Tarte Icy Betch Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

We all remember the aprils fool made by Tarte right? I know I know, it’s just makeup and it’s not that deep and we should not take things to seriously. BUT, this was the time before every other brand released a green, blue or green AND blue palette and I had been waiting for something exactly as the aprils fools joke palette for a long time. So for me it was a dissapointment when the joke was announced. I was not the only one that got annoyed and Tarte got quite a bit of backlash for this. It seemed like I was not the only one that would like this palette and that green and blue eyeshadows are not a joke after all.


I kind of thought all the bakclash would make them release the palette in the end. But they did not. They released this palette. Sure the name is Icy Betch, but the layout and colors are not the same. Would I prefer the original joke? Absolutely! But you know, Tarte dipping their toes into colors was something I wanted to applaud anyway. And I like the packaging. And it’s chep. And they had free shipping one day. So, here it is!


The packaging is so pretty though. I have to say, considering the price of Tarte palette is quite cheap, I do think you get some very solid and well made packaging. Normally within this price range, producers usually stick to cardboard, but these Tarte packagings are really nice and heavy. This one has a stiker on top of the packaging. It’s loud and sparkly with the palette name on it, but if you peel it off it’s revealed that Tarte reused some old packaging from a discontinued palette. I know a lot of people almost feel “tricked” by this, and that they almost just got something that was not completely new. Me on the other hand think it’s great. Re-use (of any product) is great as long as it’s safe. It’s much better for the environment to reuse old packaging instead of starting up a production line with a whole new palette. It just makes sense to be a bit environmentally causios and use what they already had avaliable. I mean, what  waste it would be throwing out thousands of old packagings and make brand new ones, when they can just add a sticker and reuse. Recycling products are great, and I love that Tarte did that! Go Tarte!


But let’s just talk about the actualy product now! It’s a 10 pan palette with three different pan sizes. 9 of them are proper eyeshadows, but one shade is HUGE and can doubla as both eyeshadow and highlighter. The “highlighter” is a icy white base with a golden peachy sheen in it. It’s very pretty actually both as an eyeshadow and highlighter. One of my favorite things about this palette actually. However it’s strikingly similar to the highlighter in the limited edition “Make Believe in Yourself” palette. The color is spot on, the formula in Icy Betch is just a tiny bit more fine milled.

Besides the highlighter with is obviously a shimmer you get 4 shimmery/metallic shades and 5 mattes. They are all in the blue or green family except the matte that is completely white, but a matte white usually is very nice to blend out matte blue shades with, so I am happy this shade is added to the palette. The white can really save the day if you want a nice transition from your crease to your browbone and the blue is a bit hard to blend.


The pale matte blue shade “Heather” is indeed not an easy shade to work with. It is very dust and applies very patchy.It’s just too easy to blend it away snce it’s so dusty, while it sticks better to some parts of the lid. It does need a very sticky base, and still thenit’s a hard shade to work with. “Vivian” the matte denim blue was also a bit har dto blend in the outer crease, but with a bit of patience it sorted itself out. The bright matte blue “Becky” and matte seagreen “Georgina” worked much better. My favorite way to apply these was with a denser blending brush. So instead of using a fluffy crease brush as I usually do, I applied these two shades with a kabuki-styl blending brush with a much higher density. With that sort of brush these colors layed down very evenly and with a bit of build-up they had good payoff without being patchy. My favorite shade in the palette is “Becky” without doubt.

The shimmers (or metallics, I don’t know they seem somewhere inbetween) are decent. They for sure needs a setting spray to dampen them a bit, but when you do they are very nice and saturated in color. A bit of fallout, and since blue and green fallout is very unconvenioent to get all over your foundation I would for sure recommend doing your base makeup last.


So overall, is it worth it? Well, I like 8 of the shades. The pale matte blue and matte denim blue just require too much work. Sure, you can make them work in the end, but they are so fuzzy that I can’t really brag much about their quality. The rest is decent, and I was happy with how they performed with a little building up and a bit of setting spray. So decent for sure, but these are not the best blue and green palette out there. You do get pretty packaging for a cheap price though, so it that matters to you then it’s a nice piece to add to a collection. But if you are looking for high quality greens and blues this just aint it. They are decent and they work, but they are far from the best thing out there.

With that being said, I really enjoyed the looks I did with it in the end, and I for one appreciate nice packaging, so even though it’s not the best thing out there I don’t have regrets picking it up.

I would say if you really like the packaging then go for it, but if you just want some nice blue eyeshadows go look at Colourpops small 9-pan palettes instead.

