Obsession London Liquid Illuminator “S&X” – Review!

I am always up for the next new affordable highlighter discovery, so I decided to test out this liquid illuminator by a completely unknown brand Obsession London. I have dabbled into a few things from the brand but at the time I picked up this liquid highlighter I had not tested anything from the brand yet. And heard very little things as well so I was naturally very curious.


The bottle is a nice glass bottle with a simple logo print and a dropper to get the product out. The product feels heavy and solid for the cheap price (it’s only 7£).


The shade is very pretty. It’s a light bronze with silver glitter that reflect blue and purple. I am not usually a fan of glittery highlighters, but there are some exceptions that I really do love, like Colourpops Flexitarian, so I am not about to judge anything before trying it.

I applied this as I usually do. I just dot three dots on each side on the high-points of my cheeks and blend out with a sponge. I discovered that this was fairly hard to blend. The dots I put on initially was still quite visible after I had blended for a little while. In the in it did blend out but it took significantly longer than what I am used to. I would recommend applying and blending this on one side first, because the second side has time to try while you work on blending the first side, and that makes the problem even worse on the side of your face where the highlighter have been sitting for a little while. So one side at the time!


It’s not only hard to blend out but it’s also too glittery. In my opinion this is not a great product to mix into foundation because it’s not only shimmery, it does have flecks of glitter. If you want flecks of glitter all over your face then off course that’s not a problem. Then you’ll probably like this product. I know many people like some glitter in their highlighter and there is absolutely no problem with that, but it’s not my personal preference. So even though the color is pretty and the blue and purple reflection is captivating on watches it’s just too much glitter for my taste. However, if you do like glitter then the good news is that this product seem to stay put where you add it. So you can easily have control over where you would like the glitter, and you won’t have a problem with it spreading all over your face (Anastasia Dream Glow Kit I am looking at you!).

For me personally this was a miss as a highlighter. Partly because of the glitter, and partly because of how hard it is to blend out. There simply are better ones out there, even at the same price range. I can just mention Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter that has a large selection of shades that I would recommend instead of these.

It is however pretty both as an eyeshadow and as an inner corner highlighter, so I did find some way to use it after all, just not as a highlighter.

I will have some more reviews with products from this brand in the future, and it’s not all this bad, so stay tuned if you want to see more reviews from this brand.

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Makeup Revolution Deluxe Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

I have to be quite honest with you. If this palette came in a different packaging I would probably not buy it. I mean, the whole Jewel Collection released by Makeup Revolution just before the Christmas holidays was all neutral palettes of different variations and I probably would not have given them a second look if it was not for the stunning frosted finish gold, silver and rose gold packaging. And I picked up all three palettes, solely for the packaging. I am that kind of nuts. Because honestly, I did not need three new neutral palettes. Collector at heart that’s the problem here.


The packaging truly is beautiful though. The Deluxe palette has a rose gold cover with a frosted finish. You know, like ice crystals froze on it, not like frosted glass. It truly is so beautiful and looks far more expensive than the 10£ price tag. Inside you get a very nice mirror, and a black background where the names of each shadow is printed. No plastic sheet insert thank goodness! I mean who are able to keep those?


The palette has eyeshadows with two different sizes. The first row is 6 big pans with the most incredible metallic foiled eyeshadows you can imagine. I have never, not ever, come across such rich, smooth and intense foiled eyeshadow at this price level. I mean, just look at the photo below. I swiped my finger once in the pan and ran my finger down my arm…..once. That’s some insane pigment right? I had a friend over a while back that swatched them as well and she seemed equally amazed. What sorcery is this Makeup Revolution? I am telling you right now, this palette is worth picking up just for that top row of 6 shades alone! These shadows are unmatched at the drugstore. I have never seen this formula from Makeup Revolution before, but they need to get busy and make some more!


The two other rows are eyeshadows with smaller pans, with 7 in each row. These shadows are a mix of regular shimmer shadows, satins and two mattes. And here we encounter the first problem of the palette. I think two matted are a bit on the short side. Especially since they are both mid tones. I really miss a deepening shade since you have so many wonderful and rich foiled metallics. I am not one of those who think a palette should be mainly mattes, but I do like to get the basics covered. I also really think they could have put in some more useful shades in the middle. The whole middle row is basically three colors. In a palette like this you don’t need 5 light golden champagne tones shades. A few to highlight with would be enough. I think the palette would have a much better composition if at least four of these shades in the middle row was replaced. Imagine having a really dark matte brown, and a rich matte burgundy and maybe some more berry shades instead of 5 almost similar pale shimmer shades.


