BH Cosmetics Spotlight Highlight 6 Color Palette – Review & Swatches!

This is a treasure I’ve been hiding around in my drawers from quite some time. But if you have been a long term follower on my Instagram you may have seen me mention this before, because I know I did a review of it back when I didn’t have a blog and I actually posted full reviews on Instagram! Now, Instagram is more of a visual platform, so for someone who likes to go in depth with my reviews I needed somewhere where text and content was also important. So I figured it would not hurt to repeat the old Instagram review with a proper one on the blog. After all this is a permanent item that is well worth mentioning!


For only 17$ you get 6 big pans of highlighter with 33 g of product alltogether. That’s a lot of highlighter! As we all know by now you rarely need to pay full price for BH Cosmetics because they are constantly having sales and great offers on their site, and I’ve seen this on discount so many times, so just wait for the right time to pick it up would be my advice. They come in a cardboard palette that feels heavy and pretty solid, and it has a very decent sized mirror inside.


You get a nice selection of golds, bronze and pink highlighters. I think this selection is good for fair to maybe light medium skin tones. Personally I can use every single shade, and only “Radiance” the darkest bronze, is too dark for winter. The rest are all year shades and my skin s light and neutral. I can imagine these being a bit too pale if you have a darker skin tone, or at least several of the lighter shades would not be very flattering. So unfortunately this is not a palette that fits everyone as the base of the highlighters are fairly light. If you are within the light skin tone range you will probably find good use out of this, because even though the palette is not very versatile over a large range of skin tones, all of the shades or at least most of them are suitable if you have a light complexion.  The formula on these highlighters are so good, so I kind of wish they would release a palette for dark/medium skin too! I mean, they have three palettes that suits light skin after all, some deeper highlighter shades could not hurt!

I really do believe that permanent makeup items should have colors for every skin. If a company release a series of blushes, make one at least for every skin tone! Same with lipstick, and foundation and same with highlighters. I get why that’s not possible for all companies to do with limited edition releases but at least bigger companies should do this with their regular line. Here BH Cosmtics have three highlighter palettes in this series, so I really think they should get a darker one to complete their selection.


If you are lucky enough to match the colors in this palette, I would highly recommend them. The formula is incredibly smooth and buttery. When you touch them they feel very similar to the Juvia’s Place metallic eyeshadows actually! The powders are not glittery at all. The shimmer is very finely milled so there is no glitter which in my opinion is a good thing. Another thing that’s great about these highlighters is that they can be both subtle and intense metallic highlighters all depending on how you apply them. A light graze with a fan rush will give you a very natural glow, but a little denser brush will make it looks very intense and glowy, so you can make both out of the same highlighters depending on your look and your mood.


To be completely frank I would pick this palette over any Anastasia Glow Kit any day! It’s that good! And for the price it is an absolute steal. I love my share of luxury makeup as well but nothing beats something that is cheap and works fantastic!

This palette is an absolute bargain!



Lunar Beauty Life’s A Drag Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

To be completely honest with you I had no intentions of picking up this palette. I mean, I was intrigued by the colors and concept. I was tempted by the idea of having everything essential on one side of the palette, and some fun colors with a nice diversity for endless colorful looks on the other side. The idea was great, but I just could not wrap my head around the packaging. The front cover is just not pretty in my opinion.


The packaging looks so nice on the inside though, and I kind of wish they transferred that look to the outside instead of having the drag look on the front cover. Now, I am fully aware this is personal taste, but I just don’t like the looks of it and find it such a shame that they did not stick to the theme of the inside of the palette instead, because that is beautiful. The front cover design was actually the only reason I decided to pass on this palette, but since BeautyBay has this on a nice offer I decided to go for it since I do like the colors after all.


The insides of the palette is beautiful though. You get 14 eyeshadows about the size of a MAC or MakeupGeek single pan. You also get a mirror and a dual ended brush. The packaging feels heavy and luxurious and everything feels well put together. The brush is no better than your regular cheap synthetic brush. Sure, you can work with it, but you feel immediately that this is not a quality brush. I find that both Anastasia and Urban Decay put better brushes in their palettes. I have plenty of brushes I like so that’s OK.

