Obsession Mad About Mauve Blush Palette – Review!

Since Obsession is a “new” brand I figured it was a good time to post a review about this little blush palette I have had for a while. When I say “new” I mean that it has recently been launched in the US. In Europe it’s been around for a while already and it’s ove on Makeup Revoution sister brands.


The Mad Abouv Mauve is a handy little blush palette with 4 shades of, you guessed it, Mauve blushes. The packaging is very simple with a cardboard packaging with a simplistic design. It’s a clean mauve color with the palettes name in a silver font in the front and it contains no mirror. It does feel nice and sturdy though.


The blushes inside are a bit on the smaller side with 2,5 g each. That off course is still plenty of product since it takes a good while to go through a blush anyway, and for the very cheap cost of only 5£ you get a good bang for your buck. The pans are magnetic, and there is a little sloth on each of them so you can very easily just pick them out of the palette. Really handy of you like do depot or would like to just grab a shade or two for a travel palette.


They are off course all different tones of Mauve, but they don’t go too deep. I have light skin and can use all of those shades, and I can imagine them working for anyone with light to medium skintones. Even a slightly darker skin could be able to pull them off. One of them is a beautiful glowy blush and the rest of the palette is matte.

I find the colors to be very versatile because there is a shade that would fit no matter if you go cool-toned or warm-toned with your eyeshadows. They are also fairly pigmented. One dip with the brush is more than enough to get that flush of color to your cheeks, but they are not so pigmented that you have to be overly careful upon application. Overall fairly easy to apply, and they lay down nice and evenly without going patchy. I do prefer a blush that is more on the softer side regarding pigmentation but these are so easy to work with and easy to blend out that I don’t mind that they are quite pigmented. If you are medium or darker I imagine it’s only an advantage that they are not that sheer.


The blushes are a bit dusty and you get a pit of kickback in the pan, but nothing too bad. They are just a bit loosely pressed compared to a NARS or MAC blush. I would say thy compare a bit to Colourpop pressed powder blushes in consistency.

If you find it to be important I am happy to say that these blushes are both cruelty-free and vegan.

Overall this is a good and cheap option and I would recommend trying them out especially if you were looking for an affordable but good cruelty-free option.

Have you tried anything from Obsession Makeup? What are your impression?



Colourpop Just My Luck Eyeshadowpalette – Review & Swatches!

Colourpop never disapoint me when they release something fun and colorful! When they released Just My Luck around St.Patrics day (naturally) I was off course extra excited. I got a weak spot for greens and a cute little all-green monochromatic Colourpop palette is what my green dreams are made of.


If you have seen these small little monochromatic palettes before you know how they are. Simple packaging, simple design, made of plastic and with a mirror. I wish they didn’t make them out of plastic. I don’t know I just feel like cardboard can be much more sustainable than plastic, and honestly cheap plastic feels and looks cheaper than cheap cardboard. I think I mention this every time I review one of these small palettes, but honestly the world has enough plastic in it!


But let’s focus on the positive here and that is off course all the green! 5 mattes, and 4 shimmers in different green tones. The shades are really pretty, and has a nice variety to create depth to your green look. You got the basic greens you need to do a look, and some gorgeous metallics to spice it up. I do however notice that most of these shades are cool-toned. That surprised me a bit. Not in a bad way though, it’s just that I often find that greens in palettes lean more warm. So in that matter this little palette may offer you something you don’t have already even if you own a green palette or two from before. Because even though they don’t stand out that much to begin with they are definitly not common greens.


When you see a pastel in a palette, you know that you are up for some excitement. Pastels seem to be very hard to do, and even with brands that are quite good at making high quality eyeshadows, you never know when a pastel pops up if it will keep that standard. Pastels seem to be tricky and a bit moody. Some brands nail them (just quickly mention the Jawbreaker palette which has some amazing pastels as a good example) but I find that the majority of brands do trouble a bit with them. So how would this pale green pastel shade in this palette compare. Well, I think this is among one of the better pastels I have tried. Especially since it’s a true pale pastel. It’s quite pigmented from the get-go but you can build it up really nicely and it does not feel dusty. I very often find that true pastels are hard to blend or build up because they seem to just dust off the lid so easily, but I did not experience that with this one. It blends and build so nicely. In other words, they nailed it. Can we hope for a full on pastel palette now maybe? I would like to see that.


