I Heart Revolution Mint Choc Chip Color Correcting Primer – Review!

I have to admit, the reason why I picked this one up was because I was hoping it would smell like mint chocolates. I have a weakness for that scent since that is one of my favorite candies. And it did! Usually I don’t wear a green color correcting primer, but I like to keep one on hand. Just because from time to time it’s actually nice to have. It will run bed way before I manage to use it up, but this will be the one I have for those rare occations where I want to correct redness. For example, a couple of years ago when I left a peeling mask on a bit too long, and my whole face turned red and I was heading over to a dinner with friends. That’s the kind of occations I keep a green primer on hand.


Since I do use these kind of corrector fairly rare I don’t want to splurge on a very expensive product. So this very affordable option by I ❤ Revolution (which is a sister brand of Makeup Revolution) was just in my price range. 8$ is a fair price for something that is used just from time to time.

The packaging is a tube, which I like because it’s hygienic. The design is simple, youthful and kind of cute. It’s not very classy or luxurious, and not something I imagine Audrey Hepburn pull out of her makeup bag, but it does the job alright.


This is purely a color correcting primer. It does not claim to do any additional work, although it does contain Vitamin C and E. The primer has quite a lot of pigment in it. I found that a really tiny amount of product was enough to cover my whole face an slightly color correct. It does not remove all redness, but it tones it down nicely, without leaving a green cast of your face, and you can easily cover up the rest of the redness with a foundation over. That is, if you use a small amount. I went in with too much the first time, and had to spend quite a bit of time blending, and still I was slightly green. So a little goes a long way with this one. You can also use this for spot concealer.


I hit myself in my face this holiday (I know, odd story, but there is a point to it I promise). Clumsy as I am, I was shoveling snow that was quite hard packed. I jammed the shovel down into the snow and it got stuck. So I pulled hard, a bit too hard, and off course the shovel lost it’s grip, and I pulled the whole handle right into my face. Clumsy I know, and I ended up with a wound and some bruising on my upper lip. At least I got to try spot concealing with this one though, because the wound left some red scarring that I have been covering up using this to spot conceal (it was also handy for the bruises straight away, but at least that disappeared after a week, the scarring has been here ever since). Conclusion is, if you are as clumsy as me and live in a place with a lot of snow, this can be good to have on hand because it has really helped me cover up the red scarring on my face.


So, yeah I guess I am pretty happy with it. It does the job of color correcting. It does not do much more than that though, but if all you need is some color correcting either in your whole face or just on spots this one did the job nicely for me at least.

And it smells so so delicious that just opening the tube to use it makes me happy.

This was a hit for me!



L’Oreal Smooth Sugars Glow Scrub – Review!

I picked up this L’Oreal Smooth Sugars Glow Scrub when I found it on sale and decided to give it a go. I mean, this kind of product I go through on a regular basis and it does not hurt finding some nice cheap alternatives here and there.


The packaging is……well, at least it get’s the job done. I have to say that this looks and feels awfully cheap though. I mean, Makeup Revolution manage to do nice packaging at much more affordable prices than this. The design looks simple and very cheap. Almost like noone really cared about making an effort. The plastic lid also feels very cheap and frankly not very well made. It fells like one of those that are so cheap it’s a little hard to screw them on and off properly. Sure the jar itself is glass, but it does not really help on the overall cheap and boring impression.


But the outside does not matter if the inside is great. This is a sugar scrub si naturally it has sugar in it. Three different kinds actually (brown. light, white). It also has grapeseed-oil and monoi-oil to add moisture. It’s suppsed to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin as well as adding glow and moisture.


It does feel like it’s rich in oil that is for sure. And it does not strip any moisture oil of my skin which I really like. It does not really exfoliate much though. I feel like there is just not enough sugars in this to make it properly exfoliating. To try do get some abrasive effect from it I had to really use a lot, and still I felt like it was just lackluster. I know harsh scrubs are not good for the skin, especially the face, but at least I want to feel like to does something at all. Somehow I expected this to smell like coffee, which it does not (and it does not claim to either so I can’t really complain about it), it just smells like sugar actually. If you don’t like strongly scented stuff that’s OK, but I find it a bit boring.