Do you have this palette? What are your thoughts?



Limecrime Softwear Blush “Hyperlink” – Review!

This is actually my very first Limecrime product. They have been through a bit of controversy over the years, but it looks like the brands have sorted things out and their popularity seems to be on the rise. Some of the Venus palettes have for sure been tempting, but not until now have I pulled the trigger on testing out Limecrime. But this blush was irresistible!


First of all, packaging is beautiful. The gorgeous Orchid print makes it really stand out. The compact is nice and small, but still has a mirror, and the blush comes in an impressive color range. I picked out the shade “Hyperlink” which is a soft pink.


The formula is quite unique. It’s kind of a firm cream that turns into a powder like finish. You can use both fingers or a brush to apply this. My favorite way to apply it is with a synthetic brush.


The result on the skin is so beautiful. It’s quite softly pigmented which makes it very easy to apply, and gives a very natural flush to the skin. At least this shade is a perfect no-makeup-makeup kind of blush. Very natural color, very natural finish and so easy to work with.


I would absolutely like having more colors in this formula, because I love how easy it is to apply and how nice and natural it looks on the skin. This was for sure a nice entry to the Limecrime brand and I would like to get to know it more.

Do you have any recommendations from the brand? Make sure to leave them in the comments!



Colourpop It’s My Pleasure Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

Colourpop have been releasing these monochromatic 9-pan palettes at high speed lately. Well, they release everything at high speed, and I find it hard to manage to keep up. I hav to honestly say that this 9-pan palette was not featuring the color I am most excited about. I am a big fan of blues and greens, but purple don’t excite me that much. Don’t get me wrong, I like the occasional purple look, but it does not excite me the most if that makes sense?


But, being a collector, and being that I love to review Colourpop palettes I off course picked it up. When I received it and opened it in real life for the first time I was in chock. IT….WAS….SOO…BEAUTIFUL!


Pictures don’t do this palette justice. Sure, the matte shades look fairly similar to what they are in real life, but no still picture can pick up the shimmer,glitter and multicolored dimensions of these shades. You just have to take my word for it. It’s pretty in pictures, but when you get it in your hands you will truly see what it looks like, and it’s better than any photograph!

The 9-pan is the standard plastic packaging with a simple design. True to what we have been used to from the other 9-pan palettes. Once again I wish they stuck to cardboard. Plastic, especially with simple designs like this, makes the palette look cheap. It is cheap though, but you know, it could easily look a bit more classy with some of their regular cardboard packaging. It does have a mirror though, so that’s a good thing!


Out of the 9 pans, only three of them are mattes however, the shade “Pretty Cruel” is one of those matte shades with glitter in, that looks matte when you apply them. I still have troubles understanding why these shades are made like this. To me that glitter just seems so pointless, but if you use it as a matte shade it does look just like a regular matte and besides the micro-glitter the shade is nice. It’s just kind of annoying. I wish Colourpop, and every brand would just stop making the shades like this.


Besides the mattes and that matte glitter shade (even the words does not make sense) there are 5 metallics. Some just regular metallics, but some duochromes too. The beauty in this palette really comes through with these shades, They are just so glittery (without being pressed glitters) with so much dimension to them. The paler shades work very nice on their own, but as a shadow topper over any of the mattes in the palette they really do show themselves from their best side. Since the metallics have quite a bit of finemilled glitter in them they are quite crumbly, and you will get a lot of fallout. They work the best with some setting spray spritzed over the brush. I prefer to pick up the shadow first, and then spray the brush. I also would recommend doing your eyes first, because I found that I had to remove fine glitter underneath my eyes after applying my eyeshadow. Still, these shades are so beautiful that they are well worth that extra effort.


Overall, this palette is just incredible. If you love purple, even if you don’t love purple but like colors like me, I am convinced this palette will be a hit for you. And as usual with Colourpops 9-pans you really cannot beat the price.

A thumbs up product for sure!



Nabla Soul Blooming Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

First of all, I just have to point out the obvious here: this palette gives me total spring vibes! With the beautiful flowers on the packaging and nice spring pastel shades. Well, not only pastels but you get what I mean.


Nabla was a brand I got familiar to when I stumbled upon them on Instagram and decided to test a few of their single pan eyeshadows. Those are absolutely lovely, especially the mattes. The palettes are knows for lacking a bit of the same quality without saying they are bad.

The packaging of this looks lovely as already mentioned. It’s made with cardboard but it feels like nice quality. It does have a mirror. Despite being small of size it’s not very slim. I think they could have made this thinner very easily. It’s no deal breaker though. I just feel like they could’ve made it a bit slimmer for storage. Otherwise the packaging feels of good quality and does have some weight to it.


