NYX Bare With Me Hydrating Jelly Primer – Review!

This is one product I just stumbled upon while I was looking at the NYX rack at my local H&M. I had never heard anything about it before I saw it (and not after either) so I was wondering what kind of well kept secret this was. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I feel like it’s very easy to miss out on releases now. You know about what influencers speak about (which is kind of just the few handful of the same products over and over again) and they you pick up a bit if you follow the brand on social media. Basically, you get shown just a small amount, and we all know how crazy the makeup industry has become.


The packaging is very standard to NYX. I don’t really have to read the brand name to know who made this. They have a very specific style. It’s not my style, as I have mentioned many times before. Although I really love a lot of NYX products, the aesthetics of the brand is not my thing. This primer really has the looks of a primer at the lower end of drugstore, although NYX is not at all the cheapest drugstore option.

I do prefer a tube instead of a jar. I just think it’s easier and faster with a tube or a bottle with a pump instead of a jar. Sure, it’s not a huge job unscrewing a lid on a jar, but you know….in the mornings every second counts. I am however well aware that many people prefer jars. Each to their own.


The product inside is very interesting though. It’s a clear gel formula. It feels just like jelly, and you just scoop up a tiny bit and put it all over your face. The product will fall back into it’s original form after a while, so every time you open it it looks brand new, and that’s kind of neat although not really a useful skill.

The primer is translucent and does not add any color or color correcting properties. What it does though it that is gives your skin a lot of hydration. It’s almost as good as a moisturizer, so if you are like me some days and skip over skin care in the morning and just go straight to makeup, having a hydrating primer is very helpful.

The product also claims to make pores less visible. I don’t know about that. Sure, it does help a little bit but compared to an actual pore primer this is not a match. I think this one is better for someone who are primarily after a hydrating primer. In other words, people with dry or dehydrated skin. My skin is normal, and tend to get dehydrated. When seasons change I can also get a bit dry. For me this primer actually works really well.


In addition to hydrating it also adds a bit of tackiness to the skin. The formula is water based, so bear that in mind while matching it with foundations, but I found that the ones I tried applied really well on top. I am not sure if it really helped with longevity, but it did help with the foundation applying nice and evenly.

So, the short summary is: ugly cheap packaging, fun formula and good for hydration. If that sounds like something you would enjoy than it’s worth a shot. I do like it for it’s hydrating purposes, but because if the unpractical packaging I don’t think I would repurchase.



Obsession Makeup Belle Jorden Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

Obsession Makeup is a quite interesting new brand I think . Or well, not so new but it seems like they are getting more and more known at least. To be honest the brand actually really excite me. They have a very pleasing aesthetics and a very wallet friendly price point. I have tried a few products here and there and I have been quite happy with most of it. This was my first time trying out any of the big eyeshadow palettes though.


The packaging is veeery simple. It’s pretty much a plain cardboard, but the letters on the front with the name of the palette has a pretty design. You do get a mirror, which is nice for such an affrodable palette (it’s only 10£). But the best thing about this is that you have a little dent next to eash shadow so you can easily pop them out. That means you can pop them out of the bulky packaging and pop them in a magnetic palette, or just pick a few to bring traveling or even just rearrange them if you like (the palette is magnetig too). This is a feature of a lot of the Obsession Makeup palettes and I find it to be genious! And if you are just into depotting it makes the job a whole lot easier for you.


The color selection is kind of basic. I mean, this is a warm neutral palette with a pop of purple. Nothing wrong with that, but the color story is not by any means revolutionary. It is however a very nice color story if you like berry and orange tones, if you like neutral glam, and if you want to have all the basics covered in one palette. Because this palette has just that. So even though it’s nothing revolutionary the color story is well though through and offers a lot of variation.


In total you get 16 shades. They are about the standard size of a single pan eyeshadow. 7 of these shades are matte, and you get a very nice variation of white, black, orange, brown, berry and deep burgundy to use as your basic shades. It’s a very nice variation of depth, color and versatility. I found overall that I was quite happy with them. The pigmentation I would say is medium on most of them, but they are buildable so you can get a quite rich impression if you build them up a bit. That makes them quite user friendly but still allows you to get that more deep intende look if you want to. My only dissapointment was the white shade. The white is not very pigmented at all. It kind of barely shows up. Surely, you can use it as a softer matte highlighter shade, so I don’t at all say that it’s useless, I would just have preferred it to be a bit more impactful. The rest of the mattes I was fairly happy with.