I guess, after this not so amazing review, that I don’t really have to tell you that I won’t be picking this one up again. Sure, it was cheap but the whole experience of the product is just lackluster and it did not do anything for me.

Unfortunately, this was a miss. In almost every way possible.



Focallure Paris Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

My first encounter with Focallure eyeshadows was an experience that made me exited to try more. Lucky for me since I hauled 5 Focallure eyeshadow palettes withouth having tried them at all. But so far no regrets on that risky shopping spree because I seem to enjoy them.

The Paris palette is one of the palettes in their travel series which they have four of at the moment, but I would love to see more options in the future! The eyeshadows are named after things you can connect with the travel destination of the palette. For instance Paris has shade named “Eiffel Tower” and “Monet” (reference to the french artist) and yummy french sweets like “Croissant” and “Macarons”. All the names can be connected to Paris which I think is a cute touch.

The packaging is your regular cardboard with a Paris design on the front. In my opinion maybe the well known Eiffel Tower should be more visible to make it more clear what city is on the front. As it is now you have to look long and hard to figure out that the landmark is hiding behind the “R” in “PARIS”. That has absolutely nothing to to with makeup at all though. Sorry for the side track. You do get a nice mirror though. Just big enough to use when doing eyeshadow.

Even though the palette is quite small and compact it holds 15 eyeshadows of 1.15g each. I had some people ask me before if the pan size on these are very small. Sure 1.15 is smaller than you regular single pan shadows, but they look to be about the same size as the shadows in the Anastasia eyeshadow palettes. I would say that is sufficient. I rarely use up an eyeshadow anyway.

But over to the interesting part! The eyeshadows! You get quite a few different formulas in here. You have your good old mattes and shimmers, but you also got shimmers with fine micro glitter in them, as well as those mixed shimmer shadows that we saw for the first time in Huda Beauty New Nude, and that we see everywhere now! (they are really pretty though so keep them coming!).

6 out of the shades are matte. The mattes are pretty standard. You get your bone shade and some brown of different depths, but also a pop of yellow and a nice mauve. The variety is quite good, but I do think “Eiffel Tower” and “Chateau” are a bit too similar. I would have loved for one of them to be a deeper brown or even a deeper mauve or a burgundy which I think would have fitted nicely in the color scheme. All of the mattes have really nice quality though. The pigmentation is really good, they apply easy and are very blendable. They are not chalky at all, and look very nice applied on the eyes. It does not enhance texture, but look nice and smooth. These matter have really great quality, and you would not think this was a cheaper brand based off how the mattes perform. They are lovely!

You also get two pretty standard shimmers. With that I just mean that thei are plain shimmer and don’t have any glitter in them. Both these shades are very smooth and applied nice and easy and work just fine even without a setting spray.

The 6 other shimmers have different levels of sparkle in them, and they also don’t really work the same. Some of them are so smooth, pigmented and buttery and just glide on like the lovely yellow gold “Tuileres”. Also “Grand Palais” and “Croissant” work really well. But I did have some issues with “Macarons” and “Luxembourg”. They are just very hard to pick up on the brush. If I use my regular amount of pressure to pick up product I simply won’t get anything on my brush! So I have to use quite a bit of force and a damp brush to pick these shades up. They apply much easier with the fingers, but when doing detail work that can be a challenge. I was slightly unhappy with these two shades since they required so much work, which is kind of odd because Focallure have proven that they can absolutely do nice shimmers. Also, “Macarons” was the shade I was most drawn to so always a bummer when those shades are not the best.

There’s only one of those mixed-shimmer shades in this palette and that’s “Monet”. You know, those very pretty looking shades we saw for the first time in Huda Beauty New Nude? “Monet” was one of those shades, although you can’t really tell anymore. This formula is so stunning though. I was very happy with this, as well as the mixed shimmers in the Perth palette which I have already reviewed.

Sure, I had a few dissapointments in this palette but if we just forget about those two shades for a moment I am actually quite impressed with the rest. The quality in general is really really good! This brand just keeps surprising me in a positive way.

Have you ever tried Focallure eyeshadows? I would love to know what you think about them.



MAC Hyper Real Glow Highlighter Palette – Review!

