NYX Candy Slick Glowy Lip Color – Review!

It’s been a hot minute since I reviewed lip products. I spent some time lately focusing on finishing up a few lip products (referring to my yearly project pan which I got bored of and forgot all about, but I managed to finish 5 lipsticks/glosses before I gave up). Now, these guys I grabbed on impulse while I was standing at a NYX counter (I had no real business at that counter but still left with 4 products….I am hopeless). I figured why not grab two since it’s been a hot minute since I reviewed a lip product (I do have a couple more coming soon though….like I said, project pan is over).


Packaging look pretty standard for being NYX. Although they are on the higher side of the price range when it comes to drug store (at least in Norway) they don’t seem to spend that much money on the packaging to be honest. NYX packaging usually looks cheap, and so does these Candy Slicks. I mean, they don’t look awful, they just look like the target marked is a bit below my age. I can live with that if the products are good though.

Keeping true to the candy theme these smell. It’s pretty intense. It’s not off putting to me, but if you are sensitive to scented products I recommend checking these out in store so you can smell them. The scent does not linger on the lips though, it’s just pretty much in your face while you apply it. I can’t really pin-point the scent, but they smell kind of like sour vingums to me.


I didn’t know what to expect from these. But they feel like something between a gloss and a cream lip product. It’s quite pigmented, but I noticed straight away that the first shade I tried “Sugarcoated Kiss” was not very flattering. I felt like I applied the normal amount of lip product, but still it collected in the inner rim of my lips, leaving me with a very unflattering look. I fairly quickly got it on my teeth as well.

So that did not go so well, what I would consider a normal amount, meaning what I usually apply with regular glosses withouth facing any problems, was a bit too much when it came to this product. So I figured out a thinner layer could work better. It kind of did, but still collected on the inner parts of my lips. Actually, to avoid that problem I had to use so little lip product it was barely there. That could be OK. I mean, no makeup makeup is a thing right? But it was not OK, because it lasted me a good 10-15 minutes and I can’t be bothered reapplying a product that demand extra care and a mirror to apply safely. In short words, this one did not work for me at all.


But that’s why I always pick up 2-3 shades when reviewing a lip product. Sometimes it’s just that shade that’s off, and another shade works better. So I happily gave “Watermelon Taffy” a fair shot of impressing me. Watermelon Taffy let me down. It was exactly the same case with this one.

Sadly, these are a big no for me. They were actually so disappointing that they won’t get a spot in my collection at all. I have too many good lip products to justify keeping those I don’t like. Now, I don’t want to bin new products. I have only used them a few times each, and although I can’t sell or gift them maybe a friend that didn’t mind that I had tried them would be willing to give them a chance? But on the other side, would it really be friendly of me to hand over my Candy Slick problems to someone else? I sense an ethical issue here. I guess I’ll just be nice to my friend and bin these. Good riddance!



Colourpop Sweet Talk Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

Super sweet springy peach palette by Colourpop. People went wild over this collection, and I agree it’s one of the prettiest released in all of 2019, which actually is quite an achievement since Colourpop release something faster than most. I do really thing this palette is really really pretty. Both inside and outside.


Now, I guess we can both agree that Colourpop is not the brand to make the most out of their packaging. For the price that is not expected either, but they can be a tiiiny bit on the too simple and boring side (plain packaging with just the name), but this time it looks like they actually has a designer on the job (you don’t need a graphic designer to get the name in plain letters). The packaging is beautiful this time. And it raise the whole feel of the palette to another level. It’s pretty and I want to see more like this!


The color story is pretty too! According to Colourpops own website this it their #1 bestselling palette and I totally see why. The mixture of peach, corals, browns and golds as well as a wide range of textures makes this palette both exciting and wearable with many options.

For the first time Colourpop put one of their famous Super Shock shadows in the palette. A lot of people were worried that it would dry out too quickly, but apparently the formula has been reformulated to a non-drying one. I had this for some months now, and it still works fine. We just have left to see how it holds up one or two years in a palette. This should be the first time they put a super shock shadow in a palette, but I think “Tickled” from the Oh La La palette which was released a while before seems suspiciously similar to a super shock shadow too. The shade Side2Side is the one shades in Sweet Talk with this formula. If you haven’t tried it before it’s hard to explain. They can be a little tricky, but they are very very pretty. Especially the shimmery ones, which are very impactful, and often has a unique sparkle to them. Side2Side is perfect as a topper shade, because you can just tap in on top of your lid with a finger to give the look a whole new dimension.


