Colourpop Crème De La Crème Highlighter Palette – Review!

I already own the Gimme More and the In-Nude-Endo highlighter palettes from Colourpop and I really do like both of them. When they released this nice looking quad with shades that would all match my lighter skintone I off course had to have it!


This one is just like the previous highlighter palette with their simple cardboard packaging and no mirror. A nice, sleek and light weight packaging. Nothing fancy to keep the price down but still nice and easy to store and travel with. I really like Colourpops sleek and simple packaging, especially since it’s nice to store all those palettes I’ve collected over time. This palette match their standard format nicely (and I prefer cardboard instead of plastic).


Inside you get four shades. A light pink, a light rose gold, and two pinks. I really like pink highlighters as they usually double up as blush toppers. Personally I am happy that all these shades work with my light skintone. I do think they would work on fair skin as well, but sadly I don’t think this one is the best for medium or deeper skintones. They are maybe just a bit too icy.


When applying these I expected to get the same result as with their other powder highlighters. That they instantly give a nice glow to the skin, but you can easily tone them down or build them up with a second layer for an intense finish. That was not my experience with these ones.


These ones are very sheer, not only in color but also in how much glow they give to the skin. Now, I am not saying there is anything wrong with subtle highlighters, I know many prefer them, but these ones were just not as I expected. After trying to build them up in three layers the finish was still quite sheer. I was simply not able to make these intense as I have been able to with my other highlighter palettes from the brand.

Some of my favorite highlighters, like the Essence Pure Nude highlighter, are big favorites of mine. But these ones don’t really give that subtle glow from within like the essence one does. To put it straight, I just found them to be a bit lackluster and not exactly what I hoped for.


If you like a very subtle highlighter this one may be worth checking out, but if you really like to glow Colourpop has a lot of better options for you and I would rather recommend any of the other two mentioned above instead of this.

I don’t very often say this with Colourpop product but even how pretty it does look it was just not a hit for me.

Have you tried it? I would love to know your thought on it!



BeautyBay Evolve Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

When BeautyBay decided to release their own makeup line in the end of 2018, they were not joking! The first launch was three GIGANTIC palettes. My first thought was that I did not at all need a giant palette with neutral shades that I probably have already in my collection, but when I saw the bargain price for 42 shades I had to try. If these were good then you get a massive amount of eyeshadows for next to nothing and I had to try (so you don’t have to)!


My impression is that these are made for people who may be a bit new to makeup. The reason is how the shadows are aligned. You have 7 rows that go from top to bottom and if you follow them step by step then the palette will help you put together shadows for a full look with 6 shadows in each look. I think that idea is clever because looking into a huge palette like this can easily be a bit overwhelming. I mean picking a few shades to do a look with in a sea of 42 shades can be a challenge in itself. But, the palettes help to guide you though a number of different complete look, and you can off course mix and match as you please too! If you are a beginner, or just find it a bit hard to compose a look I think this feature could be very helpful!


This setup of a step by step guide is indeed a clever idea, but I am a bit puzzled over the arrangement. The first row is base shades, which would be a natural first step. The second is transition with a light shade to help you start create some depth and shadow to blend into, that’s also logical to me. Then you get crease as the third step, which is also how I usually do it. Then I get a bit puzzled because the forth step is liner, and it becomes before the fifth step that is pop. I am not quite sure what they meant with pop, but I figured that would be the lid shade. I don’t know about you but I never do my liner before I add the lid shade, I do it the other way around to get a tidy liner. The last step I find aligned with my sense of logic because I usually finish of the look with highlighter too, but I really feel like the forth and fifth row should switch place. In my opinion that would be a more user friendly step by step guide.


