If white walkers was into makeup…and gems….

…I bet they would look something like this!

I wanted to make a more creative look inspired my ice and frost. It does give me Game of Thrones vibes even though that was not my intention.

I just like winter and gems! I guess a lot of you are more ready for spring and summer, and I kind of agree. But winter will always have a special place in my heart. All seasons have something good to them.


  • Certifeye Tropical Wonders Palette – Waterfall, Typhoon.
  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick – Druglord.
  • Makeupgeek Gel Liner – Twinkle.
  • Gems from ebay.

It really didn’t take many products to create this look, but I did have a lot of fun doing it. Sometimes I just like to do something a bit editorial or different. Not something I would want to wear for a long time though. Eyelids got super heavy, but it is fun to play around with makeup sometimes instead of just trying to make an halo eye as pretty as possible.

Hope you enjoy, and please find me on Instagram if you are there too!



What is in my makeup bag – May 2018!

It is may, and finally spring and time to change up my daily makeup bag with fun spring colors. And some products form my project pan off course! What are your favorites makeup items for spring? I love using brighter colors and pastels on the eyes, and I usually switch my lip products to a light weight lipstick or a gloss. I also love cream products for spring and summer.


Once again I kept the amount of items fairly small since I am working on panning things and don’t want too many choices. So here are the goodies for May!


For face products I picked a primer with spf and some more lightweight BB creams. One of my big summer favorites are the Guerlain Lingerie De Peau, but I am working on panning these guys so I will have do to with my absolute favorite for weekends (This is my everyday get-ready-for-work-makeup by the way. I will use different products on weekends). But lets go through these items one by one:

  • Bergamo Magic Snail BB Cream: I really like the finish (dewy) of this BB Cream and how natural but perfecting it looks on the skin. Right now the color is just right. It is slightly off in winter, and a bit too light in summer, but now that the sun is back here in the north and I got a tiny tiny bit of color to my face it is just right.
  • Holika Holika Petit BB Cream Moisturizing: This is a transfer from Aprils makeup bag. Also a BB Cream I am panning. I really do like this, and it looks very skin like. Light to medium coverage which is all I need this time of year I feel. This will soon be too light for me, but since I am panning it I hope to get a good amount of use out of it before that.
  • Aritaum All Day Lasting Primer: I picked this mainly because it has SPF 44, and I like to have a primer with SPF this time of year because I work outside and in the sun all day (except when is hails, snows or rains, which honestly is much more typical in May).
  • Mario Badescu Facial Spray: My plan is to use this to set my makeup. I so far only used this as a facial spray and it did not do much for me in that department, so I am testing its ability to set the makeup. I guess it will not prolong the wear-time but I hope it will get rid of powderiness and give a nice finish to the skin.
  • History of Woo Jewel Powder: Also a transfer from last month. This container of powder is huuuge, and since it is a part of my project pan I need to focus on using it. It is a good loose powder though, so I am enjoying the process.
  • Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Protect & Cover Concealer: Because we all need a concealer right?


For blush, bronzer and highlighter I picked out a mix of old favorites and project pan items.

  • Too Faced Bronzer Chocolate Soleil: This is the old packaging. The old old packaging actually. Looks much more pretty now with their new packaging but this old guy still works.
  • H&M Illumination Powder: The color is pretty standard for a highlighter, but the formula and look on the skin is very stunning indeed. Absolutely impressive for a cheap H&M makeup item!
  • Kevin Aucoin The Celestial Powder: Old school highlighter. This gives more of a sublte candlelit glow instead of that beaming sunray glow, but sometimes I prefer it simple. An this is perfect for those days. This is a good old favorite I’ve had for many years.
  • Glominerals Blush “Papaya”: A transfer from last months makeup bag. And the month before that. And the month before that. This is my project pan blush, but I amover 1/3 through my project and I still can’t see much progress. I guess I just have to keep working.
  • Milani Baked Blush “Luminoso”: This is not that old, because I got it maybe a year ago, but it definately is a favorite. It will be good reaching for this from time to time to get a small break from “Papaya”.
  • Makeup Mekka Blush “Rose Bud”: I don’t own much from this brand, mostly because I tend to not like their products (I have tried plenty), but these old blushes they had are actually really good. I have three shades and I keep reaching for them even though they are cheap and old. They are pigmented, blend easy and look nice on the skin. Discontinued a long time ago of course, but I still like to pick them up and use them. It is always fun when “underdog makeup” proves me wrong and impress me.


