Makeup Hauls – November 2019!

My favorite posts to write are these where I get to go through all the good stuff I collected over the month. As usual I got some really pretty things, but I don’t think I went overboard this month. I am trying to reduce the amount of palettes I am picking up. The pile is just growing faster than I can review them. So I decided to limit myself to 4 palettes each month from now on. I did not do that great, I picked up 5 (but not all of them has arrived). That means December I will only pick up 3….wish me luch on that!


These Juvia’s Place palettes was not one of those 5, but you know how shipping works for me if you have read these haul posts a few times. I uasually get stuff 3-4 weeks after I order them. So these two beauties I got in October, but they arrived this month. This is the Warrior III and the Nomad palettes, both by Juvia’s Place. They are both so pretty!


I also got two Makeup Obsession palettes (still on October purchases). They just looked too pretty. On top is the Daydream palette and the one on the bottom is Dusk.


And this is what they look like inside! Daydream is the one with all the yummy colors, and Dusk is serving that grungy goodness. I hope these are good, but I have been quite pleased with Obsession palettes before so I have high hopes for these!


Within the same collection Makeup Obsession also released a two-sided highlighter palette with 8 highlighter shades. In the middle you have a mirror that separate the two sides. It’s called the Makeup Obsession X Rady Moonlight/Sunlight Highlighter palette. This is the moonlight side.


And this is the sunlight side! I really liked the concept of these and there are some shades in this palette that look pretty unique. I will keep you updated on my thoughts on these for sure!


And, then there is no month without a Colourpop haul, you all know that! I picked up both of the Frozen II sets. They cam with one palette each, one glitterally obsessed, one lux lipstick and one gloss. I love all the products in the sets, and I really liked every single shade, so I figured it was worth getting the bundles! And those glitters are sooooo pretty!


Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde is the first eyeshadow palette from Huda Beaty that has tempted me for a while. I haven’t purchased a Huda palette since I got Emerald Obsessions and that must be a year ago or something. But this one got my attention, and when I heard so many people say that it’s even prettier in real life I just had to. And I agree. It really is so stunning when you get a proper look at it!

The palettes I got for November are the Anna and Elsa palettes from Colourpop and Mercury Retrograde from Huda Beaty which I already got. The two remaining palette purchases are Bye Bye Birdie (also from Colourpop) and Lunar Beauty Strawberry Dreams which I am still waiting for. They will probably be home safe and sound for December update.

Now I just need to practice on my skills of saying no to palettes. I am trying to make a good decision about which three to get. I am considering Natasha Denona Metropolis, and I am drooling heavily over Melt Muerte, but I am trying to hold back so I don’t get tempted into buying too many. Three is the goal, and I am keeping my fingers crossed I can make it.

Did you pick up anything nice lately?



Makeup Hauls – October 2019!

I felt like I barely bought any makeup in October, so I am not really sure how all of this happened. Surely, some of these things were ordered in September, but still I feel like this is a lot more than what I actually ordered. I think I really need to slow down on buying new palettes. I have a hard time managing to review them all. Can’t help it though. I just love all the colors, and all the neutrals.


I was absolutely stunned when Colourpop released the So Jaded palette! I know big palettes are not everyones cup of tea, but I have a weakness for them. Not when they are called Morphe and has 35 shades of 6 different browns, but when they have a lot of variation and color they hit a nerve for me. I am in love with how this palette looks. I want more big palettes like this! I hope their holliday collection is a new huge palette. That would make me happy! In the mean time I’ll just admire this one.


While we are talking about big palettes here’s another one! The Beauty Bay Going Out Out. It was some journey to get this! I ordered this one back in the beginning of May actually. I waited and waited and the package never arrived. After a few months I contacted Beauty Bay about my missing order, but they said that since it was more than three months since the order, and they had not recieved any retuned packages they could not refund me. So I was a bit bummed, and I figured I didn’t need the palette after all, and I forgot about it for a while. But in September they had 50% off their entire line, so I decided to pick this up for half the price. And you know what? Two weeks ago I got refunded for the parcel that was lost in May. It just showed up after all and I got my money back. How lucky is that!


As I find the eyeshadows from Beauty Bays own line to be quite good I wanted to try their highlighters as well. I got the Beuty Bay Ethereal Bouncy Beam Multi Use Highlighter palette and three of the Beauty Bay Gelèe Glow Multi Use Higlighters in three different shades. I think I got some fun options here and I am curious how they work!


I also adore the cute little 9-pans from Colourpop so I grabbet the “Baby Got Peach” and “Lilac You A Lot”. I hope to see more from the pastel color series in the future. I would love a pastel mint palette! I also snagged the beautiful peach blush in the shade “Frisky Business”. Because Colourpops pressed powder blushes has a lovely formula too!


