better blues in my collection. It will be a beautiful display piece though, and since I am a collector at least that counts for something.





Makeup Revolution Blow Out Mascara – Review!

Since I have become such a big fan of the Makeup Revoltion The Mascara Revoltion (It’s competing with L’Oreal Paradise Extatic about being my favorite drugstore mascara) I figured it was a good ide to test out their newer one and see if they made another mascara hit! I am one of those who love finding an awesome affordable mascar because I find it pointless to spend to much money on the higher end ones when there are plenty of great affordable options. And I am telling you, I used to buy exclusively Lancôme and Dior mascaras for 5-6 years because I was covinced cheaper ones could not match. But, even though both Dior and Lancôme have fantastic mascaras, I found so many just as good affordable ones that I just don’t see the point in splurging anymore. The point is, I wanted to know if this one was also a great affordable option. I mean, Makeup Revolution did it once so why not again?


The tube stands out with it’s oil slick coloring. The mascara brush is quite thick and large and made of rubber bristles. Sometimes I like the rubber bristles, but other times I feel like they tend to have a hard time building volume. I guess that could also be said for regular bristles, but somehow I feel like the rubber ones are challenging to me more often than regular bristles.

The mascara claims to have a jet-black thickening formula that gives you killer volume. It’s also enriched with cannabis satvia to nurish the lashes. I feel like cannabis has become quite a gimmick letaly, and I really don’t think it’s going to make a big difference on my lashes. Sure enough. After using it daily about 6 weeks, my lashes are all the same.


I didn’t but it for the cannabis ingredient though, I got it because I was hoping it would be a good mascara. I have to say I am not really convinced. To begin with I don’t feel like it gave me much volume or length. Sure, my lashes got darker, more visible, and off course a bit more long and voluminous than what they are without mascara. However, compared to my favorite ones the result from this was a big lackluster. After using it a few weeks the formula got a little bit thicker, which helped adding a bit more volume. Still not as good as I would like though.


If you like a more subtle mascara look then you may like this. Because I found that the longevity is nice, and it did not flake or smudge under my eyes. So if you want a more natural lash look at least the formula stays in place and looks nice. Me personaly preffer a bolder look, but at least once applied it stays in place nicely. It’s not waterproof though, which it does not claim to be either.


Overall, I am a big underwhelmed by how they made my lashes look, and even though the formula did not flake or smudge I don’t see myself buying it again simple because it does not quite reach my preffered result. However, if you don’t want to go too bold on your mascara it could be worth a shot.

Have you tried this? How did it work on your lashes?



Colourpop Orange You Glad? – Review & Swatches!

The happy orange palette that makes you want to drink a fresh glass of juice is a part of Colourpops 9-pan monochromatic series. I am loving these small handy little monochromatic palettes, both because they add a nice selection of each color to you collection in a small handy packaging, and because they are so fun to play with.


The design on this is pretty standard for their monochromatic palettes. The packaging is plastic (I wish it was cardboad!) and orange with a very simple design. You also get a mirror inside which is handy. Nothing stunning about the packaging really. But it’s simple and cute and gets the job done.


The palette has 9 shades, with three different types of finishes. You get 6 mattes, 2 shimmers and one glitter. As usual, this glitter is marked as non-eye-safe. Glitters never really are eye-safe so I guess it’s up to you if you want to use it on your eyes or not. I do use glitters on my eyes, but no glitter is eye safe so they need to put that disclaimer on the packaging. But, contrary to what many people belive, it’s not that this glitter is not eye safe, but other glitters are. No glitters are eye safe. They all contain particles that can fall into your eyes and potentially case irritation. I know a lot of people find it weird that they put a non-eye-safe product inside an eyeshadow palette which is intended for your eyes, but to be fair a lot of eyeshadow palettes have non-eye-safe products in them. For instance eyeshadows with pigments that can stain the eye has to be marked as not eye safe. Colourpop (and many other brands) have plenty of palettes with these kind of shades that are all labeled not eye safe. For some reason people seem to be quite concious about these glitters not being eye safe, and complain about it, and at the same time a lot of people use non eye safe pigments without even giving it a second thought. I do use these glitters on my eyes, and have never experienced any problems. However, this issue is something people just have to decide for themselves, and it completely makes sense that people with sensitive eyes want to stay clear of these glitters. But if you are willing to take that risk, this glitter really is pretty. The pressed glitters from Colourpop are generally very easy to use. This one has some chunky bits in it, that gives it a lot of dimention and adds something extra to the palette. So I am happy they added this.