On one side of the palette you get your basics and your neutrals. I really like that you get a decent pigmented black and a white. The white is not intensely pigmented, but neither is it chalky like whites can easily get. you can build it up, but if you want the white color to really show you need a white or very light pigmented base underneath.


It’s really nice that you get both a cool toned crease shade and a warm toned one in addition to some deepening shades. A well put together basic side. They blend really well, and are easy to work with. Just the right amount of pigment in order to get your payoff, but not so much that you have to work hard to blend everything out. I like these mattes.

The Colorful and the basic side is separated by the only two shimmer shades in the palette. “Legendary” is a rich golden shade that is smooth, pigmented, rich and applies true to color on the lid. A really nice shimmer shade! “Beat” is a bit different. It has a nice sparkle to it, but the base is not pigmented. It looks more sheer on the eyes than in the pan. It works well as an inner corner highlight, or as an eye-topper which is my favorite way of using it. Patting this one on top of other shades in this palette created some really nice dimension and sparkle to the look.


The colorful side has 6 colors. I like that you get one of each basic color. You get your red, pinks, yellow, blue and green. Just everything you need to create a large range of colorful looks without being too many shades to pick from. All of the shades look matte on the eyes, but the Blue shade has a bit of sheen to it in the pan. I assume this is added to the color to make it easier to blend, as a deep blue pigmented matte formula can be hard to blend. Overall I am quite happy with these shades. I was maybe the most impressed with the purple that blended without any problem at all! It is always a pleasure to find a blend-able matte purple. The only shade that was a bit disappointing to me was the green. As you can probably tell on the swatch it does not apply that evenly or pigmented, and needs quite a bit of work to show up. In my opinion this shade should have been better considering the rest of the quality in this palette which is quite high.

Overall I am happy with the quality, and the palette holds everything you need. That could be a good thing, but it could also be that you already have absolutely every shade in this palette already. If you are one who like both neutrals and colors and want a travel palette that has both I think it is a good palette to have. I don’t think I own any palettes that offers both all the basic neutrals and all the basic colors in one palette, so in that matter the palette stands out. But if you are looking for something to keep and use at home, you probably already have this palette just not in one packaging.


The quality is nice, the shadows are good without doubt. But I just can’t shake of the feeling that I just would not buy this again. It is a good quality palette, but simply just too basic. Now, since I like the  colors and the quality I will probably pull this out from time to time and use it, but it’s just not a palette I would repurchase or recommend to anyone with a larger collection. I would however recommend if you don’t have your basic neutrals and colors covered. After all it’s nice quality and easy to work with so in that matter a nice beginners palette. It would also be excellent as a travel palette if you feel like you really need basics and colors all in one when you are out and about. But for someone with an extensive collection I would say you are not really missing out on anything if you pass.

Have you tried this palette? Let me know how you like it in the comments!

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Revoution Pro Supreme Matte Lip Pigment – Review!

Hello NARS copies! Let’s just address the elephant in the room straight away. These are obviously strongly inspired by NARS liquid lipsticks. There are many opinions about that, I don’t have any strong opinions against designs and ideas being copied as long as it’s not a fake product. I know, kind of rude to not come up with your own design, but It’s not enough for me to boycott a product. Although, I usually tend to be more drawn to the original anyway.

Makeup Revolution are known for copying other brands lipstick designs (among other things). In addition to these they also have lipsticks strongly inspired by MAC’s classic design. The Renaissance lipsticks are very close to Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, and they recently launched glosses that might as well could be Fenty gloss bombs. So yeah, these guys being a NARS copy is neither shocking or anything new. Creds to NARS for the beautiful design though, because they are for sure pretty!


I picked up three of these guys (they were so cheap they almost count as free!) in the shades Semblance, Inconspicious and Pretence. I like that you can see the color of the lip product through the tube. Again. creds to NARS for the design.

The lipsticks don’t have much of a scent. Actually it’s hard to pick up any scent at all. You must really put your nose close to the wand to get any hint of chemical smell. I would say they are scent-free when you have to put that much effort into smelling anything.

The want is a flat want, that are precise enough to apply the product nicely. I didn’t have to use a lip liner with the red shade which is the darkest one of the ones I picked.


