Colourpop Proceed With Caution Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!


Another one of these 9-pans from Colourpop that we have seen a lot of lately (wasn’t it just a bit over a year ago they released the first one?). Colourpop have been releasing these palettes so fast I almost feel like they have forgotten all about the other ones. I mean I would love the occational 16 or 12-pan, and what about a few more palettes in the same shape as Brunch Date? I don’t want to tell Colourpop to speed up releases though, it’s just that we have seen a lot of 9-pans lately. This one is a bit different though as it’s not in their monochromatic series. Not in the fruit series either.


This one is a collaboration with Shayla, which I unfortunately know nothing about, but I do like how she compose a palette. This one is amazingly versatile for being a 9 pan. I mean, there is only nine shades, and on top of that it’s manily a neutral palette, but still you have so many options and can do so many different things it’s incredible. I did 4 looks with this palette on Mondays post, and I remember when looking at them I was surprised that such different looks can come out of a tiny little palette like this. And still, the palette offers all the basics I need and I didn’t feel the need to reach into any other palette to complete a look. That’s a pretty impressively composed palettes, so congrats to Shayla and Colourpop for job well done!


Among the 9 shades you get 4 mattes, which all perform nicely. I could wish that the yellow was a teny-tiny bit more bright and popping, but you can build it up. There is also one matte black with glitter (why do you keep doing this to me?) that sure enough works as a matte. The other 5 are Colourpops gorgeous metallics. They are, as we have learned to know them, very smooth and pigmented and just joyful eyeshadows overall. I have to say that one exception is the orange shade “Warning”. Don’t get me wrong, the shadow is absolutely stunning, but it’s a bit on the chunky crumbly side, so I do think it need a dampened brush. Not to enhance pigment, but to reduce fallout and make it go more smoothly on the lid. It is beautiful though, if you can be bothered that extra effort (which it’s well worth).


OK, so a couple of the shades are not perfect. But there are only tiny issues you can work around. I can deal with having to build up a colour that is a bit more tough to make, like yellow. And I can deal with dampening the brush when the result is so amazingly stunning as “Warning” is, because even though it needs some setting spray I do think it’s by far the most beautiful thing in this palette. But set aside the few imperfections (who’s perfect anyways) this palette is beautifully composed and you can do so much fun with it, and so much neutral and simple with it. For real, it should have you covered anywhere from no-makeup makeup to dramatic glam. And all this from a tiny little 9- pan.


I am not at all surprised that I love the formula, because Colourpop usually nail it. They usually have good colos stories too, so that’s really no surprise either. I am just amazed by how versalite a tiny little neutral palette with a few pops of color can actually be. If you like to play a bit around with different looks, but prefer neutrals, this handy little ting is highliy recommended!




Makeup Revolution Jewel Collection “Gilded” Eyeshadow Palette – Swatches & Review!

The third and last palette from the Makeup Revolution Jewel Collection eyeshadow palettes that they released during Holidays 2018. I have already reviewed the other two, the Silver palette and the Rose Gold one, and now it’s time for the Gold palette!

The packaging again is aboslutely stunning, just like the rest of the palettes from this collection. The frosted finish gold gives a luxurious look to it. Inside you get a good sized mirror that’s actually quite good, and the plastic background for the shadows are simple, black and with the shade names written on it! I always prefer when Makeup Revolution (or any brand for that matter) actually have the name in the palette instead of printed on a plastic sheet (we all loose them right?). Overall, packaging looks quite nice for being just a 10£ palette.


You get a top row of 6 larger pans of eyeshadows which are all foils. And let’s just talk about these foils for a moment. If you have read my reviews of the two other palettes from the Jewel Collection then you know that these shadows are absolutely insane! The pigment just goes on and on, the shadow is soft and smooth like butter, and the metallic foil is so intense. Still, this is hands down the best foiled eyeshadow formula I have tried from the drugstore! This palette is worth picking up just for that top row of foiled goodness.


The second and third row are smaller pans. A bit too small for my liking actually. I would have preferred larger pans with fewer shades, because you will go through these shadows fairly quickly if you use this palette on a regular basis, and to be fair some of them are a bit similar. However, composition-wise this is the best among the three palettes in the Jewel Collection offering the most cohesive color story and largest variety of shades among the three. If I were to pick up only one of the palettes from the Jewel Collection, it would without doubt be this one!


The smaller pans in this palette are 14 shades altogether. 10 of them are mattes or aaaalmost mattes mening they could arguably have a soft pearl sheen to them, but the basically looks matte on the eyes. Then there are 4 shimmers, that compared to the foils seem quite dull. I guess they are good for the days when you don’t want to look like you have melted metal on your lids, but when you compare them the shimmers just seem a bit lackluster. Pigmentation is OK, they are just not very reflective. Only one of the 4 shimmers had a formula I was not happy with, and it was the shade “Heartfelt”, It was just a bit sheer, crumbly and chunky without really adding that much to a look.


