Makeup Hauls – November 2019!

My favorite posts to write are these where I get to go through all the good stuff I collected over the month. As usual I got some really pretty things, but I don’t think I went overboard this month. I am trying to reduce the amount of palettes I am picking up. The pile is just growing faster than I can review them. So I decided to limit myself to 4 palettes each month from now on. I did not do that great, I picked up 5 (but not all of them has arrived). That means December I will only pick up 3….wish me luch on that!


These Juvia’s Place palettes was not one of those 5, but you know how shipping works for me if you have read these haul posts a few times. I uasually get stuff 3-4 weeks after I order them. So these two beauties I got in October, but they arrived this month. This is the Warrior III and the Nomad palettes, both by Juvia’s Place. They are both so pretty!


I also got two Makeup Obsession palettes (still on October purchases). They just looked too pretty. On top is the Daydream palette and the one on the bottom is Dusk.


And this is what they look like inside! Daydream is the one with all the yummy colors, and Dusk is serving that grungy goodness. I hope these are good, but I have been quite pleased with Obsession palettes before so I have high hopes for these!


Within the same collection Makeup Obsession also released a two-sided highlighter palette with 8 highlighter shades. In the middle you have a mirror that separate the two sides. It’s called the Makeup Obsession X Rady Moonlight/Sunlight Highlighter palette. This is the moonlight side.


And this is the sunlight side! I really liked the concept of these and there are some shades in this palette that look pretty unique. I will keep you updated on my thoughts on these for sure!


And, then there is no month without a Colourpop haul, you all know that! I picked up both of the Frozen II sets. They cam with one palette each, one glitterally obsessed, one lux lipstick and one gloss. I love all the products in the sets, and I really liked every single shade, so I figured it was worth getting the bundles! And those glitters are sooooo pretty!


Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde is the first eyeshadow palette from Huda Beaty that has tempted me for a while. I haven’t purchased a Huda palette since I got Emerald Obsessions and that must be a year ago or something. But this one got my attention, and when I heard so many people say that it’s even prettier in real life I just had to. And I agree. It really is so stunning when you get a proper look at it!

The palettes I got for November are the Anna and Elsa palettes from Colourpop and Mercury Retrograde from Huda Beaty which I already got. The two remaining palette purchases are Bye Bye Birdie (also from Colourpop) and Lunar Beauty Strawberry Dreams which I am still waiting for. They will probably be home safe and sound for December update.

Now I just need to practice on my skills of saying no to palettes. I am trying to make a good decision about which three to get. I am considering Natasha Denona Metropolis, and I am drooling heavily over Melt Muerte, but I am trying to hold back so I don’t get tempted into buying too many. Three is the goal, and I am keeping my fingers crossed I can make it.

Did you pick up anything nice lately?



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