Clinique Take The Day Of Cleaning Balm – Review!

I have been using cleansing balms for years. To remove heavy makeup I much prefer a balm. It usually get’s rid of everything, and one of the good things about it is that you don’t have to use cotton pads, which help minimize waist.

This is the first time I try this one from Clinique though. I have been going through jars and jars of Korean cleansing balms, but I wanted to get my hands on something that I could actually get in store here. The price point is much steeper on this since it is about 30$, compared to many Korean ones that I find several different one in the 10-15$ price range.


I bought this tub in September so I have been using this for about two months. I feel like I have tried to remove just about anything with this one by now. And WOW does it work. It’s just not a thing this balm will not remove. I just scoop a little bit of it (maybe a coin sized amount) and I just massage it all over my face. Sure, you will look crazy for a moment with black liner all over your face and red lipstick dragged all the way up to your ears, but when I rinse with water everything just melts away. It removes anything from glitter, lash-glue, waterproof makeup, hardcore liquid lipsticks.

So yes, It works without doubt. Now, I have tested a few of the Korean ones that work really really well too, so is Clinique worth the high price point? After about two months use, I have used maybe 1/3 or the tub. Every one of the Korean ones I have tried I haven’t been able to make last this long. Most of them was empty or half way empty after two months. So in the end, I guess the Clinique one actually is the cheaper option although the price in the store is three times as high.


The product does not have any particular smell to it either. So if you are sensitive to smells this is good. Another bonus with it is that is does not leave an oily film on my contact lenses. I have found this to be a problem with a lot of cleansing balms or two-phase oil makeup removers. That when the makeup is removed my vision gets blurry because an oil film covers my lenses. This has never been a problem with this one, and that’s actually one of my favorite things about this balm (except for the fact that it’s freakin excellent at removing makeup) because there’s nothing more irritating than removing your makeup in the afternoon, and then you have a blurry vision for the rest of the evening. So that’s a huge pro for me!


This one will for sure be my new go-to! I have been using stricktly korean brands for a few years now, but this one actually beats them in price, because the jar just lasts for so much longer. Also, there is a nice bonus that I can actually go into a lovel store and get this instead of ordering online. That means less waist in packaging and transportation, so buying locally is also better for the environment, which is also something we need to be better at considering.

Big hit for me! And I will for sure buy it again as soon as I run out.



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