Now, having 42 shades to play with is great and all, especially if you don’t have the biggest collection to begin with. But to be fair, there are not 42 shades in this palette. I am actually convinced that they put the same shade in the palette twice several times, because there are some shades that I can’t tell apart at all neither on the eyes, on swatches or in the pan. So strictly spoken, you don’t get 42 shades. you get 42 shadows which is a difference. I think the composition of the palette could be better in that way. Instead of repeating a lot of the matte shades, they could have been replaced with something more interesting to lift the whole appearance of the palette. There are at least 7 shadows in this palette that has a shade so similar that I can’t tell them apart. Even though 42 shadows are a lot, so is 7 duplicates in one palette!


The palette does however give you everything you need. Absolutely all your basics are covered. I can’t really imagine someone missing a basic shade in this palette (but let me know if you do!). You do also get a nice selection of shimmers and highlighters. Some of the highlighters can be used on the cheeks as well, and if you are a proper multitasker some of the matte peachy and rosy shades looks good as a blush too!

But the most important thing off course is performance, so how do these guys work? the mattes I am actually quite happy with. Pigmentation is definitely decent. Nothing like the pigmentation in for instance Subculture, but still good. I think I managed to get the color from the pan transferred to my eyes without having to spend to much time building up the color, but they are not so pigmented that you have to be very careful with them. Just somewhere in the middle, and I am usually happy as long as it looks like the same color on the eyes as I can see in the pan. The formula is a bit dusty so I do get some kick-up in the pan. I didn’t really experience much fallout, just a little bit with the darkest mattes. This is not the quickest formula to blend out though I will say. It’s not that they don’t get a seamless blend in the end, it’s just that I noticed I had to swipe my brush back and forth a little bit more than usual with these. The result in the end is blended and nice, it just takes a few seconds and a pinch of patience.


The shimmer shades are not as good as the mattes in my opinion. They are a tiny bit on the sheer side, which means you have to build them up or use setting spray to get the color you see in the pan. With some of the shades, like the brown-green duochrome or the silver you get more like a wash of color with shimmer instead of the shade you see in the pan. Sure, you do get pretty looks with them, but I think they are a little bit too lackluster for me to really love them. They work just fine, you can get gorgeous looks, but they are a bit lackluster if you compare them to really nice shimmer formulas like Juvia’s Place for instance.

I used this palette every day for well over a month in addition to do the looks I posted on Monday. Overall, I am happy with the looks I did and how it performed for my everyday makeup looks. I mean, this is clearly not my favorite formula, but it’s not bad either. It’s somewhere in the middle. You know, good enough for me to be willing to reach for the palette. I actually would not mind trying out some other palettes from the line. But, at the same time, this is not the best palette I’ve tried, and if you have a bit of eyeshadow palettes from before this will probably not be your favorite formula either.


I think this is good for someone just starting out with makeup because you get a large selection of shades for a very affordable price, and the great thing about this is that you get absolutely every necessary neutral shade you can imagine. And for someone just starting out and trying to build a collection I think this is a good place to start. Not to say you can’t enjoy it if you already have a nice collection though, after all I did a lot of looks with this that I really liked. But my guess is that if you already have an extensive collection you got every single shade in here already, and given that these eyeshadows are good enough but not great you probably already have some better options.

I am not terrified to continue testing the brand more though since I found this palette  decent. I would like to test out some of their more colorful ones, but just for now I have a big enough pile of palettes I need to review!

Did you try any of these 42 shade palettes by BeautyBays own line? Or did you try any of their newer smaller releases? Let me know what you think of them!



Colourpop Supernova Shadows – Review!

Colourpop was fairly quick to hop on the liquid eyeshadow trend and they have been releasing a number of shades and different finishes since they first released them.

Since I do have a small collection of them with a bit of different finished I figured I wanted to share my experiences with you guys.

Shade names from left to right: Mothership, Dragon, Uf-Woha, Prelude, Constellation, Now or Never, Astrology.

the formulas are a bit different on these. Some of them have a bit of glitter in them, while other are just shimmer shades with no glitter. None of these are matte, although I would like to see them release some matte shades! The shades with glitter in are of course a bit more chunky. I also found that after a few hours wear I would have some glitter flecks under my eyes and in my lashes. Not much, but a few flecks here and there. Much less than with a regular loose glitter though!

