Revolution X Tammy Tropical Carnival Palette – Review & Swatches!

This fun little colorful palette absolutely PACKED with eyeshadows surely got my attention! Palettes like this just inspire me and make me think out looks to create i my head instantly. Those palettes are the best! Those that make you want to pick them up and be creative and this palette absolutely hit that nerve for me. Colorful looks are just the most fun.


When it comes to Makeup Revolution you always get a good price. This one is only 10£ and it’s absolutely packed with shades from edge to edge. No space was unused when making this. The quality of Makeup Revolution can be so-so. They can be amazing for the price, just average, and some palettes I even had some troubles with. The Re-Loaded Iconic Division is still the worst palette I have tried so far this year. So you can get really lucky, or you can get something meh. In that matter they are a bit behind Colourpop who has a vvery conisisten and great quality, although I think they try to me like Colourpop judging by how fast they keep the new stuff coming.


I have been quite lucky with my Makeup Revolution palettes lately though. So happy that I keep on buying new and good palettes from them, so I did have some good hopes for this one!

The packaging is their standars plastic packaging, but it’s so fun and colorful. You get a decent sized mirror inside, and although plastic does not exactly scream luxury, this one seems nice and sturdy. It just feels a bit more solid than the plastic palettes they had some years ago. Since all the space in the palette is filled with eyeshadow, there’s no room for having the shadow names anywhere. It’s on that famous plastic sheet we all love so much (I am being ironic but have to point it out since irony is hard to read). The shade names are also written on the back of the palette so if you loose that plastic sheet you are not completely lost though.


You do get 7 shimmer shades, and 11 mattes. So in total you get 18 fun colors. Not a single neutral basic shade in this palette except the black that can arguably be a basic shade, but it’s such a handy one and it fits very well with the palette so I don’t mind at all. One thing I really like about this is that you have corresponding mattes and shimmers. So this palette is great if you want to do colorful monochromatic looks. A blue smoky eye with a shimmery blue on the lid, or a purple or green or a yellow one. And off course you can mix and match to make it fun. But I think the corresponding shades makes this palette very easy to use if you want to use colors but have a hard time mixing them or finding out what colors will match. When you look at this palette it’s kind of easy to see what colors go nicely together.


But let’s talk about the quality. I want to chat about the shimmers first because that is easier. The formula is a bit dense, which means that I had to apply a bit more pressure on the brush to pick up the shadows and to place them on my lids. But besides that they are very rich in pigment and you can easily get them tru to color if you want. I didn’t really feel like they needed a damp brush either. They went on nicely and are very rich in pigment so I didn’t at all feel the need to spray my brush with setting spray as I am very prone to do. They didn’t really have that much fallout either. So all in all, I really do like them.

The mattes was a bit frustrating to begin with to be honest. They are a bit more dry and powdery than what I would prefer. I did my first few looks with this palette without having a base on my lids. I just applied it on bare lids and I found them do be a bit hard to build up and sadly they appeared a bit patchy. You know when some shades are a bit dusty and you blend them out they just seem to stick better to some parts of the lids than others, and that’s exactly what I experienced with these. To be honest I had to work quite a while to get the result I wanted. So upon first try I was a bit dissapointed.

But some shadows just needs a bit more help than others, and if you crack the code they can end up being decent after all. So I figured since they were quite dry they might have some problems sticking to my skin properly since I don’t have oily lids at all. So I put on a really sticky base and that made the world of a difference! Stamping them on a sticky base rather than swiping them on a clean lid made such a difference and they were much more vibrant and very much easier to work with. After doing a few looks with a sticky base I kind of got used to how they worked, and I found that they applied very nicely. I didn’t have any issues with problems bulding them up, or them getting patchy after I started using them with a tacky base. So that really did the trick for me, and kind of changed my whole impression with this palette.


As with the shimmers, most of the mattes have nice pigment. There where two exceptions that I felt could have been a bit more rich and that was the navy shade “Navy” and the purple shade “Girlies”. I found them to apply a bit more sheer to color than what they look like in the pan and was not really able to fully build them up. But besides not being the richest and deepest shades in the palette, they did look nice in the end. They just don’t apply to be as deep as they look in the pan.