The color story of Obsession Makeups “Black is the new Black” eyeshadow palette is so appealing to me. I really like the looks of it. I hope it performs well. A black palette should have an awesome black in my opinion. I did swatch the silver though, and that looks incredible!

Since I have been really enjoying the Conceal & Define foundation and concealer, I had to try the Conceal & Hydrate too! So I picked up both the foundation and concealer. I have been quite lucky with my Makeup Revolutino foundations so far. Three out of three has been a hit for me, which is quite impressive for a cheap drugstore brand I would say! I hope these are a hit too!

And along in the same order came the I ❤ Revolution Mint Choc Chip primer…..because mint chocolate! I don’t really need a green color correcting primer. I just wanted it to smell like mint chocolate, and it does!


I may have gone a bit crazy with the Colourpop Disney Midnight Masquerade collction. Although I didn’t get everything I got a lot of my favorite pieces from the collection. The packaging is just so beautiful! I got off course the palette, 5 of the blush/highlighter compacts and four of the brand new Lux Liquid Lipstick formula!


Since Ofra has one of my very favorite highlighter formulas I had to make a little dedicated Ofra order. I got the Blush “Mai Tai”, and the highlighters “Bali” and “Cloud 9”. I also got three different shades of the Ofra Liquid Lipsticks. I have heard so many good things about their formula, but I have never tried them myself so I figured it was about time.


All my magnetic palettes with Colourpop singles were full, so I had to grab a new empty one. It’s handy to have one of these, because I like to throw in a single or two to complete the order, and I had run out of space to collect them. So I got the new gorgeous one they just releases as well as three singles. And yes, “Smoke Show” off course! The white, black and grey palette so many have been waiting for!


Makeup Revolution release so much they may be even worse than Colourpop. Their numberous releases makes me keep just half an eye on them, but from time to time they drop a collection that gets my attention. Green palettes tend to get my attention in general, but look how beautiful this is! I have a few palettes already in the Forever Flawless series and I am very happy with them, so the Chilled palette got a spot in my collection!

I also got the Blowout Mascara, the Purifying Priming Water and Lip Nourishing Tint in the shade “Energy”.


Finally….more highlighter! This time from MAC! This highlighter palette is absolutely stunning! It’s a limited edition one and it’s called Ignite Wonders Face Palette. I also grabbed the blush “Dainty” because MAC blushes are a long time favorite of mine!

That’s all for now…..I really need to slow down on eyeshadow palettes!

Did you pick up anything fun in October?



Makeup Hauls – September 2019!

September has come to an end and it’s time to do a little summary about the new things collected. It’s always fun to do this posts, both to keep track on what is entering my collection. And you can also consider it a review preview. I usually get around to review all my palettes. It may take a while, but you know eventually. So if you see something you really ant to know about let me know, so I know what to keep as a priority.


The Blush Tribe Laila 2 is the green palette of my dreams. I haven’t tried it so far so we are stricktly speaking color story, but I have enjoyed Blush Tribe shadows in the past and have high hopes for this one. I also got the three beautiful pigments. I figured they would go nicely with the shadows in the palette.


The amount of Colourpop palettes being released is aboslutely exhausting. I really do try to keep up, because I love the formula but they really are making it a challenge for me. Here is Strawberry Shake, Orange You Glad, and California Love. California Love I actually ordered in June, but it never arrived. The package just got lost in the mail, but I really wanted the palette so I re-ordered it during a sale they had on palettes not that long ago.


On that already mentioned sale I also got The Missunderstood palette from their Villain collection. Was not the Villain collection one of their most epic collections so far? I think so at least. This one has been on my list for a long time, and I am happy to finally own it.


We are not done with Colourpop just yet though! The fall palette Whatever had to be mine because I love the pinks and burgundy shades mixed with stunning glitters and metallics (I still like the colors of last years fall palette “Good Sport” a bit better though).

I got three of the Just a Tint crayons as well. Am I the only one getting 2012 vibes? I feel that was the time every brand released crayon lip products. Anyway, these seems like something I could enjoy so I decided to pick up a few to do a review later on. Let me just test and try first.

I also stopped by a NYX counter and I picked up the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop foundation that I’ve been wanting to try for a while. Then I saw this NYX Bare With Me Hydrating Jelly Primer and I was wondering what I have missed. I have never heard or seen anything about this, but it seems like a new product to me. Did I just totally miss something? Anyway, I picked it up, because I want to do a review of it!

I also got two of the NYX Candy Slick Glowy Lip Color. This is also a product I haven’t tried so I hope they are good. I picekd up two shades just to test them out properly.