Shade names: Mothership, Dragon, Uf-Woha, Prelude, Constellation, Now or Never, Astrology.

The shimmer shades have a very nice sheen to them, but without the glitter particles. For that reason I felt like they were a bit more smooth and actually a bit more light weight on the eyes. The ones with glitter looks very pretty of course, but my personal preference are these ones without glitter. They are perfect to do a cut crease with!

Another thing is that the darker shades need two coats. The swatches are all in two layers. The lighter shades look nice in just one swipe, but I found especially the green one “Mothership” to be a bit share.


The tube that holds the product looks strikingly similar to their concealer tube, and the applicator has that similar bendy wand. I found the wand easy to work with and I managed to make a clean cut-crease using just the wand. I did not feel like I had to go in with a precise brush to tidy up the line, the wand works well enough on it’s own.


I find staying power to be pretty good! I had no problems with creasing or cracking of the shadows from a full day wear. The only thing is as mentioned that the glitter particles can fall out a bit but not unreasonably much. I prefer the feel of the lighter shimmer shades as they feel more lightweight on the eyes than the darker shades that needs two coats or the glitter shades that appear a bit more chunky.

The issues these liquid shadows have are easy to work around. They dry fairly fast, so adding a second layer does not take much extra time, and a tiny bit of glitter fallout is fair enough. I am not convinced these are the best liquid eyeshadows out there, but the great staying power and affordable price tag makes them more than approved in my mind.

I do have some bad experience with some of Colourpops products drying up really fast, like their Super Shock Shadows or eyeliner pencils, so I was a bit worried there liquid eyeshadows could potentially dry out or change consistency after a short time, but after having some of them for over a year I find them to work just as well as new. Which is also great.

Overall I am quite happy with their performance, and I would like to pick up more shades in the future. However I would stay clear of the darker shades. And I would love to see a matte version of these in the future!

Did you try these? What are your thought? And what are your favorite liquid eyeshadows? Leave a comment and let me know what’s worth trying.



Revolution Conceal & Define Full Coverage Foundation – Review!

After using and loving the Revolution Fast Base Stick and rating the  Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer among my Top 5 Concealers I guess I don’t really have to say that I had pretty high expectations for it.


The first thing I noticed about this is that the glass bottle makes it feel and look much more expensive than it is. It looks high end, which is always great when we are talking about lower end drugstore! Who does not want great stuff for less right? The bottle has an applicator. Similar to the one in the Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer just bigger. Some people have issues with that regarding hygiene. I do see the point, however most people use concealer wands under their eyes and to spot conceal without complaining about hygiene so I don’t really see the difference. It’s not like you have bacteria on your forehead but not underneath your eyes. However, this is a good point for a working makeup artist where hygiene is completely different than what it is for your own personal collection. But enough rambling, if hygiene and applicators are an issue it’s possible just to dab the applicator on a brush or sponge first. I don’t mind so I just apply directly with the applicator.

I did however find a small problem with this having an applicator and that is that I have to dip it into the bottle several times to get enough, and every time I pull out the applicator I could end up spraying tiny drops of foundation all over unless I pulled it out very carefully. Maybe I am just a cave woman, but I ended up with small droplets of foundation all over a new eyeshadow palette before I realized I had to be super careful. And I was not happy about that.


But when you finally get it on it looks nice. The coverage is good. I would say medium but build-able, but to be fair I don’t felt like I needed to build it up since I don’t have much I need to cover up. However, if you want that full coverage they say it has it needs to be layered. The finish is quite matte. I found it to be easy to apply both with a brush and with a sponge and It applied nice and evenly and blended into the skin quite quick. I did not notice any oxidizing.

At first it looks very nice on the skin. You do get a nice, matte porcelain skin and I really like that look. I don’t think it looks overly done either even though it has quite a lot of coverage, but it’s important to find the right shade with this as it is more than just a sheer cover. I picked up F4 and F6. The first one being just right during winter, and the second which is a bit more yellow works fine during spring when I have a bit of color, but would be too light during summer.


