Colourpop Orange You Glad? – Review & Swatches!

The happy orange palette that makes you want to drink a fresh glass of juice is a part of Colourpops 9-pan monochromatic series. I am loving these small handy little monochromatic palettes, both because they add a nice selection of each color to you collection in a small handy packaging, and because they are so fun to play with.


The design on this is pretty standard for their monochromatic palettes. The packaging is plastic (I wish it was cardboad!) and orange with a very simple design. You also get a mirror inside which is handy. Nothing stunning about the packaging really. But it’s simple and cute and gets the job done.


The palette has 9 shades, with three different types of finishes. You get 6 mattes, 2 shimmers and one glitter. As usual, this glitter is marked as non-eye-safe. Glitters never really are eye-safe so I guess it’s up to you if you want to use it on your eyes or not. I do use glitters on my eyes, but no glitter is eye safe so they need to put that disclaimer on the packaging. But, contrary to what many people belive, it’s not that this glitter is not eye safe, but other glitters are. No glitters are eye safe. They all contain particles that can fall into your eyes and potentially case irritation. I know a lot of people find it weird that they put a non-eye-safe product inside an eyeshadow palette which is intended for your eyes, but to be fair a lot of eyeshadow palettes have non-eye-safe products in them. For instance eyeshadows with pigments that can stain the eye has to be marked as not eye safe. Colourpop (and many other brands) have plenty of palettes with these kind of shades that are all labeled not eye safe. For some reason people seem to be quite concious about these glitters not being eye safe, and complain about it, and at the same time a lot of people use non eye safe pigments without even giving it a second thought. I do use these glitters on my eyes, and have never experienced any problems. However, this issue is something people just have to decide for themselves, and it completely makes sense that people with sensitive eyes want to stay clear of these glitters. But if you are willing to take that risk, this glitter really is pretty. The pressed glitters from Colourpop are generally very easy to use. This one has some chunky bits in it, that gives it a lot of dimention and adds something extra to the palette. So I am happy they added this.


The mattes are all great. I didn’t have any issued with any of the mattes. They perform like good Colourpop mattes usually does. They are very pigmented and very easy to blend. You get some very bright and fun pops of orange as well as a few more muted options. The only thing I feel is missing a bit is a really deep orange. The deepest matte is more of a mid-toned shade and I would like to see something a bit darker to be able to intensify and deepen the looks. Also, I do think maybe that Rise N Grind and Mimosa Mami is a bit too similar on the eyes. In the pan Mimosa Mami is clearly a bit more intense and a tad deeper, but on the eyes they look a bit more similar. I think if either one of these where gone I would not miss them in the palette. I would have like to see one of them swithced out with a white based orange duochrome to use as a highlighter shade, because this palette actually lack a nice inner corner or browbone highlight that is light enough. But those are just personal preferences.


The shimmers are buttery smooth and rich as they usually are with Colourpop. These don’t have any chunkyness to them either so they can just be applied without dampening the brush. Both shades are very reflective and pigmented, and they apply so nicely to the eyes. Very nice shades, and just the way I like them form Colourpop!


Just the overall quality of the eyeshadows are impeccable. I don’t really have anything bad to say about performance. None of them had any issues, non of them required a bit of tweaking (like using a damp brush for instance) to work optimal. Sure, the glitter does benefit from some glitter glue, but that’s the case with all glitters unless they are in a gel or liquid base.


My only chritizism really is that I think the color story could be improved. Mainly by having a darker matte option, and to have a white based orange duochrome highlighter shade. That’s just personal preference though and others might find the color story to be no less than perfect.

So overall I am super happy with the quality, and this little palette added a lot of nice oranges to my collection. A bonus (at least for me) it that orange really enhance blue, so they work excellent with blue eyes.

What about you. Would you wear a bright orange look? If so this palette is a must have!



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