I am not done with the palettes though! Last months haul I showed off the Glowing in Greece and the Summer in St.Tropez and I also mentioned that I had also picked up the Beautiful in Barcelone. Finally it arrived, and it’s so pretty. I don’t know, I feel like the color scheme offers something different in a way. Maybe it’s just because it has a lot of cool tones, but either way I really like the looks of it!


And, can we talk about this Revolution PRO Day&Night palette? I haven’t worn it on my eyes yet, just swatched the shade, but the seem so smooth and rich and beautiful they almost seem too good to be true! Or at least to good to be affordable. I mean that blue and those duochromes are to die for! So So pretty!

Finally I picked up a palette from Revolution PRO’s sister brand which is Makeup Revolution off course. This is the Makeup Revolution X Rachel Leary Ultimate Goddess palette. To be fair I just got this one because the pure gold highlighter looked kind of special. I don’t think I have one like that. Unfortunately somethings weird about this palette. Notice that the two last shades are exactly the same? I didn’t decide if I should bother return it or not.

Did you pick up something fun lately? Or what is really high on your wishlist?



Makeup Hauls – August 2019!

OK, so the hauls collected in August is quite a bit less than what I got in June, but I have a pile of things I need to review and I really need to slow down on collecting more palettes untill I work my way through a bit. So I am trying to limit myself a bit. Not being too successful but at least there is a decrease in stuff since last month.

Anyway, you may notice something strange, and that is that there are no Colourpop hauls this time. That’s actually the first time since I started writing these monthly hauls. There is just always something from Colourpop. Off course, I did order something, it’s just that the parcel arrived two days into September, so those items (which are delicious little things by the way) will be presented in the next haul post.


Since I already love Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick foundation, and really really like the Conceal & Define foundation I figured it could not hurt to test out their Matte Base Pore Blurring Full Coverage Foundation. I haven’t heard that much about it and it’s been a while since it came out. It’s kind of the same thing with these Makeup Revolution Eye Glisten thingies. There is one liquid shadow on one side, and a glitter on the other side. I picked up the shade Yours Truly (pink) and It’s Fate (Champagne and silver). No wonder that they release a bunch of stuff we never hear about. I mean no one in the world’s got time to review all their releases unless they were solely a Makeup Revolution review site. Anyway, I am excited to try these. Would you like to now what I feel about these? Or is the reason for the quiet around them that people are indifferent?


BH Cosmetics released some beautiful stuff lately as well! I picked up the beautiful Glowing in Greece blush and highlighter palette. It’s so so pretty! It rarely happens to me that I find the blush palette to be the most attractice in a collection but this time around that was the case. I also picked up the palette Summer In St.Tropes. It does have both some fun shades as well as more neutral options, which is something I love. But I have to admit the blues and the yellows was what drew me in. I hope the quality will be similar to the Weekend Festival palette, which is in my opinion the best palette BH Cosmetics have made.


Also, I was lucky enought to recieve some PR from Dumb Blonde Cosmetics, and I got the Tropic Like It’s Hot collection featuring 4 summery fun pigments, and 4 glitters.

I don’t showcase much PR on my blog or IG and the reason being I don’t really get much at all. Almost every time a brand reach out I do decline the offer. And I never reach out to brands to tell them about my excistence either. My philosophy is that I have so much makeup already, and I can afford to buy basically what I want, so I don’t see any point in recieving PR unless it’s actually something I would have liked to buy myself. After all my pile of new makeup is more than large enough to feed me with review material for my blog for months and months, and I don’t need free stuff I don’t really want to clutter up. I do think it’s better that I just buy the things I really want. But when this brand reached out I did a rare thing and happily accepted, because her products looks so cute.


And sure thing, the glitters are so cute! I do love chunky glitter and that is also a part of my collection that I feel like expanding. Chunky glitter can just save any look! So after receaving the PR package I was so happy with the products that I ordered these glitters as well, I even got some free samples thrown in the order which is so nice! Now I have a bunch of chunky goodess to add to looks.


I got some more palettes too! From Makeup Revolution. I already got two palettes from ther Forever Flawless series and I am quite happy with the formula on these. They are cheap, the packaging is nice, and the shadows are among the better ones from Makeup Revolution. So when they ca out with the Forever Flawless Ice palette, I just had to. It reminds me of simething though, because it looks awfully much like a Blue Blood dupe.


I am not a big fan of the food palette trend that’s been going on lately. I don’t want pizza palettes, or burger palettes, or milkshake palettes. Especially when they are shaped like mentiond food item. It’s just not my thing. But a regularly shaped palette with an Avocado theme I can get on board with. Besides I love green, and this palette looks so pretty. So the Makeup Revolution Avocado Palette had to be mine!


And so did this Turkish Delight palette (again something foody). This is the first one of the chocolate bar palettes I’ve tried. They never really tempted me, ut this one did! I love the color story, and also that there are several different textures in this palette including glitters! And glitter just makes me happy!