I stumbled upon this on the airport when I was traveling a few weeks ago. Or, I knew that this palette excisted, I had just never really given it a second thought. It has three of those neutral champagne highlighters in different depths and I probably have 50 shades like that (I don’t think I am even exaggerating). But I saw it in the store, and I figured I would swatch is just for shits and giggles you know. And then I bought it.


I guess I don’t have to say that swatching this palette really impressed me. These are super creamy, buttery and soft to touch. They almost feel like a cream, but they are powders…..I think. They really feel creamy, but you can use them just like a powder, and it behaves like a powder when you apply them. And they are so nice! Really pigmented and reflective but no glitter. Just a beautiful creamy glow. Just my kind of thing to be honest.


The packaging is pretty basic. I mean, this is pretty expensive but still it’s a  cardboard packaging. The cardboard feels more luxurious than say the one you get from Colourpop, and the palette has a it of weight to it. But still, it’s just a simple black cardboard packaging. It looks nice though, but for instance Tarte makes really nice packaging for a much more affordable price. You obsiously pay for the products here and not the packaging.


The powders are just stunning though. I got the lighter trio (they have one that is a bit darker) and I have a light skin tone. Not fair, but light. I can now in winter, without even a fraction of a tan use two of the shades. The third I can use in summer withouth doubt, which is great because that means I can actually get use out of all of the highlighters and nothing goes to waist.

The glow this gives is just beautiful. It gives a nice reflective glow, that you can apply sparingly for a neutral finish, or you can get that really intense glow. It does not have even a fleck of glitter, so these are purely glowy and not sparkly. They remind me a bit about how Ofra highlighters look, but the formula feel very different. But to give you an idea, the result on the skin instantly makes me think of Ofra. Which is a compliment for sure because I love Ofra highlighters!


The formula is really fine milled and it does not enhance pores or texture. Or, I mean, It’s highlighter…..it highlights. But it does not emphasize texture like some highlighters do. I think this will be very good for mature skin too since they look so flattering.

It was an expensive swatch, but I am so happy I stopped by the counter and had a closer look, because this palette instantly got a place among my favorites. I bet I will get a lot of use out of this.

If you are in the market for some great champagne highlighter with no glitter at all and a gorgeous glow, then this is worth checking out!



Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade – Review!

This is the brow pomade that replaced my Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade that I used to use. This product seems very much inspired by the Anastasia version, and honestly I didn’t really feel like purging out on a new Dipbrow. So I decided to try the affordable version.


The product comes with a brush applicator which is absolutely useless. So I do not use this with the original brush that came with it, I prefer to use my own brow brush. But besides the silly brush, the packaging looks very much like the Anastasia Dipbrow. The jar is nice heavy glass, the cap is black with gold details. I don’t think they are trying to to hide where they got their inspiration from, but is it just as good?


I have been enjoying Anastasia Dipbrow for a whole jar of time. I really did like it, but it dried up a bit fast. I still could use it untill the jar was completely empty, but the formula had definitly changed. I did get a good 1,5 years out of that pot though. Now I have been using the Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade in about 6 months. I assume it will be around 1,5 year of usage out of this pot too judging on the amount I have left, but the formula has not changed as much over 6 months as I feel like the Dipbrow did.


I think applicaton is easy. It’s a bit of a denser formula, but in my opinion that makes it easier to apply more precisely. You do need a stiffer brow brush for it though. I preffer using it together with my Morphe brow brush which is quite thick and dense, but I also found that it works nicely with a thicker angled liner brush if you want a more soft look.

The formula stays in place all day. My brows look neatly done still in the afternoon so I have no issues with longevity.


Overall I actually feel like this brow pomade is quite similar to the Anastasia Dipbrow. They last about the same amount of time, wear similarly and gives a similar result. The biggest difference, which is a plus on Makeup Revolution side, is that is does not dry up as quickly as the Dipbrow.

When time comes for a repurchase I will most likely save my money and go for the Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade instead of splurging on the Anastasia one. In other words, this is approved!




Colourpop Strawberry Shake – Review & Swatches!


