Makeup & Beauty Hauls June 2018!

I did shop in June. A lot! But since I live in Norway with the slowest most barbaric shipping service you can imagine (you are lucky to get a package from UK and USA in two weeks). So a lot will arrive in July, but this is what I got so far!

I get the MorpheMe subscription on the regular now, and I think it is a nice way to build a good brush collection. Not sure for how long I will continue, but I want to get a bit more smaller face brushes and a eyeshadow brushes first and then I will see what I do. This month I got some nice face brushes, although I am pretty sure that contour brush won’t get much use. I don’t really use that brushes. But the other two are lovely.

There is always a need for good cleansing balms in my house! The Heimish All Cleam Balm is a repurchase, and the Missha Deep Clear Cleansing Balm is something new and exciting to try out. I go though these really fast especially when I play around making looks for blog posts. So these are much needed.

The House of Lashes in style Noir Fairy Light is new to me, but I usually really like House of Lashes and these looks so pretty!

I have also been loving the NYX Powder Puff lipsticks and picked up two new shades “Group Love” and “Cool Intentions”.

I also have a couple shades of the Maybelline Superstay Ink from before but wanted to test out a darker shade in this formula. If you can’t tell, I am building up some experience for a review here.

The Iconic Light from House of Lashes are so raved about and finally it is my turn to try them. Be prepared to see these in some new looks.

I also got a classic. The MAC Powder Blush “Mocha” and the Estèe Lauder Double Wear Concealer. The last one being a repurchase. Good stuff!

I bought the Soph X Makeup Revolution palette on impulse. If I like it I will probably get the new one as well. It looks pretty, but I have yet to try it.

The bronzer and highlighter duo form I ❤ Makeup is so cute in the gold chocolate packaging. I want to go out and by chocolate now!


There are always some items from Colourpop in these posts. That’s what you get for being cheap and fun! The Fortune palette is kind of a sister palette to Fame, just prettier (and we wonder why companies mainly focus on warm tones?). I also picked up one of the new bronzer and highlighter duo “Step Right Up”. This is in the lightest shade, and the bronzer will be too light for me in summer, but the highlighter is so so so pretty! I want that other one with a slightly darker bronzer now!


I picked up two of the new Clarins Water Lips Stains. To be honest I was drawn in by the delicios strawberry vanilla scent, but I also wanted to review these guys. So they are now being thoroughly tested!


The Benefit World O Blushes travel palette. This beauty I picked up at the airport. I had to get it since it was so small and contained only shades I have been wanting to try for the longest time. Such a great find and I love it already!


Lethal Cosmetics I a brand I started dipping my toes in recently, and I wanted to get one of their magnetic palette that perfectly fits 12 of their shades. My intention is off course to fill it up, and with these four shades added to the six I already own I am getting pretty close. Should I put together another palette after that? I don’t know yet. But  I can tell you that I really enjoy these shadows!


And here is Colourpop again. I did have to try out their new No FIlter Foundation, Pressed Powder and Setting Powder. Off course, because who does not want to find cheap base products that work! And these won’t break the bank while you try at least. Really excited to see how they work.


The NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer has been on my wish list for so long, and finally I could tick it off. And I just randomly added the Maybelline Master Drama Nudes Kohl Pencil in “Taupe” because I am head over heels in love with the one in “Ultra Black” which is the perfect smoky pencil for the darkest water line there is. It is amazing, and I hope this shade will be too!


Getting my monthly trio of liquid lipsticks from LiveGlam KissMe has become a norm by now. This month I got a trio of gorgeous nudes (with one grey not-so-nude). I do already have a review of these guys with swatches and all here if you would like to read more.


The Charlotte Tilbury Matte Lipstick “The Queen” is really fit for a proper queen (and if I am not mistaken I believe this was inspired by the queen mother herself). I can’t wait to wear this. This is just my kind of shade to (means I am a queen too right?).


Since I fell in love with the Ofra Feelin Myself highlighter palette the temptation to pick up another one got to big. So Ofra x Nikki Tutorials Glow Goals is now a part of my highlighter family.


Finally I picked up the Morphe Brontour in the shade “Celebutante”. This is such a great idea having a bronzer and a contour shade in a nice compact duo like this. Who would knew Morphe would be the one to release this, because I have been wanting something like this for ages!

Even though this already seems like quite a bit, this is not at all everything I got in June. It is only the post service in Norway that really knows how to take their time. So many of the hauls I did in June will be presented in the July hauls post (if I got them that “quick”. I am telling you. Horrible post service!).