There is also two pressed glitter shade shades. I am maybe one of the very few who actually appreciate pressed glitters in a palette. Then I always have an option to spice up my looks even further. Glitter are not eyesafe, and on the back of the palette you can read the warning from Colourpop saying they are not intended for use on the eyes. I do take my chances, but if you have sensitive eyes just please be aware that they are not intended for eye use. Some say it’s stupid to put non eye safe items in a eyeshadow palette, but it’s the same thing with many pressed pigments. They have to claim it’s not eye safe even though most people use them without even thinking about it. I have my suspicions that this warning is mostly because they are demanded put the warning there, not because it can’t be used. Anyway, with that being said, I really like the Colourpop pressed glitters. They have a nice formula and are fairly easy to pick up and apply. And off course as glitters most they give the possibility to get your look to the next level.


The rest of the shadows have more regular formulas. Meanly mattes and metallics. I love both of these formulas, as I say in every palette review. For the most part there are mattes (7) and only two metallics. That’s OK because the super shock shadow and pressed glitters gives you as much sparkle as you can get. The quality of both these formulas are great! Good pigmentation, blends well and are very soft to the touch. Colourpop simply makes quality eyeshadows overall. On occasions I find some shades I don’t love or have minor issures with, but that’s not the case with this palette. All shades perform well!

I have no problem at all understanding why this is Colourpops top seller. Not only is the quality amazing, but the great mixture of textures and lovely color story offers something that can cator to very many different people. One of my favorite Colourpop palettes for sure!




Makeup Revolution Roxxaurus Contour And Highlight Palette – Review!

I am usually quite happy with Makeup Revolution highlighter and contour products. I mean, they make some insane highlighters that are so cheap! So once again, I just had to grab it. I am guilty of doing so all the time, but it was only 10£ right?


First of all, the packaging looks suspiciously similar to the Soph X Revolution Extra Spice palette, just with a different name printed on. That’s fine, I do like it, but if you have something against fingerprints on your packaging than maybe you wont like it as much. This gets dirty immediately, it’s almost as if even your eyes looking at it leaves fingerprints.


Inside you get no wasted space. The whole thing is just filled with products! You get four contour shades and 4 highlighters. Off course, the issue with this palette, as with most contour palettes is that I can’t use all the shades. The lightest contour is too light, the darkest contour is too dark, and the darkest highlighter is too dark to be a highlighter (but it can be a bronze topper if you like a glowy bronzer and I do like that!).

Overall, I guess that I can use 3 of the highlighters and 2 of the bronzers is decent already but I did also use this as an eyeshadow palette for quick simple eyelooks a few times. I have to say, I would be happy just bringing this for a weekend to use both on my eyes and my face because it worked really well. The darkest contour is dark enough to give the look a nice depth and off course the highlighters are very pretty eyeshadows.


The contours used as contours and not eyeshadows are….OK. I mean I have already the Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour and that one is amazing. This one is decent but not as good I think. The pigmentation on these are nice, but I felt like they were a little hard to blend. You will eventually get there, you just need some time to work that brush and it’s going to look nice in the end. I just know that Makeup Revolution previously have made contours that are a bit easier to blend into the skin, so they surely know how to make them, but I feel like they missed the mark a bit here. They are decent, but not as good as I know they can make them.


The highlighters are really pretty though. Makeup Revolution are well known for making affordable and good highlighters. The baked formula is the most intense and reflective one. The others benefit from being layered if you want an intense glow, or maybe dampen the brush, but you can also go a bit softer with the look if you want. None of them have glitter, which I think is great. The two top shades work for me all year round, and the baked shade is lovely in summer. The last one I could not try on my face, but I did use it as an eyeshadow. The formula seems the same as the two top ones.

I do like this. It’s not a bad palette at all, and I would recommend it as long as you are fine with blending a few swipes more with the bronzer brush. But this does not dethrone the Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour. I did review that one, so if you want to read a really old review you can do that here!



Focallure Perth Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

This is the first time ever trying out the Focallure brand! This is one of the brands I have known about for a long time, but for some reason I have not been very tempted by them because I had somehow convinced myself it could not possably be any good. But I saw more and more reviews, and surprisingly to me, people seemed to be enjoying them very much. I figured maybe they were worth a try after all.


So I picked up 5 palettes. Sure, that’s me in a nutshell. If I was smart I would pick up one palette, and come back for more IF I enjoyed the formula. But I tend to get carried away a bit and they had several way too tempting palettes to pick from. So I grabbed the Perth palette among those 5.

The palette really is eyecatching. The packaging is a simple cardboard, but I like the design with the aussie vibes it gives me, and you also do get a mirror. The palette holds 15 shades about the size of ABH eyeshadows. The colro story is a mix of cool toned blues, purples and a green along with warm corals and browns.