  • L’Oreal Shine Delicieux Lipstick in shade 130: Transfer from last month. Project pan lippie. Not much left now. Maybe I will see the end of this in May.
  • Korres Mango Butter Lipstick: Same as above. I don’t think I have many days wear left (I always seem to underestimate how much is left though).
  • Too Faced Lip Injection: Also a project pan that is transferred from last month. I did not get much use out of it though, but I really like to wear gloss during summer and spring, so I will hopefully get some more usage out of it now.
  • Buxom Full On Lip Creme “April” : Not a project pan, but I need a little bit of variation. I start to feel that I will be happy when I am done finishing these lip products in my project and can just focus on playing more around with my collection instead of focusing on just a few things. I love the progress of panning something though, but it will be nice to get some time to reach over bigger parts of my collection.


And the fun part in the end! The Colourpop Yes Please palette is also in my project pan, but I haven’t touched it so far, so I will get a fresh new palette to work with. Exciting! I added some single pans from Nabla too just because they did not get much attention lately, and variatio is good. Besides that green is perfect for spring! The L’Oreal Paradise Extatic mascara is a big favorite. I got this one in February so I should probably toss this when May is over.

Do you rotate the content of your makeup bag? Or do you stick to your full collection at any time?



Zoeva Offline Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

Zoeva, one of the very frequently mentioned brands here on my blog and Instagram, are one of my very favorite affordable brands. The large number of eyeshadow palettes can verify how much I like their eyeshadow formula. So a review of a Zoeva eyeshadow palette will almost for certain be a good one, with some brand bragging included.

I hope you wont get sick of me going on about these palettes (I got several 10-pan palettes on my review list so there will for sure me more of them), I just don’t think they get the acknowledgement they deserve. They are cheap, handy palettes of good quality. Even the color selection is usually very good.


The Offline palette has the standard sleek cardboard packaging, with no mirror, that is light-weight, slim and easy to store. I also feel quite safe traveling with these because it seems that the shadows are quite snug in the packaging, besides they are not overly soft and easy to break either. The green design with gold text is also quite pleasing to the eye. Not my favorite design by Zoeva I have to say, but I quite like it still.


I like what is inside even more! The first row is a very nice row for natural makeup. You can do no-makeup makeuplooks, or just a simple shimmery or bronzy lid. All of these shades work nice for work-friendly looks (depending on your work offcourse). There is a nice base shade, some transition or crease shades, and one light shimmer and one darker bronzy shimmer that works well with the other shades on the row.


The second row it fun! Only five shades but you got blue, purple and reds all included. All of these shades fit nicely together to create fun and colorful looks. You can do something fun and bright with the blue, or a darker smoky cranberry eyes with the reds. A lot of fun colorful options in one small row of shades.

I find that to be a quite interesting feature of this palette, that you can go completely neutral or completely colorful with plenty of options. The palette is only 10 shadows after all! But, like mentioned before, the composition of shades in the Zoeva palettes are often quite good. It makes sense and it often feels like it is well thought through like with this palette.


The shade selection is only one thing though, the other important thing is how they perform. I find that this is very true to the usual Zoeva formula. The shimmers are very rich, buttery and smooth. The mattes are also creamy to the touch, but they are not too softly pressed. There is little kickback in the pans compered to how soft they feel. I also found that all these colors blend easily, event the purple and reds which can be tricky sometimes. In this palette they blend effortlessly. They are quite true to the color you see in the pan, except the matte red shade that is a bit more muted on the eyes than it apears on the eyes. Overall, a good quality palette.


The price tag is also very affordable (19.50 €). So this is good quality for a low cost. And I love that about Zoeva! So this is a thumbs up from me!



Review: Essence Pure Nude Highligher

A while back I tried out the Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour palette, and I really enjoyed the palette. Cheap and gets the job done in a satisfying way (it IS related to this highlighter, just wait one moment). I even wrote a review solely dedicated to it because I liked it so much and wanted to share the fun.

One of the highlighter shades was something I referred to as “Magic”. Because it was more of an all over glowing finishing powder. It could be build up off course, but I like to just buffing it gently all over my cheek area, chin, temples and nose (I skipped the forehead though) and it gave the most gorgeous, healthy, luminous amazing finish to the skin. I searched up and down their website to see if they could have something similar in a single pan, but no luck….so disappointing!


Then, I heard someone talk about the Essence Pure Nude Highlighter. It was a YouTuber, but I can’t remember who (sorry!), that described this in the exact same way I would describe the shade “Magic” in the Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette (If I were to describe it with more than one word).


So I ordered it home. It is so cheap it was almost for free so I figured I had nothing to loose but much to gain (Yes, I am dramatic now). Soon it popped down in my mailbox, and first thing I had to do was to dip my fingers in it….could it be similar to “Magic”?


First impression was that I could actually be onto something, so I quickly pulled that old contour palette out of the drawer to compare, and swatches they did look very similar. The big question was then if it would perform the same way on the skin.