Even though it does look great upon application, and for a few hours, I do see some cracking around my nose and on my forehead after about 4 hour wear. You would have to get really close to see that, so it does not look too bad, but there is definitely something going on. After around 8 hours I have some fading in those areas, meaning it’s not the most long lasting foundation on my skin. It do think that this foundation could work better on oily skin, and that it may look a bit dry on dry skin. I do have normal skin that tends to be a tiny bit dry when the season change. I would not reach for this during those dry moments.

To be completely honest I m not sure if I will pick up this one again after I finish these two. You never know, maybe they for example work wonders in 6 months, but for now I do have foundations that look better than this after 8 hours. With that said I really like the looks of it for the first 3-4 hours so unless I really need my foundation to work a full work day I can reach for this for my evening makeup for instance.


Overall, not bad at all. Love the look of it for the first hours, but will be careful with this if I do have some dry skin. I would however like it to have a bit more longevity, and if I had to stick with just one foundation from Revolution it would without doubt be the fast base stick which just seems to work better for my skin (and I love the finish of that as well).

Either way, the foundation is super cheap so absolutely worth a try, but my guess is that people with normal to oily skin will have better luck with it.

Did you try this foundation? What are your experience with the formula?



Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions – 2 Makeuplooks, Review & Swatches!

You know I normally do one post with several makeup looks featuring one palette and then the review with swatches and all the tea on Wednesday, but with this cute little palette I decided to do it all in one.


When the Gemstones collection by Huda Beauty was released I knew I needed to pick up one. Those of you who know me are probably not surprised that I was struggling to choose between Sapphire (the blue one) and Emerald (the green). The result of my decision is obvious I guess. I wanted to start with one and see if I wanted to pick up more. I have already the Desert Dusk palette which I really like the quality of, and the Rose Gold Textured palette (old version) of which I despise. So I wanted to try one to see if I found it worth my money to pick up more.

The palette really is teny tiny! It fits in the balm of your hand but still holds 9 eyeshadows with 1.1 g each! That’s quite a lot of product in one small package. I absolutely love the small and handy size. We all like to pull out the “travel-friendly” argument, but truth is that I rarely travel, and when I do I tend to bring what the heck I want anyway. But it does indeed fit in a small makeup bag.

The color story is really nice. Especially for me who are a sucker for green eyeshadows. I made these two looks with the palette to test out every shade. Unfortunately the shades does not have names, I guess that’s one of the compromises one does to get mini sized palette. So to explain what colors i used I used a numbered grid system. The second shade on the top row is 1:2, the second shade on the second row is 2:2. You get the picture!


  • Huda Beauty Emerald Obsession – 1:2, 1:3, 2:2, 2:3, 1:3, 3:3
  • Certifeye Tropical Wonders – Bonobo.
  • Makeupgeek Gel Liner – Immortal.
  • Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade – Medium Brown.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro30.
  • L’Oreal Unlimited Mascara.
  • Kiko Glamorous eye Pencil – 412.
  • House Of Lashes – Iconic.


  • Huda Beauty Emerald Obsession- 1:3, 2:3, 3:3, 1:2, 1:1.
  • Certifeye Tropical Wonders – Bonobo.
  • Makeupgeek Gel Liner – Immortal.
  • Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade – Medium Brown.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro30.
  • L’Oreal Unlimited Mascara.
  • Maybelline Master Drama Kohl Pencil – Ultra Black.
  • House Of Lashes – Iconic.

As far as I could tell there are three different formulas in this palette. Three mattes, 5 shimmer shades and one glitter shade. The glitter is not a pressed glitter like “Cosmo” in the Desert Dusk palette, but an more foiled shade with a lit of shimmer particles in it. Very beautiful indeed. Two of the shimmers do have tiny flecks of glitter though, but they are so finely milled that I would not call them glitter shades like the 1:1 shade.