Three of the shades have this awkward formula I don’t understand. I am sure someone likes this kind of formula, because it’s fairly common, but I just don’t get it. If you have been reading a few of my reviews already you know which formula I am talking about. It’s that matte base fick flecks of glitter. Usually I just use these shades as a matte, because the flacks of glitter will be barely there after blending, or they will dissappear soon anyway, but I would just have preffered them being just plain mattes. With that being said, despite that I don’t like that specific formula they have the same medium but buildable pigmentation and they blend pretty nicely.


Finally there are 6 shimmer shades in this palette. Overall they are nicely pigmented, and have a nice reflective quality to them. Some of them are a bit more finely milled, like the copper, brown and cranberry. Surely a spritz of makeup spray to dampen the brush will make them pop more, but they shine nicely on their own too. Not the absolute best of the best formula out there, but once they are on the eyes they can look just as pretty as any high end one. The gold shade “A.F” was a bit on the chunky crumly side. Not really a problem, but I did experience quite a bit of fallout with that one, as is usual with a chunkier formula. It’s very pretty and sparkly on the eyes though so in that sense you could say it’s worth the extra effort.

The final verdict is that even though it’s not top notch, it’s a pretty good palette for only 10£. I imagine you would have to be very picky to not like it, because with no doubt you can do stunning looks with this. This is absolutely comparable to a good Makeup Revolution palette, so if you like that quality I am quite sure this one would also be a hit. Overall a nice warm neutral with all your basics at a very affordable price.



NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation – Review!

So, it’s my turn to try this much talked about foundation. I am under the impression that a lot of people actually like it, and temptation got the better of be. I am not the one to turn down a good drugstore foundation!

The claims are high as they always are with foundations. I have never hear a foundation claim it’s not great funny enough. This one claims to be lightweight, waterproof, and highly pigmented with a matte finish that lasts 24 hours. That sounds like a really heavy duty concealer to me. I live a life style that is quite unforgiving to foundations so I figured I will give it a proper test and see if it can live up to the claims.


It comes in a glass bottle with a pump which I like. The rest of the design is very typical to NYX. In other words, I am not the biggest fan! I find they design in general to look a bit cheap. Sure, they are cheap, but they are really not trying to hide it if you know what I mean. The design is not ugly, it’s just not my taste. I do often like NYX products though so I am not mad.

First of all, upon application I really like how it looks. One small pump gives me a high medium coverage. It hides everything I need, and since I have to use so little it does indeed feel lightweight. I tend to preffer a satin or dewy finish, but sometimes I do reach for a matte one. This is matte but it’s not “you-look-kind-of-dead-matte”. Don’t worry, you still look like your skin is alive when using this. I can’t always say that about full on matte foundations. So first impressiom of this is really good!


It does keep my skin matte throughout the day. With that being said, I do not have oily skin, and if you do this might not be the case. It keeps on feeling lightweight too. It does not really feel like I am wearing anything at all to be honest, which is also something I enjoy. The longevity is not 24 hours though. It does hold up quite nicely, but after about 6 hours, I can see some fading.


Also, I can assure you that this is not waterproof. I get some splashes of water in my face here and there at work and I could clearly see it fading off after getting some water on my face. Also, it’s not tear resistance. Yes, I had a bad day, but at least I got to give the foundation a good tear-test. So I would call bullshit on the waterproof claim!

Overall, I do like how it looks and feels, and it does hold up decently. Not my longest wearing foundation for sure, but holds up pretty well through a day of work, at least if you don’t cry (everything got sortet out by the way, no worries). So although a few of the claims are a bit too ambisious this is a good matte drugstore option. I may even repurchase when I run out.

Have you tried this? How did you like it?



Colourpop Blue Moon – Review & Swatches!

Since the minute they released their first monochromatic palette I was just waiting and waiting for the monochromatic green and monochromatic blue to be released. Colourpop, being known for frequent releases did not let me wait long. And what a beauty this little palette is!


I mean, inside. The outer packaging is just a very simple blue plastic packaging. I wish it was cardboard insted of plastic. I always wish for that. It’s just a more reasonable choice when you think about the environment, as we all should. It does have a mirror though, as I belive all of these smaller palettes do now. They used to come without mirrors to begin with. Who remembers the first versions of Sol and Mar??

Anyway, the inside makes up for the slightly boring outside with a less preferred material. The shades are just so so gorgeous! Although monochromatic blue, this palette is not boring at all. How could blue ever be boring?