Inside you get 12 beautiful shades. 6 of them are mattes and 6 of them shimmers. One of them, Honey Drip, has a much more chunky consistency and is a bit more crumbly than the other shimmers. I found that all the shimmers needed some help with a damp brush to give off the intensity that I wanted. But with that little extra help the sure looked gorgeous on the lids, and especially Honey Drip which is quite a unique shade in my opinion and totally makes up for being a bit crumbly. This is actually a shade I probably don’t have any dupes for. The shadow I was the least Happy with was Anemone, the dark shimmer purple. The color is beautiful though, it’s pigmented and looks beautiful on the lid with a bit of setting spray spritzed on the brush, but it has sooooo much fallout that I had trouble applying it without messing up the rest of my makeup. If you want to use this shade, do eye makeup first!

Two of the shimmer shades have a gorgeous duochrome shift to them. “Garden Gate” is a beautiful shimmer lavender shade with a blue shift, and “Philosophy” is a soft pink with a green shimmer shift. Both of these together with “Honey Drip” gives this palette a selection of eyeshadows that are a bit more unusual and interesting. I mean, most of us already have that shimmery brown and a shimmery pink, but these duochromes are not in every other palette and may offer something new to many collections.


The mattes are really good in this palette. Smooth and rich in pigmentation. Generally speaking most of them blend like an absolute charm, and no shock there because I know Nabla really knows how to make great mattes. No problems at all getting a nice and even blend, with the exception of one shade. The pastel lavender shade “Flowery” (goooooorgeous color by the way), was a bit patchy on me. I had some troubles making it look even especially in the outer corner. If I have trouble blending it’s always in the outer corner….That’s my special “hard-to-blend” spot where I can really put eyeshadows to the test, and Flowery did not pass with flying colors. It is however, surprisingly pigmented given this is a pastel lavender shade, and when I packed it on the lid it layed down beautifully. Do although I would not reach for this in the crease it works just fine for me on the lid where I don’t need that great blending properties as I do with crease shadows.


So, with a few minor issues with some shades, the overall quality is quite good. I do still think that the single pan shadows are a level above these, but this palette is absolutely of good quality. The thing about this that really make me treasure it, is the pretty color story that has a very nice composition of shimmers, mattes, basics, deepening shades and a few color and in addition to all this it offers some more unique duochromes. It’s nothing else than excellent composition that makes a 12 pan palette being able to offer so much. The team who put together this palette know what they are doing.

I am absolutely happy to have added this to my collection, and despite the small issues I had with it I would buy it again in a heartbeat!




Colourpop Rendezvous Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

This was a limited edition Ulta exclusive palette that came and went from the Colourpop website faster than I was able to eat my lunch. I was able to grab this, but I missed out on the sister palette Sweet Nothings that was released together with this. I am sitting here hoping they will bring this back so I can snag the other one too. I was a bit thinking about if I should release a review or not since they are not possible to order from the website, but it is still possible to get a hold on, so in the end I decided to to the review.


The palette holds 12 shades, in a simple but beautiful gold and blue cardboard packaging with no mirror. The palette holds a mix of new and old shades. If you do have a lot of Colourpop singles, at least from their older single pan releases, then jus beware that you may dupe some shades in your collection with this palette, because 5 of the eyeshadows in the palette are re-releases of already excisting shades. I myself ended up having a few doubles, but I don’t mind. The palette is still beautiful an something I was happy to snag up.


I have raved about the Colourpop quality over and over again. With a few nit-picks here and there, the overall quality of Colourpop shadows are solid through and through. This palette is just the same. Overall the mattes are pigmented and blend beautifully, even the black blends with ease! The metallics are rich, smooth and gorgeous! The nit pick this time would be that I feel like the shades “Release” and “Our Secret” really can benefit from a dampened brush, while the other metallics are really smooth and rich and reaching for the spray didn’t even cross my mind while using them. But again, the overall quality of Colourpop is great and well worth the money.


With 5 mattes and 7 metallics in several different depths I feel like the composition is very good, and you are more than able to do complete looks with this palette which is always a big advantage. I at least rarely reach for palettes if I have to use a company palette to finish of a look. This palette has a nice variety so you can do plenty of looks without dipping into other palettes.


As always, solid palette through and through. Considering the price there is just no beating Colourpop…They are on a roll!



Natasha Denona Blush & Glow Mini – Review!

