Colourpop Wet Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

This is another one of the 8 pan eyeshadow palettes that was released last year, and the sister palette to Lit which I have already reviewed (read here). I think it is very clever to release a colorful cool-toned palette with blues and a colorful war-toned palette with reds, yellows and golds. I was drawn to this pretty little blue palette immediately (off course, I love blue). Besides blue eyeshadow looks seem to be super on trend right now after Blue Blood was released (which off course is high up on my wish list).


This one has a similar packaging as Lit, but with silver colors and glitters instead of gold (playing on the warm-cool theme of these palettes). I really like the looks of it. It’s simple, yet beautiful. I also love that this is cardboard and not plastic. So A+ for packaging! With that said, it does not have a mirror like I know many prefer. But I just know that from a small palette like this I would never use the mirror anyway so I don’t really miss it.


The palette itself is not just blue. You got a couple of browns, which I guess is nice if you want to wear blue but still make it a little less loud. There is also a silver that works really nicely with the blue shades, and the Shade Fishy looks like something just between blue and green. The formula is half mattes and half metallics. I think the composition is very nice. It’s very easy to mix and match the colors, and for being just a 8 pan you get quite a bit of variety.


The quality is just like Colourpop usually makes them. In contrary to the matte mid-toned blue in the Zodiac palette (which needed a ton of buildup) the shade I’m Chillen in this palette which is quite similar works a whole lot better. I had no problems blending it, and it builds up very quickly compared to the matte blue in the Colourpop Zodiac palette. So this time they nailed the formula. The two brown mattes are great too. The white based pale blue “Finished?” I was at first a bit disappointing in. I felt like it needed a lot of buildup to look as I wanted it too. However, it makes an absolutely gorgeous transition of you use it to blend out the other blues in this palette. I wish it could have a bit stronger payoff on it’s own though.


As usual, the metallics work great. I love the metallic formula from Colourpop, and these are so pigmented. It’s only the Silver “Thickems” that have the true smooth metallic formula though. The other three metallic shades have very very fine micro glitter in them. It makes them appear a bit more chunky, and these shadows have a bit more fallout. The pigmentation is off course still just on point, and the shadows are indeed stunning.


Color story wise, this must be one of my favorite Colourpop palettes. I also do love the quality, but I would not say that it’s quality wise the best palette. Not because it’s bad by any means, it’s just that some Colourpop palettes I really do not have any complains to point out! Like with these one I would love to see “Finished?” a bit more pigmented, but overall this really is a nice little palette for the blue eyeshadow lover and I would absolutely recommend it!

What are your thoughts on the new blue eyeshadow hype. Would you wear it?





Colourpop Brown Sugar Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!


So this is an all brown neutral palette that Colourpop released sometime later last year. It’s one of Colorupops 9-pan palettes that the started releasing. I know it’s easy to think that it’s “just another brown palette”, but thinking about it Colourpop does not have any brown palettes. Neutral palettes yes, but this is their first all brown one.


The palette is their (for now) regular 9-pan format, but who knows what they will release in the future right? But, for now these 9-pans come in a plastic packaging and a mirror. I like that you have a mirror, but I much prefer cardboard instead of plastic in cheaper palettes like this. I think these 9-pans look more cheaply made than their cardboard ones. The design is also very simple. Just a brown background and the name on the front. It’s not bad though, but it’s not anything special either. Just a plain brown plastic packaging with a mirror. It does have a nice, practical small size though.


Inside are 6 matte and 3 metallic shades. I like that you get both cool toned and warm toned brows in this palette. I also like that you get all the basics you need among the brown. You get light, mid toned and darker mattes which means you have what you need for your basic crease or deepening shades. In other words, nice color composition. The three metallics also helps add a bit extra pow to your look. There is one golden peach, one warm bronze and one cool brown with a green and gold sheen. So, you got some nice but very different options to add some shine to your look.


The quality is completely on par with Colourpops usual standard. I did not have any troubles with any of the shades in this palette. Pigmented, easy to blend, easy to work with and beautiful metallics. Colourpop just makes really great eyeshadows and this is no exception.


I bet some may argue that this is just another brown eyeshadow palette, which off course is true. Except that cool toned brown metallic with a duochrome shift you probably have all these colors already. To be completely honest, this is not the color story that makes my heart skip a beat either. With that said, if you do like browns this is a nice little palette with good quality and I am sure you like it. Even though I don’t find the color story to be the most exciting or inspiring I do actually wear a lot of browns and I am sure I will get a lot of use out of this.