2019 was the year of 9-pan palettes by Colourpop. I got so many of these eyeshadow palettes it’s almost not to believe that they haven’t been around for that long. No one release things as fast as Colourpop. I used to collect every palette they released. But I just can’t do it anymore. Not only is there a new palette almost every week, they even release two at the time sometimes now. Too many palettes for me to review. But I did get this one though!


I was a bit surprised when they released this color story just after Main Squeeze though. Surely, Strawberry Shake is more in the pink side, while Main Squeeze is more red and orange, but still. You can create very similar looks with this palette. I would say if you get one of them you don’t really need the other. You just have to figure out if you want the palette to lean more pink or more orange.


The palette has 6 mattes, two metallics and one super shock formula. The mattes are a well balances mixture of reds and pinks in light to medium depth. There are no really dark shades in this palette, but the overall color story is more fun and bright instead of dark and sultry, so I didn’t really feel like I was missing a deeper shade. The palette is just too bright and fun for dark shades. The quality is just overall great on all the mattes. I simply didn’t have any issues at all with any of them. Usually Colourpop makes very smooth, pigmented and blendable mattes and that happens to be the case with all of the shades.


The two metallics are one rosy and one peachy gold shade. Both are really pretty shades that compliments the mattes really well. This is their more smooth metallic formula as there is not fine glitter in them. Their metallics with fine glitter can lean a bit on the chunky side and require setting spray (still good though, just a different formula), but these are buttery smooth, rich and gorgeous.


The shade Delish, which I believe is a Super Shock Formula, is an excellent shade to add shine and sparkle to the look. The formula is super creamy, but also a bit crumbly. It does apply best with a finger, or I found that a flat brush with some setting spray also did work nicely.   This shade can be use sparingly, for just a wash of sparkle and shine, or built up to a opaque sparkly light peach. It’s a lovely shade, but so expect some fallout. However, even though this shade is the one that requires the most twerking to work, it is my favorite shade in the palette because of how stunning it looks on the lids.


Overall, there is not much bad to sad about this palette (except that plastic packaging should be banned!). The color story is lovely, without me feeling like it’s missing anything which is pretty good for a palette with only 9 shades. It’s also really really high overall quality. As with so many other Colourpop palettes, this one gets a big thumbs up!




Pixi Vitamin-C Lotion – Review!

I have been using this one for a while as a nice refreshing morning moisturizer and wanted to share my thoghts on it. I have actually used it so much that it’s already empty! Pixi is a well known skin care (and makeup) brand that seem to be highly loved by so many. So I had good hopes for this one. Being my first Pixi product I started out with something simple. A face lotion.


The thing that tempted me with this lotion was that is contains vitamin C which is supposed to be a good antioxidant that provides good collagen production and gives a brightening luminous effect on the skin. I like that the product comes in a tube that does not allow light to enter. Vitamin-C should not be exposed to light as it becomes unstable. So I tend to avoid skincare with Vitamin C that is stored in a transparent bottle or tube. Luckily this was not the case here.

The cream is supposed to work for all skin tones and can be used daily. I preferred to use it in the morning as the cream is quite light. For a night cream I like something a bit more heavy, but this one sinks into the skin and works great for me in the morning under makeup. It gives a nice boost of moisture without being too heavy.


I guess my skin does look a bit brighter just upon application, but I am not sure if it’s because the lotion is acutally brightening or because that’s kind of what skin looks like freshly moistuized. I don’t have any darker spots on my skin so I can’t really say if it did have any brightening effect long term. With that being said, I like how fresh my skin looks and feels.

One drawback with this is that the opening of the tube is a bit too large in my opinion. It was very easy to squeeze out too much, and I felt like it was a bit waistful. I could off course practice being less clumsy, but I am too old for that. I would have preferred if the opening was a tiny bit smaller and the amount that came out was easier to control.


The lotion is not overly perfumed. It has a nice, refreshing but faint scent that adds to the product feeling very refreshing.

Overall I think this is a good light weight lotion. I could absolutely see myself picking up another tube, and I am now curious to try out more from their line.

Do you have any Pixi products you love in your routine?



Jeffree Star Blue Blood Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

The big blue sister palette of the famous Blood Sugar. It’s funny to think about because if a big almost all blue palette was released 5 years ago, or before Instagram existed, I don’t think it would have been such a big hit. But people have become more daring and creative and I actually believe social media has something to do with it. The world was ready for all blue and it was a big hit!