First of all, creds to Natasha Denona for releasing mini products. I aboslutely love that ides especially for products like blush and highlighter. First of all, I never use up either blushes or highlighters. Second of all it gives a great oportunity to get some high end makeup products for a very affordable price.


Even though this is a mini duo compact the amount of product would last you a long time. My guess is with continuous use it would last you at least 6 months or more. This duo contains a total of 4 grams. The compact itself is about the same size as a regular sized NARS blush.  Not that shabby I would say!

The compact feels nice and luxurious. It’s one of those very reflective packaging that loves to collect your finger prints, but besides getting dirty easily it looks classy, simple and chic. Love that!


Both the products are on the natural side. The blush is nor very pigmented, With a blush I don’t think that is a bad thing. Quite the contrary actually, because it means that the product is fool proof to apply. The unfortunate thing about this blush is that it’s definately a winter blush for me, meaning it will be too light during summer. That would probably also mean that unleass you are pale or fair skinned this blush won’t really show up. I wish she had a darker shade in her selection of minis. However, on my fair winter skin the color is aboslutely beautiful and gives a nice, natural flush to the skin. The blush is not shimmery but does give a subtle glow that I love!


The highlighter won’t impress you if you are into the full impact ones. This is, and will also be after building, a natural highlihgter. BUT, I love it! It gives you a natural, gorgeous, natural glow. It does not look like you are wearing highlighter. It look like you are just glowing from within because you are healty and have great skin and are hydrated and takes all your vitamins and eat your fruits kind of glow. It looks natural and glamorous at the same time. I love these kind of highlighters. Yes, I do love those intense highlighters too, and they are fun to apply and wear. But when you just want too look like you are blessed by great genes this is the highlighter to go for!


If you are fair skinned this is natural, beautiful healty looking cheeks in a handy compact. This duo definitly gets a thumbs up for me and I highly recommend it. If they release more shades I will pick them up….for sure!




BH Cosmetics Desert Oasis Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

A neutral eyeshadow palette with a pop of blue. Nothing we haven’t seen before in other words. But there is something weird about those neutral palettes. Sometimes I see them and think “Oh, nothing new I have all those shades, while in other cases I just feel an urge to own it, even though it’s probably still true that I have all the shades. That was honestly the case with this. I probably do have all these shades many times over. However, even though I have every shade from before (I have many many shadows so that’s not so strange to be honest) this palette do offer some interesting twists on neutrals and I think it can offer something for someone who wants a very neutral look, and someone who wants something neutral but exciting at the same time.


The palette is a cardboard packaging with a mirror. The mirror is decent in size, but you can tell that it’s low quality. Sure it shows the reflection, but it looks odd. Like it’s more of a reflective film than a proper mirror. It does the job, but you really can tell if you compare it to a quality mirror. So the packaging is quite simple, and not that luxurious but toes the job and it feels pretty sturdy. I would travel with this without any second thoughs.


The layout of the eyeshadows are interesting. You get 19 shadows in 4 different pan sizes. Also the shape is a bit different with some rectangles and the rest are squares. The larger colors are your typical crease shades or highlighter shades. I think this is clever because that means you highlighter shades can double as a highlighter on the cheeks, and the crease shades can double as a bronzer. They work just fine as cheek highlighters, but I had some issues blending out the shade that would fit me as a bronzer. I don’t see myself reaching for this as a bronzer, but several of the shimmery light shades makes beautiful highlighters.


The rest of the color composition is mainly browns. I think the color composition overall is fairly well balanced, but I would have loved to have one less shimmery pale shade, and one more dark matte. But you really do get what you need in this palette.


Even though it’s neutral I actually think the variety of shades are good. You get cool-tones and warm-tones (mainly warm), red-tones coppers and champagne. You also get a very nice shimmery brown with a green shift. The most eyecatching shades are the blues though. Which are both very stunning shades. The lightest blue works really nice as a topper shade, and helps you to easily transform your looks from a regular neutral look to something a bit more interesting but still very wearable.


The quality is on point! Except having some troubles using one of the crease shades as a bronzer, I had no issues with this palette when applying them on the eyes. Pigmentation is good, they blend well and the shadows are also smooth and buttery. A tiny bit of fallout (as expected, so nothing more than a regular amount), and the fact that the blues worked better with setting sprays on are the only two things I can really point my fingers at. No real issues here in other words.


All in all, a very solid quality palette. Off course, this is a neutral lovers palette, but if you do want neutrals this one offers a nice selection in addition to more interesting neutral options. Quality-wise this is one of the best palettes I’ve tried from BH Cosmetics, so if you were looking for a new neutral palette then I would highly recommend this!