The mattes are all great. I didn’t have any issued with any of the mattes. They perform like good Colourpop mattes usually does. They are very pigmented and very easy to blend. You get some very bright and fun pops of orange as well as a few more muted options. The only thing I feel is missing a bit is a really deep orange. The deepest matte is more of a mid-toned shade and I would like to see something a bit darker to be able to intensify and deepen the looks. Also, I do think maybe that Rise N Grind and Mimosa Mami is a bit too similar on the eyes. In the pan Mimosa Mami is clearly a bit more intense and a tad deeper, but on the eyes they look a bit more similar. I think if either one of these where gone I would not miss them in the palette. I would have like to see one of them swithced out with a white based orange duochrome to use as a highlighter shade, because this palette actually lack a nice inner corner or browbone highlight that is light enough. But those are just personal preferences.


The shimmers are buttery smooth and rich as they usually are with Colourpop. These don’t have any chunkyness to them either so they can just be applied without dampening the brush. Both shades are very reflective and pigmented, and they apply so nicely to the eyes. Very nice shades, and just the way I like them form Colourpop!


Just the overall quality of the eyeshadows are impeccable. I don’t really have anything bad to say about performance. None of them had any issues, non of them required a bit of tweaking (like using a damp brush for instance) to work optimal. Sure, the glitter does benefit from some glitter glue, but that’s the case with all glitters unless they are in a gel or liquid base.


My only chritizism really is that I think the color story could be improved. Mainly by having a darker matte option, and to have a white based orange duochrome highlighter shade. That’s just personal preference though and others might find the color story to be no less than perfect.

So overall I am super happy with the quality, and this little palette added a lot of nice oranges to my collection. A bonus (at least for me) it that orange really enhance blue, so they work excellent with blue eyes.

What about you. Would you wear a bright orange look? If so this palette is a must have!



Colourpop Sweet Talk Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

Super sweet springy peach palette by Colourpop. People went wild over this collection, and I agree it’s one of the prettiest released in all of 2019, which actually is quite an achievement since Colourpop release something faster than most. I do really thing this palette is really really pretty. Both inside and outside.


Now, I guess we can both agree that Colourpop is not the brand to make the most out of their packaging. For the price that is not expected either, but they can be a tiiiny bit on the too simple and boring side (plain packaging with just the name), but this time it looks like they actually has a designer on the job (you don’t need a graphic designer to get the name in plain letters). The packaging is beautiful this time. And it raise the whole feel of the palette to another level. It’s pretty and I want to see more like this!


The color story is pretty too! According to Colourpops own website this it their #1 bestselling palette and I totally see why. The mixture of peach, corals, browns and golds as well as a wide range of textures makes this palette both exciting and wearable with many options.

For the first time Colourpop put one of their famous Super Shock shadows in the palette. A lot of people were worried that it would dry out too quickly, but apparently the formula has been reformulated to a non-drying one. I had this for some months now, and it still works fine. We just have left to see how it holds up one or two years in a palette. This should be the first time they put a super shock shadow in a palette, but I think “Tickled” from the Oh La La palette which was released a while before seems suspiciously similar to a super shock shadow too. The shade Side2Side is the one shades in Sweet Talk with this formula. If you haven’t tried it before it’s hard to explain. They can be a little tricky, but they are very very pretty. Especially the shimmery ones, which are very impactful, and often has a unique sparkle to them. Side2Side is perfect as a topper shade, because you can just tap in on top of your lid with a finger to give the look a whole new dimension.


There is also two pressed glitter shade shades. I am maybe one of the very few who actually appreciate pressed glitters in a palette. Then I always have an option to spice up my looks even further. Glitter are not eyesafe, and on the back of the palette you can read the warning from Colourpop saying they are not intended for use on the eyes. I do take my chances, but if you have sensitive eyes just please be aware that they are not intended for eye use. Some say it’s stupid to put non eye safe items in a eyeshadow palette, but it’s the same thing with many pressed pigments. They have to claim it’s not eye safe even though most people use them without even thinking about it. I have my suspicions that this warning is mostly because they are demanded put the warning there, not because it can’t be used. Anyway, with that being said, I really like the Colourpop pressed glitters. They have a nice formula and are fairly easy to pick up and apply. And off course as glitters most they give the possibility to get your look to the next level.


The rest of the shadows have more regular formulas. Meanly mattes and metallics. I love both of these formulas, as I say in every palette review. For the most part there are mattes (7) and only two metallics. That’s OK because the super shock shadow and pressed glitters gives you as much sparkle as you can get. The quality of both these formulas are great! Good pigmentation, blends well and are very soft to the touch. Colourpop simply makes quality eyeshadows overall. On occasions I find some shades I don’t love or have minor issures with, but that’s not the case with this palette. All shades perform well!