Another little issue that someone might find problematic is that the blue shades stain the eyes. My eyes got stained even when using a base, and the stain lasted all day even after trying to wipe it away with makeup remover. I did use the Revolution Cut Crease Canvas as a base and my eyes got stained either way. Just for fun I did a quick test with MAC paintpot as a base, and then I didn’t experience staining. So the base you use could make a big difference. Still, having my eyelids stained blue for a while made me look like I had bruised my eye, so I would maybe not recommend using the blues the day before a big event if any kind.

I think after I figured out how to work with this palette and used a properly sticky base, I was happy with how the shadows performed. The quality is not mindblowing but the pigmentation on most of the shades are definitly good. If you want a cheap colorful palette to create some fun looks with would say it’s worth it if you are willing to work a bit with the shadows because you can surely make a lot of bright fun looks using this.

Have you tried this palette. Was it a hit or miss for you?



L’Oreal Pure Clay Exfo Mask – Review!


Is it just me or did L’Oreal relase some interesting skincare items ltely? I always apprecate a good mask. I probably use masks 4 or more times a week, so I enjoy testing out new ones. And being a quite frequent user I also enjoy testing out affordable options (my chickens don’t lay gold eggs I am afraid).


This is a clay mask with exfoliating properties that is supposed to clarify the skin and get rid of dead skin. It contains three different types of clay as well as read algae to clear the skin. I don’t really have problems with unclear skin, so I can’t really tell how that works, but I did find that the mask left my skin looking very refreshed and glowing.


I do feel the exfoliating effect when washing it of. It’s definitly there, but it’s not very harsh. If you hve sensitive skin that’s probably a good thing, but I would prefer something a bit more abrasive.

It’s not a moisturizing mask, but it did not strip my skin of moisture as I feel some cleansing masks can do. Sometimes I preffer to do a cleansing mask fist, and then a moisturizing one after to balance the skin a bit better, but with this it was enough to just put on a serum and a moisturizer.


Now, I almost out of it, and the big question is off course if I should buy it again? I am a bit torn. First of all I like how refreshed and clean my skin looks after use, and I do like that it does not take any moisture away from my skin, but on the other hand I don’t really feel like it does an awfull lot more than many of the other masks I’ve tried. Also, the packaging is a bit…..dull.

Overall a decent product that definitly  did some good for my skin, but it just did not wow me.

I think I would rather try another one hoping to find something exciting and good rather than picking up this one again.

Have you tried this? Or what is your favorite clay mask?



Garnier Fructis Macadamia Hair Food Hair Mask – Review!

I usually stick to makeup reviews, but sometimes I get inspired to share some haircare or skincare items I have formed an opinion about. So today I am chatting about this hair mask that I have used lately.


I have thin nordic hair that have a bit of curl in them. That means my hair gets avfully quickly tangled and dry, while at the same time it easily feels heavy and flat by certain products. So for me the key is to find something that softens and gives moisture withouth making my hair feel heavy.

This hair treatment I have used for quite some time now. The jar is 390 ml, which is a nice amount of product. Since I also have a bit of length to my hair, and like to apply masks to my scalp as well, I tend to run out of smaller jars after 3-4 uses. This one has already lasted me 8 treatments while using a generous amount of product and I still have probably at least two more treatments. So it’s a big bonus for me that I don’t have to run out and by a new one all the time. If I pick up a couple of these I am settled for a few months.


This one is made specifically for dry and unruly hair, and thats my hairs trademark I feel like, so no wonder I really like how this works. I feel like it’s soothing to my scalp as well. I like to apply it on dry hair about 20 minutes before a shower. It’s fairly easy to wash out, even if I put in a generous amount, and it does not leave any residue on my scalp or hair. My hair feels softer after use, it definately feels more moisturized, and it stays tangle free for at least a couple of days after use (very good for being my rude hair).


