Jeffree Star Blue Blood Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

The big blue sister palette of the famous Blood Sugar. It’s funny to think about because if a big almost all blue palette was released 5 years ago, or before Instagram existed, I don’t think it would have been such a big hit. But people have become more daring and creative and I actually believe social media has something to do with it. The world was ready for all blue and it was a big hit!


The packaging is so pretty. Baby blue, with white details and shaped like a coffin or jewelry box. The palette of course is awfully bulky, but it’s more of a display piece than something that is handy for traveling. This packaging is to satisfy the collector in you, not the handy traveler. It does have a mirror, that is big enough, but I still found it very unpractical to use. Since the palette does not open completely, you either have to hold the palette quite high, or place it on top of something. Since it’s quite heavy I found it to be much better to just use a separate mirror instead of the one in the palette. In other words, having a mirror in this was completely useless for me personally.


The palette holds 18 different shades. In exactly the same format as Blood Sugar. The size is quite generous, they make the ABH palettes seem very stingy. They are also much more firmly pressed than ABH so these shadows will last you a long long time even with consecutive use. Surely, the palette is blue themed but you do get some options to go neutral, which is great if you want to use the palette a lot but don’t want to go pink every day. You get three different formulas. The majority of the shades are matte, some are regular metallics, and two of them are metallics with glitter in.

Although at first glance the palette looks to be very blue, one third of the shades in this palettes are actually neutrals. Suitable for very natural look even. So you do have more options than going all blue with this palette. Off course, the eye-catching shades that gets everyone’s attention is all the different blues. You get so many different tones and depths in this palette. Really dark blues, pastels, green toned blues, mints, grey toned blues. You really get such a nice variety of blue shades!


There are 12 mattes in this palette. I do really like that the palette offers a lot of mattes, because I find that very often when a palette has a few blue shades more often than not the blues are metallic. So this palette can very likely add some unique blues to your collection that you don’t already have. Very generally speaking I do like JS eyeshadows, but they are not my favorite formula out there. I do trust that when I pick up a palette from JS it is going to have great quality, but they don’t hit my preference perfectly. It’s not that the quality is lesser, it’s just that some formulas work better on my eyes than others. For instance, JS mattes are a tiny bit too dry for me. They are pigmented, blendable and generally holds very high quality. They are just a bit on the dry side (not to be confused with chalky!) and that means that I do need a primer for these to work perfectly on me. Without a primer they seem to have some issues sticking to my eyes. I think if I had more oily skin I would not need a primer with them, but since I am more normal or even dry these mattes need a sticky base to apply nicely on me.

The metallics was a bit unconsistent if formula. Some of them are rich, intense, smooth, buttery and simply just great shadows. “Ice Tray” for instance is an excellent shade, and so is “Crystal Flesh”. Nothing bad to say about those two. “Cullinan” is a bit different. Not that it’s bad in any way it’s just more of a duochrome topper shade and is absolutely stunning in the inner corner. I had some issues with “Deceased” though. It almost feels like it’s to hard pressed and I have to use quite a bit of pressure on mu brush to pick it up and for it to transfer on my lid. So even though three of the metallics are nice, one of them is unfortunately a dud and of much lesser quality than I would expect from a palette at this price range.


The two metallics with glitter are off course a bit different in formula too. The small glitter particles makes it a bit more chunky and less smooth than a regular metallic, but they pick up nicely, and are pigmented. Only thing is that I think these need some setting srpay since they are a tiny bit on the chunky side. I did experience some fallout from these that was reduced by using a damp brush.

I loved the looks I managed to do with this palette. I just had to get a bit used to the matte formula and after that I had so much fun playing around with all the colors. But I can’t help but feeling a bit underwhelmed. I mean the mattes are good, but not perfect for my personal preference, and since “Deceased” was a dud shade, the overall impression is just that I like the palette. I don’t love it…..if that makes sense. They are good, blendable blue shades, and I know those are hard to make, but I am just not over the moon for this.


