Anastasia Sultry Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!


Sultry seems like something that was released a long time ago now. I think it’s about one year now? I am pretty sure Sultry was the holiday palette release in 2018. But, since then there have been so many palettes from ABH that poor little Sultry have been forgotten all about. I do think it’s appropriate to bring this one up for a review though, because that packaging just screams holiday to me!


The packaging is a sparkly gold and textured. This was the first palette when ABH got rid of that velvet packaging that tends to look pretty nasty after a while. And I think that was a good choice, because every palette since have been a better design than those dust magnet palettes. The Sultry is simple in one way, but very sparky and glam as well. It’s stunning. And if you like sparkles like me I am pretty sure you will find yourself holding the palette and just admiring the sparkles a bit before you open and use it. At least I do that!


This is their classic eyeshadow palette format with 14 eyeshadows in two rows. You get a mirror, the background it black and simple, and you also get that standard duo brush that they always add which I guess is a decent brush, but I never ever use it. The palette is half and half neutral and shimmers.

The neutrals have all the basics shade you need. You get that bone shade, you get 3 different softer crease shades of different browns depending on how cool or warm you want to go with your look. You also get a great black matte, a really dark brown, and a fun pop of matte coral. With these 7 mattes you get every single basic shade you can wish for in addition to a fun pop of color. I tink the mattes are well curated for a neutral palette. The black is also an outstaning black. I already own the shade “Noir” in previous ABH palettes and it’s one of my favorite black eyeshadows from my entire collection. If you want super pigmented true black than this is a great option!


The powderyness of the ABH eyeshadows have always been a issue with them. I don’t mean just with Subculture, but every ABH palette I own have very soft mattes. You get a ton of kickback in the pans, and they just don’t last very long because they are so soft. I found that panning one of the mattes rarely take more than 3-4 weeks if you use it every day. So if you want a nice and easy panning project I suggest an ABH palette. These mattes are still soft, but I do think they have a little less kickback in the pans than what I have been used to from ABH. I would not say they are firm, not at all, but at least a little firmer than the previous palettes. The formula is still the same nice, blendble pigmented formula though. Overall really nice mattes and I did not have any issues with any of them!


The 7 shimmers are all neutral shades, but they have different depth and different undertones. You do have a shimmer to pick from regarding if you want to go light, medium or really dark with your look.  “Cyborg” is the stand out shade among the shimmers as it is a striking rich silver. The rest of the shades are champagne, browns and golden shades. The formula is beautiful too. Nicely pigmented, easy to apply, smooth and nice and reflective. I did get a bit of fallout though, so I needed some cleaning up underneath my eyes when I was done doing my looks. I am exceptionally sloppy with kicking off access of the brush though, so I am probably partly the problem.


The color story may seem a bit dull, after all the fun colorful releases the last year. I mean, I think we hve moved away from the neutral with a pop of color palettes, and the half neutral/half colorful palettes seem more trendy. However, I do think this is a really good staple palette. You do get al the basics, you do get the sparkly shimmers to glam up any look, you do have wearable options as well as dramatic options, you can go cool.toned or you can go warm-toned. All of it in a very nice quality off course.


If you have your basics covered then maybe this palette won’t add anything, but this really is a palette that can do it all when it comes to neutrals. I don’t say run out and buy it if you feel you have your neutrals covered already. But, even though I do have my fair share of  neutrals I am happy I got this palette. The composition of all the basics you need whilst still not being boring is just excellent, and the packaging and quality is stunning as well. So all in all, I am happy to own this basic palette.



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