The last item is also a palette, but for your cheeks! The Balm just have the cutest

Makeup Hauls – July 2019!

So, I am a bit late showing you these as we are well into August already, but July was kind of crazy busy and I absolutely had to show you these goodies anyways even though it’s a bit late. I recieved a lot of stuff I ordered the month before (shipping takes so long when you live north of the wall. I don’t know, maybe the parcels travel with reindeer sleds). So, I have a lot of palettes to show you guys!


I decided to try the brand Focallure. I have heard many good things and they are very affordable. Good and affordable is my jam so I picked up no less then 5 palettes. Three of the travel palettes: Perth, Turkey and Paris. I also picked up the Morphe X Jacklyn Hill palette dupe Endless Posabilities and the Huda Beauty New Nude Dupe called Sunrise. I hve my fingres crossed they perform well!


Also, the three new palettes from Makeup Revolution with animal prints was for some reason irresistable to me. But they look so fun, and based on the quick finger swatches I did they seem promising! They are called Courage (cheetah print), Fierce (tiger print) and Integirty (zebra print).


Well, that was not the only things I picked up from Makeup Revolution. I also got three of their new Blusher Reloaded blushers in the shades Ballerina, Pop My Cherry and Peach Bliss. I also decided to test out the Revolution Pro Pigment Pomades that I have been wanting to test and review for you guys for a while. Keeping my fingers crossed they are good. The shades are Hot Pink, Trendy Turquois and Paper White.


Also Jeffree Star released what I may think is his most exciting palette so far. A fun and a bit different rainbow palette with the Jeffree Star formula. Yes, please! Meet the Jawbreaker palette.


I can’t believe I picked up two Huda Beauty New Nudes dupe palette in one month! But  Revolution Pro (yes, I realize now how much I picked up from the revolution brands) released the New Naturals palette. Another shameless dupe. I don’t have the Huda Beauty original, but I was thinking about doing a “battle of the dupes” just seeing which one of the dupes are the better palette. Within the collection they had some other nice stuff and I got the Glow Goddess Primer and two of their matte lipsticks in the shades “Cashmere” and “Velvet”.


The Kaleidos brand is also a new encounter, but I have heard nothing but good things about the Deepsea Luster palette, and look how incredible it looks! I mean, there are some really nice shifts in these shades so I am sure this one will be fun to play with!



Whale Song is a palette I have been waiting and waiting for. Already when I saw the front of the packaging way back before it was released, before it was decided that it would not be released after all, and before they finally (and luckily) decided that they would make it anyway I knew I needed this palette in my life. Just for the name, just for the whales. Have you ever heard whales sing? It’s incredible, and I had to pick this up just because it reminds me of some of my close-up whale encounters. Also, does not hurt that it’s blue and green!


And, there is no month without a Colourpop haul! Off course I had to add the new monochromatic palette Uh Huh Honey to my collection. Since I love the Super Shock Highlighters I picked up a new shades “Smoke N Whistles”, as well as two of the blush sticks so I can do a proper review of them (I have a total of three now).


I love Juvia’s Place palettes. I have said that so many times now it gets borderline boring. So I had to have the new Nubian 3 Coral palette. Such an unexpected color scheme but that’s what makes this so interesting to me. And I am sure the formula is bomb as usual!


I am almost done. Just one big palette left. The Limecrime 2 XL palette. It’s so incredably beautiful. This is also a new eyeshadow formula to me so I get tons of new exciting new stuff to learn about this month. So happy with all the new gems I got to add to my collection this month!

That’s all for last months hauls. Did you pick up anything exciting lately?






Makeup Hauls – June 2019!

June was another crazy month regarding hauls. But since so much takes 3-4 weeks or even more to reach me I haven’t recieved all of it yet. Maybe not even half to be honest. I have a lot of new fun stuff to play with, and palettes that will take me to the middle of winter to get through and review. I don’t know what to say,  I am a collector at heart and new palettes just keep on boosting my creativity and joy of makeup. I do have a lot to work through though so I may considering posting two palette reviews each week for some time. But first I need to finish the construction work in my kitchen. We are tearing down roof and walls, putting in new windows, redoing insulation and adding ned floors, roof and walls in adition to the actual kitcken. I guess I don’t have to say that doing two palette reviews a week is a bit out of my reach at the moment, but maybe when winter approach.

Anyway, I always keep on rambling about random stuff and here you are waiting to see my hauls. Sorry about that! So here goes all:


As I mentioned in my single pan makeup collection post I do want to grow my single pan collection this year. One of the brands I really want to collect more shadows from is Devinah. I have a small collection of shadows from before which are lovely. Lovely enough for me to want to grow a nice Devinah collection. Since I love greens I figured the Kiss Me Clover green matte bundle was a great addition.