5 mattes and 4 metallics really is the perfect amount for a 9-pan. The 5 mattes have a very nice variety of depth. You get a light blue, a mid toned warm blue, a mid cool toned blue, and a rich deep dark blue. My only complain is that Moonlite and Starry Eyed can look a bit simila on the eyes even though Moonlite is clearly more pastel when you look at them in the pan and on swatches. I found the difference to be a bit hard to spot once applied to the eyes. Besides them being a bit similar, the quality of the mattes overall are just great. Easy to blend, super pigmented, and just a pleasure to work with despite being a bit of an unforgiving color. These just are some great great quality matte blues. And so affordable too! How can you not love that right?


The 4 metallic shimmer shades also offer a nice variation with some interesting colors. Both Tide Pool and Mad About U are probably shades we have all seen before. They are absolutely beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but I can probably dupe them over and over again just using my own collection. The quality is spot on though, so they are for sure among my best metallic blues. Lumi is a gorgeous duochrome. It looks a bit boring and white in the pan, but when you apply the shade it has the most beautiful blue shift. Billi Jean, the forth and final metallic also offers something special as it looks almost like a hybrid between a blue and a silver. It offers something special to the palettes, and adds to the variety of looks you can do!


I just think the overall qualty of these shadows are superb! And I am not complaining about the color either as blue is one of my very favorites! This little palette really is a must have for all the blue eyeshadow lovers! An absolute must have for me, and with no real issues with any of the shades this palette is a hit through and through!



Makeup Revolution Reloaded Blush – Review & Swatches!

I picked up three different shades when Makeup Revolution released their Reloaded blushes a while back. They have plenty of beautiful colors to pick from and I tried to be a bit diverse picking one peach, one pink and one red. For only 4£ each they were well worth testing out I think.


The looks of them tells you that this is on the cheaper end of drug store. I mean, they don’t look bad, they just look and feel like the materials are not the best quality. And when you use them a bi the lid and golden rim gets very scratched up, and after fairly short time the packaging looks old. We can’t be too mad for only 4£ though, but imagine if the packaging was cardboard instead. They would stay much nicer, and cardboard is a better material to use instead of plastic anyways. For the environment I mean. So, I would much have preferred that.


Inside you get 7.5 g of blush. That’s a lot of blush for 4£, so I guess I have even less reason to complain about packaging. I do really like the pretty wavy pattern in the pan. It surely gives the product something extra. I like that!


I think the pigmentation is decent. I mean, there was a big difference between the peach and pink compared to the red. Off course, the red is a deeper shade. Have you tried red blush by the way? I just tested it out for fun many many years ago and I fell in love with it. Just a tiny bit works so nicely paired with light winter skin. You may think you’d have to have medium or dark skin to pull off a red, but with a light hand it’s so pretty. Proper Snow White vibes for sure! The red shade called “Pop My Cherry” is for sure my favorite shade. I had to use that one with a light hand but the peach “Peach Bliss” and the pink “Ballerina” can be applied more carelessly. They show up on the skin, but they are quite user friendly and they give you that nice flush of color without any fuzz.


So, they apply nicely and the look nice and even on the skin. All of these shades have a slightly satin finish, but they basically look matte. They feel very velvety to the touch. Being very user friendly as well as having a nice formula that applies evenly is off course great. The downside of these is that the longevity is not that impressive. After 3-4 hours it was kind of hard to tell if there was any blush left on the skin. So if you care about longevity and want the blush to last all day these might be a bit on the disappointing side.

If you are good with just wearing your blush for just a few hours, and you don’t mind that the packaging looks a bit rough after a short while, I would say they are worth a try. After all they are only 4£. If longevity or fancy packaging is a big issue for you then these are not for you.

Have you tried these? Let me know how you like them!



BH Cosmetics Glowing in Greece Face Palette – Review!

Usually when I am drawn to a collection it’s the eyeshadow palettes that gets a second look and reels me in. But this time it was the blush and highlighter palette “Glowing in Greece” that immediately got my atteintion in Bh Cosmetics summer collection (OK so maybe I did get the two eyeshadow palettes released in the same collection, but the blush palette got my eye first!)


The palette is a simple cardboard packaging which is fitting for the price range, but it does also include a mirror which is great. Inside the palette has 6 decent sized face powders. The top row has three mattes, and the bottom row has three shimmers.


The top row obviously are blushes, but the bottom row has one light champagne which I would only use as a highlighter, but the second and third shades on the bottom row can double as blush toppers or glowy blushes. If you have medium or dark skin I bet they would be beautiful highlighters but for me they are just too dark. They are however super beautiful on their own as glowy blushes. I really enjoyed using them as such, but I also used them with a lighter hand as a blush topper on top of the matte blushes. Just for a tiny bit of shine. All the shades on the bottom row works nicely for me. The blusher shades are lovely. The one that is purely a highlighter for me is nice too, but it’s not a mindblowing highlighter formula.  It adds glow, it looks nice, did not take my breath away. It’s like bread. Useful for meals, but not the work of a gourmet chef.