The lipstick has a mousse like texture and is richly pigmented. No problems getting this to apply nice ans evenly, and it’s not streaky at all. The formula feels very nice on the lips. It takes a very long time for it to dry down completely. Even after around 30 minutes I could feel that it was still a bit tacky, but it will eventually dry down completely.


They are actually very light weight and comfortable even after it has dried down completely! It’s not drying at all, and it almost feels like you are not wearing anything! So this scores a lot of points being super comfortable.

The longevity is unfortunately not that great. I would say around 3-4 hours is what to expect from these, and that is if you don’t eat or drink. Eating or drinking is actually something I would not recommend with these because they tend to crumble and fall off in a very unflattering way with any exposure to food or hot drinks. They simply does not handle eating, and they almost dissolve and crumble off.


If you don’t mind reapplying after 3-4 hours and you don’t plan on eating anything while wearing these, then they are after all comfortable to wear. In addition they are also super cheap (around 4£ if I remember correctly).

I don’t see myself picking up any more shades of these. I mean, if they faded away nicely I would not mind just reapplying them after a meal like a regular lipstick or gloss, but my problem with these is that they just don’t look cute at all after a meal, they fade very patchy and even though most of it is gone, you can clearly see residues on the lips, patchy residue. So for me it’s just too impractical to be tempted to pick up any more.

I could off course wear these when I know I won’t be eating for a few hours, because they do look and feel very nice, but this is not a formula I would recommend in general.

Have you tried these? Are they a hit or miss for you?

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Top 6 makeup products from H&M Beauty

This is a makeup line that I feel is totally underrated and not enough people focus on. A lot of people I’ve talked to didn’t even know H&M had their own beauty line in the drugstore price range.

I know availability differs a bit from country to country. Where I live h&M offers quite a large selection of makeup brands like NYX, Maybelline, L’Oreal and a few more in addition to their own line. Parts of the reason may be that we don’t have any drugstores. Ulta does not exits (and they don’t ship here either), and all the typical stores for makeup sell only luxury makeup brands like Dior, Guerlain, Chanel, Lancôme and so on. So we don’t really have any bigger stores that sell drugstore brands. For me where I live, H&M actually has the very best selection of drugstore makeup and it’s my go-to whenever I want to shop in store.


Other places only have the H&M beauty line available online. This beauty line is not available in China though, because they want to keep the line cruelty free.

Either way, this brand is worth having an extra look at, so I wanted to do a post with 5 of my favorite items from the  brand. I was not able to decide to go for just 5, so in the end I ended up with 6. I just could not take any of these away!

H&M Cream Lipstick: These are luxury lipsticks for 9.99$. The formula on these are amazing and they really feel high end. Unfortunately the packaging is far from luxurious, but still I keep reaching for these over and over again. The formula is so rich and creamy and comfy to wear it’s amazing that you can get such a good lipstick from a drugstore priced brand. My absolute favorite is “Creamy Chestnut” which is a beautiful peachy nude. I am certain I will pick p more nudes from this line, and I highly recommend them!


H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blush: These are off course blushes that I love, otherwise they would not be in this post. But they are just so good! There is just something about how flattering the colors look, and how easy they are to apply. The feel and result it gives is so similar to a high end product and I don’t really know how H&M does it. The packaging again is sort of a sad story, but the inside is so good.

They got plenty of colors to pick from. The formula is sheer but buildable which is what makes it so foolproof to apply. They price again is 9.99$ but I often see these on sale for just a fraction of the price. H&M seem to change up their color selection quite a bit and you will regularly find their blushes and lipstick on sale for just a few coins, so make sure you check out if they have any on discount before looking at the full priced blushes. Either way, they are a bargain.


H&M Radiant Bronze Island Hopper Glow Powder: A beautiful baked radiant bronzer. My favorite way of using this is just as a topper on my regular bronzer to add a little bit of glow. Or you can use it on it’s own to really get that bronze goddess glowy beach queen kind of look.

This one is so glowy it could even be a highlight on deep complexions.


H&M Colour Essence Eye Pencil: I got a lot of these and there is a reason why. First of all they are 6.99$ but often found on sale. The selection of colors is great and you find everything from blacks, browns and nude to those fun popping colors that we love. There really is a pencil for everyone within this line.