What are your thoughts? Would you like to have this palette, or does it feels like something you already have?

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Makeup Revolution Jewel Collection Opulent Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

This is the second palette I review from the Makeup Revolution Jewel Collection that they released just before Christmas. I had to pick up all the three palettes from the collection, mainly because of the beautiful packaging.


I mean, just look at this gorgeous frozen silver outer packaging. The palette has some weight to it too, so it feels and looks more expensive than it is. Inside you get a very decent mirror, and I was also very happy to see that the names of the eyeshadows are written in the palette. Usually Makeup Revolution just give you one of those plastic inserts, or have the names or numbers written on a sticker on the backside of the palette, but this packaging seems a bit more thorough. Still the price is only 10 £.


Inside you get 6 large eyeshadow pans of metallic foiled eyeshadows, and 14 smaller pans with a mixture of mattes and shimmers. The colors are much more cool-toned than the other two palettes that are very warm and golden. This one has pinks, mauves and greys in addition to a few browns, so you do get a nice cool-toned palette here, which I think is great. I love warm toned eyeshadow palettes but they are so common and so plentiful in my collection, that a cool-toned palette with wearable neutrals always feels like adding something new to my collection.


I find the quality of this eyeshadow palette to be close to identical to Deluxe, which is the first of these three palettes I reviewed. The top row of 6 foiled shadows are incredible. They are so soft and buttery they feel more like a cream than a powder, the pigmentation is so intensely rich I am amazed. This top row is worth the whole palette for me! They are just mindblowingly good!


The two rows of smaller eyeshadow pans are more of “regular” quality if you will. They have medium pigmentation and does the job, but they are very unlikely to be the best eyeshadows you have. The mattes are good, but not great. The shimmers are more of a satin finish than a shimmer really, but some are more shiny than others. That meaning that some of these shades can be used in the crease, even though they are not matte because they are much softer and not very reflective. These 14 smaller pan are kind of like a decent-for-the-price and gets-the-job-done-withouth-blowing-your-mind kind of quality. But the top row with 6 foiled pieces of goodness are the crown jewels of this palette and makes it well worth picking up.


I do think though that the composition of this palette is better than Deluxe. Deluxe did only have 2 matte eyeshadows, while this one has 6 of different depths. In addition to that some of the satin shades can work similarly to a matte, and with that I mean that they can be used in the crease. So if you were thinking about picking up any of these three palettes, Opulent would be your best option if you wanted mainly cool-tones. And not to spoil the review of Gilded that will be posted later on, but that would be my pick if I wanted one of them but preferred a cool toned look.

Overall these palettes seem very similar in quality, and also packaging. Even though the 14 small pans are decent but nothing more, the incredible foiled at the top makes up for it, and overall makes this a palette well worth the price. Opulent is definitely the one to go for if you are a bit tired of all those warm neutral palettes, because you can get some really pretty grey, taupe, pink or berry looks from this palette.

This one gets a thumbs up from me, because I am so excited about having such stunning foiled shades for a reasonable price in my collection. Besides the gorgeous packaging don’t hurt either!




Colourpop Dream Sequence Highlighter Palette – Review & Swatches!

I used this palette almost every day for a straight month now since I had it in my February makeup bag, so I feel like I got to know this quite well.


This is the second super shock highlighter palette Colourpop released in a short time. I have mentioned before that I have really grown to love the super shock highlighters. I got my first one, Lunch Money, well over two years ago and collected a few others down the road. I always liked them, but I never loved them until recently. I am not the biggest fan of applying product with my fingers, but as soon as I found a few brushes and a technique that worked with this formula I fell head over heels. I just love how these look on the skin. So off course a new when Colourpop released the Dream Sequence highlighter I was all over it!


It was not love a first sight though. Not that the highlighters are bad or not true to formula, they just don’t have my favorite finish. There are four shades in this palette. Both Counting Sheep and Mr.Wind are glittery, and as I have mentioned before this is not my favorite formula. I don’t judge a glittery highlighter before using it off course, I just normally end up not being a big fan. Pinch me is a nice duochrome shade, but it’s actually a bit on the subtle side. That’s completely fine, and I do think it looks nice on the skin, I was just not blown away. The forth shade, Guilty Pleasure, is just the way I like the formula. High-shine but no glitter. Unfortunately it’s a tad to dark for me, so not a winter favorite for me personally, but it will off course be great in summer. Just at this moment I did not find any favorites among this palette.