Surely, this monsterous tub of hair mask is not the most luxurious thing you can put in your bathroom self, and won’t serve as a display piece, but it gets the job done, at least if you have hair like mine.

As a bonus it’s vegan, and it’s cheap! So if your hair are a bit on the dry side this is a cheap but efficient (and lovely scented) product that I for sure will repurchade again. Recommended!

Do you have a favorite hair mask? Leave me a tip in the comments!



Tarte High Tides And Good Vibes Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

Yes, I totally fell for that adorable splashing ocean packaging with a cute turtle on. I mean, I have a masters degree in marine ecology and surely must have some sort of affection to anything oceanic, although there is no turtles up here north of the wall. This is off course just a long way of saying that I bought it mainly for the packaging. The packaging is awesome, sure a bit heavy and bulky, but besides that the prettiest thing I have seen so far this year, not to mention unique.


The palette is nice on the inside as well, but I have to empasize again that this is a pretty impressive packaging especially considering the palette was not really that expensive. You get a decent sized mirror too, and the arrangement of shadows on the gold background is surely stunning.


You get 8 shadows in this palette, and the middle row of 4 shades are actually pressed glitters. Let’s talk about these glitters first. I know that pressed glitter is palettes is a matter of taste, some hate them with a passion while others (like me) actually enjoy having some glitters popped in the palette. I personally like to keep my palettes nice and clean, so I wipe them off after every use. So I don’t really feel pressed glitters mess up my palettes to much. I actually really appreciate having some different textures to play with in a palette. These glitters are quite finely milled, and are almost dry to the touch. I can’t really feel a waxy base that you sometimes can with these glitters. Surely there is some kind of media binding it all together, but to the touch it just feels like glitter. They do work nicely as a sparkly topper, but I found them quite hard to pick up with a brush. Harder than most of my other pressed glitters. I don’t mind using my fingers if I want to apply a wash of glitter all over the lid, but when I want that detailed placement, or just a tiny bit in my inner corner I found it a bit unpractical that they were so hard to pick up. If you can manage to put them on, they are pretty though, although not really a match to my beloved Glitterally Obsessed from Colourpop or ant of my loose glitters for that matter.


In terms of eyeshadows you get 4 mattes and 4 shimmers. The mattes are all quite light in color. Thats not a problem if you want to create a nice blue, navy or bronze shimmery smoky eye and just blend out the crease with a shade. For that purpose this palette is actually spot on. It’s kind of like it was made for shimmery smokey eyes with a wash of glitter. But I found that the palette lack a bit of depth. With that said, I am happy with the performance of the matte shades. Even the pale blue is good. But I just felt like this palette lacked a bit of dimention.


All of the darker shades in this palette are shimmers. There is one light champagne shimmer, but the rest are all darker shades. Again, if your jam is shimmery smoky eyes this is not a bad palette, but I would have much preferres if at least one or two of the dark shades where mattes, I feel like it would be so much easier to create a halo eye, or a cut crease, or just anything else than a smoky eye if the palette just had some deeper mattes. Quality-wise the shimmers are not bad. Not the richest and smoothest of shades but at least with a  bit of building up I had no issues getting the color from the pan to appear just as vibrant on my eyes. My favorite shade was off course the Cobalt blue, and that one did not dissapoint. Actually, a blue smoky eye with that shade is just stunning!


The overall impression is that for me the palette is all worth it for the pretty packaging, but that the shadows inself are a bit lackluster due to the lack of depth and therefore lack of options. Although the shadows and glitters are good they are not winning any prices in my collection (meaning I own better stuff!). However, if you are a shimmery smoky eye lover, and especially if you like blue, this is actually a palette that is basically tailored for your needs. If you like do do different styles of makeup I think you won’t miss this in your collection, unless you are like me and adore the packaging a bit too much.

Have you tried this palette? What is your opinion?



Colourpop Proceed With Caution Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!