They are pigmented and very smooth, so they can be used on the waterline as well as smudged on the lash line or even as a base for your eyeshadow. They will last all day on your lash line, and even have very decent staying power in the water line as these set and are not easily rubbed off.

I use these all of the time, and you can very often see them featured in the list of products under my makeup looks.


H&M Delicate Pearl Illumination Lustre Powder: This may look like your standard highlighter that everyone has e version of in their drawer, and I partly agree. The color is not unusual, but the result it gives make me reach for it over and over again despite the fact that I probably have 20 other similar highlight. This gives a gorgeous glow, almost metallic, without being shimmery or glittery. It also applies so smoothly and I think it’s just really hard to get a bad result with this because it’s so flattering.

The price is 14.99$ but I would happily pay twice as much, because I still think it would be worth it. A hidden gem in their collection, so if you have a chance I recommend giving it a swatch if you see it in store!


Did you ever try anything from the H&M beauty line? Do you have any hits or misses to share then please do so in the comment! I would love to hear your experience with the brand.

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Juvia’s Place Saharan II – Review & Swatches!

Time for another review of another Juvia’s Place palette. If you read one of my previous ones you probably know my general opinion about Juvia’s Place, and after using this one I stand by my opinions: This brand is among my top three brands regarding eyeshadow formula, and the crown piece is off course their amazing metallic shades.


This palette is a 9-pan with the large pan size. I have to say I am not overly enthusiastic about every palette being a different size, but that’s just my sense of order speaking. I like same brands to have same sized palettes so they can be stored together and look neat. I guess that says more about me though, and has nothing to do with the quality of the product itself. It’s the same size as the Zulu palette if that makes more sense to you! The packaging is beautiful as always, maybe even a bit better than regular. I just like the colors andof the packaging a lot this time around.


The color selection is gorgeous. I am surprised by how much I like this actually, because when you look at Juvia’s Place palettes at least my eyes are more drawn to the brighter ones like Masquerade, Zulu and Magic. This color story of the Saharan II is more anonymous, but after taking a closer look it’s absolutely just as stunning as the ones mentioned above. The palette has 6 of the beautiful metallic formula and 3 mattes. I think the two blue shades makes a beautiful contrast to the warm and red toned mattes, peach ans bronze shades and they go well together in a look. The only thing I find myself missing in this palette is a lighter matte. All the three mattes are fairly dark, while many of the shimmers would be great for more wearable everyday looks if they were paired with a lighter crease shade. Now, you can off course wear whatever you feel like for everyday, but I know many people (including myself) like to tone it a bit down for work, so I do think this palette would be a lot more versatile if one of the mattes were a bit lighter. Off course, there is always an option to pick from another palette!


Although I am craving a slightly darker crease shade, the shadows that are in this palette is absolutely beautiful. There is no single bad shade and they are all beautiful and go well together. You may not think of a metallic blue and a dark matte berry as the obvious choice of color combination, but these work so nicely together. This palette makes you think about slightly unusual color combinations, which is great to spark some creativity.


I feel the same way about the Saharan II as I do with so many other Juvia’s Place palettes, I don’t really have anything bad to say about the quality. The metallics are Juvia’s Place masterpiece though, and you get 6 delicious shades here which is no less than great!

Have you tried this palette yourself? Give me your thought in the comments!

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Review: Milani Powder Blushes “Coral Cove” and “Blossomtime Rose”.

I remember these being around for so long. I remember when I was still a Bachelor student back in 2011 finishing my first degree I was sitting and drooling over these online. Milani was not available in store at the time and there were only very few places that offered shipping to where I lived. Thinking of it, not much has changed.


So not too long ago I decided I would finally pick up one of these pretty rose blushes, and soon after I picked up another one. I got the shades “Coral Cove” (in front) and  “Blossomtime Rose”. The pigmentation is medium to soft I would say, so they are easy to apply without overdoing it, and they apply evenly without much fuzz. In other words these are quite user friendly, and you can apply them without putting too much thought on it. I also like pigmented blushes, but there is something nice about having a blush to apply that you just know won’t do you any wrong, like making you look slightly clownish when you are in a hurry and really just need to get out of the door! Coral Cove is a nice matte coral shade perfect for summer, and Blossomtime Rose is a pink with a soft golden sheen that looks good with any look. They got two more shades, but unfortunately the selection for deeper skintones is not that great. Considering they are not super pigmented and all the shades are quite pale. I thin they could with benefit release some deeper shades. Woulds a deep bright fuchsia look great with this packaging for instance? I hate it when I find blushes that are great but the color selection is mainly for fair or medium skin tones (I am looking at you too Physicians Formula!). We can just let Juvia’s Place be a great example of how to create blushes where everyone can find their shade. More of this please!


