Colourpop X Kathleen Lights Zodiac Palette – Review & Swatches!

Once again Kathleen Lights and Colourpop teamed up to make a palette. I already own and love the previous collab the Dream.St palette so I was excited to see this launch. I was also excited to see a lot of different colors to play with. I love my neutrals, but I honestly have to say I do get a bit more intrigues with fun, bright colors.


The packaging on this palette is absolutely stunning. Visually more pleasing than the standard Colourpop palette due to it’s level of detail. The design is much more detailed with the golden zodiac prints on dark blue background. This palette is one of their regular 12-pan palettes (my preferred size actually) with no mirror.


You get a variety of different finishes. 4 are true mattes, among them a light brown a darker brown a berry and a mid-toned blue. This gives a very nice variety of different crease shades. You also got “The Libra” which is a pale satin pink, and “The Capricorn”, a dark blackened brown with gold glitter flecks. In danger of repeating myself, I don’t like matte bases with glitter. The 6 remaining colors are of the gorgeous metallic formula that I absolutely love. “The Pisces” are slightly more chunky than the regular smooth metallic formula due to the glitter. This is the shades of my Zodiac sign, and I have to say the interpretation of Pisces are good because I love shades like this. The shades I am most drawn to are blues like this, or shimmery greens. So I am happy about that choice!


If you have been reading a bit here and there on my blog you may have stumbled upon a Colourpop eyeshadow palette review here and there. The general verdict is the same, these are great palettes! There are a few duds here and there, but overall the metallic formula is fantastic and so is the mattes. In this palette I am for the most part happy. Almost every shades is the great Colourpop quality I am used too. One exception is “The Aquarius”. I was not quite happy with the pigmentation on this, because it needed to be built up much more than what I am used to with Colourpop mattes. I also have a similar single pan which works much better, so I don’t think this shade is as good as it could be. Also the shade “The Libra” is a bit underwhelming to me. On my skin it’s too pale and doesn’t really show up that well. Since it’s a satin finish it does not really work as an highlight either because it’s too dull. And yes, you all know my issue with matte bases with glitter two.


But besides those minor issues (that are partly based of preferance) this palette well worth having. The 9 shades that I don’t have any issues with are more that good, so they improve the overall quality of the palette.

The color story of the palette is pleasing, and I really like that you get a lot of colors alongside a few pops of neutral. It does make the palette very versatile, and you can use this if you want to keep it very toned down or if you want to create a fun colorful looks. The palette works well both ways.

And for the wallet friendly price of 16$ you do get a good quality shadows for your precious pennies.

Do you have the Zodiac palette? What is your favorite shade in the palette? Does in match with your zodiac sign?




My favorite shade in 10 palettes….and the least favorite as well!

I have seen a few YouTube videos floating around where people talk about the favorite shade in each of the palettes they picked out for the task. I have seen plenty of these by now, but Angelica Nyquist (her YouTube channel is amazing, especially if you like indie brands and colors) was the one who inspired me to finally do one myself, blogging style!

Now, this is not a video off course, and I decided to do a twist on it too. I picked out 10 different palettes from my collection and then I chose one favorite shade, and also the shade I like the least. Even though I did pick a least favorite shade from each palette, it does not mean that the shade is bad. I mean if the whole palette is good then also my least favorite shade will be good as well. But I could find a shade in each palette that I for some reason were not particularly drawn to, even though it was a bit hard at times.


If you like this post and would like to see more of them, than let me know! I got plenty of palettes and could do several posts like this (It frightens me a bit to realize how many of these I could actually make without repeating any palettes). That means if you want to see them off course. They take way to much time to make if no one is interested, so let me know in the comments if you would like to see more (I am not getting insulted if you don’t, I promise).


So this is how it will go: I will go through my pile of selected palettes and do a finger swatch of both my favorite and least favorite shade and explain why I chose them. In the end I will swatch all of my ten favorites together on my arm, and all of my least favorites in another swatch. Just to see how they look together, because why not!?

Let’s play!


The first palette is Dominique Cosmetics Latte palette. Their first launch. If you have any further interest in this palette then you can check out my full review here or you can have a look at the 6 different makeup looks I did with it here.


My favorite shade is Macchiato (left). It is such a gorgeous shimmer that goes so well with many looks. A simple but stunning shade. It also have a very nice and rich glow to it.