The packaging is so pretty. Baby blue, with white details and shaped like a coffin or jewelry box. The palette of course is awfully bulky, but it’s more of a display piece than something that is handy for traveling. This packaging is to satisfy the collector in you, not the handy traveler. It does have a mirror, that is big enough, but I still found it very unpractical to use. Since the palette does not open completely, you either have to hold the palette quite high, or place it on top of something. Since it’s quite heavy I found it to be much better to just use a separate mirror instead of the one in the palette. In other words, having a mirror in this was completely useless for me personally.


The palette holds 18 different shades. In exactly the same format as Blood Sugar. The size is quite generous, they make the ABH palettes seem very stingy. They are also much more firmly pressed than ABH so these shadows will last you a long long time even with consecutive use. Surely, the palette is blue themed but you do get some options to go neutral, which is great if you want to use the palette a lot but don’t want to go pink every day. You get three different formulas. The majority of the shades are matte, some are regular metallics, and two of them are metallics with glitter in.

Although at first glance the palette looks to be very blue, one third of the shades in this palettes are actually neutrals. Suitable for very natural look even. So you do have more options than going all blue with this palette. Off course, the eye-catching shades that gets everyone’s attention is all the different blues. You get so many different tones and depths in this palette. Really dark blues, pastels, green toned blues, mints, grey toned blues. You really get such a nice variety of blue shades!


There are 12 mattes in this palette. I do really like that the palette offers a lot of mattes, because I find that very often when a palette has a few blue shades more often than not the blues are metallic. So this palette can very likely add some unique blues to your collection that you don’t already have. Very generally speaking I do like JS eyeshadows, but they are not my favorite formula out there. I do trust that when I pick up a palette from JS it is going to have great quality, but they don’t hit my preference perfectly. It’s not that the quality is lesser, it’s just that some formulas work better on my eyes than others. For instance, JS mattes are a tiny bit too dry for me. They are pigmented, blendable and generally holds very high quality. They are just a bit on the dry side (not to be confused with chalky!) and that means that I do need a primer for these to work perfectly on me. Without a primer they seem to have some issues sticking to my eyes. I think if I had more oily skin I would not need a primer with them, but since I am more normal or even dry these mattes need a sticky base to apply nicely on me.

The metallics was a bit unconsistent if formula. Some of them are rich, intense, smooth, buttery and simply just great shadows. “Ice Tray” for instance is an excellent shade, and so is “Crystal Flesh”. Nothing bad to say about those two. “Cullinan” is a bit different. Not that it’s bad in any way it’s just more of a duochrome topper shade and is absolutely stunning in the inner corner. I had some issues with “Deceased” though. It almost feels like it’s to hard pressed and I have to use quite a bit of pressure on mu brush to pick it up and for it to transfer on my lid. So even though three of the metallics are nice, one of them is unfortunately a dud and of much lesser quality than I would expect from a palette at this price range.


The two metallics with glitter are off course a bit different in formula too. The small glitter particles makes it a bit more chunky and less smooth than a regular metallic, but they pick up nicely, and are pigmented. Only thing is that I think these need some setting srpay since they are a tiny bit on the chunky side. I did experience some fallout from these that was reduced by using a damp brush.

I loved the looks I managed to do with this palette. I just had to get a bit used to the matte formula and after that I had so much fun playing around with all the colors. But I can’t help but feeling a bit underwhelmed. I mean the mattes are good, but not perfect for my personal preference, and since “Deceased” was a dud shade, the overall impression is just that I like the palette. I don’t love it…..if that makes sense. They are good, blendable blue shades, and I know those are hard to make, but I am just not over the moon for this.


I do think it’s a stunning collector piece, and I love that you have such an amazing variety of blue shades, and that it adds some more rare blue shades to my collection. So if that is your motivation to buy it, then surely most of the shadows are really good and the rest you will be able to work with. But if you just want some good quality blues and you don’t care about adding this as a collectors item, I would honestly just recommend you save your coins and buy Blue Moon from Colourpop instead.