I don’t feel very systematic today. I just started talking about the bottom row before the top row. That feels a bit weird, to start talking about the top row in the middle of a review, but here it goes! The top row is all matte blushes. All lovely shades, and  I feel like they all differ enough from each other to offer a nice diversity. They look different in the pans, and there is also a visible difference when they are applied. Sure they are all on the warm peachy side of the color wheel, but they still look different on the skin. The two first shades I could use, but the third shade was a tiny bit too dark for me. Sure, I could get away with it when I am tanned. If I remember to pull out this palette for those one/two weeks of the year. If you have medium skin you should easily be able to use the third shade, but then the first one may be too light. The curse of a face palette.


The formula of the blushes are lovely. Just the right amount of pigmentation. It shows up on the cheeks and blends easily, without being overly pigmented. The powders are sikly soft, and for being a very affordable palette I don’t think it has a lot of kickback in the pan. The quality seems nice, and they are very easy to work with which I always appreciate in a blush!


This is actually the first time I try out BH Cosmetics blushes, but I know now they can be well worth picking up. This palette is just lovely and I will have my eyes peeled if they release more face palettes like this. This was a hit for sure!



Juvia’s Place Afrique Palette – Review & Swatches!

Afrique is a bright and fun 12 pan palette released by Juvia’s Place in 2018. Inspired by African culture both the colors in the palettes and patterns will surely pick up your mood. It looks to fun!


The design is true to Juvia’s Place regular design. You got these funky ladies on the front cover with a bright orange background. When you open it you get an explosion of pattern an colors where you usually have the mirror (no mirror here as usual), and it surely gives me African vibes. The color story is also fun as Juvia’s Place palettes usually are. Just upon opening the palette I feel like there is so many fun, creative looks to do!


There are 7 mattes and 5 shimmers. Let’s chat about the mattes first. There is a nice selection of both bright, fun colors and some neutrals. This palette really is the perfect balance between color and neutrals. Even though at first glance it looks more like a colorful one, you will be able to just as many neutral looks as colorful ones with these shades. The two brown shades are good. They have a decent pigmentation and blends very well. The deep maroon matte also works nice. These three shades was the three best mattes in the palette.


I rarely have any issues with Juvia’s Place palettes. I really have just been bragging and bragging about them in my reviews. That’s why I was left a bit puzzled when I played around with the colorful mattes. The yellow is not very pigmented. It really needs to be build up, and honestly I don’t really feel I get it exactly to where I want it. That’s odd because they have proven that they can make good yellow mattes with the Zulu palette which I own and love. Not only did I have issues with the yellow, but also the matte blue and matte green. I felt like they were a bit patchy and that they really had to be built up. I found it hard to do more advanced looks with them because getting them even was a challenge. It was kind of like they were a tad too dry. Finally the matte orange, I had minor issues with. It was again not as pigmented as I wanted. Once again they also have a better orange in Zulu. It did not apply patchy, but it needed to be built up more than what I am used to with Juvia’s Place.


For the most part I did like the metallics though. At least Kofi (metallic gold) and Togo (Metallic green) are true to the regular Juvia’s Place formula I feel. I do think Angelique (metallic bone color) was nice but a tiny bit chunky. Maybe it’s the lack of my skills rather than the eyeshadows, but I found it hard to photograph because it looked chalky. I realize that this is not really an issue at all. Most people would not care at all. I found Fifi (metallic red) to not be as rich as I am used to with Juvia’s Place metallics. The last metallic shade “Cotonou” was also the most disappointing. I am used to Juvia’s Place metallics to be so rich, so when I had to build up this to get my payoff, I was just not happy. I feel like they CAN do so much better, so I am a bit puzzled why they didn’t.


Sad to say, even though the color story is fun, and you can get a good makeup look out of it in the end, I am just not as happy with this as expected. I know Juvia’s Place can do nice matte colorful shades, because I already have a lot of them. These shadows just don’t live up to the usual standards. Some of the metallics hold the good old stunning formula, but a few of the metallics also missed the mark.


I love Juvia’s Place eyeshadow palettes, and I would recommend every single one of them. I would suggest buying any of the other palettes before this, because this one although usable does not live up to the other amazing Juvia’s Place palettes. Just pick another one!

Have you tried this? Did it work for you, or are you also left with the feeling that it’s not as good as the other palettes?