Colourpop Strawberry Shake – Review & Swatches!


2019 was the year of 9-pan palettes by Colourpop. I got so many of these eyeshadow palettes it’s almost not to believe that they haven’t been around for that long. No one release things as fast as Colourpop. I used to collect every palette they released. But I just can’t do it anymore. Not only is there a new palette almost every week, they even release two at the time sometimes now. Too many palettes for me to review. But I did get this one though!


I was a bit surprised when they released this color story just after Main Squeeze though. Surely, Strawberry Shake is more in the pink side, while Main Squeeze is more red and orange, but still. You can create very similar looks with this palette. I would say if you get one of them you don’t really need the other. You just have to figure out if you want the palette to lean more pink or more orange.


The palette has 6 mattes, two metallics and one super shock formula. The mattes are a well balances mixture of reds and pinks in light to medium depth. There are no really dark shades in this palette, but the overall color story is more fun and bright instead of dark and sultry, so I didn’t really feel like I was missing a deeper shade. The palette is just too bright and fun for dark shades. The quality is just overall great on all the mattes. I simply didn’t have any issues at all with any of them. Usually Colourpop makes very smooth, pigmented and blendable mattes and that happens to be the case with all of the shades.


The two metallics are one rosy and one peachy gold shade. Both are really pretty shades that compliments the mattes really well. This is their more smooth metallic formula as there is not fine glitter in them. Their metallics with fine glitter can lean a bit on the chunky side and require setting spray (still good though, just a different formula), but these are buttery smooth, rich and gorgeous.


The shade Delish, which I believe is a Super Shock Formula, is an excellent shade to add shine and sparkle to the look. The formula is super creamy, but also a bit crumbly. It does apply best with a finger, or I found that a flat brush with some setting spray also did work nicely.   This shade can be use sparingly, for just a wash of sparkle and shine, or built up to a opaque sparkly light peach. It’s a lovely shade, but so expect some fallout. However, even though this shade is the one that requires the most twerking to work, it is my favorite shade in the palette because of how stunning it looks on the lids.


Overall, there is not much bad to sad about this palette (except that plastic packaging should be banned!). The color story is lovely, without me feeling like it’s missing anything which is pretty good for a palette with only 9 shades. It’s also really really high overall quality. As with so many other Colourpop palettes, this one gets a big thumbs up!




7 thoughts on “Colourpop Strawberry Shake – Review & Swatches!

  1. This is such a pretty palette! I love Colourpop, but I did feel overwhelmed with their constant releases that I didn’t purchase that much from them last year. There are a few palettes I would like to get now, though. By the time I make a purchase, 10 more palettes will be released, LOL!


  2. TheMakeupCase17

    I love me some ColourPop but they need to slow down! This palette is pretty but not one I need. Right now I’m all about their Just A Tint lip crayons. They’re SO FREAKING GOOD.

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    1. Agree! They really need to slow down. Not possible to catch up on them. I used to try to collect every palette. It worked for around 2 years but the drop rate has increased so much I just can’t get around to use all the new stuff. Now I just but the palettes I really like.


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