Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade – Review!

This is the brow pomade that replaced my Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade that I used to use. This product seems very much inspired by the Anastasia version, and honestly I didn’t really feel like purging out on a new Dipbrow. So I decided to try the affordable version.


The product comes with a brush applicator which is absolutely useless. So I do not use this with the original brush that came with it, I prefer to use my own brow brush. But besides the silly brush, the packaging looks very much like the Anastasia Dipbrow. The jar is nice heavy glass, the cap is black with gold details. I don’t think they are trying to to hide where they got their inspiration from, but is it just as good?


I have been enjoying Anastasia Dipbrow for a whole jar of time. I really did like it, but it dried up a bit fast. I still could use it untill the jar was completely empty, but the formula had definitly changed. I did get a good 1,5 years out of that pot though. Now I have been using the Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade in about 6 months. I assume it will be around 1,5 year of usage out of this pot too judging on the amount I have left, but the formula has not changed as much over 6 months as I feel like the Dipbrow did.


I think applicaton is easy. It’s a bit of a denser formula, but in my opinion that makes it easier to apply more precisely. You do need a stiffer brow brush for it though. I preffer using it together with my Morphe brow brush which is quite thick and dense, but I also found that it works nicely with a thicker angled liner brush if you want a more soft look.

The formula stays in place all day. My brows look neatly done still in the afternoon so I have no issues with longevity.


Overall I actually feel like this brow pomade is quite similar to the Anastasia Dipbrow. They last about the same amount of time, wear similarly and gives a similar result. The biggest difference, which is a plus on Makeup Revolution side, is that is does not dry up as quickly as the Dipbrow.

When time comes for a repurchase I will most likely save my money and go for the Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade instead of splurging on the Anastasia one. In other words, this is approved!




5 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade – Review!

  1. TheMakeupCase17

    I remember liking this when I tried it. Nice affordable alternative to Dipbrow. I don’t use pomade much these days, but I currently have a jar of ColourPop’s and I do really like it a lot when I use it.

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