I think for being a 8.99 $ blush the packaging is quite decent. The thing that make them stand out are off course the beautiful rose pattern. The rest of the pattern is simple with clear lid and golden details. It does not have much weight to it, so it doesn’t feel expensive, but I think they look better than your average drugstore packaging and I can appreciate that. You get a LOT of product with these guys though, because they contain 17 grams of product. Compared to a MAC blush that has 6$ this is a pretty sweet deal considering how cheap they are!


I am also happy with their performance. I find that usually blush does not last longer than around 4 hours on me (with some very very few exceptions) and these lasts about that time. On my skin this is not more than expected so I am happy with it.

Actually I think everything considered these blusher are a bargain! I am hoping to pick up the shades I am missing eventually!

Have you tried these? What’s your opinion on them?

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My Top 5 Concealers!

Time to share with you some long time favorites of mine. I have around 20 concealers sitting in my collection, and I have tried a bunch more. So I decided to narrow it down and present the top 5 concealers I have tried!


You may notice that the usual big time favorite Tarte Shape Tape Concealer is not among my top 5. That’s not because I don’t have it. I actually have it in two shades. It’s not because I don’t like it either, again I have it in two shades, but these 5 are all concealers I prefer over that very famous Shape Tape.


I think Makeup Revolution struck gold when they made this Revolution Conceal & Define concealer. This is just amazing and so affordable. It has a huge applicator that let’s you cover what you need under your eyes in one single swipe. The formula is quite thick and it needs to be set to avoid creasing. Many people consider this a dupe for Tarte Shape Tape. I disagree. To me this has a much nicer finish because shape tape is a bit dryer and more matte than this. This is an improved version of Shape Tape in my eyes! The only disadvantage is that you will go through a tube really fast. Now the brand got rid of that problem by releasing a super size version, but I prefer sticking to a smaller tube and changing it more often so the product stays fresh.


The Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Flawless Wear Concealer is the concealer that has been in my collection for the longest time (not this exact one off course) and it’s still going strong. This is a fantastic concealer when you really want to make sure your under eyes look good all day, because this really does stay in place all day. I actually found that it’s not the greatest match to a BB Cream that does not have the best longevity. I’ve tried it and ended up with very concealed under eyes while the rest of my face was worn off after some hours. It has good coverage and looks natural on the skin with a satin finish, and it has minimal creasing so you don’t really need to set it.Old time favorite for sure!


This Chanel Correcteur Perfection Concealer may very well be my favorite of them all. I want to keep all off my makeup off course, but if I had to pick just one it would be this. It has such a beautiful skin like finish, and it looks like “you” just covered up and brighter and better. The classic and chic Chanel packaging never hurt anyone either.


The Bare Minerals Stroke Of Light Eye Brightener is not exactly a concealer because it gives very light coverage, but it brightens and lifts the under eye like no other concealer can! For days when I just want a little bit of light coverage this one will do, but it also works really nice to  layer on top of other concealers to add some brightness.


Finally the NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer! This is actually my only potted concealer. It has great coverage, a soft matte finish (does live up to the name!) and blurs and smooth out your under eyes really really nicely! Great option if you want something that looks a bit more matte. At least on me it does not look or feel drying.

All of these concealers work great for me. They are meant for different uses and for sure not all of them will fit all of you, but I tried to point out their performance so you can decide for yourself. If you want good coverage for instance then obviously avoid that one from bare minerals, and don’t buy the NARS one if you can’t stand a matte finish. However, I find all of these to work great and I will happily use every single one of them depending on what I want that day. I would recommend every single one, and I will repurchase every single one too!

Did you try any of these, and what do you think? What would your top 5 pick be? Leave a comment and let me know!