The mattes are medium pigmented but build-able. Which means they don’t appear as they look in the pan straight away, but you can build in up to the wanted intensity. With the darker shades that went fairly quick, but I needed to dip my brush in the light green matte quite a few times before I was happy with the intensity, so you need a little bit of patience with that one, but you will get there eventually. They seemed to blend well and did not look patchy, so with the exception of needing some patience with the light green they work pretty well. The matte formula is a bit dry compared to Colourpop or Anastasia eyeshadows that are really soft and buttery. They are also a bit harder pressed in the pan which may explain why they need to be built up instead of getting full on pigment in one swipe. That also means that you won’t get much fallout.


The shimmers are very pigmented and smooth and applies really nicely! No need to dampen the brush here because you do get full intensity straigh away. However, if you do decide to wet the brush either way the shades look almost foiled. They are indeed very beautiful. They apply smoothly and blend into each other nicely. I did experience that the fine milled glitter in the two shimmer shades that contained small glitter particles fell out under my eyes, so I would recommend doing eye makeup first if you want to do something dramatic with the 1:3 or 2:2 shades.


The glitter shade 1:1 I was a bit afraid of. Mainly because of my terrible experience with the textured shades in the Rose Gold palette. This one was nice though. It needed some help with spray, but I didn’t have to apply it with fingers as some of Huda Beauty shadows demand to be applied. I don’t like applying eyeshadows with my fingers so that’s always a con for me. This one stayed clear for that problem. It did have quite a bit of glitter fallout, and will probably do with a glitter primer underneath, but it looks beautiful!


The final verdict is that it is a nice little palette. The matte formula is not my favorite and I wish the pastel green would have been a bit more pigmented. It also is an advantage to have a spray nearby to dampen the brush, not because every shade need it, but because the fallout from the shimmery shades are quite extensive and this will help with that issue. You also should avoid doing your face makeup first at least if you tend to be a bit messy like I do. The price of 25£ is nice for the amount of shades that you get, and I love that the palette is so compact and small. Would I buy it again? Absolutely. Is it the best eyeshadows I’ve tried. Nope, but they do get the job done and you can get a bunch of pretty green looks with this. I would absolutely not mind picking up a few more of these handy little palettes.

Did you try any of the small obsessions palettes? Or if not, which one would you like to try?






Zoeva Cafè Eyeshadow Palette – Swatches & Review!

This is one palette in my total of 16 Zoeva Palettes. I got the Rose Gold palette a couple of years ago and I loved it so much that the collection have just continued to grow. Usually I am very happy with the quality. Only one palette was a miss for me, and that was the pastel palette “Sweet Glamour” which I love the shade selection of, but the quality was just not there. Besides that I have found a few dud shades here and there in the palettes, but overall I have been impressed with them and very happy with how they perform. The last Zoeva palette I reviewed ( the Eyesee palette) had a few shades I was not overly happy with, and there are many Zoeva palettes I would recommend instead of that one. So I was excited to see how this one would compare.


Nothing has changed regarding packaging. These 10-pan eyeshadow palettes are all the same. Sleek, compact,and sturdy with a nice design. They don’t have a mirror so they are extra slim. Very easy to store or slip in your makeup bag for travel. I really like the looks of this one too with the rich dark browns and rose gold details. A very pretty packaging indeed!


The color selection surprised me, because I kind of expected coffee inspired shades meaning mainly browns. I did not realize when I ordered it online but the majority of the shades are pink and berry tones. I don’t mind at all the shades, but I was just a bit surprised (maybe look closer at the palettes before I order or what?). The colors are quite neutral still. There is one pop of green but even that green is very wearable, so you can easily use this palette for more neutral looks, a light berry look, a fun green pop, or you can go a bit dark and smoky with the darker cool-toned browns.


The color composition is impeccable in my opinion. You do get absolutely everything you need for a complete look, with a nice balance between mattes and shimmers. You have all the basic shades you could need like a base shade, several options for crease shades where you can do either berry or brown, a nice variety of shimmers for the lids, a pink highlighter shades, and some darker options to deepen the look. A few of the shades could even work as a liner. So I did not feel like I missed anything.