But I had slipped this in my monthly makeup bag and I was just forced to keep on using these shades for a month, so I just had to make them work. Off course I could use Pinch Me as much as I wanted, since I like the formula. The soft sheen and subtle duochrome finish with no glitter did indeed look nice on pale skin, even though I would have preferred this shade to give a bit more glow. Guilty Pleasure could also be used with a very light hand (this will be lovely in summer I am sure, but right now it’s just a bit dark for me!). But the two glittery shades I had to figure out how to make work. I tested and tried a bit and I figured out that if I used a dense synthetic highlighter brush (even a blending brush for eyeshadow would work), and took my time to really buff it into the skin, a lot of the glitter particles would not be so visible. When I was done buffing I took my Mac 109 and buffed over the skin again with circular motions where I just put the highlighter. This removed even more of the glitter, but left my cheeks with a really nice sheen. So nice that after discovering this method the two glittery shades was actually the ones I used the most in all of February. I would have never though that, but I guess I figured out how to make some glittery highlighters work for me. I would have never thought that the two glittery shades in this palette would end up being my two favorites, but they really did! No one is more surprised than me I’ll tell you that!


Testing this palette so much and forcing myself to use it makes me realize that when I really get to know a product and learn how to use it, I am much more inclined to really like the product. I have never been too enthusiastic about glittery highlighters, but after working with this palette and even reaching for the glittery shades by preference it makes me want to dig into my collection and retry things I previously thought was too much glitter for my taste!


This palette is absolutely approved in my books, and I am happy to own this. After getting so enthusiastic about the super shock highlighter formula I would not mind if Colourpop would release another one soon! However, even though I do like this I would pick the “Crush On You” palette over this one just because all the shades works for me, while I found the duochrome to be slightly more subtle than I wanted for it, and one of the shades will only really work when I am tanned. But if you are one of those who prefer glitter, this would probably be a better pick.

What do you think? Do you like a bit of glitter in your highlight, or do you just want to glow without the sparkle?



Juvia’s Place The Festival Palette – Review & Swatches!

You know when there is a Juvia’s Place review that it’s going to be a good one. i just can’t imagine writing a bad review of any palette released by Juvia’s. They have just completely nailed a fantastic formula and they’ve seemed very consistent with their palettes throughout the years. They know eyeshadows and what makes them good!


The Festival palette is a fun one! Just the cover design itself it cheerful. I always love the quirky and beautiful designs of the Juvia’s Place palettes and this one is no exception. The size is the same as The Zulu palette or The Douce palette with 9 generous pans.



You have 4 metallic shades in this palette and 5 mattes. The formula is true to their regular standard. The metallics/shimmers are their true masterpiece. So intensely pigmented and rich, and such a smooth formula. I just love these shades! The mattes are also good. Also richly pigmented and so easy to blend. The formula is a bit dryer to the touch, and I actually don’t think they swatch very well, but on the eyes they are truly amazing.


The red in this palette is a true red, which I am happy to see. Very often red shades are a bit too orange, or a bit too pink. Take the red shade in the Juvia’s Place Zulu for instance. It’s red, but leaning a bit too much over to pink for me to consider it a true red. This red is as plain and simple red as you get it an I love this shade. A true deep red like this is something you don’t see every day in eyeshadows.


As with most Juvia’s Place palettes there is really not anything bad to say. If you like the colors in the palette I am sure you will like the quality as well. The price is nice too, and Juvia’s Place have sales so frequently that you can just wait a bit and it will for sure be on sale sooner or later to save some coins. So surprise (since Juvia’s Place palettes always are) but this palette is a winner!


Have you tried any of Juvia’s Place palettes? Do you have a favorites among them?

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Makeup Revolution Jelly Highlighter “Monumental” – Review!

If there is something Makeup Revolution know it’s to make copies of other brands success items. So after the Farsali Jelly Highlighter hype no one was shocked about Makeup Revolution releasing their own version of a jelly highlighter (as have so many other brands).


This one was a part of the Jewel Collection they released just before Christmas 2018, and has the same pretty packaging as the palettes with three different shades to choose from. I picked up one, Monumental, to test and try. And you now what, I think I need those other shades now!


As with every liquid or cream highlighter the main issue to avoid is that the product cannot remove the foundation underneath. Some products will very easily remove whatever is underneath, and others you have to apply very carefully to avoid the problem. I was surprised with this jelly highlighter because you can really just apply it without thinking to much about it and it looks even without removing anything underneath. It applies with such an ease I was amazed!