My least favorite is Double Shot (right). Not because it’s a bad shade. It’s actually a quite good matte purple. I am just not as drawn to that shade as the rest so when I had to pick one it’s this. Nothing bad with it really, just personal preference.


The Tarte Tartelette Toasted is a very pretty warm toned neutral palette. As you probably can tell I’ve gotten quite a bit of use out of it. I got a review of this one as well, and I also compared it to Colourpop Double Entendre in a dupe post if you are curious about a cheaper alternative.


I picked the two shades “Flame” (left) as my favorite and “Crackle” (right) as my least favorite. Flame I picked because it’s such a beautiful, rich warm shimmery brown. The perfect lid color and it’s one of the shades that “makes the palette” in my opinion. Picking the least favorite shade was easy in this palette. I don’t really like eyeshadows that have a matte base and flecks of glitter. That’s exactly what Crackle is. It does look pretty in the pan, but that glitter disappears so quickly from the eyes that I can’t understand why it’s not just a regular, usable matte instead.



These shades don’t have names, but luckily the shadows in the Tarina Tarantino Jewel eyeshadow palette are easy to tell apart just by describing the shades. I think this is quite a cool palette because no one seems to know about it but it’s absolutely beautiful. The packaging is almost a gem itself, and the eyeshadows are nice.


The shimmery pastel mint to the right is off course my favorite, and the brown with a dark matte base and golden shimmer is the least favorite. I just don’t like these kind of shades regardless of how beautiful they look in the pan. They are just not for me. The green I really like though. These kind of greens are perfect for everyday looks in my opinion because they offer a bit of color without being too much “in-your-face” if that makes sense.


The next palette will maybe surprise you. It is a limited edition palette by the Italian makeup brand Kiko. This Kiko Colour Impact Eyeshadow Palette 03 Bright Night Lights I picked up while on vacation in Italy maybe 5 years ago or so, and as a matter of fact I do keep my out of date palettes, and the secret is clean brushes and sanitizing spray.


Again the shades do not have names, but they are still easy to tell apart. You may thing that the color I would be most drawn to was the sparkly green, and not the peach base shade, and in most cases you would be right, but this basic peach is actually very unique. It’s not a matte, but a silky soft pearl finish, and it’s something about the undertone in this shade that makes blue eyes really pop, and its a beautiful shade to wear on the lid. Very different from what I would usually prefer in a palette, but this shade is so unique!

My least favorite shade is the purple. Not only because I think it’s a bit boring, but also because is just does not work very well. It’s hard to blend and when using it in the outer corner it tends to be quite patchy. It’s also very dusty. Not a good shade really. So that’s why it’s my least favorite in this little palette.


Next palette is a new one (or fairly new) from Colourpop namely their Mar palette from the summer collection. I bet you can already tell my favorites shade, especially if you read the review.


Off course it’s “Grindlock” the blue center shade. It’s such a gorgeous deep blue shimmer with small flecks of glitter. Now, there are not any bad shades in this palette at all, so I just had to pick one, and that was “El Rev” the top pale peach. It’s a beautiful color as well and the quality is great, I just predict that this will be the least used shade in this palette and that’s why I chose this one. All shadows in this palette is stunning though!


This is an old one! The Vegan palette by Urban Decay. do you remember when they used to release there small 6 shadow palettes with the eyeliner pencil included? The eyeliner pencil is long gone, but this palette has some of the well known classic shades from Urban Decay.


My favorite shade is a cult classic “Half Baked”. This one is in the original Naked palette too, and is a nice brown toned gold shade. It used to be my go-to golden shade back in the days when my makeup selection was a lot smaller. Now I just keep this palette mainly for memories (or if I want to use it in a Throwback Thursday makeup look).

Gunmetal is my least favorite shade. The quality of the shadow is OK, but I am just not that into greys. I just rarely remember to use them. Kind of a shame that I don’t like it because I think I have four of them in different Urban Decay palettes. They used to love to add this shade to palettes.


Isn’t it strange that even though Colourpop is one of the younger brands in my collection it’s still the one I have the most palettes from. Or maybe it’s not so weird when they release a palette every other week in addition to being cheep. Not complaining though. I do love them!


My favorite shade is “Blank Canvas” the red matte in the bottom left corner. This is probably the shade that impressed me the most because I didn’t really expect to love it, but its such a rich and beautiful color that works so well and blends out so easy.