It took me just a few times use to realize that this was exactly what I wanted. I can easily use this as a glowing powder for larger parts of my face, or i can focus it on the cheekbones and build it up, and it gives the most gorgeous glowing cheekbones.


This product completely saved me from dull winter skin this February. I actually used it every single day, and I did naturally give it an honorable mention in my February favorites. For the first time ever I actually feel that I have a chance of finishing a highlighter. And when I do, I will for sure have a new one in backup because this is also no less than magic!

This truly is a gem!



My Makeup Collection 2018 – Bronzers!

A new part of my makeup collection is revealed. In this part I have quite a few collectors items. I just happen to be a big fan of Guerlain bronzers. Half of them I never use because of the beautiful imprint in the product, and I consider them collectors pieces that I like to keep in pristine condition. The ones that I do use, are very much loved. They are expensive, but I really really enjoy them!


  • Guerlain Terracotta Terra Magnifica.
  • Guerlain Terracotta Chic Tropic.
  • Guerlain Terracotta Sun Tonic.
  • Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder – 01.
  • Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint – 02 Naturel Blondes.
  • Guerlain Terracotta Terra Ora.
  • Guerlain Terracotta Ultra Shine


I have some more high-end favorites beside Guerlain bronzers too. The Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow should strictly spoken be in my face-palette collection instead, but it just got a guest appearance here quickly, but it is s good that I don’t mind presenting it twice. The Dior bronzers are also really good, and the Tart Park Ave Princess is very high on my list of favorite bronzers (not, that I made one yet, but maybe I will).


  • Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow.
  • Dior Diorskin Nude Air Care & Dare – 003 Bronze Tan.
  • Dior Diorskin Nude Tan – 003 Cinnamon.
  • Esteè Lauder Bronxe Goddess Luminous Liquid Bronzer.
  • NARS Laguna Illuminator.
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfiish – So Ceylon.
  • Tarte Park Ave Princess.
  • Kevin Aucoin The Sculpting Powder – Medium


I Isadora bronzer is clearly the largest one I have. It is HUGE! I don’t mind though because I raved about this on my instagram last summer giving it a very high rating because it is an excellent drugstore bronzer that will last you a lifetime and look beautiful on the skin! The bronzer from Nilens Jord is also the only one right now with a pan! I just hit pan on it a few months ago. I am both happy and sad, because I always enjoy seeing pan, but this powder is sadly discontinued.


  • Isadora Bronzing Powder – 94 Matte Tan.
  • Nilens Jord Heart Shimmer -514.
  • Nilens Jord 100% Natural Minerals – 530.
  • H&M Radiant Bronze Island Hopper Glow Powder.
  • Physicians Formula City Glow – Paris.


Maybe by next update of my bronzer collection you will see pan in that Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer, and yes it is the old old packaging. It happen to be a part of my project pan 2018, so I am currently working on it. It is old but still good. And yes, I know it is way past its expiration date but I entitle mysef the right to poison my own skin with old makeup if I feel like it. Besides I do disinfect my powders from time to time.


  • Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder.
  • MAC Beach Bronze – To The Beach Creme Bronzer.
  • Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer.
  • Physicians Formula Bronze Booster – Light to Medium.
  • Colourpop Pressed Powder Bronzer – Afternoon Delight.
  • The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzer.
  • KIKO Flawless Fusion Bronzer – 04.


The grand total is 27 bronzers. I am guessing there will be a few more collector pieces by next update. And I am drooling over the new Anastasia bronzer too, but overall I am quite content with my collection because I have everything I need here and more.

I am off course never afraid to try new stuff so your recommandations in the commenst are always very welcome.

Thanks for reading, and make sure to find me on Instagram if you haven’t already.



Huda Beauty 3D Hgihlighter Palette Winter Solstice – Swatch & Review!

Not to long ago I reviewed another one of these 3D highlighter palettes from Huda Beauty, and I gave it a very good review (read here). But I did also pick up this Winter Solstice palette, and I kept it in my makeup bag in February giving it a very good try.


I really like the concept of these highlighters with one being a cream which is a bit more subtle, and the other three being powder highlighters meant to layer on top of the cream for a beaming highlight.


The shade selection here is really pretty. They are colorful, but I actually managed to wear every single one of them and incorporate them in to everyday makeup looks. I have to admit that “Arctic Glow” was a bit of a challenge since I find it hard to pull off blue highlighters for an everyday casual look, but I made it work as a beautiful inner corner highlighter (and no one gave me weird looks!).


Lets just go through the shades one by one shall we?