The mattes in this palette I was fairly happy with. The pigmentation will not blow you away, and they need to build up. Besides that they performed nicely. I didn’t have any issues with them going muddy, blending away or going patchy. The just performed nicely and as long as you are happy with building up shadows they perform well. I could wish that the black was more intense black though. But that’s just preference. I like my blacks jet black and pigmented, but honestly a more sheer black like this one is much easier to work with, especially if you like to use a black to just deepen a look. Then this black is fairly user friendly but I personally like deep, rich blacks a bit better.


Surely, not the perfect palette. There are a few nit-picks here and there, but overall this is actually a very good purchase after all. As mentioned before, the top row of foiles shades makes it worth it no matter what. Those shades are just stunning! They perform just as well in all three palettes, but the overall impression of this palette is actually much better than with the other two. The reason being that the 14 smaller shades just seems much more cohesive, and much less repetitive in this palette than the rest.

So just for the foiled shades, I would say any of the three palettes from the Jewel Collection are good choices. They all have wonderful foiles and if that is what you want then pick the palette with the foils of your preference. However, as an overall impression this palette scores a bit higher and is my favorite among the three in the collection.



Jeffree Star Supreme Highlighter “Diamond Wet” – Review!

Highlighters are usually very tempting to me. Heck, I have a drawer full of them so obviously I love some glow. They are the cherry on the top of the cake when doing makeup in my opinion. Just that finishing touch to final the look with some gorgeous glow is just so satisfying to me. Who does not want to look glowy and fab? I do, but usually I am not the biggest fan of glittery highlighters and that’s exactly why I have been avoiding the supreme highlighter formula until now because this is more of a glittery formula.


But, there was several people bragging about how beautiful it was, and I remember I saw it in action on a few Youtube videos just when the collection launched, although I can’t remember where I saw it, but the highlighter looked so beautiful I just had to try it!


Sure, it is a glittery formula. That’s not a preference of mine, so the Supreme frost highlighters have been something I have steered clear of. But this one is glittery in a very nice way. Sure it’s not an everyday highlighter for me personally, but if you don’t mind a bit of glitter this really is a beautiful formula. It’s glittery but glamorous. Not “I-am-in-my-early-twenties-going-to-a-festival” kind of glittery. Sure the festival glitter can be fun, but a glamorous glitter I think I am more able to pull off. I am not in my early twenties anymore, so when you add a decade to that you get skin that don’t pull off glitter all that well anymore.


Well, I have seen other people in their thirties do it, so whatever you feel like you should just go for, but I don’t find it to flattering on myself in general. But this glamorous glittery highlighter is as flattering as a glittery highlighter can get on me, and I am surprised to learn how much I actually like it! I actually like it so much that I would not mind picking up another shade in the future.


This is not the highlighter I would wear in the sun. That would be too sparkly for me. But when it’s buffed into the skin, and the lighting is a bit more forgiving. like during the evening then this highlighter gives you that beautiful shimmery wet-look. This is absolutely an evening kind of highlighter for me, but it’s a darn pretty one!

If you like glittery highlighters, or just want to easy your way into trying one than I would absolutely recommend this formula. It exceeded my expectations and is one of the very few glittery highlighters I can add to my favorite highlihgter list!



Colourpop Chasing Rainbows Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!


OK, so Colourpop has a sense of humor releasing this palette for the Holiday 2018. I mean, a colorful fun palette with rainbow theme, and holographic packaging does not exactly scream Christmas. On the other hand, we don’t need that many palettes with the typical Christmas shades so why not mix it up. It’s pretty and fun. but honestly I felt much more like pulling this out of my eyeshadow basket (the one with palettes I need to review) and do looks with it now than during the Holidays. You can off course wear fun pops of color any time of the year, but this just felt more like summer to me.


This one has the same layout as previous Holiday palettes have had, for instance the “All I See Is Magic” that was a previous Holiday release. It has 15 shades with a nice mixture of mattes and shimmers and fun colors.


The first row is more in the neutral side, and gives you the base colors you may need. The only thing I don’t like about this row is that it has one of those matte shade with a sheer wash of glitter particles in it. We have talked about these kind of shades before because they annoy the heck out of me. I just find it so pointless since the glitter will dust off anyway, and the color on your lid will be matte. If you want a matte shade, you would not need that glitter in the first place, and if you want that glitter you will be disappointing because it’s going to dust off and fly away as you apply the shadow. I mean, make a shadow either matte OR with glitter that actually stays in the shadow upon application. Shades like these are just pointless to me. But with that said “Feeling It” is a nice warm brown crease shade, of you just ignore that glitter in the pan and use it just like a regular matte shade, you will get exactly that. There is also a shade in the second row with the exact same formula. “Manifest It” is a beautiful matte hot pink on the eyes, but that glitter is just so unnecessary.