My least favorite shade is “Feels”, the one in the top left corner. It’s not just the shade I like the least, it’s actually a shade I don’t like much at all. The pigmentation or shine is just not how I want it and it appears a bit chunky on the eyes since it needs to be built up.


And then, my beloved Certifeye Tropical Wonders palette. My go-to palette for every colorful looks I want to make. You can see it’s well used. I just want to sit down and do rainbow looks with this all day! It looks a bit beat up now doesn’t it? Well loved, that’s all.


I love color so off course I love the majority of the shadows in this palette, but my very favorite must be “Fruit Fly”. It’s quite a unique shade and I can’t recall that I’ve ever encountered a shade like this with this amount of pigmentation. And the name is cute too!

My least favorite is Typhoon. Not a bad shade, but I mean, when you look at the rest of the palette a boring grey is not what you reach for right? Or at least I don’t. I am not sure why this shade is in this palette anyway. I don’t feel it’s the natural color to reach for considering the rest of the color selection. The grey works fine though, it’s just a big “grey” compared to the rest.


The Caramel Melange palette, one of my favorites by Zoeva. These brown and golden shimmer shades look like liquid metal when swatched. This is easily among my top three Zoeva palettes (for reference I got 16 so that’s not bad at all!).


My favorites was easy to pick. “Liquid Center” is just to rich, smooth, buttery, pigmented and everything good a shadow can be. Simply a delicious shade.

The least delicious shade is “Edible Gem”. I can’t stress enough that I don’t like matte based shadows with glitter in. I just don’t see the point in them as they usually just looks like a flat matte and the small specs of shimmer are either gone, or all over your face. So since this shade has that formula it’s the obvious choice.


The final palette happens to be the favorite palette of one of my favorite brands. Juvia’s Place The Magic Palette. This is magic for sure, and the colors are so beautiful!


It was so hard to pick a favorite shade. It could easily have been almost any one of the four on the bottom row, but I had to pick one in the end and I picked “Yara” but there are so many shades in this palette that are equally beautiful.

This is another one of those palettes with no bad shades, so I picked “Osun” just because pinks are never my favorite, but the quality is impeccable.

And now that we have picked all the favorite and least favorite shades in the palette I figured it would be fun to swatch them together and see what the color story looked like. So I did one arm with the “Bad” swatches, and one with the good ones to have a look.


Let’s start with the bad ones. They are swatched in the same order as I presented the palettes. If this was a palette on it’s own I would for sure not buy it. Not just because the color story is not my thing, but I don’t thin I will ever buy a palette with three dark brown mattes with specks of golden glitter in them. Actually looking at this I am surprised by how often they appeared. But since the rest of the shades are purples, pinks and greys it’s easy to see what color stories I usually don’t go for.


Swatches of the good shades are much more appealing. No surprise off course! It’s not the most cohesive color story, but at least they are all very pretty shades. I am not surprised at all that we find both green and blues. Those two shades are the ones I find hardest to resist. It’s almost always the colors I am drawn to in palettes. These swatches are just so much more appealing to me, but what do you think? If these were two palettes which one would you choose?

Do you have any of these palettes, and what would your favorite or least favorite shadows be?

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Makeup and beauty hauls – September 2018!

One of my favorite posts to write. Showing you whats new to my collection and what you can expect seeing some reviews of in the future.

I have been picking up a few new bits and pieces but I think I managed to not go overboard, so I am quite happy!

These Hourglass powders I both ordered in August, but you know, international shipping knows how to take it’s time. But this travel size Hourglass Bronzer and the Hourglass Blush in “Ethereal Glow” finally arrived. I got mine from Cultbeauty. And do you know that they have travel size blushes there too? I think it’s such a great thing to be able to pick up a travel size of a blush for much cheaper. I never go through blushers anyway!

More stuff from Cultbeauty, and more mini’s! Again, being able to pick up a smaller size for much less money is so great! Here is Becca Highlighter in Champagne Pop. I now finally have this iconic product.

The lashes are Huda Beauty lashes in Carmen #9. It took me a while to get use to Huda lashes due to their thick lash-band, but now that I am I really like them.

This palette I just stumbled over on Instagram. I’d never seen it or heard of the palette before, and since it was reasonably priced I decided to pick it up and give it a go. The GLF Cosmetics Princesa Azteca Palette really has both a large selection of neutrals and colors and I am a fan of the selection. Did not get the chance to play with it yet, but eventually I will have a makeup look post and a review post of this. Just be patient, I got a big pile of stuff to review and too little time!