I have no problem at all understanding why this is Colourpops top seller. Not only is the quality amazing, but the great mixture of textures and lovely color story offers something that can cator to very many different people. One of my favorite Colourpop palettes for sure!




BH Cosmetics Weekend Festival Palette – Review & Swatches!

Having good affordable brands available is fantastic. Having good quality makeup available for those who is not able to, or does not want to spend a lot of money on makeup is the best! Some of my very favorite brands are on the cheap scale. But I have never really been that into BH Cosmetics. I have purchased 4 palettes the last couple of years, and only one of them remains in my collection (and I am the worst declutterer ever). The rest I have given away or just binned. Needless to say, I have not been too impressed by BH Cosmetics eyeshadows.


So when this palette was released I decided I would not take my chance on getting another palette I would just give away as soon as I tested it out. Life is too short to waste on bad palettes. But one great review followed the other. EVERYBODY seemed to love this! I have actually to this day not seen a bad review of this palette. And with the fun colors and great reviews temptation got the better of me.

The packaging is super bright, fun and summery. It’s a simple cardboard packaging with a mirror inside. Fairly decent for the low cost of the palette. But the really fun part is the inside! Isn’t the color story just so much fun? Gorgeous blues, green, pink ,orange, purple. You got some nice sparkly shades, a lovely duo-chrome and even a few pops of neutrals.


The nice color story does make this palette very versatile. Sure enough, you would probably not be very drawn to this palette unless you like colors. If you are a neutral lover you would probably go for something more brown anyway, but you can go neutral with this if that is something you like from time to time and off course, when you want to wear colors you have a ton of options! You really can do so much with this. A neutral brown crease with a champagne shimmery lid or a rose gold lid for a more toned down options. You can go for cool-toned colors, warm-toned colors, sunset looks, bright blue looks, or summery green looks! You can even do a smoky dark grey eye! Almost endless options, and every shade is different. No duplicates here (Looking at you Morphe).

The quality also impressed me! What impressed me most was actually the matte blue shade. This is a fantastic matte blue. It may even be among the very best in my collection (which is quite extensive I have to admit). It reminds me of a better version of MAC’s Electric Eel. It is very highly pigmented, but still it’s really easy to blend! The other mattes are really good as well. No issues with pigmentation in this palette. Even the pale pink is nicely pigmented.


The shimmers are not at all bad either! Smooth formula, and nice pigmentation. A bit of fallout when using them though. A few of the shades have a slightly chunkier formula due to having fine specs of glitter, but I am satisfied with how all the shades work. I had so much creating looks with it, and besides a bit of fallout I did not have any issues! Pigmentation is great, the mattes blend like a dream, and the shimmers are really pretty. I preferred using them with a damp brush, but they are not dull using them straight from the pan either! Spraying the brush gives a little bit of extra intensity, but they work just fine without too.


Not to sound dramatic and all, but this palette changed how I feel about BH Cosmetics palettes. If they keep releasing palettes with this formula I would be happy to pick up more palettes, because they really nailed it with this one. Such a beautiful, fun and CHEAP palette!

Keeping my fingers crossed we see more palette like this from BH Cosmetics in the future!

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Review: NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer!

When I ran out of my NARS Radiance Creamy Concealer my intention was to pick up a new one of them, but the temptation to try something new and fun got too strong and I clicked home the NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer instead.


This is a potted concealer, which I don’t have very many of. The design is simple and classic NARS with the soft rubber black matte cap with the logo printed on. Simple and classic, and also a very unisex look which I would consider a plus these days. The size of this is very handy though, because I can just dip the tip of my beauty sponge straight into the pot so I don’t have to fuzz around with a brush. Being a fan of blending out the concealer with a sponge that is a big plus for me so I don’t have to add that extra step of applying it with a brush, or (gosh no!) put my fingers in the pot.


The first thing that impressed me was how creamy and nice the concealer felt. I was expecting it to be a bit more dense and dry in formula since it’s not a liquid in a tube, but this one applies very smooth and creamy. It blends quickly into the skin as well.

I really like the looks of it. It gives a sort of blurred out look to the under eye, and it gives a very good coverage while still looking quite natural on the skin. It has a matte finish but I dont think it looks dry or enhance texture or fine lines as I find to be the case with some other matte concealers I’ve tried.