But if you want a bit of a spoiler alert I got some palettes from both Jeffree Star and Juvia’s Place on their way, and also the new Sol and Mar palette from Colourpop, so I won’t run out of things to do any time soon!

Did you pick up something nice for yourself in June? Leave a note about it in the comment!




Makeup hauls in May 2018

Time to collect all the goodies I captured in May! I love seing what other people pick up from the stores so I am hoping some of you will feel the same and enjoy this post. Let me know in the comments if you picked up something nice layely!


First a little Smashbox! I’ve heard great things about the Always on Liquid Lipsticks from Smashbox and I am not the one to turn down a good liquid lipstick so I picked up the shade “Driver’s Seat”. Let’s just say I will be picking up a few more shades because this one is great! I also wanted to try the Photo Finish Primer Water and got the limited edition So Chill Coconut scent.


I needed a new eye cram so the Tolymoly Intense Care Gold 24K Snail Eye Cream was one I waas tempted to try. I had no idea that this was a huge 30 ml tube! Let’s say I will have eyecream for a while now!

The brushes are from the MorpheMe brush subscription and this month I got the R1 tapered powder brush, R12 fan brush, and R35 blender. All useful brushes! I was extra excited about the fan brush since I only had a very old and worn out one that needed replacement. And I never get too many blending brushes either!


I was short on lashes too! So this time I decided to try two new styles. One is the Eylure Exaggerate N 143. I really enjoyed Eylure lashes lately. And the other style is House of Lashes Featherette. A lash brand I am also very pleased with.

I also picked up one more shade of the NYX Powder puff and the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink. I had one of each from before, but wanted to collect a few more shades to be able to review them properly. The Maybelline one is “Poet” and the NYX one is “Puppy Love”.


Since I decided to start a Looxie eyeshadow collection I figured it was proper to pick up their magnetic palette along with a few shades. Here are Dream On, Deep, Amber, Root Beer and Bubbly. I just started doing some looks with these!



And no month is complete for me without a Colourpop haul or two. I mean how can you resist good quality for low cost?

I cot the Shayla X Colourpop Perception palette and the newer Fame palette along with the Lux Lipstick “Quickie”, Flexitarian Super Shock Highlighter and the single pan eyeshadow “Bassline” from the festival collection they released in April. Also a complimentary Super Shock Eyeshadow. Both the Super Shock shadow and Flexitarian came broke so I had to repress them. Oh well!


Also some necessities. I am soon running out of a brow pencil at work, so I need this E.L.F Brow Pencil. Just in case you wonder, I run to work every morning and get ready there. I don’t need a brow pencil for touch-ups. It is for my everyday makeup.

The Maybelline Mater Drama Kohl Pencil you have probably seen mentioned over and over. I am soon to run out of the second pencil, and I had to get this third one as a backup. It is just one of those things I never want to run out of…ever!


Since I’ve never tried a Ofra higlighter before, I figured this little palette with three of their shades Blissful, Rodeo Drive and Pillow Talk would be a nice place to start to test out their formula. The little palette is handy as well.


The Nubian 2 finally arrived as well (I ordered it the 11th April! and I got it a couple of days ago). I love Juvia’s Place palettes and I kind of want them all. So it was nice to add another one to my collection. They are usually so much fun to play around with!


And lastly I received my liquid lipstick subscription from LiveGlam KissMe with these three gorgeous shades!

I have to say I think I did pretty good this month. I am trying (very hard) to not buy more than what I have time to use and review properly. To be honest it piles up from time to time. You can tell my the amount of Throwback Thursday posts I am able to do weather or not my review pile is too big, and I haven’t been too good in that department since March, but I am getting my head over water hear now it feels. I typically review 4 palettes each month, and I only added two new (look at me praising myself for only hoarding moderately). Overall I picked up mostly things I was running out of and needed, and the review pile did not grow any bigger than what I can handle. Yay me!

Did you add something exciting to your collection this month, or are you rocking a low-buy?



Makeup & Beauty Hauls – April 2018

I got a thing for single pan eyeshadows and trying out new brands this month. That together with several palettes arriving late (I ordered a lot of them in March but they took 4-6 weeks before they arrived) means that I have a lot of eyeshadows to try out. I need to give myself a break on picking up more so I can try out all these goodies properly. With that said nothing inspires my creativity more than having a new palette to try out, so part of what keeps this blog running is my excitement for creating new looks with something new and exciting.


I always pick up something from Colourpop. Every single month. They are good, cheap, and release a lot of exciting stuff so I can’t resist putting in a Colourpop order or two. Here is the “Give It To Me Straight” eyeshadow palette together with three of the Lux Lipsticks in the shades Appy, Ghosted and Money Side Up.