These smaller shadows perform more like I am used to by Makeup Revolution. They totally work, but they are not amazing in any way. It’s the 6 foiled eyeshadows that make the whole palette.


But even though I think they did a pretty lousy job composing this palette, and that the shimmers and mattes are as expected for the price; good and gets the job done, but lacks the wow factor. I still think the palette is worth picking up, I mean all the shades do work and you can for sure make pretty looks with them. But Those 6 foils are among the most incredible eyeshadows I have come across in a long time and I am so surprised! Why haven’t we seen something like these before? They are bomb!


With that said, I do think out of the three palettes from the collection this is not the best choice. The two other palettes have the exact same formula, but with a better color composition with for instance more matte and less similarity between shades. In short words much better composed. I would absolutely recommend this palette for the formula of the foiled shades, but instead of picking up this one I would check out the sibling palettes like Opulent or Gilded instead of picking up Deluxe.

But those foils….you need them!



Revolution Pro The Mascara Revolution – Review!

The first mascara to be released my Revolution and off course I got excited. I don’t turn down a cheap but good mascara, which is what I was hoping this one could be. On the other hand, being their first mascara I was not sure if they would do a good formula or if it would be a flop. No better way to learn than to just try. I think for 8£ trying is completely OK. I actually used to always buy high end mascaras because I was convinced that was my best option and well worth the investment, but after finding several great drugstore mascaras lately I have almost stopped buying high end mascaras. I mean I love Lancôme mascaras for instance, but I can get 4 good ones at the drugstore for the same price. I was excited to know if this could be a new cheap hit.


The tube looks nice though. It’s that reflective rose gold fingerprinty look, and with just a different print on it it could look like a high-end product. It’s quite light weight though so it does not feel high-end. But it looks nice laying around in my makeup bag.

The mascara brush is quite large with short bristles and a curve. I found it quite easy to apply on my top lashes, but the wand is a bit big for my lower lashes and smaller eyes. It works just fine with if I just focus on the task, but I get major mascara-face-expressions (you all know what I mean) when trying to reach those bottom lashes without making a mess. It works fine, but it is on the bigger side just so you know.


The formula is quite thick, almost moussey. I was happy to learn that it’s not one of those very watery mascaras because I never manage to apply those on my lashes without applying them at least a few more other places. This formula is easy to work with regarding not making a mess.

Since it is quite thick it also covers the lashes quite well. I was very happy with how my lashes looked with just one coat. They look both long and thick,, but not clumpy. A second layer would make them look quite full, a bit too full for my taste and edging getting a bit clumpy. Since I was happy with how my lashes look with just one coat, plenty of volume and length, then I didn’t feel I needed that second coat anyway. If thicker lashes are something you like then you can definitely get that with this one.


It wears well too! I did not experience any smudging or flaking. Off course it’s not waterproof, which it does not claim to be, so after running in heavy rain with it I had a tiny bit of smearing. But overall it held up very nicely. One thing I do like with this is that the lashes stay soft. Even though it’s a quite thick formula it does not make my lashes feel crunchy. They stay soft even when the mascara has dried.

Overall I have to say I am impressed. I like the look, I like how it wears and I like the price.This one will be a repurchase for sure. It is actually not that far away from the L’Oreal Paradise Extatic mascara (Or Lash Paradise as it’s names in US) so if you like that one chances are that this one is worth a try as well!

What is your favorite drugstore mascara? Or do you prefer high-end?



Colourpop X Disney It’s A Princess Thing Eyeshadow Palette – Swatch & Review!


My childhood was Disney movies on repeat. Because we had one three tv channels and barely anything for kids so the same old VHS Disney movies were played over and over again. Internet did not exist, and I even remember when CD’s was a new thing. Needless to say, Disney is very nostalgic to me, because growing up with limited options those same old Disney movies were played over and over and over again. They were a big part of my childhood guilty pleasure entertainment. I guess what I am trying to say with these ramblings is that 1. I am old, and 2. Off Course I needed to pick up this palette.


The design of the palette has 6 Disney Princesses on the front cover, but a much more grown-up and modern version. I kind of like that because if they had their classic movie appearance they would be a bit too childish I think. I think this design is easier for people who are also a bit older could enjoy without getting pre school lunch box vibes. Inside you get their “signature” in gold with black background, and the background behind the eyeshadows are the same gold finish as in the signatures.