Another one of these 9-pans from Colourpop that we have seen a lot of lately (wasn’t it just a bit over a year ago they released the first one?). Colourpop have been releasing these palettes so fast I almost feel like they have forgotten all about the other ones. I mean I would love the occational 16 or 12-pan, and what about a few more palettes in the same shape as Brunch Date? I don’t want to tell Colourpop to speed up releases though, it’s just that we have seen a lot of 9-pans lately. This one is a bit different though as it’s not in their monochromatic series. Not in the fruit series either.


This one is a collaboration with Shayla, which I unfortunately know nothing about, but I do like how she compose a palette. This one is amazingly versatile for being a 9 pan. I mean, there is only nine shades, and on top of that it’s manily a neutral palette, but still you have so many options and can do so many different things it’s incredible. I did 4 looks with this palette on Mondays post, and I remember when looking at them I was surprised that such different looks can come out of a tiny little palette like this. And still, the palette offers all the basics I need and I didn’t feel the need to reach into any other palette to complete a look. That’s a pretty impressively composed palettes, so congrats to Shayla and Colourpop for job well done!


Among the 9 shades you get 4 mattes, which all perform nicely. I could wish that the yellow was a teny-tiny bit more bright and popping, but you can build it up. There is also one matte black with glitter (why do you keep doing this to me?) that sure enough works as a matte. The other 5 are Colourpops gorgeous metallics. They are, as we have learned to know them, very smooth and pigmented and just joyful eyeshadows overall. I have to say that one exception is the orange shade “Warning”. Don’t get me wrong, the shadow is absolutely stunning, but it’s a bit on the chunky crumbly side, so I do think it need a dampened brush. Not to enhance pigment, but to reduce fallout and make it go more smoothly on the lid. It is beautiful though, if you can be bothered that extra effort (which it’s well worth).


OK, so a couple of the shades are not perfect. But there are only tiny issues you can work around. I can deal with having to build up a colour that is a bit more tough to make, like yellow. And I can deal with dampening the brush when the result is so amazingly stunning as “Warning” is, because even though it needs some setting spray I do think it’s by far the most beautiful thing in this palette. But set aside the few imperfections (who’s perfect anyways) this palette is beautifully composed and you can do so much fun with it, and so much neutral and simple with it. For real, it should have you covered anywhere from no-makeup makeup to dramatic glam. And all this from a tiny little 9- pan.


I am not at all surprised that I love the formula, because Colourpop usually nail it. They usually have good colos stories too, so that’s really no surprise either. I am just amazed by how versalite a tiny little neutral palette with a few pops of color can actually be. If you like to play a bit around with different looks, but prefer neutrals, this handy little ting is highliy recommended!




Makeup Revolution Jewel Collection “Gilded” Eyeshadow Palette – Swatches & Review!

The third and last palette from the Makeup Revolution Jewel Collection eyeshadow palettes that they released during Holidays 2018. I have already reviewed the other two, the Silver palette and the Rose Gold one, and now it’s time for the Gold palette!

The packaging again is aboslutely stunning, just like the rest of the palettes from this collection. The frosted finish gold gives a luxurious look to it. Inside you get a good sized mirror that’s actually quite good, and the plastic background for the shadows are simple, black and with the shade names written on it! I always prefer when Makeup Revolution (or any brand for that matter) actually have the name in the palette instead of printed on a plastic sheet (we all loose them right?). Overall, packaging looks quite nice for being just a 10£ palette.


You get a top row of 6 larger pans of eyeshadows which are all foils. And let’s just talk about these foils for a moment. If you have read my reviews of the two other palettes from the Jewel Collection then you know that these shadows are absolutely insane! The pigment just goes on and on, the shadow is soft and smooth like butter, and the metallic foil is so intense. Still, this is hands down the best foiled eyeshadow formula I have tried from the drugstore! This palette is worth picking up just for that top row of foiled goodness.


The second and third row are smaller pans. A bit too small for my liking actually. I would have preferred larger pans with fewer shades, because you will go through these shadows fairly quickly if you use this palette on a regular basis, and to be fair some of them are a bit similar. However, composition-wise this is the best among the three palettes in the Jewel Collection offering the most cohesive color story and largest variety of shades among the three. If I were to pick up only one of the palettes from the Jewel Collection, it would without doubt be this one!