The Jeffree Star Blue Blood palette I have been waiting for to restock since forever. I mean, off course did I need a big blue palette right? My favorite shade of eyeshadow (but equal to greens) with Jeffree Starts amazing eyeshadow formula? Yes, please! Not to mention the palette is a gem on it’s own. No doubt a true collection piece that I could finlly add to my collection.


I was not joking about wanting to enlargen my single pan collection. These beauties are all from Looxie Beauty. They had a sale so I grabbed a bunch and now I have a complete magnetic palette with Looxie shadows, and they are so good I am happy to start filling up one more! If you havent tried their metallic formula you should (if you like metallic shadows off course) because I think they are phenomenal.


And off course I got some Colourpop. I don’t think there has been one single month where I did not place a Colourpop order since they launched their first palette. I am that addicted! I got the Main Squeeze and Blue Moon palettes, I love their monochromatic series, and on blush stick as well as one highligter stick. Excited to try those new sticks! Love a good cream blush or highlighter for summer so these came just in time (now we just need some summer here).


And since glitter is the perfect way to glam up any look, I had to go for this custom 12 pan pressed glitter palette from Colourpop. I have already tried a few shades and they are soooo pretty!

I also grabbed two of their new loose glitters in the shade “Gotta Jet” and “Far Out”. Much more fine milled glitter than the pressed ones, but still very pretty!


That collecting more singles thing was not a joke! This is the Awakening collection by Lethal Cosmetics. Another indie brand with fantastic single eyeshadows. And these just look so unique don’t they? I now have two 12-pan palettes complete by this brand, and off course hope to grab more in the future!


Makeupgeek Cosmetics is one of the few brands I feel very nostalgic about. I have been pickng up bits and pieces from their line ever since it launch. Can you remember back in the day when the first Makeupgeek eyeshadows was released? People went crazy over them, and they are still great. I got the brand new Beautifully Bare Face Palette in Light, and two single pan shadows in “Surf’s Up” and “Leafing So Soon”.


One of my gel liners was drying out so I figured it was time to grab the famous Inglot Duraline drops. And while I was at it I grabbed a black Inglot gel liner as well. I hav a purple one many many years ago and know they are great (or used to be at least!).


And this is what I was the most happy about by far. Natasha Denona makes one of my very favorite eyeshadow formulas, and picking up a new palette from her is always so exciting. This is the Gold Palette and the Sunrise Palette. I hope she will release more “mini” palettes like Sunrise. I don’t think it’s mini, they are just smaller than the regular palettes. The shadows are still bigger than say Anastasia. So I just love that we can get ND palettes for a more affordable price. Honestly I was afraid id would be like credit card sized and you could brely dip your brush in the pans, but this is decent!


Last but not least I got the Ofra Francesca Tolot Gilded Palette. I bought it almost solely for that peach glowy blush/highlighter, but the rest of the palettes look stunning too. This will be an all year palette for me because the pale bronzer works when I am pale, and the darker bronzer works for me in summer.

And thats all for now!

Did you pick up anything exciting in June?



Makeup Hauls – May 2018

May was a good month for hauls. Not that I ordered a razy amount of products, but I got packages that I ordered both during march and april and suddenly things added up. So check out all the goodies I got!


Off course no month passes by without a Colourpop haul or two. We are probably talking about one of my all time favorite brands here, and they rarely dissapoint. I got the Proceed With Causion palette as well as the two blushes from the same collection. I also grabbed three of the new creme gel liners in the shades Insomniac, Electric Daisy and Untz!


After planning on picking these two up for a while I finally pulled the trigger and got both the Sultry and Riviera palette from Anastasia. I was happy to finally have every Anastasia palette since Modern Renaissance in my collection. When I finally got them I guessed they would probably soon release another palette just to make my collection incomplete again, and the day after I recieved it the new palette was announced. I will off course pick that one up too. I am all for a colorful palette in the much loved Anastasia formula.


Makeup Revolution are turning into the European version of Colourpop and release palette faster than I can drink my morning Coffee. I pass over most of their eyeshadow palette releases, but on occasion I do pick them up. These two were just too tempting. The top palette is Make Magic palette, and the bottom one is Carnival palette. Just look at all those fun colors!


Tarte finally realized the should release more than just basic neutral palettes and I am all for it! I picked ut Tarteist Pro Remix, Icy Betch and High Tides and Good vibes. Sure there are some neutrals here too, but also plenty of color. I am excited to see how well Tarte manage to do colorful eyeshadows. Fingers crossed they know how to make more than just browns!


Ok, I guess a few more palettes from Makeup Revolution have been tempting me! But aren’t these packaging gorgeous? These are the Forever Flawless Optimum and Forever Flawless Decadent.