Those matte shades with glitter put aside, the rest of the palette has really nice formulas. “Blurred Lines” and “Not Playing” are not that dense in pigmentation so they are more like a sheer color with glitter and shimmer, or beautiful topper shades. There are 7 proper mattes (not counting the two with glitter). They have the usual high performance of Colourpop mattes. Most of them blend very well. The only exception was the matte blue shade “Bring It”. Not saying it’s bad, but it’s very very pigmented. that means off course that you either have to spend a little more time blending, or adding a little at the time. With that said I didn’t have issues making the blend nice in the end. It just took a bit more time than with the rest of the shades in the palette.


So overall, this is at Colourpops usual standard. Just great through and through. Yes, those mattes with glitters could have been just pure mattes in my opinion, but I am not that mad since they actually do perform as mattes. The color selection is fun and colorful while still giving you an option of you want to go completely natural which is something I love about a palette, and the combination of different textures and depth in the shades. Just a good cohesive and fun palette!

Colourpop just steals the show with palettes at the moment and I am diggin it!



Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Face Palette “Lightgasm” – Review!

Usually I am very lucky with Charlotte Tilbury makeup. For the most part I have been loving the products I have tried. But since they are quite high in price, not so easy to get a hold off, and taxes increase the price even more I don’t buy from the brand very often. But just looking at this palette I knew I would be willing to pay the full price and the taxes to get it.


Honestly, this is (by far) the most stunning face palette I have ever seen, both inside and outside. This piece is simply stunning and worth picking up for someone like me who collect makeup almost regardless of the performance. But off course, I want (and expect) it to perform anyways!

Inside you get four face powders. Two highlighters, one glowy blush and a satin bronzer. The face palette comes in a slightly darker version as well, but I chose the lightest one called “Lightgasm”. You get one light champagne highlighter, on darker more peachy highlighter, a glowy pink blush and a bronzer that is quite light.


I think the one shade that does not really fit into the palette is the darker highlighter. The combination of shades means that in my eyes no person can fit all. The bronzer is simply to light to fit your skintone if you are dark or tan enough to use the darker highlighter. I figured the concept of making a version for light skin and another version for darker skin was that if you have light skin you will actually be able to use all the shades. I don’t think the darker highlighter is particularly dark though, it fits me well when I have a tan. But when this highlighter fits my skin both the bronzer and blush is too pale for me. And I don’t find it very practical to pull out a face palette just for one shade. So in one way I can, as a person with light skin, use all the shades, but not at the same time. So if I want to be very picky (and I can because it’s expensive) I would have preferred to have all shades in the palette fit my skintone simultaneously. A different shade of blush would have been better in my opinion.


I do like the bronzer though. It’s a really nice color with a satin finish. It does not look dull, too grey or to orange. Just a natural, beautiful bronze. It is very light though. Too light for me in summer. But if you are one that struggles to find a bronzer shade that is light enough this is worth a try.

The blush is just stunning. I love a glowy blush, and this one is just perfect. Again this one fits light skin nicely, and has to be built up on me a bit when I have a tan, however it does work on my skin all year round. It gives a beautiful glow to the cheeks with a soft flush of color. Really easy to apply, and makes you look healthy. My favorite powder in this palette for sure.


The highlighters are, well, the shades are pretty standard. You probably have these shades already. They does give a very nice glow to the skin though. They are not super intense, so don’t think you will get a blinding highlighter with this palette. This is more glow than blinding, which off course also is a very nice look, but if you prefer intense highlighters I don’t think this palette is for you. At least not since the price is 60£. If you can appreciate a natural look these highlighters really gives you a natural, but healthy glowing look .


Overall, the appearance of the product is stunning, both the powders and the packaging look expensive and so so gorgeous. This is without doubt my prettiest packaging I have in my collection. If you have light skin and prefer a more natural look, and don’t mind spending a bit extra on getting a stunning packaging for a high-end brand, than I would absolutely recommend this to you. I am very happy to own mine. If you are a leaning more towards medium (either natural or with tanning) I think this is too light for you, and if you think the best highlighters are the most blinding ones then I would skip picking this up as well.

But if you love a natural glow and appreciate pretty packaging, I think you will like this as much as I do.

NYX Epic Black Mousse Liner – Review!

I have given this gel liner a fair run before writing this review. I have actually used this so much I am starting to run low. I have about 1/4 left of the pot and figured I could write down a few opinions about it.

I bought this when I ran out of my Maybelline gel liner (which is a great one!) and needed to grab a new one quick. The NYX Epic Black Mousse liner was actually the only drugstore option I could find in the store. It left me wondering if people in Norway don’t use gel liners? I mean I went to visit 5 or 6 stores that sold makeup and this was my only option. So I grabbed it. I kind of had to.