I also needed some basics! The OGX Hair Butter sounded interesting and I always need something to give moisture to my ends. Never tried this, but I have tried some shampoo and conditioners from the brand and have been overall happy with them.

The Human+Kind Shower Mousse Bodywash “Grapefruit Delight” I picked up because it smells divine and I can always use a nice body wash.

I am slowly running out of cleansing balm, and since it takes a while to get here through mail (I usually use K-Beauty cleansers and they are not sold in store in my country) so I picked up the Nivea Eye Makeup Remover in case I run out before the next one arrive. It’s cheap, that’s mainly why I picked it.


I did not stop picking up some essentials there. I also got e refill of the St.Moriz Fast Self Tanning Foam. I am running low on my other one. Not sure how long I will bother to try maintaining a tan. After all I love north of the wall and don’t really need to be tanned in winter.

The Simple Foaming Cleanser was something I picked up because I have just a few uses left of my current one. Never tried this, and it was so cheap my hopes are not all that high. But hey, if it’s good I did find a nice affordable cleanser so always worth a try!

XHC Revitalising Coconut Water Shampoo and Conditioner was also a necessary refill. I am running low on shampoo and conditioner so new ones are necessary. These smell like coconut, which I like if it’s a good coconut scent, but hate if it’s too sweet or synthetic. I will have to get back to you on how I feel about this.

KMS Add Volume Hairs Spray is a sample I decided to try. I don’t always get overly excited about hair styling so I love being able to try a sample before buying the real deal. I find it to be such a struggle to try to get through hair styling I don’t like.

The same goes for Tony&Guy Casual Sculpting Powder. I am hoping this will be something to help me if my hair is to flat or greasy. Sort of like a texturing dry shampoo.


I was very much fond of the MorpheMe brush bundle this month. I really like Morphes Y-series, and I always need more eyeshadow brushes. One can never have too many blending brushes in my opinion.


Finally, after a long time, my Makeup Revolution parcel arrived. I ordered this in June, but it was returned and they had to send it back. International shipping back and forth does take time, but finally the Soph x Revolution Extra Spice palette found its way home to me together with the lipsticks “Cake” and “Syrup”, two very pretty nudes!


These three items were sent to me for free from Tambeauty. the reason was that when they tried to resend my order with the Soph x Revolution Extra Spice palette, one of the other items I ordered, a setting spray, was suddenly not legal to send due to new regulations. So they put some extra stuff in my package. The Palette is Obsessions Love Every Shade Eyeshadow Palette, and then I got a Obsessions Liquid Illuminator in the shade “S&X” which looks really pretty, and a Obsessions Lip Effects Gloss. Excited to try these things since the brand is new to me.


And finally, no month is complete without a Colourpop purchase! I picked up the gorgeous fall palette Good Sport, and the Super Shock Highlighter Palette “Crush On You”. Colourpop always has something new and I really try to keep up at least with their eyeshadow palettes. Their are challenging me for sure, but I love collecting their eyeshadows. They are affordable and one of my favorite formulas. What’s not to love!

Did you pick up anything fun this month?



Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter – Review!

So what is this. A foundation? A primer? A highlighter? I would argue that this is magic in a bottle, but exactly what kind of product ti is  is a bit hard to define. The brand describes it as a primer-highlighter hybrid, which I guess is suitable. But it sounds kind of weird right? Something that’s both the very first step of your routine and one of the lasts steps in one product alone. they are right in their description though. It works as both!


Lets go through how it works. As a primer it gives your skin a very nice glow. Not glittery or shimmery, it just looks like a very natural dewy finish. It also blurs out the skin and makes it look much more even. If you are like me and don’t have a lot to cover or even out, I think wearing just this one all over the face, together with concealer under my eyes , along the nose and in the center of the forehead and chin, with just a little bit of translucent setting powder on top gives a stunning look. Be ware that this is not a foundation or BB Cream and it does not actually cover up anything, but if you don’t have much to cover anyway it gives a beautiful natural look to the skin. That’s been my favorite way to wear this.


It does a nice job underneath foundation as well. Foundation sits very good on top, and as a primer it gives a nice luminous finish to the foundation as well as it helps blurring out the skin in advance.