The palette has a mixture of different formulas. You have your regular mattes. 6 of them to be exact. You also have regular shimmers, in total sevel of them. In addition you have one of those mixed shimmers. You know, the kind we first say in Huda Beauty New Nude palette, and that a lot of brand have repeated. The final finish is a glitter finish, which is also something that has become increasingly popular lately.


The mattes are actually lovely. At least in this palettes. Bare in mind though that the mattes in this palette are fairly easy shades being neutrals, corals and browns. But they blended out without any issue, and the pigmentation was decent. I didn’t experience any excessive kickback or fallout, and the result on my skin looked very smooth. You know, sometimes mattes, especially cheaper brands can make the skin look a bit dry and dust, but these applied and blended really smoothly. So at least the neutrals in this palette is really good. I would be interested in trying some colorful mattes from this brand to see how they perform.


The shimmers I have heard a lot of good things about, so I expected to like them. And I do! They are pigmented and easy to apply. They looked opaque on the eyes and are very reflective. These don’t look like cheap shimmers, and I did not feel the urge to reach for my setting spray to dampen the brush even once!


Pavlova was the only shade that was that special kind of mixed shimmer. The issue with those shades is that I find it a bit hard to look into the pan and figure out exactly how the shade will look on the eyes. It did not look as I expected, but WOW was it beautiful! It had some fine micro glitter in it as well that was hard to see in the pan, but gives a beautiful and unique depth to the shadow on the eyes. So lovely!


The final formula was a pressed glitter. This was the only shade I was not a big fan of. I usually like pressed glitters, but this one was very firmly pressed and not so dense. In addition to that the glitter looked very sparse on the eyes and I found it a bit hard to build up. Sure it can be tapped on the lid just to give you a little extra to the look, and it will look beautiful, but I would have preferred a glitter that was a bit easier to work with. To say it differently, if I need a nice pressed glitter, this is not the palette I will reach for.

With the exception of the glitter I was very happy with the rest of the palette. In the end I just felt like this palette was a whole lot better than I had hoped for. Lovely mattes, and stunning shimmers! I am happy and excited that I have 4 more palettes from the brand to test out!

Have you ever tried a Focallure palette?



Revolution Pro Skin Finish Highlighter – Review!

I got three of these cute little highlighters from Revolution Pro. They seem inspired by the MAC skinfinish highlighters, but are not quite dupes. The packaging is black plastic with a clear lid. It’s simple, it’s functional, but it’s not the kind of packaging you want to put on display but it gets the job done. For only 5£ I am OK with the packaging not being ground breaking.


I started off just to test out one of these. I picked up “Opalescent” a my first shade. And I fell completely in love with it! It gives you the most gorgeous glow. It can be built up for more intensity, but the first application gives you that “I am just glowing from within” kind of glow. It’s not glittery or shimmery in any way, it just gives that natural healty glow, but if you add a bit more you can really build it up. I do love a highlighter that can be both! They are just more versatile and will fit more peoples preference because you can kind of manipulate the product to look how you want it to look.


Since I was so happy with “Opalescent” I decided to pick up another shade and got the lightest one “Luminescence”. I swatched it and it immediately reminded me of the Essence Pure Nude Higlighter in “Be My Highlight”. The shade, the shine, the finish is so similar. So I had to swatch them side by side and I swear they are dead on dupes! That’s amazing news for me because the Essence highlighter is one of my all time favorites, but it’s so hard to get! This is a more easily obtainable option, and it’s just as gorgeous!


Unfortunately I did not get to use Luminescence a lot before I broke it. I was my clumsy old self and I just dropped it on the ground and it shattered. I decided I needed it in my life still, so I actually repurchased the same shade. I have more than 200 highlihghters, so when I feel the need to repurchase a highlighter that should tell you something!

While I was at it I picked up a shade more suitable for summer too. I mean, off course I needed a summer shade in this lovely formula! So I got my last shade “Radiance” which is a deeper more tan shade that fits perfectly the two weeks of the year when I am tan myself.


I will put this in clear writing, this is among the very best affordable highlighters I know about! If you like a more natural glow from within (or if you love the Essence one or just wanted to try it) this is 100% worth checking out.

One of my all time favorite Revolution Pro products. A+++!

Have you tried these? What are your thoughs?



Colourpop Glitterally Obsessed – Review!

I have a total of 8 different colors in these Colourpop gel glitters, and I am surprised by how often they are used. I am a big fan of glitter, especially when doing more creative or colorful makeup. They just really add a nice dimension to the look in an easy way. Traditional glitters with no base to them can be quite messy upon application, therefore these glitters got my attention as soon as they were released since they have a gel base.