A few random bits and pieces. The Colourpop Volumising Mascara in “Blue Ya Mind”. I just love that they have a whole bunch of colorful mascaras in their collection now. I also decided to try the Makeup Revolution Tropical Quench Essence Spray because it sounds refreshing. The Limecrime Softwear Blush in “Hyperlink” is actually my first ever Limecrime product. This is a cream to powder blush and both the blush shade and the packaging is so gorgeous. Then I randomly grabbed a NYX illuminating stick (have to fill up an order to get free shipping right?) in the shade “Electric Invasion”


I am guilty of picking up all Colourpop palettes I can get my hands on. I miss a couple of palettes that got discontinued before I could get my hands on them but I have nearly every palette they released (except the small 4 and 6 pans). This is Brunch Date along with a gorgeous red Matte Liquid Lip in “La la Land” and a free samle they sent (for being late) in “Barracuda”.


Beautybay also have some nice affordable makeup options and finally made Wet and Wild more easily avaliable for me. I got a bronzer brush from Wet N Wild, The limited edition bronzer “You’re Dragon Me Down” (with a dragon on!), Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter in “Radiant Lights” and a Wet N Wild highlighter in “Winter Falls In LA”. There is also a Hypnotic Metallics Single Highlighter from the Norwegian brand Makeup Mekka in the shade “Passionate”. Cheap and hopefully good stuff!


Makeup Mekka is a Norwegain only (sorry) website that sells their own makeup line. I have tried a few things, and honestly they are not so good, but for the most part their highlighters and blushes are nice. So I ordered 4 blushes (along with the highlighter in th picture above). The gorgeous coral cream blush, and three strobe blushes. I do love a glowy blush and these looks so so pretty.


I also finally got my hands on Urban Decay Naked Cherry. So now I have every naked palete except the Reloaded one (that I am not really tempted to buy to be frank). I think pinks looks so nice with blue eyes so hopefully this will be much used.


And last but not least I got one palette that’s been on my wishlist for a long time (isn’t it a great feeling to finally tick something off your wishlist?). The Menagerie Cosmetics Feral palette. The palette itself is a true piece of art, and the colors inside are so exciting.

Can’t wait to play around with everything!

Did you get anything exciting last month? Or do you have some fun purchaing goals for June?



Makeup Hauls – April 2019!

I know I know, I am by far late at getting to this post. But after spending April moving and having the majority of my stuff (also some of the new stuff) in boxes I didn’t get around to it so far, but better late than never.

Things are going great in the new house by the way! By horse is stables not so far away which is handy for my afternoon rides, and I have 10 chickens running around. So much fun!

I didn’t recieve to much in April, but we will go through the little I got. I can tell you that the haul post for May will have a lot of content though!


I did get some new Liveglam KissMe Liquid Lipsticks. It’s a lipstick subscription that sends out three liquid lipsticks and/or glosses each month. I really do like the formula of these, but honestly I got these because I forgot to cancel this month. I am not sure if I will continue with them, despite that I really like them, because after a year of getting 3 lipsticks each month it’s starting to feel a bit crouded. These ones are all lovely nudes that I am happy to have.


Can you relate when I say that the Colourpop Disney Villan collection must be one of their best ones ever? I really like the looks of the higlighters and picked up three of them along with a new shade of Glitterally Obsessed which has also become one of my favorite Colourpop items. They are such an easy and mess free way of adding glitter to my makeup looks. Big fan of those!


The Colourpop Sweet Talk palette is also absolutely stunning! I also love that they added a super shock formula and a glitter formula to the mix! Can’t wait to play with these!


Still on the Colourpop train! The Colourpop Just My Luck caught my heart and my eyes at the same time with these lovely greens. I also love that there are several cool-toned greens because I find that greens are very often warm toned. I am al about adding diversity to my collection.

The Colourpop No Filter Concealer is a repurchase as I have already used up my old one. I guess it goes without saying that I really like it!


I also picked up some high end goodies! The Becca Gold Lava highlighter that I think will look amazing in summer, and a super cute Blush&Glow mini fromNatasha Denona. Love that they have minis! It’s a great way to get to try a luxury brand for a fair price. And I never finish a blush or a highlighter anyway.


Finally I have grown my singles collection with 6 stunning shades and a magnetic palette from on of my favorite single shadow brands Lethal Cosmetics!

Did you pick up anything good in April or May?



Makeup Hauls – March 2019!

I missed writing this post in February. The reason was that I didn’t get anything in February. The things I ordered didn’t arrive until March. To be fair I had things I ordered way back in December and January that did not arrive until March. So finally, here is some stuff I have collected over the past three months!