Finally you can use this as a highlighter on top of foundation. This does not give a glowing metallic look. This is a highlighter you can use more generously because it does not really look like you are wearing highlight, it looks like you just have glowy skin! So this can be used quite generously on all the high points on your face, and gives the most beautiful youthful, healthy glow. If you want a bit more on your cheekbones you can just layer a powder highlighter on top. It looks good either way!


As you all know Charlotte Tilbury is not the brand if you are on a budget, and this product has a hefty 44$ it’s not your cheapest option. The heavy duty glass bottle with luxurious rose gold details also tells that this is not a cheap product.

The thing I don’t like about this is the applicator. I would much prefer a pump or squeezy tube because I find these applicators to be a bit unhygienic. So for me that’s the drawback of this product, but I have to say, it’s the only drawback I could find.


The overall verdict is that this is a beautiful product that I have nothing else alike. It has quickly become a staple in my routine, so if you are into that natural glowy skin I would highly recommend checking this out!

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Beauty Empties!

How many beauty products do you think I will finish in one year? I mean proper sized products, not counting sheet masks and samples. My latest empties post ended with product number 55, so far this year and I am sitting here in a room with empties scattered all over the floor that I will spread through several empties posts. Will I make 100? I bet. Will I make 150? 200? I don’t know. I am not trying to make a challenge out of it but I find it a bit interresting to see how many of these tubs and jars and pots I go through.


So these are the guys I will be going through today. Unfortunately one is not an emptie but a beakie. But we will get to that later on.


#56 – Batiste Dry Shampoo Cherry: I like the Batiste dry shampoos in general. They do the job and are affordable. The scent on this is sweet and a bit artificial, but not bad. I can see how it will be a bit too much for some though. I do however prefer the one for brunettes, because unless I use this very sparingly I get a white cast. No problem if you don’t have dark hair like me though.

#57 – Queen Helene Mint Julep Scrub: My first ever encounter with a brand. It is super cheap and smells delicious. It has a decent amount of scrubbing grains without being rough, so nice for the face. A bit to mild to use for the body in my opinion, but I like my body scrubs to do their job properly. This have worked as a facial scrub for me, and my skin feels refreshed without stripping it of moisture. I do always reapply moisturizer though after, it just means I don’t get squeeky clean or feel too tight. Quite decent for the very low price tag I would say.


#58 – Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads: I used these after facial cleanser because these are nor good enough to properly cleanse on their own. I am actually not sure what they did. It just felt like an extra step in my routine that did absolutely nothing. Except being a good way to double check if my leanser got all the makeup off (It did!). Will not repurchase.

#59 – Bella Lucce Arabian Odyssée Exotic Date & Wild Honey Buff: Did you ever try any of Bella Lucce body scrubs? If not you have been missing something. The perfect amount of grains in a delicious smelling base that leaves your skin so incredibly moisturized and soft. I love the warm, sweet spicy oriental scent of this. This is quite expensive for a body scrub but so worth it! Will absolutely for sure repurchase.


#60 Sterilan Aloe Vera Deodorant: Are we bored to death yet? I know deodorant is super boring but I am kind of excited that I finished one since I don’t really use them. I don’t have any issues with odor or sweating under my arms (when I am exercising there is no way a deodorant can help me though). I don’t know if this works or not since I don’t really have any issues for it to help me with.


#61 MAC Mineralize Skinfinish “By Candlelight”: I am so sad about this. It is such a lovely limited edition highlighter. I kept it for so long even if it is broken, but it is so messy I never use it anyway. So it is time to part ways. If this ever comes back I want a new one! But I guess my 150 other highlighters will just have to do until then (meaning I will most likely survive).

Did you finish anything exciting lately? Let me know in the comments!



Colourpop Give It To Me Straight – Review & Swatches!

Give It To Me Straight, is it any good? Is a big clear “YES!” enough of an answear?

I do tend to love the quality of the Colourpop eyeshadows palettes. I don’t love every single formula they have. I for instance think their glitter shades are a bit too chunky, and I have encountered some off shades here and there. But I really do like their matte formula, and I do think their metallics are superb.


So a brown, coppery and mauve palette filled with mattes and metallics should be good right?

This is a typical neutral palette. You got all the basics you need for simple neutral looks. But in my opinion this is kind of neutral-but-prettier. I really like the combination of colors here. I also really like that they added enough mauve and berry tones, as a nice change of the orange and red tones we have seen a bit too often in neutral palettes.