Despite the name it’s not very moussey. It feels just like a regular gel liner in my opinion. Maybe even a bit on the firmer side. And this is my firts problem with it. Being so firm I found it to not glide as easily on the lid, Now, I am 32 years old and probably have a bit more fine lines on the lid than the average 20-year-old and that means that a firmer formula that don’t glide on that easily takes a bit of work to look nice and even. I found that I had to go over the liner several times to get it to cover the fine lines in my lid. Maybe not an issue if you are younger, but I can imagine someone my age or older need to go over the liner a few times to make it look even. And we all know how liners work. The more times you have to go over it, the more chances you get of messing it up. Suddenly your line is a bit thicker than you intended to.

The formula also made it a bit hard to make that really sharp wing. It’s just a bit too thick to make that razor sharp wing easy to get. Not impossible by any means, but I found that I had to focus a lot more with this than I am used to with other gel liners or liquid liners.

With that said, the formula is nice and black. Not epic, but it’s a proper black. I really don’t like it when liners go grey upon application. If I buy a black liner I want black, not grey, not charcoal, and this liner did a good job with keeping a nice matte black shade.

The formula is pretty budge proof as well. It had no problem staying in place, even on my water line the whole day which I also find to be a important trait. No one wants to spend time making a nice tidy wing and seeng it “fly away” after 5 hours. So the formula is pretty budge proof, although not water proof so it was fairly easy to remove at the end of the day.

The pot has a protective plastic thing inside the lid, that after a while fell off. I kept it on, which I think it’s very important, but it made it kind of hard to screw on the lid. The formula does dry out farily quick so I still would not recommend removing anything that can prevent it from drying out. I found that after a couple of months it had dried out so much that it made it even harder to apply. I had to use duraline after a while, and duraline does wonders. I don’t think I would be able to go through the whole pot withouth adding duraline though. It would just be too dry.

However since it’s a nice black shade, and stays on pretty well it may work if your eyelids are younger than mine. Belive me aging does not make the makeup game any easier. So for someone younger I can imagine it works fine. But I would not recommend it unless you have some duraline avaliable or you may have to bin it before you are half way.

I will not repurchase this one again, simply because I know there are better options out there (like the one from Maybelline, or Inglot if you are willing to pay a few extra coins).

I will, with duralines help, finish the pot. So in that matter it was not a total miss, but taking the problems with application into consideration this is not something I will repurchase.

Do you have a favorite gel liner ro recommend? I would be happy to know more suggestions!



Juvia’s Place Warrior Palette – Swatches & Review!

Not as colorful as the usual Juvia’s Place palette, but the Warrior is not any less stunning. As a lover of both neutrals and colorful eyeshadows I appreciate the full range of Juvia’s Place palettes. If you are very much into color, you would probably be more tempted by other palettes in their range, but we don’t all want to wear those bright fun looks. Some of us wants some nice neutrals, and it’s fab that Juvia’s Place can offer palettes for many different tastes of makeup.


The Warrior palette has the classical apperance of Juvia’s Place palettes with cardboard packaging, no mirror and some badass warrior ladies on the front cover (I mean, why can’t I look this cool!).


Inside you get a stunning variation of golds and neutrals. If you like shimmery browns and golds, than you got it all here! The palette holds 9 shadows, where 3 of them are mattes. The mattes they put in are really sensible choices I think. One base/blending shade, one mid toned warm brown and one dark deep brown. So with this palette you can go dark and dramatic, og completely neutral. You also have a shade that works as a liner along the lash line (maybe even your brows if you have really dark hair).

The 6 remaining shades are all of Juvia’s Place delicious (and unbeatable) metallic formula. These are packed with pigment, and almost feel like butter to the touch. Thiss formula is just so lovely, and I don’t think I know anything that can beat it.


The mattes are good too. But Juvia’s Place mattes are not that special in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, they work very well and have very nice pigmentation, but they don’t stand out so much to other brands matte shades as much as the metallic does. I for Instanse prefer Colourpop mattes over JP. They are good, but simply not the best mattes I know. But the metallics are on point!

The palette offers some truly stunning shades of metallic champagne, bronze, copper and gold. If you are into metallics and rich coppers, gold and browns this really is an excellent palette.


If you think it’s too neutral, than don’t worry. JP got all your color cravings covered as well! The brand overall is usually very consistent with their formula so I really think you hardly can go wrong with their palettes as long as you like the colors.


If you have been reading my posts a bit, you know I have a weak spot for colors, but I have to say, this palette was a big hit too!

Have you tried any of their palettes? If you had to name a favorite what would it be? I would stuggle to choose between Tribe and Magic, but I really have enjoyed every single palette I have tried from them.