How about the rest of the shades? Are they at Colourpops usual standard? I would definately say so! If you are not sure what that means, it basically means great. Much better than what you could expect from the price point I would say. The metallics are smooth rich and buttery, and the mattes are pigmented and so easy to blend. Overall great quality. If I should point out one thing it would be that the shade “Kiss My Hass” has a bit more kickup in the pan than what I am used to from Colourpop, but other than that the shade performed really well.


If you have been searching for a nice little green palette than this is one I would highly recommend. It has it all: greens, great quality and low price. Thumbs up!



Colourpop Creme Gel Liner Pencils – Review!

These creme liner pencils was actually one of the first products I picked up from Colourpop a few years ago when I was starting to get to know the brand. I don’t remember the shade names of the pencils I used to own but I had one brown, one silver and one lavender. I loved them at first! They are so pigmented and applies so well on the water line, but all three of them where binned after a fairly short lifespan. I mean, I have these retractable pencils that have lasted years and years, so I don’t know why these went bad so quickly. The one that lived the longest was binned after three months. Even though they where cheap that is just too short of a lifespan and I told myself I would not buy these agian. I mean, a bad product is a bad product even if you only pay 5$ for it.


But when they released a whole bunch of fun colors lately temptation got the better of me. I figured they maybe had reformulated the pencils since they did such a big launch with many colors and I was hoping that my previous issues with the formula was fixed. And who can resist fun neon colors anyway? So I picked up three shades to try out. Still with my previous experience fresh in mind I did not want to go overboard and pick up a whole bunch of shades, but I knew that if the issue was fixed I would but a whole lot more.

At first, these are really fantastic. So creamy, so pigmented, so easy to apply and with great longevity. They really are the best of the best. I got really excited about how well these perform. I used all of them in different looks. Then, aproximately 4 weeks after I used the orange pencil for the first time, I got issues. The pencil was dry, it simply would not attach to my waterline. I tried warming the formula a bit on my hand. Did not work. I rubbed the pencil on the waterline over and over again but it would not build up. I was left with a sheer wash of dull orange. By a pencil that just a few weeks ago applied neon orange completely effortlessy. The pencil was dried out. It could still be applied on the skin, but with a significantly more thugging on the skin. I really had to rub it on the skin to get any color. And what happens then? The pencil is so soft it breaks off in pieces.


The green (Electric Daisy) and the pink (Insomniac) are not dried out as muchas the orange (UNTZ). They still work on the waterline, but much less effortlessly than before. I have to rub the liner quite a bit on the waterline to make them work (they are all probably 7-8 weeks at this point when I write this). They still perform nicely on the skin, but they are also more firm upon skin application than they were to begin with. One obvious way that show this is how they swatch. First swatching the green, I knew the pencils are soft and a bit fragile, so I tried to use them carefully. I really felt like I applied just enough pressure to get the payoff I know these guys can give, and the tip just kept snapping off.


Same story with the pink. They are both semi-dry and I can’t put the right amount of pressure on them to get payoff without them snapping. Also, worth to mention is that they snap inside the tube, so they don’t snap because I have them screwed out to much. I have the smallest amount screwed out, but they break inside the tube (that happened to two of the old ones. They snapped at the very end of the crayon leaving them just wigling around in the pencil tube. It’s almost like they have too much space inside the tube that cause them to break easily).


With them all swatched they are undoubtedly very vibrant and beautiful. If they only had a little (and by little I mean much) longer lifespan I would have loved these.


Sure, they are cheap. And sure, the first 1-4 weeks they are nothing less than amazing. But, since they dry out so fast and just have so many flaws I just can’t say that they are even worth 5$. I would rather spend 20$ and have something last for years.

I know this is probably a very unpopular opinion, because I have the impression that people in general just love these. But I just don’t think it’s a coincidence that I have had 6 pencils, and they all did not have a very long lofe span. These are just a big no for me!



Colourpop Just My Luck Eyeshadow Palette – 4 Makeup Looks!

Have you noticed how much the makeup industry have changed lately? 5-10 years ago the market was completely dominated by neutral palettes (with the occasional colourful one from Urban Decay, (I am thinking book of shadows style of palettes if you can remember those). Now every other brand, also mainstream brands seem to have caught up on the colorful trend and I am loving it. Especially the amount of green and blue palettes we have seen the last way. Anyway, thats a very long intro just to mention that I am so happy Colourpop has released an all green palette.

So, here are the 4 looks I did with this cute little 9-pan. Hope you enjoy them.