The shades swatch beautifully, and they apply beautifully on the lid as well. The formula is very consistent throughout the palette. The metallics are rich, smooth and buttery like they usually are. The mattes are smooth ans easy to blend. I bit loose pressed as their matte formula usually is, but still more firm than what we see from ABH and Lorac for instance. There is also one shade “BS” that is a matte base with tiny flecks of glitter. As I have mentioned before this kind of shades are never my favorite. Sure they can work and look pretty on the lid, but more often than not I find the glitter to be pointless due to it either disappearing completely upon blending, moving down on my cheeks and under eyes or just not really showing up. The base is a beautiful rich warm brown so it is still a pretty shade. It just stands out a bit since I love the matte and metallic formula, but this one is just not my thing.


But lets talk shades or what?

Matter of Fact: Matte beige. Nice to set the primer, or as a matte brow-bone highlighter.

Up Front: Pale metallic gold. Smooth, rich and just as gorgeous as their metallic formula usually is.

Straight Up: Metallic medium brown. Colourpop describes this as a warm gold, but to me this is to brown to be a gold, and brown enough to be a brown. Formula is on point!

BS: This is the shade I already mentioned. I don’t understand why Colourpop describes this as a matte, it clearly has flecks of gold glitter in it. But it does disappear for the most once applied to the eyes, so I guess it works as a matte. Why not just skip the glitter in the first place then. #pointless.

Frank: Matte mid-tones brown. Warm, but much less so than BS.

Candid: Metallic warm copper. The formula on the metallics are amazing, so I guess I am just repeating myself at this point.

Forthright: Described on Colourpops website as a neutral metallic rose. I have to say I am a bit confused about the shade descriptions on this palette. To me this is not a rose shade. It is a brown with red tones, but for be a rosy shade would be more the kind of shades you see in “You Had Me At Hello”. This is a bit more chunky than the metallics usually tend to be, and that also means it does have a bit more fallout.

Downright: Matte pinky beige. A perfect transition shades that match the rest of the palette really well.

Truth Hurts: Matte peachy beige. Another transition shade or crease color just with another undertone. It is also slightly darker than Downright.

Be Blunt: Deep metallic berry shade. Needs a tiny bit of build-up to reach full intensity, but otherwise good.

TMI: Matte mid-toned burgundy. Beautiful shade that can be used for almost everything.

Actually: Dark matte brown. Nice shade to deepen any look you do with this palette.


The packaging is their standard 12-pan palette with cardboard packaging and no mirror. Did you know that the palette is magnetic and the shadows pop right out? Such a neat feature of the Colourpop palettes at least if you want to save space and depot. The design of the packaging is very simple. Just one color and the name of the palette in gold letters in the front. Very minimalistic indeed, and borderline boring if you ask me.


One thing i LOVE,LOVE LOVE about this palette is that they finally put the names inside the actually palette. The names of the shadows also match the name of the palette giving it sort of a theme which is fun. The price is still amazing 16$.


Composition of shades is really great I would say. You got all the basics you need, and in that sense the palette is complete and you don’t need a “company palette” or additional shades to make a complete look. Great for traveling, and great for busy mornings when you just want to make it simple and get really in a hurry without too many items. I love the shades as well, and the performance is very good, All in all another good, handy palette.




If white walkers was into makeup…and gems….

…I bet they would look something like this!

I wanted to make a more creative look inspired my ice and frost. It does give me Game of Thrones vibes even though that was not my intention.

I just like winter and gems! I guess a lot of you are more ready for spring and summer, and I kind of agree. But winter will always have a special place in my heart. All seasons have something good to them.


  • Certifeye Tropical Wonders Palette – Waterfall, Typhoon.
  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick – Druglord.
  • Makeupgeek Gel Liner – Twinkle.
  • Gems from ebay.

It really didn’t take many products to create this look, but I did have a lot of fun doing it. Sometimes I just like to do something a bit editorial or different. Not something I would want to wear for a long time though. Eyelids got super heavy, but it is fun to play around with makeup sometimes instead of just trying to make an halo eye as pretty as possible.

Hope you enjoy, and please find me on Instagram if you are there too!



What is in my makeup bag – May 2018!

It is may, and finally spring and time to change up my daily makeup bag with fun spring colors. And some products form my project pan off course! What are your favorites makeup items for spring? I love using brighter colors and pastels on the eyes, and I usually switch my lip products to a light weight lipstick or a gloss. I also love cream products for spring and summer.