The #MorpheMe brush subscription gave me four new Morphe brushes to my collection. A powder, a small contour, a brow brush and a small crease brush. I still feel that I always need new brushes, especially for the eyes since I tend to go through them like crazy when I get creative and do some makeup looks for fun. Brushes need to be squeaky clean for me to use them you see, so I need my little arsenal of clean brushes for creative moments.

Also, the Nature Republic Himalaya Salt Cleansing Balm is a repurchase. A very necessary one since I go through cleansing balms very quickly. I really like this one because it just melts away my makeup so easily!


The Juvia’s Place Mini Masquerade I ordered in early March, but the Norwegian post service have been so painfully slow lately, so I didn’t get it until around 4 weeks late. I started to worry it got lost in the mail. but luckily it showed up. It is not really mini though. It is more like reguar size, but compared to Juvia’s Place usualy gigantic pans I guess this is mini. I will never get through a full size Juvia’s Place pan anyway, so it is genious to release a similar palette with smaller pans. I wish they would do that with more of their palettes.


And yes, another Colourpop Palette fell down in my mailbox. I don’t understand how fast things are happening sometimes, or more correctly; how fast I add palettes to my collection. I also got some fun bright shades in the Lux Lipstick range namely Get a Room and On Display. The single pan shadows from the recent festival collection was also too much fun! Here you see the shades La Playa, Chauffer, Night Show, Feathered, Hop On, Kill Switch. Rascal and Slay-Farer.


Some more fun pans from Colourpops Festival Collection. Formation, Backstage, Deja Boo, Fault Line, Two To Mango, Comeback Kid and Bratty. Such delicious bright colors!


Some lashes was also a necessary investment. I picked up the Eylure Definition Lashes 121. This is a repurchase and I used my old pair to bits and pieced through April. The Eylure Party Lashes was a new and fun encounter. I did not realize that they had glitter strips in the lashes before it arrived in my mailbox. I also wanted to test some new lipsticks formulas and picked up the NYX Powder Puff Lippie in the shade “Squad Goals“, and Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink in “Seductress“.


I also got my montly liquid lipstick subscription KissMe From Liveglam. With three new shades nice for spring! Poppy, Soft Mist and Butterfly.


Since I have become a big fan of Eylure Eyelashes I also ordered this Eylure x Vegas Nay Fiercly Fabulous Lashes from Ebay. I don’t know if they are discontinued or not? I really like them though so I will try to grab myself some more.This style is so beautiful!


The Latte Palette from Dominique Cosmetics was also a March purchase arriving late. It actually arrived just on the end of April. I am so frustrated about delivery times lately, and I know it is not the fault of the companies I purchase from because I get the shipping note just the day after I order, it is just the post service in Norway that is ridiculous. Anyway, this looks like a beautiful neutral palette that I am excited about. A nice first launch for a brand and I am excited to see what else shows up form the brand in the future.


Lethal Cosmetics is a new indie brand for me. I just stumbled upon it when someone I follow on Instagram posted about these and I got Intrigued. So I got the Alchemy Collection with 6 interesting shades. I am excited to learn more about these and how they perform. I was a bit surprised by the size, because they look twice as large on their website than what they actually are, but I guess I won’t finish them any time soon anyway so that’s fine. I plan on making some reviews of all the new indie brands I am trying out now, but let me know if something in particular peaks your interest, and the review may appear faster if I know you are eager to read about it.


Looxi Beauty is another new indie brand that I got recommended in one of Angelica Nyqvist videos (If you like Beauty YouTubers that does fun bright makeup you should see her channel). I got the shades (Left to righ, top to bottom) Limelight, Juice, Omega, Bohemian, Deep, Ruby Reign and Platinum Pink.


The Last new indie brand I decided to pick up eyeshadow pans from are Devinah Cosmetics. These guys I also picked up based on the recommendations of the same YouTuber that recommended Looxi Beauty. Some fun greens and blues are my weakness and these colors look so gorgeous. They are Odium, LMAO, Acapulco, Paladin, Buddy Blue and Cupid.


I was running out of my Squalene oil from The Ordinary, and decided to try even more from the brand. The skincare I picked was 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil, 100% Plant Derived Squalene and Granactive retionoid 5 % in Squalene. Lets pray for wonders.


I am still addicted to Juvia’s Place eyeshadows and I think their formula is superb. So The Douce palette had to be mine as well. I don’t know what to say. I just love their palettes, and I hope to collect them all one by one. They make proper colorful palettes which I love! Not just that neutral palette with a simple pop of color. I am not tricking anyone though, I obviously like and purchase those palettes as well.