I do think it’s a stunning collector piece, and I love that you have such an amazing variety of blue shades, and that it adds some more rare blue shades to my collection. So if that is your motivation to buy it, then surely most of the shadows are really good and the rest you will be able to work with. But if you just want some good quality blues and you don’t care about adding this as a collectors item, I would honestly just recommend you save your coins and buy Blue Moon from Colourpop instead.

It is a good palette, I just simply feel I have better blues in my collection. It will be a beautiful display piece though, and since I am a collector at least that counts for something.





Makeup Revolution Warming Gel Moisturizing Mask – Review!


Makeup Revolution have been releasing a whole bunch of masks the last few months. I think whatever you feel like your skin needs, they will have an option for you for a very fair price (as usual with makeup revolution). This was my first ever encounter with their masks, and I chose a hydrating one with a little twist…it’s supposed to be heating up!

First of all, I was surprised that the mask came in a nice glass jar. For the price I expected plastic. The design is very simple and minimalistic, but the weight of it makes it feel more luxurious for sure. You get a total of 50 ml which is pretty standard for this kind of product. It’s also vegan and cruelty free if that’s important to you.


One of the first things I noticed about this was the scent. It smells a bit like soap. Unfortunately not the good kind, but the small, cheap feeling bars you get in hotels. The scent is a bit off putting to me, and it smells a bit cheap. It’s not an overpowering scent though, but I can definitely smell the cheap soap when I apply it.

When you apply it something interesting happens though. The gel actually feels warming! The sensation is present for a fairly short time though, but when you rub in the mask, and for a minute or two after that you can feel that it’s warm. After being outside in the cold for a while I actually found this sensation quite pleasing and I would almost wish it could last longer.


This is the kind of mask you need to wash of instead of peeling or just letting it sink into the skin. After using this mask I felt like my skin was refreshed and hydrated. It’s not the most heavy duty intensely moisturizing mask, but it sure adds some hydration to the skin.

If you are not bothered by the scent, this is a decent hydrating mask that is also wallet friendly. Personally, because of the scent, I would rather try some of the many other masks by Makeup Revolution instead of repurchasing this.



Makeup Revolution Blow Out Mascara – Review!

Since I have become such a big fan of the Makeup Revoltion The Mascara Revoltion (It’s competing with L’Oreal Paradise Extatic about being my favorite drugstore mascara) I figured it was a good ide to test out their newer one and see if they made another mascara hit! I am one of those who love finding an awesome affordable mascar because I find it pointless to spend to much money on the higher end ones when there are plenty of great affordable options. And I am telling you, I used to buy exclusively Lancôme and Dior mascaras for 5-6 years because I was covinced cheaper ones could not match. But, even though both Dior and Lancôme have fantastic mascaras, I found so many just as good affordable ones that I just don’t see the point in splurging anymore. The point is, I wanted to know if this one was also a great affordable option. I mean, Makeup Revolution did it once so why not again?


The tube stands out with it’s oil slick coloring. The mascara brush is quite thick and large and made of rubber bristles. Sometimes I like the rubber bristles, but other times I feel like they tend to have a hard time building volume. I guess that could also be said for regular bristles, but somehow I feel like the rubber ones are challenging to me more often than regular bristles.

The mascara claims to have a jet-black thickening formula that gives you killer volume. It’s also enriched with cannabis satvia to nurish the lashes. I feel like cannabis has become quite a gimmick letaly, and I really don’t think it’s going to make a big difference on my lashes. Sure enough. After using it daily about 6 weeks, my lashes are all the same.


I didn’t but it for the cannabis ingredient though, I got it because I was hoping it would be a good mascara. I have to say I am not really convinced. To begin with I don’t feel like it gave me much volume or length. Sure, my lashes got darker, more visible, and off course a bit more long and voluminous than what they are without mascara. However, compared to my favorite ones the result from this was a big lackluster. After using it a few weeks the formula got a little bit thicker, which helped adding a bit more volume. Still not as good as I would like though.


If you like a more subtle mascara look then you may like this. Because I found that the longevity is nice, and it did not flake or smudge under my eyes. So if you want a more natural lash look at least the formula stays in place and looks nice. Me personaly preffer a bolder look, but at least once applied it stays in place nicely. It’s not waterproof though, which it does not claim to be either.