Once again I kept the amount of items fairly small since I am working on panning things and don’t want too many choices. So here are the goodies for May!


For face products I picked a primer with spf and some more lightweight BB creams. One of my big summer favorites are the Guerlain Lingerie De Peau, but I am working on panning these guys so I will have do to with my absolute favorite for weekends (This is my everyday get-ready-for-work-makeup by the way. I will use different products on weekends). But lets go through these items one by one:

  • Bergamo Magic Snail BB Cream: I really like the finish (dewy) of this BB Cream and how natural but perfecting it looks on the skin. Right now the color is just right. It is slightly off in winter, and a bit too light in summer, but now that the sun is back here in the north and I got a tiny tiny bit of color to my face it is just right.
  • Holika Holika Petit BB Cream Moisturizing: This is a transfer from Aprils makeup bag. Also a BB Cream I am panning. I really do like this, and it looks very skin like. Light to medium coverage which is all I need this time of year I feel. This will soon be too light for me, but since I am panning it I hope to get a good amount of use out of it before that.
  • Aritaum All Day Lasting Primer: I picked this mainly because it has SPF 44, and I like to have a primer with SPF this time of year because I work outside and in the sun all day (except when is hails, snows or rains, which honestly is much more typical in May).
  • Mario Badescu Facial Spray: My plan is to use this to set my makeup. I so far only used this as a facial spray and it did not do much for me in that department, so I am testing its ability to set the makeup. I guess it will not prolong the wear-time but I hope it will get rid of powderiness and give a nice finish to the skin.
  • History of Woo Jewel Powder: Also a transfer from last month. This container of powder is huuuge, and since it is a part of my project pan I need to focus on using it. It is a good loose powder though, so I am enjoying the process.
  • Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Protect & Cover Concealer: Because we all need a concealer right?


For blush, bronzer and highlighter I picked out a mix of old favorites and project pan items.

  • Too Faced Bronzer Chocolate Soleil: This is the old packaging. The old old packaging actually. Looks much more pretty now with their new packaging but this old guy still works.
  • H&M Illumination Powder: The color is pretty standard for a highlighter, but the formula and look on the skin is very stunning indeed. Absolutely impressive for a cheap H&M makeup item!
  • Kevin Aucoin The Celestial Powder: Old school highlighter. This gives more of a sublte candlelit glow instead of that beaming sunray glow, but sometimes I prefer it simple. An this is perfect for those days. This is a good old favorite I’ve had for many years.
  • Glominerals Blush “Papaya”: A transfer from last months makeup bag. And the month before that. And the month before that. This is my project pan blush, but I amover 1/3 through my project and I still can’t see much progress. I guess I just have to keep working.
  • Milani Baked Blush “Luminoso”: This is not that old, because I got it maybe a year ago, but it definately is a favorite. It will be good reaching for this from time to time to get a small break from “Papaya”.
  • Makeup Mekka Blush “Rose Bud”: I don’t own much from this brand, mostly because I tend to not like their products (I have tried plenty), but these old blushes they had are actually really good. I have three shades and I keep reaching for them even though they are cheap and old. They are pigmented, blend easy and look nice on the skin. Discontinued a long time ago of course, but I still like to pick them up and use them. It is always fun when “underdog makeup” proves me wrong and impress me.


  • L’Oreal Shine Delicieux Lipstick in shade 130: Transfer from last month. Project pan lippie. Not much left now. Maybe I will see the end of this in May.
  • Korres Mango Butter Lipstick: Same as above. I don’t think I have many days wear left (I always seem to underestimate how much is left though).
  • Too Faced Lip Injection: Also a project pan that is transferred from last month. I did not get much use out of it though, but I really like to wear gloss during summer and spring, so I will hopefully get some more usage out of it now.
  • Buxom Full On Lip Creme “April” : Not a project pan, but I need a little bit of variation. I start to feel that I will be happy when I am done finishing these lip products in my project and can just focus on playing more around with my collection instead of focusing on just a few things. I love the progress of panning something though, but it will be nice to get some time to reach over bigger parts of my collection.


And the fun part in the end! The Colourpop Yes Please palette is also in my project pan, but I haven’t touched it so far, so I will get a fresh new palette to work with. Exciting! I added some single pans from Nabla too just because they did not get much attention lately, and variatio is good. Besides that green is perfect for spring! The L’Oreal Paradise Extatic mascara is a big favorite. I got this one in February so I should probably toss this when May is over.