I have a couple more things on the way, but that has to be saved for a May haul post. But I guess I have enough eyeshadows to play with for a while and to keep me busy. I think next month I need to focus on investing in a few empty palettes because suddenly things started filling up here!

Did you treat yourself with anything exciting this month?






Makeup and Beauty Hauls in March 2018!

Time to make a summary out of all the makeup added to my collection this month. I really enjoy making reviews so you could expect to see many of these in upcoming review posts, but if something is of particular interest then let me know, because that will definitely bump the product up on my endless reviews-I-have-to-make-list!

Anyway, here are the goodies collected in march!


This is actually more like February, because this was a lovely birthday gift from a friend that I got as a surprise in the mail. I have been drooling over the Zoeva Opulence face palette for a long long time, and I am a very happy camper to finally tick this off my wish list. The Douglas Collection Love Powder highlighting powder was also a part of the gift. Isn’t it just adorable?


These two Colourpop gems was not bought in March either. I actually purchased these in the beginning of December, but the parcel got lost in the mail. When my first order finally came back to Colourpop I got a refund and could place the order over again. 1st March the Colourpop Dream ST. Palette and the Colourpop Double Entendre Palette was finally both mine! I have been using both of these a lot during the month.


The Tonymoly Luminous Goddess Aura BB Cream was actually something I picked up after trying a sample pack I got from one of my K-Beauty skincare purhcases. Clever thing to add samples! Korean BB Creams are very hit or miss for me, some look great but I thing some of the worst BB Creams or foundations I’ve ever tried have also been K-Beauty. So I really like to try samples of them before picking them up. This one gave me a very nice first impression so I had to get a full size.

The Morphe Brushes are from my  MorpheMe subscription that I get monthly. Always nice to add fresh brushes to the collection!


I am running low on setting spray. Very low! So I got this Mario Badescu Facial Spray. I know it is not supposed to “set” the makeup, but I enjoy a spray that just takes away powderiness and just melts everything together. I also picked up my very first Dose Of Colors Liquid Lipstick in the shade “Berry Me 2”. I figured it was about time I tried something from that brand! The single pan eyeshadow from Makeupgeek is “Ritzy”.


The Balm Sexy Mama Translucent Powder and the Maybelline Master Dram Kohl Pencil “Ultra Black” are both repurchases since they are much loved products I recently ran out of. Batiste Dry Shampoo is also something I use up frequently so I needed that as well. All the goodies from Wet N’ Wild are new to me. Actually, I’ve never tried anything from Wet N’ Wild before so I picked up some products that I’ve heard all good things about! Always fun to dive into a new and promising drugstore brand.


I did a little haul of Makeup Revolution, mainly because I needed to try that Conceal & Define Full Coverage Concealer that so many people seem to love, and the Fast Base Stick Foundation also caught my interest. It is sadly a bit too dark so it has to hang around in my drawer for a while before I get to test it out. I do already know and use those Liquid Higlighters a lot and picked up three new shades: Liquid Rose Gold. Liquid Luminous Luna, and Liquid Dragon’s Blood. The only reason why I picked up the last one was the name….I am easy like that.


The Redken Frizz Dismiss Smooth Force Lotion Spray is something I pick up on a regular basis. This is Holy Grail and I use it every time I have a shower. It makes my hair look very shiny and healthy without weighing it down. This is a must have for me, and since I am afraid of running out I picked up two.


I also got my hands on the Anastasia Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette. Yes, Just another neutral palette, nothing we haven’t seen before. Most of these shades I could probably dupe. Actually, three of them are already in my Modern Renaissance palette. But, I do enjoy my neutrals, and even though I love love love creating colorful looks, I usually reach for shades like this when I do my makeup for work. So i figured I would get a lot of use out of it. I was right, I got this just before Easter and I have been using it every day through Easter to get to know this palette. And I can already tell I am very happy I picked this up because I have really been having some good makeup day lately.


I also did received my monthly liquid lipstick subscription featuring these guys. I already have a review of them if you would like to read about how these performed.

I am also slightly annoyed, because this is not everything I picked up, but it is everything I can share with you because I didn’t receive the rest yet. I have a lot of goodies on the way. Just to mention a few you can expect to see on my blog in the future I picked up Juvia,s Place Masquerade, Christen Dominique Latte Palette, Colourpop Luxe lipsticks and most likely some stuff I already forgot about because shipping takes 3-4 weeks and who remembers that long?

