Pixi Vitamin-C Lotion – Review!

I have been using this one for a while as a nice refreshing morning moisturizer and wanted to share my thoghts on it. I have actually used it so much that it’s already empty! Pixi is a well known skin care (and makeup) brand that seem to be highly loved by so many. So I had good hopes for this one. Being my first Pixi product I started out with something simple. A face lotion.


The thing that tempted me with this lotion was that is contains vitamin C which is supposed to be a good antioxidant that provides good collagen production and gives a brightening luminous effect on the skin. I like that the product comes in a tube that does not allow light to enter. Vitamin-C should not be exposed to light as it becomes unstable. So I tend to avoid skincare with Vitamin C that is stored in a transparent bottle or tube. Luckily this was not the case here.

The cream is supposed to work for all skin tones and can be used daily. I preferred to use it in the morning as the cream is quite light. For a night cream I like something a bit more heavy, but this one sinks into the skin and works great for me in the morning under makeup. It gives a nice boost of moisture without being too heavy.


I guess my skin does look a bit brighter just upon application, but I am not sure if it’s because the lotion is acutally brightening or because that’s kind of what skin looks like freshly moistuized. I don’t have any darker spots on my skin so I can’t really say if it did have any brightening effect long term. With that being said, I like how fresh my skin looks and feels.

One drawback with this is that the opening of the tube is a bit too large in my opinion. It was very easy to squeeze out too much, and I felt like it was a bit waistful. I could off course practice being less clumsy, but I am too old for that. I would have preferred if the opening was a tiny bit smaller and the amount that came out was easier to control.


The lotion is not overly perfumed. It has a nice, refreshing but faint scent that adds to the product feeling very refreshing.

Overall I think this is a good light weight lotion. I could absolutely see myself picking up another tube, and I am now curious to try out more from their line.

Do you have any Pixi products you love in your routine?



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