Jeffree Star Blue Blood Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

The big blue sister palette of the famous Blood Sugar. It’s funny to think about because if a big almost all blue palette was released 5 years ago, or before Instagram existed, I don’t think it would have been such a big hit. But people have become more daring and creative and I actually believe social media has something to do with it. The world was ready for all blue and it was a big hit!


The packaging is so pretty. Baby blue, with white details and shaped like a coffin or jewelry box. The palette of course is awfully bulky, but it’s more of a display piece than something that is handy for traveling. This packaging is to satisfy the collector in you, not the handy traveler. It does have a mirror, that is big enough, but I still found it very unpractical to use. Since the palette does not open completely, you either have to hold the palette quite high, or place it on top of something. Since it’s quite heavy I found it to be much better to just use a separate mirror instead of the one in the palette. In other words, having a mirror in this was completely useless for me personally.


The palette holds 18 different shades. In exactly the same format as Blood Sugar. The size is quite generous, they make the ABH palettes seem very stingy. They are also much more firmly pressed than ABH so these shadows will last you a long long time even with consecutive use. Surely, the palette is blue themed but you do get some options to go neutral, which is great if you want to use the palette a lot but don’t want to go pink every day. You get three different formulas. The majority of the shades are matte, some are regular metallics, and two of them are metallics with glitter in.

Although at first glance the palette looks to be very blue, one third of the shades in this palettes are actually neutrals. Suitable for very natural look even. So you do have more options than going all blue with this palette. Off course, the eye-catching shades that gets everyone’s attention is all the different blues. You get so many different tones and depths in this palette. Really dark blues, pastels, green toned blues, mints, grey toned blues. You really get such a nice variety of blue shades!


There are 12 mattes in this palette. I do really like that the palette offers a lot of mattes, because I find that very often when a palette has a few blue shades more often than not the blues are metallic. So this palette can very likely add some unique blues to your collection that you don’t already have. Very generally speaking I do like JS eyeshadows, but they are not my favorite formula out there. I do trust that when I pick up a palette from JS it is going to have great quality, but they don’t hit my preference perfectly. It’s not that the quality is lesser, it’s just that some formulas work better on my eyes than others. For instance, JS mattes are a tiny bit too dry for me. They are pigmented, blendable and generally holds very high quality. They are just a bit on the dry side (not to be confused with chalky!) and that means that I do need a primer for these to work perfectly on me. Without a primer they seem to have some issues sticking to my eyes. I think if I had more oily skin I would not need a primer with them, but since I am more normal or even dry these mattes need a sticky base to apply nicely on me.

The metallics was a bit unconsistent if formula. Some of them are rich, intense, smooth, buttery and simply just great shadows. “Ice Tray” for instance is an excellent shade, and so is “Crystal Flesh”. Nothing bad to say about those two. “Cullinan” is a bit different. Not that it’s bad in any way it’s just more of a duochrome topper shade and is absolutely stunning in the inner corner. I had some issues with “Deceased” though. It almost feels like it’s to hard pressed and I have to use quite a bit of pressure on mu brush to pick it up and for it to transfer on my lid. So even though three of the metallics are nice, one of them is unfortunately a dud and of much lesser quality than I would expect from a palette at this price range.


The two metallics with glitter are off course a bit different in formula too. The small glitter particles makes it a bit more chunky and less smooth than a regular metallic, but they pick up nicely, and are pigmented. Only thing is that I think these need some setting srpay since they are a tiny bit on the chunky side. I did experience some fallout from these that was reduced by using a damp brush.

I loved the looks I managed to do with this palette. I just had to get a bit used to the matte formula and after that I had so much fun playing around with all the colors. But I can’t help but feeling a bit underwhelmed. I mean the mattes are good, but not perfect for my personal preference, and since “Deceased” was a dud shade, the overall impression is just that I like the palette. I don’t love it…..if that makes sense. They are good, blendable blue shades, and I know those are hard to make, but I am just not over the moon for this.


I do think it’s a stunning collector piece, and I love that you have such an amazing variety of blue shades, and that it adds some more rare blue shades to my collection. So if that is your motivation to buy it, then surely most of the shadows are really good and the rest you will be able to work with. But if you just want some good quality blues and you don’t care about adding this as a collectors item, I would honestly just recommend you save your coins and buy Blue Moon from Colourpop instead.

It is a good palette, I just simply feel I have better blues in my collection. It will be a beautiful display piece though, and since I am a collector at least that counts for something.





6 thoughts on “Jeffree Star Blue Blood Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

  1. TheMakeupCase17

    I love blue but I don’t do blue shadows often enough to warrant something like this. I’m considering the mini Jawbreaker palette though as I want to try Jeffree’s shadow formula.


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