Overall, I am a big underwhelmed by how they made my lashes look, and even though the formula did not flake or smudge I don’t see myself buying it again simple because it does not quite reach my preffered result. However, if you don’t want to go too bold on your mascara it could be worth a shot.

Have you tried this? How did it work on your lashes?



Colourpop Orange You Glad? – Review & Swatches!

The happy orange palette that makes you want to drink a fresh glass of juice is a part of Colourpops 9-pan monochromatic series. I am loving these small handy little monochromatic palettes, both because they add a nice selection of each color to you collection in a small handy packaging, and because they are so fun to play with.


The design on this is pretty standard for their monochromatic palettes. The packaging is plastic (I wish it was cardboad!) and orange with a very simple design. You also get a mirror inside which is handy. Nothing stunning about the packaging really. But it’s simple and cute and gets the job done.


The palette has 9 shades, with three different types of finishes. You get 6 mattes, 2 shimmers and one glitter. As usual, this glitter is marked as non-eye-safe. Glitters never really are eye-safe so I guess it’s up to you if you want to use it on your eyes or not. I do use glitters on my eyes, but no glitter is eye safe so they need to put that disclaimer on the packaging. But, contrary to what many people belive, it’s not that this glitter is not eye safe, but other glitters are. No glitters are eye safe. They all contain particles that can fall into your eyes and potentially case irritation. I know a lot of people find it weird that they put a non-eye-safe product inside an eyeshadow palette which is intended for your eyes, but to be fair a lot of eyeshadow palettes have non-eye-safe products in them. For instance eyeshadows with pigments that can stain the eye has to be marked as not eye safe. Colourpop (and many other brands) have plenty of palettes with these kind of shades that are all labeled not eye safe. For some reason people seem to be quite concious about these glitters not being eye safe, and complain about it, and at the same time a lot of people use non eye safe pigments without even giving it a second thought. I do use these glitters on my eyes, and have never experienced any problems. However, this issue is something people just have to decide for themselves, and it completely makes sense that people with sensitive eyes want to stay clear of these glitters. But if you are willing to take that risk, this glitter really is pretty. The pressed glitters from Colourpop are generally very easy to use. This one has some chunky bits in it, that gives it a lot of dimention and adds something extra to the palette. So I am happy they added this.


The mattes are all great. I didn’t have any issued with any of the mattes. They perform like good Colourpop mattes usually does. They are very pigmented and very easy to blend. You get some very bright and fun pops of orange as well as a few more muted options. The only thing I feel is missing a bit is a really deep orange. The deepest matte is more of a mid-toned shade and I would like to see something a bit darker to be able to intensify and deepen the looks. Also, I do think maybe that Rise N Grind and Mimosa Mami is a bit too similar on the eyes. In the pan Mimosa Mami is clearly a bit more intense and a tad deeper, but on the eyes they look a bit more similar. I think if either one of these where gone I would not miss them in the palette. I would have like to see one of them swithced out with a white based orange duochrome to use as a highlighter shade, because this palette actually lack a nice inner corner or browbone highlight that is light enough. But those are just personal preferences.


The shimmers are buttery smooth and rich as they usually are with Colourpop. These don’t have any chunkyness to them either so they can just be applied without dampening the brush. Both shades are very reflective and pigmented, and they apply so nicely to the eyes. Very nice shades, and just the way I like them form Colourpop!


Just the overall quality of the eyeshadows are impeccable. I don’t really have anything bad to say about performance. None of them had any issues, non of them required a bit of tweaking (like using a damp brush for instance) to work optimal. Sure, the glitter does benefit from some glitter glue, but that’s the case with all glitters unless they are in a gel or liquid base.


My only chritizism really is that I think the color story could be improved. Mainly by having a darker matte option, and to have a white based orange duochrome highlighter shade. That’s just personal preference though and others might find the color story to be no less than perfect.

So overall I am super happy with the quality, and this little palette added a lot of nice oranges to my collection. A bonus (at least for me) it that orange really enhance blue, so they work excellent with blue eyes.

What about you. Would you wear a bright orange look? If so this palette is a must have!



Clinique Take The Day Of Cleaning Balm – Review!