  • Colourpop Just My Luck – Chances Are…, Kiss My Hass, 50-50, Mary Jane, Act Natural, Mo Bamba.
  • Morphe X Jacklyn Hill – Abyss.
  • Revolution Pro Brow Pomade – Dark Brown.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro30, Bro10, Bro90.
  • Zoeva Graphic Brow Fix.
  • Maybelline Master Drama Kohl Pencil – Ultra Black.
  • Kiko Glamorous Eye Pencil – 412.
  • L’Oreal Paradise Extatic Mascara.
  • Colourpop No Filter Concealer – Light 14.
  • NYX Epic Black Mousse Liner.
  • Sleek Distorted Dreams Highlighter Palette – Blurred Lights.
  • House Of Lashes – Noir Fairy BLK.


  • Colourpop Just My Luck – Chances Are…, Kiss My Hass, Mo Bamba, Big Banks, 50-50.
  • Morphe X Jacklyn Hill – Abyss.
  • Revolution Pro Brow Pomade – Dark Brown.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro30, Bro40, Bro90.
  • Zoeva Graphic Brow Fix.
  • Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.
  • Coloupop Loose Glitter – Far Out.
  • L’Oreal Paradise Extatic Mascara.
  • Colourpop No Filter Concealer – Light 14.
  • NYX Epic Black Mousse Liner.
  • Kiko Glamorous Eye Pencil – 413.
  • Colourpop Creme Gel Liner – Electric Daisy.
  • House Of Lashes – Noir Fairy BLK.


  • Colourpop Just My Luck – Chances Are…, Kiss My Hass, Mo Bamba.
  • Morphe X Jacklyn Hill – Abyss.
  • Revolution Pro Brow Pomade – Dark Brown.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro30, Bro40, Bro90.
  • Zoeva Graphic Brow Fix.
  • NYX Faux Whites Inner Eye Brigthener – Vanilla.
  • Maybelline Snapscara Mascara.
  • Colourpop No Filter Concealer – Light 14.
  • NYX Epic Black Mousse Liner.
  • House Of Lashes – Noir Fairy BLK.
  • Nail Art Gems.


  • Colourpop Just My Luck – Charmed, Act Natural, Kiss my Hass, Chances Are…, Olive’U.
  • Morphe X Jacklyn Hill – Abyss.
  • Revolution Pro Brow Pomade – Dark Brown.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro30, Bro40, Bro90.
  • Zoeva Graphic Brow Fix.
  • Maybelline Snapscara Mascara.
  • Colourpop No Filter Concealer – Light 14.
  • NYX Epic Black Mousse Liner.
  • House Of Lashes – Noir Fairy BLK.
  • Maybelline Master Drama Kohl Pencil – Ultra Black.

As per usual I won’t go to much about how I like the palette, that will be saved for the full review on Wednesday. I did really really have fun playing arund with some gorgeous greens though. And I can’t wait to see what more monochromatic palettes Colourpop come up with. In my opinion this one is mainly cool-toned and they could easily make another warm-tones green palette.

What about you, are you missing any colors now, or do you think they have released all they can now? I guess orange will be next. And I doubt Colourpop will ever be done releasing anything.



Makeup Hauls – June 2019!

June was another crazy month regarding hauls. But since so much takes 3-4 weeks or even more to reach me I haven’t recieved all of it yet. Maybe not even half to be honest. I have a lot of new fun stuff to play with, and palettes that will take me to the middle of winter to get through and review. I don’t know what to say,  I am a collector at heart and new palettes just keep on boosting my creativity and joy of makeup. I do have a lot to work through though so I may considering posting two palette reviews each week for some time. But first I need to finish the construction work in my kitchen. We are tearing down roof and walls, putting in new windows, redoing insulation and adding ned floors, roof and walls in adition to the actual kitcken. I guess I don’t have to say that doing two palette reviews a week is a bit out of my reach at the moment, but maybe when winter approach.

Anyway, I always keep on rambling about random stuff and here you are waiting to see my hauls. Sorry about that! So here goes all:


As I mentioned in my single pan makeup collection post I do want to grow my single pan collection this year. One of the brands I really want to collect more shadows from is Devinah. I have a small collection of shadows from before which are lovely. Lovely enough for me to want to grow a nice Devinah collection. Since I love greens I figured the Kiss Me Clover green matte bundle was a great addition.


The Jeffree Star Blue Blood palette I have been waiting for to restock since forever. I mean, off course did I need a big blue palette right? My favorite shade of eyeshadow (but equal to greens) with Jeffree Starts amazing eyeshadow formula? Yes, please! Not to mention the palette is a gem on it’s own. No doubt a true collection piece that I could finlly add to my collection.