I am actually really impressed by the blurring effect of this concealer because it really makes my under eyes look very smooth and perfected. It’s almost like it brightens, evens out and gives a “lift” in addition to cover up darkness.


Since this concealer has great coverage I found that it also work really well to spot conceal. Since it’ in a pot I found it very handy to just use a tiny little brush and spot conceal on any place necessary an the good coverage makes a little go a long way so it does not look heavy on the skin.

It does not feel heavy either as the formula is very lightweight. If that was not good enough I didn’t see any issues with creasing either and the tiniest bit of setting powder is enough to seal the deal, which off course helps get a natural look.

I am a big fan and I can already say for sure that I will repurchase this one when I one day run out, which I expect to take a while as a little goes a long way. Just a solid great quality concealer!

Did you try this? I would love to hear you opinion in the comments!



Zoeva Artisto Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

These little 10-pan palettes are such fun collectables since they are of a handy size, and usually have beautiful and decorative packaging. I got my fair share of these palettes by now. Most of them I really really like the quality of, but a few has been just OK, while one (Sweet Glamour) was just not my thing at all. So usually I really like them, but they are not as solid in quality as Colourpop where I rarely find duds in any of their palettes. There are both hits and misses in Zoeva’s line of palettes for me personally.


The last palette I reviewed was the Eyesee palette which I think is decent but not good enough to give a raving review. So I was a bit excited where this one would place itself.

First of all, the packaging is as always beautiful. This time its black, with simple, elegant gold details. As usual it’s made out of cardboard, holds no mirror and is nice and sleek. A+ for handy, sleek and beautiful appearance.

Inside are 10 different shades. I kind of find this color story to be unique. It’s like a neutral palette but it does not have a single brown shade. Instead you have toned down blues, greens reds and oranges that are all very wearable shades despite not being your usual brown. The colors are matched in pairs with one matte and one shimmer. I think this setup is kind of genius. It is super wearable colorful shades with a very logical set-up. I think this one is perfect for people who want to wear color, but want it to be toned down. Or people who want to wear color but don’t really know how to. This palette tells you what crease shade would work with what lid shade to make a nice wearable look. I had this palette in my monthly makeup bag, and I wore the shades times and times again as a wearable look for work.


To begin with I was honestly a bit underwhelmed, but in the end I ended up being impressed. The reason for me being underwhelmed was a few. Firstly it’s just not my favorite color scheme. It’s nothing wrong with it, and it’s a nice selection of shades for everyday looks, it was not just that pops that you get drawn to. You know, like that intense blue in a brown palette? I also get easily swayed by high shine metallics and intense shimmers, and that’s not what you get here. You get 5 mattes, one satin and 4 shimmers. They are not very intense shimmers, more of that subtle shine on the lid without any extra shine or glitter. So the reason why I was underwhelmed was not because the quality is not good, I just had to see through the fact that this palette does not have my personal favorite kind of shimmers and colors, without meaning there is anything wrong with the quality.

The five mattes are very buttery and nicely pigmented. As you can probably tell from the swatches even the lighter shade has some pigment to them and they easily show up on the eyes. Even that pale, pastel matte blue. Most of them perform nicely as well, and blends easily. The only exception was the matte blue because even though it is pigmented I found it a bit chalky and dusty. It made it a bit hard to blend without blending the color away and the result could be a bit patchy. I sticky base is necessary with this shade, at least no my lids. The rest of the mattes I did not have any issues with.


The four shimmers are nicely pigmented, but without that high-shine you often see now a days. Nothing wrong with that, they just gives a more subtle look to the eye. I think this formula matches the muted colors because it makes the palette very wearable. Even the blue shimmer has a grey base that makes it look more muted than it appears in the pan, and makes the shade much more wearable.

I am under the impression this is a great palette if you are into more subtle looks, but you want something else than the regular browns. This palette offers some colors in a very sophisticated way. It’s also aligned in a way that makes it very easy and obvious what shades to match, or you can off course mix them all together. But the reason why this impressed me in the end was because it seems like a very thought through palette.


I would say this is a good palette to try if you are a bit afraid of color, but want to try to widen the horizon, or if you just want something wearable and are tired of those boring browns. It’s also great if you want a palette that is really easy to put together a look with, because the palette is design with a crease shade and a matching lid shade in pairs all the way down the palette. For being just 10 shades it’s also surprisingly versatile as you get both greens, reds, oranges and blues. All in very wearable hues.

If you love bright colors and metallic intense shimmer shades, then this may not be your cup of tea. But the palette own is great!

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