The formula is a cream to powder formula, so it does dry down. The drydown is not too fast, it does give you a reasonable amount of time to blend out the product, which I think is one of the reasons why it applies so easy and evenly. The payoff is great too! You can off course use a sparingly amount and get a more natural finish if you want to, but with a few dots on the high point of my cheeks I ended up with a quite intense glow. My favorite way to apply it was just to dab my finger in the product once, and dab the product on my cheek, and then just blend it out with a synthetic highlighter brush, and it gives such a lovely result.

Overall the product is just great! Beautiful packaging, easy to work with, looks beautiful on the skin and the price is unbeatable. Highly recommend this beauty! My only worry with this is if it will dry out fast or not. If the formula stays unchanged for some months I will for sure pick up the two other shades, because this product is a beauty!






Obsession Be Crazy About Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swacthes!

This is a brand I stumbled upon just by accident. and I have been testing and trying some products by them. I first came across this brand when I ordered a package with some different things from TamBeauty (where I usually buy Makeup Revolution) and for some reason the pick up note from the post office never reached me and the parcel was sent back. They were kind enough to send it straight back to me (they do have great customer service) but one of the items had to be replaced, so they gave me three Obsession products instead. One of them being an eyeshadow palette called Love.Every.Shade. The palette is as basic as it gets. A matte base, a matte black, some matte crease colors ans some gold and brown lid shades. It did not peak my interest at all. I figured I had all the shades and did not need it, but the lid had a tiny crack in it. Not that it mattered but I would not want to give it as a gift for instance. So I just swatched the shades and got very positively surprised and realized me and this palette could be friends after all. I gave it a go, and I have been so happy with that palette that I decided to test the brand even more, so I got a few more eyeshadow palettes (including this) as well as blushes and highlighters.


I will for sure get back to more products from this brand but today it’s all about the little fun colorful 10 pan called Be Crazy About.

The packaging is very simple. Pink cardboard with just the name of the palette and the logo on the front. On the back you get an overview of the shades and what number they have, but inside the palette they have proper shade names instead of numbers. Not sure why they would need both. Even though the packaging is simple and probably cheap to make it does have a mirror which is a nice touch. One thin I absolutely LOVE though is that the palette is magnetic, and it’s a little groove next to all the eyeshadows so you can easily just pop them out and put them in a custom palette. That is also the case with their highlighter and blush-palettes and the rest of the eyeshadow palettes I got. What a great feature! If you are into depotting or just want to clear out some space, you can easily just pop these over to a magnetic palette and get rid of the packaging. That’s just SO clever!


The palette has 10 shades and every single one of them is a colorful shade. Love that too! You get 6 mattes which are all fun. A dark navy, a bright blue, a beautiful peach and a yellow pop are among them. You also get 3 shimmers and one duochrome. A pretty shimmery white with a pink shift. The color selection may not seem very cohesive at first, but you do have plenty of mattes in different tones to complete a look, but you do get challenged a bit to think of exciting new color combinations.


First of all, the quality of the mattes impressed me. After all they are bright colorful shades at a very affordable price point. I mean this whole palette is 6£, that’s amazing! I had a tiny bot of trouble with Icon and Fire in my outer crease, I had to work a bit on blending them seamlessly, and use a skin toned shade to make the blend perfect but the outer crease is my tough spot ans that’s where I really can test eyeshadows. If they are not hard to blend in the outer crease on me, they are just not hard to blend! (on my skin that is off course). So those two reds needed a little help, while The dark navy blue and the bright blue worked just perfectly. I was always able to get a nice result in the end with all of them though, just a couple needed some extra work to look great. They are not super pigmented, but they build up nicely.


Another thing I noticed with this palette is that the matte shades blend pretty nicely together. I put the yellow and the blue in the crease in one look, and where these shades overlapped I got a nice green shade instead if it getting muddy and murky. So they do layer well which is a huge plus if you want to be more creative.

The shimmers work quite good too. Champion and Hero Worship I didn’t have any issues with at all. Excite was a little bit tricky and to make it work as I wanted I figured it needed a damp brush. I also got quite a bit of fallout from it. The duochrome is more on the sheer side, but I really liked how it looked in the inner corners.


Overall I am quite happy with the performance. They are off course not the best eyeshadows I have tried, but for only 6£ these worked way better than expected. They are quite similar in formula to the Soph X Revolution palettes if you have tried them. Definitely a fun and affordable palette that does the job.

The best thing about this palette is probably that you can just pop out the shade. That’s such a neat feature if you need to save space or maybe just want to pop out a few to travel with.

I am for sure tempted to try more eyeshadow from the brand.

Have you ever tried anything from Obsession?