Do you rotate the content of your makeup bag? Or do you stick to your full collection at any time?



Zoeva Offline Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

Zoeva, one of the very frequently mentioned brands here on my blog and Instagram, are one of my very favorite affordable brands. The large number of eyeshadow palettes can verify how much I like their eyeshadow formula. So a review of a Zoeva eyeshadow palette will almost for certain be a good one, with some brand bragging included.

I hope you wont get sick of me going on about these palettes (I got several 10-pan palettes on my review list so there will for sure me more of them), I just don’t think they get the acknowledgement they deserve. They are cheap, handy palettes of good quality. Even the color selection is usually very good.


The Offline palette has the standard sleek cardboard packaging, with no mirror, that is light-weight, slim and easy to store. I also feel quite safe traveling with these because it seems that the shadows are quite snug in the packaging, besides they are not overly soft and easy to break either. The green design with gold text is also quite pleasing to the eye. Not my favorite design by Zoeva I have to say, but I quite like it still.


I like what is inside even more! The first row is a very nice row for natural makeup. You can do no-makeup makeuplooks, or just a simple shimmery or bronzy lid. All of these shades work nice for work-friendly looks (depending on your work offcourse). There is a nice base shade, some transition or crease shades, and one light shimmer and one darker bronzy shimmer that works well with the other shades on the row.


The second row it fun! Only five shades but you got blue, purple and reds all included. All of these shades fit nicely together to create fun and colorful looks. You can do something fun and bright with the blue, or a darker smoky cranberry eyes with the reds. A lot of fun colorful options in one small row of shades.

I find that to be a quite interesting feature of this palette, that you can go completely neutral or completely colorful with plenty of options. The palette is only 10 shadows after all! But, like mentioned before, the composition of shades in the Zoeva palettes are often quite good. It makes sense and it often feels like it is well thought through like with this palette.


The shade selection is only one thing though, the other important thing is how they perform. I find that this is very true to the usual Zoeva formula. The shimmers are very rich, buttery and smooth. The mattes are also creamy to the touch, but they are not too softly pressed. There is little kickback in the pans compered to how soft they feel. I also found that all these colors blend easily, event the purple and reds which can be tricky sometimes. In this palette they blend effortlessly. They are quite true to the color you see in the pan, except the matte red shade that is a bit more muted on the eyes than it apears on the eyes. Overall, a good quality palette.


The price tag is also very affordable (19.50 €). So this is good quality for a low cost. And I love that about Zoeva! So this is a thumbs up from me!



Review: Essence Pure Nude Highligher

A while back I tried out the Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour palette, and I really enjoyed the palette. Cheap and gets the job done in a satisfying way (it IS related to this highlighter, just wait one moment). I even wrote a review solely dedicated to it because I liked it so much and wanted to share the fun.

One of the highlighter shades was something I referred to as “Magic”. Because it was more of an all over glowing finishing powder. It could be build up off course, but I like to just buffing it gently all over my cheek area, chin, temples and nose (I skipped the forehead though) and it gave the most gorgeous, healthy, luminous amazing finish to the skin. I searched up and down their website to see if they could have something similar in a single pan, but no luck….so disappointing!


Then, I heard someone talk about the Essence Pure Nude Highlighter. It was a YouTuber, but I can’t remember who (sorry!), that described this in the exact same way I would describe the shade “Magic” in the Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette (If I were to describe it with more than one word).


So I ordered it home. It is so cheap it was almost for free so I figured I had nothing to loose but much to gain (Yes, I am dramatic now). Soon it popped down in my mailbox, and first thing I had to do was to dip my fingers in it….could it be similar to “Magic”?


First impression was that I could actually be onto something, so I quickly pulled that old contour palette out of the drawer to compare, and swatches they did look very similar. The big question was then if it would perform the same way on the skin.


It took me just a few times use to realize that this was exactly what I wanted. I can easily use this as a glowing powder for larger parts of my face, or i can focus it on the cheekbones and build it up, and it gives the most gorgeous glowing cheekbones.


This product completely saved me from dull winter skin this February. I actually used it every single day, and I did naturally give it an honorable mention in my February favorites. For the first time ever I actually feel that I have a chance of finishing a highlighter. And when I do, I will for sure have a new one in backup because this is also no less than magic!

This truly is a gem!