Clinique Take The Day Of Cleaning Balm – Review!

I have been using cleansing balms for years. To remove heavy makeup I much prefer a balm. It usually get’s rid of everything, and one of the good things about it is that you don’t have to use cotton pads, which help minimize waist.

This is the first time I try this one from Clinique though. I have been going through jars and jars of Korean cleansing balms, but I wanted to get my hands on something that I could actually get in store here. The price point is much steeper on this since it is about 30$, compared to many Korean ones that I find several different one in the 10-15$ price range.


I bought this tub in September so I have been using this for about two months. I feel like I have tried to remove just about anything with this one by now. And WOW does it work. It’s just not a thing this balm will not remove. I just scoop a little bit of it (maybe a coin sized amount) and I just massage it all over my face. Sure, you will look crazy for a moment with black liner all over your face and red lipstick dragged all the way up to your ears, but when I rinse with water everything just melts away. It removes anything from glitter, lash-glue, waterproof makeup, hardcore liquid lipsticks.

So yes, It works without doubt. Now, I have tested a few of the Korean ones that work really really well too, so is Clinique worth the high price point? After about two months use, I have used maybe 1/3 or the tub. Every one of the Korean ones I have tried I haven’t been able to make last this long. Most of them was empty or half way empty after two months. So in the end, I guess the Clinique one actually is the cheaper option although the price in the store is three times as high.


The product does not have any particular smell to it either. So if you are sensitive to smells this is good. Another bonus with it is that is does not leave an oily film on my contact lenses. I have found this to be a problem with a lot of cleansing balms or two-phase oil makeup removers. That when the makeup is removed my vision gets blurry because an oil film covers my lenses. This has never been a problem with this one, and that’s actually one of my favorite things about this balm (except for the fact that it’s freakin excellent at removing makeup) because there’s nothing more irritating than removing your makeup in the afternoon, and then you have a blurry vision for the rest of the evening. So that’s a huge pro for me!


This one will for sure be my new go-to! I have been using stricktly korean brands for a few years now, but this one actually beats them in price, because the jar just lasts for so much longer. Also, there is a nice bonus that I can actually go into a lovel store and get this instead of ordering online. That means less waist in packaging and transportation, so buying locally is also better for the environment, which is also something we need to be better at considering.

Big hit for me! And I will for sure buy it again as soon as I run out.



Anastasia Sultry Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!


Sultry seems like something that was released a long time ago now. I think it’s about one year now? I am pretty sure Sultry was the holiday palette release in 2018. But, since then there have been so many palettes from ABH that poor little Sultry have been forgotten all about. I do think it’s appropriate to bring this one up for a review though, because that packaging just screams holiday to me!


The packaging is a sparkly gold and textured. This was the first palette when ABH got rid of that velvet packaging that tends to look pretty nasty after a while. And I think that was a good choice, because every palette since have been a better design than those dust magnet palettes. The Sultry is simple in one way, but very sparky and glam as well. It’s stunning. And if you like sparkles like me I am pretty sure you will find yourself holding the palette and just admiring the sparkles a bit before you open and use it. At least I do that!


This is their classic eyeshadow palette format with 14 eyeshadows in two rows. You get a mirror, the background it black and simple, and you also get that standard duo brush that they always add which I guess is a decent brush, but I never ever use it. The palette is half and half neutral and shimmers.

The neutrals have all the basics shade you need. You get that bone shade, you get 3 different softer crease shades of different browns depending on how cool or warm you want to go with your look. You also get a great black matte, a really dark brown, and a fun pop of matte coral. With these 7 mattes you get every single basic shade you can wish for in addition to a fun pop of color. I tink the mattes are well curated for a neutral palette. The black is also an outstaning black. I already own the shade “Noir” in previous ABH palettes and it’s one of my favorite black eyeshadows from my entire collection. If you want super pigmented true black than this is a great option!


The powderyness of the ABH eyeshadows have always been a issue with them. I don’t mean just with Subculture, but every ABH palette I own have very soft mattes. You get a ton of kickback in the pans, and they just don’t last very long because they are so soft. I found that panning one of the mattes rarely take more than 3-4 weeks if you use it every day. So if you want a nice and easy panning project I suggest an ABH palette. These mattes are still soft, but I do think they have a little less kickback in the pans than what I have been used to from ABH. I would not say they are firm, not at all, but at least a little firmer than the previous palettes. The formula is still the same nice, blendble pigmented formula though. Overall really nice mattes and I did not have any issues with any of them!


