Makeupgeek Beautifully Bare Face Palette “Light” – Review!

When Makeupgeek released a face trio palette with a blush, bronzer and highlighter to fit different skin tones (they have one light, one medium and one deep) I was eager to pick it up because of my pleasant experience with their blushes from before. I chose the light version because I figured this would fit me most of the year, while medium would fit for maybe while I am tan for two weeks in summer.


I really like that you get a trio custom to your skin tone. Usually there is always a shade that is too light or too dark, but the balance in this palette is really nice. I much prefer smaller palettes curated for different skin tones instead of those big palettes with the whol e range of colors. The colors (at least in the light palette) fits really well together as well. The bronzer is light. Maybe even a bit too light for me in summer during those two weeks when I have a tan, but it will be a very easy-going bronzer on me when I am at my normal state. The shade is not orange at all, while still not being ashy. I really like the shade of bronzer. I would say if you have a problem with bronzers generally being too dark, than this one is a nice one to try (and it does exits in singles too). The bronzer is almost matte, but it has a bit of pearl finish in it, which makes the result on your face very flattering. If does not look lifeless and flat, and it does not add any shimmer either. My favorite thing about this is that finish which is just so lovely on the skin.


One thing I wish though is that it was stated more clearly on the Makeupgeek website that the shades in this palette are already existing single shades. I was not aware of that, and realized that I already own the blush in this palette. It’s not a very big deal though since the shade “Bliss” just happen to be my favorite shade of all my Makeupgeek blushes. It really is one of the prettiest peach blushes I have, and I appreciate that it’s both peachy and very light. Is it just me or do peach/orange blushes tend to go a bit darker? I usually find that the lighter shades are often pinks or neutrals. So this one is really lovely if you want a true peach for light skin. As well as with the bronzer, this blush has a tiny bit of pearl finish which makes it apply so easy and looks great on the skin.


The highlighter shade is a beautiful light base with a peach duochorme  shift. It’s aboslutely stunning and fits really well together with the blush. The formula is super soft to the touch and applies really smooth. The formula is not glittery, but gives a nice reflective shine that can be build up if you want an intense glow. It’s also super gorgeous as an inner corner highlighter for peachy or coral looks!


I was actually quite impressed with the formula on all these powders. They are so easy and effortless to use and looks so flattering on the skin. They are simply just really high qality face powders. I also love that they decided to put them in trios for different skintones. One for fair, one for medium and one for dark. Instead of making a 6 pan where noone can use all the shades unless they actually apply makeup on different skintones. For me who only use my makeup for myself, having a palette like this custom made for my skin tone i much better.


So, overall I would absolutely recommend this handly little trio! I have nothing bad to say (except that I didn’t realize I already had he blush, but that’s on me I guess).  Highly recommended!



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