I have been using cleansing balms for years. To remove heavy makeup I much prefer a balm. It usually get’s rid of everything, and one of the good things about it is that you don’t have to use cotton pads, which help minimize waist.

This is the first time I try this one from Clinique though. I have been going through jars and jars of Korean cleansing balms, but I wanted to get my hands on something that I could actually get in store here. The price point is much steeper on this since it is about 30$, compared to many Korean ones that I find several different one in the 10-15$ price range.


I bought this tub in September so I have been using this for about two months. I feel like I have tried to remove just about anything with this one by now. And WOW does it work. It’s just not a thing this balm will not remove. I just scoop a little bit of it (maybe a coin sized amount) and I just massage it all over my face. Sure, you will look crazy for a moment with black liner all over your face and red lipstick dragged all the way up to your ears, but when I rinse with water everything just melts away. It removes anything from glitter, lash-glue, waterproof makeup, hardcore liquid lipsticks.

So yes, It works without doubt. Now, I have tested a few of the Korean ones that work really really well too, so is Clinique worth the high price point? After about two months use, I have used maybe 1/3 or the tub. Every one of the Korean ones I have tried I haven’t been able to make last this long. Most of them was empty or half way empty after two months. So in the end, I guess the Clinique one actually is the cheaper option although the price in the store is three times as high.


The product does not have any particular smell to it either. So if you are sensitive to smells this is good. Another bonus with it is that is does not leave an oily film on my contact lenses. I have found this to be a problem with a lot of cleansing balms or two-phase oil makeup removers. That when the makeup is removed my vision gets blurry because an oil film covers my lenses. This has never been a problem with this one, and that’s actually one of my favorite things about this balm (except for the fact that it’s freakin excellent at removing makeup) because there’s nothing more irritating than removing your makeup in the afternoon, and then you have a blurry vision for the rest of the evening. So that’s a huge pro for me!


This one will for sure be my new go-to! I have been using stricktly korean brands for a few years now, but this one actually beats them in price, because the jar just lasts for so much longer. Also, there is a nice bonus that I can actually go into a lovel store and get this instead of ordering online. That means less waist in packaging and transportation, so buying locally is also better for the environment, which is also something we need to be better at considering.

Big hit for me! And I will for sure buy it again as soon as I run out.



Anastasia Sultry Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!


Sultry seems like something that was released a long time ago now. I think it’s about one year now? I am pretty sure Sultry was the holiday palette release in 2018. But, since then there have been so many palettes from ABH that poor little Sultry have been forgotten all about. I do think it’s appropriate to bring this one up for a review though, because that packaging just screams holiday to me!


The packaging is a sparkly gold and textured. This was the first palette when ABH got rid of that velvet packaging that tends to look pretty nasty after a while. And I think that was a good choice, because every palette since have been a better design than those dust magnet palettes. The Sultry is simple in one way, but very sparky and glam as well. It’s stunning. And if you like sparkles like me I am pretty sure you will find yourself holding the palette and just admiring the sparkles a bit before you open and use it. At least I do that!


This is their classic eyeshadow palette format with 14 eyeshadows in two rows. You get a mirror, the background it black and simple, and you also get that standard duo brush that they always add which I guess is a decent brush, but I never ever use it. The palette is half and half neutral and shimmers.

The neutrals have all the basics shade you need. You get that bone shade, you get 3 different softer crease shades of different browns depending on how cool or warm you want to go with your look. You also get a great black matte, a really dark brown, and a fun pop of matte coral. With these 7 mattes you get every single basic shade you can wish for in addition to a fun pop of color. I tink the mattes are well curated for a neutral palette. The black is also an outstaning black. I already own the shade “Noir” in previous ABH palettes and it’s one of my favorite black eyeshadows from my entire collection. If you want super pigmented true black than this is a great option!


The powderyness of the ABH eyeshadows have always been a issue with them. I don’t mean just with Subculture, but every ABH palette I own have very soft mattes. You get a ton of kickback in the pans, and they just don’t last very long because they are so soft. I found that panning one of the mattes rarely take more than 3-4 weeks if you use it every day. So if you want a nice and easy panning project I suggest an ABH palette. These mattes are still soft, but I do think they have a little less kickback in the pans than what I have been used to from ABH. I would not say they are firm, not at all, but at least a little firmer than the previous palettes. The formula is still the same nice, blendble pigmented formula though. Overall really nice mattes and I did not have any issues with any of them!