The 7 shimmers are all neutral shades, but they have different depth and different undertones. You do have a shimmer to pick from regarding if you want to go light, medium or really dark with your look.  “Cyborg” is the stand out shade among the shimmers as it is a striking rich silver. The rest of the shades are champagne, browns and golden shades. The formula is beautiful too. Nicely pigmented, easy to apply, smooth and nice and reflective. I did get a bit of fallout though, so I needed some cleaning up underneath my eyes when I was done doing my looks. I am exceptionally sloppy with kicking off access of the brush though, so I am probably partly the problem.


The color story may seem a bit dull, after all the fun colorful releases the last year. I mean, I think we hve moved away from the neutral with a pop of color palettes, and the half neutral/half colorful palettes seem more trendy. However, I do think this is a really good staple palette. You do get al the basics, you do get the sparkly shimmers to glam up any look, you do have wearable options as well as dramatic options, you can go cool.toned or you can go warm-toned. All of it in a very nice quality off course.


If you have your basics covered then maybe this palette won’t add anything, but this really is a palette that can do it all when it comes to neutrals. I don’t say run out and buy it if you feel you have your neutrals covered already. But, even though I do have my fair share of  neutrals I am happy I got this palette. The composition of all the basics you need whilst still not being boring is just excellent, and the packaging and quality is stunning as well. So all in all, I am happy to own this basic palette.



The Balm Autobalm GRLPWDR Cheeks On The Go – Review!

It’s been a hot minute since I reviewed a product from The Balm. I do have a big fancy for their cheek products and their quirky fun packaging cheezy puns. It’s such a fun brand, but they don’t throw that many releases (which is kind of a reliefe) and their products are not that much in the spot light I feel, which is kind of a shame. So I don’t very often pick up something new from the brand, but when I do I am usually happy about them.


This handly little cheek palette I just crabbed on the go. I basically picked it up impulsively when speeding by their display and I payed for it and left. I had never heard of this product, or seen it. I just grabbed it.


It’s really cute though. The packaging is made of tin so it feels very sturdy. It’s kind of hard to open though, and I can’t imagine how hard it would be without any fingernails. Inside you get 4 cheek products. They are placed on a thray that you can pull out with a tiny band. If you are into depotting this will for sure make the job easier, and you could use the tin for something else. Not much, since it’s so small, but you could fit some mints in there. I preffer just keeping my products in the original packaging though. Oh, and there is a mirror too, which I find a bit too small to use when applying face products. Still, it’s there!


Three of the products are matte and one is shimmery. The shimmery one could be used as highlighter if you have a dark enough skin tone. I would say medium to dark could use it as an highlighter. For me it’s a nice blush topper. I love adding some glow to my blushes with a topper so I am happy about that!


The three other products could be your everyday blush. You get one peachy pink, one darker berry, and one almost brown tones neutral with some pink in it. For me all of them work as blushes. but the brown tones one “Bleeker” I have also used as a bronzer/contour. That may sound weird but since I have a light skin tone a brown powder with a pink tone is actually very natural and nice as a bronzer for me during winter. I have been using NARS Zen for that purpose a long long time (I even hit pan) even though Zen is originally a blush. I loved using Bleeker the same way, but I had to be a bit careful since the pan is fairly small and I had to squeeze my bronzer blush to make it fit to pick up the product.


I tend to use smaller blush brushes (I have a small face) so I had no issues picking up blush. But if you preffer bigger brushes you may find the pans a bit on the smaller side. There is 2 grams of product in each though, which is a decent size for a blush.

Even though tiny and pocket sized, and even though you only get 4 different shades this little palette is surprisingly versatile and I found that it worked nicely with any look I chose to do. There is just a suitable option in there no matter if you go cool,warm, neutral or dramatic! A really smart and handy little thing that can take a punch (tin packaging) so safe to travel with.

Thumbs up from me for sure!



Colourpop Misunderstood Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

The Colourpop Disney Villain collections was one of the most awesome collections they released throughout 2019! It’s just so fun and a bit different. The palette is absolutely gorgeous and packed with colors, and a few wearable neutrals.