It is a good palette, I just simply feel I have better blues in my collection. It will be a beautiful display piece though, and since I am a collector at least that counts for something.





Makeup Revolution Warming Gel Moisturizing Mask – Review!


Makeup Revolution have been releasing a whole bunch of masks the last few months. I think whatever you feel like your skin needs, they will have an option for you for a very fair price (as usual with makeup revolution). This was my first ever encounter with their masks, and I chose a hydrating one with a little twist…it’s supposed to be heating up!

First of all, I was surprised that the mask came in a nice glass jar. For the price I expected plastic. The design is very simple and minimalistic, but the weight of it makes it feel more luxurious for sure. You get a total of 50 ml which is pretty standard for this kind of product. It’s also vegan and cruelty free if that’s important to you.


One of the first things I noticed about this was the scent. It smells a bit like soap. Unfortunately not the good kind, but the small, cheap feeling bars you get in hotels. The scent is a bit off putting to me, and it smells a bit cheap. It’s not an overpowering scent though, but I can definitely smell the cheap soap when I apply it.

When you apply it something interesting happens though. The gel actually feels warming! The sensation is present for a fairly short time though, but when you rub in the mask, and for a minute or two after that you can feel that it’s warm. After being outside in the cold for a while I actually found this sensation quite pleasing and I would almost wish it could last longer.


This is the kind of mask you need to wash of instead of peeling or just letting it sink into the skin. After using this mask I felt like my skin was refreshed and hydrated. It’s not the most heavy duty intensely moisturizing mask, but it sure adds some hydration to the skin.

If you are not bothered by the scent, this is a decent hydrating mask that is also wallet friendly. Personally, because of the scent, I would rather try some of the many other masks by Makeup Revolution instead of repurchasing this.



Makeup Revolution Blow Out Mascara – Review!

Since I have become such a big fan of the Makeup Revoltion The Mascara Revoltion (It’s competing with L’Oreal Paradise Extatic about being my favorite drugstore mascara) I figured it was a good ide to test out their newer one and see if they made another mascara hit! I am one of those who love finding an awesome affordable mascar because I find it pointless to spend to much money on the higher end ones when there are plenty of great affordable options. And I am telling you, I used to buy exclusively Lancôme and Dior mascaras for 5-6 years because I was covinced cheaper ones could not match. But, even though both Dior and Lancôme have fantastic mascaras, I found so many just as good affordable ones that I just don’t see the point in splurging anymore. The point is, I wanted to know if this one was also a great affordable option. I mean, Makeup Revolution did it once so why not again?


The tube stands out with it’s oil slick coloring. The mascara brush is quite thick and large and made of rubber bristles. Sometimes I like the rubber bristles, but other times I feel like they tend to have a hard time building volume. I guess that could also be said for regular bristles, but somehow I feel like the rubber ones are challenging to me more often than regular bristles.

The mascara claims to have a jet-black thickening formula that gives you killer volume. It’s also enriched with cannabis satvia to nurish the lashes. I feel like cannabis has become quite a gimmick letaly, and I really don’t think it’s going to make a big difference on my lashes. Sure enough. After using it daily about 6 weeks, my lashes are all the same.


I didn’t but it for the cannabis ingredient though, I got it because I was hoping it would be a good mascara. I have to say I am not really convinced. To begin with I don’t feel like it gave me much volume or length. Sure, my lashes got darker, more visible, and off course a bit more long and voluminous than what they are without mascara. However, compared to my favorite ones the result from this was a big lackluster. After using it a few weeks the formula got a little bit thicker, which helped adding a bit more volume. Still not as good as I would like though.


If you like a more subtle mascara look then you may like this. Because I found that the longevity is nice, and it did not flake or smudge under my eyes. So if you want a more natural lash look at least the formula stays in place and looks nice. Me personaly preffer a bolder look, but at least once applied it stays in place nicely. It’s not waterproof though, which it does not claim to be either.


Overall, I am a big underwhelmed by how they made my lashes look, and even though the formula did not flake or smudge I don’t see myself buying it again simple because it does not quite reach my preffered result. However, if you don’t want to go too bold on your mascara it could be worth a shot.

Have you tried this? How did it work on your lashes?