I did also buy the Amrezy highlighter but I suddenly got a refund from BeautyBay because something happened and the package was returned. And now they are sold out. Bad thing happen to good people, just saying it! I really hope it is restocked because I was so excited to get my hands on it. Imagine my disappointment when I just got my money back instead of that pretty new highlighter.

Anyway, that sums up my hauls this month. Did you pick up anything for yourself?




February Beauty and Makeup Hauls!

I wanted to start a new blogpost series again here. I notice that a lot of the bloggers I follow frequently post haul posts, and I adore reading them. However, for my own blog I want to create content and not just share my purchases, so I didn’t want to clutter up my posts with haul posts too often.

So I figured that collecting all my hauls for one month on one post would be better. Then my blogs won’t (hopefully) be just boring and repetitive, but you can still have a look at what I picked up.

This is also your chance to shout out what you want reviews on. So if you see something you are really curious about just let me know! If I know I have a product people are eager to know about it will for sure pop high up on the priority list. After all, this blog is not much without you lovely readers, so let me know if something catch your fancy!


Lets start out with some necessities I got! The Emma S treatment enzyme peel is a repurchase of an old friend, and it already got a well deserved mention in my February favorites post. The Eyelure lashglue I picked up because I needed a new and wanted to try something elsa than the Duo one. I was also running out of mascara and picked up L’Oreal Paradise Extatic and Maybelline Total Temptation. Both good drugstore mascaras. The NIP + FAB Glycolic Daily Cleansing Pads I got because I was curious, and the L’Oreal Brow Artist Expert Pencil I got because I was completely out of my NYX Microbrow. The Maybelline Gigi Hadid lip kit “Lani”  was on sale. Need I say more?


A little mini MakeupGeek haul from the MakeupGeek website. Three beautiful shades: Boo Berry, Pegasus and Dragonfly. In addition I picked up one more shade from their Plush Matte Liquid Lipstick  formula, because I really like it. This is the shade Goody-Two-Shoes but I did already own Marriage Material which is a favorite of mine.


This Milani Hypnotic Lights Highlighter in  the shade 03 Luster Light was actually more of a January haul, but since I live in Norway getting things you ordered can easily take 2-4 weeks. It it a patience game!


These guys I was really lucky to grab second hand. So I got 19 shadows including the customizable palettes for next to nothing. That was just perfect since I was planning on expanding my Inglot collection this year anyway! Very happy with the shades too since I love greens and blues, and I always know how to get some use out of more neutral shades like the one in the 10 pan palette.


The KissMe Liquid Lipstick subscription has become a regular monthly thing now. In February I got a Nice gloss “Flirt”, in addition to two liquid lipsticks in the shades “Valentine” and “Secret Admirer”.


Also a few Morphe brushes with the numbers R7, R14 and R39. I feel like I am constantly adding new brushes, but always have too few of them still. Especially eyebrushes are a problem, because if I got some extra time one evening and want to create several looks for my Instagram or blog I usually find that I have to quit because I run out of clean brushes rather than running out of time and creativity. So I hope to get enough brushes soon so that I will be able to use my time better and create more looks in a row, instead of waiting for my brushes to dry in between looks. I am living proof that you never have too many blending brushes, so adding one more to the collection felt good!

The other two I use for blush and powder.


I also find that every month I run out of some sort of skincare item. I picked up the Scinic Snail Matrix Cream to replace the face moisturizer I have at work (I run to work every morning and have a shower there so I have some skincare and makeup stashed up there to get ready in the morning). It was about time because I ran out of my old moisturizer just a few days after getting this in the mail. The Secret Key Rose Floral Softening Toner was purchased to replace my evening toner, also this one I just managed to get before running out of my old. Perfect timing! Lastly I have become slightly addicted to sheet masks and eye patches so I picked up this Koelf Ruby Bulgarian Rose Eyepatches to try out.


And off course, no month is complete without a Colourpop order. I do actually order a small parcel from Colourpop every month. It is just so cheap and generally good quality. I picked up two new Supernova Shadows in “Now or Never” and “Prelude”, and I could naturally not resist their new highlighter palette In-Nude-Endo either.

And that’s it for February. I feel like I did a good job. I picked up mainly things I needed to replace or stuck to affordable products, so I haven been splurging this month I think. I didn’t want to buy too much new stuff because I wanted to play with the stuff I already have. Since I started my project pan I have actually been thinking more through if I should pick up something or not. After all my goal is to finish some products and that will never happen if I drown in new things to test out and review. But on the other hand I need some new stuff to keep this blog interesting right? Overall, I think I did pretty decent this month with not buying a lot of unnecessary stuff.

Did you pick up something nice for yourself lately?