The packaging is really well put together. It’s loud! Outside is a ton of patterns, colours and off course villains. Inside the lid (does not have a mirror) is black with different prints on. The background of the eyeshadows is also loud and holographic. This palette just does not make any exhuses. It’s here to be seen!

It contains a total of 15 shades. 5 mattes, 8 metallics, and one matte base with glitter. Now, I always complain about those matte shades with glitter, but this time I will not (shocking I know!). This one has so much sparkle in it that it actually does look sparkly on the eyes. The shade is “Revenge” and it’s a deep sparkly black. Just a stunning shade of you want a sparkly black smokey eye. Perfect for a party!


The metallics in this palette is really outstanding. Somehow these seem smoother and richer than previously. It made me wonder if they amped up their formula. Either way, it’s aboslutely stunning shades! They go on like butter, and are very pigmented and reflective. The color selection are diverse. You get some more neutral options like copper and gold, but you also get a very unique yellow toned green (my fave in the palette: Diablo) a purple, some stunning lighter shades, green and blue. The only one I want to point out something about is “Jetsam” because it seems to have a quite dark base and it does not look as blue on the eyes as it does in the pan. It just transfers a bit darker than I expected. Not an issue really, that’s just what that shade looks like, but it did look a bit different than what I initially thought. None of these metallics are disappointing though. The formula is just beautiful overall!

The last swatch to the right is not a shade in the palette, but it’s the navy blue matte with the matte white layered on top.

You only get 5 mattes, and even though I love the formula on the metallics I feel like I missed out on a matte or two with this palette. You do get a couple of those very basic crease shades, which is nice if you want to go a bit more natural (which you can totally do with this palette even though it is loud) or if you just want to soften a look a bit. You also get a really nice matte white, that is wonderful at blending out the darker mattes. For instance, using the white to blend out the dark matte navy blue makes a beautiful lighter blue in the transition. So the white really comes in handy when you want to add more dimension.


Then you have 101. Which Colourpop describes as a matte black. But compared to the deep black that the “Revenge” shade is (only with sparkle), this one does not look that black. It looks more like it has a dark green tone to it. I thought for a moment it was a deep green actually and that the green would show up more when I blended it out. It did not show up green. It was more like a really dark dirty brown. If this is supposed to be a black, I don’t think it’s a good black. Because I like my blacks to be black. I guess I am just confused about this shade being called black, but it did blend out and perform very nicely.


The thing I feel like I am missing is a purple matte. A deep one because it would pair beautifully with several of the shades that I don’t initially want to pair with the dark navy or the “black” matte. So I do feel like the palette could benefit from such a shade. A dark toned matte brown would be good too. Surely, it would make the palette look more neutral, but it would also be a shade that could easily be paired with anything.  I think I would also have enjoyed the palette a bit better if “101! was actually a deep green that I could blend out with the white to create a similar transition as I could with the navy blue “The Fates”. I think composition-wise this palette is not bad, but I feel like it could have benefited from another nice deep matte shade.


The quality of the mattes though, are really stunning. The white really strikes me as great because it really is a nice true matte white without looking chalky. If you wanted to add a really good white matte to your collection you got one right here! The more basic shades are off course not hard to work with, but also the deeper mattes blend really well. It can be hard sometimes to blend a pigmented dark matte, but these are really easygoing. I like that! There are few things more annoying than applying a rich deep matte and then struggle for ages to blend out the edges. No such problems with these shades at all!

So surely, I would have liked the palette composition a bit better if it was another dark matte shade available, but besides that the overall quality of this palette is really good. It’s even good for being Colourpop. It almost feels like they improved the metallics in this because it’s so smooth and buttery and pigmented. So yeah, good palette with fun colors. And off course, a must have for a Disney lover.



Makeupgeek Beautifully Bare Face Palette “Light” – Review!

When Makeupgeek released a face trio palette with a blush, bronzer and highlighter to fit different skin tones (they have one light, one medium and one deep) I was eager to pick it up because of my pleasant experience with their blushes from before. I chose the light version because I figured this would fit me most of the year, while medium would fit for maybe while I am tan for two weeks in summer.