They truly are an easy way to apply glitter! The glue keeps it all together and make them so user friendly. The glitters can easily be placed exactly where you want to have it without any mess. The gel dries down so your eyes wont get sticky, but it also work as a glitter glue meaning you don’t have to take that extra step applying glitter glue first. So so easy, and there is an absolute minimal fallout throughout the day as well.

On important thing needs to be pointed out, and that is that these glitters are not considered eye safe (no glitter really is though). Which is so so sad, because how can Colourpop make all these pretty glitters without expecting anyone to put them on their eyes? Where else would I wear a lot of glitter? I live in a place there you close to never have legs, arms or shoulders free from a layer of clothing (it’s too cold) so my eyes are kind of my only option (well, I could put it in my hair but that’s just not me). However, I do not encourage anyone to put them on the eyes without being aware of the risk. They can injure your eyes if you get some glitter in them since they are not cosmetic grade. Now, I do take the risk myself and I’ve been just fine, but you would have to be aware of the risk before deciding to use them. I am using them in makeup looks being fully aware that they are not considered eye-safe. I haven’t experienced any issues with them, but that does not mean I can’t get problems in the future, and I just want to point out that even they are beautiful on eye looks you should not put them on your eyes. If you want to live with that risk, then well…..be that daredevil, just know about the safety hazard before you make your choice.

I find these to be a bit sheer. If you want a full on glitter impact you need to put on at least a couple of layers. I really don’t mind that because they layer really well, and sometimes I want a wash of glitter without covering up the eyeshadow underneath, and since they build up perfectly fine I like having both options of both full opacity and a sheer finish. Makes them more versatile.

I had my first ones since they first released them, and I wanted to take my time before reviewing them because of one thing. Some of Colourpop products seem to dry out awfully quick. Since I had the oldest one for about 8 months now I think, and I don’t see any change in formula I feel more confident about them not drying out. They do have a plastic protective lid on them which is important to keep on to avoid them drying out.

Overall, I am very happy with these products since they are such a foolproof way of using glitter, but the biggest drawback (and it’s BIG) is that they are not eye safe. And you just have to take that into consideration if it’s worth the risk using them. But if you do, you will truly be a sparkling queen. For festivals and such they are a fun and easy way to complete any festival look because then you can put them all over your hair and body and fit right in!

But, please Colourpop, make them eye safe!



Colourpop Salvaje Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

Just like with Brunch Date from Colourpop that I reviewed a couple of weeks ago I feel like this is one of those palettes that was released and then everyone forgot about it. Some Colourpop releases get a lot of attention, like the Uh-Huh Honey palette that I saw reviews of everywhere or the more recent So Jaded palette. To be fair, all Kathleen Lights collab palettes seem to get a whole bunch of attention, but then there are palettes like Salvaje. That are released and then you don’t hear anything about it. But it’s still there. It’s still on the website. It’s just so quiet around it.


I can understand the rave about Uh-Huh Honey though. A monochromatic yellow palette brought something new to the market. And it seemed like people had been waiting for it. However, Salvaje is not boring either! Sure, at first glance it looks like another neutral palette with a pop of blue (yaaawn), but if you take a closer look you get a few browns and golds, but also reds, peach as well as blue shades. This is one of the palettes that can be both. You, can get that neutral everyday look just s easy as you can get something fun and colorful.


The packaging is really pretty though, with the black packaging and colorful flowers. You also get a mirror, which is not a given in these 12-pans. I used to think it was not important, but I changed the way I do my makeup lately. Before I used to do my makeup in the bathroom standing up close to the mirror. Now I do have my own vanity where I sit down. Problem is the mirror in front of me is too far away for my aging eyes, and I now always use mirrors in palettes to do my makeup. I can confirm that this mirror is big enough for doing your eye makeup with. The mirror also makes the palette a bit heavy, and it kind of helps it feel a bit more expensive, which I don’t mind.


The quality? Well, it’s Colourpop! Overall their quality is really consistently great. The mattes are pigmented and blend well, and the metallics are so buttery smooth, rich and reflective. From time to time I do find an off shade, or just a shade that needs a little bit of extra help, but this time around I was happy with all the shades. The formula is consistently good! And there are (luckily) none of those mattes with glitter in this palette. One of my pet-peeves about Colourpop is that they seem to enjoy putting these shades into palettes a bit more than I like. Overall just solid quality. I don’t have any cons to point out actually.


Since I happen to like this so much I think it’s a bit sad that it almost seems forgotten about. I haven’t seen any Youtube videos, I haven’t seen any reviews, still this palette is well worth a look if you are that neutral-but-fun-kind of gal/guy. Because this palettes offer plenty of options for that kind of style as well as great quality.

Surely a hit for me at least!