This package with Makeup Revolution highlighters was sent back and forth. I made this order in December and I was happy to finally see it arrive. I got the Glow Revolution Time Set Glow Spray and the Revolution PRO Supreme Highlighter “Ice”. I already have this trio in another shade and I love it! I wanted a version with more cooler shades, and I already know I love the formula. Plus it’s super affordable.

The two single compacts are the Revolution Pro Skin Finish in Opalescent (top) and Luminescence (bottom). I actually bought the last one sometime last year. I swatched it and I thought it was really promising, but while I was carrying a pile of makeup to put in my drawers I lost it on the ground and it shattered. So I did not have time to even use it once. I really liked how it swatcehed so I picked it up again now.


I also went for one of those BYOP palette offers from Colourpop! It’s such a fantastic deal when they make this offers, and perfect for me since I am working on expanding my makeup single shadow collection. I will for sure pick up more BYOP in the future but I actually think I may have to wait until they release more shades, because I don’t think they have enough shades that I don’t already have in my collection to build another palette. But I LOVE the shades in this one though! So many yummy, pretty colors!


I have been wanting to the The Balm Take Home The Bronze for quite some time. I have heard so many good things about it! I grabbed it by accident while I picked up the L’Oreal Paradise Extatic Mascara (one of my faves!) together with this super cute tubs of lip balm and lip scrub from BOMB Cosmetics. Aren’t they the cutest?

And yes! The Gypsy Shrine Glitter on top is also a new addition to my glitter collection (which I also work on growing).


Off course there is always more Colourpop incoming. The It’s My Pleasure palette is so much more pretty in real life than what I though it would be from the pictures on the website. That’s always a nice surprise off course! I am slightly getting addicted to the Glitterally Obsessed glitter pastes, and I picked up the shades Star Part, Disco Lady and Dream About Me.

I also picked up the lilac and teal shade from their new mascara line! I just love that they brought out a whole bunch of fun colored mascaras!


I am so sad that this is limited edition, because the beautiful Sonia Zarine Palette by Blush Tribe was sold out even before it came to me. So I am struggling to decide if I should do looks and possibly a review with it either way. I am really hoping they will ring this back so I can smack out a review upon next launch, but the vibe I got was that this would be a one time only stock. So sad, but I am lucky to have such a pretty palette though!


I also got a whole bunch of goodies (mainly from Maybelline). I was lucky enough to find the Maybelline Master Drama Kohl Pencil on sale! It’s my favorite pencil and I got three (which still cost less than one at regular price!). I also wanted to try the Maybelline Snapscara and Maybelline 24 H Superstay foundation because I ahve heard good things about both. The loose powder, Maybelline Master Fix, I just picked up on impulse, but I hope it will work as an under eye setting powder. The two glitters are from H&M own beauty line, and the L’Oreal liquid liner was something I found at heavy discount (it’s a bronze shade).


I also needed to stock up on some lashes. I was wearing out my last pair, so I picked up a few different styles from House Of Lashes. At this moment they have my favorite lashes.


This was also something I just grabbed on impulse. I was not really supposed to buy highlighters this month, but how could I resist this Dior Backstage Flow Face Palette? It’s just so chic and pretty!


This is maybe the palette I have been the most excited about in a long time! Just looking at all these colors make me happy! This is the BeautyBay EYN Brights Matte palette. I can’t wait to dig into this!


The last thing I received by the end of this month was this little bundle of single eyeshadows from Looxie Beauty! These give me spring vibes!

I am trying to build a larger single pan collection so I aim to pick up a few every month from the brands I like to collect (like Colourpop, Makeupgeek, Looxie and Lethal Cosmetics) and possibly try a few more!

Did you pick up anything fun lately?

I have to say I did not do as well on my low buy as I was hoping. I managed to only (I am using the work only loosely here) buy 4 eyeshadow palettes as planned, but I bought no less than 4 highlighters and one highlighter palette (some yet to be presented in Aprils haul post) even though I planned to buy none. So I did not really do too well. I have a weakness for highlighters what can I say!

For April I won’t limit my purchases in any way. I think they will limit themselves because we will be too busy moving, and there are so many expenses linked to a move so I don’t think I will pick up that much in April anyway. But wish me luck either way!





Makeup Hauls – January 2019

I have been good this month! My goal was to buy no more than 4 eyeshadow palettes, and I manged to buy just 3! I know that probably seem crazy to many people that I consider 3 to be little, but after all I need 4 palettes a month to keep this blog running as it does now with one palette review every week. Now, I can off course just change that as I please but I really enjoy testing trying and reviewing new palettes.

But enough chatting, lets see what I picked up!


First of all I got a whole bunch of new brushes. But all of these were for free! Or, not exactly free, but since I am subscribed to the LiveGlam KissMe Liquid Lipstick subscription and the MorpheMe subscription service I get some bonus points that can be exchanged for products. The selection of products you can exchange your points for are absolutely dreadful, but you can get some brushes, so I picked out these. I really like the Y-series from Morphe so most of them are from that line.