Frosted Kiss – This is the melted strobe cream and the only cream highlighter in the palette. It is the most subtle shade of them all, but this is intended to be put down as a base, and to layer the other shades on top. The formula is a bit dense, so I was afraid it could possibly disrupt my foundation, but I found that if I swirl my finger in the product, heating it up with my finger, it applies very nicely. I think this is really pretty on its own, and not just as a base for the other shades, so I did use it quite a bit on its own.

Arctic Glow – Even though this is a beautiful shade I found it to be the least wearable. It is just too blue for me as a highlighter. But in the inner corner or as an eyeshadow topper it is super pretty, so I did get some use out of it even though maybe not as a cheek highlight. By the way, this looks stunning on top of red lipstick if you just pat a bit in the center of the lips!

Norhtern Lights – This one I’ve used a lot. Used with a very light hand it is quite wearable, but if you want a full on yellow gold highlight then you can easily get that as well.

Winter Rose – This one is probably the most used shade out of them. It can be either a beautiful pink highlighter, a blush topper for a bit of extra winter cheek glow, or even both! It has a lilac duo-chrome shift to it which makes it a bit more unique than your regular pink highlight.


The texture of the powder shades are really creamy, almost dense. It nearly feels as a creamy texture as well, so they are super smooth. I am quite impressed by the quality of Huda Beauty highlighters, and it makes me tempted to grab a few more of her highlighter palettes.


The pan size is generous so for the 45$ price you get a lot of good quality highlighter for your money. I would easily recommend both the Winter and Summer Solstice palettes, and I am very eager to get my hands on the other palettes.

Did you try any of these 3D highlighter palettes? I would love to hear your thoughts on them!

Thanks for reading!




I got a few empties to share with you!

It is filling up in my empties bin again, so I will make a couple of these empties posts now ans distribute them as I see fit. I don’t want to drown you in my pile of empties, but after all, sharing empties is a great way of sharing reviews. Both good and bad!

I tend to write more positive reviews on my blog. Not because I don’t encounter products that don’t work for me. It’s just so much more fun to share the good stuff!


I don’t really have bad stuff to share with you this time either. Sorry to get your hopes up. But it’s not only favorites I will repurchase either. Lets just get on with it!


I am a bit LUSH fan, so I have some LUSH empties to chat about:

#25: American Cream Body Lotion: Similar scent as the conditioner and it lingers really well on the skin. No need for additional perfumes wearing this. It is not the most nourishing lotion, but sinks into the skin very fast and does not feel heavy. My boyfriend thinks I smell like grandma, I think I smell awesome. If you like the conditioner scent and have not Saharan-dry skin I think you will like this too. If they would only restock!

#26: BIG Sea Salt Shampoo: This is also a BIG favorite. I love the scent. I love how rubbing those chunky grains of salt in my hair feels (that came of creepy), and I love how much volume it gives my hair. It just feels so refreshing. I already have another tub in my bathroom ready to go.


I know if you follow my blog you have seen these before. My holy grail body butter I have been using non-stop for 5 or 6 years now! These are two scents that were a part of their fall collection (I am sure it will be released again next fall too), so I will just describe the scents and what I think of them since it should be fairly obvious by now that I am a huge fan of the product (I have like 25 jars or so stashed)!

#27: Haus Of Gloi Pumpkin Butter – Drift Wood: Sun bleached driftwood, dry black musk, warm sand, dune grasses and damp oceanic breeze.

Even though this scent is lovely it is not exactly my taste. It was a bit heavier than I expected, and a bit more masculine. I could have easily mistaken this scent as a mans perfume, which is not a bad thing, it’s just not what I want my body butter to smell. Could be great if you are into unisex fragrances.

#28: Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butter – Narcosa: A thick haze of tonka and black vanilla, three jasmines, tuberose and ylang ylang.

Sweet, pretty, floral scent. I really like this. May pick it up in the next fall release, but there are so many big favorites released at that time so I may focus on those instead (like Grimore or Hex).


#29: A’Pieu Aqua Nature Dewdrop Clouding Cream: Super light weight and hydrating cream. Works well for me in summer, but is a tad too light weight in winter. Does not have much “extra” benefits, but it is a nice, simple and very affordable cream if all you want is to hydrate your skin.

#30: The Saem Urban Eco Harakeke Firming Seed Oil: Smells like sesame seeds! Nice hydration oil. Gives moisture but sinks into the skin quite quickly and does not feel tacky or heavy. Don’t know much about how firming it is.

#31: NYX Micro Brow Pencil – Taupe: I really liked this! Color is good for every day, the tip is very precise, and it is very firm so it is easier to apply without messing up and making it look too dark. I would not mind getting this one again!

And those were all I had for this post. I still have a little bunch of empties to go through, so there will be more empties coming shortly. I just like keeping them short and sweet so they are not boring to read (or time consuming to write).

Did you try any of these products? I would love to hear your opinion if you did!