The smaller pans in this palette are 14 shades altogether. 10 of them are mattes or aaaalmost mattes mening they could arguably have a soft pearl sheen to them, but the basically looks matte on the eyes. Then there are 4 shimmers, that compared to the foils seem quite dull. I guess they are good for the days when you don’t want to look like you have melted metal on your lids, but when you compare them the shimmers just seem a bit lackluster. Pigmentation is OK, they are just not very reflective. Only one of the 4 shimmers had a formula I was not happy with, and it was the shade “Heartfelt”, It was just a bit sheer, crumbly and chunky without really adding that much to a look.


The mattes in this palette I was fairly happy with. The pigmentation will not blow you away, and they need to build up. Besides that they performed nicely. I didn’t have any issues with them going muddy, blending away or going patchy. The just performed nicely and as long as you are happy with building up shadows they perform well. I could wish that the black was more intense black though. But that’s just preference. I like my blacks jet black and pigmented, but honestly a more sheer black like this one is much easier to work with, especially if you like to use a black to just deepen a look. Then this black is fairly user friendly but I personally like deep, rich blacks a bit better.


Surely, not the perfect palette. There are a few nit-picks here and there, but overall this is actually a very good purchase after all. As mentioned before, the top row of foiles shades makes it worth it no matter what. Those shades are just stunning! They perform just as well in all three palettes, but the overall impression of this palette is actually much better than with the other two. The reason being that the 14 smaller shades just seems much more cohesive, and much less repetitive in this palette than the rest.

So just for the foiled shades, I would say any of the three palettes from the Jewel Collection are good choices. They all have wonderful foiles and if that is what you want then pick the palette with the foils of your preference. However, as an overall impression this palette scores a bit higher and is my favorite among the three in the collection.



Jeffree Star Supreme Highlighter “Diamond Wet” – Review!

Highlighters are usually very tempting to me. Heck, I have a drawer full of them so obviously I love some glow. They are the cherry on the top of the cake when doing makeup in my opinion. Just that finishing touch to final the look with some gorgeous glow is just so satisfying to me. Who does not want to look glowy and fab? I do, but usually I am not the biggest fan of glittery highlighters and that’s exactly why I have been avoiding the supreme highlighter formula until now because this is more of a glittery formula.


But, there was several people bragging about how beautiful it was, and I remember I saw it in action on a few Youtube videos just when the collection launched, although I can’t remember where I saw it, but the highlighter looked so beautiful I just had to try it!


Sure, it is a glittery formula. That’s not a preference of mine, so the Supreme frost highlighters have been something I have steered clear of. But this one is glittery in a very nice way. Sure it’s not an everyday highlighter for me personally, but if you don’t mind a bit of glitter this really is a beautiful formula. It’s glittery but glamorous. Not “I-am-in-my-early-twenties-going-to-a-festival” kind of glittery. Sure the festival glitter can be fun, but a glamorous glitter I think I am more able to pull off. I am not in my early twenties anymore, so when you add a decade to that you get skin that don’t pull off glitter all that well anymore.


Well, I have seen other people in their thirties do it, so whatever you feel like you should just go for, but I don’t find it to flattering on myself in general. But this glamorous glittery highlighter is as flattering as a glittery highlighter can get on me, and I am surprised to learn how much I actually like it! I actually like it so much that I would not mind picking up another shade in the future.


This is not the highlighter I would wear in the sun. That would be too sparkly for me. But when it’s buffed into the skin, and the lighting is a bit more forgiving. like during the evening then this highlighter gives you that beautiful shimmery wet-look. This is absolutely an evening kind of highlighter for me, but it’s a darn pretty one!

If you like glittery highlighters, or just want to easy your way into trying one than I would absolutely recommend this formula. It exceeded my expectations and is one of the very few glittery highlighters I can add to my favorite highlihgter list!