At first I would have thought the palette would be more true to the colors we see in the Disney Princess characters. I mean Belle could inspire for a bright yellow shade, and Jasmine could pull in some beautiful turquoise and so on, but the palette is surprisingly neutral.  You got soft pinks, browns and berries but not much representing for instance the colorful clothing of the Disney figures. I kind of thought the color story was a bit boring to be honest, but I quickly chanced my mind after using them a bit. Yes, there are mainly neutrals, but a nice and handy selection of them. But if you are looking for a silver you got a really really stunning one right here, the gold is gorgeous too, and the nice purple has a nice pop. The shades are also all different enough from each other when applied to the eyes. Colourpop rarely duplicate their own shade within a palette though.


The composition is mostly their shimmer/metallic formula that I just love! Those shades so rich, smooth and pigmented it makes me happy to swatch and apply them. Then you have four mattes, and in the beginning I was a bit disappointing because they are all fairly light, and I immediately thought I would miss a deeper shade. It turns out though that both “Beast” and “Midnight Curfew”, which are matte bases with flecks of glitter, behave just like a matte on the eye, giving you a dark brown matte and a black matte to work with. I am as always puzzled by why they put these glitter flecks in some shades. Sure, it looks pretty in the pan, but when all the glitter flies away when blending (ending up who knows where) and you are left with a matte eyeshadow on the lid then why can’t it be a matte in the first place. That will never stop annoying me.


The four regular mattes behave just like Colourpops usual regular mattes do.  They are blendable, pigmented and smooth. Really easy to work with. Although, my favorite formula from the brand are their metallics, their mattes are really really good too! The last shade is “Triton” a satin shade. That also works just fine, but I am actually kind of an all or nothing kind of person. be matte or be metallic, satins are not that exciting. This one is so subtle with the satin shine that you can just use it as a matte.


The overall quality of the shadows are great. I did not face any problems with them, and they work just as I have learnt to expect from Colourpop eyeshadows. The palette is obviously a neutral palette, but it turned out to be a bit more interesting than I expected. You can easily go very dramatic with this palette if that is what you want instead of a neutral look, which you can off course do as well. It’s quite versatile, and even though it struck me as a tad boring to begin with I have totally changed my mind. I adore it!




Makeup Revolution Jewel Collection Lip Toppers – Review!

The Jewel collection released by Makeup Revolution just before Christmas really had some stunning pieces. I picked up all three eyeshadow palettes in addition to a jelly highlighter and these three lip toppers that are the center of attention in this post.

The packaging of these as stunning. The shade looks strikingly similar to the Fenty gloss bombs. Makeup Revolution is famous for taking ideas from other brands so no surprise there. The lids are a beautiful frosted metal finish. I picked up all three shades available. The lip topper with gold lid is “Exquisite”, the one with rose gold is “Luxurious” and the silver is “Fortune”.


They don’t have any scent to it. Not at all. This was a nice surprise in my opinion because a lot of the lip products I’ve tried from Makeup Revolution from before have had a scent to them. Unfortunately not in a good way. They smell kind of cheap. S the fact that these don’t have a scent to reveal their cost was nice.


They also don’t feel cheap to wear. I mean, they are basically glosses so they don’t have an extensive wear time, but they feel smooth like butter on the lips. They are not at all tacky and you can’t feel any grittiness either. I find that sometimes with cheaper glittery or shimmery lip products you can feel the shimmer when you rub your lips together, but these ones have a very finely milled shimmer so they feel like a regular buttery gloss. Now that I mention it, they remind me a bit of the NYX Butter Glosses but just a tad denser. I do like how these feel.


They give a pretty intense shine on the lips but they work nicely as what they are, lip toppers. I really like wearing these on the scenter of a matte liquid lip and it gives a very glamorous look. Very high shine, and with very finely milled glitter so they don’t become too much.


Basically these feel and look expensive for a very low price and I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a nice lip topper! If they decide to bring out more shades I will be all for it!

Have you tried them? What do you think?



Anastasia Norvina Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

Every time Anastasia release a new palette the whole beauty community is buzzing about it and you will soon find countless looks and videos about them. Now as usual I am late to the game with my reviews, but now the time has finally come to review the famous Norvina palette.


As with every palette released since the Modern Renaissance this one has the same format and the same velvet cover. This time it is purple which does not make it any less dirt resistant than the others. As I have said before, even though they look pretty I wish they would redesign this standard. We saw a different finish with the never release Sultry, so I hope that’s what they stick to.