The 7 shimmers are all neutral shades, but they have different depth and different undertones. You do have a shimmer to pick from regarding if you want to go light, medium or really dark with your look.  “Cyborg” is the stand out shade among the shimmers as it is a striking rich silver. The rest of the shades are champagne, browns and golden shades. The formula is beautiful too. Nicely pigmented, easy to apply, smooth and nice and reflective. I did get a bit of fallout though, so I needed some cleaning up underneath my eyes when I was done doing my looks. I am exceptionally sloppy with kicking off access of the brush though, so I am probably partly the problem.


The color story may seem a bit dull, after all the fun colorful releases the last year. I mean, I think we hve moved away from the neutral with a pop of color palettes, and the half neutral/half colorful palettes seem more trendy. However, I do think this is a really good staple palette. You do get al the basics, you do get the sparkly shimmers to glam up any look, you do have wearable options as well as dramatic options, you can go cool.toned or you can go warm-toned. All of it in a very nice quality off course.


If you have your basics covered then maybe this palette won’t add anything, but this really is a palette that can do it all when it comes to neutrals. I don’t say run out and buy it if you feel you have your neutrals covered already. But, even though I do have my fair share of  neutrals I am happy I got this palette. The composition of all the basics you need whilst still not being boring is just excellent, and the packaging and quality is stunning as well. So all in all, I am happy to own this basic palette.



The Balm Autobalm GRLPWDR Cheeks On The Go – Review!

It’s been a hot minute since I reviewed a product from The Balm. I do have a big fancy for their cheek products and their quirky fun packaging cheezy puns. It’s such a fun brand, but they don’t throw that many releases (which is kind of a reliefe) and their products are not that much in the spot light I feel, which is kind of a shame. So I don’t very often pick up something new from the brand, but when I do I am usually happy about them.


This handly little cheek palette I just crabbed on the go. I basically picked it up impulsively when speeding by their display and I payed for it and left. I had never heard of this product, or seen it. I just grabbed it.


It’s really cute though. The packaging is made of tin so it feels very sturdy. It’s kind of hard to open though, and I can’t imagine how hard it would be without any fingernails. Inside you get 4 cheek products. They are placed on a thray that you can pull out with a tiny band. If you are into depotting this will for sure make the job easier, and you could use the tin for something else. Not much, since it’s so small, but you could fit some mints in there. I preffer just keeping my products in the original packaging though. Oh, and there is a mirror too, which I find a bit too small to use when applying face products. Still, it’s there!


Three of the products are matte and one is shimmery. The shimmery one could be used as highlighter if you have a dark enough skin tone. I would say medium to dark could use it as an highlighter. For me it’s a nice blush topper. I love adding some glow to my blushes with a topper so I am happy about that!


The three other products could be your everyday blush. You get one peachy pink, one darker berry, and one almost brown tones neutral with some pink in it. For me all of them work as blushes. but the brown tones one “Bleeker” I have also used as a bronzer/contour. That may sound weird but since I have a light skin tone a brown powder with a pink tone is actually very natural and nice as a bronzer for me during winter. I have been using NARS Zen for that purpose a long long time (I even hit pan) even though Zen is originally a blush. I loved using Bleeker the same way, but I had to be a bit careful since the pan is fairly small and I had to squeeze my bronzer blush to make it fit to pick up the product.


I tend to use smaller blush brushes (I have a small face) so I had no issues picking up blush. But if you preffer bigger brushes you may find the pans a bit on the smaller side. There is 2 grams of product in each though, which is a decent size for a blush.

Even though tiny and pocket sized, and even though you only get 4 different shades this little palette is surprisingly versatile and I found that it worked nicely with any look I chose to do. There is just a suitable option in there no matter if you go cool,warm, neutral or dramatic! A really smart and handy little thing that can take a punch (tin packaging) so safe to travel with.

Thumbs up from me for sure!