I really like that you get a trio custom to your skin tone. Usually there is always a shade that is too light or too dark, but the balance in this palette is really nice. I much prefer smaller palettes curated for different skin tones instead of those big palettes with the whol e range of colors. The colors (at least in the light palette) fits really well together as well. The bronzer is light. Maybe even a bit too light for me in summer during those two weeks when I have a tan, but it will be a very easy-going bronzer on me when I am at my normal state. The shade is not orange at all, while still not being ashy. I really like the shade of bronzer. I would say if you have a problem with bronzers generally being too dark, than this one is a nice one to try (and it does exits in singles too). The bronzer is almost matte, but it has a bit of pearl finish in it, which makes the result on your face very flattering. If does not look lifeless and flat, and it does not add any shimmer either. My favorite thing about this is that finish which is just so lovely on the skin.


One thing I wish though is that it was stated more clearly on the Makeupgeek website that the shades in this palette are already existing single shades. I was not aware of that, and realized that I already own the blush in this palette. It’s not a very big deal though since the shade “Bliss” just happen to be my favorite shade of all my Makeupgeek blushes. It really is one of the prettiest peach blushes I have, and I appreciate that it’s both peachy and very light. Is it just me or do peach/orange blushes tend to go a bit darker? I usually find that the lighter shades are often pinks or neutrals. So this one is really lovely if you want a true peach for light skin. As well as with the bronzer, this blush has a tiny bit of pearl finish which makes it apply so easy and looks great on the skin.


The highlighter shade is a beautiful light base with a peach duochorme  shift. It’s aboslutely stunning and fits really well together with the blush. The formula is super soft to the touch and applies really smooth. The formula is not glittery, but gives a nice reflective shine that can be build up if you want an intense glow. It’s also super gorgeous as an inner corner highlighter for peachy or coral looks!


I was actually quite impressed with the formula on all these powders. They are so easy and effortless to use and looks so flattering on the skin. They are simply just really high qality face powders. I also love that they decided to put them in trios for different skintones. One for fair, one for medium and one for dark. Instead of making a 6 pan where noone can use all the shades unless they actually apply makeup on different skintones. For me who only use my makeup for myself, having a palette like this custom made for my skin tone i much better.


So, overall I would absolutely recommend this handly little trio! I have nothing bad to say (except that I didn’t realize I already had he blush, but that’s on me I guess).  Highly recommended!



Makeup Revolution Matte Base Foundation – Review!

I am on good terms with Makeup Revolution foundations. The two I have tried from before are the Fast Base Stick and the Conceal & Define foundations. Both of them are great, and both of them are foundations I will and have repurchased. So I was tempted to find out if this one was as good!

I am usually more for dewy or satin finish foundations, but I am not a complete stranger to a good matte one. It all depends on the mood, how my skin is at the moment, and what look I am going for. Sometimes I like very natural, lightweight dewy finish and other times I want flawless full coverage. Naturally that means I need many types of foundations.


This one promise to blur pores, have a matte full coverage finish while still being light weight on the skin and long-wearing airbrushed finish. As usual, the promises are high, and the downfall can be rough if the foundation don’t live up to the claims.

First of all. With the amount of product I used I don’t agree that it’s full coverage. I would say medium, but I do prefer using a smaller amount of foundation. A small pea sized amount is usually enough for me. Surely, adding more will give more coverage. It does feel light weight and comfortable on the skin. I don’t know if I would say airbrushed, but my skin actually do look nice! I think my skin is just a bit to old to ever look airbrushed. I will leave that to all of you under 25….you’re welcome!


But matte is not an exaggeration at all. This one really is matte. It’s so matte that it sets itself and you don’t have to use a finishing powder. It dries down pretty quickly too. Since it’s such a matte foundation that dries down, it also means that it’s a bit unforgiving on dry skin. My skin is normal but can go a bit dry/dehydrated as seasons chance. Right now I don’t have much dryness, but the little I had was enhanced by this foundation. I don’t think this will be a very good choice if you have dry skin.


It does last on my skin for a very long time. I was actually impressed with how nicely it stayed on my face. I didn’t see any patchiness, or any traces of the foundation settling into lines. And maybe most importantly of all, after a full 8 hour work day the foundation was still completely matte. Overall it just wears very nicely with minimal fading and I didn’t get shiny at all.


I am a bit skeptical how it would look on dry skin since it’s so matte and long lasting, but I think this will work nicely for oily skin, and my normal to dehydrated skin matched really nice with this.

This is now the third foundation from Makeup Revolution that gets my seal of approval! If I want a cheap drugstore foundation in the future, Makeup Revolution will be the first place for me to look because I have been so very lucky with their formulas. If you like matte foundations, this one is really worth a go!