Overall I was quite happy with the quality as well. If I compare this to my recent review of Eyesee I think this one it better. All the mattes performed well without any issues. They blend, look even and have decent pigmentation. They have a little bit of fallout but not much. The shimmers are of the more subtle kind. Not the most intense foiled metallics for sure, but more of a softer sheen. I think this formula is quite complimentary on older skin, so these are maybe a preference to some, but personally I tend to reach more for the intense shiny ones. The quality is nice enough even though this is not my favorite shimmer formula. They are definitely pigmented. The two darker shades on the right side of the bottom row need a little first aid with a setting spray, and then they apply just fine. The shimmers do have a bit more fallout than the mattes.


Since the shimmers are more muted, and the colors are quite toned down I think this is nice as a everyday palette. It does offer a bit more excitement than just the regular neural browns, while still being very wearable. If you have been looking for a very wearable green you got it right here!


I think this palette is great if you’d like a neutral palette with just a little bit more interesting colors than just browns and beige. This palette offers exactly the same “wear ability” (wear whatever you want, but you get it) as a brown neutral palette, but it allows you to dive into nice pinks, berries and greens without being too loud.

Have you tried this? Or any other Zoeva palette? Shout out your favorite in the comment if you have!



Colourpop Crush On You Highlighter Palette – Review & Swatches!

This is far from my first highlighter palette from Colourpop, and it’s not my first Super Shock Highlighter either, but it is my first Super Shock Highlighter palette! Upon it’s release I was a bit puzzled, because I thought that the super shock formula in a palette would dry out awfully quick. I was not the only one with that concern and I saw several comments asking about that in Colourpops Instagram page, where they applied explaining that the Super Shock highlighter formula is different than the eyeshadow formula and does not dry out (why they don’t make eyeshadows in the formula that doesn’t try out is a puzzle to me), and they are probably right. I had my super shock shadows for only a few months before I noticed a difference in formula and they started getting a bit dry. On the other hand I have the highlighter “Lunch Money” which is probably around 2 years old now, and it’s still just as good. So it’s probably right that these highlighters won’t dry out even though they are in a palette.


The palette has the same type of cardboard packaging as their eyeshadow palettes have, and just as slim. I was a bit afraid that it would be bulky since the single containers for these highlighters are quite bulky, but I guess the pan with the actually product fits nicely in a slim palette. I like that it’s so slim and neat!


The color selection is really pretty. There is a white, a pink and two golds. Except the darkest gold shade they all fit my winter skin tone. In other word this is good if you have a light skin tone, but I don’t think you will have any issues if you are medium either. The white and the pink are probably too light if you have a darker complexion, but I do think the two golds will look flattering on everyone. I am really happy with the different shades, and I don’t mind that I can use one of them only in summer because that is usually the case with every highlighter palette I own. I can rarely use everything, so 3 out of 4 on my winter skin tone is fairly good!


The formula on these are exactly the same as in their singles. It took me some time to get used to this formula. The main reason being that so many recommends using it with your fingers, and I don’t really like how it applies with fingers. I am not the biggest fan of putting on makeup with fingers anyway. So I was not too enthusiastic about the super shock formula to begin with. But after I found a few of my highlighter brushes that it works well with I have become a big fan! Now I feel like I need to grow my collection because they looks so great on the skin, and now that I found a brush that works with them I am loving them! So if you are like me and not the biggest fan of applying highlighter with fingers than I recommend giving them a try with a brush even though most people seem to recommend applying with your fingers.


The finish on these highlighters are very glowy and almost wet-looking. None of these have any glitter which I like, however I do like some of the super shock highlighters with glitter in, for instance Flexitarian. This formula just seem to work with glitter too!


My overall impression of this palette is really good, and I am hoping to see more super shock palettes being released because I love how these look on the skin! Now I want more super shock highlighters!

What is your favorite shade?

Also, you can find me on Instagram if you like. It’s a good way to keep track on my latest blog post.