I was not joking about wanting to enlargen my single pan collection. These beauties are all from Looxie Beauty. They had a sale so I grabbed a bunch and now I have a complete magnetic palette with Looxie shadows, and they are so good I am happy to start filling up one more! If you havent tried their metallic formula you should (if you like metallic shadows off course) because I think they are phenomenal.


And off course I got some Colourpop. I don’t think there has been one single month where I did not place a Colourpop order since they launched their first palette. I am that addicted! I got the Main Squeeze and Blue Moon palettes, I love their monochromatic series, and on blush stick as well as one highligter stick. Excited to try those new sticks! Love a good cream blush or highlighter for summer so these came just in time (now we just need some summer here).


And since glitter is the perfect way to glam up any look, I had to go for this custom 12 pan pressed glitter palette from Colourpop. I have already tried a few shades and they are soooo pretty!

I also grabbed two of their new loose glitters in the shade “Gotta Jet” and “Far Out”. Much more fine milled glitter than the pressed ones, but still very pretty!


That collecting more singles thing was not a joke! This is the Awakening collection by Lethal Cosmetics. Another indie brand with fantastic single eyeshadows. And these just look so unique don’t they? I now have two 12-pan palettes complete by this brand, and off course hope to grab more in the future!


Makeupgeek Cosmetics is one of the few brands I feel very nostalgic about. I have been pickng up bits and pieces from their line ever since it launch. Can you remember back in the day when the first Makeupgeek eyeshadows was released? People went crazy over them, and they are still great. I got the brand new Beautifully Bare Face Palette in Light, and two single pan shadows in “Surf’s Up” and “Leafing So Soon”.


One of my gel liners was drying out so I figured it was time to grab the famous Inglot Duraline drops. And while I was at it I grabbed a black Inglot gel liner as well. I hav a purple one many many years ago and know they are great (or used to be at least!).


And this is what I was the most happy about by far. Natasha Denona makes one of my very favorite eyeshadow formulas, and picking up a new palette from her is always so exciting. This is the Gold Palette and the Sunrise Palette. I hope she will release more “mini” palettes like Sunrise. I don’t think it’s mini, they are just smaller than the regular palettes. The shadows are still bigger than say Anastasia. So I just love that we can get ND palettes for a more affordable price. Honestly I was afraid id would be like credit card sized and you could brely dip your brush in the pans, but this is decent!


Last but not least I got the Ofra Francesca Tolot Gilded Palette. I bought it almost solely for that peach glowy blush/highlighter, but the rest of the palettes look stunning too. This will be an all year palette for me because the pale bronzer works when I am pale, and the darker bronzer works for me in summer.

And thats all for now!

Did you pick up anything exciting in June?



Makeup Revolution Hyaluronic Hydrating Essence Spray – Review!

Makeup Revolution have been diving into the world of skincare lately and have released a whole bunch of serums, creams, masks and sprays. I don’t mind getting myself some affordable skincare so I have been trying a few pices out, among them this Hyaluronic Hydrating Essence Spray. I mean, after having such great experiences with The Ordinaris super cheap but effective skincare I got hopes that this could also be decent.


I have to be honest though. I bought this with the intention of using it as a finishing spray and thats mainly how I have been using it. And I am a fan! The spray is quite….generous….so I found that while using it as a finishing spray I like to keep it at a good distance from my face while sprayning and it works fine and the mist distributes evenly.

Since this is not a finishing or setting spray per se then naturally it does nothing for keeping you makeup stay on longer, but it does makes powder melt into the face. The thing is though, since this is a hydrating spray it works amazing to use as a finishing spray when I have a bit of dry skin. And I love it for that. I usually have pretty normal skin, but it tends to be a bit hydrated when the weather change and this has been my go-to on days when I felt a bit dehydrated or my skin has felt a little dull.


Sure thing, it also works as a mositurizing spray. When I don’t wear any makeup I have enjoyed spritxing a bit of this on my skin a few times a day just to refreshen and hydrate. It does not leave any residue, but your skin feels a bit tacky for a minute or two.

Which brings me to the third way of using this. As a hydrating primer! I really do think this helped making my foundation apply nice and even. Besides, hydrating under your makeup is always a good thing right?


Design wise this is not the most beautiful bottle out there. It’s just a basic spray bottle in plastic, but it gets the job done and hey, how much can you really expect from a 6 £ skincare item. I would rather pay for quality than packaging at least.

As a bonus this spray has a refreshing scent of grapefruit, which I love. It’s not overpowering, just a fresh hint and it does not linger.