I am wondering if the purple cover makes the Norvina palette seem more like a purple palette than it is. The only shades I would call purple toned are Soul, Celestial and Drama.The rest are neutrals, pinks, golds and rose gold. A pretty selection indeed, but much less purple than the first impression I got of this. For me that’s completely fine since purple is not my favorite shade. When it comes to color blues, greens, reds, orange and yellows all come before purple in my list of preference. Now, I do enjoy using a purple here and there anyway.

You get 14 shades with this palette, as have become a norm with Anastasia palettes. This time you get a larger selection of shimmer shades than usual. Both Modern Renaissance, Soft Glam, Prism and Subculture all had a majority of mattes but here you get a nice 50/50 distribution. The whole top row are shimmers, while the whole bottom row are mattes, I have to admit I am all for it. I am a sucker for pretty shimmers, so as long as a palette has enough mattes to get the basics covered I am happy, besides I really like the shimmer formula of Anastasia eyeshadows since they are usually really reflective and sparkly.


I think the composition of the palette is nice. It seems well thought through. You get base which is off course a base shade. Incense, Volatile and Eccentric all work as crease shades for me, and I like that you get a selection of both cool-toned and warm-toned crease shades. You also get Soul that works nicely if you want an all purple look, and Love that work well if you want an all pink look. The only thing I think is missing from the matte shades are a properly dark shade. Passion is the darkest one and I would prefer something a little bit darker to properly deepen up the look, and at the same time could work as a liner. Passion is just a little bit too light for that use in my opinion. It’s nothing wrong with that shade though, I would’ve just liked to see something a little bit deeper.

The shimmers are stunning as they usually are. Dreamer is more finely milled, but the rest have tiny flecks of glitter in them. They all swatch and apply beautifully, but you do get quite some fallout especially with the deeper shades. The shade Celestial is maybe a bit more sheer in coverage than the rest of them, but it can be built up. The formula is super soft as we are used to from Anastasia and look almost foiled on the eyes. No need to pull out that setting spray to dampen the brush here (although it will help prevent fallout). I think both the quality and pigmentation of these shadows are up to par with Anastasia’s usual quality, although Celestial could be a bit less sheer.


The mattes are also as they usually are. So soft that you go though them in no time, but the pigmentation and blend-ability is really good. The only shade I had a bit of trouble with was Soul. I am a bit bummed about this because that was also one of the stand out shades in the palette. It is pigmented but I had to layer it a bit to get just the same shade as you see in the pan. Or, when I pack it on the lid with a flay brush it works fine straight away. The problems appeared when I used a blending brush to put it in the crease. First of all the payoff was not as good as with the other mattes and it needed a bit of build up. Second, it applied patchy. I had problems blending it out in the outer crease  and keep the shade nice and even. I was almost like it decided to stick better to some parts of the crease than others.

I would have to say that this is not my favorite palette by Anastasia. Both because Soul was kind of a dud, and I am not the biggest fan of purples. There are plenty of non-purple shades in the palette so I guess that’s not the biggest issue to overcome. I am happy I got it though, I am sure I will get some decent use out of it, but I have to say I do like both Soft Glam, Subculture and Modern Renaissance better meaning this won’t even get to my top three list.


As always with Anastasia shadows I feel like you have  to be OK with them being so softly pressed and crumbly, meaning you will got through these eyeshadows pretty fast. But if you don’t consider that an issue and like the color story then this is well worth picking up, because they do perform nicely. Unless you were planning on picking it up for the shade Soul, then just skip it because that’s not a good shade.

Do you have this palette? How do you like it?

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Favorite Makeup Products of 2018

This post is a bit overdue. We are already in February (gosh, how did that happen?) and this could easily have been posted in December (except December being very busy for me). The reason why it’s so late is because I am convinced I will forget something very important and then that will annoy me…for the rest of the year. Because you need to know the best of the best during last year and I don’t want you to miss anything. This is obviously very important. We are talking about life changing things like makeup after all. I finally scrambled together some of my absolute favorite products, so here they are!


Juvia’s Place The Magic Palette: Zulu was my first eyeshadow palette from Juvia’s and I really do like that, but the Magic Palette is the one that really made me convinced that I needed them. I needed them all! And then I started my mission of collecting all Juvia’s Place palettes there is. The Magic palette is HUGE and have a wonderful selection of so many stunning and interesting shades. It does hold a special place in my collection just for that reason that it is the palette that made me fall in love with the brand. If you want to read the review with swatches and all you can do that right here.


Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter Molten Rose Gold: If you are in the mood for a super intense metallic highlight that is drugstore priced then this really is a fantastic option. This highlighter deserves all the hype it gets without doubt. I had this several times in my monthly makeup bag, and even though I always had more options to choose from, I always reached for this. I bet this will be reached for a lot also in 2018. I also have the shades Molten Gold and Sandstone Shimmer, but the Molten Rose Gold is the one that match my skin best.


Zoeva Brow Spectrum: This must be the most versatile brow product out there. With 9 shades in a slim packaging where you get anything from dark, to cold to warm brow powders in addition to two shimmery highlighter shades that are beautiful as cheek highlighters and even one matte white brow bone shade. The brow powders also work fine as eyeshadows. Perfect for travel if you want to travel light because you have everything you need for your brows, for your highlighter and your eyeshadow all in one sleek 9 pan palette. I have been using this over and over and over again. If you ever read the list over product I use in my makeup looks you find this palette mentioned almost every single time. A true staple in my collection for sure! If you are interested to read more in detail you will find a review here.


Essence Pure Nude Highlighter “Be My Highlight” : This is the same as the highlighter from Maybelline: One I have had in my monthly makeup bag several times and that I’ve just been reaching for over and over again. This one is very different from the Maybelline though in the sense that it’s more of a natural glow-from-within kind of highlighter while Maybelline is intense metallic. It’s nice to have both! The price of this one is also amazing, and the only downside for me is that it’s almost impossible to get (It’s not sold in any stores physically or online that ships to Norway) because I would like to have like 9. So I could have backups for life. This is one of the few highlighters I own that I am convinced I will go through eventually.


Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter: This is an amazing product for glowy skin. It’s quite an interesting product too, because it can kind of be whatever you want to be. Use it underneath your primer, use it on it’s own with a bit of concealer and powder for a light but super glowy complexion, use it as a natural highlighter or use it mixed with your foundation. It just makes my skin look so glowy and healthy. I did already review this amazing little thing, so you can read the full review here if you are interested.


BH Cosmetics Weekend Festival Palette: This one deserves a spot on this list because this palette alone made me chance my impression of BH Cosmetics as a brand completely. Before trying the weekend festival palette I had already tried 4 palettes by the brand without being particularly impressed. I decided to give this one a try because every review I saw of it was nothing less than great. Off course I ended up falling in love with this palette, and the reason why this specifically is in my favorites is because this made me change my opinion about BH Cosmetics as a brand. I mean, if they can do something like this then they are bound to be able to make more good stuff in the future. This palette alone made me purchase even more palettes from BH Cosmetics, and it deserves a place among my yearly favorites not just because it sparked my interest in the brand, but also because it’s always inspires me to do something fun when I open it. And off course, the quality is great!


Smashbox Always On liquid Lipsticks: With this one I don’t want to mention any specific shade, but the formula in general. I picked up my first one of these in 2018, and they went straight up to the top of my favorites list. Absolutely wonderful formula that is comfortable even though it dries completely. I am hoping to collect more shades in 2019. because these are just so wonderful.


Certifeye The Tropical Wonders Eyeshadow Palette: The best of the best rainbow palettes! Can you see the little baby pan in the yellow shade? That was the first time ever I actually hit pan in a bright shade. The only shades I’ve hit pan on before are neutral shades I reach for for everyday looks. I have been reaching for this so much, and I love using it for anything colorful! i highly recommend this to anyone who need a full matte colorful palette because this is pigment!


Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick: Again, not a specific color. I have around 20 of them and they all work great. I have a hard time picking which one I like the better of this and the Smashbox Always On. The formula is equally good but I think the Jeffree Star ones gets a few extra points for their amazing shade selection and the fact that they are eye safe! I love using these in the water line when I want something that really stands out (and won’t budge). I am sure I will pick up a few more shades of this in 2019 as well. These are just hard to beat!

I am sure there are many other things I could’ve mentioned. I do love all my Juvia’s Place palettes, and Colourpop palettes and Natasha Denona palettes are also big big hits for me. I just don’t think I have been using them often enough for them to be in my yearly favorites even though I can think of a whole bunch of eyeshadow palettes that I love the color and quality of!

And you, what was your favorite makeup items in 2018?

Remember I do also exist on Instagram by the way!