Revolution PRO Night & Day Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

This was my first time trying out a Revolution PRO palette. I have tried several ones from Makeup Revolution though, but this is supposedly not the same brand. They are sister brands, but Revolution PRO is supposed to be the more luxurious high quality version. The price point is maybe 1-2£ more for the products compared to Makeup Revolution, but still they are very affordable for trying to take the luxury end of drugstore image.

The packaging on this is quite nice. It’s simple in it’s design with just the name in gold letters. The palette is cardboard but it’s covered in a white faux leather design. It really does make it look very chic. It’s not very weighted, which is something I kind of miss, because if it was a tiny bit heavier it would surely increase the illusion of luxury. I say Illusion because after all it’s just a 12£ palette. You do get a mirror though, which is nice.

The palette holds 10 baked eyeshadows. According to Revolution PRO’s description this palette contains both shimmers and mattes. I do not completely agree with that. I think the shades I assume they think is matte is what I would call satin. They are just not flat matte shades, they definitely got some sheen to them, but you can use them as if they were mattes though. I would say three shades are this satin/matte formula. The Black and the two brown in the top row.

First time I tried the mattes I have to say I was a bit disappointed. They are very light and smooth, but they also seem to be very easy to just brush away. Almost like they had a bit of trouble sticking to my eyes. They were also not very pigmented, and had to be built up, which was a bit of an issue since blending tended to remove some of the eyeshadow. I just really struggled getting the result I wanted. The second try I put on a sticky base and packed on the mattes. That helped a lot. They did not blend away that easy, they stayed much more in place and was easier to work with. I guess they are just one of those shade that require a base. Not a big problem, you can make it work off course! But I have sooo many both affordable and good eyeshadows that don’t at all need a primer, so that tells me that these lack a bit of quality. But, as I already said, you can work around this quality issue and make them work.

Except the black. That’s just not a good black. It’s patchy, and quite sheer. I don’t hate a sheer black (although I preffer very pigmented ones), because if you want to just use them to deepen up a look, they really don’t need to be jet black. If you just want to add a little bit of depth and dimension to a look, a black does not have to be pigmented to work well for the purpose. But, being patchy is a problem. So I just can’t approve this shade.

The first shade in the top row, is also a soft shimmery shade. Quite basic really, but pretty and it works nicely especially if you want something for a bit more natural and soft look. The remaining 6 shades are much more interesting. These are sparkly shimmers, duochromes and even a stunning transformer shade. This part of the palette is so much fun! And swatching them will surely make you go “Woooow!”. They are really really pretty on the eyes though, but a couple of them (specifically the blue and the gold) are very sparkly and pretty but the base is a bit sheer on them. I would like them to be a bit more rich right of the bat, but they can be built up to a nice result.

There are also a few very interesting shades in this palette with some nice sparkles and duochrome shift. You got that classic brown-green duochrome that looks stunning over a black base, and the shade itself is very rich and smooth. You also got the most stunning transformer shade in “Pearlized”. A white shimmery base with a lot of sparkly blue in it. Tapped over any of the other eyeshadows it makes a beautiful blue glittery shift to the look. This shade must be my favorite in the palette because it can change any look you do with it. “Quartz” and “Musk” are also nicely pigmented, applies nicely and has a beautiful sparkle to them. I would wish “Sun Rise” (the gold) and “Midnight” (blue) had the same richness, but as mentioned before these do need to be built up.

I have to be honest. Yes, you can absolutely get gorgeous looks out of this palette. But to be completely frank 5 out of 10 shades I had some sort of issues with. I know it’s a drugstore palette, but I have had so many drugstore palettes where half of the shades did not disappoint me, so I am left just thinking this palette is so-so. Sure, some of the shimmers and especially the transformer shade are super gorgeous and does lift the whole palettes impression up quite a bit.

Although I was happy with many of the end results I got with the palette, the way it performed made me not overly excited about this. I think I will be a bit reluctant to try other palettes in the same series especially if it has a lot of mattes. Would I buy it again? Probably not, but if I did it would be for the sake of having “Pearlized” because that is one heck of a shade! But usually it’s hard to justify a palette just for one shade.

I won’t say that it was a complete miss because I did like some of the looks I did, but overall I am just not too impressed.