As you can probably tell, this one was a hit for me, and I would highly recommend giving this a try especially if you tend to be a bit dehydrated. I am curious to check out more from their skincare line.

Have you tried anything? Did you find any hits or misses to share?



Violet Voss Flamingo Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

Can you imagine a more summery palette than this. It’s just the colors, the layout, the packaging, even the name. Everything reminds me of summer. So even though this is an older release I figured it was perfect timing to start doing some looks and a review of it.


I only have one eyeshadow palette from before from Violet Voss, which is the Hashtag palette that I really do enjoy, and that I really can’t say anything negative about. But I have heard so many mixed opinions about this. A common opinion people seem to share is that it’s not as good a their previous palette. Well, one thought that pops into mind is that their previous palettes before the Flamongo was basically nothing but brown. Their palettes used to look like the expensive equivalent to Morphe (old Morphe, you know 35 shades of mid-tone warm brown Morphe. Seems like we all have stepped away from that. Even Tarte makes colors now!).


I agree that this palette is different than their previous formula (although, my only palette to compare with is Hashtag since I’ve never tried those holy-grail-ride-or-die-best-friends-forever-palettes). But I don’t agree that this palette is bad. Actually I really had a lot of fun playing around with it and coming up with looks, sure it does have some quirks here and there, but while doing looks I did not experience having a hard time creating looks. On the contrary I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the process. Sure, there are a few flaws which I wil get to, but when the overall experience with the palette is that I have fun while doing looks with it. Then I think it’s a darn good palette. Because makeup is supposed to be exactly that….fun! Not perfect, just fun (and that goes for the results too. Doesn’t matter if you look perfect as long as you enjoy it yourself!).


I can already tell this is a long review, because I have already rambled on for a while wihtout really even talking about the actual palette. Well, packaging is super cute as mentiones. Fun colors, flamingos, sandals, palm trees and summery colors. It’s in cardboard with a mirror, and not particularly slim. It does have some weight to it and feels sturdy and of good quality.


You get 20 shades and a total of 36 g of eyeshadows. That’s a generous amount I would say! Most of the palette is colorful, but you do have the very basics in a matte cream shade, a light warm brown transition shade, a mid toned warm brown crease shade, and that always handy matte black. Besides those basics everything is colors.

There is a total of 11 mattes and 9 shimmers. Overall, the quality of these shadows are good. I felt like they performed well. Flamingos, Oceanfront and Lemonade are quite pastel light shades and those need to be built up a bit. I don’t really find that odd because I usually find that to be the case. I found it a bit harder to build up Oceanfront than the two others, but I am under the impression that pastel baby blue shades are very hard to make (or at least I have very many of them that has medium to low performance) so all in all, I think this shade did pretty OK considering it’s a moody shade. I did eventually manage t build it up as I wanted, but my favorite way to use this was actually to blend out Beach Ball because that really made the blend seemless.


While talking about Beach Ball, this is a shade I really like the colors of. But as I wore it withouth a primer underneath I got some heavy stainging on my eyes that did not want to leave my face for the first 24 hours. So, I had to walk around looking like I had a black eye. Not the most flattering look. I even tried to cover it with concealer and it still shone through. So, use a primer, you will regret not to! Althouth it stains, the color is very pigmented, but still easy to blend out.

The basic shades I mentioned briefly to begin with works super. The black is actually a really good black, and since that is one of the most usefull shades in this palette I can appreciate that.

Overall the shimmer shades work really well. I found them to be true to color and perform well. I did prefer to use them with a setting spray, but they work nicely withouth as well. Two of the shimmers, Seashell and Pineapple are more of a sheer finish. The kind of sheer because it’s meant to be sheer, not because it’s a lack of quality. These to are a bit more sheer than they may appear in the pan, but they are more like inner corner highlight shades or topper shades in my opinion. I absolutely love to wear Pineapple in the inner corner. It’s such a pretty shade for that, especially if the brush is dampened. Then you get a proper shimmery, yellow, inner-corner-pop!


Is it not as good as Violet Voss usual palettes? Well, if I compare it to Hashtag I didn’t really have any negatives to point out about that one, while with the Flamingo palette I have several things to point my fingers at. But to be fair, some of the colors in the Flamingo palette is much harder to make than your standard neutrals. However, even though it does have some flaws (and the Hashtag didn’t) I much preffer the Flamingo just because the fun of it. Flamingo is just more bright, and fun and easy to explore colors and combinations with compared to a basic warm toned neutral palette, so for me this is the winning palette.

I would absolutely pick this one up again!