And since the postal services in Norway are just as dreadful as the bonus point exchange items from Liveglam I did not receive my KissMe liquid lipsticks for December until the middle of January, and off course I got my January bundle as well. The same day actually. I think they look so stunning! That red metallic and the bright red are to die for!

The brushes are from the MorpheMe December bundle. This one also arrived way to late (thank you Posten Norge for not having enough employees). I am starting to think I have collected enough brushes lately, and the only thing I am really in need of still are some good eye brushes, especially detail brushes. I don’t know for how long I will continue the MorpheMe subscription. It is a fantastic way to collect and try a nice variety of brushes without breaking the bank, but I must have close to 30 or 40 face brushes by now.


And I got my first Blush Tribe orders! I got the colorful Manuza palette and I am loving what I see. I mean look at all those gorgeous blues! I feel so inspired just by looking at this.

I also got 6 stunning duochrome pigments. I am thinking I should pair them with the Manuza palettes for some looks. I am very excited about all of these, and off course super excited to test out this brand for the first time. I have heard nothing but good things about Blush Tribe so I am already convinced I will like these products, but I would off course have to try them to figure it out. Swatches are impressive, so my hopes are high.


I also got another Nabla eyeshadow palette. This is the Soul Blooming palette. It looks so pretty for spring! This one (along with the Blush Tribe orders) I picked up in December, so this is not a part of my January purchases (speaking of it, I just received one of the orders I placed in January, thanks again Posten Norge).

I know I showed you that I picked up the Nabla Poison Garden a while back. I still did not get the chance to use it. I am working my way through the huge pile of palettes I picked up in November (it was 18 if I remember correctly) and I am being super busy at the moment so I am not able to work my way through more than one or two palettes a week! But just be patient. Every single palette I show you here will eventually be reviewed. I just refuse the fact that I am busy to alter the quality of my reviews. I will not review a palette until I have tried every single shade on my eyes with different looks. With small palettes I can get away with doing 4 looks and still using every shade up to a few times, but with bigger palettes I need 8 or maybe 10 looks to try everything properly so everything takes a bit of time.

The reason why I am being so busy? We are moving houses! We now live very close to the center of the city (or most of you would call it town since it’s about 75 000 inhabitants, but in Norway that’s a big city). Now we are moving to the countryside where we have a lot of space and our own land and we can go straight out the door and be on out way up one of the most spectacular mountains in the area. Plus we are going to have chickens! I am so excited, but it means I am super busy fixing the old house and preparing it for sale while putting everything into boxes. The list just goes on. But I am also very excited because I will get my own room dedicated for my makeup because there is so much space in the old farm house. I can’t wait to show you that once it’s done.

OK, enough rambling, lets get on with the hauls! I am just too excited.


No month goes by without a Colourpop order. Here is the Cremé De La Cremé highlighter palette that I already did a review of (I know, super fast on this one), and the Rendezvous Eyeshadow palette which looks sooo pretty, and the lippie is the Ultra Blottet Lip In Halo Effect. This order was also placed in December.

And now, we can talk about the things I actually picked up in January and not just all the orders that arrive way too late!


The very pretty Salvaje eyeshadow palette and the Dream Sequence Super Shock Highlighter palette. I also wanted the Sweet Nothings palette that was released together with the Rendezvous palette, but it has disappeared from the website. I am a bit confused because they were only there for a short moment and now they are gone. Really keeping my fingers crossed they bring it back, but I guess I have enough eyeshadows to play with for now.


I also got this stunning stunning Becca Ocean Jewels Highlighter palette. I swear the formula on these highlighters are better than their usual formula. Super intense and pigmented and just so gorgeous. The packaging is really something else too. It was a limited edition item, and I found it on sale so I am afraid it’s about to disappear, but I am happy I snagged this before it’s gone because it’s absolutely fantastic highlighters.

The brushes are from my MorpheMe January subscription.

The two other palettes I ordered this month was the Blush Tribe Sonia Zarine palette, and Colourpops Through My Eyes palette. I hope they will arrive any day soon now, but they have to wait until February to be in a hauls post because this train has left the station.

As for continuing to reduce my purchases (I call it reduce instead of low-buy because it’s crazy calling one palette a week a low-buy) I will keep the same strategy through February regarding eyeshadow palettes. I can buy four, but preferably less. I also want to limit my purchases in some other areas, so I will not buy any highlighters, lip products or blushes in February. That also includes my lipstick subscription.

Wish me luck, because I probably need it!

Did you pick up anything nice in January? And what are your favorite trick to reduce buying makeup? Would love to get some tips in the comments!